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1944 Sections/Selected Titles
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1944 January
Volume #18, No. 1                  
1944 February
Volume #18, No. 2
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover
3 Making the Swing: All Around Golf
9 Pacific Northwest Golf in High Gear with War: New Devotees, Mostly Servicemen, Liven Coast's Pay Course Play. Club's Finances Better Than in Pre-War Days
10 This Month's Cover
12 Turf Work Guidance in Rhode Island Report: Report on Experiments with Turf Grass at the Rhode Island Station in 1942
13 Club Party for Pro
16 Northern California Golf "Better Than Expected"
17 Golf in the War
17 -"Many an Honest Heart Beats Beneath a Tattered Coat"
18 -Tune in Arch Ward's Sports Preview: Every Wednesday Night
19 -The "E" for Excellence in War Production
20 Yanks in India Asked $6.04 Per Golf Ball
21 Pro's Quiz Program Livens His Club's Paper
21 Greenkeeping Divots
22 Movie Shows Rules that Golfers Break
22 Urges Continued Promotion of Juvenile Golf
24 Begin Work on Golfers' Course for Military Hospital Patients
24 Philly Pros War Benefit Plan gets $18,000 Cash
24 Acushnet Popular in Africa
26 Morton Bogue Heads USGA
26 Facts About New Officers and Committee Members
27 Nation-Wide Drive to Assure Ball Supply: Club Officials Back Pros in All-Out Effort to Meet Critical Ball Shortage. Act to Collect and Reprocess Millions of "Unplayables" Accumulated by Players
28 Spalding Sends World's Series Film Overseas
28 GSA Directors to Hold Wartime Session
28 Managers Protest Tax Hike
28 Club Managers Call Confab at St. Louis, Feb. 13-15
28 Making Brown Patch Study
29 Recent Golf Elections
29 Wilson Signs Arch Ward Broadcasts
31 Reduces Waste in Club's Bath Department
32 The Clearing House
34 Table of Contents
34 Advertisers
34 What's New in the Industry
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [U. S. Sailors Relax at Berwind CC, San Juan, Puerto Rico, Where Club Members have Been Most Considerate of Service Men]
3 Making the Swing: All Around Golf
9 Association Reports Show Golf in Fighting Form: USGA, Chicago and Detroit Districts, Disclose Realistic Jobs in Meeting Wartime Trials
11 Iowa Authority Gives Course Care Tips
12 Experts Tell Answers to Wartime Problems: Difficulties Many and Tough but These Men Kept Golf Clubs Serving Members
12 -Last Year Showed Us How to get by in 1944
12 -Tough Years are Good for Us
13 -Necessity Taught Us How to Solve Wartime Problems
13 -An Old Master with New Ideas
14 -Beyond "Hello with a Smile" is Hard Work
16 -Keep Club Atmosphere from getting Gloomy
18 -Keep Members Hot for Golf and You'll Help Victory
20 -Lively Publicity Protects Against Slump
20 Pinehurst Tournaments Survive Another War Year
24 Plan to Protect Golf as Postwar Career: Pro and Greenkeeper Shortage Possible in Game's Postwar Boom, Amateurs Advise Pros
27 Golf in the War
27 -America Plays Golf
28 -Looking Ahead in 1944
29 -Doing a Tremendous Job
30 Acushnet Process Receives Third Army-Navy E Award
30 MacGregor Cites Victory Habit as War Workers
30 New England Greenkeepers Review Year's Work
32 P.S.: More About Your Chances of getting Golf Balls This Year
33 Western GA Invites Open Championship Offers
34 Jap Beetle Killer Now Sold Under U. S. Patent
38 Indiana Short Course at Purdue, Feb. 28-29
38 SOS for Yank Clubs
39 Scotch Thrift Gag, No. 986,541,432
39 What's New in the Industry
41 The Clearing House
42 Table of Contents
42 Advertisers
1944 March
Volume #18, No. 3
1944 April
Volume #18, No. 4
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [Short 14th, No. 3 Course, Pinehurst C. C., Pinehurst, N. Car., Scene of the 42nd Annual North and South Open]
3 Making the Swing: The Golf World's News in Brief
6 Around with the Pros
11 Asks Turf Research Plan: Purdue Greenkeepers Meeting Wants USGA to Coordinate State Work
13 Letter from Home
15 Julian Curtiss Passes: Retired Spalding Official, Foremost Pioneer and Promoter of American Golf, Dies
16 Managers in Clinic: Club Managers National Wartime Conference Give Expert Treatment to Operating Ills
22 Joe Roseman, Golf Business Authority, Dies
23 Golf in the War
23 -Will Golf be Crippled?
24 -America's Executives Need Their Golf
25 -Wilson is Producing Materials for War
25 -Army-Navy "E" Award Proves that Sports Equipment is Now Rated as War Equipment
26 War Forced Us to Fill Our Useless Traps
28 Sandy Herd Dies
28 Ideal Power Lawn Mower Holds Distributor Meetings
28 Club Managers Act to Prevent Accidents
30 Labor Up-Keep War Rules: Spark CDGA Greens Meeting
32 We Didn't Fold: California Proves that Harder Work to Continue Golf Strengthens War Effort
34 Aussie Golf Paper Completes Its Twenty-First Year
34 "Golf Club as a Business" Second May Booklet
34 Watch Layering, Fertilizer Excess in Topdressing
36 More V Gardens: Success of Victory Gardening at Clubs Last Year is Basis of 1944 Expansion
38 Pros - Now's the Time to Bear Down on Your Players to Collect Those Old Cuts!
41 Victory Open to Edgewater
41 Classified Advertisements
42 Table of Contents
42 Advertisers
42 Iowa Greenkeeprs [Greenkeepers] to Meet at Des Moines, March 21-22
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover
3 Making the Swing: The Golf World's News in Brief
11 Clubs Tell How They are doing 
14 Turf Research at Ames: Report of Experiences and Research with Fine Turf for 1943* - Project 760
16 Following Through - with the Pros... in Their Drive to Collect Unplayable Golf Balls
17 What's Ahead for the Pro?
18 This Stunt Collected Used Balls
18 Big Ten Event Starts May 27
20 Streamlining Wartime Maintenance 
24 War Agencies Sponsor Chicago Victory Event
28 Iowa Conference 
30 CDGA Dime-a-Round Goal is $50,000: Details of Popular War Relief Plan Offered Other Golf Bodies
31 Golf in the War
31 -Let's Beat the Golf Ball Famine!
32 -He Recommends Golf as a Wartime Sport
32 -Club Presidents can Save Game
32 -Famous Past..Lusty Present
32 -Golfers' Fame to be Immortalized
33 -If Nazis Needed Golf Balls!
33 -Community Effort
33 -Going Great Guns!
34 Down-Town Restaurant as "Duration" Clubhouse
34 How's Installation of Your Dishwasher?
36 Jack Hobens Dies
36 E.V. Creagh Promoted
36 Axel Rain Jacket Popular
36 Metropolitan Amateur Renewed
36 Lighter Bags Solve Caddie Problem
42 Allen Opens Golf Business
42 Women's Western Set Open and Amateur Dates
48 All Set - For Golf's Biggest Prize Event: May Make It $42,500
49 Two Small Cards do Big Business - Quick
49 Braid Joins L. A. Young
49 Classified Advertisements
50 Table of Contents
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1944 May
Volume #18, No. 5
1944 June
Volume #18, No. 6
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [Golfers Outside]
3 Making the Swing: The Golf World's News in Brief
11 Golf Helps Army Rebuild War-Torn Veterans
13 Golf Manufacturers Meet
13 [Jack Burgess Dies]
14 Postwar Planning is Task for Today's Officials
18 Peps Up Members with Lively Wartime Program
20 Expect Record Gate at Chicago Victory Event
20 MacGregor Golf, Inc. - New Name for 100 Year Old Firm
22 How to Build a Job in Pro Golf
25 Golf in the War
25 -Golf has Won a Battle: ...Has a Battle Still to Win...
25 -'44 Golf Off to Good Start
26 -Tennis... Baseball Stars Turn to Golf
26 -Wilson Fights War on Two Fronts
26 -What is 1944 Golf Made of?
27 -Famine?: Starving for Golf Balls?
28 Starts Members with Supply of Selected Balls
28 Western GA Caddie Plan in Demand
32 Course Rehabilitation Needs Noted by Greenkeepers
34 Colorado Springs Golf Course has 25th Anniversary
36 Modernizing Club Policy Accents Family Appeal
39 A New Crop of Old Balls Every Day
40 Refuse $100,000 Profit on Depression-Born Course
42 Worthington Mower Adds "White Star" and Two New Distributors
42 Lew Scott, Pro Veteran, Dies on Course
44 Short Courses and Meetings Eased Wartime Problems
46 Proper Cutting Height Saves Money and Trouble
46 Thiosan Producing Suspended Dealers have Some
47 Cartoons Spark Nation-Wide Spalding Campaign
48 Denver Golf Course Expert Devises Novel Labor-Saving Leaf Rake
48 Scottish Course Play Boomed by Traveling Restrictions
50 Table of Contents
50 Advertisers
50 Open New Proving Grounds for Ideal Power Mowers
50 [Classified Ads]
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover
3 Making the Swing: The Golf World's News in Brief
15 Able Green-Chairmen are Club Keystones
17 Chicago Event Aims at 50Gs for Veterans
17 Watch Trees' Effect on Drainage System
17 Fruit, Poultry, Eggs, and Pigs are Club Sidelines
18 How to Build a Job in Pro Golf
24 Short Courses Prevented Golf Wartime Slump
24 Golf in the Aleutians
26 A White Star has been Added: The Importance of Athletic Equipment to the War Effort has been Sustained
28 Past Years' Study is Helping Upkeep Now
28 Rough Becomes Pathway to the Pantry
29 Wartime Rules Recommended to Chicago Golfers
32 Schools to Help Pros in Postwar Boom
34 Suggests Pro School for Canadian PGA
34 Who'll Give Golf to Fliers?
35 Keep Your Golf Ball Supply in the Safety Zone: The Arithmetic of Each Round Played by the Average Golfer Will Remind You to Keep on Top of Your Used Ball Collections
36 "Honourable Company" 200 Years Old: Edinburgh's Golfers have Earliest Rules of Game
38 What Changes are Ahead for Pro Golf?
39 Safety First by the River Bank
40 [Clubhouse of Patty Jewett Golf Club. Colorado Springs Muny Course, Celebrates Its 25th Year This Month]
42 Lack of Pupil Control is Golf Teachers' Handicap
44 Two Stripes on Lawson
44 Brazil Likely for Golf Growth
44 Ask for Golf Views
44 Art Show at Pinehurst
44 Golf Balls in Overseas Kit
44 How to Make Golf Balls
45 Golf Balls Back in Acushnet Advertising
45 Soldier Wants Score Cards
45 Sees Change in Postwar Clubs
46 How We Plan Operations to Meet Wartime Conditions
48 Keep Your Records
48 Jeeps for Golf?
48 In the Rough
48 Prison Camp Pro
48 Clare at Sound View
49 Is Your Dishwashing Machine Operated Properly?
49 Toro Adds and Promotes
50 Table of Contents
50 Advertisers
50 Tam Sets 83c Admission
50 Classified Ads
1944 July
Volume #18, No. 7
1944 August
Volume #18, No. 8
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover 
3 Making the Swing: The Golf World's News in Brief
11 Managers Find Lessons in Wartime Operations
12 Memories of the Golden Days at Edinburgh
13 Greenkeepers Know Their Stuff
14 Steering Tomorrow's Course for Golf Business
20 May Puts Tournament on Big Business Basis
21 Golf in the War
21 -Golf Marches On!
21 -A White Star has been Added
22 -Backbone... Not Wishbone!
23 -Will It Come to "Daisy" Golf?
25 Not All Golf Champions Will Wear Crowns This Year
26 Propose Nation-Wide Amateur Medal Play Tournament
27 Businessmen Urged to Retain Snap with Recreation
30 Rhode Island Plans Course Maintenance Battle
34 Golf for RAF
35 Yank Fighter Golfers get British Hospitality
36 Miami Area Rediscovers Golf's Cash Value
38 Guest Pros Help in Club Golf Clinic
38 Beats Guadalcanal
38 Calif. Opens Big Field
38 Composting Labor-Saver
39 Supply Dealers View Golf as in Strong Position
42 Swope Park Cordial to Servicemen Golfers
44 Iowa Greenkeepers Re-Elect
45 Purcell Joins Spalding as Promotion Manager
46 Greenkeeper Low Salaries Threat to Golf
46 Watch Caddie Interests
46 Offers Ball Trade
46 Heat Wave
48 New Spalding Poster
48 How to get Members
48 Wife Runs Pro's Range
48 [Rayflex Blades Inexpensive Way to Pep Up Mowers]
49 New Jersey Active in Wartime Upkeep
49 Plane Landings Now a Course Design Factor
49 Manager's Son Decorated
49 Nashville Golf Brisk
50 Table of Contents
50 Advertisers
50 CDGA Splits with Pros
50 Classified Ads
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover 
3 Making the Swing: The Golf World's News in Brief
11 Improve Teaching or Pro Golf is in Peril
13 Green Section Plans to Extend Research Team-Work
14 Jim Floyd, Pro, Dies
14 War Closes Course
15 How Long are Drives of Tourney Golfers?
16 Greenkeeper Considers Design of Postwar Equipment
17 Iowa Tests Chemical Weed Control
17 New York Golfers Plan Hospital Course
17 Golf in England
18 Hendry Helps Keep 'Em Flying 
20 Asks Understanding of Course Care Problems
20 Ace Contest gets Balls
20 Miama [Miami] Open, Dec. 7-10
24 Marines Establish Beach Head on Postwar Golf Boom
26 Competition is the Life of Golf
26 Teaches Convalescent Vets
27 Golf in the War
27 -Golf is Part of America's Future
28 -Golf Hits Great Wartime Stride
28 -[Recycle, Reuse Golf Balls]
29 -Patrick Henry, '44
30 Greenkeepers Lauded for Hospital Greens Work
32 Plan Now for Season-End Golf Ball Collection
34 Johnny Coghill Wounded
35 Do This Now!: And Cinch Your Supply of Golf Balls for 1945
36 Sultan of Swat Back on Air for Spalding
38 Metasalts Plans for Postwar Expansion
38 Acushnet Awarded Fourth Army-Navy "E"
39 Victory Gardens Show Clubs Wisdom of Thrift Policy
40 Classified Ads
42 Table of Contents
42 Advertisers
1944 September
Volume #18, No. 9
1944 October
Volume #18, No. 10
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover
3 Making the Swing: The Golf World's News in Brief
6 [Seaman First Class Samuel]
9 A Challenge to Golf 
10 Sunshine, Fresh Air, Relaxation - Let-Down that Builds 'Em Up
11 Managers Review Experiences in Meeting Wartime Problems
12 British Post War Golf Plans
13 Turf Maintenance - Now and Later
16 Turf Disease Bulletin
16 Midland Hills Meets Maintenance Emergencies
16 GI Pro in Iceland
18 Sound Merchandising Key to Pros' Postwar Position
24 J. S. Clapper, Maintenance Machinery Manufacturer, Dies at Minneapolis
24 W. D. Vanderpool Dies
26 "TAM" gets Golf's Biggest Crowds and Nelson Golf's Biggest Prize
27 Diegel Accents Hands' Importance
30 Members Who Cooperate Deserve Credit for Successful Operation
30 Post-War Plans for Richmond GC are Big
32 Golf Course Feature of New IBM Recreation Center
36 Army Hospitals Benifit [Benefit] from PGA Championship
36 Roundup Brings in Used Balls
37 Miami's Greenkeeper Doubles in Boats and Bunkers
38 [Willie Macfarlane Rated as Smartest Golf Business Man in the South]
40 How Tamarack Hurdled War Handicaps
40 Overseas G. I. Joe Tells of Ball They Use
41 Buzz Bombs vs. Golf Clubs
41 It's the "Barbed Wire CC"
41 Classified Advertisements
42 Table of Contents
42 Advertisers
42 "Flawn" - New Grass
42 Espinosa to Mexico City
42 P. C. Pulver Dies
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover
3 Making the Swing: The Golf World's News in Brief
6 Pro Provides Golf for GI's in Italy
8 Golf Helps Infantrymen
8 Hard Work and Ingenuity Keep Ft. Sill Courses in Shape
9 Marion Hollins, Noted Woman Golfer Dies
11 Plan Now for Postwar
12 N. Y. Muny Golf Receipts Up; Play Down
13 Practical Club Operation
13 Kimbrough, Football Star, Takes to Golf
14 Wartime Machinery Upkeep
15 Mechanical Ball Retriever for Driving Ranges
16 Public Relations and the Pro 
17 Simplified Layouts Will Speed Golf's Growth
18 Social Activities Help Your Club
18 Nelson Quits as Pro: Becomes Executive
19 Teaching Problem Draws Comment
20 Resigns After 21 Years
20 Wartime Golf Course Maintenance
20 Army-Navy "E" for Spalding
22 Planning the Postwar Clubhouse
25 Postwar Fairway Maintenance
29 Melflex Safety Products Again Available
32 British Golf Carries On
34 Turf and Weed Control with Plant Growth Regulators
41 Cost Records Help at Kenwood
42 Wilson Acquires Hagen Golf Products: L.A. Young Golf Company Becomes Division of Wilson Sporting Goods Co. in Expansion Move to Prepare for Postwar Golf Boom
44 Rhode Island Greens Meet
44 Iowa Greenkeepers' September Meeting
46 Worthinginton [Worthington] Mower Adds Two Distributors
46 [MacGregor Resigns as Greenkeeper at Chicago GC]
48 Letter to the Editor
48 Classified Ads
49 Armed Forces get Golf Balls: Civilians Must Wait: Acute Scarcity of Golf Balls Continues to Threaten 1945 Play
50 Table of Contents
50 Advertisers