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1942 January
Volume #16, No. 1                  
1942 February
Volume #16, No. 2
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover: [Hillcrest CC, Los Angeles, Scene of L. A. $10,000 Open, Jan. 9-12]
2 Golf Dots...and Dashes---
7 War: Golf Sets Itself to Serve
11 Golf's War-Time Values as Seen by Manufacturers
12 [President Maniel Avila Comacho of Mexico has a 6-Hole Course at His Home at Cuernavaco]
13 What Happened in Golf in 1917-18?: Pros Recall War-Time Golf
13 -Pros Recall War-Time Golf
15 -What Managers Say
19 -Greenkeepers' Opinion
21 717 Schools Participate in 1941 Scholastic Tournaments
22 GSA Completes Convention Plans
24 1942 Short Course Calendar
26 USGA, Western GA Revise Requirements for Membership
28 What's New
31 Want Ads
32 Table of Contents
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0 Cover
2 Golf Dots...and Dashes---
9 The Fit Shall Survive: Department Head Harmony, More Foresight Than Ever Before, are Urgent Necessities for Existence of Golf Clubs in War-Time
11 USGA Outlines War Program
12 Questionnaire Reveals Golf's Plans for War Service
13 Maintenance in War-Time is Theme of Greenkeepers' 16th Annual Conference
14 Green Section Advises Clubs to Prepare Against Shortages
15 What's Ahead for Golf in War-Time?
18 Norwood and Beckett Tell of Pro Prospects in '42
20 Eddie Williams is New PGA Seniors' Champion 
21 Randolph Field's Flyers Like Golf
22 Club Rental Plan Booms Play on Akron Course
22 Ohio Ruling Says Caddies are not Employees of Club
23 "Keep 'Em Busy - and You'll Keep 'Em Happy": Veteran Florida Pro - Henry Bolesta - on Same Job Over 20 Years, Tells How He Holds Members' Interest - Also, Why He Ranks Walter Hagen as the Game's Greatest
26 Railsback Gives Kids a New Chance; Gets Real Caddies
28 Motor Skill Principles in Teaching
29 House Organ Reminds Boys in Service They're Remembered
30 Janesville Gets New Championship Course
31 Study Plans to Equip Practice Ranges for Service Men
32 "Golf is the Perfect Sport"
32 Managers Meet March 4-7 in Chicago for Annual Convention
33 N. J. Report Tells Federal Ruling on Club Taxes
35 Need New Members?
36 How Much New Equipment? 
38 Chicago, Detroit Districts Tell '41 Highlights; '42 Recommendations
39 Ingenuity Shines in Fight for Fine Turf
39 -[Power Attachment Designed and Made by E. Whitehead of Highland CC in Indianapolis. Labor Saving Devices are Needed to Simplify Wartime Maintenance]
39 -[Close-Up of Spike Holes Made by Homemade Power Spikes at Highland]
39 -[M. McLarin at Canterbury in Cleveland, with Two Units Equipped with Homemade Steel Brushes - One Raised and the Other in Lowered Position. The Brushes Help Control Crab Grass and Thin Out Badly Matted Bent
39 -[Close-Up Showing How Brush is Attached to a Fairway Mower. Brush is Raised or Lowered by Changing Position of Cotter Pin in Long Center Bolt]
39 -[Home Made Shut-Off Device Used on International Fertilizer Spreader to Permit Operations by Tractor Driver (Peoria Country Club)]
39 -[Photo Shows How Discarded Farm Cultivator Lever was Used and Attached to Front Beam at Tractor Hitch]
39 -[Close-Up Showing How Rod from Front Lever was Attached to Throw-Out Arm]
39 -[Mike Sanko at Golden Valley Changes Virginia Bent Over to Washington, by Stuffing Washington Strain Stolons into Holes Made First by Hand Weeder]
39 -[Presses Stolons into Hole and Firms Soil with Foot. Then Mows. New Stolons Take Root and Gradually Crowd and Replace Virginia. Play Continues Without Interruption]
40 Tax Calendar for 1942 for Clubs - Organized Not for Profit
41 Tournament Calendar
42 Clubs Hold War-Planning Session
44 Wilshire Announces New Junior Term Memberships
45 What's New
47 Want Ads
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1942 March
Volume #16, No. 3
1942 April
Volume #16, No. 4
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover
2 Golf Dots...and Dashes---
9 Outline Plan to Utilize Club Properties in War Effort: Appoint Franklin L. Miller to Inform Warm Department How Golf Club Facilities and Personnel can be of Most Service to National Defense
10 Defense Bonds and Stamps are Remote Control Prizes
11 What About Golf Course Maintenance During War-Time?: Wise Management and Knowing Where to Curtail are MUSTS, If Permanent Damage to Golf Courses is to be Avoided
13 Metropolitan GA Calls Off Tourneys Lasting Over Day
13 [1942 Class of Massachusetts State College Winter School for Greenkeepers]
14 GSA Meeting Draws Over 600: Stodola Re-Elected President, as Greenkeepers Formulate Plans to Cope with Problems Ahead in '42
19 How to "Lick" Problem of Transportation to and from Club
22 Managers Hold Annual Meeting Mar. 4-7 in Chicago
22 Ball Shortage Reminds Members of Pro's Expert Service
23 What are a Pro's Duties?
32 Study Jap Beetle Control Methods
36 Complete Organization of Hale America Golf Council
37 Jenness Peckham, Wife of Prominent Turfman, Dies
38 Group Instruction Beginning to Pay Dividends for D'Angelo
38 Plan H. A. Tourney Details
39 Advocates Clubs Sponsoring Ranges for Servicemen Use
41 With O. J. Noer - South, East and West
41 -[Unique Fairway Watering (Flood) at Denver (Colo. CC. Flooding is Done with Home-Made Canvas Pipe]
41 -[Showing Method of Manipulating Canvas Pipe for Fairway Watering at the Denver Club]
41 -Damaged Grass on High Spots of Green, and on Top of Mound in the Back. This was Caused by Drying Winds on Exposed Greens; Damage Due to Dessication [Desiccation]of Grass]
41 -[Leo Feser at Woodhill CC, Wayzata, Minn., Shreds Peat for Use in Topdressing Mixture, with Cheap Ford Bought from Auto Dealer. One Rear Wheel was Jacked-Up and Replaced with Spring Knives]
41 -[Showing Knives Used to Shred Peat, and How They were Attached to Ford Rear Axel. One Man Feeds Lumpy Raw Peat in at Top, and Another Takes the Shredded Finished Material Away]
41 -[Hollow Tine Forking Green at Midland CC, St. Paul. This Operation is Usually Performed in Spring or Fall]
41 -[Lou Trapp, Demonstrating 3/4 Inches Deep Hollow Tine Fork Used by Him at Dayton CC to Improve Greens with Heavy Underlying Soil. Holes Spaced Approximately 8 Inches Apart]
41 -[Weeds in Putting Green - Introduced in Weedy Topdressing]
41 -[Localized Dry Spots on Heavily Thatched Stolon Bent Green. Grass Turns Blue First, then Brown, and Finally Dies Unless Moisture is Promptly Restored. After that, Green Scum or Algae Takes Possession. Serious Damage Generally Confined to Hot Weather]
42 Winter Sports Schedule Gives Club "Shot in the Arm"
43 Baxter Counsels Against Too Much Alarm in Crisis
44 Speakers at Wisconsin Greens Course are Named
44 Federal Tax Rulings
45 What's New
47 Want Ads
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0 Cover: [Enemy Planes and Golfers Alike Find These Strategically Placed Hollow Steel Pipes on This Honolulu Golf Course Make Either an Attempted Landing, or Par-Shooting, a Tough Proposition]
2 Golf Dots...and Dashes---
7 Weed Control in Spring with Milarsenite]
9 How to Cope with Maintenance Problems War Brings: Thoughtful Action, Not Excuses, Needed to Meet the Tremendously Different Upkeep Problems that Clubs will Face for the Duration
13 Will Combined Jobs Work Out?
14 National Ringer Tourney Gets Under Way July 1
15 Winter Program Stalls Member Slump
16 Club Managers Stage Most Successful Convention in History: Nearly 400 Attend Sessions Keyed to New and Difficult Problems Ahead; Wetzel Elected President
22 Richmond Cuts Costs - Saves Club
26 Study Jap Beetle Control Methods
28 Golfers' Calendar Tells How Late Golf may be Played
30 What is the Caddie Outlook?
32 USGA Urges Clubs to Provide Golf for Army Camps
32 Heavy Winter Play Spurs Golf Promotion Classes
32 Nearly Sixty Attend Iowa Greens Short Course
36 British Turf Board Warns Against Permitting Undue War-Time Deterioration
38 Every Club a Recreation Center!
38 St. Charles Club Installs Victory Garden Plots
39 Michigan State Turf Course Attended by 52 Greensmen
40 How will "War Rules" Affect the Player?
42 Col. John Morley Retires as Active Greenkeeper
42 Move to Promote Uniform Accounting Begun by CDGA
43 Organize Industrial Golf Leagues for Chicago Area
43 Winter Social Program Keeps Members Sold on Club
44 Postcards do Effective Member Selling Job for Kildeer
44 [Jerry Glynn, Knollwood Club Pro, Gives Pupils Lesson Reminder]
46 What's New
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1942 May
Volume #16, No. 5
1942 June
Volume #16, No. 6
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover: [18th Green and Clubhouse, Ridgemoor CC, Chicago, Scene of Hale America Open, June 18-21]
2 Golf Dots...and Dashes---
4 Summertime Use of Milorganite on Greens...
9 How Those on "Firing Line" will Meet 1942 Maintenance Problems
13 "Thiosan" - A New Turf Fungicide
14 New Greens Group Formed
15 What is the Ball Outlook?: Pros' Responsibility is to Keep Balls in Play, and Distributed as Evenly as Possible, to Prevent Some Clubs Getting into a Serious Situation, to Say the Least
16 Joseph G. Davis, Oldest Golf Writer, Dies
17 Numbered Tags Solve Caddie Problem
20 Club Operating Figures Compared!: Analysis of Financial Operations of 27 Country Clubs Completed by Horwath & Horwath; Marks the First Official Cost Comparison
23 Ball Protection is "Patriotic Duty"
26 Pontoosuc Lake Membership Solicitation Folder is Model
26 Mailing Card Idea Grows
28 USGA Reports on Substitute for Mercury Fungicides
30 PGA Pros Annual Tourney at Seaview Club, May 25-31
32 A Manager's Report on the Club Managers' Convention
34 New England Pros Plan for '42
35 Minnesota Golf Clinic has Large Pro Attendance
36 What Members Do is Big Factor in '42 Maintenance
37 Bulletin Gives Outlook on Availability of Supplies
39 New Yearbook is "Honey"
40 Willow Grove Mailing Card Uses Fitness Theme, Clicks
40 Job and Age Classifications Give Membership Trends
40 Lynn A. Ferguson Dies
40 Good Air Circulation Necessary for Healthy Turf
43 Remote Control Tourney Offers $4,500 in Bonds and Stamps
44 Chicago District Clubs Vote "War" Rules for Duration
46 What's New
47 Want Ads
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0 Cover
2 Golf Dots...and Dashes---
4 The Renovation of Poa annua-Clover Turf on Watered Fairways
7 Promotion Major Club Problem in Changing Times: Clubs which can Extend Membership will not be Imperilled by Losses that may Come from Certain Groups of Hard-to-Please Oldsters
9 Oil Filters Prolong Machine Life
10 Ridgewood Instructs Members on Transportation Procedure
10 $6,000 H. A. Prize Money
11 Meet Tournament Golf's New "Angel" - Peter M. Wellman: In Less Than Two Years P. M. Wellman has Become One of Game's Biggest Promoters - and Boosters
14 Limited Membership Plan Attracts Defense Workers
15 "Country Club Atmosphere" Makes Hardt's Range Big Money-Maker
18 From Chaos to "In the Black": That's What Happened to the Stanislaus Club After Gordon Brunton Took Over Just a Year Ago
22 Carlisle CC Features War Service in '42 Program
22 John T. Doyle, Spalding Vice President, Dies
24 How We're Going to Meet 1942 Maintenance Problems
27 Gasoline Rationing - What Effect will It have on Course Maintenance?
28 Expect 20,000 Participants in Remote Control Event
28 All-American Amateur Prizes to be Held at $100
29 A. W. Tillinghast Dies After Long Illness
30 Peter Hausen, Veteran Chicago District Manager, Dies
30 Daily Fee Courses Step Up Advertising Program
31 Showcase at First Tee Aids Pro Sale
31 What's New
31 Want Ads
32 Table of Contents
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1942 July
Volume #16, No. 7
1942 August
Volume #16, No. 8
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover: [Aerial View, Tam O'Shanter CC, Chicago District]
4 Golf Dots...and Dashes---
7 Wartime Course Maintenance Helps Average Golfer: Reduction of Maintenance Standards Considered Absolute Minimum Heretofore, has in Many Cases Brought About Better Playing Conditions for the Majority of Players
8 This Public Course has Real Tournament Program
9 Seek Data on Golf Club Facilities Available for War Hospitalization
9 [Cash Penalty Traps with the Money Going for Red Cross, USO or Other War Relief Organizations]
11 George S. May's Work Puts Tam O'Shanter in Forefront Among Nation's Golf Clubs
13 USGA Advises Tryouts Before Large Scale Treatments of Chemical Substitutes
14 "The Hut" Solves Service Problem Around Pool
14 Rust-Remover Formula
15 Lloyd's $500,000 Golf Plant gets Tremendous Play from Portland Golfers
19 University of Mexico Opens New Golf Course
20 Rockford's Finely-Conditioned Courses are Result of Careful Planning
22 Iowa Greenkeepers' July Program Features USO Benefit
22 Jimmy Crossman is Plane-Maker
23 Instructor or Player?: Larry Gleason has the Answer to that Question - for Himeself at Least -
25 New Society Gives Duffer Chance at Prizes
28 Shooting Golf with Noer's Camera
28 -[Topdressing Green in Florida with Root Spreader]
28 -[Closeup of Root Spreader Used for Topdressing Green]
28 -[Spreading Topdressing on Localized Spots Where Rate was too Heavy]
28 -[Pouring Soap Solution into Holes Made by Mole Crickets. This Causes Them to Come Out]
28 -[Mole Crickets from Green. Note Hole]
28 -[Uneven Spread of Lime, the Result of Having No Scatter Board. Even Distribution is Important]
30 Sandy Herd Tells About England at War
31 Firing is Under Way in Dawson Ringer Tournament
31 What's Happening
31 Want Ads
32 Table of Contents
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Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover: [Huge Gallery Matches Ben Hogan Putt on Second Hole During Final Round of Tam O'Shanter $15,000 Open Golf Tournament, Held July 23-26 at Tam O'Shanter CC, Chicago]
2 Golf Dots...and Dashes ---
7 Exmoor Receives Certificate of Gratitude Award from Navy: Providing Living Quarters for Great Lakes Younger Officers Earns Exmoor Honor as First Country Club to Receive Formal Recognition from the Armed Forces
9 Organize Pearl Harbor Tournaments for Benefit of Hawaii War Relief
10 "All Quiet" at Tam O'Shanter in Test of Negro Play
10 Hooks at Macomb CC Help the USO
10 Fifty Years Ago in Golf
11 Pro's Mrs. Carries On: When Pro Amel Lentz Joined the Army, His Assistant Got His Job - that was Mrs. Lentz
12 Winter Feeding of Wild Life
13 How is Golf Making Out?
14 Pro Letter Urges Club Buying to Free Used Clubs for USO
15 Most of Them are Smaller and Younger, so - Give the Caddies a Break!
18 Mishawaka Gets New Muny Course
19 Walnut Grove Proves Value of Foresight; Sound Planning; Team Work: This Dayton Club Almost Hit Bottom in 1935 - Then Senart and Simmons Went into Action
21 3 Pro Selling Ideas
22 "Dress Up" Your Course: Trees and Shrubs Simply and Inexpensively can Transform a Course into a Beauty Spot
25 Shooting Golf with Noer's Camera
25 -[The Montool - an English Machine Used to Remove Surplus Bent grom Greens]
25 -[Close-Up of Montool Showing Method of Construction]
25 -[Showing Mark Made by Improvised Marker used at Arcola to Aid Tractor Driver in Applying Sodium Arsenite]
25 -[Digging Trench to Sever Tree Roots Penetrating into Green. These Roots are Dry Subsoil so Applied Water does not Penetrate]
25 -[Tees Surrounded by Trees are Hard to Maintain. Tree Roots Invade Soil and Rob Grass of Water and Food. At This Course, Sod is Lifted Periodically, Tree Roots Near Surface Removed, and then Sod is Relaid]
25 -[Poorer Grass in Circle Covered by Fairway Sprinkler Caused by too Much Water and Bad Maintenance Otherwise]
28 Wilson Booklet Tells Sport's Value in Wartime
29 Membership Drive Goes Big at Warren Valley
29 British Pass Up St. Ives Experts on Turf Advice
29 Caddies Get Their Tips in War Stamps
30 Don't Forget to Advise the USGA of Red Cross Work
30 Banff Holds Its Annual Golf Week Aug. 23-29
30 Consell Counsels What to Do in Wartime
30 USGA Membership Campaign
31 Mackall Tells Plight of the Green-Chairman
31 What's New
31 Want Ads
32 Table of Contents
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1942 September
Volume #16, No. 9
1942 October
Volume #16, No. 10
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover: [Popular Target, Golf Driving Range, Camp Croft, S. C.]
4 Of Golf...Of Course
7 Greensmen Tell of Duties in War: Prominent Superintendents Tell How Problems are Met and Licked Thru Careful Planning
7 -Careful Schedules Get Our Work Done
9 -Here's My Fall Check List
10 -Warns Against Too Little, Too Late, in Course Work
11 -Be Ready to Change Plans if Conditions Warrant
11 -Managers' Menu: Headaches for Breakfast, Dinner, Supper
12 -Get the Range: Golf Practices Range at Camp Croft, S. C., Popular with Soldiers
13 Mineral Out; Organic In: Organic Types of Nitrogen Available for Course Use, as War Program Takes Mineral Supply
16 "Golf Will Survive": Wall Street Journal Gives Reasons for Cheer in Editorial Comment
17 Lieut. Dick Chapman Wins Remote Control Event
17 Fire Prevention Urged in OCD Campaign
18 Clubs Raise $61,000 Plus for Red Cross
19 Survey Gives Important Data on Women's College Golf
20 Tam Tourney Nets $16,702.90
21 Performance Studied by Greenkeepers
22 South Tests New Grasses for Tees, Greens
23 Brisk Wartime Program at Fort Wayne (Ind.) CC
24 Southern California' Situation in Golf Better than Expected
25 Calculating Water in One Inch of Rainfall
25 Want Ads
26 Table of Contents
26 Advertisers' Index
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover
1 Of Golf... ...of Course
1 Organics - Sole Nitrogen Sources for Duration
5 What of Golf in 1943?: Here is a Round-Up of Opinions from Regional Golf Association Officials Based on Experiences of 1942
10 Maintenance Matters
10 -[A Heavy Infestation of Buckhorn in the Rough, While Nearer the Fairway]
10 -[It has been Eliminated Through Two Applications of Sodium Arsenite by the Dry Method, Milarsenite]
10 -[Homemade Mechanism of Sash Pulleys, Rope and Steel Rod Between Levers Operates Shut-Off on Farm-Type Spreader]
10 -[Home-Made Scatter-Board of 1 in. by 2 in. Strips Covered with 1/4 in. Screen, then by Window Screening]
10 -[Construction Details, Attaching Del Monte Rake to Overgreen]
10 -Rye Grass Clumps in Spike Holes on Thickly-Matted Bermuda Fairway]
11 Ample Playing Equipment on Hand
12 Survey Shows 250 Clubs can be Military Hospitals
12 Massachusetts State Calls for Winter School Applicants
13 Are Your Records in Shape?
14 Davis Replaces Monteith as Green Section Head
14 Missouri Club Wins Dawson Event with 43 Ringer Score
15 What's Ahead for Golf?
18 Women Caddie for Docs'; Fee is $500 War Bond
19 "From Golf Clubs to Gun Parts" is Story of Spalding War Book
19 Seek Names of Greenkeepers in Army and Navy
24 Here's How Golf can Help the Nation by Club-Cleaning NOW
28 It's Pro's Job to Keep Golf Alive Thru War
28 WPB Stops Production of Club Repair Parts
29 PGA to Hold Annual Meet at Chicago, Nov. 9-11
29 "Keep Well" Ad Campaign Endorses Sports
30 May Announces Purse Hike to $25,000 for '43 Events
30 Bag Carriers Offset Caddie Cut
31 Want Ads
32 Table of Contents
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