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1935 January
Volume #9, No. 1                  
1935 February
Volume #9, No. 2
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover: [Increased Galleries at All Florida Tourneys This Winter at Miami-Biltmore Open]
9 1935 Looms Big!: Stage is Set for Record Season at Nation's Courses
11 Why do They do It!
13 Sell 200 New Members: Coast Club's "Equitable Dues" Plan Fills Roster in Hurry  
15 John Shanahan Dies
15 Women's Western Restores 6-Par Holes at Annual Meeting
15 No Greens Short Course Planned This Year at Rhode Island
16 NAGA Convention Soon: Toronto Gets Set to Welcome Greenkeeper's Show, Feb. 4-7
17 Here's Table for Budgeting Course Labor Cost
17 National Pro-Amateur Meet at St. Augustine, March 14
18 Pros are Star Salesmen Says Insurance Expert: Lauds Pros for the Selling Technique They have Developed
20 North and Odland Authors of Fine Bulletin on Greens
22 PGA Enters Big Business Stage: Annual Meeting Shows Organization is Growing Stronger Every Year
30 Pros Meet: 200 Discuss Tourney Details and Publicity - Dutra Heads Tournament Committee
32 Yank Team Reaps Harvest on Australian Tour
34 Asks About Non-Golf Features for Fee Course Use
34 Oakmont Cup Seeks Best Golfer Through Nassau Tourney
36 Frisco Open at Presidio, January 24-27
36 British Fight Drought Too, Report Shows
36 Wisc.-Minn. Greensmen Close Year in Joint Meeting
36 Pros Plugging for Winter Course of Their Own in South
38 How Course Traffic Affects Maintenance Costs 
39 Mole Cricket Extermination with Frogs Unlucky
40 [Manufacturing News]
47 Billiard Manual Offered
47 Classified Ads
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0 Cover: [Construction of the Sixth Hole on the New Eastman-Durand Course, Rochester, N. Y.]  
11 "More Golfers!" Pros Urge
13 Managers to Meet: Annual Convention Will Gather in Cincinnati on March 4th
14 FERA Funds Paving Way for Many New Muni Projects
16 "Bag Starting" System Works Poorly; Asks Better Plan
17 Be Tough on Collections: It's the Only Way to Keep Clubs Healthy
20 USGA Meets: Annual Report Indicates Ruling Body's Financial and Roster Miseries are Now Under Control
21 NAGA All Set for Annual Big Show: Toronto is Host City to Greenkeepers for Their Annual Convention: Don't Forget the Dates - Feb. 4-5-6-7
22 Do We have June in January? "And How" Say Coast Greenmen
24 Lime: How It is Used in Turf Culture and What Benefits It Brings About
26 Rake is Handy Aid to Raising Long Ladder
26 Helps to Stack Tools on Slippery Floor
28 Prize Bar Design: Managers Tell How Layout Should be Modified for Club Use
32 In the Rough
40 Gen. Mgr.: The Trend is Toward "One-Boss" Management; Alert Department Heads Prepare to Qualify
43 Doped It Wrong: Pro Vote for Field Split Beat B Players Down in Prize Money
45 Jap Team Coming: Tom Miyamoto Will Lead Team of Six Jap Professionals in Summer Tourneys
45 Club Says No Resignations Allowed After January 1
46 Re-Handicap Your Course: USGA Tells Clubs to Give Strokes on Par-4 Holes First
50 USGA Sets Dates for Tourney Qualifying Rounds
51 Experts Needed: Neglecting to Employ Qualified Architects has Cost Thousands in Muni Course Building
56 Experienced Manager Needed at Fee Courses
56 [Impossible to Give Acidity Limit]
56 [Avoiding Cart Damage During Construction or Reconstruction]
57 5 Schools Offer Turf Courses: Penn State, Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota & Rutgers Set Dates
57 -Penn State Turf Conference Will Meet Feb. 20-24
57 -U of Wisconsin Plans to Hold Two-Day Greens Course
57 -Two-Day Greenkeepers Short Course at Iowa State
58 -New Jersey to Hold Turf Course at Rutgers This Month
58 -University of Minnesota Offers Five-Day Turf Course
59 It Pays to Know Your Golf Course Areas
60 "Better Prices for Liquor" Manager Urges
61 "Golf or Be Nobody" is Young's Analysis of Game
61 Jack Youmans, Nassau Greenkeeper, Ends 33 Years of Service
61 [Manufacturing News]
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1935 March
Volume #9, No. 3
1935 April
Volume #9, No. 4
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover: [10th Green at the Los Angeles Country Club, Los Angeles Open]
19 300 Greensmen See 1935 Better
23 Put Pep in Events: Why Schedule the Same Old Fixtures When There are Scores of Fresher Ones?
26 PGA Tourney Officials have California Session
26 Calls for Dues and Old Balls from MSC Greens Alumni
26 Iowa Greens Course Will have Prominent Speakers
27 Soil Tests: Chemical and Physical Analyses of Soils are of Value Only When Weighed Against Other Factors Always Present
30 Brown-Patch: It's Better to Use Preventives Than be Forced to Cure It
32 Standardized Bridges: Collapsible Form Provides Neat and Inexpensive Concrete Work
33 Blue Hills Modernizes Its Committee Set-Up
34 Cincy All Set for Managers: Hotel Netherlands-Plaza Ready to Welcome CMA's Annual Meet
36 Lessons, Contracts: Wintering Pros Forget Past Glories to Theorize on Future of Their Jobs
38 Hunter Issues Instruction Book for Pro-Less Courses
42 Golf Marches On
43 Pro Ball Sales: Official 1934 Sales Figures Show - Pro Hold on Profitable Price Level
46 Big Attendance Expected at Massachusetts Conference
48 Push Play: Golf Makers Cheer Pro Plan to Build Play Volume; Promise Aid
50 Dealers Air Woes: Annual Sports Conventioneers Admit Pros Hold "in" in Golf
52 [Gene Anderson Named Pro of Oyster Harbors Club]
52 [R. W. Treacy is Business Manager at Woodmont CC, Wisc.]
54 In the Rough
62 Skeet Army Grows: Trap Sports Hit New High in Club Member Acceptance
64 "Window-Shop" at Other Courses for Labor-Saving Ideas
64 Year's Dues are Smart Entry Fee to Block Fall Resignations
65 Figuring Handicaps This Way Saves a Lot of Time
65 Still Time to Attend Wisconsin Greens Short Course
65 Course Maintenance Men Meet at Kansas City
68 [Manufacturing News]
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Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover: [Ahwahnee Golf Course in Yosemite National Park with Yosemite Falls in the Background]
19 Prolog [Prologue] to the Season: Being a Check-List of Details the Wise Pro Considers Each Spring
21 Sand Greens: Pointers on Building Putting Surfaces in Areas Where Turf is Impractical
23 Food Cost Hike Worries Chicago Managers
24 Gloom Gone!: Managers, at Annual Meet, Survey Conditions and Find Promise of Big Season Ahead
27 Smile, Damn You, Smile!: Sage Advice to Pros on the Importance of Glad-Handing Guests
28 Cincinnati Golf Promotion Idea Pays Well
28 Baltusrol Will Celebrate Fortieth Anniversary Next Month
30 Nix on the Nags: Running to Bet on the Horses is Poor Business for Any Pro
32 Lauds Pro: Teaching is Keystone of Pro Value to Golf
34 Pro Makes Thursday Big Night with Member Team Tourney
34 Advises Pro Attendance at Green Section Meetings
34 [Golf Lessons Given During Winter Session]
36 Caddies Neglect?: Have We been Paying Enough Attention to Boys' Welfare These Past Few Years
38 In the Rough
44 Simple, but Sound: Fred Dinger, Agawam Pro, has No Complex Shop Policies to Confuse His Members
46 [Sectional and National Plans to Push Golf Instruction in Schools]
46 Says Ball-Rack Works Fine for Him as First Tee Started
46 New England PGA "Get Together" in Boston, April 15
48 Crowds Attend Amherst Confab: Second Massachusetts Recreation Conference Draws Large Attendance of Sports Experts
54 Iowa Club Pays Price of Maintenance Progress
54 Iowa State Greens Course Sets New Record
56 Pro Shop Display: Warm Colors and Eye Level Displays Help Sales, Says Expert
58 No Set Data: Budgeting Too Dependent on Local Conditions to Permit Rules for Procedure
58 Government Rules Out Turf Research Appropriation
59 What to do for Worms?: Rhode Island Experiments Indicate Lead Arsenate is Best Permanent Control
60 British Greenkeeping Research Report Makes Yanks Sob
61 Balanced Shop Stocks: Wise Pros Study Price Range to Prevent Member from Buying "Out of Bounds"
63 Caddie Uniforming Becoming Standard Practice
64 Members Wanted: USGA Outlines Green Section's Value in Campaign for Club Cooperation
65 Arlington's Thru!: Philly Supts. Shocked at Birth Party by News of Garden's End
68 Great Savings Promised Through Diesel Engine Installations
69 They Got Plenty Tough; Now Members Pay Promptly
71 Say the Experts: [Soil Conditions]
72 Rutgers Short Course Ends Seventh Annual Session
72 [Greenkeepers are Busy Inventing]
74 Use Pencil Erasure to Block Knife Switch Contacts
74 [Manufacturing News]
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1935 May
Volume #9, No. 5
1935 June
Volume #9, No. 6
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover
19 Relief: 77B and Self-Aid Renew Club Life
21 [The Dance Floor at Palma Ceia GC, Tampa, Fla.]
23 S. P. Jermain, Veteran Golf Notable, Dies at Toledo
23 Golf Course Costs Solved; Members do the Work
24 Today's Job: New Plans - New Life - to Stir Golf Revival
26 Liquor Law Puzzles: Pitfalls of Liquor Law Explained to Managers by Government Man
26 Builds Membership, Treasury with Youngsters
27 Is It News?: Newspaper Golf Writer Tells Why and How Golf Gets into Print
29 MGA Service Section's Dinner is Banquet of Business
29 [Swimming Pool Construction]
30 "Says You...But...:" Jimmy Anderson, Pro Who Asks and Argues, Learns Success Secrets He Applies at Club
34 Japanese Team Begins Busy American Tour
34 Glasgow Gives Up Money for Handicap Cuts
36 Do Shops Show Profit?: Correct Accounting Shows Pros Need Salary - Shops Run for Members', Not Pros' Profit
38 [Alex Cunningham Develops Low Handicap Players]
39 Dial for Davies: Tune in Omaha Pro's Broadcasts for Example of Fine Golf Coverage
42 Plan Business: Illinois PGA Meetings Focus on Pro Profit
42 Snipe at "Pro-Only:" Bootlegged Stocks of Pro Balls Obtained for Store Sales
44 Sees Red!: ...But Drug-Store Chain Head doesn't Mind Hammer-and-Sickling Pros on Golf Balls. Some Lessons in This
46 Willie Hoare, Pro Vet, is Convalescing
46 [Pros Not Allowed to Sell Life-Insurance "on the Side"]
48 Watch Credit: It's Most Important Factor if Pro is to Keep His Job, His Profit, and His Present Command of the Golf Market
50 Handicap Sheet: St. Louis Pro Devises Handy Method of Recording Handicap Data
52 Star Pros Giggle or Groan at $62.50 Offer
52 [U. S. Open May be the International Open]
52 [Japanese Team will be Strong Competition]
52 [Two Under Par Club]
54 For Champs: What Work is Done When a Course is Groomed for a Big Championship
58 Selling the Club: Succeeds by Learning What Market Wants, Supplying It
59 [Tournaments Boost Golf]
59 [Cost of Keweenaw, MI Course Lower than Thought]
60 Drought Brings Saving: Water Shortage Forces Club to Install Its Own Watering System
60 Jersey Genius Speeds Fairway Fertilization
61 Combine Sawdust with Sand to Hold Oil Longer
61 Milwaukee Officials Hosts of Greenkeepers
62 Supply Dealers Deserve Support of Clubs
64 You Must Spend: Authority Cautions Club Against Too Restricted Grounds Budget
66 Cleveland District GA Gives Public Players a Hand
66 Rhode Island Greenkeepers' Field Day, May 27
66 Play 19th Hole for Prizes at Resort Course
67 What Heat Taught: Last Summer was Hell, but Not for Expert in Hot Weather Maintenance
67 Here's Simple Plan for Spotting Beverage Waste
68 [More Sectional Leagues Than Ever Before]
69 [Manufacturing News]
69 -Grasselli Issues Folder on Grub Control
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80 Table of Contents
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover
13 Arlington Saved!: USGA Increases Green Section Budget to Preserve Research
15 Overcome Indifference and Install Paying Pool
18 Where Thrift Starts 
21 Sweat Instead of Riches: $7,000 and Members' Labor Makes Rajah Club a Jewel
22 Iowa Greenkeepers Association Opens Season
22 Amateurs in Paid Gallery Matches for Charity Only
23 Chinch Bugs are Old Pest
26 Finishing Touches: Thoughtful Details that Give Distinction to Course's Play
28 Budgeting Hunch: Extending Memberships to Spring Reduces Resignations. Wants 9-Hole Ideas
30 Who is Guilty?: When Pro Credit is Bad Club Officials Often are to Blame
36 6,200 School-Kids Learn: Horton Smith, Guest Star, Shows Hunch of Biggs, Peoria Pro, is Sound
40 How I Sell  Shop Items: Suggestion Sells Balls and Clubs; Apparel is Harder Problem to Lick
42 "Must have the Best": Indianapolis Grooms Muny Course to Private Club Standards for Tourney
44 The Nomad Thrives: Joe Kirkwood Tells the Boys Back Home How He's Doing
45 In the Rough
50 Work and Worry: Greenkeepers World Over Strive to Improve Courses and Themselves
52 Medinah Plans Charity Open Late This Month
52 Ryder Cup Golf Stars Plan Exhibitions
53 PGA in Michigan Helps Pros Get Square on Bills
53 Vinnie Richards, Dunlop's Pro Head, Accident Victim
54 [Manufacturing News]
54 -Toledo PGA in Busy Competitive Season
54 -Press is Recognizing Public Courses are News
55 -[Reward Muni Course Operators with More than Cheers]
55 -[Greenkeepers Doing a Miraculous Job with Very Little]
55 -[Too Many Ball Brands can Confuse Golfers]
56 -[Add to Strong Signs of Returning Prosperity]
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64 Table of Contents
1935 July
Volume #9, No. 7
1935 August
Volume #9, No. 8
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover: [Sam Parks, Jr. Plays the 18th Hole at Oakmont]
9 Master of the Market: Montressor Makes His Shop Golf Buying Center
11 Liquor Companies Muffing Club Influence Chance
12 Pay Up! New Plan for Green Section Solicits Funds from All Those It Helps
12 Demonstrations Replace Lectures on Mass. State Program
13 Texas Tutor: Schneider Stirs Golf Interest Among Student in Town of 5,000
14 Rhode Island's Sixth Field Day Interests Large Group
15 Population: 4,000; Course 1A: On Minimum Investment, Marysville's Layout is Adequate, Enjoyable
16 Illinois Pros Leading in Free Kid Lessons
17 Shoe Publicity Thru Lessons: Store Offer of Golf Instruction Attracts Over 700 Pupils
18 The Path to Perfect Fairways 
21 Cites Arsenate Control of Webworm Menace
22 Will Fair-Trade Laws Help?: Junior Capper-Kelly Bill May Solve Golf Pros Price-Cutting Competition 
26 Pro Uses Unfavorable Season to Boost Shop Sales
28 In the Rough
35 More on Pros Versus Slow-Pay Members 
38 Tells of Greenkeeping Advances During Past Decade
40 Education and Self-Education for Greensmen
42 [Manufacturing News]
47 Classified Ads
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48 Table of Contents
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover
9 Wooing the Women: A Little Extra Effort in Pleasing Women Results in House Profits
11 Greenkeeper in Personal Letter Urges USGA Support
12 Iowa-Minn.-K.C. Greenkeepers have Day in Des Moines
12 Ohio Fee Course Owners to Strengthen Their Group
12 True Temper Open Scheduled for Cleveland, August 16-18
12 Golf Club Robberies High Over Par This Year
13 The Path to Perfect Fairways
17 Dutra Gets New Shop: Red Run's Former Pro-Shop, Badly Located and Dismal, Replaced by Structure Designed for Selling Efficiency
18 If They Don't Pay Pro; Look Out Club!
18 Local Firms Donate Prizes for Club Events
18 Rental Sets Boosting Business at Cinci Fee Courses
20 In the Rough
24 Can You Re-Organize? Several Openings Indicated for Men Who can Manage
26 Meeting Today's Shortage of Bartenders 
28 Member's Manual is Gem of Club Booklet
29 Spiking Helps: Turf Benefits and Economy Result from Regular Use of Modern Equipment
30 Ousted Pro Wails: Having Put Fee Course in Black, Gets Gate
32 Bowling Leagues Weld Members' Interest Thru Winter
33 [Manufacturing News]
34 -Greenkeepers' Exhibit Shows Trend to Pneumatic Tires
39 Classified Ads
40 Advertisers' Index
40 Table of Contents
1935 September
Volume #9, No. 9
1935 October
Volume #9, No. 10
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover: [200-Yard 11th Hole at Cascades Course, Virgina Hot Springs]
3 Table of Contents
11 Curing Drainage Ills
13 Tillinghast Joins PGA Staff as Architect Consultant
14 Club Crime Wave Stymied by Gang Captures
14 Irrigation Expert, Wendell Miller, Dies at Tulsa, Okla.
15 Fee Course Stunt Wows Players and Press
16 Dates Announced for District Meets with Green Section
16 Caliente Closing Relieves Pros of Ethical Problem
17 Out-Smarts Price-Slashers
19 Private-Public Split OK: 36-Hole Detroit Layout Profits Thru Opening One Course to Fee Players
21 Jersey Field Day Reveals Helpful Data 
22 [Chick Evans' Caddie Scholarship Fund Report]
22 [Golf Lessons to Children Support Golf]
23 PGA in New Women's Event
26 Open Displays Open Players' Purses, Says McLeod
30 In the Rough
36 Pro's Dream is Heaven -- Maybe?
37 Portable Oil Torch Busy as Greenkeepers' Tool
38 Behind New Ball Line Lies Months of Research
39 Barrows Given Patent Protection on New Type of Bent
41 [Manufacturing News]
41 -J. H. Walter, Seed Magnate, Dies in Maine
44 -[Horton Mfg. Say Japanese will be Big Competition]
48 Want Ads
48 Advertisers' Index
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover
11 Hold that Roster! 
14 Waldorf-Astoria is Site of Managers' Annual Meet
15 Courses Improved: ...But Battle to Restore Links to Pre-Depression Condition Not Over
16 Mass. S. C. Again Offers Greens Course, Conference
16 Rutgers Turf Short Course Offered Feb. 17-22
17 Knollwood Likes Skeet
18 Minnesota Greensmen Hosts to Tri-State Meeting
19 Irrigation System Meets Brookline's Water Needs
21 Pros Command '35 Market
26 CPA Writes New Volume on Operating Economies
26 Wisconsin-Illinois Greensmen Hold Joint Meet
28 Posting the Score
28 -1. Pros Sees the Way to Solve All Credit Miseries
28 -2. Dealer Questions Future of Supply Specialists
29 -3. Manager Claims Small Town Berths are Best
29 -4. Pro Says 2-for-1 Books Worked OK with Him
31 In the Rough
40 Club and Ball Makers Tell of 1936 Pro-Shop Offerings
46 Weed Control, "Air Conditioning" are Greens Meet Features
50 Curing Drainage Ills: Part 2
55 The Makers Say....
67 Want Ads
68 Advertisers' Index
68 Table of Contents