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1953 January
Volume #27, No. 1                  
1953 February
Volume #27, No. 2
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [18th Hole at Southern Hills GC, Tulsa, Okla.]
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
25 Youngsters Must Get High Rating in Pro Attention
28 Heart of America Supts. Elect Day President
29 Cutting Maintenance Budget Often Unwise Economy
32 The Desert Blossoms: Dr. E.J. Workman, President, New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, and Jim Voss, Michigan State Grad, Transform Wasteland into Attractive Course at Socorro, N. M.
36 Western Golf Assn. Elects McGiveran to Presidency
40 Course Supts. Set Program for Atlantic City, Feb. 8-13
41 Nause Elected Pocono Turf Assn. President
41 Heffelfinger to be Re-Elected USGA Head
44 The Pro as an Executive 
44 GCSA Nominates Strong for Presidency
46 "Sister" Suggs Tours Hawaii
46 Sports Goods Dealers Meet at New York, Jan. 23-24
48 PGA Convention Studies Selling and Teaching 
50 National Golf Fund Votes Additional Payments
50 Ladies' PGA Played for $85,000 in 1952
50 Salas, Mexican Golf Editor, Dies After Motor Crash
52 Turf Roundup of 1952
53 1953 Turf Conferences 
56 Smith Re-Elected at Busy, Peaceful PGA Meeting
57 Plein Elected Mississippi Valley Supts. Chief
57 Hazards in "Insane Open"
57 Court OKs Muny Course Racial Segregation
58 Maxwell Rated Muskogee, Okla., His Toughest Course
58 42 Years on Job
58 Midwest Turf Meet at Purdue, March 2-4
58 Cleveland Host to Managers' Convention, Feb. 8-11
58 National Golf Day Set for May 23
59 [Manufacturing News]
62 -Worthington Mower Salesmen Plan '53 Program
68 Fred H. Williams 30 Years with Green Section
72 Classified Ads
73 Advertisers' Index
74 Table of Contents
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [West Seattle Golf Course with Mt. Ranier Seen in the Distance]
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
27 Supts. Tell Club Officials Course Management Needs
27 -Men Outrank Turf as Maintenance Problem
28 -Dues Raise Required to Meet Increased Costs
28 -Employee Relations Require Officials' Study
29 -Responsibility is Key Word in Course Management
29 -A Good Chairman is First Maintenance "Must"
32 How to Meet and Beat Competition
38 Fitted Clubs on Trade-In Lift Grout's Sales
38 Longhurst's "Golf Mixture" is All-Star Reading
40 Grass Roots 3 to 6 Feet Deep
40 -[Bob Hagen Shows U-3 Bermuda Plot at Davis, Calif. to Wm. Daniels of Purdue and C. G. Wilson of USGA Green Section]
40 -[This U-3 Bermuda at Davis, Calif., was Watered Only Once During the Season, After Rains stopped in April]
40 -[Across the Sign is Root of U-3 Bermuda Taken from 5 Ft. Depth at Davis, Calif., Plot]
41 -[The Soil Sampling Tube will Take Samples to 6 Ft. Depth]
41 -[The Soil Sampler Reaches 6 ft. in Giving Hagen Data on His Research]
41 -[Dr. Bob Hagen and Student Assistant in Charge of the Plots at Davis Examine a Plot of Merion Bluegrass that has Roots 3 Ft. Deep. This Plot has been Watered but Once]
42 PGA National's New Shop
44 Woes of Men and Weather 
45 Sports Pages Telling Course Maintenance Story
45 Cotton Writes Helpfully in "My Swing"
48 Tells Golf Salesmen What Pro's Problems are 
49 Class in Capps' Shop at Desert Inn
50 Course Shortage Cramping Golf Around Salt Lake
50 Golf Market Could Be 20 Times Larger
50 What Golfer Must Learn
52 Turf Roundup of 1952
58 Find the Answer to Pool Painting Problem
60 Hopkins Cup Matches Set for Montreal, June 5-7
60 "Caddy Tip$" is New Training Booklet
62 GCSA Conference Exhibits Show Latest Turf Management Aids 
64 PGA Seniors Top Official Foursome
70 Mrs. Dave Hendry Heads PGA Women's Auxiliary
71 1953 Tournament Schedule
76 1953 Turf Conferences
77 Superintendents Name Golf Course Development Group
78 Jack Mackie, Pro Pioneer, Dies
79 Noted Golf Architect Dies
79 [Manufacturing News]
80 -Seeding Operations at W. A. Cleary Plant Farm Starts Plan to Furnish Continuous Supply of Sod
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90 Table of Contents
1953 March
Volume #27, No. 3
1953 April
Volume #27, No. 4
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [17th Hole of Gulf Hills Hotel and Golf Course, Ocean Springs, Miss.]  
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
39 Greatest Educational Program Presented at 1953 GCSA Meet
44 "Biggest" Little Shop
46 Mardfin Named Executive Secy. of American Park Executives
46 Corcoran Brothers' Father Dies Suddenly
46 1953 Western Junior at Stanford, June 16-19
48 USGA Business Sessions Fill 3 Days; Re-Elect Heffelfinger
51 What the Superintendent has Done for Golf
56 Siwanoy Builds Members and Kerrigan a Super-Shop 
58 Higher Dues an Answer to Tougher Problems
60 Invitation Tournament that Runs Smoothly as Planned
65 Mid-Atlantic "Operation Zoysia" Exhibit "A" in Cooperation
69 Teaching Player to Know Course Problems, Biggest Job
72 Counter that Sells and Stores
74 Cool Season Grasses in Today's Turf 
80 Pinehurst's New Shop: Ventilation, Lighting, "Resting Corner," Scoreboard and Flooring are Noteworthy Features
84 Club Managers Seek Answers to Problems at Annual Meet 
84 Jehlen of Baltusrol Heads Club Managers Association
85 Our Chances for Cutting Maintenance Costs
85 Seven-Day Week Keeps Course Help Away
86 What Club Officials Don't Know About Course Labor
88 Machine Maintenance Brings Need for Expert Workers
88 1953 Turf Conferences 
90 Green Section Policy Now Accents Service at Clubs
92 Fred Grau Resigns as USGA Green Section Director
92 Streamline the Course and Correct "Delicate" Greens
93 Mid-Atlantic Supts. Hold Silver Anniversary Meet
93 Architects Elect Gordon: Adopt Policy Resolutions
96 Pro Seniors Merry at Royal Feast
97 What Use can be Made of Lessons of Experience? 
99 North Cal PGA Sets New Highs in Junior Golf
100 1953 Tournament Schedule
100 Greens Condition Sets Course Standard
112 [Manufacturing News]
112 -Golf Club Manufacturers Report Total Sales
128 Classified Ads
129 Advertisers' Index
130 Table of Contents
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [The Par 3 16th Hole at Augusta (Ga.) National Course]
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
39 Officials can Make Club Operations Easier, Better
41 Seymour Dunn Edits Golf Joke Book
44 An Assistant's View of an Important Job
46 Using Money the Best Way to Improve Courses
48 Tiffine (Tifton 127) Bermuda is Developed at Tifton
50 "Spring Training" Golf is Plan the Game Could Use
52 Western GA Conducts Caddie Forum
52 Outdoor Practice with Indoor Comfort
56 Obitz Shop is Prize Winner 
59 Los Angeles County Acts to Save Public Courses
64 Dickinson Stages Course Management Conference 
68 Class Lesson Success Based on Organized Program
70 Greenbrier Adjusts to New Labor Set-Up
72 Landscaping for Architecture
75 Connecticut Supts.' Exhibit at Flower Show
76 Armour's "How to Play Your Best Golf" Helps Pros
80 Glendoveer's Growth Shows Change in Golf Play  
82 Record Attendance at Purdue
84 Basic Principles of Good Shop Business Pictured
87 Midwest Turf Election
88 Golf Reservations by Number Gives Better Service in L.A.
90 Close Inventory Control Vital
90 Western GA Summarizes Caddie Master Data
90 Assistants and Bag Carts are Pro Problems Now
92 Warm Season Grasses
102 Hopkins Adds Canada Cup to International Pro Golf
102 Harry Dubow Dies
103 Short Course to Use Idle Park Space
104 1953 Tournament Schedule
105 An Experiment Put Me into Zoysia Business
107 "Work Party" is Fun at Large Club
108 Parris Writes Book on "Right Angle" Putting
108 Harold Cross to Philly for Spalding
110 [Manufacturing News]
120 -National Golf Day, May 23, to be Gigantic Event
124 -Davis Opens Season with Open House
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130 Table of Contents
1953 May
Volume #27, No. 5
1953 June
Volume #27, No. 6
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [Picturesque Green at Beaconfield Golf Course, Montreal, Canada]
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
35 Meditations on the Wonder of Golf 
37 Sure Prescription for a Good Stand of Grass from Seed
40 Sodium Arsenite as Control for Crabgrass, Poa annua 
44 Caddie-Masters Compare Their Work at WGA Meeting 
48 Buying Habits Changing to Lengthen Season
50 Can Course Operating Costs be Compared
51 Walsh Shop Fits Special Conditions
52 "Pitch-and-Putt" League to Build More Play 
56 Many Factors that Forced Club Price Increase 
57 Maintenance Answers that Supts. Would Welcome
64 Report on National Crabgrass Control Tests in 1952
68 Calloway Handicap System Makes "Golf Day" Even
72 Yearbook Entertains and Informs Members
74 Time for Change in Maintenance Policy
76 Relations of Micro-Organisms to Control of Thatch
78 Baltimore's Mount Pleasant Charming Test
80 Turf Maintenance of N.Y. Courses, $5,000,000
82 Prevention and Cure in Halting of Dollar Spot
82 Grau Joins Murray in Grass Service Work
82 Causes of Trouble on Iowa Courses
84 W. Seattle Grooms for Publinx
85 Golf Goods Almost 40 Per Cent 1952 Sports Sales
86 Endothal, 2, 4, 5-T Tests Show Effective Clover Control
88 Maintenance Problems of Heavier Play
94 Willie Low's Junior Classes Pay Off
94 Caddies can Increase Pro Market
95 [Manufacturing News]
95 -Bargain Counter Moves Goods in Pro Shop
95 -Club Managers' 1954 Meet at Atlanta, Feb. 7-10
95 -"Golf Day" Medal Cast
112 Classified Ads
113 Advertisers' Index
114 Table of Contents
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [First Hole, Birmingham CC, Mich.]
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
33 Big Work on Small Club Professional Jobs
36 Keep Bent Greens Great Year-Round in Arizona
37 Must Readjust to New Conditions
40 Course Records that You Help Do the Job Better
44 Hogan's Shop at Tamarisk
48 How to Plan Fertilizing Work for Best Results
52 Think of "Member First" and You Get the Right Answers
56 Neat Display in Small Shop Avoids Crowded Looks
56 Walter Rector, True Temper President, Dies
58 Built in "The Forest Primeval" 
60 Antibiotics Field Extended to Combat Plant Fungi
62 Mesa CC Finances Tree Program
64 Wingate's Shop Looks "Homey" 
64 Informed Chairmen Main Hope of Superintendents
66 Diseases of Turf Grasses and the 1942 Fungicide Trials
69 New Golf Books
71 Herbert Jacques, USGA Leader, Dies at Boston
72 Central Plains Foundations Shows Value at Field Day
72 Western Seniors at Shawnee
72 Frank Murray, CMA Founder and Official, Dies
78 Northeastern Wisconsin Holds Operations Clinic
84 American Playground Restores Nahma (Mich.) Course
85 [Manufacturing News]
96 Classified Ads
97 Advertisers' Index
98 Table of Contents
98 Jack McAuliffe Sponsors Girl Pro Round-Robin
1953 July
Volume #27, No. 7
1953 August
Volume #27, No. 8
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [Par 3, 16th Hole, Tam O'Shanter CC, Chicago Dist.]
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
25 N.E. Supts. Tell Officials Labor Problems Critical
27 The Boys Welcome "The Haig" at Siwanoy
30 Architect, Glass Man, Team with Pro on Shop Miracle
35 Major Factors in Golf Range Design and Operation
41 Students Get Basic Training in Course Architecture
44 Central Plains Stages Field Day
46 Identification Photos Taken at Public Courses
47 New Method Speeds Coverage with Bermuda Plugs
50 Basic Business Training in Pro Shop Operation
54 National Golf Day Draws 104,000
55 Some Answers the Supt. Must Get
55 Florida Turf Meet at Gainesville, Aug. 5, 6
56 Ecanto Enlarges Shop; Sales Increase 35%
58 Thinking the Way to the Course Answers
59 Sportsvision Shoots New Golf Series
59 Course Labor Shortage Not Realized by Officials
59 Ike Gives Golf Ball Prize for Blood Bank Tourney
61 Amputee Tourney Continues Growth and Service
61 Official Efforts can Make Up for "Bandits"
62 College Course for Golf Supts. May be Dropped
62 Tournament Schedule
63 Snead's "Natural Golf" is Clear Pictured Teaching
63 Thatch in Fairway Turf
71 [Manufacturing News]
80 Classified Ads
81 Advertisers' Index
82 Table of Contents
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
23 Supt's. "Day Off" is Busy Day Thinking for Club
24 The Old Tool House
25 WGA Officials OK International Amateur Four-Ball for 1954
28 Smart Range Operation is Big Nursery for Golf
32 Los Angeles County has Plan to Save Courses
32 PGA Names 15 as Ryder Team Candidates
34 Industry's Courses Become Valuable Golf Service 
40 Turf Research Policy Faces Financial Problems
42 Tips on Application of Fungicides
44 Pros Tell What Makes Good Shop Assistants
46 Tournament Champs, Lover Boys at Heart
48 Observation on Poa annua Trouble in Fairways
50 Make Plans Now for Xmas Golf Gift Profits
52 Mass. Ten Weeks' Turf Course Starts Jan. 4
52 Celebrities Play to Pay for Caddie Tourney Prizes
57 Teachers to Finance PGA Seniors' Championship
58 Ferguson Named Director USGA Southwestern Office
58 TVA Issues "Public Grounds Maintenance Handbook"
60 Central Counties (Pa.) to Play Charity Event
60 Foot Joy Broadcasts World and All-American Events
60 Wm. P. (Billy) Bell, Architect, Dies at Pasadena, Calif.
61 [Manufacturing News]
71 Classified Ads
73 Advertisers' Index
74 Table of Contents
1953 September
Volume #27, No. 9
1953 October
Volume #27, No. 10
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
25 Highlights in Planning Pro Christmas Selling 
28 Turf Development Procedure that's Successful in S.W.
29 Speed-Up in Course Construction This Year
34 Playground Golf Added to D.C. Recreation Program
37 Caddies "Celebrities" Show Big Hit at Columbus, O.
37 May Signs Worsham to $35,000 Exhibition Deal
40 Roy Byrd, Home Club Pro, is Big Builder of Golf
44 Co-Operative Monthly Sessions Great Help to Supts., Clubs
46 Engel Describes Research Results at Rutgers
48 Attractive Practice Area Essential to Good Club
50 Counsell, Glover, Noted Superintendents, Die
50 Muny Course Value Shows in Alameda Figures
52 Open Display Makes Sales With Member Self-Service 
54 Walker Cuppers Must Play It "Far and Sure"
54 Southern Cal. Turf Meet at Riviera, Oct. 12, 13
56 Wm. Thayer Brown, Spalding President, Dies
58 Northeastern N.Y. Supts. Meet at Troy
58 Oklahoma City G&CC Wins Over Course Disasters
59 Kentuckiana Field Day, Ft. Knox, Sept. 22
59 NY-Conn. Turf Field Day at Rye Wood, Sept. 23
59 Pros Headlined in LA County Fair Golf Show
59 Suggs' $19,816 Leads Girl Pros for Year
60 Clover and Crabgrass Control in Greens and Fairways
71 [Manufacturing News]
79 Classified Ads
81 Advertisers' Index
82 Table of Contents
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [18th Green, South Course, Los Angeles CC]
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
37 Best Pro Shop Selling Ideas of '53 Told by Salesmen 
38 Parade Float Promotes Junior Golf
42 Round Trip Ticket
43 $1,000 Golf Day Check to USO
45 Turf Conference Ideas Pay Dividends This Year
45 -Weed Control
45 -Research
46 -Thatch Control
46 -Rye-Bermuda Transition
48 -Rhodes Scale Control
48 -Adjust to Weather
48 -Budget and Fertilizing
47 New Cast; Same Walker Cup Routine
50 Buying Mood Livened by Obitz Shop Operation
52 Francis Ouimet Honored
56 Trends in Turf Management Show Progress in 1953
60 Short Golf Course, Inexpensive Community Recreation
64 Schmutte, Pro-Designer, has Completely Workable Shop 
68 Orville Young, Moraine Supt., Writes Lawn Book
69 Maintenance Routine Outlined to Educate New Workers
73 Columnist Tells What Supt. Wants Golfers to Know
73 Supt. Lauds USGA Juniors for Course Care
73 Stanley Davies Dies
74 Christmas Gift Campaign Ideas Pay Pros 
76 This Folder Got Christmas Business
80 Florida Holds First Annual Turf Conference 
82 200 Attend Turf Field Day at Ryewood Country Club
84 Supts. See Record Attendance for 25th Conference in Miami
86 Turfgrass Progress Reported at Penn State Field Day
88 DeLuxe Shop at Durand-Eastman Muny Course 
90 Harold Clasen, Northland Pro, Drowns When Boat Overturns
90 Charlie Hallowell Honored for 30 Years of Service
92 Care and Maintenance of Mowing Equipment: Proper Preventative Maintenance Program Adds Life to Major Equipment
98 National Golf Fund Issues Report
98 Toro Distributors Honor Scotty McLaren and Wife
98 Vardon Trophy Leaders
98 Time Out for Two Champions
99 Attention to "Little Things" is Wood's Success Formula
105 Plastic Pipe Save Muny Course Over $5,000
106 And Still the Shot Echoes
108 Big Interest in Planning and Building New Courses
110 Walter B. Gerould Elected President of Spalding
110 Texas Pro Gets Texas Tribute
111 [Manufacturing News]
135 Classified Ads
137 Advertisers' Index
138 Table of Contents