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1943 Sections/Selected Titles
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1943 January
Volume #17, No. 1                  
1943 February
Volume #17, No. 2
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover
3 Of Golf.. ..Of Course
3 Timely Turf Tips: "Wartime Maintenance"
6 Elections: USGA - PGA - and Local Groups Name New Officers
6 [Ed Dudley Re-Elected for Presidency of the PGA]
6 [Matt Kiernan Discusses Small Term Golf Memberships]
7 Colleges Divided on Holding Greenkeeping Short Courses
8 How to Fit Your Club to the War Effort
10 Says Who?: Pegler Raps Hopkins for Harry's Ghostly Sermon
10 Keep Courts Up
11 Gas Less - Golf Goes On
16 Gobs Hold Puerto Rican Tourney
17 17 Ways to get Labor
20 Suggest Golf's Sales Story
21 [Putting Clock Championship and Donkey Tournament at Lawrence (Kan.) CC]
21 Up with the Birdies
24 Golf Around the War-Torn Map
26 Out-Smarting Winter on the Golf Course
26 -[Mechanical Removal of Snow and Ice from Greens at a New England Club]
26 -[Fences Used to Collect Snow on Exposed Greens and Deter Skiers]
26 -[Snow Mold on Untreated Green at Ottawa, Can.]
26 -[Late Fall Treatment with Calomel-Corrosive Mixture Stops Snow Mold]
26 -[Trenched Green Used to Drain Low Spots and Prevent Winter Kill]
26 -[Trench on Green for Winter Damage]
27 Dave Livie Dies
27 Alex Campbell Dies
27 Clubs Combine
28 England's Wartime Upkeep Problems
29 Tam Lights the Way
29 What's New
30 U. S. Rubber to Handle Burgett Sales
30 General Knudsen Inspects Spalding War Plant
31 Green Section Tells of Turf Material Status
32 Gross, Less Worst Holes, is Basis for This Novel Handicap System
33 Classified Advertisements
34 Table of Contents
34 Advertisers' Index
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover
3 Of Golf.. ..Of Course
3 Timely Turf Tips: Milorganite and Dollar Spot at Woodhill
7 Why Not Consolidate?: Clubs too Far from Public Transportation Urged to Unite with Better-Located Layouts, to Assure Survival of Both Through War
9 USGA Re-Affirms Golf's All-Out for War
11 Briefs from USGA Committee Reports
12 Camps May Aid in Caddie Problem
13 Souvenirs of Winter: Ice, Unseasonably Early Rains, and Winter Traffic - All are Likely to Leave Marks on Golf Course Turf
13 -["Washes" Caused by Heavy Rain]
13 -[Close-Up of Removed Sod to Replace Washed-Out Soil]
13 -[Grass on Green Damaged by Ski Marks at Toronto]
13 -[Melted Snow Carried an Infection of Snow Mold Back onto Green]
13 -[Close-Up of Mild Snow-Mold Attack]
13 -[Severe Attack of Snow Mold]
16 Platform for Pros in '43
17 How to Hold a Tourney for Service Men
20 Green Section Hit by War
24 Golfdom Suggests
24 Play Holds Up
24 Beau Jack in Booklet
26 United States Golf Association: [Gasoline and Golf]
26 Purdue's Two-Day Short Course Begins February 15
26 Signals Mixed
26 Harlow's Sons in Service
28 Watch Out for Insect Damage
32 Tyson Talks on Fairways at Midwest GA Meeting
33 Recreation Vital
33 Pix to USGA Museum
33 Call Off GSA Meeting
33 Foreign Course Scenes Wanted
33 CMAA Cancels '43 Convention
33 The Clearing House
34 Table of Contents
34 Advertisers' Index
1943 March
Volume #17, No. 3
1943 April
Volume #17, No. 4
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover
3 Of Golf.. ..Of Course
9 V-Gardens: Golf Clubs are in Perfect Position to Promote Victory Gardens and National Activity has Already Begun. Here is How One Well-Known Club Will Carry Through Its Program
11 How to Gear Your Greens Crew to War
12 Reprints of Our Cover Drawings
13 Nationwide Drive for Used Golf Balls Now in Progress: Club Officials and Player Committees Will Cooperate with Pros in Putting 12,000,000 "Absentees" Back into Service
13 No A-Card Cars to Clubs
16 Golf in War? Here's Why!
20 [Reasonable Golf Use can Help the War Effort]
20 Sliding Dues
24 Honor Icely's 25 Years as Wilson Head
24 Pros Double in War Jobs to Hold Club Posts
24 Gas for Course Work
26 Chicago has USO Pay Plan 
28 Greenkeeping Tips
28 -[Sodium Arsenite in Fall Reduces Spring Dandelion Growth]
28 -[Steel Wheel Replaces Rubber Tire and Rim on Dump Cart at Lancaster CC]
28 -[Extremely Dry Plug from Water Resistance and Extremely Wet Plug Covered with Green Algae]
28 -[Pond Drained to Reduce Ball Loss]
28 -[Home-Made Five-Gang Attachment to Overgrown Mower]
28 -[Close-Up of the Rear Units on Ashland's Homemade Five-Gang Mower]
29 Green Section Plans National Expansion
30 [Ben Hogan Gives New Approach to Correct Golf Swing]
30 Big Business
30 Midwest to Meet
30 Solves Help Problem
31 What's New 
32 The Clearing House
34 Table of Contents
34 Advertisers
34 Jack Burke Dies
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover
3 Of Golf.. ..Of Course
3 Timely Turf Tips: How to Control Surplus Grass on Greens
9 To Golf or Not to Golf
12 Golf Clubs to Push V-Gardens
17 Golf in the War
17 -[As the War Spreads, What Becomes of Golf?]
17 -Cold, Hard Facts About the Fate of Golf
18 -Golfing Interest Great as Ever
18 -Executives Need Golf
18 -Don't Let This Happen to You ...if You Want to Keep Golf Going
19 -Wilson Plants are at War
20 USGA Suggests Similar Tourneys for All Clubs
20 7,000 Watch L. A. Tourney
21 Golf in Wartime
24 Chicago Managers Relax
24 Gardens for Caddies
25 "At Ease, Men", at Palm Springs
25 Urges Players to Adopt Victory H'cap System
26 Forecast of the Season
28 Ten Maintenance "Musts" for Your Watering System
30 Has Golf Classes
32 What's New
32 The Clearing House
34 Table of Contents
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1943 May
Volume #17, No. 5
1943 June
Volume #17, No. 6
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover
3 Of Golf.. ..Of Course 
6 [Metropolitan Golf Association to Carry on Golf Business as Normal]
9 Golf's Booms Among Men in Uniform
12 Baltusrol Sets Itself on Wartime Basis
12 Free Storage
13 How to Kill Weed Seeds in Compost
15 Pro Must Revise His Service
19 Golf in the War
19 [War Offers U.S. Greater Golfing Opportunity]
19 -The Crisis
20 -Golf Marches On Serving America
20 -Pros Help Men in Uniform Play Golf
20 -It's Wilson Today in Sports Equipment
21 -Save Golf Balls and You Save Golf
22 Southern California Publinx Lists 23 Golf Problems
23 These Tip Helps Maintain Women Workers' Efficiency
26 Ball Reconditioning is Exacting Job
26 Famed Club Tells It Plans "for Duration"
26 Too Much Dues Waiving?
26 Wartime Memberships
28 "Why Pick on Golf" Asks Soldier's Dad
28 Editorial Warns don't be "Dull Patriot"
30 "War Workers Earn Gas for Golf"; Nicholas
30 Turn in Old Balls or Else...
30 It's a Long Walk
32 Shawnee has Complete Victory Garden Program
32 War Charities do Well in Texas, California Events
34 [Southern California PGA to Sponsor Golf Matches Contributing to the War Effort]
34 "Golf Sure to have Post-War Boom": Aulbach
35 Meet Course Emergency for Army Golfers
36 The Clearing House
36 Hagen and Jones Still Star with British
37 Postwar Work to Call for Turf Experts
37 What's New
38 Table of Contents
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Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover
3 Of Golf.. ..Of Course
7 Pros have a Post-War Opportunity
9 Supt. Solves War-Upkeep Aches 
10 Have You Seen Him?
11 Golf to Boom After War; Icely
11 Star Field on June 28-July 2 in Women's Western Open
12 Dime-a-Round Fund to Aid Service Organizations
12 Blindness to Ball Crisis Means End of Golf
13 Golf Notables in Army Seek Range Balls
13 Fred Brand, Colorful Carnoustie Vet, Dies
14 Streamlines for Wartime
14 Spalding Workers See How They Help Navy
14 Prestwick Carries On
15 Iowa Greenkeepers Discuss Wartime Jobs
15 Golf in Broad Program at Camp Gordon
16 Urge Nationwide Tourneys for Red Cross July 4
16 Biggest Golf Plant Asks Members Help on Grounds
16 Sell $365,000 in Bonds
16 "Gay Nineties" Parties Popular
17 Better get Those Balls in!
17 Recalls Old Days to Show Golf Will Survive
18 Wartime Economies Preserve Varsity Golf
19 Golf in the War
19 -[Ok to Play Golf During Wartime]
19 -A Life-Saver for Golf
20 -Let's Take a Leaf from England
20 -English Golf Rules
21 -Wilson Quality Aids Victory
24 Fawcett Leaves Lake Shore to Operate Hotel
24 Young Recalls Golf Club Tasks of World War I
24 Finds Mower; Course Now Okay
24 Lawson Fills 3 Jobs
24 Hold Mixed Event
28 Tam $10,000 Open and Amateur July 19-25
28 V-Garden Greenkeepers Seldom Deferrable
28 New Tourney Event
28 St. Andrew's Completes Century
30 Prizes for V-Gardens
30 Let Juniors Help
30 Soldier Golfer's Advice
30 Patty on War-Time Golf
32 [Fort Wayne CC Gears Program for War Activities and Increasing Its Publicity]
32 Golf Would Like a Break on Nitrogen for Greens
34 What's New
36 The Clearing House
38 Table of Contents
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1943 July
Volume #17, No. 7
1943 August
Volume #17, No. 8
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover
3 Of Golf.. ..Of Course 
6 The American Way
9 Foresight Paying Out: Brookline's Planning, Begun in '26, Puts Club in Prime Shape to Meet Today's Operating Problems
10 Keno Program Boosts Off-Season Patronage
11 Club Papers have New Value
12 War Plants Fit Golf into Employee Recreation
13 For Weeds: Ammonium Sulfamate: Green Section Reports Remarkable Results with This Non-Critical Chemical
14 Welcome! Hurray!! Whoopie!!! Alfred Bourne Smith Arrives
14 Columnist Praises Greenkeeper's Turf-Growing Talents
14 Yank Golfers Try Luck on Aussie Courses
15 [Clubs Map Member Armed Service Locations to Show Support]
15 USGA Committee Heads
15 Lady Margaret was Good
15 Keep 'Em Coming
16 War Tourneys Start: Chicago and Detroit Hold Spotlight as Big-Time Players Sign for Charity Events
16 "Plan Something Simple" is Good Club Theme Today
17 Golf in the War
17 -The Human Machine: On the War Front, the Production Front, the Home Front and the Postwar Front
18 -A Service Golfers can Render the Nation
18 -Wanted! Millions of "Conked" Balls to Keep Golf Alive
19 -Wilson Quality Serves the Nation: In Sports Equipment ... in War Equipment
19 -Open Your Course to Men in Uniform
20 How to Kill Weed Seeds in Compost
24 Do It Now; Things may get Worse!
25 [Army Signal Corps at Camp Croft Driving Range]
25 Trouble in Part-Time Job
25 [Golf may Tribute to Physical and Mental Health]
28 Let's Take Inventory
30 Ernie Way, Pro Vet, Dies After Prolonged Illness
30 How Much Non-Highway Gas did You Use?
30 Relax; Only Onions Absorb Lead Arsenate
32 The Clearing House
32 Heart Attack Fatal to Bill Hickey
33 Bluegrass Will Come Through: Dry Spells Okay
33 Army Uses Club Pool
34 Table of Contents
34 Advertisers
34 What's New
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover
3 Of Golf.. ..Of Course 
7 Sell Golf to War Workers: S. Calif. Publinx Body Fits into War Needs of Its Area, Builds Future Patrons
9 Ft. Knox Officers Salvage KY. Open
10 Kirkwood Tours Camps, Urges More Service Golf Facilities
11 20 Accident Preventives to Safeguard New Workers
12 [Ambulance for the Red Cross Bought by Raised Funds from Local Golfers in Hawaii]
12 Light Touch Sells Members on Prexy's Labor Plea
13 When and Why Play is Patriotic
13 Post-War Pro Jobs to Demand Real Executives
15 Golf in the War
15 -The Human Machine: On the War Front, the Production Front, the Home Front and the Postwar Front
16 -Diamonds in the Rough
17 -Wilson is in There Swinging...: With Sports Equipment...With War Equipment
17 -Builders of Martin Bombers Play Golf
18 Houston Holds Big Tourney
23 For Fun, Forget Par: Cox
26 G.W. "Pop" Mattern, Golf Industry Pioneer, Dies
26 Dime-a-Round Drive has Raised $6,000 in Chicago Area
26 W. B. Bangs, Vet Manager, Dies
26 Soldiers get Spares
26 Build Links for Wounded
26 Aulbach's Father Dies
26 OPA gets Over-Efficient
27 What Kind of Turf?
35 May Build Muny Course
35 Club Dances for Soldiers
35 Horse Divots Green
35 What's New
36 The Clearing House
38 Table of Contents
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1943 September
Volume #17, No. 9
1943 October/November/December
Volume #17, No. 10
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover
3 Of Golf.. ..Of Course
7 Clubs in Record Activity as War Strain Continues
11 V-Gardens Crop Amazes as War Effort Success
13 Never Too Late to Golf
13 Lido to be Easier
16 May to Spend $100,000 in Golf Business Research
17 Golf in the War
17 -Golf in the War and After the War
18 -Golf has Busy 1943 Season
18 -Golf Aids Bond Sales... Service Funds
19 -Wilson Plants Produce Crash Helmets, Camp Cots and Aviator Kits as Well as Sports Equipment for Servicemen
19 -Golf Popular with War Workers
19 -Golf Shorts
20 Tom Jones, NE Pro Vet, Dies Suddenly
20 Ted Ray, Famed Pioneer, Dies in England
21 [Shop of Jim Wagner at Eberhart Municipal Golf Course]
21 Gives Members Close-Up on Ball Crisis
24 War is Teaching Us Maintenance Lessons
26 Victory is Our First Job
28 Chicago's Dime-a-Round Campaign Expanded
28 Mrs. Charles Dennehy to Head Women's Western GA
28 Lengthen Muny Hours
30 War Worker Teams Launch New Championship
30 Army and Navy Fed by Golf Club Tomatoes
31 Philly Pros and Greenkeepers Present Course to Vet Hospital
32 The Clearing House
32 What's New
34 Table of Contents
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Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover 
3 Of Golf....Of Course 
6 Ball Outlook Dark
9 Season Proves Golf has Met War's Demands
9 -California had Best Year Since '28
11 -Washington Courses Jammed All Season
12 -Atlanta District has Fine Year
36 -Transportation Bothers West Pennsylvania Golfers
13 World's Costliest Golf Courses on Chicago's Lake Front
14 New Event Makes Golfers for Corporation Country Club
15 Turf Seed Crops Low - Demand to Increase
15 War Plant Golfers in Chicago Industrial Tournament
15 British Girls, Reported Casualties, are Safe and Sound
16 It Takes the Right Kind of Soil to Grow Good Turf
17 '43 is Better
18 Golf's Future in Peril Unless Pros do Educational Job
19 Golf in the War
19 -Golf Helps Service Organizations
20 -Golf Clubs Thriving
20 -"Match Play"
20 -1944 Golf Depends on '43 Used Balls
21 -Wilson's Greatest War Contribution is "Maintenance of Quality"
21 -U. S. O. Helps Service Men Play Golf
21 -Highlights of an Active Golf Season
22 Babe Bats Up Again
22 Needs Golf Equipment for Wounded Vets
22 Suggests Golf Tourney for Yanks in England
22 Basket Cases? No, Basket Lunches
23 Jersey Gears Itself to Wartime Course Maintenance Job
27 PGA's 27th Annual Meeting, Chicago, Nov. 15-17
27 Golf Work is Proposed for Veterans' Rehabilitation
30 Yank Golfers Guest of Moroccans in Pro-Am.
31 Sheets from a Greenkeeping Notebook
34 Alex Milne, PGA Founder, Dies in New Jersey
34 First AGF Booklet Sent All Golf Club Boards
34 Marine Badgley Breaks Foreign Course Record
34 Prof. George McClure, Turf Authority, Dies in Ohio
40 Help Lt. Horton Smith Bring Golf to Army Fliers
41 The Clearing House
42 Table of Contents
42 Advertisers' Index
42 Ohio Pro Killed in Action
42 Gets Used Balls
42 Ball Pioneer Dies