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1939 January
Volume #13, No. 1                  
1939 February
Volume #13, No. 2
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover [16th Hole, Arrowhead Golf Club, Wheaton, Ill.]
9 Turf Unhurt by Winter Sports
11 Late Winter Bird Care
12 Excess Rain is Turf Menace 
14 USGA Announces Green Section Will Issue Monthly Turf Publication
14 Cooke to Head WGA
15 Denver Set for Managers
16 They Keep Busy
17 '38 Pleased USGA, Report Shows 
18 Club Dump-Truck Converted Into Tree-Mover
19 On to Kansas City!: Greensmen Hold Annual Meet Farthest West in History
20 On Bird Sanctuaries
20 Schedule of Tournaments 
21 Short Course News
22 Buffalo Muny Course gets Modern Watering System with WPA Aid
23 Seniors Frolic Again!: Augusta Host to Fifty Pro Oldsters at December Reunion
23 -The Old Guard's Glory
26 Bill Klish Dies
26 Pros Tell How They Plan Their Pre-Season Activities 
30 Arch Reid Slated for Re-Election as USGA President
30 Miami Open Clicks
32 It Takes Zest to be a Small-Town Pro
35 California Caddies' Organization Clicks; Plan Merits Wide Adoption
35 Spalding Exhibition Foursome Concludes Tour; Played to 300,000 Spectators
35 Post Card Stunt
36 Check and Double-Check
37 Jersey Greens Supts. Elect Cale to Head Their Association
37 Ohio State Short Course Draws 76 to Initial Meeting
39 Over the Bar
39 Experts Know This
39 Grau Teams Up
40 It's on the House: [Tips for Club House Managers]
40 Getting Set for Open
41 What's New in Golf
47 Want Ads
48 Table of Contents
48 Advertisers' Index
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover: [9th Tee, Governors Island Golf Club, New York Harbor]
13 "Dear Harry:" Wherein a Membership Chairman Writes a Friend Who is Planning to Resign from the Club, Explaining Why It's Smarter to Stick with the Organization
14 H. H. Ramsay Dies
15 In Birmingham, They have a 12-Month Job
16 [Bargain Price for Husband and Wife]
17 Kansas City Ready for G.S.A. Meet
18 Unicorn gets Its Face Lifted 
19 Emphasis on Food 
20 1939 Seniors Event at Sarasota
21 Seven Short Courses Ahead
22 Ball Markers as Souvenirs Make Hit with Members
22 High School Team Play
23 Golf in New York Harbor 
24 Pierce Made Racing Official
26 Epistle of the Chairman of the Grounds Committee
28 Soil Adaptations of the More Important Turf Grasses
29 Managers Annual Meeting has Fully Planned Program
30 Get on the Air!: No Golf Publicity Excels that a Pro Receives Through Intelligent Use of Local Broadcasting Facilities. An Experienced Sportscaster Tells Pros in This Article What to do and How to Go About It
31 Copy the Docs
34 Hail Assistant if Shop Profits
34 Louisiana Pros Form State Body
34 [Educational Session Attendance for Golf Pros]
35 Tank-Town Pro-ology: Don't Pity the Small-Town Pro. Sound Business Judgment, Plus Psychology, Pays Out for Him as Well as for His Big Brother
42 Gives Clergy Passes 
42 [Pro Gives Girls Free Instruction]
43 Here's Code for Caddie Conduct
44 Cox, Waldron Urge Pensions for Faithful Pros
44 Fee Golfers Offered Special Play Rates by Association
45 Warns of Complications When Greens and Pro Jobs are Combined
46 Course Neglect Persists
50 Maryland's First Short Course Proves Popular 
50 Clemens Named Midwest President
51 Fairways: Today's Problem 
56 Ask Your Greenkeeper
57 Second Annual Greens Meet Held at Purdue
58 It's on the House
59 Members Relay Ball Around Course in 17 1/2 Minutes
59 Farrell Dies
60 What's New
63 Want Ads
64 Table of Contents
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1939 March
Volume #13, No. 3
1939 April
Volume #13, No. 4
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover: [140-yd. Fourth Hole, Ashbourne CC, Elkins Park, Pa. View is from Tree]
15 Clubs All Set for Spring: This Analysis is of Club Conditions in the New York Metropolitan Area, but Applies Equally to the Other Golfing Centers of the U.S. Golf's Future is Bright
16 Midwest Amateur March 31-April 2
17 Twenty Years of Bent
19 It's on the House
20 Greenkeepers Meet - Refute "Forgotten Man" Tag 
24 Muny Play Up 14 Per Cent in 1938
25 Art of Fine Wining and Dining Keynotes CMA Meet 
29 Crashing the Press to Sell the Greenkeeper
29 Carolinas Plan Golf Clinic
30 Fairways: Today's Problem: Part 2
34 Tank-Town Pro-ology 
44 How I Teach Group Golf
44 Caddies Report on Ass'n Health
46 Invents Device to Teach Footwork 
48 Details of a Well Rounded Instruction Program
50 USGA Frowns on Long Spikes
50 Golfers Now Ask: "But can He Teach?"
55 "Golf Week" Proposed for Pros
58 Eager Greensmen Crowd Short Course Sessions
60 Resort Courses Must be in A-1 Shape
60 [Women's Scorecard Reminder]
64 Advises Check-Up on Locker-Room Facilities
65 What's New
71 Want Ads
72 Table of Contents
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Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover
17 Students have Bargain Golf: Students at Louisiana State University Pay a Dime to Play 18-Hole Course with Complete Private Club Facilities
19 Lime's Role in Fine Turf
21 Managers Reviving Epicurism
24 Personal Items Feature Lively Club Magazine
25 Soil and Its Relation to Plant Growth
28 200 Attend Annual Massachusetts Recreational Conference
30 Tank-Town Pro-ology 
34 Driving Range Operators See 1939 Another Good Year
36 School Golf Clicks Here
38 Hal Sharkey Dies
42 Golf Goes on the Air
45 Pro's Work Lauded
46 Check Up - and Hold Your Job
48 Personality, Hard Work Build Up Small-Town Club
50 Company Course Grows Fast 
56 Caddie Problems are Discussed at Meetings
56 [Golf Courses and Country Clubs to Celebrate Father's Day]
58 For Guidance: Ask 'Em
61 Youngstown Increases Open Purse
61 New York Caddies are Under Unemployment Rules
62 40 Years Old
62 Jack Mackie, Jr., is Married
63 It's on the House
63 Carolina Club Clinic Pleases; to be Repeated
64 USGA Museum Growing Rapidly; Golfers Help
65 There is Limit to Greens Duties 
66 Soil Tests are Easy and Informative 
68 72 Attend Annual Meeting of Connecticut Greenkeepers
69 What's New
79 Want Ads
80 Table of Contents
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1939 May
Volume #13, No. 5
1939 June
Volume #13, No. 6
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover
15 In the Doldrums?: This Article is Crammed Full of Tips Telling How to get Out of the Doldrums, if You're in, and How Not to get into Them, if You're Out
17 G.S.A Educational Conference Will Aid Eastern Greensmen
18 $100,000 Clubhouse for New Orleans
20 Golf Association Watch Junior Results in Chicago District
20 200 at Midwest Greenkeepers' Party
21 Identify -- Then get Busy
24 Manufacturers Take Over Course at Ohio Equipment Show
25 Glen Oak gets Model Pool
26 "Practical Lawn Crafts" is Outstanding Turf Text Book
28 Raise $28,000 in Ten Weeks for Retired Managers' Home
28 St. John Promises 'Plenty to do' at Canadian Open
30 Promotion Co-Op Aids Pros: Pros Who Criticize Free Class Lessons should Investigate Successful Results of 'Missionary Work' in Other Professions
34 School Golf Grows at Paterson
36 Golf Week is Success in First Year of Plan
36 Pros Compete for Team Award
36 [Arnold F. Firle, Manager of the Golf Bag Division of Canvas Products Corp., Fond du Lac, Wis., was Married to Miss Meta Stoecker at Fond du Lac, on Saturday, May 6th]
38 Denver is Golf Minded! 
40 Hillcrest CC Solves Used Golf Ball Problem
40 Golf Clinic Shows Value of Coaches' School for Pros
46 PROmotion Supplies Three Additional Helps to Pros 
48 Davenport Pros Move Golf Headquarters into Theater Lobby
48 Teach Kids About Clubs
50 Group Teaching Methods I have Found Successful
50 This Book is a "Must"
52 Smith and Thomson Made Associate Directors of A.G.I.
52 It's on the House
54 Pupil's Physique and Temperament Determine Swing He Must have
56 Pro Must Consider Teaching an Art
56 Utah $1,000 Open is June 16-18
57 He Likes Time-Payment Plan
58 Training Course for Women Means Added Pro Sales
58 Pro Plan Provides Members with Tees for $1 a Year
59 Should Pros be Sent to School?
61 WPA Offers Cut-Rate Instruction
62 Rains Hit Greenkeeper Hardest
63 Iowa Greenkeepers Told of New Putting Turf
64 Artificial Watering Benefits are Many
66 Now is the Time for Greensmen to get Needed Publicity
67 200 Attend New England PGA Annual Dinner
68 What's New
71 Want Ads
72 Table of Contents
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Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover: [Aerial View of Clubhouse, Pomonok CC, Flushing, L. I., Scene of PGA Championship, July 9-15]
11 Wakonda - Des Moines' Pride: While Far from Being One of the Older Clubs of the State, Wakonda has Risen in the Last Few Years to be Classed One of the Nation's Outstanding Clubs
14 What Plant Tissue Tests Tell
17 Test New Par Rating: New USGA Ruling, Toughening Par on Course Where National Open is to be Played, gets Initial Test at Philadelphia CC
18 Remodeling Job at Skokie Helps Club Many Ways
19 "If I were Green-Chairman" 
21 Carolinas Boost Junior Golf 
23 Appreciation of Depreciation
24 It's on the House
26 Illinois Golf Clinic Clicks
28 [Father's Day Dinner Billed to the Wives]
28 Fred Crawford has Accident
30 Pro Job Demands Business Methods 
32 G. P. A. Organized to Smooth Pro-Salesman Relations
34 Golf is Tops at Wentworth 
38 Fee Courses Offered Window Display Cards
40 Statement, Attributed to PGA Head, that Equipment is too Costly, Denied
42 Letter to Members Helps Pro Income
42 Golf Clubs Take Up Fight on Gamblers
44 Tell Me, Mr. Maker
46 Nine Former PGA Champions Exempt From Qualifying 
47 Officials Predict Greatest Canadian Open in 1939
48 Pro-Developed Junior Stars Advertise Pro's Teaching 
48 300 Attend Ohio GCSA Equipment Demonstration
49 Iowa Greenkeepers June Meeting at Des Moines G&CC
50 What's New 
55 Want Ads
56 Table of Contents
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1939 July
Volume #13, No. 7
1939 August
Volume #13, No. 8
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover: [Clubhouse, North Shore CC, Chicago District, Scene of National Amateur Championship, Sept. 11-16]
7 Jap Beetles Doomed!: The Complete Elimination of the Turf-Destroying Japanese Beetle is Now in Sight, is the Welcome News from the U.S. Experiment Station at Moorestown, N.J.
9 $1,000,000 Course for Cleveland
10 Better Service Booms Small Club Income
11 Cater to Family - It Pays: Serving the Membership in Several Types of Sport, and in All Seasons, would Solve Financial Problems of Many Clubs Which are Now Finding It Hard to Meet Obligations
12 It's on the House
13 '39 Open Runs Smoothly 
14 USGA Issues Lightning Warning to Clubs
14 Books Give Golf's Mental Side, Fundamentals
15 Questionnaire Tells Clubs' Policies 
16 "If I Were a Club President"
17 New Oak Park Lounge Proves Money-Maker
18 Catastrophe Works to Club's Benefit 
19 Clubs do Grand Job on Holiday Publicity
19 200 Greensmen Attend Eastern Conference 
19 [Greenkeepers and Other Turf Managers are Invited to Amherst, Mass., for the All-Day Program on Lawn Culture]
20 The Pro Examines His Business [Part One]
24 J. W. Sproul Named US Golf Ball Sales Mgr.
26 Selling Taught Me to Sell
30 C. R. Riley, Steel Shaft Pioneer, Dies at Age 64
31 Practice Ranges Provide Big Field for Pro Services 
32 Pro Golf Mourns Alves' Death
33 Left-Handers Meet Aug. 14-17 for Annual Tourney
33 Midlothian to Honor Hagen's 1914 Open Win
34 Green Section Plans National Tournament at Clubs
34 Wisconsin Greenkeepers Name Rolfs '39 President
34 Raritan Velvet Seen as Ideal Putting Turf
35 64 Attend June Meeting of Iowa Greenkeepers
35 What's New
39 Want Ads
40 Table of Contents
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Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover: [A Bluff Above the Frothy-Blue Waters of Lake Calhoun is Minneapolis' Famed Minikahda Club]
7 "Munys" Boost Golf: Besides Adding Thousands of Players to the Game Each Year, the Muny Courses Kept Many Other Thousands Playing Golf Right Through the Worst of the Depression
9 Are Weeds Your Trouble?
12 Club's Drastic Treatment Brings Weedless Fairway
12 $25,000 Prize Money for California Tournaments
13 Golf Divots.....
14 Managers Doing Great Job Increasing Summer Patronage 
16 Cooperation Must be Keynote Between Buyer-Seller
16 1-Stroke, 1-Hole, 1-Ball - Twice
16 Golf Salesmen's Tourney on Aug. 14
17 "Reds" Makes Them Happy 
18 It's on the House
20 How About Golf's Public?: PGA Internal Wrangles Come to Climax at Pomonok - Pro's Good-Will in Danger
22 Advocate Elimination of Sand Traps
24 The Pro Examines His Business: [Part Two]
28 Tom McNamara, Veteran Pro, Dies at Age 57
30 Midlothian Honors 'Haig' by Silver Jubilee Tourney
30 Success of British Event is Tip-Off for U.S. Pros
30 Suggests Spring Exhibitions to Advertise Pro Services
31 Pros' Putters May Explain Fewer Putter Sales
32 Greenkeeping Cuttings....
33 Union County, N.J., Nominated as Top Golfing Center
34 Green-Chairmen: Know Your Job
35 Club Membership Value Seen by Golf Students' Parents
36 Iowa Greenkeepers Inspect Omaha's Courses
36 What's New
39 Want Ads
40 Table of Contents
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1939 September
Volume #13, No. 9
1939 October
Volume #13, No. 10
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover
7 They "Planned It This Way": Modernization and Improvement Program at Small Iowa Club Brings in New Members and Makes Possible a Year-Round Program for Every Member of the Family
10 Wisc. Greenkeepers Meet at Madison
10 Green Section Sponsors Meet at Arlington Plots
11 The "Green" Chairman Steps in
13 GSA Tourney at Beverly CC, Oct. 2
13 Successful Party has Something to Offer Each Member
14 Caddie Awarded Lifetime Compensation
15 Golf Divots.....
16 Greenkeepers Honor John Morley on His 73rd Birthday
16 Massachusetts Greensmen Hold Outing
17 Don't Neglect Tree Maintenance 
19 Pros - Look to the Future 
24 Death of E. C. Conlin is Real Loss to Golf Industry
26 $10 Buys a Year of Lessons
29 133 Shoot for Prizes at Golf Peddlers Tourney
30 Course Operators Queried on Reducing Fees for Students
30 Colorado Golfers Plan Open Tourney
30 Golf Salesmen's Assn. to Hold Annual Tourney, Sept. 18
31 It's on the House
32 N. E. Greenkeepers Test Bents on Green at Ponkapoag GC
33 Check Up Before Checking Out 
34 Test Green Planned to Benefit Iowa Greenkeepers
35 What's New
39 Want Ads
40 Table of Contents
40 Advertisers' Index
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover
13 War and Golf: Prolonged European Conflict Will Cause Scarcity of Some Course Products, but We are in Better Position Than in 1914
14 200 Greensmen at Arlington Meet; May Enlarge Event
14 Los Angeles Open is First of California Tourneys
15 If You Need Members...: ...Here is a Collection of Tested Membership Campaigns That Work. Pick Out the Ideas that Appeal to You, Combine Them into a Well-Rounded Program, and be All Set to Sell Before Next Season Starts
17 Have You Seen Him?
18 Water According to Turf's Needs
20 Here are Short Course Dates
20 200 Attend Turf Field Day
21 Ekwanok in New Clubhouse 
22 Check These 32 Winter Greens Duties
24 G.S.A. Studies Greenkeepers' Fitness
25 Divots of the Month
26 Year's Equipment Business Good, Supply Dealers Say
26 [Pro Devises Starting Sheet for Accurate Picture of Playing Conditions]
27 Skating Rink Care
28 St. Joe Schools Strong for Golf 
29 Wisconsin Greensmen Hold Annual Tourney
30 50 Ways to Boost Pro-Shop Profits
40 Inside Golf
42 Racine's Clubhouse is Gold Mine 
44 Heavy Promotion of High School Golf to Start Soon
44 It's on the House
46 Pro Gives Tips to Live Assistants
46 N. California Salesmen Hosts in Annual Tourney
48 Seeding Winter Greens 
50 Iowa Greenkeepers Inspect Des Moines' Courses
52 200 Attend New Jersey Turf Field Day
52 GSA Annual Show Rounding into Shape
53 Let's Look at Things in the Light of Existing Facts
54 What's New in Golf for 1940
63 Want Ads
64 Table of Contents
64 Advertisers' Index