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1933 January
Volume #7, No. 1                  
1933 February
Volume #7, No. 2
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover
5 How About 1933?
6 Women's Western Announces 1933 Tourney Dates
7 Golf a Rich Man's Game? 'No!' Says This Club
8 Small Clubs Find Man-Wife Team Best
9 Pays Pro to Nurse Golf's Future Stars
11 Advertising Value of Winter Opens Justifies Increases
12 Early Christmas Shoppers
12 Rhode Island Short Course Planned for Greensmen
13 Program, Exhibits Will Make Greens Show Outstanding
14 Michigan Greenkeepers Meet at Lansing
15 Penn Short Course to Begin January 30
15 Pros, Makers Agree: Discuss Both Sides in Deciding Points Brought Up by PGA
16 Some Hope Now: Golf Bag Manufacturers After Years in Misery, Organize to Seek Profits
17 Merry Christmas is Smart Publicity for PGA
17 New Pro Discounts: Manufacturers' Spokesman Tells Pros Why New Deal is Needed, Logical
18 Pro's Golf Class Draws Big Enrolment At Eastern University
19 CDGA Reports Club Operating Cost 18% Lower in 1932
22 Chicago Fee-Course Owners Organize to Ban Price War
23 Words of Wisdom
23 False-Face Golf Balls Newest Gyp for Trade
25 Club Managers to Air Woes, Plans and Hopes at Meeting
29 Golfing, New Player Magazine, Hailed with Wide Welcome
30 Bargain Day Green-Fees are Timely Club Idea
30 P. G. A. 1933 Plans: Benefits of Trade Mark Deal and Extension of Educational Work are Explained
31 PGA Issues Clip Sheet for Golf Writers
32 [Manufacturing News]
34 -Merits of Velvet Bent are Presented
37 Classified Ads
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40 Table of Contents
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover
7 USGA Still on "Gold Standard" - Rough-Rides Phoney Amateurs
8 Locker Room Alley Rivalry Builds Club Spirit
9 Records Plus Common Sense Showed Me the Way to Cut Course Costs
13 Greenkeepers in Big Meet Prepare for Year's Work
16 Pacific NW PGA Votes on Secession
17 Golf Lesson Revival is Hope for Better Pro Jobs
20 Blind Golf Events Keep Play Interest Up
21 Dollars, Not Just Dignity, is Keynote for Keywood
23 New PGA Membership Forms Assure Applicant's Fitness
23 World's Dizziest Club Issues By-Laws
23 Pro's Envelopes Tell Customers "Thank You"
24 Promote Attendance on Days Play is Light
24 Western New York Pros Plan Co-op Ads
24 Death Takes Wife and Sister of Willie Ogg
25 Smart, Bold Thinking Put Golf Clubs in Good Shape for 1933
27 Pro Hope of Regaining Ball Sales in Standard Brands
30 Smart Pro's 1933 Prospects Not So Gloomy
34 [Total Expenditures by Tourists]
37 How to Adjust the Greens Cost to a Reduced Budget
39 Revamping Golf Courses Today Requires Real Economies
41 Small Town Golf Maintenance Demands Smart Greenkeeping
46 Greenkeeping Progress Through Self Education
49 Grass Growth Factors that Control Cutting Practices
50 French Lick's Second Midwest Tourney April 7-9
51 Greenkeeping Short Courses Offered by Five Schools
51 Rutgers Offers Choice of Two Greens Courses
51 Two-Day Short Course Feb. 27-28 at Iowa State College
52 Ken Welton, Green Section Expert, Gets Married
52 Says Members' Fear of Pros is Costing Money and Jobs
54 Scotty Chisholm Shoots Some Sports Movies
55 Metropolitan PGA Schedules Greenkeeping Talks
55 [Manufacturing News]
55 -Vulcan Makes Curley-Bates Pacific Coast Agents
59 Classified Ads
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1933 March
Volume #7, No. 3
1933 April
Volume #7, No. 4
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover: [First Tee, North Shore Golf Club, Chicago, Scene of the National Open, June 8-10, 1933]
11 New Ideas, Work and Enthusiasm Outsmart Depression at Clubs
13 [Clubhouse and No. 8 Green at Pine Hills C. C., Sheboygan, Wis.]
14 How I Made a Barrel Cart Out of Odds and Ends
16 Jap Beetle Quarantine May be Extended
17 Membership Slump is Halted, Say Managers in Annual Meeting
18 How Public Courses May Qualify for R. F. C. Loans
19 Roseman has New Idea in Financing Clubhouse
20 Coast Greensmen Given Free Hand but Problems Keep Up
23 Why Must Membership Chairman have a Lone-Wolf Job?
24 [Municipal Courses Changing?]
26 Better Teachers in Pro Jobs Will Bring Golf Revival
31 Atlanta PGA Wants Your Tips for Its Reference Book
31 PGA and TGA Fall in Love at Dinner to Jacobus
34 Pros get Together to Help Players and Themselves in Southwest
38 Solon Squawks About Stealing "The Peepul's" $; Blames Golf
40 Green Section Bulletin Covers All Turf Diseases
40 Movies of Members Ideal for Club Entertainment
42 Iowa's Second Short Course has Bigger Enrollment
42 St. Paul's $5,000 Open at Keller Course, June 2, 3, 4
43 Outstanding Maintenance Practices of the 1932 Season
47 Budgeting, from the Standpoint of a Green-Chairman
49 Dr. Steiner Reports Need of Municipal Courses
50 New Haven's Municipal Course is Model Public Layout
53 Prof. Dickinson to Give Pros Greenkeeping Pointers
53 Boast of Greenkeeping Being Only "Horse Sense" Backfires
53 Here's Fine Pro Help from Understanding Members
53 Course Equipment for Play is Ruled Taxable
54 WWGA Junior Tournament Suggests Pro Interest
54 Advanced Short Course Planned at University of Chicago
55 [Manufacturing News]
55 -[Beware of Too Many Water Hazards]
55 -New Movie Teaching Idea Started at St. Louis
58 Worked Out a Way to Beat Clover and Brown-Patch
59 Classified Ads
63 Bill Livie Tells About His Pro Bookkeeping
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64 Table of Contents
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover
9 Are Kids Answer to Today's Grief, Tomorrow's Hope in Golf?
11 90% of RFC Money Still Remains; How to Get It for Public Golf
13 [Oyster Harbors Club on Cape Cod, Osterville, Mass.]
13 Golf Ball Movie Offered for Club Programs
14 Lytton (Store Head) Writes to Gates (Pro's Front-man) to Say "Pro-Shop Business is Too Tough for Us - We're Thru"
16 Thoroughness is Vital in Building Perfect Greens
18 ["Tramp" Golfers]
19 Managers Differ on Beer Tide being Golden at Clubs
21 Knowing Insect Life Histories Aids in Control Measures
23 Detroit Club Official Gives High, Low and Average at Five Clubs
24 Dickinson Gives Pros Greens Lectures, March 16 and 18
25 [1933 Rutgers University Turf Convention, New Brunswick, N. J.]
25 Picked Up in the Rough
28 Arlington Putting Grass Plots Appraised by Nation's Pro Stars
33 Dual Job Criticized: Fee-Course Greenkeeper Cites Necessity of Constant, Experienced Care
36 My Members Help Me Run My Pro Shop 
40 Collins Letter to New Members
40 [Golf Ball Slot Machines]
40 Vulcan Now Showing New 1933 Line of Woods and Irons
42 PGA Considering Rating of Pro Instruction Ability
44 Fee Course Truce: Detroit Owners, Facing Ruin from Price War, Agree on Schedule
47 Wilson's "Gateway to Golf" Issued
48 Golf's 1932 Bill: $244,600,000 Spent on Game Despite Curtailment; Figures Detailed
49 [Golf Course Waiting Lists]
50 Uniform Accounts: Club Managers' Convention Sees New System for Uniform Books
52 Massachusetts Golf Show Attended by 225
52 Hydrolizer for Fertilizing is New Device
53 PGA Needed by All Pros for Protection and Progress
56 [Manufacturing News]
56 -Conlin Unloads Some Pro Ideas
58 -Iowa Greenkeepers to Meet at Des Moines April 11
59 Classified Ads
60 [Willis W. Case Jr.: First Chairman to Discuss Greenkeeping Problems and Ambitions Over Radio?]
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1933 May
Volume #7, No. 5
1933 June
Volume #7, No. 6
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover: [Ninth Green, Broadmoore Course, Colorado Springs, Colo.]
9 Belle Meade's Financial Wisdom Permits Profitable Operation
12 Deaf-Mutes Made Golfers by Pro's Class Lessons
13 Spring Fever Hits Editor
14 Crack Down on Free Deals and "Buy It Wholesale"
14 Buddy Poppies to be Sold Memorial Week
15 California Courses are Helped by Earthquake Shocks
17 Heart of America Amateur to be Played May 16-18
17 Vulcan's New Lines Shown in Folder
18 These Times Call for Extra Effort
20 Another Open Lottery Picks on Pros as Fall Guys
21 Authorities Tell Right Way to Measure Hole Length
22 Chicago Plans Bureau for World's Fair Golfers
22 Club Magazine of Value in Holding Member Harmony
23 Progress at Penn State in Hunt for Perfect Greens Grass
25 Sells Ball Service: Spencer Murphy's Members Protected Against Loss
26 Pay-as-You-Play Dues Hold Private Club Members
27 How to Care for Awnings
27 Who is Liable for Fee Player Injury?
28 Picked Up in the Rough
34 Tournament is Builder of Golf
36 Ohio Pro Organizing National Blind Bogey Tournament
36 Assistants Ambitious: Pro's Helpers Studying to Better Themselves and Aid Shop Service
38 Build Up Pro Standing with Instruction Uniformity
42 Club House Organ Boosts Pro Who Builds Club
42 G. B. Lewis Co. Wins Ball Washer Decision
42 Handi-Pack is Latest Golf Tee Package
44 Pro Co-op. Buying is Unsound Says Texas Professional
44 Punk Asks for a Job and Tells the Truth
45 Charge Cities Unfair as Fee Golf Competitors
46 Lyman Carrier Now Offers Seaside Bent Seed
47 Coast Club's Greenkeeping School Aids Workers to Master Jobs
49 Water vs. Mowing: Will Fairway Watering Hike Upkeep Cost of Mowing Machinery?
51 The "Technocracy" of Golf Maintenance
53 Club's Green Damaged by Small Boys
54 How Texas Club Builds Sand Greens that Satisfy
57 Mixed German Bent Seed is Often a Costly Gyp
58 [Manufacturing News]
63 Classified Ads
64 Advertisers' Index
64 Table of Contents
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover: [Chicago Tribune's Free Golf School Held at Harlem Golf Course]
7 Official Shortsight Emphasized by Wet Spring Troubles
9 Early Season Beer Volume Taxes Club Service Facilities
11 Soil Must "Breathe:" Lack of "Internal Respiration" Cause of Poor Greens Condition
12 First Woman Secretary Breaks British Club Precedents
13 Pros Show Strength and Brains Out-Smarting Cut-Price Sales
14 Green Section Meeting at Midwest Garden, June 9
15 Smiles Thru Tears at $9,000 Blow in Night Golf Trial
17 Public Howls: Chicago Public Park Golf Lease Stirs Protest Rally
18 Rhode Island Greenkeepers Hold Fourth Annual Meeting
18 Back Home with Glory
19 Inverness' 36 Holes of Fee Golf is Tribute to Smart Management
20 Use Soap to Vanquish Cricket Moles
20 Emil Lundstrom, Versatile Turf Expert, Dies
21 Make Golf History: Detroit Presidents and Pros Hold First Combination Business Session
22 Divots from Club Magazines
23 15,000 Pupils!: Tribune and Fee Courses in Chicago Hold Biggest Golf School
24 Olympia Fields Bills Members Twice Monthly
24 [Manager's Golf Ball Stunt]
25 Selling Golf is Prime Job of Pro Business Man
26 Peoria Holds $10,000 (Script) Opening Tournament
28 RAPS C.O.D. Amateurs: Pacific Coast Pro Cheers USGA Promise to Delete Pseudo Amateurs
30 Picked Up in the Rough 
40 Control Sales: Pacific PGA and Manufacturers Agree on Terms of Ball Distribution
40 [Jack Redmond, Trick Shot Golfer]
42 British Turf Expert Compares Maintenance Conditions
43 Soil Management for Greenkeepers is Valuable New Book
43 British "Green Section" Issues Annual Report
44 How Greenkeepers Wrestle with Today's Maintenance Problems
50 If I Were a Pro - Here's What I'd Do Says a Veteran Club Official
53 Humus Characteristics and Use in Course Maintenance
55 "Golf-for-Healthsake" Campaign to Build Golf Volume
58 Golf Offsets Killing Cares of Modern Business Life
62 [Manufacturing News]
63 Classified Ads
64 Advertisers' Index
64 Table of Contents
1933 July
Volume #7, No. 7
1933 August
Volume #7, No. 8
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover: [Portion of Gallery at National Open, North Shore G. C., Chicago]
5 Appreciation of Officials' Work Will Help Clubs
7 [Fishing at Blaney Park Course in Michigan's Upper Peninsula]
8 Tournament Lessons are Taught by National Open
12 Unbalanced Feeding, Not Excess Diet, Fertilizing Danger
13 [First Women's Golf Class, Harlem G. C.]
14 Green Section Meets: Midsummer Meeting Held at Mill Road Station During Open
14 Penalized!
15 Speed, Uniformity and Thrift in Treating Your Greens
17 Seattle Clubs Put Brakes on Floaters' Play
18 Small Club Stops Slump with Anti-Depression Plan
19 [Presidential CC, Wayland, Mass.]
19 John Anderson Dies: Noted Amateur Player was an Active Factor in Golf Business
20 George Nabholtz Gives Players Golf's 10 Commandments
20 Explaining Quality Helps Sell Good Clubs
21 Picked Up in the Rough
28 National PGA Picking Up Coast Warfare on Discount Chiselers
32 A Little Advice and Some Optimism
35 Club Not Subject to Damage Suit if Served Food Poisons Diners
38 PGA National Slated for Milwaukee in August
38 Golf Goods Price Picture Groups Pros and Makers
39 Lewis Wins Ball Washer Infringement Case
39 Golf Course Equipment Takes Larger Quarters
40 USGA Makes Formal Ruling on Sand Green Putting
41 Pennsylvania Club has Fine Pool
43 [Manufacturing News]
47 Classified Ads
48 Advertisers' Index
48 Table of Contents
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover
5 What Will the Golf Clubs Adopt as Their Code? 
9 New Jersey Turf Field Day Draws 100
9 [Walter Keller, Motion Picture Golf Instruction]
10 Twenty Years of Greenkeeping have Taught Me Plenty 
10 [Third Hole at Cypress Point]
13 [Ninth Hole, Cypress Point]
14 Grass Travels Fast: Green Section's Shipment to South Wales Arrives in Good Condition
15 Yank Golfers Pay Tribute to Memories of the Morrises
17 Glen Falls Fifth Open Entries Close Sept. 5
17 Golf Club Buyers Organized in England
18 We Changed Our Greens to Bent Without Closing the Course
21 Modernistic Shop: Crystal Lake at St. Louis has Unique Building for the Pro
22 Policing the Fairways is a Needed Habit
23 Picked Up in the Rough
27 [Group Golf Instruction at Pasadena Municipal Course]
30 No Depression: Austie Claeyssens, at Glen Flora 17 Years, Planned a Boom Year
32 Fee Course Switches to Private Club on Easy Pay Plan
32 Frank Reynolds' Golf Book Fat with Laughs
32 [City Papers Feature Golf Lessons]
33 Pros Launch Landslide in Putter Liquidation
33 Change Date of Lincoln Open to Sept. 22-24
33 [Repair Divots with Loam]
34 No Code Hours: Long, Hard Work, Live Members, and Small Town Club Thrives
34 Grass vs. Turf: Advises Selection for Deep-Rooted Greens Growth
37 How About Yarrow?
37 [How Private Clubs can Compete]
38 Manager Should Handle Purchasing Himself
38 [Pros Should Play a Round or Two with Members]
39 Beats Sales Slump: Ohio Pro Tells How He Worked to Keep Up 1933 Sales
40 Illinois PGA Members have Inventory Exchange
41 [Manufacturing News]
47 Classified Ads
48 Advertisers' Index
48 Table of Contents
1933 September
Volume #7, No. 9
1933 October
Volume #7, No. 10
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover
5 Golf Labors Hopefully on Its Code Problems
7 [Nebraska Governor Charles W. Bryan at the First Nebraska Open]
10 Outdoor Display: Clubs and Balls at First Tee Catch Business for Omaha Pro
10 Webworms Continue to Damage Courses in Mid-West
11 Picked Up in the Rough
13 Salesmen can Help Good Pros Clear Up Credit System
18 Twenty Years of Greenkeeping have Taught Me Plenty
26 What Manufacturers Say
30 Classified Ads
31 [L. A. Young's Wing Lake Meeting]
32 Advertisers' Index
32 Table of Contents
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover
9 "Let Us Handle Code" USGA Advising Member Clubs
10 Green Section's Experts have Busy Summer
11 Forecasts Warn on Effect of Forced Greens Budget Cuts
14 How the Golf Pro can Budget His Shop Purchases 
17 Golf Seed Prices Due for Sharp Increase
17 Greenkeepers have Earned Golf's Tribute
18 Mower Makers Hope for Peace and Profits Via New Code
18 Harlow Named Tournament Bureau Head by PGA
19 Don't Trust to Memory; Keep List of Needed House Items
20 [Twelfth Green at Riverside Golf Park, Little Rock, Ark.]
21 Cost Factors in Fairway Watering Installations
23 Nut Cracker is Handy Tool for Applying Hose Menders
24 Park Golf Officials Criticize Low Price Competition
24 A. C. Link Returns to Wilson-Western Organization
24 Green Key is Roseman's New Turf Conditioner
25 Keep 'Em Coming to the Club is Sound Winter Policy
27 Claims Excess Watering Costs S. Calif. Clubs $100,000
27 Park Association Holds Equipment Exhibit During Convention
28 Survey of 1933 Maintenance Gives Economy Lessons
37 To Sell Christmas Goods, You've Got to Keep Plugging
39 "Trade-Ins Pay," Member Service Policies Build Market for Spencer Murphy
46 Don't Brood Over Store Competition - Fight It!
50 Jacobus Battling for Pro Rights in Code Hearing
52 Joe Devany Honored by Grosse Ile on Tenth Year
53 Competition Tough, But Clubs Smart Drive Fills Roster
57 More Pros Ally with S. Calif. Professional Association
58 New Members, More Green Fees Brought by Our Good Fairways
62 Needs of Soil Determine Plan of Fairway Fertilizing
68 New Stuff: Manufacturers to Spur 1934 Sales with Improvements
70 Collector Wants Back Numbers of Magazines for Library
70 [Manufacturing News]
76 -Chinch Bug Controlled by Cyanogas
76 -Miller Fairway Watering Asks Injunction
73 Classified Ads
79 Overshoe Will Prevent Ladder from Slipping
80 Advertisers' Index
80 Table of Contents