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1948 Sections/Selected Titles
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1948 January
Volume #22, No. 1                  
1948 February
Volume #22, No. 2
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [Hole 10, Greenbrier Course, White Sulpher Springs, W. Va.]
3 Making the Swing: The Golf News in Brief
15 Cornish Joins "Dick's" Staff at Amherst
19 Old Oakland Revitalized by General Management
24 How Planning Increased My Pro Shop Sales
25 Why Al Ciuci's Shop Sales Increased
28 Fairway Watering Benefits Show Need of More Study
30 Markovich Shows How to Make an Open Pay
33 Building Program Races Against Inflation
36 Wallace to Head USGA at Annual Meet, Jan. 10
36 Golfcraft in New Factory at Chicago
37 Texas High School Students Keen for Golf Classes
40 Nationwide Interest in Golf Program for Schools
42 Southern GA Reports Tifton Turf Research Progressing
44 Southern Calif. Superintendents Inspect Ojai
44 Southern Turf Problems on Docket at Nashville
45 Fessenden Elected Western Golf Ass'n President
47 Caddies Get Cash and Fun at Edgewater Party
47 Sparling Retires After 40 Years
50 Golf Architects Re-Elect; Set Membership Rule
50 Ellis Maples' Builds Clinton
51 USGA to Admit "Associate Member Courses"
54 Dedicate Memorial to Louis Fahrenwald, First Pro Killed in World War II
54 Pasadena Muny Record
54 Courses to be Lighted for Night Play
56 Texas PGA in Big Meeting at Dallas
57 Managers Plan Minneapolis Convention Program
58 Joe Devaney, Michigan PGA New President
59 PGA in Tranquil Meeting Re-Elects Dudley
60 Smart, Carnoustian, Dies
61 19th Annual Turf Conference
61 GSA Exhibitors
64 News from the Manufacturers
71 Buyers' Page
72 Classified Ads
74 Table of Contents
74 Advertisers' Index
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [8th Green at Pebble Beach, Del Monte, Calif.]
3 Making the Swing: The Golf News in Brief
26 10,000 Sq. Ft. Creeping Bent to be Donated to USGA Green Section
27 Oregon Valley Harvests Huge Grass Seed Crop
31 Golf, Major Sports Interest at North Texas College
33 How Murphy Master Merchant Serves His Market
36 Courts Rule on Club's Liability for Injuries
40 Cornell U Turf Conference March 18-19
42 Long Island Leads N. Y. Area in Golf Course Development
44 Pre-Season Letter Brings Business for Sprogell
46 GSA Conference Exhibits Show Latest Turf Management Aids
48 USGA Announces Junior Event; Blasts Rules Evasion
52 Chlorosis: Troublemaker on Velvet Bent Greens
52 -[Spot on Chlorotic Velvet Bent Green Covered Before Spraying Iron Sulphate]
52 -[Close-Up of Chlorotic Spot]
52 -[Velvet Bent is Sickly Yellow and About to Die]
52 -[Bad Case of Chlorosis on Velvet Bent Green in Conn.]
56 Aerifier Makes Quick Work of Cultivating Fairways, Greens
58 Winter Pro Job is Preview of Season to Come
59 Michigan PGA Presents Film Program
62 Velvet Bent as a Manufactured Product for Golf
66 Hundred Attend Texas Turf Conference
66 Negro Pros Sue for $315,000
68 Bermuda-Rye Greens Conversion at Nashville
70 1948 Calendar of Events
72 Shearman and Adams Report on Scotland
74 Spalding Moves into New Philadelphia Office
74 Bad Spring Reflected in Detroit DGA Report
77 News from the Manufacturers
95 Classified Ads
97 Advertisers Index
98 Table of Contents
1948 March
Volume #22, No. 3
1948 April
Volume #22, No. 4
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [View from the Dining Room of the Tam O'Shanter Clubhouse, Chicago]
3 Making the Swing: The Golf News in Brief
29 GSA Convention Notes
30 Demonstration Programs Feature Club Managers' Annual Meeting
31 Love in Bloom Dept.
33 Pros Must Plan Sales Battle as Competition Tightens
35 Club Financial Statements Show Inflation Dangers
38 Willie Dunn, First U.S. Open Champ, Now 84
39 Chlordane Rates High in Insect Control Tests
43 Pretty as a Picture
46 Advances in Turf Management Reported at GSA Convention
52 School Classes Best Field for Pro Golf Build-Up
54 Reno Scores with Washoe Muny Course
56 Glen Head Catches Up After Shutdown of 5 War Years
60 Atlanta's New Peachtree is Pre-Tested by Bobby Jones
62 Goodall Round-Robin Tournament
62 Western GA Expanding Its Caddie Program
64 Restoring Moisture to Localized Dry Spots
64 -[Feser Shows Homemade Gadget to Wet Localized Dry Spots]
64 -[Water Flows Through Piping and Out the Bottom to Water Localized Dry Spots]
64 -[Machine Tipped Back to Demonstrate How It Works]
64 -[Shows Rollers and Holes on Hopper]
68 Minnesota PGA Clinic at U. of Minn., April 5-6
68 Peoria Stages "Best Little Tournament in the Midwest"
70 New Clubhouse in "Ole' Mississippi"
74 Toil, Trouble and Triumph at Small-Town Club
80 What Makes Sammy's Golf School Run
84 Hopes to Rope Prize $$$
86 Applies College Business Course in Pro Shop
88 Pros Aided in High School Golf Program
88 Charley McKenna Wins PGA Seniors; Richter 2d
88 Gets 12 Months Use in White Mountains
90 1948 Calendar of Events
92 Two-Way Course Record Kept by This Score Card
92 Give Club Manufacturing Figures for 1947 - Inventory Low
94 U. of Massachusetts 18th Greenkeepers' Class
94 USGA New Handicap Booklets Available
110 Keen Interest in Turf Program at Philadelphia Meet
113 Sponsors Put Up $25,000 for Western Open
113 Automatic Tee Speeds Up Range Play for Mozel
114 News from the Manufacturers
127 Classified Ads
129 Advertisers' Index
130 Table of Contents
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover
3 Making the Swing: The Golf News in Brief
35 Pro Club-Fitting Service is Selling Point to Accent
36 Hudson Honored by Writers for Contribution to Golf
37 Southern Fairway Management Methods Outlined
40 North Hills' Field Day is Great Tournament Feature
44 Pat Burke Shows How to Bring Small Club Back
48 Planting and Care of New Stolon Bent Greens
52 New Aids Provided for Golf Instruction, Facilities
56 Third Annual National Caddie Championship
56 Rules of Golf, 1948 Edition
58 Junior Program Pays Off for Pros, Clubs and Kids
62 Leveling Bumpy Peat Fairways
62 -[Bumpy Peat Fairway Before Leveling]
62 -[Discing Two Ways]
62 -[Thoroughly Disced Fairway Ready for Rolling and Leveling]
62 -[Peat Fairway more than Six Years After Discing and Leveling]
64 Get the Woman's Slant for Pepping-Up Sales
65 Crosby Honored
68 Bermuda Green Maintenance Methods Detailed
74 Two Women Attend Rutgers Short Course
76 Hole-in-One Contest Puts Spotlight on a Club
80 Gentle Tone in Bulletins Gets Cooperation
82 Insect and Disease Controls Feature Iowa Short-Course
84 USGA First Junior Championship at U. of Mich., Aug. 11-14
86 Expansion of Club Service Economic Aid to Nation
86 "Duino's Members can Beat Mine?" Pfooey, Nutz, etc.
88 Plan Pool Operations to Prevent Trouble
88 Club Finances
90 Suggests Warm-Up Nets at First Tees
96 Wisconsin GA Launches Caddie Service Program
96 Indiana PGA Business Meet, Indianapolis, April 18-20
96 Mrs. Howard Mehlman Dies
102 Memphis CC is Groomed for National Amateur
102 PGA Activities Illustrated in Chart Form for Members
106 Sloppiness Grows as a Maintenance Problem
110 News from the Manufacturers
127 Classified Ads
129 Advertisers' Index
130 Table of Contents
130 Successful Winter at Pro's Dunedin Course
1948 May
Volume #22, No. 5
1948 June
Volume #22, No. 6
1 Cover
3 Making the Swing: The Golf News in Brief
28 Mass. Short Course Concludes with Conference
31 Home Club Pros Make This Tournament Good Business
35 Pro, Greenkeeper, Manager as a Team Make Jobs Better
37 Increasing P(L)AY on the Public Course
40 Organized Schooling Plan Urged by Master Pros
44 New Course and Clubhouse for Myrtle Beach
45 [Ruins of Famed Mayfield CC, Cleveland Dist. Where a $250,000 Fire Blazed April 17]
48 Architecture that Considers the Greenkeeper's Work
49 How to Establish New Stolon Bent Greens Quickly
54 Soil Conditions Show Need for Aeration Program
56 Greenkeepers Annual Tourney; Medinah, Chicago, Oct. 4-5
60 Minnesota and Indiana Pros Meet to Study Business
65 Southeastern Turf Men Meet at Tifton, Ga., Station
68 Pacific N.W. Turf Meeting, Pullman, Wash., May 24-25
70 Drives for Junior Golfers Recruiting Thousands
76 Donald Ross, Architects' Dean, Dies at Pinehurst
78 Luxford Moves to Bring L.A. from Rear in Public Golf
80 Hudson Receives Richardson Trophy at Augusta National
82 Mich. and Ohio Peddlers. "Come All Ye," Aug. 2
82 It's On the House
84 Northland Campaigns for Understanding of Golf Rules
86 Dedicate Marine's Course
86 Massachusetts Section of New England Turf Ass'n Formed
88 If It Pertains to Golf the Shirleys can Fix It
88 Hearst National Junior Tourney
89 Eddie Burke Takes a Bride
95 News from the Manufacturers
112 Classified Ads
113 Advertisers Index
114 Table of Contents
114 Green and Approach Contours Increase Golf's Interest
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [Greenbrier's Re-Opening Drew the Swankieset Gallery]
3 Making the Swing: The Golf News in Brief
35 Negligence is Chief Legal Hazard to Golf Clubs
40 More Profit in Improving than in Pro Shop Alibis
44 Chlordane Successful in Control of Mole Crickets
48 Bertholy Promotes, Sandusky Golf Booms
49 It's On the House
52 What Makes a Course Great is Greenkeepers' Eyes
56 June Beetle, Reconditioning and Drainage Tips Offered
57 [University of Michigan Course, USGA's First National Junior Championship to be Played on August 11-14]
60 Pro's Business Expenses in Big Increase
62 Grub Identification Important Factor in Control with DDT
64 Caddymaster is Mainspring of Caddy Management Plan
66 Show Your Craftsmanship in Club Repairs and Altering
70 Cadmium is Base of New Method of Dollar Spot Control
72 Installing Sod Nursery for Bent Grasses
74 Advertising is Important Part of Pro Job
78 Jaycees have Successful Record in Promotion
78 Supts. and Chairmen Talk Turf at Chicago
80 Homemade Movies Help Pro in Golf Instruction
84 Everybody Learns to Play Golf
86 National Caddie Championship, Columbus, O., Aug. 23-27
100 Western Junior Championship at Purdue Univ., June 15-19
101 News from the Manufacturers
101 -"Gutty" Golf Ball Celebrates 100th Birthday
112 Classified Ads
113 Advertisers' Index
114 Table of Contents
1948 July
Volume #22, No. 7
1948 August
Volume #22, No. 8
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [Ben Hogan Tees Off at the 1948 U. S. Open Championship aat Riviera CC, Calif.]
3 Making the Swing: The Golf News in Brief
23 "On the Job" Research Begins in Illinois
27 Minimum House Account Plan Endorsed by 3 Year Use
28 Being a Pro Means Being a Businessman
29 Getting Greens Turf that You can Control
33 Pros Help New York Police Build Big Golf League
38 Expert Old Club Reconditioning Helps Sell New Clubs
42 Texas Bent Trials May Aid Small Town Greens
45 Simple Methods Solve Course Maintenance Problems
50 What is the Future of Golf Driving Range Operation?
54 Golf Events, New Booklet for Tournament Chairmen
54 1949 PGA Tourney to Richmond, Va.
56 Hydraulic Lift for Greens Aerifier
56 -[Side View of Frame]
56 -[Aerifier Raised by Hydraulic Lift]
56 -[View of Aerified Green]
56 -[Removing Plugs with Old Power Mower]
58 Alert Pro with Eye to Future Puts Emphasis on Juniors
60 Builds Patronage and Goodwill with Free Lessons
62 "Muscles and the Lady"
62 Calendar of Events
64 So. California Starts Turf Research Program
66 Private Club Service at Public Course Pays Pro
70 Managers Association Names Vice-Presidents
71 Sells Parents on Caddy Training Plan
81 News from the Manufacturers
88 Classified Ads
89 Advertisers' Index
90 [Fourteenth Fairway of Brookfield CC, Buffalo, N. Y., 45th Western Open Championship, July 29 to August 1]
90 Table of Contents
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [Golf Course View Through Open Door at Ojai Valley Inn, Calif.]
3 Making the Swing: The Golf News in Brief
22 Green Section Pointers on Summer Greens Care
25 Winter School for Greenkeepers Opens Jan. 3, at Univ. of Mass.
27 Study Women's Buying as Key to Bigger Pro Business
29 Maintenance Procedure for Putting Green Turf
32 Pacific Coast Midsummer Turf Meetings
34 Yardage Balance in Design Equalizes Competition
35 Expert Advises DDT for Crayfish Control
38 Good Office Space Necessary for Pro Shop Operations
41 How Southern Greenkeeper Solves His Problems
44 USGA Green Section Committee Meets at Riviera
45 Schoolboy Tournament Event Great Stimulus for Golf
49 Manager's Job Made Easier by Help from Club Members
50 Planning a Pro Career
52 Denver Greenkeeper Designs Tree Root Pruner
52 -[Pruner Attachment on Hydraulic Lift of Ford Tractor]
52 -[Close-Up of Tree Root Pruner Knife Made from an Old Plow Share Bolted to Beam]
52 -[Cutting Tree Roots Along Edge with Haines Pruner]
52 -[After Cutting Roots, Slit Made by Pruner is Closed by Rear Tractor Tire]
52 -[Using Tree Root Pruner to Cut Tree Roots]
54 Club Managers Organize Lone Star Chapter
54 It's On the House
54 O'Grady Dies
56 Good Appearance is Good Advertising for Greenkeepers
58 High Schools Acclaim Golf as Intramural Sport
61 Lake Placid Changes Name in Tribute to Craig Wood
62 Syracuse Pros Advertise Club Fitting Service
65 How to Recognize and Control Sod Web Worms
68 Bermuda Golf Course Reopens
72 News from the Manufacturers
80 Classified Ads
81 Advertisers' Index
82 Table of Contents
82 Alphatron, New Radioactive Substance, Holds Promise for Turf Benefits
1948 September
Volume #22, No. 9
1948 October
Volume #22, No. 10
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [Gallery Watches E. J. "Dutch" Harrison on the 12th Green at Tam O'Shanter CC, Chicago]
3 Making the Swing: The Golf News in Brief
25 How Successful Pro Merchants Lengthen Selling Season
26 Popular Prices Draw Newcomers to Golf as Galleries
30 Methods and Materials that Develop Weed-Free Turf
31 Greenbrier is Back in Business
34 Architect's Services Needed in Course Modernizing
37 WGA Adds 7 All-Stars to Evans' Scholars
37 Calloway System of One-Round Handicapping
40 Professional Coaching Brings Winning Golf to College
44 Clean Course of Leaves to Extend Play and Profits
50 Role Sub-Irrigator for Dry Spots
52 Ex-Champ Cyril Walker Dies
54 Peddlers have Big Day
56 N. J. GSA Sets Up Fund for Study of Tropical Earthworm
56 Pa. GSA Holds Tourney with Summer Field Meeting
56 Michigan Golfers to Celebrate Hagen Day, Sept. 8
60 Jaycees National Tournament Great Event for Juniors
62 Thatched Roof Makes Picturesque Tee Shelter
67 News from the Manufacturers
68 -[Executives and Staff Members of MacGregor Golf, INc. at Recent Cincinnati Meeting]
79 Classified Ads
81 Advertisers' Index
82 Table of Contents
82 17th Annual Field Day at Rhode Is. Exp. Station
82 Los Angeles Golf Courses get Needed Tax Reduction
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [Ben Hogan Putts Out on 9th Green During Colonial Invitational at Colonial CC, Ft. Worth, Tex.]
3 Making the Swing: The Golf News in Brief
31 Pro Business Shows Good Progress in 1948
32 After the Battle at Gettysburg
33 Construction Improvements Suggested by Supts.
37 [Gene Littler in USJCC National Junior Amateur Championship at Country Club of Lincoln, Nebr.]
40 Tribute Paid "The Haig"
42 Makers Say Pros Prepared to Beat 1949 Competition
47 Florida Course Building as "Show" Job of New Methods
48 Pals Give a Hand to Scotty Chisholm
50 Pros Tell How Jobs are Ably Handled
54 Highlights of Golf Turf Maintenance in 1948
56 -[Team of Tractors Aerifying Olympia Fields CC, Chicago]
56 -[Rotary Hoe Used for Turf Renovation]
57 -[Minimum Water needed When Three-Gang Spiker is Used at Maple Lane CC, Detroit]
57 -[Surface Roots of Nearby Trees Cause Dry Spots]
60 Louisville Free Milk Project, Caddy Welfare Example
61 Clarify Members' Place in Caddy Program
64 Turf Round-Up of 1948
72 Train Pro Assistants in Team Duties
73 George Drennan Dies at Penn State Field Day
74 Hosts Plan for GSA Meet
76 Hydraulic Lift Simplifies Operation of Aerifier
78 New Topdressing "Wud-Loam" Shows Promise in Use on Southern Greens
80 It's On the House
80 Air Drainage Oft-Neglected Item in Construction
82 Southern Turf Association Meets at Cherokee GC
90 Galleti Accorded Recognition for 40 Years of Service
100 News from the Manufacturers
102 -Chlordane Gives Rapid Control of Turf Insects
111 Classified Ads
113 Advertisers' Index
114 Table of Contents
114 Alta Fescue is "Show Window" Lawn at Beltsville