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1932 January
Volume #6, No. 1                  
1932 February
Volume #6, No. 2
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover
17 How Penn State Strives to Breed Ideal Greens Bent
21 Massachusetts to have Golf Show, February 6-13
22 What '31 Greenkeeping Taught Greensmen to Plan for '32
26 Preliminary Program Announced for Managers' Convention
27 Proposes Pro Lab Tests and O.K.'s as Prime Buying Guide
29 Jersey Greenkeepers Close Season with Big Party
30 Greenkeepers' Meeting Program and Exhibits are Timely
31 Player Demands Often Contrary to Greenkeepers' Judgment
31 Traylor for Pres. Dept.: [B.C. Forbes Support Mel Traylor]
32 "Don’t Let 'Em Tire of Club's Grub," Capt. Jack's Advice
34 Pro Events are Bargain Days for Winter Playlands
41 Manager Proves His House Costs are Lower than Nearby Clubs
44 Pacific Coast Pros Tell What Makes Pro a Prize to Club
50 Penn State Gives Details of 1932 Short Course and Conference
51 Annual Turnover of Chairmen Adds Plenty to Greens Costs
56 Insurance Plans Aid Clubs in Finance and Member Drives
56 Thanks! Same to You, and Then Some
58 Fertilize Your Course Trees if Seeking Healthy Growth
63 Survey of 1931 Shows Golf Does Well in Bad Year
64 Wisconsin U. Greens Course, Feb. 8-12, Announced
65 What's New With the Manufacturers? 
74 Jobs
76 Index to Advertisers
76 Table of Contents 
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0 Cover: [Fifteenth Green Cypress Point Club Pebble Beach, Cal.]
2 Table of Contents
2 Index to Advertisers
17 Minnehaha's Pool Adjusts Club to Changed Conditions
19 Giddings Successor to Hines as Mid-Atlantic Chief
20 L.A. Open and Weather Calls for Greensman's Foresight
22 Prospect of Green Section Money Shortage Alarms
22 White Mfg. Co. Bought by New Allied Interests
23 K.C. Pros Plan Exchange of Inventory Data
25 To Remedy Dining Room Deficit, Analyse Menu's Adaptability
27 Busy Sessions Promised at Managers' Convention
28 Largest N.A.G.A. Meeting Plans 1932 Course Work
30 Women's Golf Ball Appears as 1932 Sales Magnet
31 Pro Business Men Fed-Up on Chronic Whining of Cripples
32 Book Wanted
37 Penn State Greens Course Now On; Conference Begins Feb. 24
37 Minnesota U. to have Short Course Feb. 15-17
38 Rutgers' Short Course Program is Announced
40 Winter is Season for Manager to Plan Policy Changes
44 Report of the Educational Conferences of the National Greenkeepers Association: 1932 Convention
45 -Fertilization Pointers
46 -Greenkeeping Yesterday and Today
47 -Factors Affecting Accumulation of Nitrates in Soil
49 -Illustrated Lecture on Turf Diseases
50 -Economy on the Golf Course
51 -Present Day Qualifications of the Greenkeeper
53 -Soil Conditions and Root Development
55 -Bacteria in the Growing of Turf
57 -Rebuilding and Resodding Greens and Tees
58 -Course Maintenance and Budgeting
59 -Soil Structure of Greens
78 -Vitality of Trees in Relation to Root Environment
82 -The Greenkeeper's Schedule
86 -Our Job
90 -Landscaping Points
92 -Some Thoughts on Greenkeeping
62 P.G.A. Tourney Bureau Praised by Show Authorities
64 Pros Must Learn to Follow Thru on Prospective Sales
66 Pro Profit Book Offered for Assistant Study
68 P.G.A. Counsels Pros to be Good-Will Ambassadors
70 Teacher, Gentleman and Scholar, Pro Marks, Says Goss
70 Sliding Scale for Fee Course Holiday Rates
72 USGA Income Shrinks in 1931 but Live Work Continues
74 Midwest Offers Free Loan of Course Movie
74 Low-Price Windbreaker is Pro Shop Feature
74 Traylor for Pres. Dept.: [Family Journal]
76 Pros Plan Business Schools to Open Next Fall
95 Winter Club Capitalizes Its Pro's Value
95 [Manufacturing News]
95 -C.E. Grelle, Portland, Offers New Mole Trap
95 -Atkins-Durbrow Introduces New Soil Conditioner
96 -New Model Staude General Utility Tractor
97 -Bayer Upkeep Movie Goes Big at Greens Show
98 -Jobs
1932 March
Volume #6, No. 3
1932 April
Volume #6, No. 4
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover: [Portland G.C., Portland, Ore.]
4 Table of Contents
19 Accounting Reform Needed to Put Clubs on Business Basis
21 [Pilot Guy Miller Grants the Autogiro Its Trickiest Achievement]
22 Able Greensmen, Equipment and Records Boost Park Golf
23 W.J. Rockefeller, Inverness Veteran Greensman, is Dead
24 Pro 1932 Business No Cause for Fears and Tears
26 [Pro Fred Morrison is Outdoor Shop at Midwick, C. C., Pasadena, Cal.]
27 Cafeteria on Wheels Will Solve Dining Room Deficits
30 New Credit Form: Club and Ball Makers have Simplified Pro Record
31 Battle Roster Slump with New Features on Program
33 George Stumpp, Stumpp & Walter Chief, is Dead
33 Group Instruction is 1932 Feature
34 Tee Too Often Not Up to Fine Course Standards
40 Tom Armour Being Booked on Golf Lecture Tour
42 Pro "Future Greats" Trained by Winter Tour; Gain Fame
44 Store Men's Tale Shows Cheapness is Costly
46 Dealers' Meeting Shows Pros haven't All the Troubles
48 All-Sports Record Book is Club Library Essential
53 Pro Competition Calls for Smart Sales Management
58 [Pros and Wholesale Misery]
60 Iron Club Practice Courses Look Hopefully at 1932
62 Pro has Club Paper: Jack Martin Boosts Sales and Club with Fircrester
64 Wisconsin U Short Course Well Attended
64 N.E. Equipment Buying Prospects Bright
65 Traylor for Pres. Dept.: [Gentleman of Collier's Supports Traylor]
66 10% Golf Tax Legal: N.Y. Appeals Court Holds Tax Must be Paid on All Club Dues and Fees
67 Pros Business Handbook has 119 Profit Ideas
68 How Study of Root System Tells Story of Soil
76 Look Before Leaping: Test Other Fellow's Idea Before Adopting It
78 Iowa's Greens Short Course at Ames, March 7
78 Research Results in New Soil Sterilization Method
78 Peerless Mower Sharpener in New Model
80 Natural Vistas: Eye Appeal Captivates Members and Brings Guest Fees
80 Hovey & Co. Issue Complete Equipment Catalog
82 Managers Plan to Give More for Less Money as 1932 Policy
86 Choosing Sites: New England Experience Shows Value of Soil Appraisal
87 Three-Quarter Million Rounds on Chicago Muni Courses in '31
87 Swan Tells of Tests of New Fertilizing Methods
88 Starve by Mowing: Leaf Surface Reduction Hinders Grass "Digestion"
89 Michigan Short Course Gives Close-Up on Problems
93 Tee Business Status Makes Pros Study Prices
94 [Manufacturing News]
95 -Women's Golf Interest Brings Special "Stroke Savers"
98 Advertisers' Index
98 Jobs
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover: [Sunset Canyon C.C., Burbank, Calif.]
4 Table of Contents
21 Records Warn Mild Winters Mean Summer Turf Woes
24 Keeping the Sunny Side Up is Pros' Great Job in 1932
25 Lower Dues for More Members Works O.K. in Early Tests
26 PGA at Peoria: Annual Business Meeting November 7-9
26 NAGA Plans Greens Show in Chicago in 1933
26 Minnesota Short Course has 56 in Attendance
27 Greenkeeper-Technician Hook-Up is Essential in Turf Research
32 Iowa Greensmen Organize: State Association Formed at Ames Short Course
32 Tough Times to Quitters but Caterpillar Lads Fatten Up
34 Careful Planning Brings Fine Public Golf to Portland, Me.
44 Invite Pro Prosperity by More Thought of Clubs and Policies
46 Pros' Pet Peeve: "Lessons Just for Beginners" Riles Golf Doctor
46 S. California Greensmen to have Equipment Exhibit
48 New England Pros Buck Storm to Attend Business School
54 Midwest Handicap Annual at French Lick April 8
56 Pro's Simple Records Tell Where Business Stands
58 Pro Critic "Called": Coast PGA Official Says Charge of Laying Down Untrue
60 Department Heads Hold Directors' Meeting of Their Own
62 Home Movies Prominent in 1932 Entertainment Plans
64 Children Organized: Club Within a Club is Formed for Kids' Enjoyment
65 Traylor for Pres. Dept.: [A Little About P. A. Valie's Pamphlet]
65 Curley-Bates Co. Now Coast Schavolite Agents
66 USGA Rules of Golf Book is Committee Hunch
66 School Teaching Income Suggests Pro Promotion Effort
67 U. S. Rubber Introducing "Nobby" 35-Cent Ball
68 Plea for Proper Accounting Pushed by Club Leaders
75 Another Tax to Give Golf an Unplayable Lie
76 Pet Ideas Costly: Course Revamping by Novices Makes Greenkeepers Goats
77 "Sweet is Adversity": New York Paper Sees Golf Benefit in Revision
78 Ryerson Issues Complete 1932 Catalog
79 Cost Study Claimed Boost for Machine Maintenance
80 Jersey's Greens Short Course Class at Rutgers U., Feb. 22-26
84 Physical and Chemical Factors in Proper Topdressing
87 How Greensmen's '32 Job Hopes to Protect Course Standards
90 "Next Best to Rain" Claims Double Rotary Sprinkler
90 Atkins & Durbrow have Mid-West Driconure Plant
91 Fee Courses, Golf's Topsy, Show Organization Need
93 Greens Subsoil: Structure and Fertilization for Good, Permanent Turf
95 Short Courses Becoming Popular as Turf Troubles Grow
96 Initiation Fee Bargain Brings New Young Blood to Clubs
97 [Manufacturing News]
100 Advertisers' Index
101 Jobs
1932 May
Volume #6, No. 5
1932 June
Volume #6, No. 6
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover: [Jasper Park Lodge Golf Course, Alberta, Canada]  
4 Table of Contents
15 Department Teamwork Right Route to Club Economy
17 Western Michigan Pros Band in New Group
17 Golf Official Gives Bright Business News
18 Skill in Small Spending Brings Good Golf to Temple, Tex.
20 Rhode Island's Third Greens Day, May 23
20 An Inexpensive Handicap Board for Small Membership
21 California's Bermuda Fairways Stubbornly in Command 
24 "Golfer's Foot" Prevention is Vital Locker Routine
24 Col. Clinton G. Holden, Famed Manager, Dies
25 Dinner-Wagons Permit Quick Service with Minimum Staff
27 "Buddy Poppy" Sale Set for May's Last Week
28 How Portland (Me.) Built Its Municipal Course 
30 Clubhouse Design Important in Municipal Golf Promotion
36 "Lost and Found" Ball Department Beats Pro's Competitors
40 Newspaper Competition Gives Pro Beautiful "Break"
42 Winter Tourney Success Stirs Talk of Summer Golf Circus
46 Instruction Returns as Prime Pro Requisite
48 Pro Job Today Must Headline Membership Campaign
54 Caddie Boom is Over: Catch Up to the Kids in Making Golf Cheaper
56 Hurray! An Argument - New Playmate Says Golfdom's Thoroughness is Wrong
58 "Pro-Gram" is Pro's Own Club Paper
60 Free Group Lessons are Not 100% Joy for the Pro
60 Put Deposit on Badges to Assure Caddie Interest
62 Pros Big Market is Surveyed - Plenty Room for Sales
64 "No Caddies for Cash" is Hoosier Club Policy
66 Make Members Forget Grief is Pro 1932 Keynote
67 [Michigan's Able Pro]
68 Dallas Professionals Publish Fine Golf Promotion Guide
68 S. California Pros in Club Cooperation Move
73 Uniform Club Accounting Helps Cut Golf Cost
78 Minnesota Green Short Course Papers Digested
79 -Fairway Grasses
79 -Trees for Golf Courses
82 -Mole and Gopher Control
82 Who Hires the Help? Puzzle to Department Heads
82 [Reflections from a Pro with Star Positions]
84 Stage Fright Costly: Greensmen's Shyness Permits Fast-Talkers' Mastery
84 Mich. and Border Cities Greensmen Make W. Smith Chief
86 Women Show Keen Interest in Greenkeepers' Work
92 S. California Greenkeepers Hold Second Show
95 [Manufacturing News]
96 -Linck Goes with Soilicide Soil Insect Exterminator
97 -Fred Gardner Goes with Wilson-Western
99 -Caterpillars Head Army at Work on Jones Course
101 Jobs
102 Advertisers' Index
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover: [Fifth Hole, St. Andrews G. C., Mount Hope, New York]  
4 Table of Contents
15 Survey Shows 34 Million Rounds of Public Play in 1931
19 Utah Club's Members Can Pay Dues by Labor on Course
20 Today Offers Prime Opportunity to Boost Greensmen's Status
22 Poa annua Fight Begun
23 Pros' Letters Give Members Sales Reasons that Make Business
26 Caddie, Injured by Golf Ball, Sues Club! What's the Law?
27 [Shawnee G. C. Louisville Public Course]
29 Green Section Digs in Dirt and Lab to Save a Fortune
31 Operating Tips: Notes on Innovations in the Chicago District
31 British Pros Troubled by Members' Slow Pay
31 PGA Membership Hits Record Figure
32 Members Divided into Teams to Enlarge Golf Course
32 Large Trees Moved: LaPorte Muni. Course Uses Frozen Ball Method with Success
34 New England Observer Comments on Superintendent Title
36 Foresight Got Members: Ably Run Small Town Club Solved Problem in Winter
37 Something New at Every Visit is Pros' Selling Idea
45 Saps Gypped by "Ball Bargain"; but No More, Says Newspaper
46 Bo-Cal-Bo Offers Clubs, Balls
48 Weather Forecast, Not Calendar, is Pro Tip-Off to Sales
52 Letter Adds 70 Sets to Pro's Cleaning List
52 White Scores 62-Stroke Round with "Pro Royal"
54 Cleveland Fee Course Owners Promote Private Club Spirit
58 Soil Characteristics in Relation to Golf Courses
60 Golf Teaching a Cinch - Only 42 Troubles
60 Kansas City G. A. Adopts 1932 Caddie Rates
62 Traylor for Pres. Dept.: [Democratic Public Storm]
62 Sweepstake Premium Brings Big Ball Sales
62 USGA Compiles Public Course Statistical Data
62 Cut Price Boosts Attendance
62 Gilbert Heads Mid-West PGA
64 Roving Pro is Fee Course Player Service Idea
64 [Pros of Toledo Expecting a Good Year]
64 Alex Morrison Gives Pro Lessons Boost in Book
64 Another Good Scotch Name in the Pirie Family
64 Pro Clinic Success: Kansas City Pros Draw Gallery of Two Hundred
66 Rhode Island Greenkeepers have Field Day at State College
66 Upper Michigan Greensmen have Short Course
67 N.-E. N. Y. Greenkeepers Elect John Melville President
68 Pros and Store Join Illinois PGA and Marshall Field Make New Sales Hook-Up
70 Harlow 3-Ring Circus Brings Hagen, Jurado, Miyamoto to Town
70 Armour and Sarazen Team in New Tour Act
73 No Tax if No Equity: 10% Tax Applied Only to Clubs in Which Members are Shareholder
74 Golf Course Equipment Holds Two Demonstration Days
74 [Manufacturing News]
75 -Pro Business Handbook Use is Urged
75 -Golf Clubs to Hold Putting Championships
76 -Chapman, Ring and B. Poinsett in New L. A. Young Lineup
77 -Code-Ball Costs Little, but Adds to Club Joys
78 -Super Flash Paintless Ball Arrives on Market
79 -Nelson Co. Introducing New Tee Sprinkler
80 -Develop Poison Bait that Exterminates Moles
81 -Red Arrow Insect Spray in Sod Webworm Fight
82 Classified Ads
82 Advertisers' Index
1932 July
Volume #6, No. 7
1932 August
Volume #6, No. 8
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover: [Fifteenth Green, C. C. of Peoria (Ill.), Scene of Women's Western Championship, August 22-27, 1932]
11 War Against Usual Summer Turf Troubles Being Waged
15 [Ninth Green at Beverly Shores C. C. in Michigan City, Ind.]
16 Green Section Summer Meets to be Locally Financed
16 200 Attend New Jersey Field Day, June 20
16 [Sand Greens of Henryetta C. C. (Okla.)]
17 Woman Manager of Exclusive Men's Club Tells Service Ideas
19 Accounting Blindness Serious Threat to Private Clubs
20 Golfers' Special Edition Runs 50-50 on Ads
20 Ad Quoted Wrong Price
21 Public Links '32 Report Permits Interesting Analyses
22 Boasts Portland (Ore.) is World's Greatest Golfing City
22 California Pro Writes Golf Teaching Primer
23 Toil and $400 Cash Put Course in Montana Sagebrush
26 Insure for Greens: Tucson Finances Grass Greens with Insurance Plan
28 Mailman is Our Pal, But He's Not the Only One. Look!
29 Gallery Revival Stirs Playing Pro to Tournament Planning
37 Ordinary Shop is Converted Into Profitable Pro Lounge
38 Pays Pro to Take Part in C. of C. Affairs
40 Spalding's '32 Golf Guide Contains New Features
40 British Pros Cheered by Gallery Revival
42 Stores' Selling Woes Emphasize Pros' Merchandising Mastery
46 Central Texas Golf League is Popular with Players
46 Combination Lessons Build Business for Al Collins
48 Spend This Year Building Pro Profits for Future
51 Pros Study Effect of 10% Tax on Golf Goods
52 Time to Study Ways of Increasing Lessons
53 With Pores Open Smart Pros Plan Winter Golf
54 Frisco Night Golf Course Opens with Pro Meet
56 Greensmen Wrestle Costs to Win Decision Over Budget
56 -Cut Grass -- Not Greenkeeper
56 -Hidden Neglect Dangerous
58 -Save Clubs, Men's Jobs
60 -Has Hunch on Eradication of Brown-Patch
62 Court Rules Against Caddie
64 [June Meeting of the N-E N. Y. Greenkeeper's Association]
64 "Annual Golf Review" Makes Bow to Golfers
65 "Sweb" Sure Death to Webworms Makers Claim
65 Classified Ads
66 Alta-Co Prevents, Cures Athlete's Foot Infection
68 Advertisers' Index
68 Table of Contents
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover: [Ninth Green and Clubhouse, Sunset Ridge Country Club, Winnetka, Ill.]  
9 Mid-Season Survey Shows Clubs Weathering Storm Nicely
11 New Tree Culture Manual is Valuable to Greensmen
12 How False Economy Steals Maintenance Money
16 "Back to Player" is Keynote of PGA Education
17 Pro-Shop Robber on Prowl in Michigan
18 Dubs' Howl for Soft Greens Haunts the Greenkeepers
20 Green Section Announces Summer Meeting Schedule
21 [Sixteenth at Rockford Country Club, Ill.]
22 Pros Should Look to Lessons for Income Improvement
25 Pro Says Keeping Shop Bright is Selling Aid
25 Pros Laugh as Drug Stores Get Cut Price Backfire
26 Science Wages Webworm Turf War
28 Course Owner Builds Novel Leave Remover
29 Pro Builds Own Fee Course and Gets Payroll Liberty
30 John Farrell Takes a Slug at the Cry-Babies
31 Greens Boss "Tells All": Protects Course's Future
38 PGA Membership at New High Makes Tournament Plans
39 Kids in Tourney: Fogertey, Osage Pro, has Proteges in Championship Event
40 Pro Ad Erases Cut-Price Store Competition
40 Handiseat, Low Priced Sport Seat, Pro Shop Feature
42 "Old Doc Schacht" Prescribes Pro Sales Tonic Letters
44 Texas Pro Merchandises Movie Instruction
46 No Tax on Green Fees, Treasury Dep't Rules
47 Double-Cross: Thoughtless Pros Sacrifice Market Protection on Ball Deal
47 Croke Figures Divot Acreage and Winces
47 [New Clubhouse in Tuscon, Arizona to have Two 19th Holes]
48 Commonsense Management of Fee Golf Courses
49 [Worries of a Green-Chairman]
50 Club Tourneys: Some Suggestions on What Events a Small Club Should Hold
52 Aeration of Turf is Important in Conditioning Program
54 Western Michigan Greensmen Meet At Sparks Course
55 Help! A Poet?: Greenkeeper Gets Even with Kickers; Busts into Verse
56 Manion, Culbertson Combine to Issue "Contract Golf"
57 Add to Life's Mysteries; Why Should Mower Last Forever?
58 [How Valuable is a Good Pro?]
58 [Manufacturing News]
59 -New Greens Spiker Aerates without Tearing
60 -Getting the Best of Sod Webworms
61 -W. C. Tyson Now with Bolsa
62 Classified Ads
64 Advertisers' Index
64 Table of Contents
1932 September
Volume #6, No. 9
1932 October
Volume #6, No. 10
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover: [Greenbrier Golf Club, White Sulpher Springs, W. Va.]
9 Question Tradition that Outlaws Year's Best Golf Months
11 Ohio Club's Wise Spending Brings Fine Layout at Little Outlay
12 Economize?: "Yes, If Wisely Done," Says Fred Burkhardt
13 Departmental Jealousy is Normal; It Also May be Avoided
15 [North Hills Country Club, Menomonee Falls, Wisc.]
15 New Haven Park Greens are Enlarged to Handle Traffic
15 Theft Wave at Clubs Result of New Memberships
16 Simple Cost System: Birmingham (Mich.) Course Cost Accounting Tells Story
17 General Managers Testify to Merit of One-Man Control
18 [Fire Hazards, Burning Clubhouse]
19 What a Break!: Greenkeeper Gets One of Those Deals that Only Happen in Story Books
20 Back to Sanity: Whoopee Days Vanish, Today's Emphasis is on Course
21 Pros Join with Scientists in Tests of Club and Ball Speed
26 Pro Vet Notes Scores and Sales Keep Step
28 Pros Plan to Avoid Costly Penalty of Dead Stocks
30 Golf Ball Liquidation Gives Bright 1933 Promise
32 Government Takes Pro Trade as Cut-Price Competitor
33 PGA Innocent of Part in "$50,000 Gamble"
33 Pros Express Need of Contract Standard Form
34 Why Buy from Your Pro?
34 Study Tourneys: PGA Plans Sectional Uniformity - Look into "Open" Promoters Planning
35 Section Meetings: Experts to Visit Chicago, St. Louis, Tulsa and Cincinnati Turf Gardens
35 Plan Keeping Members' Interest Alive During Winter
36 Tractors on Rubber: Greenkeepers Study Work of Rubber-Tired Tractors on Courses
38 Fall Fertilizing Stores Grass Food for Spring Start
41 Banzai for Tom!: Miamoto, Jap Pro, Welcomed Home from Tour
42 Icely Sees Sunshine: Wilson Western Chief Reports Late Season Spurt - Hol-Hi Ball Sales 35% Better
44 [Manufacturing News]
44 -Kryodon "Pro Protection" to be Continued Next Season
45 -Ever Green Cuts Webworm Elimination Costs
46 [Classified Ads]
48 [Advertisers' Index]
48 Table of Contents
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover: [18th Hole, Pasatiempo Country Club, Santa Cruz, California]  
5 Wailed My Way in... Worked My Way Out... as Chairman
8 Simple Upkeep on MacGregor Course Gives Championship Condition
9 The Firing Line: [Rebuttal: Avoiding Department Jealousy]
10 A Fresh Look at the Old Jobs
14 Town's Size doesn't Limit Paying Use of Pro Brains
18 Pros and Makers Now in Hopeful Harmony 
22 "Uncle John" Carr Resigns from Pittsburgh F. C.
24 Sampson's Primer of Pro Instruction is Selling Well
24 Pros to Make Survey of Many Course Jobs
24 Maryland Pro Pays $250 for Job but Gets Nothing
26 Open Season for $: St. Louis First of Fall Opens - Miami Moves Up - Movie Money Jingles
27 New Pool Puts Pep and Cash into Inverness Operations
28 Cunard Line Features Redmond on World Cruise
29 Watered Fairways Now Considered Essential of A-1 Course
31 Seventeen Years Ago
32 MacGregor is Prexy: Elected to Head NAGA as Successor to John Morley
34 Pro Label Curtailed: PGA and Manufacturers Decide to Curb Use of Pro O.K.
34 Noer, Dickinson, Horsfall Address New Yorkers
35 [Manufacturing News]
35 -Joe Le Duc Wilson-Western Recruit
36 -Firestone Producing Low Pressure Tractor Tire
37 -Penfold, Ball Maker, Speaks at Farewell Banquet
38 [Classified Ads]
40 Advertisers' Index
40 Table of Contents
1932 November
Volume #6, No. 11
1932 December
Volume #6, No. 12
Page Sections/Selected Titles
Cover: [Arizona-Biltmore G. C.]
P. G. A. Annual Meeting to Face Urgent Business Problems
Student Market of Five Million Awaits Golf Promotion
Border Cities Greenkeepers Finish Hard Season
Winter Money $40,000 About Half of Last Year's Tournament Prizes in Sight
Expert Clubmaker's Ideas and Tools Aid P. G. A. Members
Southern Course Maintenance Tips for Young Pro-Greensmen
Club Managers Convention at Chicago, Feb. 27-March 2
Archery-Golf Fastest Growing Winter Sport Offers Chance for Profits
Ruinous Cut-Price Panic of Daily-Fee Golf to be Studied
Planting and Maintenance Tips that Assure Results and Thrift
Golf-O-Graph, New Ball Marker Offered Pros
Classified Ads
Advertisers' Index
Table of contents
Page Sections/Selected Titles
Cover: [Clubhouse of the Agua Caliente Golf and Country Club, Mexico and Eighteenth Green, Miami-Biltmore Golf Course, Miami, Florida]
Pros and Makers Decide to Work Together
PGA in Convention Cuts Dues; Elects Jacobus President
U. S. Rubber Announces 1933 Golf Ball Line
Fairway-Watering as a Greenkeeper Sees It
Cutting, USGA President-Elect, Dies at Chicago
Big Pro, Amateur Entry Expected for Agua Caliente Open
Glynn is Winter Promoter for Hagen Line
Program for NAGA Meeting Keyed to Thrift Plus Science
Ferguson and Murray Join Worthington Mower
Pros Welcomed by Frank Kennett to Melbourne (Fla.)
Accounting Forms: Club Official, C. P. A., Perfects Simplified Uniform System for Golf Clubs
Seek More Tourneys: Tournament Golfers Supplement PGA Campaign for Purses
Kirkwood to Circle Globe as Tourists' Pro
Here's How to Install Cheap Archery Golf Course
[Manufacturing News]
-Penfold Appointed Director in American Company
-Mac Gregor Makes New Distribution Plans
-Mac Smith Shows Clubs at PGA Meeting
-St. Mungo Sales Agents for Bristol Golf Clubs
Classified Ads
Advertisers' Index
Table of Contents