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1946 Sections/Selected Titles
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1946 January
Volume #20, No. 1                  
1946 February
Volume #20, No. 2
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [St. Charles C.C., St. Charles, Ill.]
3 Making the Swing: The Golf World's News in Brief
12 Dixie Divots
15 Play and Finances Strong in 1945 Golf
17 Factors in Planning the "Perfect Clubhouse"
18 How St. Andrews Hires
20 Pro Vets Showed Way to Handle Postwar Boom
24 Showmen's Club gets Right Committee Applicants
25 Boom in Tourist Trade to Increase Golf, Experts Say
28 Radio Magnate Reviews Club as an Investment 
30 Chicago DGA's War Events Raise $123,322
30 Harry Turpie, Pro Pioneer, Dies at New Orleans
32 Charles W. Littlefield Heads USGA 1946 Ticket
32 Tom Clapper, Equipment Pioneer, Dies in L.A.
33 Iowa Reports on Summer Tests of 2,4-D
40 Checks 2,4-D Tests
40 Garard Elected Western GA President
41 Redmond, Trick Artist, Teaches GIs on USO Tours
41 11 Aces in 4 Months
41 Caddie Tourneys Proposed
44 Happy Over 1946 Outlook
44 PGA Officers Elected at November Meeting
45 Should Advertise Golf Instruction Value
46 Club Managers Convention to Preview "Tomorrow's Club"
47 Miami, Fla., Jaycees Plan International Amateur
47 Invites Kickers
47 Elect Joe Tonetti
47 Grprs. Elect Jim Ferme
48 Greenkeepers Set Program for 17th National Meeting
50 Southern Revives Amateur
50 New Orleans Mart
51 Greenkeeping Short Courses Announce Schedules
53 Toro Begins Expansion; Goit New President
53 Sport Broadcast Scores
53 Driving Range Idea
53 Novak Club Hot
53 Tucker, Sr. & Jr. at Golf
53 Golf Author Dies
54 How to Improve Postwar Turf Maintenance: Fairways
56 Pix from the Turf Front
56 -[A Tee at Algonquin in St. Louis Filled with Roots]
56 -[Oscar Bowman, Greenkeeper at Algonquin, Points to Moisture Robbing Tree Roots]
56 -[Country Club in Detroit After Sod was Lifted and Tree Roots Removed]
56 -[At Arcola, Sodium Arsenite is Used to Kill Clovers and Weeds]
56 -[Same Tee a Year Later, Treated, Seeded, Free of Clover and Objectionable Weeds]
61 Penn Mower Plant Moved
61 Jim Nichols Joins Spalding
62 JCs and Spalding Join in Sports Promotion
62 Notes from the San Francisco Area
63 Thompson, St. Clair, Shafer and Purvis Return to Spalding
63 Balanced Bag Big Success
63 Classified Ads
64 No. Calif. PGA Installs Driving Range for Vets
64 Wood, Ryder Cup Captain
64 Reissue Metz Book
64 W. F. Gordon Building
64 Swim-Fin Film
66 Table of Contents
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Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [McSpaden Waits Turn as Ghezzi Drives During Los Angeles Open at Riviera GC]
3 Making the Swing: The Golf World's News in Brief
15 Monteith Honored
15 Beg Pardon
17 What I'll have in My "Dream" Clubhouse
19 Managers Set Program for Their Cincinnati Meet, March 10-13
20 Takodah Plans Expansion
20 Wilshire 1945 Meals are 47,300 Over 1935
21 Aulbach Sifts Suggestions for PGA Study Course 
23 Revise Events Program to Increase Members' Play
26 New Era in Greenkeeping Forecast at GSA Meeting
27 How to Improve Postwar Turf Maintenance 
32 Pro Business Outlook Best for Well-Schooled Youths
33 Tipping Problem Growth Perplexes Managers
36 Highlights of USGA Annual Committee Reports
37 Golf's Own Business: Golf's Salaries: A Pressing Problem
40 Controlling Hairy Chinch Bug, Increasing Peril to Turf
42 Fitting the Short Course to Greenkeeping Needs
48 Dolge Retirement Plan
49 Report Lawn Sinox Effective in Weed Control
50 New Royer Powered by Gasoline Engine
51 Austin, Merion's New Pro
51 Scotts get First Danish Postwar Seed
53 Fairway Fertilizing Programs Need to be Accented
54 Crude Rubber Balls After June 1
54 Harry Candy, President of Peter Henderson, Dies
55 D'Angelo Says Pros Quit Game to Earn More
56 Spalding's 69th Report
58 Seymour with Spalding
61 Classified Ads
62 Spalding Makes First Post War Coast Shipment
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1946 March
Volume #20, No. 3
1946 April
Volume #20, No. 4
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [The 615 yd.-16th Hole, Canterbury, Cleveland, Ohio, Scene of the 46th National Open]
3 Swinging Around Golf: The Golf News in Brief
3 Golf Pays St. Pete
8 Arthur Peterson, Pioneer Equipment Dealer, Dies
11 Remember Your Wartime Lessons 
13 Iowa Bent Trials Promise Better Strains
15 Pro Sales Success Depends on Reputation as Expert
16 A Gauge to Assure Correct Machine Maintenance
17 Says OPA Mower Edict Halts Manufacturing
21 How to Control Rodent and Insect: Turf Destroyers
24 How Others do It
24 -[Applying Sodium Arsenite by the Dry Method with a Gandy Spreader]
24 -[Three-Gang Spiker Used for Preparing a Seed-Bed on Weed Treated Tees]
24 -[Method of Introducing Bent Stolons into Tees at Canterbury CC, Cleveland]
24 -[Rubber Doormats Replace Turf on Tees in Spokane, Wash]
24 -[Zoysia matrella Tee at Audubon CC, Louisville]
26 Hot Weather: Creeping Red Fescue
29 Regional Cooperative Research Programs
32 Design for Service and Beauty
35 Wartime Fertilizer Developments and Future Trends
40 Postwar Maintenance Picture
47 Modernize Your Course for Machine Maintenance 
49 Previewing New Materials for the Control of Turf Diseases
53 Watch Drainage as Turf Problem Source 
63 "Why We Hired Horton" Told by Detroit GC Official
70 Get Expert Engineering in Golf Course Construction
75 War Dept. Cites Monteith
76 Wood to Defend Title
76 Dr. Salbury Adds 2,4-D
77 Horton-Bristol in Huddle
77 Alumicast Tee Outfit
78 New Fungicide Tests Show Control Without Injury
79 Haggerty Heads Wilson Division
79 Detroit Considers Caddies
79 [Manufacturing News]
85 Classified Ads
86 Table of Contents
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Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [Sunset Golf Club, Sappington, Missouri]
3 Swinging Around Golf: The Golf News in Brief
27 American Courses in "Almost Too Good Condition," Says Briton
29 Plan Service on Study of Members' Needs
31 21 Problems to Trouble the Greenkeeper
32 [New Clubhouse of Oyster Harbors Club, Cape Cod, Mass.]
33 Bag Cart Traffic is Course Wear Problem
38 Preview Tomorrow's Club at Managers' Convention
44 New Book Helps Sports Planners
46 Homes for Small Clubs
50 Penn State to have 2-Year Turf Management Course
52 Philadelphia Pros Start Teaching Forum
54 "Be Kind to Kids" Wartime Accent Made Permanent
56 GSA in Nationwide Drive for Greenkeeper Members
60 Pros and Radio Stars Open Naval Hospital Course
62 Columbus (O.) Sets National, State and Local Caddie Dates
62 Challenge Recruits Caddies
64 Broker's Book Tells Spalding Story
66 Hagen Predicts Record Winning Score at Cleveland
66 Spalding Renews Sports Cartoon
68 Tourneys Finance Turf Research
70 Rutgers Experts Write Book
72 Midwest Turf Foundation
76 Pro Interchange?
76 New Whirlwinds Soon Ready for Market
76 McGrath, Jennings and Isaacson Join Spalding
77 Wartime Invention Controls Athlete's Foot
78 New Trophy Catalog
79 Stumpp & Walter Exhibit Takes Three Prizes
80 O'Brien Kroydon's Midwest Manager
80 New Gauztex Pro Package
81 North British in New Quarters
81 Rainproof Golf Jacket
81 Classified Ads
82 Table of Contents
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1946 May
Volume #20, No. 5
1946 June
Volume #20, No. 6
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover
3 Swinging Around Golf: The Golf News in Brief
10 Highland, Indianapolis, in Clear
16 With Spalding 50 Years
19 Golf 8th in Schools
19 Bristol Tourney Calendar
21 Faces of 3000 Golfers Help Hawkins Sell
24 Small Cost Improvements
25 Walter McCallum, Dies
26 How St. Louis does It
26 -[E. Anheuser Shows Oscar Bowman of Algonquin, St. Louis, His New Jeep and Three-Gang Worthingtons]
26 -[Soil, Sand, and Fertilizer are Mixed Then Put Thru the Royer]
26 -[Tom Hayes of Meadowbrook, St. Louis, Uses a Rover to Make Topdressing]
26 -[Sam Lyle of Norwood Hills, St. Louis, Uses a Thompson Turforator to Drill Holes in the Greens for Topdressing in the Spring]
26 -[Cross Section with Drill Hole Almost 4 Inches Deep in the Center]
27 Plant New Life into Ailing Club 
29 How Golf Business was in Its Early Days
36 Small Clubhouse Design for Player Service 
38 Over-Crowding Problem Confronts Small Clubs
38 Tulsa Supts. Reorganize
40 New Jersey Reports Results of 2 1/2 Years DDT Use
44 Women's "Trans" Renewed
44 Fee Course Prices Up
46 The Real Caddie Problem 
48 What Research is doing to Improve Turf 
52 Canterbury All Set with Open Plans
54 Greenkeepers Consider Change of Name
56 New Fields can Pay Pros for Golf Promotion
58 Teach Mower Operators More About Machine Maintenance 
66 Women's Western Expands Tourney Program
69 Drastic Changes Coming in Golf Teaching
73 DDT Ends Player Bother by Black Flies
74 Wheaties Given as Hole-in-One Prize
74 Bea's Got a Book
74 William J. McNulty Now VP, MacGregor Golf, Inc.
74 New Golf Rulebook
75 Rubber Dots Return
75 Hagen Augments "Pro-Only" Sales Staff
77 CCC Products Aid Maintenance
78 New Walking Sprinkler Cuts Upkeep Costs
80 New 3-Piece Rainsuit
80 Kaddie Kart New Model
81 Tam Spends 1/4 Million
81 Sayers Opens Club Store
81 Bill Barry Back
81 Jackman Sportswear Co.
81 Greenfield 50 Years Old
81 PGA Tournament Schedule
81 Classified Ads
82 Table of Contents
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Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover
3 Swinging Around Golf: The Golf News in Brief
9 Los Angeles Chips
12 Easy Riding Byron
16 Southern Hills Halts Bermuda Inroads
19 Pro Shops are Clubhouse Architects' Blindspots
21 Source and Cure of Course Drainage Problems
23 Army Wives get Basic Training in Golf
24 Philadelphia Pros in Teaching Clinic
26 U. S. Clubhouses Fail to Achieve Distinction
28 Women's Nat. Collegiate Tourney is Resumed
28 Jersey's Suburban GC has Golden Anniversary
32 Massachusetts GA Issues Caddie Instruction Manual
36 Picket Fence Club Sign
38 Pointers on How and Why of 2. 4-D Use
40 Penna Plan Calls for Semi-Annual Reconditioning of Clubs
41 The Effect of Acidity on Turf and the Chemistry of Acid Soils
44 Range Ball Retriever
46 Keeper of the Greens
48 Golf Museum Exhibit in New York Store Window
50 Les Cooke Dies
50 Morley, Greens Vet, Dies
52 Outlines Training Program for Course Apprentices
54 Relation Between Nozzle Orifice, Pressure, and Speed: For Large Scale Equipment
58 Small Town Chairman does Big League Job
58 D'ya Draw Flies?
65 Icely, Wilson Head, Honored by Presbyterian Degree
66 'Sissy' Trend Spoiling Golf, Says Course Authority
67 Golf Interest Helps Pro in Other Business
68 Federal Judge Orders Club to Rehire ExGI Pro
68 May Pays for Numbers
68 Simple Budget Basis for Thrifty Maintenance 
73 East is Wilson's Ad Manager, Lotz is Assistant
74 [Manufacturing News]
81 Classified Ads
82 Table of Contents
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1946 July
Volume #20, No. 7
1946 August
Volume #20, No. 8
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover
3 Swinging Around Golf: The Golf News in Brief
16 Golf's Investment Future Looks Bright
19 Stocks, Display, Advertising are Tanis Success Keys
23 USGA Simplifies Rules - Asks R & A Agreement
24 Courts Tell Legal Hazards for Club and Player
26 One of the Many Newspaper-Sponsored Golf Events of 1946
28 Charles River's 25 Years Adorn Golf's History
29 Publinks Officials Study Etiquette Education Plan
34 Visions Golf as Sports' Biggest Business
36 Unheeded Mowing Destroys Character of Holes
37 Green Section Action and Plans Discussed at Open
40 Western GA to Select 20 Caddie Scholars
44 How Soil Acidity and Related Factors Affect Turf
48 [Spectators are to be Kept on the "Side Lines" at the Spalding Tournament and Open]
50 Creating "Atmosphere" that Betters Pro Shop Sales
56 Improvement Committee Directs Old Club Modernization
56 New Course at Marines' Largest Base
58 Hazards that are Woeful Wastes
58 Jack Campbell Retires
62 New Angles in Golf Movies Put Ex-GIs in Business
64 Al Johnson Elected Iowa Greenkeepers' President
66 Newton C. Priestley
66 Before Heading for Summer Tournaments
66 Book for Score Analysis
68 George S. May Sponsors Golf's World Title Event
68 Spalding Hooks Up Net Classic
69 [Manufacturing News]
81 Classified Ads
82 Table of Contents 
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Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [Baltusrol C. C., Scene of the USGA Amateur]
3 Swinging Around Golf: The Golf News in Brief
13 Green Valley's New Home
15 Teaching Players the Habit of Coming into Your Shop
18 How Interlachen Came Back After Lean Years' Neglect
19 Extra Tees Add to Course Interest
20 Modernize Albany CC Course
21 Rutgers Announces 10-Week Greenkeeping Course
22 Sportswear Selling a Booster of Pro Shop Volume
28 Red Run's Pro Department Plans Smooth Operations
32 August Front Cover
36 "The" Country Club Catches Up on Its Course Work
40 How to Set Equipment for Desired Application Rate
46 Powerful Ad Campaign Draws Record Crowds to May Show
48 Longer School Golf Season
50 Weed Killing at Oak Ridge C.C.
52 Mid Ocean, the Course that wouldn't Die
54 Win the Beginners
56 Golf is Growing as User of Newspaper Ads
57 Check Machine Calibration
57 States Control GI Golf Job Training Grants
60 Boomer Book Shows Pro Task in Teaching "Feel Habit"
61 Long Range Plans Pay Out at Plum Hollow
66 Colonial Pushes Course Improvement
67 MacGregor Holds First Post-War Sales Conference
67 Mel Johnson on His Own
68 Golf Needs the Help of Your Brains
68 New Floodlight
68 Aluminum Awnings
69 Small Town Model Club
69 Modern Way to Down Trees
70 Howard Hanson & Company Offers New Weed Killer
70 Municipal Golf in Huge Boom
70 Encourages Women Beginners
70 Electric Eye Automatic Tee
70 It's Serious Business
73 Classified Ads
74 Table of Contents
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1946 September
Volume #20, No. 9
1946 Fall
Volume #20, No. 10
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover 
3 Swinging Around Golf: The Golf News in Brief
13 Junior Golf Vital to Smaller Club's Future
15 Practical Aspects of Lime Usage on Turf Grasses
19 Pro Teaching Clinics Neglect Pupils' Psychology?
26 PGA Signs Corcoran and Moore
28 So. California Greenkeepers Ask Turf Research Aid 
29 Canterbury Contouring Gives Spectator Break
30 Greenkeeper's Wartime Work Worked Wonders at Wichita
32 Some Pointers on Tee Design
36 Sound Business Background on PGA Championship
40 May Tells What Tourney Crowds Eat and Drink
42 Reviews Quarter Century of Course Architecture
44 Golf Featured for Army Occupation Troops
46 Jimmy Burns Suggests Five Trick Events
46 Golfdom's Annual Planning Issue
48 Southwest Turf Program is Set Up by Grau-Noer Trip
52 Howard Davis Honored for 25 Years as Ridgemoor Pro
53 Spalding's New Booklets
54 U.S. Adds Ball Plant
54 Plexiglass in Burke Woods
55 Berg Wins $5600 with Women's Open Championship Title
55 New Outdoor Lighting Unit for Golf
56 Burke's Plastic Raincoat
60 George Harrington Returns to USGA Green Section as Asst. Director
62 Clarke and Levinson Win Wilson Golf Event
62 Southern Ohio Pros in Rickey Trophy Play
62 Rhode Island Begins Burke Caddie Scholarships
63 MacGregor Holds Sales Conference
63 Louisville Power-Bilt Sales Representatives Hold 1946 Meeting
64 Scorecard Data Promotes Accurate Handicapping
64 Runyan Great Worker in Teaching Golf to Sailors
65 Play for Polio Victims
65 Classified Ads
66 Table of Contents
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Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [Bellevue CC, Syracuse, N. Y.]
3 Swinging Around Golf: The Golf News in Brief
12 Dedicate Charles Erickson Memorial
13 USGA Awards 1947 Events - To Resume Walker Play
15 Greens Chiefs at St. Louis
16 Cotton British Pro Champ
16 Mac Gregor's New Film
17 Ohio Supts. Meet
17 Golf Anniversary Stamp?
18 PGA Meets Nov. 18-20
18 GSA Meets Feb. 11-14
18 Tennessee Turf Short Course
18 Women's Western Sets Dates
18 Club Mgrs. Meet Feb. 16-19
21 Elements of Good Design for the Pro Shop
22 Cover Picture Echoes Seabee Construction
23 Renovating Fairways with Strong Weed-Free Turf 
24 [12th Green, PGA's National Course, Dunedin, Fla.]
28 Shawnee Trains Younger Men to be Club Officials
29 [Tom O'Donnell's Palm Springs (Calif.) Golf Course]
30 Golf School Teaches Pro How to Score in $
36 Fast Rise of Course Costs Worries Greenkeepers
38 Attractive Folder Lures Social Members
40 Training Program is Help for GI Assistant Pros
42 Club Gives Davis Anniversary Gift
44 Gen. Ike's Home Town Boasts Attractive Club
48 Greenkeepers' Testimonials as Public Relations Help
50 Clubs should Sponsor Young War Veterans' League
52 Pro Must Plan His Public Relations Work
58 Advertise Maintenance Work to Your Members
60 Watson Tells of Houston Municipal Golf Boom
62 Members Rejoice at Golf on Grass, Not Weeds
64 Pro Shop to Help Pro Serve His Members
65 First MRTF Field Day
66 Mashie Wins Annual GSA Tourney
68 Manufacturers See Big Year in 1947
68 -The Haig Tells What He has for Pros
68 -This Building is Course Work Aid
70 -Xmas Gifts, Spring Stocks, should be Pro Thoughts
70 -Pro to have Greater Business and Responsibilities
71 -H & B Adjusts to Meet 1947's Huge Demand
71 -Golf Solves Problems of War's Aftermath
72 -Pros Progress as Merchant Assures 'Happy New Year'
72 -Profit Picture for Pros Better in 1947
72 -Pro Prospects Bright Despite Shortages in 1947
73 -Stainless Steel with "Sweet Feel"
73 -Pro Goods are 1947 Spalding Features
74 -Worthington Mower Plans Large Production in 1947
73 Club Craftsman
74 L. B. Beams with His Busy Bees
78 [Manufacturing News]
88 Classified Ads
90 Table of Contents
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