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1951 January
Volume #25, No. 1                  
1951 February
Volume #25, No. 2
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [18th Green at Saucon Valley Country Club, Bethlehem, Pa.]
3 Making the Swing: The Golf News in Brief
21 Golf Business Moves Toward Wartime Basis in 1951
23 Golfdom Starts Its 25th Year 
26 Suggestions for Early Season Golf Turf Maintenance
30 PGA gets Down to Business: Novak Administration Re-Elected at Constructive Annual Meeting
32 Current Officers Nominated to Head USGA in 1951
33 Clover, Chickweed Eliminated in Turf Improvement Program
36 Make Most of Utility Features in Planning Pro Shop 
38 1951 Tournament Schedule 
40 22nd National Turf Conference to be Greenkeeper's Biggest
41 Managers' Convention Opens at Dallas, Tex., Feb. 7
41 Plan Women's Entertainment at NGSA Convention
42 Get Advice of Experts in Improving Pro Shop 
44 Yanks and Mexicans in First Team Event
44 Midwest Shade Tree Conference to be Held in Chicago
46 Notes from Western GA
48 Annual Turf Conferences 
50 Take Equipment and Supply Deliveries Now or ?
50 Green Section Published a Classic; "Turf Management"
51 Golf Courses - Design, Construction and Upkeep. Published by Sutton & Sons, Ltd., Reading Eng. Price $5....
53 N. Y.-Conn. Group Sponsors First Turf School
54 Etonic Awards Prizes for "Daffy Shot" Contest
54 [Manufacturing News]
63 Classified Ads
65 Advertisers
66 Table of Contents 
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [Eleventh Green of the Hope Valley CC, Durham, N. C.]
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
27 Act Now, Course Equipment and Supply Dealers Warn
32 Five-Year Remodeling Program Makes Pro Shop Popular Spot 
33 Club Sales Up 20% in 1950
33 Northern Calif. PGA Used Club Prices
36 25th Year Sees NGSA Stage Top Conference and Show 
38 DuPont Club, Courses, Prize Exhibit of Employee's Golf 
40 N.Y.-Conn. Turf Men Elect Twombly
41 Teach Golf Better by Learning What Goes on Inside Pupil 
44 Golf Grows in School Sports Program
45 New and Improved Chemicals Boon to Turf Maintenance 
46 Midwest Park Executives at Chicago, March 14-15
46 Annual Turf Conferences 
48 USGA Annual Report Shows Highest Membership; 1,448
48 USGA Names Walker Cup Team
50 Pre-Season Pro Letter that Got Business
50 Tunis Revises "Sport for the Fun of It"
52 Strive for Friendly Atmosphere in Laying Out Pro Shop 
54 Suggestions for Early Season Golf Turf Maintenance 
58 Emergency Fairway Watering
60 U. of Mass. Turf Conference Program to be Different
60 Purdue Turf Conference March 5-8
61 1951 Tournament Schedule 
62 Report on Southern Grasses 
64 Babe Watrous Beats Kid Hutch for PGA Senior Title
65 Sargent Carries Group Insurance at Pro Shop
66 Golf Architects Elect Langford President
67 Fifth Texas Turf Conference at Texas A. & M., Feb. 12-14
68 Dates of Wash. State Meeting Changed to March 21, 22
73 [Manufacturing News]
79 Classified Ads
81 Advertisers
82 Table of Contents
1951 March
Volume #25, No. 3
1951 April
Volume #25, No. 4
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [Byron Nelson Sinks Putt on First Hole of Pebble Beach]
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
22 "Perfect Golf Course" Always Will be a Mirage
25 Nut Grass Eradication with Methyl Bromide
28 Study Shows Effect of Height of Cut on Roll of Golf Ball
29 Ferguson Takes Year's Leave from USGA Green Section
31 Managers Plan Adjustment to Defense Economy 
33 Golf Programs Demand Pro Planning Now
36 How to Measure Soil Moisture and Conserve Water, Labor
40 Menke's New All-Sports Record Book Issued
42 Mac Shows the Master's Hand in Pro Shop Operation
44 Converting to Bent in Tenn. Saves on Maintenance
46 Increase Capacity for Play by Streamlining Course
48 Soil Aeration Prime Factor in Development of Turf
52 Hahn's Shop Display Motto: "Keep It Clean and Neat"
53 Hogan Makes Movie a Pro "Documentary"
56 1951 Tournament Schedule 
58 Study Shows Management Big Factor in Club Success: A Study of 17 Clubs in Six Eastern and Midwestern States
60 Municipal Golf Featured in Recreation Conference
62 How to Identify and Control Dutch Elm Disease, Oak Wilt
66 Time Accounting Shows Many "Outside" Jobs
68 Orlick does Outstanding Job with Junior Golf Program
70 USGA Clarifies but Makes Few Changes in Rules
70 Good Night, Sweet Par
72 Warns Clubs to Meet Unfair Tax Threat 
83 Indiana PGA Spring Meeting to be Held April 11
84 So. Calif. Turf Conference Scheduled for April 30
84 Ill. Section, PGA, Meets in Chicago, April 9
88 News from the Manufacturers 
95 Classified Ads
97 Advertisers
98 Table of Contents
98 Univ. of Mass. Puts Turf Meet on Big Business Basis
98 Golf Ball Sales Up 35% in 1950
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [Annual Dogwood Tournament Held at Druid Hills GC, Atlanta, GA.]
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
31 Golf's Radio and TV Shows Need Fresh Showmanship
32 Golf Writers Name Tufts Their Man of the Year
32 1949 Golf Equipment Sales Over $30 Million
33 How to Make Tees Better for Play
36 Pro Shop Shows Club Class 
37 Western Golf Assn. has New Caddy Book
40 What do You Know About Law Regarding Club Liability?
42 Where It's Always June
44 Purdue's Annual Turf School Studies Wartime Methods 
48 Group Instruction Problems Test the Professional 
49 Biggest Golf Meeting
52 How to Eliminate Mosquitoes from Outdoor Play Areas
56 Women's Apparel New, Big Sales Feature for Pros
59 Golfers Ask "Fair Deal" on Green Fee Tax
59 Alameda (Calif). Studies Muny Course Operations
59 Central Plains Foundation Field Day June 12
60 University of Mass. Turf Meet Staged as Work Conference 
64 McLaren Heads Midwest Turf Foundation
66 It's a Marshmallow World - Like Hell for Supt.
68 Cowen Tries Hand at Acting Decides to Stay with Golf
68 Hogan's "Follow the Sun" Tees Off at Ft. Worth
80 [News from the Manufacturers]
88 Classified Ads
89 Advertisers
90 Table of Contents
90 Turf Mgrs. from 5-State Area Attend Northwest Conference
1951 May
Volume #25, No. 5
1951 June
Volume #25, No. 6
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [Sam Snead Putts on the 18th hole at Merion GC, Philadelphia]
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
27 Pro Shop Inventory Now Requires Close Study
32 Maintenance of Tees, Roughs and Traps Needs Attention
36 "Spring Training" Opens Campaign for More Play
37 Locate Displays in Shop Traffic Paths
40 Planning a Business Career in Professional Golf
44 Root Systems get Air-Treated
44 -Tight Turf Treated at Ozaukee
45 -Aerifying at Shaker Heights
44 Hill Tells NY-Conn. Supts. of Oregon Seed
46 Fly Control Problem Gives Country Clubs Trouble
48 The "Homey Air" Warms Buyers
49 Plenty of Balls, McCarthy Tells Illinois PGA
52 Superintendent's Job is Far Bigger Than Greenkeeping
54 Mike at the Mike on Silver Anniversary
54 Montana-Wyo. Meet Learns Turf Helped by Skim Milk Powder
56 Nelson's Teaching Features Indiana Spring Session
56 Texas PGA has Full Week of Play, May 28 - July 4
58 Wartime Methods Studied at Purdue Turf Meet
61 Central Pa. Greenkeepers Set Season's Program
62 Hope Becomes 'Honorary Dad'
62 Says Pros don't Know Their Cost Percentages
63 Watrous Clinic Highlights Michigan PGA Meet
73 [Manufacturing News]
80 Classified Ads
81 Advertisers
82 Table of Contents
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [Home Stretch of South Bend CC, Ind.]
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
25 Pros Help Jaycee Junior Golf Through Radio
27 Assistant's Training is Mark of a Good Pro
28 Scorecards Tell the Story
29 Avoid Trouble with Greens by Studying Fertilizer Needs
33 USGA Competitions for 1952
36 Taconic - Before and After - Trees
37 Farrell's New Book Treats the Week-End Golfer
40 What Pros should Know About Golf Club Specifications 
45 Tests Show Chemicals Control Weeds in Sand Traps 
50 Taxes Change Estate Links to Private Clubs
52 New Trapping at Oakland Hills Will Test the Best
54 The Modern Note in Pro Shops 
56 Successful Supt. Must be Human Relations Expert
60 Short Approach Course Community Asset
70 Southern California Holds Third Turf Conference
73 [Manufacturing News]
80 Classified Ads
81 Advertisers
82 Table of Contents
82 Reach Agreement on Rules of Golf - Stymie Out
1951 July
Volume #25, No. 7
1951 August
Volume #25, No. 8
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [Sam Snead Swings on the Ninth Green of Oakland Hills]
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
23 A New Chemical Control for Clover in Turf 
29 Green Section's 2nd Edition Turf Research Review Ready
32 Harry Todd's Pro Shop has Class and Working Room
34 1952 Jaycee Junior to Eugene, Ore.
36 Do Provisions of Your By-Laws Safeguard Club or Member?
40 Landscaping the Course for Beauty and Upkeep Thrift 
41 Lefthanders Battle Par Here July 30
42 Simple Maintenance Cost Records are Urged
44 Why the Members Think They Hired a Pro
46 Midland Course Great Exhibit Modern Golf Turf Science 
50 Stolon Method of Planting and Developing Putting Greens 
51 Milwaukee Parks Host to U. S. Amateur Linksmen
54 Superintendents Tell Why Nurseries are Needed
55 Group Instruction Program Must be Wisely Organized
56 Pulver Widow and Son Need Help. Quick!
56 Pro Shops Pretty if They Sell
56 Sheltered Driving Range Tee for All-Weather Practice
57 Horton Bristol Sponsors Sub-Teen Golf Tourney
58 Survey Shows College & Univ. Courses Valued at 10 Million
60 George May Ups All-American, World Event Prizes to $77,600
60 Frank Donovan Advertises
61 Central Plains Foundation First Field Day Draws 92
62 Factors Affecting Turf Growth Measured by Point Quadrat
62 Southern Calif. Golfers Launch Big Junior Program
62 Southeastern and Florida Turf Groups Meet
62 Coming Turf Events 
66 [Manufacturing News]
72 Classified Ads
73 Advertisers
74 Table of Contents
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [385 Yard 10th Hole of the Town and Country Club, St. Paul, Minn.]
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
19 Pabst Scores with Tourney
21 Business School Plan is Need of Pro Golf
22 Cheapest Stunt of the Month
23 Maiden Tour of American Pros
26 Planning and Budgeting Maintenance Operation
29 Shortages of Maintenance Equipment and Supplies
29 Honored for 33 Yrs. Service
29 Iowa Greenkeepers Change Name
32 Public Golf in England Thrives on Adversity 
33 Coming Turf Events
34 Pros Exchange Stocks to Reduce Inventories 
37 Creeping Bent Fairways Need Rough Treatment
37 -[Localized Dry Spot Injury on a Watered Creeping Bent Faiway, Facing South]
37 -[Creeping Bent Fairways Aerified to Thin the Mat and Promote Penetration of Air and Water]
37 -[Surface of Fairway After Aerifying]
37 -[West Point Links Mat Used to Crumble Soil Plugs]
40 Reservations Solve Tee Time Problems for Muny Course
41 What'll You have Joe; $2,750?
41 Boost Greenkeepers
42 Sales Charm at Saucon Valley 
44 New Approach to Control of Crabgrass and Poa annua 
46 Research Boosts Seed Yields of Japanese Lawn Grass
46 USGA Green Section Turf Field Days, Oct. 7-9
48 Univ. of Michigan Builds New $300,000 Clubhouse
52 Integrated Display Moves Pro Shop Merchandise 
54 Hall's Rebuilt Greens Beat Kansas Heat
56 Good News About Trees for Golf Clubs
58 Outlines Golf's Place in Physical Ed. Program
60 Pro Uses Local TV to Develop Community Interest in Golf 
61 Grip Expert Dies
62 Book Reviews 
62 Slot Machine Loss Bump to Clubs
63 U. of Mass. Annual Ten Weeks Winter School Begins Jan. 7
63 Experimental Plots in Sight for Midwest Supts.
64 Deadline for Ryder Cup Point Reckoning Set by PGA
64 Carolina Junior Grows Up
65 PGA Ass't. Tourney Dir. Dies
66 [Manufacturing News]
68 Johnny's Youngest Pupils get Started Right
72 Classified Ads
73 Advertisers
74 Table of Contents
74 Greenkeepers Change Date of National Tournament
1951 September
Volume #25, No. 9
1951 October
Volume #25, No. 10
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [Clubhouse of Sand Point CC, Seattle, Wash.]
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
21 Pros Tell Successful Ideas for Late Season Selling
23 Clubs Reap Benefits by Supts. Attending Turf Meetings
27 Pro Department Tunes in Profits for Resort
30 The Rough as a Factor in Golf Architecture 
32 Attractive Open Display Sets Off New Pro Shop 
37 Disease Damages Bent Greens During Extreme Texas Heat
38 A Two-Year Turf Maintenance Course for the Southeast
40 N.Y.-Conn. Turf Men Honor Butler and Bengeyfield
40 Mrs. Ralph Bond Dies at Madison, Wis.
42 The Juniors have Their Day: Foresighted Professionals, Club Officials and Associations are Giving Enthusiastic Youngsters Their Greatest Year in Golf
44 Pro Shop Problems Solved with Able Assistants 
46 27 Caddies get Scholarships Under WGA Program
46 Exhibition Headliner at Six
48 Illustrated Scorecard Aids Guest Golfer
48 Joint Code of Golf Rules to Bring Many Changes
49 Shows Need for Water Analysis Before Tree Planting Program
49 PGA Fall Tourney Schedule
50 Sad, Sweet Song of the Old Green-Chairman
52 Jaycees Sponsor Biggest Event, Seven Pro's Sons Entered
52 Coming Turf Events
60 [Manufacturing News]
63 Classified Ads
65 Advertisers
66 Table of Contents
66 Tentative Program Set for N. Calif. Turf Meet
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [Scioto CC Clubhouse, Columbus, During 1926 National Open]
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
37 Golf Manufacturers, Dealers, Look Cautiously at 1952
39 Play Bought This Town
42 Turf Round-Up of 1951
52 Income Tax Details that Save Money for the Pro
53 Pee Wee League Tees Off in Conn.
54 Head Man is Whitehead
56 Course Maintenance Becomes a Big Business Task
60 Pro Golf Grows to Big Business in 25 Years
60 PGA Championship, June 18-24, Big Springs, Louisville, Ky.
62 Golf's Constant Search for Better Business Methods
62 1952 Turf Conferences
64 22 Yrs. Progress in Aerifying Turf
69 The Combination that Made 25 Miracle Years in Golf
69 Short Course Value is Up to You
72 Small Shop with Big Sales from Close-Up Displays
76 Promotion of Golf's Appeal is Building Market
76 Club Managers Association is 25 Years Old
77 Past, Present and Future of Turf Maintenance
82 Inventory of Sales Ideas Finds Pros Well Stocked
86 Write a Check List of Fall and Winter Course Work
88 Lift Ban on Course, Range, Clubhouse Construction
90 Pro Shop Nerve Center of Golf Program
91 Big Saving in One Idea from a Meeting
92 Minimum Equipment List for Average 18-Hole Course
94 Modern Maintenance was Born in Trouble
95 Brains Pooling Biggest Factor in Maintenance Progress
95 Chemical Advance Greatest of 25 Years on Courses
96 Quick Use of Research has Speeded Supt's. Progress
98 Florida-Georgia Turf Men Organize
99 Progress in Maintenance has Influenced Course Design
99 Pride in Fine Courses a Spur to Supts.' Progress
100 Five Major Developments in Course Improvement
102 Progress that Looked Nearly Impossible
103 Silver Anniversary for the Supts.' Assn., too
104 No Lull in Sales Planning of Successful Pros
107 Work, Brains and Money Speed Progress of Golf in South
116 Turf Meetings Save Club Money with New Ideas
116 Southern California Turf Conference, Nov. 14
124 [Manufacturing News]
134 -Worthington Recalls Early Days of Gang Mowing
138 -Snow Mold Outlook is Promising
139 -Milorganite Celebrates 25th Year
133 "Jigger Jim" East has Made 123 Aces
143 Classified Ads
145 Advertisers
146 Table of Contents
146 Paul Schurtz Wins National GCSA Tournament at Purdue