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1950 Sections/Selected Titles
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1950 January
Volume #24, No. 1                  
1950 February
Volume #24, No. 2
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [Lloyd Mangrum Putts on the 18th Green at Inverness CC, Toledo, Ohio]
3 Making the Swing: The Golf News in Brief
25 PGA Raises Dues, Plans More Dollars for Pros
30 Special-Purpose Turf Grasses Developed at Beltsville 
31 Push Southern California Turf Research
32 Golf Writer Fred Proctor Dies
32 Midwestern Shade Tree Conference
34 Sale of Club by Ghost Vote Warns Need of By-Laws Study
38 Harmon Helps Himself by Helping the Member Most 
40 Betty Hicks Co-Author of New Teaching Manual
44 1950 Tournament Schedule
46 National Turf Conference, Show to be Outstanding Event 
50 Local Pride Saves $5,000 in Clubhouse Cost
54 Jim Standish Named USGA Presidency
54 Pinehurst's Frank Maple Dies
56 Modern Machines Broaden Benefits - Cut Costs of Aerification 
56 New England Turf Association Holds First Field Day
59 Western Canada Pros Withdraw from Canadian PGA
59 Stanley Van Dyke New Chicago District GA Head
60 Chemical Application Guide 
62 Greenbrier Gives "Golfer of the Year" Hero Welcome
62 Bowes Named WGA President
64 Texas-Okla. Turf Conference Sets New High in Interest
66 [California Superintendents and Chairmen Meet at UCLA Turf Experiment Station to Learn First Year of Research Findings]
66 1950 Turf Conferences 
67 News from the Manufacturers
80 Classified Ads
81 Advertisers' Index
82 Table of Contents
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover
3 Making the Swing: The Golf News in Brief
29 Merchandising for Pro Shop to Meet Store Competition
30 Tom Cullinan, Asst. Pro, in Medinah CC Show Golf Shoe Section
34 $61,000 Drainage Job Pays Beverly Big Dividends
40 Al Watrous Wins PGA Senior Title
42 USGA Moves to Raise Funds for Permanent Quarters 
44 1950 Tournament Schedule
45 Texas-Okla. Turf Conference Sets New High in Interest
50 Arizona Supts. to Form Maintenance Assn.
52 "Traffic Study" Shows Pro's Big Job and Costs 
58 Sam's 70 Years Young
60 Correcting Windburn Injury Without Interrupting Play 
60 -[Injured Spots in Spring on a Windburned Green Due to Shallow Rooted Turf]
60 -[Greens were Drilled Promptly in Spring, and Holes Left Open to Encourage Deep Root Formation]
60 -[The Green Surfaces Looked Like This While Drilling]
60 -[The Small Amount of Soil Around Each Drill Hole was Removed with a Dandelion-Type Rake]
60 -New White Roots Develop Immediately]
62 Detroit District Report Shows Crowded Clubs
62 Robert Trent Jones Elected Golf Architects' Head
64 National Show to have Latest in Course Equipment, Supplies 
66 Club Managers Convention in Seattle, March 12-15
68 1950 Directory Greenkeeping Superintendents' Associations
70 Tee Off Party Honors Ben
71 News from the Manufacturers
72 -Spalding Precision Forging Assures Quality Club Heads
81 -Minny Golf Booming
87 Classified Ads
89 Advertisers' Index
90 Table of Contents
1950 March
Volume #24, No. 3
1950 April
Volume #24, No. 4
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [Pro George Calderwood at North Hills CC, Milwaukee, Wis., and Below the Lesson Tee at Winged Foot CC, Mamaroneck, N. Y.]  
3 Making the Swing: The Golf News in Brief
37 Superintendents Hold Largest Annual Meet at Boston 
38 Shining Spot in Sunny South
42 Pull of Events Schedule All-Important to Club
43 Chas. Hallowell on New Maintenance Task
46 U. of Florida Accents Golf - Country Club Helps
50 "Dead" Land Restored to Life by Golf Turf Program
51 1950 Tournament Schedule
54 Give Salesman Time; He'll Pay Pro in Ideas
56 Women in Cross-Country Weathervane Open
56 PGA Teachers Name Five Swing Essentials
58 Architectural Features of the Outstanding Course 
60 Increases Fee Course Play
64 The "Bright Look" Appeals in Ft. Wayne's New Pro Shop 
68 Behavior of Named Bents Under Playing Use 
72 Briefs of Committee Reports at USGA Annual Meeting 
76 How Pinehurst Prepares Turf for Winter Play 
80 Comfort of Non-Playing Guests Helps Driving Range Patronage
82 "When the Divil is Nibblin' Yer Niblick"
84 Northwest Greenkeepers Plan Spring Meet
86 Need and Use of Potash in Turf Development 
105 Water Management Emphasized at Rutgers Short Course
107 Chicago District Making Costs Survey
108 News from the Manufacturers
119 Classified Ads
121 Advertisers' Index
122 Table of Contents
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [50th North and South Amateur Championship to be Held at Pinehurst, North Carolina, April 17-22, 1950]
3 Making the Swing: The Golf News in Brief
31 Cornell's 3d [3rd] Turf Meet Boosts Turf Standards
35 College Training for New Pro Careers 
36 "My Greatest Day in Golf" Told by 51 to Darsie
36 A Sales Talk by Revolta
37 Fumigating with Gas Controls Bermuda Grass in Greens
41 Kennedy, Muny Course Pro, Wants Women's Publinx
44 Food Cost Controls Needed for Efficient Club Management 
48 Tips for Architects in Pro Shop Planning 
50 Wm. Johnson Heads S. Calif. Supts.
50 Park Executives' Annual Meet in Dallas, Sept. 25-28
52 Chlordane Controls Japanese Beetle Larvae in Turf
55 The University of Minnesota Opens a Driving Range 
64 Golf Range Pupils Teach a Pro to Teach 
66 Stress Fertilizing, Drainage, First Year of a Course
68 Maintenance that Makes a Course Outstanding 
72 Club Managers Elect Bangs at National Convention 
74 Pro Shop Arrangement to Lure Sales 
76 Pools Keep Young Blood Stirring
78 U. of Mass. Turf Meet Stresses Economy, Labor Maintenance
82 Golf Now in the Dude Ranch Capital, Wickenburg, Ariz.
84 Western Junior at Notre Dame
84 Steers the Drive
84 It's on the House
86 Play Golf, Greenkeepers Told at Purdue Turf Conference
88 1950 Tournament Schedule
90 Extend Prize List
90 How Phosphorus Function in Turf Production
92 Jaycees Add Course Building to Tournament Promotion
107 News from the Manufacturers
119 -Zaun Conducts Tests on Southern Turf
120 Classified Ads
121 Advertisers' Index
122 Table of Contents 
122 "Golf House" Campaign Begun by USGA
1950 May
Volume #24, No. 5
1950 June
Volume #24, No. 6
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [Looking to the 18th Green at Winged Foot During Play of the 1949 Walker Cup Matches]
3 Making the Swing: The Golf News in Brief
35 Make It Easy to Buy in the Pro Shop 
37 At Illinois PGA Annual Spring Session
40 Factors in Producing Good Turf Quickly 
46 Workmen's Compensation Laws Show Club Liability 
47 Marines Increase Golf Facilities
50 There's Pro Profit in Good Assistants 
52 Five Bids for 1951 Jaycee National Junior Tourney
52 Peddlers' Set July 31
54 Casey, Famed Showman, Gets into Golf Business 
60 Planning to Remodel the Ailing Green
62 Save $2 1/2 Million Taxes with More Courses
64 First Year as Pro Demands Careful Planning 
66 Under Sheltering Palm
68 Setting Your Par for Course Maintenance 
72 Glass Brings Outdoors into New Clubhouses 
75 Cy Foster Tells Why "Golf is Easy"
75 Soil Alteration Watched at Bel Air, Los Angeles
76 1950 Tournament Schedule 
76 Sarazen's New Book is Championship Reading
76 Ed Tabor Heads Central Penn. Supts. Assn.
78 Supts. and Green Section Set Turf Confab Dates
78 Northwest Greenkeepers have New Turf Association
78 Round-Up of Golf News in Golfers' Year
80 NY-Conn. Turfmen in Brisk Meetings
80 Hoosier Pros Hold Spring School
92 News from the Manufacturers
112 Classified Ads
113 Advertisers' Index
114 Table of Contents
114 What Fred Said
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [Crowd Watching Ben Hogan on the 18th Green of Greenbrier's Old White Course, White Sulpher Springs, W. Va.]
3 Making the Swing: The Golf News in Brief
24 Minn. PGA Meet Held at Univ., Clinic Attended by 1200
27 Tell Members What Makes Their Golf Enjoyable
31 How Insurance Plan of Club Financing Works
33 Sailors' Snug Harbor
33 Chaney Heads Managers 1951 Convention Committee
36 Progress in Control of New Pest, the Stinkworm
40 Lightning on Offense at Notre Dame
42 "Conditional Sales Contract" Increases Easy-Pay Sales 
43 It's on the House
46 Sound Planning of the Country Club Pool
48 Factory for Maintenance 
53 Place Cups and Tees - and Merion's Ready for Open
54 Six New Books Come to Golfers' Market: Novak, Middlecoff, Snead, Berg, Igoe and Merrill Produce New Works
56 NE Wisconsin Officials in Fourth Annual Session
58 Corcoran Sells Committee on Right Plan for Shop
60 N.Y.-Conn. Turf Meet Answers Questions
62 Twin Short Holes Feature Nassau County Course 
66 Top Pro Stars Aid Jaycees in Junior Golf Promotion
68 New Jersey's Turf Program Unites Research, Teaching
70 Hoosier Pros Finish Day's Work
72 Material for the Pro's Public Speaking 
74 Met PGA Elects Inglis Prexy, 23rd Time
74 Snead "Shooting Par" on London Record
76 New 18-Hole Course Ready at Univ. of Illinois 
79 Etonic Shoe Offers Prizes for "Daffy" Shots
79 Troon Club, British Open Host, 72 Years Old
80 Central NY PGA Holds Spring Meeting
89 News from the Manufacturers
96 Classified Ads
97 Advertisers' Index
98 Table of Contents
98 1950 Tournament Schedule
1950 July
Volume #24, No. 7
1950 August
Volume #24, No. 8
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [College Youth Watch an Approach Shot During the 1949 NCAA Championship at the Iowa State College Course (Ames) Where the 1950 USJCC National Junior Amateur will be Played August 13 to 19]
3 Making the Swing: The Golf News in Brief
23 College Courses Help the Pro Check Business Operation
28 U. of Mass. Offers Two-Year Course in Turf Management
32 Shot-by-Shot of Open's Triple-Tie in Diagram
36 $1,000 Redecorating Job Gives Williamson New Pro Shop
40 Soil and Its Maintenance for Turf Betterment
44 Local Newspaper Tie-Up Aids Popular Father-Son Event
46 Adjust to New Conditions to Keep Pros in Market Lead 
50 USGA Competitions for 1951
52 270 Attend Southern Calif. Turf Conference
54 New USGA Home
62 News from the Manufacturers
72 Classified Ads
73 Advertisers' Index
74 Table of Contents
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover 
3 Making the Swing: The Golf News in Brief
27 Golf Beats the Gun - Gets into Fighting Shape
28 Hogan gets Champion's Champion Award
29 Hartman Heads Iowa Greenkeepers
32 Fertilizer Solution Use in Turf Maintenance 
33 Texas A&M College Completing Course
36 Pros Help LaPorte Juniors get Started in Big Golf Program
40 Potassium Cyanate Passes Crabgrass Control Tests
42 Selling Service Ideas Used by Harbert in New Shop
44 New York Water Shortage Drives Clubs to Wells
48 Training that Qualifies the Pro to Serve His Club Well
50 N.Y.-Conn. Supts. get Tree Expert's Advice
52 Sawdust Shows Value as Top-Dressing Humus
54 Chinch Bug Control 100% by Chlordane Emulsion
56 Park Officials Need to Know More About Pros
57 Reach Compact Course for Philadelphia Park
58 Redmond Puts Showmanship in Golf School
65 News from the Manufacturers
71 All is Joy at Tourney Club
72 Classified Ads
73 Advertisers' Index
74 Table of Contents 
1950 September
Volume #24, No. 9
1950 October
Volume #24, No. 10
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [Typical Gallery Following Play on the 14th at Merion GC During the USGA Open. Attendance Reported to be Largest in History of Event]
3 Making the Swing: The Golf News in Brief
25 How Golf Figures Its Place in War-Time Economy
26 West Point Golf Interest "On the Double"
30 Better Turf on the Way in Southern California
33 L. B. Icely, Golf Leader, Dies 
33 Walter Ring Dies in New Rochelle
36 Report on Turf Field Days
36 -New Jersey Turf Field Day
36 -Philadelphia Turf Field Day
38 Economy Session Feature of Green Section Conference
40 NGSA Tournament, Sept. 18-19 at CC of Lansing, Mich.
40 USGA Host to National Amateur Field
40 Golf Lines Up in National "Kids' Day" Campaign
42 Thacker Blasts Par to Win Golf Peddlers' Tournament
42 Twenty-Eight Caddies Awarded Evans Scholarships
42 Agronomists to Present Turf Studies at Meet
53 Schorr's Shop Brings Them In
54 [News from the Manufacturers]
54 -Fred J. Bowman Elected Pres., Wilson Sporting Goods Co.
64 Classified Ads
65 Advertisers' Index
66 Table of Contents
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover
3 Making the Swing: The Golf News in Brief
29 Turf Round-Up of 1950
38 "What Can I Do to Give My Members Best Pro Service?" 
40 Calendar does Nifty Job of Advertising Events
41 Study Golf's Place in Nation's Defense Plan
41 Patty to Help Veterans
44 Deluxe Course First Step in Suburban Planning 
46 Minnesota Superintendents Hold Fall Roundup and Tournament
48 Expert Reports Close-Up on Continent's Turf Problems
52 Know How to Fit Clubs is Pro Sales Service "Must" 
53 Annual Turf Conferences 
56 Mexican Golf Club and Spirit Arouse American Admiration
59 N.Y. Conn. Stage Field Day at Rye, N.Y.
62 Elements that Make the "Dream" Golf Course 
64 Claude Harmon Studies the Golf Teaching Business
68 Caddie Minimum Wages Proposed in New York State
70 Jaycees Make National Event Big Week for Junior Golfers
74 Manufacturers See Promising Year for Golf in 1951
80 Hold Fourth Annual Field Day and Conference at Tifton
85 Central Plains Turf Meet at Kansas State, Oct. 25-27
92 News from the Manufacturers
103 Classified Ads
105 Advertisers' Index
106 Table of Contents
106 22nd National Turf Conference and Show to be NGSA's Biggest
106 Supts. Combine Work with Play at Annual NGSA Tournament