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1938 January
Volume #12, No. 1                  
1938 February
Volume #12, No. 2
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover: [Golfers on the Green]
13 Over Here, Over There
16 Reid to Head USGA
17 How I Handle Fee Players
19 Peoria Barn is Tops for Service
20 New Jersey Bidding for 1939 Greens Convention in October
21 Send Your Man to College
22 Manager Plan Busy Conclave
23 Service is Keynote of New Shop
28 Jack Hutchinson Wins in First Annual PGA Seniors Tourney
28 Fauntleroy to Head Western Golf A'ssn; 1938 Tourney Dates Announced
29 You've Got to Have "It": Pro Teaching and Playing Ability not as Important as Personality, Says Official
34 Greenkeepers Expect Big Things of 1938 Exhibit & Conference
35 Du Pont C. C. C. to Open Second 18 This Spring
36 Clubs Continue to Ignore Winter Welfare of Greens Force
37 Lively Golf Schedules Credited with Aiding 1937 Play Volume
37 Cameron Again Heads N. J. Golf Course Supts. Assn.
37 Further Comments on the Health of Golf During 1937
39 Promotion Bureau to Go After Corporation Golf Activity
40 Golf's Market Place
44 Helpful Bulletin Describing Poa annua Issued by N. J. Station
44 Classified Ads
47 New England Greenkeepers Hold Turf Disease Clinic
48 Table of Contents
48 Advertisers Index
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover: [Gallery Watching Thompson on Third Green, Griffith Park, During Recent Los Angeles Open]
17 '37 Good to Golf: Annual USGA Report Points to Progress is All Phases of Game
19 Unite in New Home: Pennsylvania Club Incorporates Latest Ideas in Layout; to Open This Spring
21 Finds Drives of 1,000 Yards are Easy - If You're in Mexico!
22 NAGA Convention Ready
22 [Officers of the Midwest Greenkeepers' Assn. for 1938 were Chosen at a Meeting of the Organization, Jan. 5]
23 Managers Seek Data Exchange
26 Three Recent Books Deserve Places in Club Libraries
26 Chicago Club Managers Pick Otto Guenther as Proxy
26 Mrs. Joe Davis, Wife of Noted Golf Writer, Dead After Long Illness
27 Back to Golf
28 Pro Points to Need of More Mid-Week Golf Play
28 News Flashes
30 How's Your Housing?
34 Why Brookside is Popular: Teamwork of Operating Officials Gives Pasadena a Model Muny Layout
40 White Bear Retires Vardon After Twenty-Four Years on Job
42 Big Turnout for Annual Banquet of N. E. Greenkeepers' Club
42 [The Insecticide and Fungicide Assn. and the Manufacturing Chemists' Assn. have Agreed Hereafter to Color Arsenate of Lead and Calcium Arsenate Pink as a Safety Measure for Identification]
43 Machines Saved Costs Here
44 Editorial Praises Operations of New York City Park Courses
44 Bell, Tillinghast Combine Talents; to Headquarter on Coast
45 [Is Lack of Phosphoric Acid the Sole Cause of Sallow Roots on Greens?]
46 Test for Green-Chairman
47 How Golf Returned to Bedford
48 [Official PGA Sanction has been Given Dates and Prizes of Greenbrier $3,000 Open to be Held November 8-10 at the Greenbrier Hotel Golf Club, White Sulpher Springs, W. Va.]
50 News of Greens Short Courses
50 [Program for the Short Course for Greenkeepers to be Given by the University of Wisconsin Dept. of Horticulture, March 7, 8 and 9, has been Announced by Prof. James G. Moore, Chairman]
52 [Greenkeepers Planning to Attend the Annual Short Course at Iowa State College, Ames, Ia., March 1 and 2]
52 [The Golf Section of the Fifth Annual Massachusetts Recreation Conference, Sponsored by Massachusetts Golf Assn., the Greenkeepers' Club of New England, and the New England Section of the PGA will be Held at Massachusetts State College, Amherst, March 11, 12 and 13]
53 Over Here, Over There: Continuing from Last Issue the Comparison of British and U.S. Golf Courses
58 Golf's Market Place
63 Classified Ads
64 Table of Contents
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1938 March
Volume #12, No. 3
1938 April
Volume #12, No. 4
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover: [Greenbrier Hotel Golf Club White Sulpher Springs, W. Va.]
17 [Present Fertilizer Practice on Our Greens Consists of Periodic Topdressing, Together with an Occasional Application of Ammonium Sulphate. Is This an Adequate Fertilizer Program?]
19 New Course Planned for St. Andrews
20 Drainage First: You Can't Grow Turf Unless You've Licked Your Course's Drainage Problems
23 "An Introduction to Soil Science" Brings Fundamentals Up to Date
24 Successful Short Course Season
24 -Rutgers' Turf Management Short Course has Registration of 72
24 -Tenth Anniversary Fine Turf Conference at Penn State is Big Success
25 -Attendance Nearly 100 at ISC's Two Day Short Course
25 -Purdue Adds Short Course
25 [Class that Attended the Twelfth Annual Winter School for Greenkeepers at Massachusetts State College, Amherst]
26 Modernity is Key to New Clubhouses
28 NAGA Becomes GSA at Meet
30 What Return?
34 R. W. Treacy, PGA Ex-Official, Dies Following Operation
35 Boosts Book to Pros: Not Written for Pros Alone, but Fits Their Problems Perfectly
38 "Gaps in Selling" Points Out Possible Sales Mistakes
38 Penfold Offers Big Prize Dough for Golf "League" Play
39 Plant School Draws 150: Rockford Pro Having Busy Winter and Good Income from Employee Golf School
43 Credit Assistant with Assist in Pro Success Box Score
46 Luring Women... Play Golf Often is Distinctly a Pro's Obligation to His Club
48 Use Questionnaire to Learn Members' Views on Club Matters
48 [P. J. A. Berckmans, Internationally Famed Horticulturist and Manager of the Augusta (Ga.) National Golf Club Died]
50 Paper's Ace Event Grows Yearly
52 Some Oldtimers
54 Two-Bits a Round Finances Club's Water Installation
55 Completeness of Club's Annual Report is Model for Other Organizations
55 Aussie Pros in Campaign for Full Prize Money
55 Broadening Jobs Means More Worries, Veteran Pro Observes
56 Know Where He Stands
58 Pros in Key Spot to Promote Sports Participation
60 A Pool "With Everything"
61 A Chairman's Viewpoint: This Paper was Read at the Recent NAGA Convention
65 Shackamaxon's Roller Skating Party is Big Drawing Feature
68 Golf's Market Place
79 Classified Ads
80 Table of Contents
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Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover: [Clearview Golf Course, Whitestone, L. I., N. Y.]
15 [Our Soil is Heavy, and Blue Grass is Uniform but Thin. Is Summer Players Resent Parched, Hard Fairways so We Propose to Install a Water System and Re-Seed. Is This the Answer to Our Problem?]
17 Urges New Par Computation
18 Portland Dads Backing School Instruction Proposal
19 Ohio State's New Course Ready
21 Don McKay Elected to Head Connecticut Supts.
22 Greens "Open" Held at Philadelphia
23 Death of Walter Harban Great Loss to Greenkeeping
26 Easy Golf Hikes Play
27 Hollow Fork Technique: This Club has Brought About Great Improvement in Its Greens Through Sustained Forking Program
31 Jackson Club Opens New House
33 Golf Dominates MRC at Amherst
38 Merchandising is Key to Scott's Shop Profits
46 [Fred Whiting Visits U.S.]
48 Advertise Your Merchandise
50 What About "Lost" Balls: Concerted Action by Club Members can Eliminate Petty Larcey of Balls by Caddies
52 Wichita Likes Team Events
56 Give Salesmen a Break!: Says Former Club Manager, Who Admits Probably 75% of Our Good Ideas are Sold to Us
58 Time Payments Move Clubs
59 Spring Opening Letter Tells What's Been Done at Course
60 Big Game Hunters Hagen and Kirkwood Return to States Soon
60 Purdue's Initial Greenkeeping Course is Grand Success
62 Here are Puzzlers Asked at Phila. Superintendents Meet
62 Biel Forced to Rest from N. Z. Secretarial Duties
64 Clay Bars Water Seepage
66 Jersey Superintendents Endorse Soil Science Building
68 [Eddie Garre Teaches Golf with Blindfolds]
68 Golf's Market Place
79 Classified Ads
80 Table of Contents
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1938 May
Volume #12, No. 5
1938 June
Volume #12, No. 6
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover: [Clubhouse, Cherry Hills Club, Denver, Colo., Scene of 1938 National Open, June 9-11]
15 [Our Course, in Northern Indiana, is on a Light-Colored, Heavy Soil. Fairway Turf Consists of Kentucky Blue Grass, with a Few Scattering Weeds. Grass is Thin, but Coverage is Uniform. Soil Reaction is pH 6.5 to 7.0, Available Phosphorus is Medium to High, and Available Potash Very High. Re-Seeding and Topdressing have been Advised. Is This the Best Procedure?]
17 Push PROmotion Again
18 Many Improvements at New Britain, Conn., Municipal Golf Course
18 It's Spring
19 Only the Finest
22 When to Water?
25 'Decline of Golf' May Only Preview Game on Bigger Scale
25 [No. 7 Hole at Westwood CC, St. Louis, Where the 1938 Western Open will be Held June 14-16]
25 Midwest Greenkeepers Dance, Dine
27 Spike Discs Grow Increasingly Popular as Maintenance Aid
27 How's Help's Housing?
28 New Clubhouse for Sturgis
29 Club Managers Choose Denver as 1939 Convention Site
30 Chicago DGA Revises Par: Many Factors Beside Distance Enter Computation of Course Difficulties
31 It's on the House
32 Little Rock's Muny Rates Tops 
33 Fee-Course Pro is More than Pro
38 Pro Short-Courses Needed
43 Better Pay for Pay-Course Pros
46 Golf Promotion Material Made Available Through American Golf Institute
46 N. E. PGA and Manufacturers Meet in Annual Session at Boston
48 PGA Site is Golf Mecca
50 Club Meets Caddies...and Receives Back the Utmost in Trouble-Free Service and Loyalty
52 Upholds Honor of Greenkeepers by Catchign Taunter of Fellow Worker
54 Increase Golf Interest: Make Pro-Am Play Available to Greater Number
56 Univ. of Minnesota Offers Golf Classes in Evenings
56 Ruby's "Caddy-Cism" Valuable Booklet for Teaching Bag-Toters
58 Leading Clubs are the Ones Who Send Greensmen to Short Courses
60 Asks How Club Establishes Handicap System 
61 Rainy Weather is Money-Maker for Smart Pros
62 [Latest Answer to Why Sales are Low at Some PLaces is Provided by the Phrophylactic Brush Co.]
62 Pros on the Air
63 If Manager Delivers the Goods, Club will Rate High
68 Club Converts Basement Room into Attractive Cocktail Lounge
69 Here is Creed of Golf Pro's Service to Golf
69 Inverness Event to be Held May 26-29
70 [Half-Made Pros, the Result of Depression Years in Golf may Cause Trouble to Class-A Professionals]
70 Golf's Market Place
79 Classified Ads
80 Table of Contents
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Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover
13 [Turf Turns Brown in July and August. Faulty Watering Practices or Some Other Cause?]
15 "Your Committee Begs Leave to Report"
18 3 Shops that Sell
22 Now is Time to Analyze Members' Accounts
22 Michigan Officers Chosen
23 Members are More than People 
25 Traps - What Size? What Depth? 
26 How Clubs Hold Members
29 Drainage is Major Turf Need 
32 Shop Sales Lag: Play was Well Ahead in May, but not Sales; Pros Hold Remedy
34 Indiana Town, with WPA Help, Gets Modern Golf Plant
38 Iowa State Opens New $133,000 Course
40 Arrow Brook Club Becomes NYC's Summer City Hall
42 Where Spirit is Tops
44 Salt Lake Follows Open
46 Pros Busy with Juniors
48 Prove Publicity Pays
48 Brae Burn Computes Frequency of Members' Play
48 Novak Heads PGA Section
50 Here is Schedule of Coast Winter Tourney Dates
50 Golf League Bringing Extra Thursday Play to Club
52 Heart Attack Fatal to Maurice McCarthy, Sr.
52 Field for Penfold Match Play Tourney Announced
53 Father's Day Offers Pros a Path to Added Sales
53 British Pro Requirements Under Fire
53 Golf Stronger in Mexico
54 Ohio State Supts. Hold Annual Outdoor Demonstration
55 Club Bulletin is Economical Way to Get Publicity
56 Greensmen Turn to Rhyme to Forget Job Woes
59 It's On the House
60 Bonnie Briar Pool Rules are Model for Other Clubs
62 Asks Help in Solving Evils of Equipment Trade-Ins
64 Golf's Market Place 
71 Want Ads
72 Table of Contents 
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1938 July
Volume #12, No. 7
1938 August
Volume #12, No. 8
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover: ["Crossing the Delaware" to the 16th Open, Shawnee CC, Shawnee-on-Delaware, Scene of 1938 National PGA Championship, July 10-16]
5 [Suggest Fertilizer to Encourage Kentucky Blue Grass in Soil on Moderately to Strong Acid]
9 Success from Scratch
12 Green Section Bulletin
12 Booklet Tells British Work
13 Here is the Most Important Foursome of All
15 Lake Placid Open, Aug. 26-28
16 It's On the House
16 Club Profits Not All Apparent in Dollars and Cents Report
16 Replacements Pro Worry
17 List Functions of CDGA
18 Don't Go Soft on Sales: Push for Profits While the Season Continues
22 Proper Publicity will Sell Memberships All Year Round
24 New Jersey Golf League Most Popular with B-Class Golfers
24 Tournament Calendar
26 Championships Run Smoothly: National and Western Opens are Models of Efficient Handling
28 Spend Money to Attract Full Membership, Club Says
29 Clubs with Water Holes can Cash-In on Ball Sale Profits
30 Promotion Issues Free Helps
32 Ninth Annual Rhode Island Field Day and Conference Held
34 Golf's Market Place
39 Want Ads
40 Table of Contents
40 Advertisers' Index
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover
1 [Eliminate Weeds and Re-Establish Grass Without Materially Interfering with Play]
9 What's Ahead for Greenkeepers?
12 Davies Makes Trans-Miss Click Over Air Waves
12 A Little Look Ahead
12 Prepare for Women's National
13 2 in 1: California Club Gains Variety in Play by Maintaining Alternate Greens; Members Like Idea
15 Use Club Bulletin Boards to Inform Members
16 It's On the House
16 Protection Against Lightning; National Bureau of Standards Handbook
16 Denver Preparing
16 MGA for Rules Observace
18 Nation-Wide Pro-Shop Sale: PROmotion Offers Pros All Material and Instructions for Season-End Clearance
20 Three-Cornered Match
22 Unselfish Promotion
26 10 Years of Kid Classes
27 I'm for a Golf License
28 Play 18 Different Courses
30 Fine Turnout at Annual New Jersey Station Summer Turf Inspection
31 What Hour Should You Mow?
33 "Low Pay is Threat to Greenkeeping's Future": Says Sprague
34 Japanese Beetles Prove Too Strong; Club Decides to Fold
34 Golf's Market Place
39 Want Ads
40 Table of Contents
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1938 September
Volume #12, No. 9
1938 October
Volume #12, No. 10
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover: [Aerial View, Dakmont CC, Pittsburg District]
3 [Best Practice for Fall Fertilization in the Crab Grass Belt]
9 Golf Comes First: This Kansas Club has Plenty of Social Activity, but Golf's Demands are Met First. The Result - a Successful Club from All Angles
12 Managers are Best Channel for Putting Liquor Brands Across
13 500 Pros Hold Shop Sale: Many Thousand Dollars Worth of Shop Merchandise Sold During National "Birdie Special" Event
15 Golf for Gym Credit
16 Minnesota Club Head Says Superintendents Will Get Pay Boosts When Times Allow
16 Urges Smaller Town Clubs to Install Driving Ranges
16 Glens Falls Event is Sept. 9-11
17 Muni Course Statistics
19 [The Eighth Green of the New Du Pont CC at Wilmington, Del.]
21 Green Section to Hold Turf Conference at Arlington
21 N. J. Report Hits Club Taxes
22 Clearing House Rates Pros
24 "Uncle Julian" Resigns as Spalding Board Chairman 
26 Michigan PGA Holds Successful "Trade-In" Week
26 PGA Executive Committee Meets in Chicago
28 Ask Golfers to Donate Travers' Mashie to Museum 
28 [Ten of the Leading Pros in the St. Louis District Operate One of the Most Popular Practice Ranges in the Midwest]
30 Member Tells World His Club's Pro Suits Him
31 This Form Tells Club Daily Score on Operations
32 Suburban GC is Scene of New Jersey Supts. Meeting
32 Advises Food Specials for Clubs
33 It's On the House
33 Golf's Market Place
39 Want Ads
40 Table of Contents
40 Advertisers' Index
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover
13 '38, Year of the "Big Rains"
15 Coast Costs at All-Time Low
18 Annual Massachusetts State College Greens Course to Open Jan. 3
18 Rutgers Short Course, Feb. 13-18
19 Why Appraisals?
23 $200,000 is Storm Loss
24 Warns Against Making Courses More Difficult to Play
25 Use Your Watering System Right: Thorough Understanding Needed of Turf's Water Requirements
28 How to Recondition Greens
29 It's On the House
29 Combination Tee-Seat-Shelter Works Well on Shannopin Course
30 Service is Heart of Pro Job
34 Wages and Hours Legislation will Slow Delivery on Delayed Orders
34 Golf's Origin Again
35 Group Instruction? Yes!
38 Spalding Discontinuance of 35 Retail Stores will Boost Pro Volume
40 "Doc" Treacy Honored
42 Servos has New Book
42 Tom Vardon Dies
44 New York City Golf Course Work Told in Newspaper Series
44 California Salesmen Hold Tourney
46 Book Tells "How to Sell"
46 Opal Hill Joins Wilson Staff; Her Job to Develop Women's Golf
48 Exhibition Match Formally Opens New Muny Course at Amsterdam, N. Y.
50 One Man's Ten-Year Effort Brings Club Out on Top
50 Slammin' Sam Authors Fine Instruction Manual
52 Arlington Tour Well Attended
54 Detroit and New England Report on Maintenance Problems of the Year
57 Cincinnati District Clubhouse Business Shows Increase in Operations
58 Inter-Club Swimming Event Stimulates Interest, Increases Club Income
58 Golf's Market Place
63 Good Locker and Shower Facilities are a Mark of a Class-A Club
71 Want Ads
72 Table of Contents
72 Advertisers' Index