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1945 January
Volume #19, No. 1                  
1945 February
Volume #19, No. 2
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover: [Carling Lake Golf Course, Quebec. Private Course of Gilbert Ayres]
3 Making the Swing: The Golf News in Brief
5 Golf in the Services
6 English Golf in Nazi War Prisoner Camp
6 Keesler Field Holds Third GI-Only Tourney
7 H & B Films Available
9 Authorities Appraise Another Wartime Year of Golf
10 Sectional Reports on 1944
10 -California Golf at Record Volume in 1944
11 -Connecticut Clubs Solid Despite Wartime Drop
11 -Buffalo Play Large but Tournaments Curtailed
11 -War Pressure Boosts Arkansas Golf
12 -GIs Share in Kentucky's Big Golf Year
13 -West Penn Builds Army Hospital Course
13 -New York District in Better Shape in 1944
16 -Chicago Golf Stronger with War Tie-Up
16 -Colorado Golf Spurred by Wartime Pressure
17 -Balancing War Strain Makes Hoosier Golf Busy
17 -Iowa Slumps in Pay - Play Golf
20 -Western GA Extends Its Caddie Welfare Plans
20 -Detroit District Shows Cost Rise Up to 57 Per Cent
29 -Servicemen's Golf Makes Sioux Falls' Top Year
29 -War Workers Account for Half Philadelphia Play
32 -Timely Entertainment Makes Club Wartime Asset
34 -Oklahoma OK. Revives Club Suspended in 1944
24 PGA Plans Constructive Year 
24 Son of W. T. Brown Dies in Italy
25 Golf Tutoring Advances 
30 Charles C. Worthington Dies: Inventor and Golf Pioneer
32 Brains and Hard Work Bring Iowa Thru Tough Year
34 Bogue Again Heads USGA 
34 Chicago Industrial Golfers Report
35 The Pros Needs Help - Now! 
36 MacGregor Introduces "Craig Wood" Sportswear
37 Spalding Wins Second "E"
38 Chicago Sets $100,000 Par for Caddie Scholarships
38 Classified Ads
39 Winter Club Idea Clicks at Columbus, Ohio
39 Chicago Managers Elect
40 Cleveland Close-In Clubs had Active Year
40 John L. Griffith Dies
40 Purdue Greens Course for Feb. 26-28
40 Postwar Golf to Test Club's Business Methods
40 Rickey in Auto Crash
41 N & S Amateur, Pinehurst, in April; Pro Event in Fall
41 Washington GA Elects
41 Club Honors Ogg
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Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover: [Colonial Country Club, Ft. Worth Texas, Scene of the Duration National Open]
3 Making the Swing: The Golf News in Brief
4 Boy Offers Fair Swap: Golf Balls for Gum
4 Comrade Dupont Conducts Another African Event
5 18-Hole Tradition is Shaken
6 Pro Stars to Make GI Teaching Tour
7 Club Managers Cancel Annual Convention
7 Pennsylvania Cancels Turf Conference
9 Houston's Golf a Civic Asset: Alert Planning Sparks Pride and Power of Texas Golfers
10 Teamwork
11 Col. Theodore Bank Named Head of the Athletic Institute, Inc.
11 Eddie Williams Repeats as Pro Senior Champion
12 Tough Year Shows Pro Problems Mounting 
12 V Mail from New Guinea
13 Yield and Chemical Composition of Clippings from a Green of Washington Bent Grass
16 Dutra Sees Quick Come-Back for Service Pros
20 Longworth and Pupil Meet Tough Challenge
20 Purdue Short Course has More Experts
22 Letter from Frank Strafaci
23 Tough War for Greenkeepers
23 Question of Small Golf Hole
23 Resort being Built into Country Club
24 Club's Wartime Service Emphasized to Members
28 Minikahda Plans $109,550 Postwar Work
30 Pro Prominent in Coast Club's Wartime Revival
34 Lesson in Wartime Upkeep 
36 Butte Golf Advances in Wartime
38 Minnesota Greens Course March 1-2, Minneapolis
38 New Seat Eliminates Tractor Fatigue
39 USGA Title Events Off Until War Pressure Eases
40 S/Sgt. Tom Suedhoff Dies of Battle Wounds
40 Munday Wounded in Action
41 Green to Tee Distances Add 18% to Course Length
41 Spalding's War Output Increased in 1944
42 Chemical Control of Common Weeds on Golf Courses
46 Proper Maintenance Needed by Dishwashing Machine
46 Classified Ads
47 Maine Golf Situation is Bearish?
47 Marty Walsh Buys Course
48 Servicemen get $74,000 from CDGA
48 New Poster Spurs Drive for Used Balls
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1945 March
Volume #19, No. 3
1945 April
Volume #19, No. 4
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover
3 Making the Swing: The Golf News in Brief
11 How Short Hills Handles Its Members
16 Wartime Performance Tests Pro's Business Character
18 The Japanese Beetle Bows Out
20 Pro Star Businessmen Advise Postwar Planning
24 Caddie Situation Result of Previous Neglect
24 Honor Caddie Warriors
28 We Select and Treat Our Caddies as Though They're Members
32 Purdue Home of Regional Turf Research Foundation
34 Greenkeepers Tell Their Postwar Plans
40 Worthington Adds Distributors
42 See Changes Available in Pro Business
44 Spalding Products Help Yank's War Score
45 A Pro Comes Back from the War
46 Coutre, Veteran Chicago Greenkeeper, Dies
46 Lively Demand for Spalding Co-Sponsored World Series Film
49 "Dunner Shirt Line" to North British
49 MacGregor Golf and Columbia Pictures Co-Op to Make Three Golfing Shorts
49 Classified Ads
50 Table of Contents
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Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover
3 Making the Swing: The Golf News in Brief
11 Veterans' Aid Keeps Golf Busy
12 Why Postwar Golf Boom is Certain
14 Outlines a Season Program for Maintenance
16 About Caddie Problems
19 Looking Ahead Pays Oakland Municipal Golf
22 Golf is "Play-Therapy" for War-Blinded
24 Leonard Tufts, Pinehurst Developer, Dies
24 Wayne Miller Re-Elected Club Managers' Chief
28 "Monthly Minimum" Plan at Tam
32 Show Spalding, Reach Lines
34 "Dime-a-Round" Competition May be Nation-Wide
38 Clipping Tests as Greens Fertilizing Guide
43 Soil Scientists Set Stage for D-Day
43 A Letter from Bud Ward
46 Acushnet Wins Fifth Army-Navy "E", Believed "Record for Course"
47 To Honor Deceased Pro
47 Famed Woman Star Killed
47 Caddies' Tough Life
48 Pros should Nurse Post-War Amateur Talent
48 Educate Postwar's New Golfers as Pro Customers
49 Series Film Televisioned [Televised]
49 Letters
49 -[Golf Thoughts from T/Sgt. Frank Strafaci]
49 -[More Than Just Pros Hit by Wartime Golf]
49 Classified Ads
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1945 May
Volume #19, No. 5
1945 June
Volume #19, No. 6
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover
3 Making the Swing: The Golf News in Brief
13 Course Design for Cheaper Mowing
14 PGA Meet at Moraine Dayton, July 9-15
14 Club Buys Hospital Insurance for Help
15 MacFarlane Charts Pros' Future Course
16 [Golf Course a Short Distance from U.S. Army Base in India]
18 Training and Security to Attract A-1 Club Help
20 [St. Joseph Country Club's Temporary Classroom for Todd Rural School]
22 A Plan for Rejuvenating Run Down Greens
24 Preparing to Meet Our Postwar Competition
28 Painful Facts About Synthetic Ball Hopes
32 Smart Marketing - Better Teaching to Boom Golf
34 Veteran Greensman Eulogized in Newspaper Obituary
36 Packing the Load
40 PGA Acquires Own Club
42 Architect's Services Valuable in Postwar Golf Planning
47 Spalding Ads Feature Little Known Facts in Sports
47 Garland Worthington Rep
48 Quarter Million is Pros' Summer Tourney Pot
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Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [Calumet CC, Homewood, Ill. Scene of 1945 CDGA Victory Championship]
3 Making the Swing: The Golf News in Brief
5 Quiet Please - Men Talking Golf
7 [American G.I.s Golfing with the Rajah of Puri in Orissa, India]
9 Foresighted Pro Solicits Postwar Orders
11 Beware Earlier Mistakes in Postwar Club Planning
12 Bob Jones Views Golf's Postwar Prospects
13 The Pro's Contract - or, is Golf a Business?
14 Colonial CC, Fort Worth, to Start New Tourney in 1946
14 Spalding Card Rack Aids Wounded Veterans
14 Franks Heads Allis-Chalmers Industrial Tractor Sales
16 Moraine Awaits PGA Classic
18 Back to Knickers After World War II?
20 A Tourney for Wounded Vets 
22 Wartime Sampling is Building Golf Boom
24 Urges Golf's Action in Vet Employment
28 Ingenious Devices Help Servicemen Play Golf
28 Golf in India
30 Rickey, MacGregor Head, Auto Accident Victim
34 Free Golf - Maybe Not Fancy, but It's Free
38 May Lists $60,000 in Prizes: Forty Low Scorers to Share in $57,733 Tam O'Shanter Men's Open. Women's and Amateur Prize Total $2,500
40 Rehabilitation U. S. Ad Theme
40 Perfection Sprinkler in Modern New Plant
42 CDGA Victory Championship Again Geared to War Services
42 Junk Builds This Course in India
44 When should Golf Greens be Aerated?
48 Nelson Shows Vets How
48 Jameson with Spalding
49 Old Course Design Needs Re-Write
49 "Shot that Saved Bobby"
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1945 July
Volume #19, No. 7
1945 August
Volume #19, No. 8
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [Tam O'Shanter CC, Chicago, Ill. Scene of Biggest Prize Tournament in History of Golf]
3 Making the Swing: The Golf World's News in Brief
11 Looking Ahead to Postwar Course Maintenance
12 Fairway Ammunition for Navy and Marine Vets
14 Revive New England Club by Making It Social Center
16 Pro Problems Need PGA and Manufacturers Help
18 Midwest Turf Foundation Launches Membership Drive
20 Robert Thompson, Jr., Dies
20 Grantland Rice Hails "Spalding Sports Show"
24 Smaller Greens Will Feature Course Architecture
28 San Francisco Golf Greater than Pre-War: New Servicemen and Civilian Players Keep Courses Crowded, Officials and Pros Foresee Vast Increase in Postwar Play
30 Houston Puts Golf at Veterans' Hospital 
32 Began Junior Classes 18 Years Ago - Now They Pay Dividends
34 Golf Equipment Urgent Need of Red Cross
36 Preview of Golf's Postwar Picture
41 No Caddie Shortage in India
42 Henry Cowen Elected President of MacGregor
42 British Renew Tourneys
43 Jacobsen Explains Mower Situation
44 All Purpose Mower
45 Film Tells Story of Spalding "Team's" Production Victory
46 Pope Pious XII Tells Place of Sports
47 Miami Country Club Makes Its Spending Pay
48 John Lorms, Pro's Son, is National Collegiate Champ
48 Bill Corcoran is Mass. GA Executive Secretary
48 War Memorial Courses
49 Connecticut Abandons War Teeing-Up Practice
49 Now Clapper Co.
49 Kangaroo Kaddy: A New Golf Cart
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Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [Byron Nelson, 1945 PGA Champion, Making Short Pitch Out of the Rough to a Green in Winning His Title at Moraine Country Club, Dayton, O.]
3 Making the Swing: The Golf World's News in Brief
9 Activated Sabadilla, a New Control of Chinch Bugs in Turf
9 Spalding to Sponsor Tennis Broadcasts
11 Ohio State U Courses are Good Golf Business
12 East with Wilson
12 John T. Rodgers, H & B Official, Dies in New York
12 Work Pushed on Vet Courses
15 Brynwood Adopts Chemical Weed Control Program
18 Westchester Tops Million Income
20 How Moraine Staged Pros' Greatest Event
25 Grau to Direct Greens Section's New Program
28 Harris Course Jobs Show Postwar Boom Signs
28 Spalding Illustrates Sports Show
32 Susie Scores as a Golf Business Woman
34 Proposes International Businessmen's Golf
34 Skinner Watering at Moraine
36 Why Bill has Water System Troubles
40 Wood Leaves Winged Foot
42 Pros Must Tell Public of Teaching Advance
44 Wood's Esquire Story on Nelson in Pro Poster
44 Insect Pest Control
46 Man-Hour Cost Basis to Push Machine Maintenance
47 Club Hails Stringhams
48 Iowa Greenkeepers Elect; Talk Weed Control
48 Nest-a-Covers are Wood Club Hood Unit
49 Experimental Station Uses Royer Compost Machine
49 Classified Ads
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1945 September
Volume #19, No. 9
1945 Fall
Volume #19, No. 10
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover
3 Making the Swing: The Golf World's News in Brief
8 Golf Carts Popular
9 341 Day Season
11 What's been Observed in the Tests of 2, 4-D on Weeds
17 Collects Range Balls by Machine
17 Crutch-Borne G. I. Golfers Thrill Buddies by Play
18 The Pro Also has Conversion Problems
23 Pros Forecast Great Days Ahead for Amateur Stars
27 [Kids Play for $1500 and Scholarship to Ohio State University at Twin Rivers Muny Course]
31 Mozel Sees Super-Ranges as Golf's Big New Business
36 No "Cease Firing" Order for Army Golf Here
40 Jones Made Good by Making a Golf Club a Business
43 [Herbert R. Albrecht Examining Turf Samples at Purdue's Midwest Station]
43 Green Section Offers Nursery Stolons
45 "Keep Your Heel Down"; Device Teaches
45 Spalding Features "Firsts" in Ads
45 [New V.P. and Gen. Sales Mgr. Appointed to R. J. Ederer Co.]
48 [Practice Green at Ashburn General Hospital, McKinney, Tex., a PGA-Financed Project]
48 Camp Rucker Builds Own Course
50 Study of Reports Makes Budgeting More Exact
58 McNulty Returns to MacGregor
58 Balls by Fall
61 Green Section Reports on Tough-Wearing Grasses
63 Ohio GA Stages Clinic and Tournament
64 Classified Ads
65 Roseman, Jr., Honored
65 Crabgrass Control
65 Frazar & Company to Handle Exports for R. J. Ederer Co.
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Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover: [Clubhouse of Canterbury G.C., Cleveland, Ohio, Scene of the 1946 National Open Championship, June 13-15]
3 Making the Swing: The Golf World's News in Brief
3 [Daily Mail Tournament at St. Andrews, First of the Postwar Tournaments]
13 How to Improve Postwar Turf Maintenance
14 Trouble-Shooting Upkeep Problems
14 -[Preparing to Remove Mat of Surplus Grass]
14 -[Close-Up Hand Raked Turf and Surface After Cutting]
14 -[Low Lying Green in Shaded, Poor Drained Area]
14 -[Trees Roots in the Green]
14 -[Tree Roots Stealing Nutrients from Grass Roots]
15 -[Del Monte Rake Attached to Overgreen Unit to Rake Matted Turf]
15 -[Deep Forking with Plugs Dropped into Basket]
15 -[Home Made Power Discer at Highland G & CC]
15 -[Close-Up of Perforations Made by the Highland Motor Driven Discer]
15 -[Hand Forking Bad Area in Greens with Common Spading Fork]
17 Pro Plans for Making 1946 a Golden Year
20 Spalding and H. & B. Sponsor World Series Films
22 What of 1946 Club and Ball Production?
26 Golf Architect's Job is Explained
26 Greenkeepers National Meet; Cleveland, Jan. 29-Feb. 1
30 GI's Liberate and Restore Famed Resort Course
33 USGA Championships to Mean Tougher Courses?
36 Halloran Course is Exhibits of Famous Short Holes
40 Course Supts. Organize at St. Louis Meeting
40 GIs Ask Greenkeeping Study
42 Girl Caddies Prove Better Than Boys
44 Andy Invents Club-Gripping Gadget for GI Amputees
46 Acushnet "Pro-Only Policy" to be Continued
46 Pinehurst Golden Jubilee
46 Horton Resumes Clubmaking
48 Here's Golf Course Work You May have to do
52 Pros Break Purse and Scoring Records
52 Women's Western Sets Dates
53 Nov.-Dec. Tournament Schedule
55 Hillerich & Bradsby Hold First Postwar Sales Session
58 Gus Novotny, MacGregor's New S. E. Man
59 Jacobsen Buys Worthington Mower Company
60 USGA Sets 1946 Championship Dates
60 Rad E. Thompson
60 Charles Sommer, Oregon Managers' Pres.
60 Balanced Bag Offers New Victory Model
61 Clubs Show Lively Interest in Outdoor Nets
61 Clipon Bag Supports Back
62 Golf Writers Sponsor San Francisco Open: Courses are Congested in Bay District
62 Classified Ads
66 Table of Contents
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