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1947 Sections/Selected Titles
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1947 January
Volume #21, No. 1                  
1947 February
Volume #21, No. 2
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [Second Fairway of the Beautiful Ohau C. C., Hawaii]
3 Swinging Around Golf: The Golf News in Brief
9 Turf Conference Schedule
10 PGA 1947 Winter Tournament Schedule
16 Managers Plan Convention at New York, Feb. 16-19
19 GSA to Expand in Turf Field at N.Y. Convention, Feb. 10-14
21 How to Win Sales and Influence Members 
22 Flood of Business Demands Pro Vigilance 
25 How 9-Hole Course can Raise Its "Class" Profitably
28 Sees More Worker's Golf
32 How to Make Pro Shop Selling "Best" for Club's Members
40 Rhode Island Field Day
44 New Yakima Valley Golf and Gun Club
45 Southern Turf Research Program is Started
46 Green Section Asks Cash Help
47 Littlefield to be Re-Elected USGA President
48 USGA may Make Amateur Championship All Match Play
48 Jack Black, Elyria Pro, Passes
49 Nelson Demonstration Features PGA Meet - Officers Reelected
50 U. S. Head Says 1947 Golf Ball Output to Increase
50 Wilson Pros Celebrate Miami Branch Opening
51 Penn State's Turf Research Viewed on Field Day
51 New Recreation Movies
52 Spalding Adopts OAB Plan
52 New Burke Plastic Heads
52 Adams Timing Device OKed by Pros
52 Golf Dice Game Scores
52 Wilson Holds Sales Sessions
52 Scotch Clubmakers Open N.Y. Office
52 C. K. Bradley Starts Own Course Equipment Repair Business
52 Wm. Coltart Dies
52 Wilson Distribution Speeds Tag-a-Long Service
53 Ollie's Once-Overs
53 "Sooner" State Shots
53 Burton, Vet Greenkeeper, Dies
54 Texas Short Course at A & M College, Jan. 20-22
54 Burke has Deluxe Balanced Bag
54 Bullis Returns to Burke
54 Betcha Didn't Know
54 Guldahl Heads Golfcraft Advisory Staff
55 Peter Henderson Co. in Its Centennial Year
56 J. A. Hillerich, H & B Chief, Dies in Chicago
56 Chicago's Biggest Year
57 Davenport CC President Surveys Dues Increases in Middle West Clubs
57 Golf Architects Consider National Organization
57 Royer Mixer Bulletin
58 Wichita Mixer Stands Up
59 WGA Amateur Date Changed
59 PA. Girl Designs Berlin Course
60 Mac Gregor [MacGregor] Observing Its Golden Jubilee in Club-Making
60 Pro Lauds Greenkeepers
63 Patty's Pep Great Aid to Pros in Developing Golf's Market
64 Spalding Registered Sets get 24 Experts' Care
64 Louisville Boasts of Its New 9-Hole Publinx
64 Classified Ads
66 Table of Contents 
66 Advertisers
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [17th Green, Southern Hills CC, Tulsa, Okla.]
3 Swinging Around Golf: The Golf News in Brief
14 Handicapping for Medal and Match Play in New System
15 Tournament Minor League Proposed
16 USGA Cautions Amateurs on Prize Awards
17 1947 Winter Turf Conference
19 Management Foresight Solves Problems in Easy Stages
21 Care of Bent Grass Golf Greens: Climatic Zones, Soil and Drainage
24 Look from Members’ Viewpoint in Planning the Pro Shop
30 Rhythm and Etiquette Featured in Timberman’s Kid Classes
32 Peps Up Putting Events
32 Texas Boosts Boy Golfers
33 Putting on a “Front” for the Greenkeeper’s Big Job
36 Pro’s Study of Tourney Stars Dramatizes His Teachings
40 Chicago Pros and Officials Study Lesson Situation
41 Youngsters Plan and Conduct Own Programs at Short Hills
42 GSA Show Raises Curtain on New Aids to Turf Management
43 Show Members How and Why Course Upkeep Work is Done
43 Course Architects Meeting in New York
43 Arsenic in Upkeep
46 Pro Tournament Golf Seeks Cures for Growing Pains
56 Twilight Leagues Bring Big Boom in Golf Play
58 Service Charge Now 15% - More get Benefits
59 Mervin Hoag, Nelson Mfg. Co. Secretary, Dies
61 Major Problems Highlight Managers’ Report
62 Trenchfoot Tournament is Frosty but Fun
63 Carl Suedhoff is Honored
64 Vets Events Scheduled
65 Fungus Resistant Fescue
65 Pens for Aces
67 E.A. Jacobsen Named General Manager
67 Golf Pioneer Dies
67 Poor Soil Conditions Biggest Cause of Poor Greens
68 Amarillo Eskimos Battle in Blizzard
68 Hoosier Greenkeepers in Annual Meet at Indianapolis
71 [Manufacturing News]
73 Classified Ads
74 Table of Contents
74 Advertisers
1947 March
Volume #21, No. 3
1947 April
Volume #21, No. 4
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [No. 2 Green, Sea Island GC, Va.]
3 Swinging Around Golf: The Golf News in Brief
18 Tournament Schedule
22 Organize American Society of Golf Course Architects
25 Record Attendance at Annual GSA Meeting 
27 Greenkeeping Supts. Assn. Elects 1947 Officials
28 Pro Business for Business Experts 
34 Educate Golfers to Cooperate in Bettering Maintenance 
36 Western GA Offers Clubs Aid with Caddie Plan 
38 Care of Bent Grass Greens
42 Know Pro Shop Merchandise 
48 Club Public Relations Program
49 "Are You a Gope?" Campaign Improves Golf Manners
52 Rating the Pro as a Salesman
52 Texas Nips Oklahoma Pros in $2500 Team Matches
55 Joe Valentine Speaks on Topdressing at GSA Meet
55 Many Titles for Course Boss
58 Mrs. W. E. Langton Dies
58 Stan Thompson in New Plant
58 New Leather Cream
58 Golf & Lawn Supply Corp. in New Home at White Plains
58 Spalding has Model Layout in New Chicago Offices
60 How to Make Fiberloid Wrappings on Clubs
64 Managers View Rising Costs
68 Tulsa Slates 10G Open
69 Sanco Products Co. Makes Floating Head Sprinkler
69 Richardson at Rochester, N. Y.
69 Anderson on New Job
69 Na-Churs Fertilizer Pushed
69 Whippoorwill Reorganized
70 What's Ahead for the Turf Superintendent?
82 Southwest Turf Men Meet
85 Midwest Turf Meeting
86 Clapper Co. in 25th Year
87 Weed-Free Turf - New Booklet by Sherwin-Williams
87 Win Stumpp & Walter Prizes
87 Balanced Golf Bag Offers All-Purpose Hood
88 Dunlop Holds Annual Sales Meeting
88 Charles Parker has Store
88 New Par-Ambulator Bag
89 Acushnet's 'Fussy Foursome' Plays to Bigger Audience
89 Stolen
89 Detroit's Municipal Redford GC Busy Year-Round
90 Robbins Sees Bright Prospect for 1947 Sports
91 Invents Indoor Putting Green that Changes Contour
91 Snead's South African Tour a Follow-Thru on Tennis
91 New Caddy Stand
92 New Golf Glove Aids Golfer's Swing
92 U. S. Royal Balls on "Pro Only" Sale Basis
92 New Bean 2, 4-D Spray Accessory Protects Flowers
93 New Movies Available for Club Showings
94 National Caddie Event at Columbus, Aug. 27-31
96 Exhibits Contribute to GSA Show Value
96 Interservice Championship at Augusta, Ga. in March
96 Bill Campbell Retires
97 Classified Ads
98 Table of Contents
98 Advertisers
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [View of the 3rd Green, Columbus CC, Ohio]
3 Swinging Around Golf: The Golf News in Brief
33 Springtime Sales "Heat" Applied by Pros 
34 Pro Shop Service Card
35 Photography can Aid the Greenkeeper 
36 The Connells Show How to Build a Club
37 Making Proper Topdressing for Bent Greens
38 Design and Its Relation to Maintenance 
40 Exmoor Introduces Bent Grass into Watered Fairways
41 Business Analysis Shows Pro Way to Better Profits 
46 More Thought Needed on Tees 
48 Southern Turf Grasses 
52 Little Club Looms Large as Community Asset 
54 Okmulgee on Its Own
56 "First with the Latest" as Pro Shop Sales Policy
60 Detroit DGA First Postwar Year a Big One
62 Balance in Club Officials Keeps Club on Even Keel
64 Ingenious Device Speeds Seeding at Pinehurst
68 Hi-Ball: New Range Game Clicks in California 
70 Dunedin Clinic Probes Pro Teaching Problems
72 Bag Cart Big New Factor in Golf Business
74 Four Aces in a Year
75 Minnesota PGA and U of M Hold Pro Business Course
75 New Outdoor Practice Net for Small Area Use
76 Iowa Short Course Draws 175 for Study
79 Unique Events Calendar
83 Go Along with Nature in getting Good Fairways
84 Pennsylvania Lawn Mowers
85 Chandler Harper Named PGC National Sales Manager
85 Uniforms for Decoration
86 4th Year of Spalding Show
86 Bailey and Izett Move
86 Met PGA Proposes National Walter Hagen Day
87 Southern Turf Assn. Completes Organization
88 J. L. Haines Son Dies
88 210 at Purdue Short Course
91 Swinging Singers
92 Avoid Watering "Schedules" -- Says Jack Counsell
93 Olympia Fields Thrives
94 Spalding's New Chicago Quarters has Model Display
94 New Caddy Manual
100 Distance and Terrain Factors Determine Interesting Par
101 Oregon Champs Draw 1500
101 FG Aerifier Now in Production
106 [Manufacturing News]
108 -Hogan Fears Staleness
109 -Diegel and Dante Write Book on "9 Bad Shots"
111 -Jimmy Millar Dies
112 Classified Ads
113 Advertisers
114 Table of Contents 
114 Golf Boom on in Portland, Ore.
1947 May
Volume #21, No. 5
1947 June
Volume #21, No. 6
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [Scene During the Philadelphia Inquirer Tournament of 1946, Llanerch CC, Philadelphia]
3 Swinging Around Golf: The Golf News in Brief
29 "Greatest" of Their Clinics Held by Minnesota Pros
31 A 50-Year Survey of the Greenkeeper's Job
32 S. Cal. Turf Research Pushed
33 Pro and Members Benefit from Competitive Programs 
36 Jaycees Sponsor National Junior Championship
36 Honor Harry Robb
37 One Year's Fast Work Builds New Club 
42 Cooper's at This Course
44 Topdressing and Its Use on Bent Grass Greens
48 Organize and Supervise to Improve Club Operation 
50 A Scenic Gem of Miami Shores
52 Golf in Schools Accents Need of More Courses
57 Preparing a Course for Championship Play
62 New Method of Keeping Score Cuts "Bookkeeping "
62 National Open Facts
64 Equipment Building and Shop: That's Our Practical Ideal
66 J. Hunter Gooding, DuPont Veteran, Dies
68 Eye-Level Display of Heads Helps Sell Clubs 
70 Bristol's Calendar Issued
70 Lynwood Construction Job
70 Finger Lakes Greenkeepers Form Association
72 S. Cal. Pros Honor Supts. and Amateur Aide
74 Western Golf has Complete Caddie Kit
76 Correct Spraying Methods Cut Cost of 2,4-D Results
80 Michigan PGA Meets
81 New Lesson Book is Strong Pro Propaganda 
84 Chicago Open for Vet Hospitals
87 The Greenkeeper as a Master Salesman
90 St. Louis CC Busy with Open Preliminaries
96 [Manufacturing News]
97 [A Group of Golf's Elite During the Masters in Augusta]
102 Advertisers
105 Classified Ads
106 Table of Contents
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover: [14th Hole, Plum Hollow, Detroit, Scene of PGA Classic]
3 Swinging Around Golf: The Golf News in Brief
23 Chart Tells 25-Year Story of Club Business
26 George Lake's "Free" Lessons Pay Him Big Dividends
28 Weed Seed Kill in Soil by Chemicals, Fertilizers
38 Rental Sets Bring Profits to Pros, Clubs and Golf
40 USGA Revises Rules and Amateur Code
46 What to Plan for Course Maintenance Building
47 Where does the Golf Pro Make His Money?
48 Trouble Shooting on Mowing Equipment
58 Switching Seasonal Greens at Sea Island, Ga.
60 Course Condition Tied-Up with Pro Shop Sales
61 Designs 3 and 5 Gang Unit
61 -[The 3 Gang Unit]
61 -[The Mower is Mounted Ahead of the Rear Tractor Wheels]
61 -[Mounting of Single Rear Unit for the Three or Five Gang Unit]
61 -[Chet Mendenhall Shows the Five Gang Unit]
61 -[Chet Demonstrates How the Two Rear Outside Unites are Attached to the Tractor]
62 Masters' Demonstration Set Ideal Pattern
64 Weather Forecast as Course Work Control
66 Architect's Skill Shown on New Course of U. of Arizona
69 Course Equipment Storage Facilities Lacking
71 Sports Coaches' Schools Reveal a Job for Golf
74 Golf Architects' Service Saves Money for Clubs
76 Jones Trophy Event Shows Amateur Revival Signs
77 National Caddie Championship at Columbus, O., Aug. 27-31
78 Carnoustie Pros Raising Fund for Old Club
79 Plum Hollow Lengthened for PGA
80 Standard's "Club Master"
80 Farquhar Spray Equipment
81 Issue New Manual on Sewage Sludge as Fertilizer
82 Keeping Old Pro Distinction in Modern Shop Selling
86 Shelden Open at Rochester, Minn.
87 "Hagen Day" Plans and Clinic Feature Michigan Pro Meet
88 Greenkeepers' 1948 Meet at Detroit, Feb. 9-13
92 Tifton Turf Meet Draws 75
92 Peoria Open July 12-13
92 U. S. Rubber Offers Cash Prizes for Sports Pix
93 All A-May-Rican Again Tops in $
93 Golf Writers Assn. is Reorganized
94 Tom O'Hara, Old Caddie-Master, Dies at Denver
94 Washington State College Considers Turf School
95 Plymouth (PA.) CC Succeeds in Weed Control
96 Attractive Handicap Board
96 Wilson's New Rule Book
97 "Golfers, Unlimited" Tells Golf Promotion Plan
97 Millionth of a Second
98 Tulsa Tourney Aids Turf Work
98 [Manufacturing News]
104 Classified Ads
105 Advertisers
106 Table of Contents
1947 July
Volume #21, No. 7
1947 August
Volume #21, No. 8
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [Lew Worsham, 1947 National Open Champion]
3 Swinging Around Golf: The Golf News in Brief
23 Business Background of Open and PGA Championships 
26 Industrial Golf Destined to Grow Gigantic 
34 Member Service is Prime Point of Pro Shop Design
36 George Christ Dies
36 Florida GSA Elects
38 Denver Plans 6-Year Junior Golf Program
40 An Index to What the Greenkeeper has to Know
42 Schmutte "Dreams" Plans of Ideal Pro Shop
49 Good Tees Mean "Love at First Sight" of a Course
52 Fertilizer and Lime Usage on Bent Greens
56 Detroit D.G.A. Appropriated $2,500 for Turf Research
58 Spalding Building $2-Million Plant at Willimansett, Mass.
60 Details Large Part of Course Upkeep
61 Fine Sand a Cause of Greens Trouble
61 Wet Early Season has Compacted Soils
62 Mass. Governor Visits Spalding Plant
62 Wilson Employees in Factory Idea Campaign
64 Convenience and Beauty in New Scorecards
66 Club "Holds the Line": Fort Wayne CC Cited by Newspaper as Island in Inflation Sea
68 Machine Maintenance has Its Architectural Limitations
68 [Group at the Tifton, Ga. Turf Conference]
69 New Lifetime Tee Markers
69 [Miami Country Club Luncheon]
76 District Grants to Help Green Section Research
77 [Manufacturing News]
77 -Abe Mitchell Dies
79 -O. W. Bentley, Veteran Dealer, Dies
78 Golf Tours Booked for Yank Club Members
79 As You Might Expect - 'Twas a Par-Busting Broadcast
88 Classified Ads
89 Advertisers
90 Table of Contents
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [White Sulphur Springs Golf Resort, W. Va.]
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
25 Harry Bassler's "7 Success Steps" Mean 50Gs a Year
35 Expert Maintenance Shows Profit at Smaller Club
40 California Pros Film State Open in Color
40 R & A Makes Amateur Status Ruling
44 Two Masters Tell Points of Assistants' Training
48 Evanston's Complete Program Solves Caddie Problem
50 Shake-Up Needed in Pro Business, Says Troy
54 Fertilizer and Lime Usage in Bent Green Care 
59 PGA 1948 Championship to St. Louis
60 2, 4-D Spot-Treating Greens
61 "Golf Nights" Popular in Detroit District
61 Florida's Greens Meeting Start Big Program
61 Carnoustie Fund Grows
65 [News of the Golf Industry]
66 -Jersey Golfers Give Vets Memorial Course
67 -Writes History of "Oldest" Club
67 -Topdressing Survey
68 -Easy to Look at
71 -MacGregor's New Branches
80 Classified Ads
81 Advertisers
82 Table of Contents
1947 September
Volume #21, No. 9
1947 Fall
Volume #21, No. 10
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [Course at Ojai Valley, Calif.]
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
21 Glen Oaks Conversion from War Use is Big Job 
23 Jersey Managers Host to Bosses
24 Courtesy and Personal Interest Always Pay Dividends 
28 Ryder Cup Matches Nov. 1 and 2 at Portland (Ore.) GC
29 Making a Team of Green-Committee and Greenkeeper 
30 Los Angeles Manages Its Golf as Big Business 
34 Bag Cart Possibilities Call for Pro Studies 
36 Hillcrest Shows Its Model Clubhouse
37 "Hack" Completes 40 Years as Arkansas Golf Builder 
44 Atlanta's New Peachtree Golf Course to Open Soon
46 Playing Technique Aid to Greenkeeper 
50 Seven Champions in May's International Match
52 Golf Added to Historic Williamsburg's Charms
56 "Hagen Day" Sept. 17; Party at Red Run
56 Hugh Moore Lauded for Service to Macon
57 How Science has Helped My Greenkeeping 
58 2, 4-D Questions Answered by Field and Lab. Tests 
60 Greenkeepers Combine Annual National Tournament and Penn State Meeting
61 Drainage Still a Defect at Many Courses 
62 Bismarck, N. D. Course Brings New Beauty to Its Area
63 Row Rages About Jersey Course Purchase
64 Removal of 2,4-D from Spray Equipment
64 Golfcraft Beats the Heat
65 Nation-Wide High School Program is Launched
66 Greenkeepers' Wartime Job was Possible Handicap
68 Lively Pro Demand for Foundation's New Lesson Book
69 Chemicals Remove Crabgrass
69 [Manufacturing News]
70 -W. D. Richardson, NY Times Golf Expert, Dies
71 -The "Babe" Joins Wilson Staff
73 -MacGregor Plans Expansion in 1948
73 -North & South as Invitation
76 -Innovations Planned for Wilson 1948 Golf Club Line
79 -Left-Handers Active
79 Classified Ads
81 Advertisers
82 S. Cal. Supts. Visit New San Diego Course
82 Table of Contents 
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover: [Aerial View of Interlachen Country Club, Minneapolis, Minn.]
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
31 Maintenance Budgeting Needs Thought, Records, Work 
33 Golf Range Operator's Book Issued by Golf Foundation
34 Geller Survey Sets Pattern for Club Managers 
36 Plan Pro Shop Selling by Study of Records
37 Ryder Cup Team Selected
40 Printed Forms Put Pro Shop Operation on Efficient Basis
46 Don't Change Greenkeepers in the Middle of the Heat
47 Store Authorities Suggest Pro Shop Improvements 
51 Turf Roundup of 1947 
51 [Diagonal View of Quonset Building at Maple Lane GC, Detroit]
57 Service is Key to Successful Pro Shop Operation 
62 Pro and Amateur Notables Honor Hagen at Detroit
63 Charlotte, N.C. Chapter, Club Managers Assn. of America Organized
64 Science, Mechanics and Art in Bent Greens Mowing 
68 Efficiency is Keynote of Better Course Management 
70 Florida's 1948 Women's Tourney Events Set by Club Officials
72 Glass, Important Factor in Modern Clubhouse Design 
73 Goodall Presents Second Golf Film
77 "Club Managers Day": Monday, November 10, 1947
83 19th GSA National Turf Conference and Show
83 Aerator for Greens
84 Manufacturer's Preview
84 -Golf Balls Plentiful in 1948, Research to Best Pre-War Ball
84 -Mac Gregor's 1948 Line of Merchandise Most Complete in Company History
84 -New Springfield Custombilt [Custombuilt] Pro Line Announced for 1948
85 -"Pax" Golf Bags Feature of 25 Models in Production for '48
86 -Hagen Presents Ladies' Line, New Golf Bag & Improved Woods
86 -Complete Line of Equipment Offered by Wilson in 1948
87 -Hillerich & Bradsby Add New Line for 1948 Pro Trade
87 -Hyspeed and Forespot Balls Burke Features for Pros in '48
88 -Worthington Ball Production Up
88 -Acushnet Looks to Banner Year
92 -Liberal Budgets Pave Way for Economical Course Maintenance in Midwest
93 -Course Development in Florida
93 -High Labor Costs Cause Trend Toward Mechanized Equipment
94 -Special Emphasis on Drainage for New Greens in Texas
94 -Chemical Discoveries Aid Course Maintenance
90 Colonial Experiments with Greens
90 Williams Develops Short Spray Boom
91 Research, Education Programs Stressed at Turf Meetings
95 Spike Disc Cultivator
95 Scoggins Plan Opens Nationally Advertised Brands to Pros
95 1948 Interservice Tourney
95 Vines to Coach Golf at Iowa U
95 Jack Garrett, Appointed Sales Rep., MacGregor Golf, Inc.
96 Patty Berg Busy in Shows for Pros
96 [Manufacturing News]
96 Annual Meetings
97 Two-Way Radio Keeps Galleries Posted at International
100 Tests Prove Chlordane Gives Excellent Ant Control
102 Classified Ads
105 Advertisers
106 Table of Contents