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1941 January
Volume #15, No. 1                  
1941 February
Volume #15, No. 2
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover: [Part of Gallery at Recent Miami (Fla.) $10,000 Open Golf Tournament]
4 Timely Turf Tips: Some Aspects of Research in Greenkeeping
4 Golf Divots of the Month
9 Golf Due to Grow in '41: Defense Act is Sure to Spur Golf Nationally, but Clubs Will Face Several Unusual Operating Problems, too
11 Skating, Skiing do Not Harm Turf 
12 Here are Turf Short-Course Dates
13 USGA to Re-Elect 1940 Officers
13 Double Tees Lend Variety to Nine-Hole Course
14 GSA's Indianapolis Rally Goes Over in Big Way
14 Phoenix, Denver Awarded Top WGA Tourneys
14 Nathan Ayers is Sedgefield President
15 Detroit Awaits Annual Turf Show: Book-Cadillac Will be Headquarters for Superintendents' Four-Day Meet
16 [Chicago is to have Two Open Tournaments in 1940]
16 Keiser Shoots 60 at Portage
17 Floodlighting Pays!
18 Managers Key for '41 Meeting in Buffalo
18 USGA Rules Ex-Champions can Skip Open Qualifying
18 Recreation Bill Awaits Study
19 Pros Report Smooth Progress in '40: Quiet 24th Conclave Displays Notable Teamwork and Unity in PGA Activities
19 PGA 1941 Officers
22 Boys' Camp Solves Wheeling's Caddie Problem 
26 Sarasota Again is Scene of PGA Seniors Event
26 Proposes Fee Courses Issue Rain Checks
27 Test Women's Golf Clinics: MacGregor Sends Glynn to Work with Club Pros on Special Drive for Women's Business
28 USGA Clarifies Iron Club Face Marking Limits 
30 Plandome Reports Healthy Year 
30 Metz' New Instruction Book Heavy on Picture Treatment
31 Census Reveals Golf Leads Other Sports 
31 Newsletter Editor Retires
32 If You Want to Know About Kiernan, Here's the Low-Down
34 What's New
39 Want Ads
40 Table of Contents
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Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover: [Presidio GC, Scene of 1941 San Francisco Match Play Open Tournament]
6 Golf Divots of the Month
10 Timely Turf Tips: Why Organics?
15 Amateurs, Beware!: Golf Solons, at Annual Meeting, Clarify Amateur Code and Warn Simon-Pures to Obey the Spirit of Amateurism, or Take the Consequences
17 Adult Games are Key to Locust Hill's Success in Pulling Winter Attendance
20 Superintendents '41 Meeting is Now Under Way in Detroit: Four Days of Well-Planned Activity, Plus Forecasts of a Record-Breaking Attendance, Augur Well for an Outstanding Fifteenth Annual Meeting
22 90-Day Event Aids Handicapper: This Event gets Members to Turn in Their Best Scores
22 Urges Lengthening of Season
23 Sodium Arsenite Gave Us a 98% Crab Grass Kill
24 Short Course Data: Supplementing More Complete Information Published in Our January Issue
24 -Purdue Short Course on Feb. 25-26
24 -Greenkeepers at Iowa Mar. 4-5
24 -Minnesota Short Course Details
25 Maintenance and the Rules: What the Greens Department should Know About the Rules of Golf
27 [Clubhouse of the Fairview GC at Keokuk, IA.]
27 Casual Notes from Golf Monthly of Edinburgh and London
27 How I Topdress Greens
28 Champ of Champ Event Lengthens Miskell's Season
28 N.J. Caddie Supt's are Organized for Service
29 How to Hold an Open: Any Club can Organize an Open Tourney, but It Takes Hard Work to Put It Over
31 Weekly Pro-Amateur is Popular in Indiana
31 Philly District Reelects Officers
34 Echo Lake Prospers 
38 Public Play is Booming
38 Jack Burke's 142 Wins PGA Seniors Event
39 Pro Builds Ideal Shop Display Case 
40 Hogan's 62 Not All-Time Low
40 Hoare Advises Pros to Recognize the Boss
41 Pro Urges Golf be Kept Easy to Play
41 Tennessee Pro Urges Women's Publinx Event
41 M'Donald Gives Class Series to Memphis Pros
42 Death of Meister is Blow to Aurora Golfers
42 Clarence Hackney Dies
44 Greensmen Tell '41 Outlook: Prominent Greenkeepers Offer Forecasts on Trends to be Expected in Season Ahead
47 Managers Announce Program
47 Bulletin Advises Early Ordering
48 Golf Law of 1940 
51 Midwest GA Plans Turf Meet at U. of C.
52 Course Labor Likely to be 1941 Headache
54 How to Pick a Greenkeeper 
56 New Orleans All Set for Its Annual Open
57 Explanation of Hartford's Unique Tourney Available
58 Oak Park Uses Gasoline in Fairway Weed Fight
58 Norfolk Course has Generous Rebate Policy
59 Sea Island Schedules Novel Tourney Events
59 Golf Architect Invents Rotary Golf Layout
59 Tom (Jr.) Continuing McNamara Name in Golf
60 What's New
63 Want Ads
64 Table of Contents
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1941 March
Volume #15, No. 3
1941 April
Volume #15, No. 4
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover: [Thirteenth Green, Scarlet Course, Ohio State University Golf Course]
2 Highlights of 15th G. S. A. Conference 
10 Timely Turf Tips: Why Milorganite?
19 Is the Golf Picture Due for a "Retake": What the 'New Order' in Club Operation Will be, is not Definitely Known, but It's Certain to Include More Emphasis on Better Golf Business Management
21 Who is a Pro?: USGA Clarifies the Heretofore Somewhat Clouded Concept of an 'Amateur'
23 "Meet the Mitchells:" New England's Mitchell Family does a Grand Job of Tending 99 Holes of Golf
25 $10,000 and One Year Builds a Success Story: What Happened in Marshall, Minn., Sounds More Like a Rub from Aladdin's Lamp, but Read How It was Done
26 800 at GSA Meeting: Convention Elects Harold Stodola, Ed Cale and Gus Brandon to Lead Superintendents in Season Ahead
30 Opening Kitchen to Members Makes Hit at New Year's Party
30 Mrs. Radway Succumbs
31 Planks in My Platform 
36 Junior C. of C. Backs PGA Event at Denver
37 A New Teaching Plan for More & Better Golf: Attracting More People to Learn - Payment for Results - Two Features of Revolutionary Teaching Proposal
42 Purdue Clinic Dates are April 8-10
44 The First Twenty Years 
56 How to Fight Weeds 
62 Sherwood Heads PGA Seniors
64 Maintenance and the Rules
66 Short Course Calendar
67 Buffalo Ready for Managers' Convention
67 Purdue Short Course Draws 80 Turfmen
68 Sarazen Syndicate Takes Over Mount Vernon CC
68 Heart Attack Fatal to Elmer Biggs, Peoria Pro
68 Alex Law Suicide Laid to Auto Mishap
68 46 Attend Denver Conference
69 Stag Parties Help Winter Lull
70 What's New
74 Want Ads
80 Table of Contents
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Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover
2 Flashes from the Firing Line
21 What's Ahead?: 1941 Demands Astute Planning in All Operating Departments
23 Variety Makes IBM Club Hum
25 Four Greens Courses Draw 350 Turfmen
27 Taxes, Teamwork, Costs - Managers' Major Problems
29 Second Annual Indemnity Tourney Set for June 14
30 Golf Clinic for High School Golfers is Big Success 
30 Second Annual Golf Clinic at U. of Baltimore in April
30 Mark G. Harris, Author and Putting Expert, Dies
34 Business Methods for the Pro-Shop
39 Samuel Harlow Dies
42 What Price Sand?
50 Extra Pro Service Means Extra $$$: Anticipate the Member's Every Need, Serve His Every Want, and You'll Find Extra Profits Coming Your Way
52 [Greensmen Inspecting the Exhibit of Golf Course Upkeep Materials Collected by Connecticut Assn. of Golf Course Supts.]
54 Bulletin Describes Successful N. O. Golf Promotion
54 Plans Completed for Second Minnesota Pro Golf Clinic
56 Jacksonville Organizes Business Men
58 How to Combat Insect Pests 
60 [Billboard Campaign from Kansas City Fee Course Operators]
65 Golf Heads MSC Meeting
67 'Bud' Foerster, Veteran Manager, Dies
68 Driving Range Helps Lesson Income
69 K. F. Jacobsen, Mower Company Founder, Dies
69 Limited Area Course Under Construction in D.C. District
69 Managers Protest Illinois Wages and Hours Law
70 J. Victor East Joins Wilson's Staff
70 'Scotty' Martin Succumbs
70 What's New
76 Want Ads
80 Table of Contents
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1941 May
Volume #15, No. 5
1941 June
Volume #15, No. 6
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover: [Seventh Green, Colonial Club, Fort Worth, Scene of National Open, June 5-7]
2 Golf Dots and Dashes 
10 Timely Turf Tips: Hairy Chinch Bug
15 If This be Arson…Then Let's Make the Most of It!: A Fire Like the One Baltusrol had - the Burning of Its $187,000 Mortgage - is Something to Talk About - and Baltusrol Talks!
17 How to Combat Insect Pests 
18 [Greensmen Who Attended the Rutgers University (New Brunswick, N. J.) 13th Annual One-Week Course in Turf Management, Held Feb. 17-21]
20 Interesting Golf Program Peps Up Players
20 Health Through Golf is Cards' Theme
21 Is Your Pool a Problem?: Then Read How Many 'Swimming Pool Headaches' can be Eliminated by Applying a Satisfactory Finish
22 Empire Day Tourney to Help Embattled Britons
24 Club Rental Plan Booms Play
26 Neat Appearance Essential in Selling, Booklet Reminds
26 A. Victor Eaton Dies
27 Pro Clinics Prove Their Value: Purdue, Minnesota and U. of Baltimore Present Second Annual Golf Clinics to Enthusiastic Audiences
40 Perfect Teamwork Here
42 Be a Pro in a Professional Manner
44 Golf Demonstrations Arranged for Baltimore High Schools
46 What About the Employer? 
48 [Iowa Open to be in South Dakota, June 21-22]
50 No Fourth Term 
55 Milwaukee Junior Golf League is Model
56 Increase Mahoning Open Prize Money to $5,000
57 Letter Reminds Members What Pro is Up Against 
62 [Wm. Mackie Died April 18 at Nassau Hospital]
63 The Greenkeeper is a Lady!
67 Explains Veteran Pros' Success Due to Keeping 'Young'
67 [Michigan PGA in Its Open and Pro-Amateur Tournaments Last Year Played 1,359 Rounds]
68 What's New 
71 Want Ads
72 Table of Contents
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Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover: [Fifteenth Green, Cherry Hills Club, Denver, Scene of National PGA, July 7-13]
2 Golf Dots and Dashes 
3 Timely Turf Tips: Light Summer Feeding Benefits Poa annua Fairways
9 Why Central Control Brings Efficiency in Management
11 USGA to Limit Ball Distance 
13 New Bermuda Strains for South 
14 [Tea Rally Given for Sponsors of the One Day National Handicap Golf Tournament Sponsored by British War Relief Society, Inc.]
15 Steel District's Industrial League Tourney is Major Amateur Event
16 Charley Erickson, Minikahda Greenkeeper 42 Years, Dies
16 "Uncle Ed" Kelly Dies
16 Booklet Gives Valuable Tips on Women's Activities
17 Machinery Maintenance 
19 Southwest Promotions Increase Golf Play: Unprecedented Move Offers Free Golf for Open Visitors
20 Ball Sales to Help Finance Evans Caddie Scholarships
20 Misconception that Pros are Mercenary Must be Corrected
20 Iowa Greenkeepers Meet at ISC
22 Open Display Replacing Showcases
26 Playing Tips to Beginners Build Future Pro Income
26 Marzolf Practice Device Helpful in Teaching Swing 
28 Fundamentals of My Teaching Policy
30 New Golfers' Day - An Idea for the Promotion of Golf
32 Educational Conference at Denver
33 Midland Hills' Women Members Keep Club Humming with Activities
34 Letter Reminds Members When Spikes are Worn
36 Letter Tells What's doing Out Iowa Way
37 For Variety, Try a Horse Race Tournament
40 Here's Hot Weather Tip: Use Salt Tablets
40 St. Louis Junior Golf Clinic Goes Over Big
42 Says Pro Trend is Toward Broader Status
44 Paying Bets in Balls Will Boost Shop Sales
44 What's New
45 [George L. Clatty at His Driving Range in Mt. Lebanon, (Pittsburg, Pa., Suburb) Which was One of the Earlier Successful Ranges]
47 Want Ads
48 Table of Contents
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1941 July
Volume #15, No. 7
1941 August
Volume #15, No. 8
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover: [Keller Golf Course, Scene of St. Paul $7,500 Open, July 25-27]
1 Golf Dots and Dashes 
7 Pushing Public Play
9 Southwest's Open Handling Presages More Major Tourneys for Section
10 [Greens Crew at Richmond GC, Walking Ahead of Mower Removing Shell Fragments]
11 ["Alert" has Been Sounded and These Two English Golfers Waste No Time Taking to the Shelter on the Course of the Richmond (Surry) GC]
12 New Greens - Heavy Play - Drought - Clover - But We Licked 'Em All
13 Cheers Golf Widowers
14 Table Shows Quantity of Water in a Given Rainfall 
14 Open New Courses for Employees
14 700 Dozen Balls Stolen
15 Service-to-Customer Program Pays Big!
18 A. E. Penfold, Pioneer Ball Manufacturer, Victim of Sea Attack
19 A Real Merchandiser - That's Heinie
24 [One of the Golf Instruction Classes at Riverside Military Academy, Gainesville, Ga.]
24 Chicago Officials Hold Annual Club Relations Day
26 Soil Germs - Their Role in Composts and Special Fertilizers
29 Timely Turf Tips: White Grub Control
32 Hoare Takes in Open from Wheel-Chair
32 Ryder Cup Squad to Play Jones' Challenge Team
33 Connecticut Superintendents Tour Three Courses 
36 Want Ads
38 Second Annual Remote Control Tourney Tops 1940 Entry
38 What's New 
40 Table of Contents
40 Advertisers' Index
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover: [18th Green at Chicago's Tam O' Shanter CC, Site of $11,000 Tam O'Shanter Open to be Held Sept. 4-7]
2 Golf Dots and Dashes 
7 Timely Turf Tips: Ohio Tests Boost Organic Nitrogen
9 Backstage at the P.G.A.: Cherry Hills Club and Denver Again Perform 100% in Presentation of Major National Tourney
11 Minikahda  Humors 'Em into Line
13 What I've Learned About Crested Wheat Grass
14 'Craig Wood' Title of New Screen Short
14 Suggests Caddies Aid in Weed Removal
15 Functions of the Microbial Population
MS1 Managers' Section
MS1 -More Managerial Headaches
MS2 -Manager's 'Beat' is Best News Source
MS3 -Committee Welcomes New Members: Atlanta's Glad-Hand Committee has Job of Establishing New Members as Active, Satisfied Patrons of the Organization
MS3 -Locker-Room Affects Play Volume
MS5 -Be Systematic About Publicity
MS6 -Accident Reminds of Necessity for Fireworks Safety Measures
MS6 -Blue Hills' Signs Reflect Friendliness of Club
MS7 -Committee Studies CMA By-Laws Changes
MS7 -Pueblo Club Convicted, Fined on Gambling Charge
MS7 -Local 'Color:' Three Examples of Clubhouses that Fit into the Local Tradition and Scenery
MS8 -Organization of Divot Diggers Solves Tough Problem
MS8 -Hauser-Nufer Nuptials
18 Rocky Mountain Greensmen Organize: Haines Named to Head New Association Formed at Recent District Turf Meeting
19 O'Hara's 1941 Caddie Instructions
22 Whether This Golfer does Dishes Depends on Pryor
22 Tam O'Shanter Club Prepares for $11,000 Event
23 What a Starter Should Know
23 Display of Cheaper Balls Boosts Clark's Profits
24 Horter McVeigh Fatally Injured in Auto Accident
26 If You're Planning New Greens - Then Read This Timely, Important Article on Green Building
28 Repairing a Water System Storehouse 
29 Famous Midwick CC Sold for $178,000
30 Denver Awarded 1942 Public Links Tournament
31 Simply-Made Rain Gauge is Useful Gadget 
31 Trim Hedges as Safety Measure
32 Annual Arlington Turf Meeting to be Held Sept. 22-23
32 Marty Walsh is Bridegroom
33 Circular does Deft Job of Boosting Club
33 Kid Classes are One of Lucey's Important Duties
33 St. Louis Installs Golf Club Rental Plan
33 Peddlers Hold Third Tourney
36 Heat, Humidity Make 1941 Hard on Turf in Midwest
36 Jacobus Named Business Official
36 Neat Signs Lessen Complaints
37 What's New
39 Want Ads
40 Table of Contents
40 Advertisers' Index
1941 September
Volume #15, No. 9
1941 October
Volume #15, No. 10
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover 
1 Golf Dots and Dashes 
5 Timely Turf Tips: Nitrogen Level for Bent Greens...
7 Good Man-agement Prime Club Salvation Factor: - But too Many Clubs Learn Necessity for Sound Business Management Only When Time to Remedy the Situation has Almost Passed
9 Give the Duffer a Break
9 Women get Golf Schooling
10 Course Work News Reel
10 -[1 - Sprayer with Home-Made Boom. Used at Toronto GC for First Large Scale Spraying of Fairways]
10 -[1-A - Wide Reach and Easy Handling of Boom Cuts Cost of Fairway Spray Treatment]
10 -[2 - Comb Made from Discarded Belt of Royer Compost Machine; Used to Remove a Stringy Bent Runners from Green]
10 -[2A - Comb in Operation]
10 -[3 - Grubs of May and June Beetles Damaged Considerable Fairway Turf of Midwest Courses]
10 -[3A - Close up Showing Grubs Underneath Destroyed Turf Which has been Removed. Grub Infested Areas Usually are Soft Underfoot]
11 -[4 - Home-Made Tee Bench and Waste Basket at the Capilano GC, Vancouver, B. C.]
11 -[4A - Stump of a Giant Tree is Used in Providing an Unique Shelter at the Capliano GC]
11 -[5 - Calcium Chloride Washed Off Parking Lot by Heavy Rain Burned This Grass Area]
11 -[6-Clover Control Test Plot at North Shore CC (Milwaukee District)]
11 -[7 - Rough at Sunset Ridge CC (Chicago District) After Dandelion Control]
11 -[8 - Emil Picha, Supt. at Midland Hills CC, St. Paul, Minn., Made This Spreader with a Used Cyclone Spreader as the Chief Element]
11 -[9-This Sundial at the Royal Montreal GC is a Memorial to Charles Murray, for Many Years the Clubs Professional]
11 -[10 - Periscope on a Blind Hole at Spokane, Wash., Municipal Course]
14 Pro's Job is Changing - But Greater Earnings Loom!
15 [Practice Tees at the Southwest's Airport Fairways, in Albuquerque, N. Mex.]
18 Statistics Released on World's Largest Golf Tourney
19 What About Golf and Defense?: Labor has been Chief Difficulty Till Now, but Threatened Petroleum Rationing in East Will Curtail Fall Play and Winter Programs
20 How We Licked Our Weed Problem 
20 Increase Golf Play!
23 Don't Forget Arlington Meeting on Sept. 22-23
23 Bill Aids Retailers
24 Late Season Play Push Pays Dividends
24 Defense Bonds and Stamps Information
25 Golf Munitions Wanted
25 Want Ads
26 USGA Seeks New Member Clubs
26 Four Thousand See Annual K. C. Pro-Am Matches
27 Bag Rack that Saves Room Helps Pro
27 [Charley Duncan Veteran Pro at the Jasper National Park Course in the Canadian Rockies, Shows Ivan Dmitri, One of Jaspers Unique Tee Markers]
28 Nelson Again Wins Peddlers' Pro Title
28 Pro Instruction Sessions Make Texas Amateurs Hot
32 Table of Contents
32 Advertisers' Index
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover
2 Golf Dots and Dashes
11 Greensmen Face Tough Test Again in '42: Greenkeepers Prepare for Worse Conditions, but Hope for Better as Plans are Laid for Next Year
13 Winter Sports Program Holds Members - Builds Club Interest
14 Annual MSC School for Greenkeepers to Begin Jan. 5
15 Pro Income is Up, but '42 Outlook Demands Wise Planning Now: 1941 is Probably Last of 'Normal' Years for Some Time. Pro Prospects for Next Season to Depend Much on Pro's Own Initiative
17 Judges Study Heddon Pro Questionnaire Replies
17 USGA Lightning Ruling
17 [4th Annual GSA Tournament, Played at Midland Hills CC, St. Paul, Sept. 16]
18 Course Work News Reel
18 -[1 - Riding Fairway of Plantain with Sodium Arsenite Dry Method (Milarsenite), in Philadelphia District]
18 -[2 - Home-Made Brush Harrow, in Use at Waterbury, Conn., Municipal Course]
18 -[3 - Localized Drying Along Edge of Green - Aggravated by Tree Roots. Deep Forking, Followed by Drenching with Water, Needed]
18 -[4 - Discolored Bent from Close Cutting in Hot Weather. This Course Enlarged Greens Putting Surface, by Closer Cutting of Adjoining Apron, at Wrong Season]
18 -[5 - Skunks Disfigure Turf in Search for Grubs]
18 -[6 - Closeup of Injured Fairway Turf at New England Club Showing May Beetle Grubs]
19 -[7 - Improvised Marker for Spreader Used to Apply Sodium Arsenite by Dry Method, Side View]
19 -[7-A - Disc Seeder Marks-Reseeded Fairway After Killing Clover and Weeds (at Arcola). Note Rolled Strip Along Right Side]
19 -[7-B - Seeding After Killing Clover and Weeds with Sodium Arsenite by Dry Method (Arcola)]
19 -[7-C - Seeding Apron in Front of Green, After Killing Clover and Weeds (Arcola)]
19 -[7-D - Rolling Cross-Disc Seeded Fairway - After Sodium Arsenite by Dry Method to Kill Clover and Weeds (Arcola)]
19 -[8 - Way and McLaren at Canterbury Converted Steel Wheels to Rubber. Using Regular Agricultural Rim and Tire, They Cut Spokes and Steel Rim of Old Wheels to Fit]
19 -[9 - Unique Home-Made Lamp Post - from Pine Log, in White Mountains, N. H.]
20 Dripping Dollars 
21 Preventing Winter Kill on Greens
23 Everybody but Salesmen Play in Salesmen's Event
23 Annual Turf Field Day Held at N. J. Station
23 PGA to Name Cup Team
26 Walsh Steps Down: PGA, Richly Benefited by Constructive, Trouble-Free Terms of Tom Walsh, to Elect New Head at Annual Meeting, November 10-13, in Chicago
27 Smart Promotion Makes Tournament Pay
27 ["Golfer, Ahoy!" Shouts This First-Class Yeoman as He Tees Off, Abandoning the Familiar "Fore!"]
30 Hawaii's New Hanakekua Course is Beauty Spot
31 Putting Course Tournaments Show Profit 
32 Carts for Caddie Shortage 
34 "Winter Greens" Seeding Methods
36 1500 'Member' Photos
38 Build New Caddie Houses: Two New Caddie Houses to Provide Shelter and Leisure Facilities for More Than 500 Caddies
39 Robbers Slay Mrs. Fred Miley and Daughter, Marion
40 What to do About the Weather 
41 Solicit Members Early for Xmas Gift Business
43 Greensmen Meet at Arlington Last Time; Plots to Beltsville
43 Timely Turf Tips: Milarsenite
44 What a Job!
45 What's New in Golf for 1942
52 -Comprehensive Soil Test Service Offered Greenkeepers
55 Want Ads
56 Table of Contents
56 Advertisers' Index