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1937 January
Volume #11, No. 1                  
1937 February
Volume #11, No. 2
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover: [7th tee, Fifth Park, Scene 1937, Los Angeles Open]
11 New, Complete: Southern Hills of Tulsa Proves Major Developments are Practical Again
15 PGA Meets: Struggles to Untangle Legislative Details for Sake of Future
18 Los Angeles Open, Jan. 7, Starts Busy California Schedule
19 Those were the Days!
20 Managers Asked for Ideas
21 Harlow Out: Conflict and Mystery Confuse Firing of PGA Tournament Bureau Head
26 Pro's Plan Makes Matches
27 Dan Williams' First 20 Years 
30 WPA has Put $10,500,000 in Golf Course Work
30 Cunningham Honored at Dinner
32 How Some Fellows Become Pros
34 Dog-Fight Event Brings Sales into Pro Kennel
34 Women's Invitation at Aiken
34 Martin's "Fifty Years of American Golf": A Lively Classic
37 [Joe Patelli Conducts Class on Robert Trent Jones Course in Amsterdam, NY]
37 Revival is on: NAGA Certain of Boom in Greenkeeping Activity
38 Green Section Grass Dye Amazes Army and Navy Fans
38 Club Honors Striley
40 Greenkeeper Qualifies: He is in Best Position to Determine Course Needs, Now Budgets are Bigger
40 N.Y. Greensman Comments on Golf Course Labor Conditions
41 Greenkeepers Course at Michigan State Covers Field Well
44 Frisco Area Courses are About Back to Normal Greens Budget
45 Massachusetts Announces Advanced Greenkeeping School
46 Many Factors Combine to Make Pinehurst PGA Best Ever
46 Water Pipe Acts as Conductor for Novel Phone System
49 Farthest North
50 What the Makers Say
54 [Employee Photo from H. V. Carter Co., Inc. in San Francisco]
55 Classified Ads
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56 Table of Contents
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0 Cover
19 Golf is Healthy: USGA, at Annual Meeting, Reports Sport's Vast Gain During 1936
20 How is Club's Fire Insurance? Here are Recent Losses
20 Set St. Augustine Match Play Dates
21 The A B C of Turf Culture: Underlying Causes of Turf Trouble
23 Club has Weed-Free Compost: Home-Made Sterilizer Costs but 6 Cents Per Cu. Yd. to Operate
24 Clarence Radke Elected President of Heart of America Greenkeepers
25 We Give 'Em Golf at a Bargain
27 To Test Turf Under Fire
28 Here's Dope on New Jersey and Iowa Greens Short Courses
28 [Annual Greenkeeper's Short Course Announced for Iowa State College]
29 Where Will Managers Meet? 
30 [Clubhouse of the Tishomingo CC. Okla.]
30 True, Too True
30 Aussie Amateurs are Hot
31 Form Clarifies Guest Privileges
32 Hoare in Florida
34 Second PROmotion Piece Mailed: Over 9,000 Copies of "Golf in Schools" Sent to School Principals, Pros and Others  
36 $33,000,000 Sport Goods in 1935; Golf's Share, $10,000,000
40 Introducing the Stimp
46 Showdown Looms: Jacobus-Harlow Battle Due to be Aired at Special Meeting of PGA Soon
48 No S. S. Tax on Caddies: Bag-Toters Employees, but Not Taxable Under Social Security Act, is Ruling
52 Harlingen Boosts Course: Players Spread Word of Municipal Layout to Boost Tourist Play
54 Claims Driving Ranges are Great Incubators for Golf
54 Minnesota Short Course Planned
54 Aerial View on Score Card
56 [$90,000 Club House at Griffith Park Golf Course, Scene of the 1937 Los Angeles Open]
56 Here's an Argument: "Are Long Irons Vanishing?"
57 Kids have Own Menu Card
58 "Course First, Then Add Other Features" is Sound Policy
58 Dues Collections Made Less Painful Through Proper Scheduling
59 A Short Short-Course in Greenkeeping
59 -Soil Water and the Grass Plant
59 -Availability and Life of Fertilizers
60 -Weed Problem of Turf
62 -What Happens Inside a Grass Blade
63 -Artificial Watering of Turf Grasses
64 -Changing the Soil Structure
66 Golf's Market Place
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1937 March
Volume #11, No. 3
1937 April
Volume #11, No. 4
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover: [Birmingham Country Club, Birmingham, Ala.]
17 How the Social Security Taxes Affect Clubs
21 Managers get Ready for Boom Activities: Returning Prosperity on "Different" Basis is Keynote of Annual Convention
25 The A B C of Turf Culture: How Grasses Grow - The Function of Individual Fertilizer Elements - Their Use and Mis-Use
27 Chicago DGA Announces $10,000 Open; Profits Go to Caddies
27 Massachusetts Recreation Conference Scheduled for March 12-13
28 $300 Northland Among Best of Last Season's "Little" Opens
29 Greens Meet is  4-Star Wow: ...Attendance, Interest and Business Volume Exceeds Records of Previous Conventions
32 Southern Luxury: J. K. Hanes, Superintendent of Yeamans Hall Club, Tells How He Meets High Play-Standards His Members Demand
34 Badminton Booms
34 No Greens Course at Wisconsin
36 Shop-Dressing Time at Hand: ...And the Smart Pro Figures Ways to Give His Salesroom New Appeal Each Spring
42 Schools are PROmotion Target: 'Golf in Schools' Booklet Tells School Authorities Possibilities of Group Instruction
44 Texas PGA Furnishes Members Pro Advertising
48 Replies Re: Ezra Applesauce
50 Suggests Questionnaire for Method to Learn Why Golfers Avoid Lessons
52 Pro Puts Life into League: Bristol County (Mass.) Will See Active Inter-Club Team Play This Season
54 Grocers' Bookkeeping Will Help Pros Find "Hidden" Expenses
54 School Team Scoring System
54 Large Shelter
56 New Spalding Film Demonstrates Worth of Personal Pro Instruction
56 You Needn't Tell Burke Why 'Swinging Sam' Got Hot
56 Jury Awards $10,000 Damages to Victim of Parallel Fairway Accident
56 "Not So Much Water and a Little More Player" - Says Gene
56 R & A on Spot
60 Landscaping Club Grounds 
63 It's "Superintendent", Not "Greenkeeper" in New Jersey Now
64 Massachusetts Greensmen Ask State for Research Fund
66 Ant Problem is Baffling 
69 McGregor Breaks Ankle
70 Detroit Report is Model: Statements Show Value of Association Activities to Member Clubs
72 [One of a Kind, Nine-Hole Course for Juveniles in Hershey, Pa.]
75 The Men Behind the Scenery
75 Pinehurst Influence to be Found on Many Courses
81 What the Makers Say
89 Classified Ads
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90 Table of Contents
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover: [Clubhouse, Oakland Hills CC, Detroit, Scene of 1937 National Open, June 12]
21 Texas Finds Bent is OK
22 Kidd Heads Committee Planning Annual PGA Seniors Event
22 Nan O'Reilly, Veteran Golf Reporter, is Dead
23 Micro-Organisms of the Soil
26 [Experts in Charge of Growing Fine Turf, in Attendance at Short Course Session at University of Minnesota]
27 Training Caddies: Massachusetts Golf Association has been a Leader in This Important Phase of Club-Employee Relationships
28 [Grange Alves, Sr., Member of the Executive Committee of the PGA, Died]
28 Glass-In 19th Hole
28 Greenkeeping Scrapbook
29 Short Courses Draw Crowds: Educational Conference in East and Mid-West Prepare Greensmen for Season Ahead
33 The A B C of Turf Culture: Factors Controlling Turf Management
36 [Name of the National Association of Greenkeepers has been Changed to the American Greenkeepers' Society, Effective 1938]
36 [Jack Mackie's 20th Year at Inwood CC, How He Got Started]
40 Apparel Pays!
46 Sporting Goods Association Plans to Tighten Credit Policies
46 Philadelphia PGA Committee Will Handle 1937 True Temper Open
48 How's Your Assistant?
52 A Real Sixsome
54 All These Items are Part of Pro Business Costs
56 How Pros get Publicity
60 "I've Taken Over a Fee-Course:" After Eleven Years at a Private Club, Pro Decides There's More Future Working on "His Own"
62 [Golf Ball Price Increase Announced to All Retailers]
62 [Rex Bigelow, Pro at Indian Hills GC, Lansing, MI, Uses Photos to Teach Class]
64 Hartford Holds 9-Course Tourney: Annual Event is Carefully Planned; Always Makes Big Hit with Players and Public
66 Handy Mrs. Andy Helps Dewar on Pro Job at Waseca, Minn.
67 There is a Lot of Work Ahead Improving Caddie Training
68 Here is Classification of Club Ledger Accounts
69 [Canny Veteran Pro to Send Members Inventory of Clubs in Bag]
70 Swimming Pool Data
70 Seed Selection and Buying
80 [John Van Kleek, Golf Architect and Authority, Compiled Statistics of Season-Permit Players]
80 Sawtelle Addition
81 Grass and Greenkeeper at Mercy of Players and Weather 
82 Don McKay Elected Head of Connecticut Greensmen
82 The Fungus and How It Works
83 Clapper Cracks Ribs
83 Golf's Market Place
86 -[U. S. Royal Golf Kit Stirred Interest of Club Officials]
97 Classified Ads
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98 Table of Contents
1937 May
Volume #11, No. 5
1937 June
Volume #11, No. 6
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover: [No. 10 Green at Alderwood CC, Portland, Ore., Scene of National Amateur, August 23-28]
21 Cincinnati Goes Golf-Minded 
23 [New Clubhouse of Cascade Hills CC, Grand Rapids]
24 Michigan Golf Organizations Hold Good-Will Meeting in Detroit
24 Chicago DGA to Push Ticket Campaign for $10,000 Chicago Open
25 The A B C of Turf Culture: Soil as a Medium for Growth and a Source of Plant Food
27 Soil Teems with Life: The Soil, Far from Being Sterile and Lifeless, has Millions of Organisms to the Gram
29 Exchange of Club Information is Profiting Westchester County Clubs
29 Thousands Distributed
30 Spike Idea that Tourneys Ruin Courses
32 CMA Names V-P's
33 Tramway Solves Climb 
34 Twin City Turf Bosses Look into Labor Problem, Suggest Cure
34 Ames PWA Course has Experts Close at Hand
34 Aussie Greensmen Complain
35 "Dear Chairman:" Frequent Letters from Greenkeeper Post His Chairman on All Grounds Developments
36 Midwest Greenkeepers Recommend Course Labor Wage Hike
36 [Pine Lake CC Issues Folder of Reasons to Become a Member]
37 Evens Turf Wear
38 Ohio Greenkeepers Organize State-Wide Body; Boyd Elected as Leader
38 Michigan-Border Cities Greensmen Will Hereafter be Superintendents
42 Are Workers Pro Gold Mine?: Opportunity for Substantial Income Awaits Live-Wire Pro Action
44 At Last! Book on Rules of Golf Available to Settle Arguments
44 Dinner to Corcoran
44 Open Dates in North-West
48 He doesn't Let Business get Bad
54 Tells Golf's Future in Schools
56 Sarazen to Visit Schools
56 Metro. GA Cans Stymie
58 Should Champs Okay Store Clubs?
60 [Sixteenth Green, Green Lakes GC Designed by Robert Trent Jones]
62 Surprise Action Gives Gate to Radix Cup as PGA Trophy
62 Chicago Park District Issues Excellent Caddie Manual
62 New England Golf Salesmen Organize; to Hold Three Tourneys
64 Town Merchants Give Prizes: Here are Two Accounts of How Merchants Support Muny Golf Events
64 Sixty Merchants Cooperate in Orange, Texas, Tourney
68 S. Calif. Pros have Full-Time Manager: Patterson Watches Pro Interests Both Inside and Outside Shops
71 Spalding Jones Booklet Offered Pros for School Pupils
71 Dresses for It and Golfs in Rain to Boost Play, Shop Sales
72 Twilight League is Fixture of Plainfield's Golf Season  
73 Ask for Prospects
74 Keep Within Turf's Tolerance
76 Cinci gets '38 NAGA Meet
77 Booklet Aids Club in Drive for Swimming Pool Funds
77 Lyon-Buckman Book on Soils Will Improve Understanding of Subject
79 Golf's Market Place
89 Classified Ads
90 Table of Contents
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Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover: [Second Hole, Medinah GC, Scene of Chicago $10,000 Open]
15 No Lies Necessary: How Small-Town Club Weathered Good Times and Bad and Today is Everything Its Members Aimed for
17 Albany Newspapers Promote Three-Day Carnival of Golf
17 Wins $20,000 Verdict
18 I Handle the Heart of the Club!: ...and that's Right in the Locker-Room, Which has Bigger 'Play' Than Any Other Club Department
20 Memphis Wants Managers
21 The A B C of Turf Culture: Soil Factors and Their Control
23 If You Must Play on Sand 
25 There are Several in Every Club
27 Foremen or Superintendents?
29 Sixteenth at Cypress Point
31 [Bob Rule Develops Box Score for Golf]
31 [Poster Mailed to Pros to Promote More Play of Golf]
31 Population Increase
31 In at Last!
32 Why Not Annual Greens Awards?
33 No Definite Rule
34 Here's Some More About Ezra: Teachers' College of Golf Badly Needed by Pros
36 Doctors and Quacks: A Test for Golf Instructors
42 I can Take It!: Jersey Pro Welcomes Suggestions and is Proud of His Responsibility in Serving Glen Ridge's Members
44 Jones, Brown Collaborate on Clearly Presented Instruction Book
46 Have Caddies a Case?
50 Salt Tablets Cut Down Golfer Heat Prostration Cases
50 YWCA's are Teaching Spots
52 Full Time or Nothing
54 Death Takes Frank Bradsby, Golf and Sport Goods Makers
54 "Professor" Sarazen is Busy Awarding M. G. Degrees
55 Northeast Wisconsin PGA Organizes Pro-Member Tourneys
55 Collects Historic Clubs
55 All Grass Now
56 Check-Up Lessons on Season Basis Planned at Butterfield
57 [Eddie Conlin's Observations of Pro-Shops]
58 Is Course Fit?: Judgment, Co-Operation and Hard Work Needed
60 Ohio Superintendents Hold Annual Spring Demonstration
60 Outside Contributions Talked for Green Section
60 Forecasts Muny Play in New York Area 125,000 Rounds Over '36 Total
61 Pity the Poor Scots; Annual Fee Raised to $6.80
61 MWGA Spring Party
62 Jack Taylor is Tops
64 Government Literature on Bird Protection is Extensive and Valuable
65 Heart Attack Fatal
66 Mimeographed News Bulletins Cost Little, do Big Publicity Job
67 Winter Rules Bad
67 Golf's Market Place
73 Classified Ads
74 Table of Contents
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1937 July
Volume #11, No. 7
1937 August
Volume #11, No. 8
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover
6 Santa Claus has Lost His Shirt
9 Major Tourneys being Well Run
10 Portland Solicits Old Equipment for Oregon Junior Prizes
10 Von Nida is New Aussie Flash
11 Know Where You Stand!: Exact Greenkeeping Records Solve Many Course Problems
13 [Water Hazard at Arrowhead GC, Chicago District]
14 Three Day "Carnival of Golf" Makes Albany Golf-Minded
15 How Flowers Fit Clubs 
17 The A B C of Turf Culture: Basic Principles of Grass Fertilization
19 [Rendering of Hotel-Resort at Ponte Verde CC, Fla.]
19 Annual Rhode Island Field Day Held May 24
19 Palm Beach Still Favorite
20 Clubs Honoring Vet Workers 
21 Loos Offers Double Pro Service: Hires de la Torre, Competent Instructor, as His Assistant at Lake Shore
22 Ryder Cup Team Given Bon Voyage Dinner
23 PGA Needs, Says Committee, are Bookkeeping, Sales Ideas, Better Buying
28 St. Louis High School Official Lauds Pro School Instructors
28 Glens Falls Open Timed to Attract Big Galleries
28 Three Birdies in a Row
28 Hoare Back in Chicago
30 PGA and Ball-Makers Cited: Federal Trade Commission Charges Price-Fixing and Discrimination in PGA Brand Golf Balls
34 Model By-Laws for League Play 
36 Printers' Tourney Big Affair
37 [Harry Cooper Takes First Prize at True Temper Tournament, June 24-26, at Whitemarsh Valley CC, Philadelphia District]
37 [Unclaimed Prize Money from Indianapolis Tournament Paid by PGA]
37 Hershey Open Dates Fixed
38 Dates Set for Michigan State Greens Short Courses
38 Tells Origin of Washington Strain Bent
39 Uses Peat Moss to Protect Turf from Gallery Damage
40 [N.Y. Greenkeepers' Association Hold Golf Course Equipment Exhibition]
40 [Dr. S.W. Edgecomb Continue Work of V.T. Stoutmeyer with Iowa Greenkeepers]
40 Trade Tournaments for Extra Funds
41 [Pros Play in Chicago DGA's $10,000 Open to Benefit Caddie Welfare]
41 [Farm and Home Week Lawn Day Program at Massachusetts State College]
42 Nice Turnout for N. J. Field Day 
43 Golf's Market Place
49 Classified Ads
50 Table of Contents
50 Advertisers' Index
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover
5 The A B C of Turf Culture: Fertilizer Tests and Trials...Plant Nutritional Requirements
11 I Like Velvet Stolons
14 Huge Tournament Entry Lists This Season Indicate New Boom in Golf
14 Memphis to get Club Managers 1938 Convention, Jan. 18-20
14 Big Coast Dough
15 The Cheapest Part of Golf is Golf
16 More Applesauce About Ezra 
17 How Portage Controls Bar Sales 
18 [Everett Leonard and Jack Taylor Issue Challenge]
18 [Harry Krueger of Evanston CC, Ill., has Largest Wine Selection]
18 [Harry Vardon Leaves Largest Estate of Any Golf Pro]
18 Egan Memorial Ready
19 Portland Players Boost Junior Golf with 400 Club Donations
20 On Our Front Cover - The Never-Miss Putter!
22 Field of 200 Forecast for Women's Missouri Tourney, Aug. 30-Sept. 4
22 Harbert's 268 to Win Michigan Open is Only 28 Under Par. Tsst, Tsst!
22 Walsh Writes Instruction Book
22 Greens Convention Dates Changed
24 Players Deny Ryder Crisis
24 BR-R-R-R!
26 Stop-and-Socks Doing Land-Office Business in Chicago Area
26 Low Seed Prices: Present Buying Opportunity Indicates Extensive Seeding This Fall
28 Shop Radios Should Whisper!
28 [Grand View, Public Course in Des Moines, Ia. has Been Completed]
28 Inter-Company League
30 Jersey Clubs in Best of Health: Survey Reveals Clubs are Hiking Dues and Initiation Fees as Roster Limits are Neared
30 Dyker Beach Golfer Wins $10,000 Verdict for Loss of Eye
32 Don't Force Grass Beyond Its Strength: Advice from Garden City's Greenkeeper
35 What the Makers Say
41 Classified Ads
42 Table of Contents
42 Advertisers' Index
1937 September
Volume #11, No. 9
1937 October
Volume #11, No. 10
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover: [Fourth Green at Memphis CC, Tenn., Scene of Women's National Golf Championship, Oct. 4-9]
5 The A B C of Turf Culture: Practical Aspects of Fertilizer Usage on Fairways, Cemetery Lawns and Parks
11 Keep Open! Club Find It Pays to Extend Season Beyond Labor Day
12 Inter-Club League Boosts Golf Interest at Kansas City
13  Prepare Now Against Snow Mold 
15 They Call It "a Club that has Everything"
16 Suburban CC is Host at August Meeting of N. J. Course Supt's.
17 Chemical Control of Weeds
20 There are Several in Every Club
20 [Detroit District's "Big Day" has Record Entries]
21 Pool Rushed Thru in 74 Days: Just "Talk" in April - Opened in July!
24 Move to Organize Professional Golf League as Florida Resort Attraction
26 Are Private Brands OK?
26 [Revised Edition of PGA Official Record Book Issued]
26 Poke Freeman Dies
28 Keep Your Greensmen: There is Plenty of Work Around a Club to Keep Crew Profitably Busy All Winter
31 Need More A1 Amateurs
33 Schenley Rates Club Managers High as Suppliers of Quality Liquor
33 [Old-Fashioned Trading Trick Catches Dealers]
33 Wood a Picker
34 Golf's Market Place
41 Classified Ads
42 Table of Contents
42 Advertisers' Index
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover
17 Roll Call: ...of the Progress of Golf in 1937 and Its Promise for 1938
21 Better Check Up: Is Your Locker-Room a Sty?
22 Club Workers have Their Day
23 Pros should Inventory Themselves 
24 Pro Skeeters
24 Winter Tourney Dates
25 The A B C of Turf Culture: Fertilization of Greens and Related Practices
27 Plans Well Under Way for February Greens Meet
27 Mass. State Winter School Will Begin January 3
27 February 14-19 Announced as Dates for Rutgers U. Short Course
27 Party Aids Greens Budget
28 The Cost of Fencing: Fence - Best Defense Against Gripes: How Fencing Will Remove Many of Golf's Aggravating Grievances
31 Kansas City Site for NAGA Convention is Aim of H. of A. Assn.
31 Chi Managers Beat Detroit Gang
32 Club Managers Will Invade Memphis for Annual Meeting Jan. 18
32 What Prizes!
32 Bradleys Now Foursome
32 Mid-South Opens Circuit
33 Is Your Accounting Department Mechanized?
35 Put Bend in Your Budget 
36 Pro's Sons Make Big Hit on National Chain Broadcast
36 Spalding's "Uncle Julian" Celebrates Seventy-Ninth Birthday
36 One and Two and...
37 Meet Labor's Needs: House Employees Often have Cause for Complaint, Says Veteran House Manager
40 British Golfers Playing Later; Equipment to Cost More
40 Don Boyd Makes It Two in Row at Ohio Supts. Annual Tourney
41 Late Season Play is Up 
42 Martin Heads Group Planning Golf Center at N.Y. Fair
42 Ohio Greensmen Incorporate to Limit Liability of Group
42 Coast PGA Seeks Facts
42 Traps Bring Pro Cash
43 Aussie Greensmen Debate Diplomas
44 "You Buy from Yourself," Club Tells Members in House Organ
44 Suggests Yardage Markers Show Distance Left to Go
44 [Greenkeepers Complain About Long Spikes on Golf Shoes Tearing up Greens]
44 Seaside Routs Poa
44 Hold Fourth Tourney
45 Lessons by Season Click 
48 Illinois PGA Elects Biggs - Hears Details of Waldron's Club Sale Plan
49 Politics to Stir PGA Meet: ...and Pros Hope It Will Not Crowd Out Real Business Matters
52 Muny Golfers Tell All: Chicago Park Players Interviewed to Determine Operating Policies
53 [Diagram of 330-Yard Dogleg Third Hole Designed by Robert Trent Jones for Course in St. Charles, Ill.]
53 Challenge Accepted
72 Decide on Course Standards: ...and the Problem of Maintenance Budgeting is a Much Simpler Task
74 Krueger Leaves Club
74 Slippers Save Towels
74 Style Shows Boost Luncheon
74 Golf's Market Place 
89 Classified Ads
90 Table of Contents
90 Advertisers' Index