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1954 January
Volume #28, No. 1                  
1954 February
Volume #28, No. 2
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [14th Hole, West Course of the Birmingham CC, Ala.]
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
25 PGA Re-Elects Smith; Hopes to End Tourney Hassles
27 McGiveran Re-Elected Western GA President
27 Club Operating Costs, Fixed Charges Soar
30 Superintendent Surveys Headaches of the Job
31 Dallas AC CC Completing New Club
34 Topsoil Use Examined
35 Story of American Golf Told in Architecture
36 Grainger to be Made USGA President, Jan. 28
38 Best Pro Shop Selling Ideas of '53 Told by Salesmen 
41 1953 Shows Marked Trends in Turf for Tees and Fairways
46 Golf Architects to Meet at St. Augustine Fla., Jan. 18-21
46 1954 Turf Conferences 
48 How Caddie Problem was Solved at Illinois Club
52 Chickasaw Shop Invites Its Members to "Take It Easy"
56 PGA has Business Training Course at Annual Meeting 
60 1954 Tournament Schedule
60 Rules Clarified Jointly by USGA and R&A
62 National Golf Fund Allots $68,000
62 Rutgers Turf Course has Packed Program, Jan. 18-22
62 PGA has Business School Program for Dunedin
66 [Manufacturing News]
66 -West Point Hosts to Phil. GCSA
66 -New Wood Rakes
72 -Buckner Watering School Students Praise Course
79 Classified Ads
81 Advertisers
82 Table of Contents
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [Practice Putting Green at Miami Shores CC, Fla.]
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
29 Supts. Use of Research; Theme of GCSA Conference 
33 PGA Teaching Session Sets Pattern for Advance 
37 1954 National Golf Day Set for June 5 at Baltusrol
37 Quickens Play
38 Citizens' Organized Campaign gets Palo Alto New Course 
44 Golfers Learn to Appreciate Superintendent's Work
45 Midwest Holds Grass Disease Clinic
49 Geoghegan Puts on Show that Recruits Golfers
52 Golf Club Manufacturers Report Sales for 1953
52 Senior Pros have Biggest Meeting at Dunedin
54 Water, Weeds Waste the Maintenance Budget 
58 Quonset Hut is Pro Shop Plus
60 USGA Expands Green Section Program; Elects Grainger 
62 Green Section, GCSA Officials, Meet at Miami
62 GCSA Tribute to Grau
64 Well Equipped Shop Essential to Modern Golf Course 
66 1954 Tournament Schedule
68 Newest Merchandise Sells to Winter Visitors
70 Golf Architects Plan More Golf, Elect Diddel
70 GCSA Reports on Survey
71 Snead Target in Drizzler Driving Contest
71 Wilson's Bob Haggerty Dies
72 Fred Halloran Dies
74 1954 Turf Conferences 
79 "Turfgrass"
79 [Manufacturing News]
87 Classified Ads
89 Advertisers
90 Table of Contents
1954 March
Volume #28, No. 3
1954 April
Volume #28, No. 4
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
47 City Course Operated as Valuable Public Utility
52 George Lamphear Southern California Supts.' Chief
53 Golf Teaching Film Classic Produced by PGA and Life
56 Golf After 40; Pond's Golf Guide, are New
56 Menke's Encyclopedia of Sports in New Edition
58 Women's Dept. Feature at Ft. Wayne Pro Shop 
60 How Merion Prepares for Big Championships 
61 Greensboro (N. C.) Golf Year is 358 Days Long
64 Old Master Produces Soul-Warming Art
64 Sports Tales and Anecdotes Good Reading from Menke
66 Proper Fitting of Clubs is Basis of Pro Marketing 
70 "The Bobby Jones Story" is "Must" Reading for Golfers
70 Shag Bag Rack that Increases Practice
72 Special Care Helps Success of Bent Greens in South 
76 Population Statistics Show Junior Golf's Importance
76 Extends Golf TV Range
78 How to Make Money in Shop Shoe Section 
81 Portable Square Tent Popular for Lessons and Practice
81 Tom Dougherty, 38 Years at Phila. Club, Dies
82 Responsibility, Respect, Rights; Supts.' 3 R's
84 Managers' Largest Convention Elects McGuffey President
84 Club Accounts Analysis Shows Income Need
86 Why Managers Lose Jobs is Told by Pro
88 Par-3 Course Delights at Key Biscayne
89 Sells More Golf
89 Shows U-3 Roots Deep After 106 Dry Days
91 Memphis Pros have 500 Kids in Summer Teaching, Play
94 Ditzen Shows Course
96 Alameda (Calif.) Muny Supt. Praised by Players
97 Tees that Please Player
98 Managers Award Jones Memorial Scholarship
100 Flood-Washed Topsoil Saves $7000, Speeds Course
102 Watering - Most Important Cultural Practice
102 Texas Turf Assn. Summary of Test Plot Showings
104 Course should be Cared for as Physician Regards Patient
105 Some Water System Answers
105 New 9-Hole Short Golf Course for L.A.
106 1954 Tournament Schedule
109 Course Supts. Advised on Turf Problems in "Cool" Zone
111 New Turf, New Labor Practices Needed
114 1954 Turf Conferences
120 [Manufacturing News]
141 Classified Ads
143 Advertisers
144 Table of Contents
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [Fairway and Green on New Par-3 Course in Sarasota, Fla.]
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
37 What Merchandising Means in Pro Business Success
38 Field of Future "Tournament of Champions"
39 Do You Know the Answer to This Tax Letter?
42 Tells Maintenance Practices in the Chicago District
44 Central Plains Directors Plan Research
48 "Home Town Boy" Makes Good with Pals Building Club
56 Tax Study Shows Club Pay for More Than They get 
60 Birkdale Rated Stiffest Course for British Open 
62 Donald M. Mathieson Dies in Edinburgh
62 Uniform Accounting System for Clubs Prepared
64 Tips on Greens Program
68 Look Before You Leap When Planning Swimming Pool
74 Worthington Ball Co. 50th Year is Celebrated
75 -Ball Marking Museum
78 Wanna Beat Ben?
80 Midwest Turf Conference Grows Ten-Fold
80 Supts. Dramatize Instruction in Labor Relations
82 Williams Memorial Trophy for Air Force Championship
92 [Manufacturing News]
111 Classified Ads
113 Advertisers
114 Table of Contents
1954 May
Volume #28, No. 5
1954 June
Volume #28, No. 6
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [Sixth Hole, Augusta National Golf Club During 1954 Masters' Title]
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
35 Eglin's Fine Course, Lesson Program, Please Airmen
38 Kid Classes on Ladies' Day Double Attendance
40 Sodium Arsenite and Organic Mixed for Pearlwort Control
44 Donovan Radio Program has Most Queries in 5 Groups 
46 Mississippi Valley Supts. Compare Planting Methods
48 Par-3 Course has Lighting for Night Play
49 Plays the Ball
49 "Secret" of Swing in Left Shoulder, Says Doctor
52 Bent Greens O.K. in South
53 Iowa Holds First Club Operations Clinic
53 Greens Diagram Makes Instructions Clear
56 Supts. 1956 National Meet at Long Beach, Calif.
56 Reminds Players
57 Fee Course Shop with Big Business Look
60 Los Angeles Plans Big Public Golf Future
62 Where Western Open Will be Played June 3-6
64 Tam O'Shanter Members Relax in "Quiet Rooms"
66 Newspaper Ads Pay Big for Bobick, Public Course Pro
68 U.S. vs. Foreigners' Team for May International Cup
68 An 88 for Novak's 25
70 Dallas AC Opens New Country Club
70 May Raises Tam Prizes to $205,000
70 Luke Morris Designs Compact Course
72 Connecticut Supts'. Exhibit is Flower Show Feature
74 Pay Tribute to the Late Tommy Dougherty
74 Golf Goods Biggest Share of 1953 Sports Equipt. Sales
74 Martell Heads Canadian Team for Hopkins Cup
76 Golf Course Superintendents' Associations 1954 Directory
80 [Manufacturing News]
104 Classified Ads
105 Advertisers
106 Table of Contents
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
31 New Idea a Month Freshens Pro Business to Top Sales
32 Good with the Woods
34 Makes Use of 3-D Pictures in Novak's Second Book
36 Sound Watering Practice to Develop and Hold Greens
37 Masters of Southern Turf at Masters' Course
40 Solves Klontz Problem
41 Duration of Insecticides in Soil Not Known
42 Eyes of Texas Supts. are on Them
42 Columbia (Mo.) Teamwork gets 9-Hole Course for $15,000
44 National Cash Register New Club Sets Top Standard
52 Hogan and Jones Movies Draw Large Crowds to Range 
53 Homework Makes the Club
56 What the Pro should Know and do About Fire
57 Ross has Clubby Shop at Everglades
61 The Happiest of Careers is the Pro's
64 Program for 12-Months Course Care in South is Outlined
66 Akron Supts. Draw 1400 to Lawn Clinic
69 Short Course Popular with Fuller Brush Employees 
80 Sargent Sets Successful Plan for Women's Class
81 New Golf Courses Opened for Play in 1954
82 "Hermie" Wins His First in Big Time
84 Golfers' Handbook for 1954
86 Chick Evans' Golf Book for Juniors Out Soon
89 [Manufacturing News]
104 Classified Ads
105 Advertisers
106 Table of Contents
1954 July
Volume #28, No. 7
1954 August
Volume #28, No. 8
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
25 Women's Buying to Bring Pro Shop Sales Boom: Pro Business Leaders Say When Pros Learn How to Go After Women's Playing Equipment Sales They'll be Richly Repaid for Smarter Business
26 NCR Employees Officially Open New Courses
27 Watch the Fords Go Buy 500 Entries in Golf Day
27 Green Section Reports on Research, Club Service
30 Sound Balance of Many Factors Tests the Course Architect
31 Organize Central Illinois Supts.' Association
32 Turf Meeting Calendar
32 Ten-Week Turf Management Course Dates Set
34 Burkemo $160,000 Super Range Draws Big Business 
38 PGA Issues Summary of Dunedin Clinics
38 Corcoran's "Service Station" at First Tee
40 Soil Conditioner Solves Compaction Problem
46 New Golfers' Pavilion is "Club of Progress" Feature 
50 Yank Pros Win Hopkins Trophy Third Consecutive Year
52 Steel Shaft History Told by First to Play Steel in Open
54 Host to Western Amateur Championship, July 19-25
55 The Jaycees Show Golf How to get Work Done 
57 USGA Issues Revised Edition of Women's Golf Booklet
60 Busy Program Set for Florida Turf Confab
62 Ballad of the Big Strong Pros
67 Masterson, Muny Golf Director, Ingenious
68 [Manufacturing News]
80 Classified Ads
81 Advertisers
82 Table of Contents
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
23 Turfgrass Questions Answered
23 -[New Turfgrass, Maintenance, Machines and Chemicals]
23 -[Can Merion Bluegrass be Seeded into Fairways?]
23 -[Merion Turf Turning Brown and Throwing Off a Brown Dust?]
24 -[How can We Obtain Better Fairways?]
24 -[What is the Best Way to Check the Clover Before Beginning a Good Fertilizer Program?]
24 -[Is There a Bent for Putting Greens that is Resistant to Snow Mold?]
24 -[Where can We get Seed for a Polycross Bent Nursery?]
24 -[Is It too Late to Plant Bermuda This Year?]
24 -[How do You Improve a Heavily Shaded Tee So Grass Grows Better on It?]
24 -[What is a Possible Control for the Weed with a Small Leaf that has a Reddish Spot in the Center and has a Milky Juice?]
24 -[What Grass Will do a Good Job of Reducing Weeds in the Roughs?]
24 -[What is the Verti-Cut Designed to do?]
24 -[How Often should the Verti-Cut be Used?]
24 -[Why the Difference in Frequency of Use of Verti-Cut?]
25 U of Florida Builds Par 3 Course on Waste Land
29 National Golf Day Field 127,000 Against Hogan
32 Pro Businessman Featured in Bank Advertisement
32 Hot Weather Protection Often Neglected
34 Back of Pro Shop Needs More Attention
36 It's a Long Road the Supt. has Traveled
37 Model New Building Aids in Portage Maintenance
40 Gassing Out Bermuda in Building Bent Greens
42 Hank Mercer's Shop Reflects Ideas Found on Circuit Tour
44 Showplace Now New Pine Hollow Clubhouse
44 Evaluating the New Turf Grasses
46 Dunlop Duplicates Furgol's National Open Prize
46 Good Pro at Public Course Good Business for City
48 Remember When? And don't Think Progress Stops Now
51 Golf for Boys and Girls
52 Green Section Gives Soil Testing Advice 
54 Balcony Scene
55 [Manufacturing News]
71 Classified Ads
73 Advertisers
74 Table of Contents
1954 September
Volume #28, No. 9
1954 October
Volume #28, No. 10
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
27 Christmas Shopping at Your Pro Shop: Pro Drive for Huge Golf Gift Sales Volume to be Pushed by Powerful New Advertising
29 Tells Officials How Course Business is being Run
36 Northwest Supts. Elect Howard Williams, Pres.
36 First Tee Bulletin Helps Teach Golfers
37 Teaching Body Control to Cut Bad Shot Percentage 
39 Begin Census of Golfers in United States
40 Getting to the Roots of Watering Problems
41 U. S. Courses Five-Fold Growth Shown by Years Since 1899: Rebound and Solid Growth Since Panic and War Years - South Dakota Leads in Courses on Population Basis
44 Golfers Laud Muny Teamwork 
46 Stuhler's "Self-Service" Pro Shop
47 Start Sales Campaign Early for Christmas Business
47 Point Clear Sets Senior Invitation, Jan. 5-7
47 Help Burton Research
47 Lady Pros Disapprove Calcuttas
48 PGA Quarter Century Club Plans Championship
48 Southern Cal. Turf Conference Oct. 4, 5
50 Turfgrass Questions Answered
50 -[Using and Obtaining Polycross Creeping Bent]
50 -[Grass Recommended for Oklahoma Greens?]
50 -[Using Pennlu Bent for Greens]
50 -[Should Greens be Aerified Late in the Fall?]
50 -[Best Grass and Management for Tees in Cincinnati?]
50 -[Using Merion for a Partially Shaded Tee]
52 -[How Much 40 Per Cent Liquid 2, 4, 5-T is Equal to 1 Pound Actual Acid Per Acre?]
52 -[How should the Verti-Cut be Adjusted in Regard to Cutting Depth?]
52 -[How Many Times should the Verti-Cut be Passed Over a Green?]
52 USGA Places 1956 Championships
52 Golfers get a Lift at Coffeyville, Ks.
54 Western Golf and Evans Caddies' New Home at Golf
54 Kid Progress has Pro Awed
54 Kowalski Heads New Central N.Y. Supts.' Organization
56 Junior Stars get Reception in New York
56 U. S. Boys to Meet Europe's Kid Stars
56 New Books
58 Labor Management Now Supts.' First Concern
59 Describes Bridge Flooring for Spike Traffic
60 Exchange Maintenance Ideas at Rutgers
60 How to Clear Ponds with Gypsum
61 Jaycees' Junior Championship has Youngest Winner
62 Research and Development Center Opened by Toro
65 USGA Adds National Seniors' Championship in 1955
65 WGA Awards to Evans Scholarships to 207
65 Dwyer's Lie Measurement Device Helps His Sales
67 Club Championship Plan has 'Em All Happy
68 Grau Seed Farm Now has Crown Vetch Supply
69 [Manufacturing News]
69 Midwest Industrial Event has 384 in Field
70 Turnesa and Fazio Organize Golfers Tour of Italian Courses
79 Classified Ads
81 Advertisers
82 Table of Contents
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [18th Hole at Firestone CC, Akron, O.]
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
37 Year's Turf Round-Up Shows Labor Better, Weather Worse
42 Club Managers Plan Meet at Philadelphia, Feb. 9-12
42 PGA Program Set for Annual Meeting at St. Paul
44 Play Increase Greater than Sales Rise, Pros Say
45 Caddies "Field Day" gets Boost from Sports Editor
48 "Pie Chart" Gives Picture of Pro Operating Costs
50 Writers Work on Golf Box Score Idea
50 Fertilizing Idea Produced Excellent Greens, Tees
53 Get Close-Up of Merion at Penn State Field Day
53 Los Angeles County Turf Survey Model Job
53 Turf Conference Calendar
54 How Credit Managers Help Pros Make Profits
57 Three Ideas that Made Maintenance Better
58 Turfgrass Questions Answered
58 -[Development of Warm and Cool Season Grasses]
58 -[What Mixture of Soil, Sand and Peat would You Recommend for Topdressing of Creeping Bent Greens?]
58 -[How Often should Greens be Mowed to Maintain a Good Putting Surface?]
58 -[How Often should Cups be Changed]
58 -[How Often should Creeping Bent Greens, Bermuda Tees and Mixed Bent-Bluegrass Fairways be Aerified?]
58 -[Will Early Morning Hand-Watering Help Reduce Disease on Bent Greens?]
60 -[Will Continuously Removing Grain and Thatch Produce Better Results from Fungicides?]
60 -[Can the Grass that is Swept Up After Aerifying be Planted and Grow?]
60 -[What is Your Opinion of Chemical Conditioners?]
60 -[Is There Anything Good to Say About Johnsongrass?]
60 -[What is the Best Way to Establish Bermuda into Established fairways by Seed?]
60 -[How to Use Zoysia Sod]
60 -[What is the Best Strain of Bent Grass for Greens in Cincinnati?]
62 -[What is a Good Grass for Shaded Areas in Texas?]
62 -[Where did U-3 Bermudagrass Come from?]
62 -[Will Penncross Creeping Bent Produce Spotted Greens Like Seaside Bent?]
62 -[Why do Some Patches of Seaside Bent Heal Faster After Aerifying than Others?]
62 PGA Seniors Qualify for Teacher's Trophy
64 Apparel Merchandising Big Booster of Shop Revenue
68 New Golf Books
70 Wm. H. Tucker, Dean of Course Builders, Dies at 83
70 Edmonton Turf Meeting Draws Widely
72 Rules for Golf Car Use Call for Study and Foresight
76 "Daisies Won't Tell" About Idea Henry Land Used
76 Inexpensive Leaf Crusher Extends Playing Season
77 Modernizing Watering System Using Some Old Piping
78 Hurricanes Add Expense, Cut Income, of Clubs
79 Set More 1955 Championship Places and Dates
80 Clubs to Send Supts. to GCSA National Meet
80 Three Ideas that Paid at Hyde Park, Cincinnati
82 Idea Hunting at Meetings Never Fails to Pay
82 Less Leaves, More Play is Big Idea for Fall
84 How Pro Shop Sounds in Japanese
84 Pocono Turf Assn. Soil Tents Pay Clubs
84 Tee Trees Appreciated
86 Big Business in Resort Pro Shop
86 Golf Growth at Firestone Brings Swanky Clubhouse
88 100 Club Plan Builds Pool, Boosts Membership at Mesa
89 Turf Meetings Biggest Bargain in Maintenance
89 Pro Sales are in Ratio to "Calls" He Makes
90 Pros Business Progress Earns High Respect
90 Tee Improvement Idea got Players' Loud Okay
92 Sign Informs and Adorns at Kenwood's First Tee
92 Tells Club Range Plan of Operation
93 Give Officials Summary of Turf Meeting Ideas
96 Hail the Halls
97 Four Green, 3080 Yard Course, has Nine Good Holes
97 Renovate City's Bermuda Greens with Sweeper
98 Bullrush Mower Restores Lake to Lakewood
100 Rebuilding Greens to Solve Maintenance Problems
101 Completes Aerfiying Job
104 Danner Solves Weed Problem
105 Williams Outlines District Course Maintenance Report
107 Encanto Short Nine Eases Phoenix Golf Congestion
108 Bermuda Fairways Made Good
110 Experts Eye Grass Leaf
110 Turf Research Foundation Formed for Marketing Aid
110 Goes High at Trees
112 [Manufacturers Tell What's New]
143 Classified Ads
145 Advertisers
146 Table of Contents