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1936 January
Volume #10, No. 1                  
1936 February
Volume #10, No. 2
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover: [Pinehurst's No. 2 Layout, 1936 PGA Championship]
9 Working with Weather 
10 [John G. Jackson Becomes New USGA President]
11 Eastern Pros Cash in on Selling Stunts
11 -[Utilize Idle First Tee Space for Practice Fairway]
12 -[Dan Williams Offers Free Tees to Draw Business]
12 -[Bob Hunsick Inaugurates Lesson Series]
12 -[Charley Lacey Aims to Attract Business]
12 -[Jimmie Norval Works to Further the Game]
12 Golf Experts Among Headliners at Agronomy Meeting
13 NAGA Priming for Cleveland
14 Greenkeeping Short Course Dates are Announced
14 J. K. Re-Elected Northeastern New York Greenkeepers Chief
15 In the Rough
16 [Eight Hole at Miami Country Club, Fla.]
17 Officials Say Pro Collection Problem is Club Weakness
17 [Julius Ackerbloom Takes Company Golfing]
18 19th Annual Convention, Professional Golfers' Association of America - Chicago, 1935
19 PGA "Points with Pride:" Progress of Association Recounted at Convention
26 USGA Releases Its OK of Vulcanized Ball
28 Managers to Meet Jan. 14-16 at Waldorf
30 Sports Good Dealers to have Two Meetings in January
30 Golf's Market Place
39 Classified Ads
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Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover: [Seventh Hole, Blue Course, Bethpage State Park, Farmingdale, N. Y.]
15 Hidden Costs 
16 "The Haig" is a Busy Man; has 120 Matches Signed
17 Traditions Wilt U.S.G.A. Shows
18 Badminton Boom Going Strong at Golf Clubs
19 They Like to Buy from Madison
22 '35 had Its Troubles
26 "Raise Prestige" is Aim of Managers 
30 Omaha Pro Blazes Trail for Pro Winter Income
30 McGonigill and Bradley Contribute to End Caddie Shortage
31 Pro's Wife is Expert Shop and Clubhouse Worker
31 PGA Sections are Signing Up for Women's Big Event
31 Agitation Against Stymie Pops Up Once More
34 Let's have a Sales Par
36 [Earl Ruby Sets Up Par Golf Shooting Event]
36 [Tournament Bureau Statistics for 1935]
38 Golf or Trick Shots?
42 Maintenance Economies are Keynote of Greens Meet Program
42 Iowa Short Course at Ames, March 2nd and 3rd
43 Have You a Sound Fairway Program?
50 Frank Danelli is President of Midwest Greenkeepers Association
50 Plan Two-Day Greenkeeping Conference This Month at U. of Wisconsin
50 Amherst Greens Course Draws Record Enrollment
51 We Need More Golfers 
52 [Financing a Country Club's Pool]
53 Here's the Latest on Sodium Chlorate
56 Spalding to Celebrate 60th Anniversary This Year
58 Golf's Market Place
63 Classified Ads
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64 Table of Contents
1936 March
Volume #10, No. 3
1936 April
Volume #10, No. 4
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover: [Fourth Hole, Riverside Golf Club, Little Rock, Ark.]
15 My Maintenance Methods
19 "Pay If You can, but Play:" Bank Holiday Policy Brought This Course Through Tough Years
21 Greensmen All Set: NAGA Meeting Points Way to Successful Year of Golf
23 [Practice Green Shown at Mid-City Course, Chicago]
26 Webworms? Use Lead
28 To Buy...or Not to Buy?
40 Coast Pros Fight Chiselers
40 [Ed Lally Gives Away Free Golf Lessons]
42 The Baker-Lad of Troon 
46 Greenkeeping Short Courses at State Schools Make March Important Month
48 On Crutches, King Makes Winter Circuit Route
48 Macpherson's 'Golf Simplified' has Novel Illustrative Treatment
48 Try for 10% More Play and You'll do Better - Says Tommy Armour
50 Wine Book is New, Valuable Item for Managers Use
50 L. A. Young Career Pictured in Newspaper Write-Up
51 [Farmington CC in Connecticut Named Venue of Pictorial Review Women's Championship]
51 [Severe Winter may Result in Extensive Winter-Kill in Northern Bermuda Belt]
54 Memorial Drive is Proposed to Help USGA Finance More Golf Turf Works
56 Massachusetts Golf Assn. Issues Helpful Greens Booklet
60 Golf's Market Place
67 Classified Ads
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Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover: [Al Houghton Demonstrates Cup Sizes Used at the Cavalier Open]
17 We Rehabilitated
19 Greenkeepers get Kansas City Season Off to Notable Start
20 Golf Needs Men - ...With Vision of 1910 Variety
21 Turf Trouble-Shooting
25 Urges Pro-Player Contracts
27 Roots Matter Most
32 Let's Give the Caddie a Break 
34 Shop Insurance Vital to Wise Pro Business
36 A Helper Who Hindered 
38 Clubs in Northwest Sector Await Great Season
40 Too Educated?: Are Greensmen Losing Out Through Short Course Knowledge
50 How Sportswear Fits into Pro-Shop Merchandising
52 Golf Instruction in Schools Reaches New High
56 Pros Plan Early for "Pict-Rev" Tourney
56 Earl Blakeley in Fatal Motor Accident
58 "I'm Stumped!" Pro Moans
60 A Little Planning Pays Big 
63 Kidd Perfects Official State Handicap Sheet
64 Can't Make Bent Slant Uphill, Monteith Tells Diegel
65 Clubhouse Air-Conditioning Tied to Fairway Watering System
66 At the Turf Courses
66 Eighth Annual Short Course Draws 41 to Rutgers University
67 Tom Bendelow, Dean of Architects, Dies After Year's Illness
68 PGA 1935 Player and Record Book is Great Work
68 All-Sports Record Book is Great Starter and Stopper of Bushwah
69 Chinch Bug is Tough Pest
72 New England PGA's Get-Together at Boston, April 9
73 Golf's Market Place
83 Classified Ads
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84 Table of Contents
1936 May
Volume #10, No. 5
1936 June
Volume #10, No. 6
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover: [Seventh Green, Pebble Beach Links, Del Monte, California]
19 The "Peepul's" Club: Many Private Club Facilities are Offered at Bethpage State Park, Long Island, Where This Year's Public Links Championship Will be Played
21 Deadheads on USGA Greens Service Give Britons $11,000 Research Edge
22 What the Social Security Act Means to Clubs
25 This Matter of Soil Testing 
27 Harbert Passes Two Hot Ideas on to the Pros
28 Simple, Cheap Device Reduces Dandelion Infestation
28 Wardman Park Hotel is Headquarters for NAGA 1937 Washington Meet
29 Harlow Defends Circuit 
35 Pros Build Command of Market 
39 Offer Member-Interest Hunches
42 USGA has New Handicap System for Women
43 Only Your Members can Sell: What Golf Clubs have done, are doing and can do to Balance Their Budgets and Fill Membership Rolls
46 Burten Brothers have Able Merchandising Policy 
50 [Lawson Little Departs from Amateur Ranks]
52 Club Prints Caddie Standards 
54 "Dear Beef:" An Open Letter to My Pal, Beef McLip
56 Metropolitan Golf Association Forms Public Links Section
58 Peoria Uses Printed Lessons
60 Clinton K. Bradley Heads MSC Alumni Association of Greenkeepers
62 Ladies Must Meet .....and in that Fact Lies Many a Smart Club's Recovery
66 Ball Sales Show Slight Increase in 1935
66 [Pros Believe British Influence Encourages Americans to Golf in the Rain]
66 USGA Starts Museum
67 Pro Offers Bargains in Spring Lessons
68 In the Rough
71 Helpful Hobbies
73 Nine Years Ago in Golfdom
74 Kansas Issues Booklet on Lawns and Turf
74 Does Nature Make Greenkeepers Fugitives from Commercial World?
75 Mercury Important in Control of Turf Diseases
77 Golf's Market Place
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88 Table of Contents
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover: [16th Hole, Davenport CC]
17 Pros Must Follow-Thru
19 Modernistic Architecture Appears in English Clubhouse
20 Greenkeepers have Ten Big Jobs 
23 Wise Managers on Guard Against Athlete's Foot Epidemics
24 Advance Sales Indicate Western Open Will Draw Big Gate
24 North Joins Green Section as Monteith Aid
24 Pro's Kids Steal Show at Illinois PGA Dinner
25 Wages Next Major Club Problem
26 Kirtland Upkeep Show Draws Big Cleveland Attendance
26 St. Paul Legion 40&8-ers All Set for Sixth Annual Junior Meet
27 He Keeps His Club "Civilized" 
28 Inverness All-Star Round-Robin
29 As Bents Differ, So Must Care
31 Northwest Tourney Dates, Purses Announced by Harlow
34 Star Trio Draws 31,000
38 [75 Cent Ball Sales]
38 Steel Shaft Inventor Dies
42 For Better Shop Volume Watch the Women
44 He has Picked Up 15,000,000 Golf Balls!
44 Developing Championship Material Great Pro Advertiser
46 "'Round the Town" Match Lively Feature at Hartford
47 [Fred Bergeron Keeps League Dinners Interesting]
48 Salesmen Build Pro Harmony: Golf Salesmen of Northern California Organize to Promote Understanding of and Between Pros
51 Bradley has Easy, Safe, Fungicide Application Method
52 Equipment Reserve Fund Insures Efficiency on Course
52 British Greenkeepers Ask Aid
53 Greenkeepers Job is that of Nature Artist
54 Golf's Market Place
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64 Table of Contents
1936 July
Volume #10, No. 7
1936 August
Volume #10, No. 8
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover: [Safety Screen Installed Around First Tee]
11 College Golf Surveyed
14 Filled Up: Winter Membership Drive Based on Old Ideas, Arouses Town and Fills Roster
15 Plan Course Policy Well in Advance - It Pays!
17 Tulsa Opens New $500,000 Club 
18 Greensman Ask Consideration When Jobs are Open
18 Revival Week at Battle Creek Stirs Golf Interest to a Peak
19 Don't Argue with Nature: At Mass. State College Conference
20 If It Ain't Raining It's Too Dry; Weather is Woe
20 Wherein the Outside Gang Sings the Blues
21 Lessons by the Year!: Members, for a Flat Annual Charge, Entitled to Lessons at Any Time
22 Greenkeeper's Mind Most Important Maintenance Equipment
26 He's a Low-Pressure Sales Expert 
28 Manero Given Wrist Watch as Reward for Open Win
30 Sarazen Makes Hit as Lecturer at Eastern Colleges
30 Shawnee Open Back as Annual Post-Open Fixture
32 "It's Wrong" Says Ring on Women's Rights
32 [Setting Back Labor Day]
33 [Women's Western Junior Championship]
33 [Wheeling, West Virginia Host Open Tournament]
33 New York Clubs get Relief from High Liquor Licenses
35 No Shortage of Compost Under This Three-Month Plan
39 Equipment Cuts Water Costs Up to $220 Monthly at California Course
40 Club Event that Increases Play and Pro Business
41 Senior League Popular
42 [Farm Tractor Operating Cost Analyses]
43 Golf's Market Place
47 Classified Ads
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48 Table of Contents
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover: [Par Three at the San Francisco Golf Club]
9 3 L-O-N-G Years: ...But Greenkeepers Continue to Fight Drought Successfully, as Told Here in Nation Wide Survey
14 Ball Gathering
15 How Your Club can Install Fairway Watering 
18 Makers, Pros and Golfdom Unite to Promote Golf
21 Mr. Average Golfer 
23 Jersey Pros in Merry Matches for Gaffney Bucket
23 Allotments Made of PGA Places at Pinehurst, Nov. 16-22
24 Notice to Golfers 
26 Sales Led by Pros
28 Wheeling Tourney Dates Switched
30 Since 1893: ...Being an Outline of the History and Development of Golf Playing Equipment
34 Tommy Duncan, Pine Lake Manager, Rates Fashion Show as Ace Feature
34 Do You Talk Yourself Out of Ball Sales?
36 Political Parties Bringing Big Revenue to Golf Clubs
36 [Slamming Sam Snead]
36 [Bob King, Exhibition Golfer]
36 Plan Model Clubhouse
38 Hot or Cold Water?: ...Turf Not Affected, According to Green Section Experiments
42 Golf's Market Place
47 Classified Ads
48 Table of Contents
48 Advertisers' Index
1936 September
Volume #10, No. 9
1936 October
Volume #10, No. 10
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover: [No. 3 Hole, Contra Costa Country Club, Concord, Cal.]  
9 Fund for the Future: "Any Club that Disregards Its Sinking Fund and Depreciation Obligations is Committing Slow Suicide." -W.F. Wiley, President, Cincinnati CC
13 [Pro-Junior Girls Annual Competition, Illinois PGA]
14 Carnoustie's Own 300 Influence Fourth of U.S. Pros
15 He Operates Nine Fee Courses
16 Does Your Club Issue a Monthly Bulletin?
16 Lousy Condition, Little Play Brings Muny Course Probe
17 Ask About Winter-Kill: Questionnaire to North-Eastern Clubs Brings Helpful Data on Damage
19 An Order is an Order
20 A Cent a Shot: Easy-Payment Idea Puts Good Clubs in Hands of Many Members
20 [Golf Tournaments are National Publicity-Getter]
22 Other Industries Confess They have Merchandising Troubles, Too
22 Kid Diplomas in Big Demand for Promotion
24 He has Held Post for 25 Years
26 Proposes that Summer Circuit Pay Stars a Guarantee
26 Pro-Promotion Plan Asks Advice in Drive on School Golf
28 French Prize Money is "Tres Louzay" Says Henry Cotton
28 Thinks Bright Days Lie Ahead for Southern California Golf
28 S. Calif. PGA Issuing Model Newsy Bulletin to Members
28 [Leland Crews Knocks in 140 yd. Flying Ace]
28 [Helena Town & CC Host $1,000 Open Tournament]
30 Monteith Begins Annual Tour of Outdoor Greens Meets
30 Pro vs. Members is Event that Draws Crowd
30 New Course is Feature of Iowa State College Play Area
30 [Round Trip to St. Louis Prize at Lefthanders' National Tournament]
30 Section Bulletin Revived
30 102 at Mass. Turf Day
30 Managers' 1937 Meeting
31 Jersey Municipal Course Solves Tee Wear Problem 
32 New Sport Volume Touches Briefly on Golf
33 Golf's Market Place
39 Classified Ads
40 Advertisers' Index
40 Table of Contents
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover
13 Golf is Up!: Returns from Golfdom's Annual Survey Indicate Courses Show Substantial Gains for 1936 on All Fronts
16 Who's Who for the 1937 Augusta Masters' Tourney
16 Winter Sports Programs Show New Promise for Clubs
17 I Know We've Progressed....
17 -Because the Disposition of Our Members has Improved
17 -Because our Younger Members are Getting Married
18 A Frank President Reports on the Annual Meeting
19 $5,500,000 - Golf's WPA Share
21 Greenkeepers Planning for Big Annual Sessions, February 2-5
22 "Our Pools Saved Us:" ...So Testify Two Country Clubs After First Year of Pool Operation
24 Eight Successful Ways to Sell Club Memberships
26 Managers Meeting
26 Milwaukee Wants Greensmen
27 Colleges Announce Short Courses
28 Praises Minnesota Greensmen; His Chairman is OK, Too
29 Happy Days are Here Again: ...If These News Notes from the Daily Press are Indications
30 What can We do About Those Weeds?
33 Movies of Spalding Field Staff in Action Available Soon
34 She's Made a Success of Her Chicago Indoor School
35 Pros See Big Years Ahead: ...And They Think 1936 has Treated Them Pretty Well
46 Ads Get Stores into Jam - Pros Practically in Tears
46 Annual PGA Get-Together Due at Chicago's Congress, Nov. 9-12
47 Fencing Club Grounds Serves as Multiple Safeguard
47 Grass Paint Fungicide is Green Section Meeting Sensation
48 'Soil-Concrete' Mixture Solves Step Problem at Orchard Lake CC
49 New England Authority Says Budgets Must be Upped
49 Where Shortsight Defeats Sense in Budget Planning
50 Just Because Machines Still Run is No Sign They're Efficient
50 In Rhyme Mr. Will Advises You What Greenkeeper has to do
50 Club-Throwing Contest
50 Fee Course has Boy's Club
52 Greenkeepers are Key Men: ...But the Average Member is Ignorant of Their Importance
53 Hampton, Patterson Head New Illinois PGA "Green Section"
53 Aussies Start Lively and Helpful Greenkeeping Quarterly
55 Swimming Classes Popular Feature of Country Club Programs
56 [Tony Manero and Johnny Revolta to Play in Argentina]
56 [Prospects of First-Class Pro Jobs on the Rise]
56 [Pat McDonald Produces Attractive Pro Mag for Members]
56 Golf's Market Place
70 Classified Ads
72 Advertisers' Index
72 Table of Contents