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1956 January
Volume #30, No. 1                  
1956 February
Volume #30, No. 1 [2]
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [10th Green on Municipal Course of Long Beach, Calif.]
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
21 At Annual Meeting: PGA Plans Busiest Program for 1956
22 Turf Courses Scheduled at Rutgers and Baltimore
23 At PGA Meeting: The Real "Secret" is in the Head
28 Club Managers Convene in Los Angeles, Jan. 18-21
28 Nominates Tufts to Head USGA
29 Turf Round-Up
36 Life Magazine Out as Golf Day Co-Sponsor 
37 GCSA Sets Program for Long Beach Meet
40 O'Keefe Re-Elected Western Golf President
40 Chester Keeley Honored for Work at Notre Dame
40 New Seed Bed
41 PGA Teaching School: Pros Study How and What to Teach
46 Oklahoma's 10th Conference Big Help to State Courses
46 Penn State's 25th Turf Conference, Feb. 20-23
46 Golf Architects' Society to Meet at Nassau
48 Ryder Cup Matches Reflected British Pro Handicaps
52 Milt Woodard Elected by PGA Sponsors
52 Bill Gordon Selected "Golf Pro of Year"
52 Pro Seniors Plan Busy Championship Week
52 Western Senior Tournament Set for June 20-22
53 Grau Answers Turfgrass Questions
53 -[Accurate Information Must be Available to All in This Industry]
53 -[Which Grass would Give Us the Best Tees?]
53 -[Would You Outline to Me the Way in Which You would Advise a Rank Amateur to Build a Putting Green?]
56 -[Should We Wait Until Spring to Seed Our Seaside Bent Green?]
56 -[Should Treatment for Snowmold be Used on the Stolons of C-1 and C-19?]
56 -[How do You Green Up Bent Greens Quickly in the Spring?]
56 -[Can You Identify the Enclosed Weed Specimen and How to Control It?]
56 -[What Quantity of Bent Stolons should be Used to Plant a Green?]
58 -[How can a Crabgrass in Turf be Controlled?]
58 -[How can We get Rid of Watergrass in Greens?]
58 Book Review: "Tips from the Top" is Compact Expert Help
60 Clubhouse Building Guide is Foundation's New Book
60 PGA Winter Circuit has $295,000 in Purses
64 [Manufacturing News]
69 -Milwaukee Wins Suit to "Organite" Exclusive
70 -MacGregor Xmas Card Again Shows National Open View
79 Classified Ads
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82 Table of Contents
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [Bill Roach Demonstrates a Swing at Sea Island Golf Course, Ga.]
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
25 Develop Telephone Technique to Increase Pro Shop Sales
26 Joe Kirkwood Jr. Opens Golf and Sports Center at Hollywood
26 Three Events Scheduled Between Dallas Tourneys
28 73-Foot Lift Saves Kicks at Orinda
29 New S. Calif. Turfgrass Council Names Officers
32 10 Questions Often Asked About Course Building 
36 416 Courses Benefit from Regional Turf Service
36 Patty Completes Great Year
36 Thanks Superintendents' Wives in New England Bulletin
37 Hogan "Tells All": The Real "Secret" is in Reasoning It Out
42 Plan New Course
42 Second Course Planning Clinic Scheduled for San Diego
44 Suggests Seven Steps to Putting Food and Beverages on Paying Basis: Internal Control Key to Profits in Club Restaurant Operations
48 GCSA Announces Purdue Turf Management Scholarship
48 Arizona Turf Conference
48 Palm Beach Tournament Scheduled for June 6-10
48 Cornell Turf Conference
49 How to Make Quick Work of Planting a Nursery Green
52 Golf History Relived in USGA's New Film
52 PGA to be Decided Solely by Match Play
54 Base Prize Distribution on Every 15 Entries
54 Tournament of Champions Scheduled for Apr. 26-29
56 Big Golf Revival in San Diego: War, Depression and Other Catastrophes Took Their Toll of the City's Golf Courses, But in Recent Years Steps Have Been Taken to Remedy the Situation. Now, Everybody's Happy with the San Diego Setup...
58 58 Pros Teach 3,156 Juniors in Northern California
60 Pete Burke Wins PGA Seniors; Beats Willoweit by One Stroke
61 Nine Tournaments in Ladies PGA Winter Tour
61 First Prize for Gordon
61 Southern Turfgrass Meet
62 Experts Exchange Ideas for Maintenance Progress
62 -Greens Base Draining
62 -Sees Drought-Resistant Grass
64 -Merion Collars Improvement
64 -Traffic Increases Wet Wilt Ruin
65 -Stolon Planting Method
65 -Moisture Factor in Arsonate Use
65 -Four Kinds of Drainage
66 -Keeps Bermuda from Greens
66 -List Rainy Day Jobs
65 Plan Miller Open
66 USGA Asks Member Clubs to Help Ban Gambling
68 Lawrence Elected to Head Golf Course Architects
68 Minnesota GCSA Meeting
68 Golf Car Makers Organize Trade Association
69 Grau Answers Turfgrass Questions 
69 -[The Basic Foundation of Putting Green Construction]
69 -[Best Way to Drain a Green at the Bottom]
69 -[Mix 20% Sand into Clay Soil to "Lighten" It?]
70 -[Differences in Sands?]
70 -["Saucer" Greens that Will Not Drain?]
70 -[Dying Bermuda Green vs. Overseeding with Ryegrass?]
70 -[Rid Goosegrass from Seaside Bent?]
70 -[Which Fertilizer and Seed to Use on Fairways?]
72 -[Locating Polycross Bent Seed?]
72 -[Rid Greens and Collars of Silver Crabgrass?]
72 -[Any Bentgrass Immune to Brownpatch and Other Disease?]
70 Club Manufacturers Report 3,941,206 Sold Last Year
72 Rebuild 20-Year Old Greens?
73 College Grads Staff Pendleton Pro Shop
74 FTC Drops Injunction Against Spalding
75 1956 Tournament Dates
76 [Manufacturing News]
76 -U.S. Rubber Presents New Ball, Golf Movie at Seniors
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98 Table of Contents
1956 March
Volume #30, No. 3
1956 April
Volume #30, No. 4
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [The 18th Green of PGA National Golf Club at Dunedin, Fla.]
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
32 Western Golf Revamps Tournament Schedule
34 Quarter Century Pros at Work on '57 Tourney
36 What I Learned from My First Golf Car Sale
42 The Assistants' Department
42 -[Assistants can't Expect to get Paid for Playing?]
43 -[Learning About Fitting Clubs?]
44 -[Practice Books on Salesmanship, Shop Display and Advertising for the Pro Shop?]
46 -[Increased Personnel Causes Decreased Pro Income Yet No Increase in Work Done]
48 Supermarket Surveys Give Tips on Consumer Buying Habits
50 College Tournaments
53 At Long Beach Meeting: Supts. Talk Turf Technicalities but are Preoccupied with Economics
57 Memphis Pro Reaps Profits from Low Key Selling
60 Labatt Open Offers $26,800
61 TV Promotion: Two Smart Pros, Irv Schloss and Gene O'Brien, are Using Television to Give Golf a Big Boost in Their Communities. Here's How They Go About It
66 Get It Written: The Right Contract Between Club and Supt.: Supts. at GCSA Conference Get Expert Advice from a Green Chairman, USGA Official and Attorney-at-Law
73 Lounge-Pro Shop Building Serves Well at Basin Harbor
76 Teaching the Army to Police the Course
76 Hopkins Adds Dickman, Harlow to Golf Staff
76 Arlington Hotel Open
77 Andrews Pro Re-Designs Shop to Attract GI Business
84 Clyde Mingledorff Elected Club Managers' Chief
84 Pete Collects Cup that Cheers
84 Indiana PGA Schedules Spring Meeting
88 Tell Use and Effect of Downfume MC-2 in Turf Renovation
92 Iowa Short Course
94 Annoyed by Blistering, Peeling, Fading?...: Let's Get to the Bottom of Good Pool Painting 
98 Fertilizer for Warm Season Grasses
100 Looking Ahead of Spalding Line
104 Top Brass at Party
106 Grau Answers Turfgrass Questions
106 -[Selecting the Right Grass]
107 -[How to Improve Bent Greens Color?]
107 -[Will the Turf get Thin and Algae Appear Again?]
107 -[Does Hydrated Lime Check Algae?]
107 -[Is It Best to Wait Until Grass is Dormant and Brow to Apply Green Dye?]
108 -[The Value of Tissue Testing?]
108 -[Burning Off a Tangled Mass of Grass]
108 -[How to get the Course Work Done without Complaints?]
108 -[Should We Topdress Heavily to Reduce Rough Stubble?]
108 Trans-Mississippi Tourneys
114 Course Business Conference at California Recreation Meet
116 WGA Reaffirms Stand Against Gambling
116 Midwest Foundation Gets $12,500 for Research Work
118 1956 Tournament Dates
120 U.S., Canadian Matches to be Held in Ft. Worth
120 New England GCSA Officers
120 Canadian Turf Conference
121 $649,000 Offered Pros in PGA Summer Tour
121 White Heads Kansas Turfgrass Association
122 USGA Seniors at Ridgewood
122 Explodes Myth of Tax Exemption for Clubs
125 Gairoard, Kroydon Head Dies at 80
126 Early Settlers Gather at Dunedin
126 Hallock, Worthington Ball Secretary, Dies
126 P.V. Beckett, 72, Oldest Active Home-Bred Pro?
127 Hurricane Diane Cost Spalding $326,691
128 Fred Bommer, Acushnet Head, Coronary Victim
129 Golf Writers' Tourney at Myrtle Beach, April 2
129 [Manufacturing News]
134 -Scotts & Sons' New Plant Geared to Quality Control
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145 Advertisers' Index
146 Table of Contents
Page Sections/Selected Titles
Cover: [The 15th Green at Woodhill CC, Wayzata, Minn.]
Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
Reports Tell Story: Members Should Know About Work at Club
Uses Porch for More Pro Shop Room
Discuss Construction, Design at Massachusetts Conference
Massachusetts Winter Turf School
Billboard Magazine Takes Note of Upsurge in Golf
Women's Collegiate Tourney
Tifgreen, New High-Rated Bermuda, is Released
Prominent Turf Authorities Speak at Canadian Conference
Cooperative Effort will Benefit Golfers: Proposes Club-Fitting Advertising by Pros
"Kent School of Golf " Grows from Tourney Play
National Golf Day June 9 Under PGA Sponsorship
Lefthanders Change Tournament Dates
Iowa Short Course
10 Year Review of Progress: What Research has Done to Improve Golf Turf
Coca-Cola Refreshes Jaycee Junior Golf Program
Pro Shop Safe Deposit
Grau Out of Hospital
Company, Employees Collaborate in Big du Pont Golf Operation
Penn State's 25th Anniversary in Turf Research Praised  
Installs New Fixtures - "Enlarges" the Shop: Like Many Other Pros, George Lake of Long Beach had a Display Problem at His Pro Shop. Here's How He Solved It Without Knocking Out Any Walls...
Ninth Cornell Conference Attracts 144 Turfmen
Riverlake's New Clubhouse Would Cover Any State but Texas
Record Crowd at Purdue Turf Conference 
Royal Canadian to Run Its Golf Day, June 9
Oklahoma Turfgrass Meeting
Fertilizer, Water Control to Keep Turf Healthy
Dr. Frank Keim, Turfgrass Leading Teacher, Dies
Book Review
Seeks Retired Superintendents
The Assistants' Department: Fraser Lists Essentials of Assistant's Training
Turf Meet at Charleston, W. Va., April 23
Grau Answers Turfgrass Questions
-Principles are Important
-[How to Succees in Explaining Why Working on Sunday is Good]
-[Preventing Bumpy Tiffine Bermuda Greens]
-[What is a Good Topdressing Mixture]
-[Is Chlordane a Good Crabgrass Control?]
-[How to get Rid of a Mat Under Green Turf?]
-[How to get Rid of Clover in Bermudagrass Fairways?]
-[What Causes Moss in Putting Greens?]
-[Does It Matter Whether Greens are Watered at Night or in the Morning?]
-[Is There Any Guarantee that the Shipped Stolons is Young Nursery Stock?]
-[What Quantity of Planting Material is Required for Sprig Fairways and Tees?]
-[What is the Best Way to get Rid of Moles in Green?]
Three Professionals Cultivating Their Crop of New Golfers
Michigan PGA Lists Rates for Pro Services
To Keep Golfers Happy is Growing Problem
Writers Cite George S. May for Contribution to Golf
1956 Tournament Dates 
We're Still Trying to Catch Up to 1930! There's a Great Need for Course Expansion...: Golf Today and Tomorrow
How to Plan and Sell Fairway Renovation
[Manufacturing News] 
-Cope's Own Marker
-Biggest Year in Course Watering Reported
Tam Prizes Total $146,000
Sullivan Elected Head of Golf Writers Group
Mallinckrodt Stockholders Elect Three New Directors
Sobel Tells of Pros Who Need Eitquette [Etiquette] Lessons
Classified Ads
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Table of Contents
1956 May
Volume #30, No. 5
1956 June
Volume #30, No. 6
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover 
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
37 Alter Course "Too Tough" for Members and Hogan
40 Two Years' Tests Reported on...: Snowmold Control 
42 Changes Made in National Open Qualifying Sites
44 Service to Golfer, Easy Operation are "Built-In" Features of Ft. Myers Shop
48 Record Late Snows have N.E. Supts. Puzzled
50 The Assistants' Department: An Old Pro Gives the Youngsters Some Valuable Advice
56 Directory of Information: Chicago District Clubs Give Operating Figures and Facts
60 I'm Proud of This Sale: Mr. K - Was Shopping for a Discount
64 Pros Star as School - Masters in Michigan
68 Pro's Promotion Work has New Course Busy
74 Club Managers Protest High Taxes on Memberships
74 Johnson Gets Award
76 National Open Course Previewed in Colorama
76 U.S. Golfers Can Challenge "Champs" in Swing Club Matches
82 Tells Story in Figures: Course Budget Preparation is Aid in Maintenance
84 Turfgrass Questions Answered by Grau
84 -[Basic Principles of Maintenance can Help Keep Greens Perfect as New]
85 -[How to Improve Tees]
85 -[Which Strain of Bentgrass Green is Recommended?]
85 -[What is Advised for Perlwort on Putting Green?]
86 -[What are the Controls for Goosegrass?]
86 [Why do the Results Vary While Using Calcium Cyanamid to Sterilize Topdressing?]
86 [Do Seeded or Stolonized Bents Root More Deeply?]
86 [Is There Too Much Sand if Greens Dry Out Quickly?]
87 [Fertilizer that is Good to Use on Bent Greens]
87 [Should the Fertilizer be Applied "as is" or Mixed?]
87 [Is It Best to Water Early Morning or at Night?]
114 [What Damages would You Expect in the Summertimer if Golfers Use the Tees and Greens During the Month of March When the Ground is Soggy and Wet?]
114 [What Causes Velvet Bent Greens to Appear Chlorotic Until Late Spring?]
96 New Books
97 [Manufacturing News]
111 Classified Ads
113 Advertisers' Index
114 Table of Contents
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover 
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
31 Elkhart Kids Grow Up Learning to Play Golf
33 Soil Tests that Tell Needs of Golf Turf 
37 Sets Up Four Rules for Operating Pro Shop - and Sticks to Them  
41 Principles of Club Fitting Discussed at Michigan Meeting
42 A University of California Expert Discusses Principles of Irrigation in First of Two Articles: Water Management
49 TV Golf from Municipal Pro Steps Up Play in Community
52 Demaret's 65 Breaks Notre Dame Course Record
53 Tells Effects of Soil Conditioner on New California Course 
60 The Assistants' Department: Three Pros Tell What They Expect of Assistant and How to Train and Encourage Him
64 At 10th Annual Southeastern Turf Conference
64 LPGA Sponsors' Manual
66 Trips to the Top
68 Wichita Pro Tells of Weather's Evil Blow
69 Foundation Distributes Chart on Golf Rules
69 The Babe Wants You to Help Her Help Others
69 Michigan PGA Raises $3300 for Pro's Families
70 Turfgrass Questions Answered by Grau
70 -Poa annua - Friend or Foe
70 -[How to Check or Stop the Infestation of Poa annua]
71 -[Chemical Formulas Available for Elimination of Poa annua in Bentgrass Greens]
72 -[Opinion on Uramite Fertilizer]
72 -[Using Sewage Sludge on Golf Greens]
72 -[Why is All-Organic Fertilizer Better in the Fall Instead of the Spring?]
73 -[Best Mixture for Topdressing for Bentgrass]
73 -[Solution to Hard Greens]
74 -[Should Our Club Finance Trips to Turf Conferences for Its Supt.?]
74 -[What is the Recommended Dosage and Usage for DNSOBD?]
74 Byes to Low Qualifiers
75 Book Review
78 [Manufacturing News]
80 Market Survey Pointed to Diatamic Pro-Only Policy
94 Classified Ads
97 Advertisers' Index
98 Table of Contents
1956 July
Volume #30, No. 7
1956 August
Volume #30, No. 8
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
25 Minnesota PGA Teaches the Teachers
28 Check Chemical Makeup Through Clippings: How Much and What is Cut from a Bermuda Green
35 Pegboard Displays Give Sales a Boost at Lincolnshire
38 Announce New Edition of Pro Shop Christmas Golf Gift Sales Booster
38 Beg Your Pardon
40 Gives Them Variety...: O'Brien Attracts Big TV Following with New Ideas
44 Ford Goodrich Honored for 40-Years' Service 
44 Women Golfers Give Business a Lift at Dubuque G & CC
46 Water Management: Here is a Summary of Irrigation Principles with which Every Supt. Should be Familiar
54 Canadian Amateur
54 Amputee Tournament
56 Turfgrass Questions Answered by Grau
56 -The Nursery: Inexpensive Insurance
56 -[What is Vertical Mowing?]
60 -[The Difference Between Aero Cyanamide and Cium-Cyanamide]
60 -[Will Lead Arsenate Prevent Germination of Seaside Bentgrass?]
62 -[Sources of Information on Bermuda Grasses]
62 -[How to Lower the pH on Greens]
63 -[Best Mixture for Topdressing Bent Greens]
63 -[Advice for Zoysia for Fairways]
63 -[Reasons to Early Morning Waterings]
64 -[Urea-Formaldehyde Fertilizers Injurious to Bent Greens]
64 -[What Grade and Density of Sand is Best?]
82 -[What Height should Fairways be Cut in Apr-Sept?]
82 -[How to Repair Greens without Rebuilding]
82 -[When and for Which Weeds can 2-4-D be Used?
66 Golf Day Reports $70,000 to PGA - More to Come
66 Beltsville, Wooster Turf Dates
69 [Manufacturing News]
80 Classified Ads
81 Advertisers' Index
82 Table of Contents
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [The First Lighted Course in the Chicago Area, the "Little Nine"]
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
21 More Exciting than the Oil Boom: Smart Promotions Make Golf Big Business in Small New Mexico Town
24 Chemical Inhibits Bermuda Growth in Fall Changeover of Greens: Tells Use of Maleic Hydrazide in Summer-Winter Turf Transition
28 Service Competitors Don't Supply: Club Fitting Calls for Study of Golfer's Physical Equipment
30 Old Habit: Metropolitan PGA Pros Re-Elect Inglis
32 Burbank to Move Mountain to Build a Golf Course: Nothing is Impossible in California Where They're Planning to Shave Off a High Peak to Provide Golfing Facilities for 95,000 People
36 Haig is Honored
36 Bego System Gives Points for Bogeys, Birdies, Pars
36 Lakewood, N.Y. Pro Conceives Pledge for Golfers
36 Managers Assn. Schedules Two Short Courses
37 How Publicity Helps: Roanoke: A Club that Promotion is Building 
40 Substitute for Boom Sprayer...: Jet Nozzles Prove Effective in Insecticides Experiment
41 Wins the Tournament but Not the Check with 289 in Wisconsin Open
41 Manpower, Water Savings Effected Through New Presidio Sprinkling System
41 Golf All the Way
42 Bob White, Pioneer Pro, Recalls Early Days of U.S. Golf
45 Elmer Murphy, Oldest Golf Worker, Active at 100
45 Organize Regional Amputee Golf Associations
46 Add Four Members to Turf Foundation Council
46 Caddie Trophy
48 Kids Play Remarkable Golf in Future Masters'
48 Largest Galleries in English Golf History See Hogan Win International
50 Turfgrass Questions Answered by Grau 
50 -Woodmont CC: A Study in Teamwork
50 -[Comments on Mixture Causing Greens to be Hard and Cracking Open]
51 -[Can Bent Grass be Overseeded with More of the Same Strain of Bent? Would Emerald Zoysia be a Good Grass to Put on Green?]
51 -[Is It Beneficial to Leave Clippings on the Putting Greens and Will They Grow?]
74 -[Where to get a Book on Grass Greens]
74 -[Is Sulfur Water Harmful to Greens?]
74 -[Best Practice for getting Grass Greens Through Long, Cold Winters with Least Damage]
58 Can You Top This?
59 PGA Schedule
60 [Manufacturing News]
68 Classified Ads
69 Park Executives Meet
73 Advertisers Index
74 Table of Contents
1956 September
Volume #30, No. 9
1956 October
Volume #30, No. 10
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [Overhead View of Knollwood CC, Lake Forest, Ill.]
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
21 A Specialist in Club Design Explains Difference Between Balance Readings and Swinging Weights 
24 Humor in Milwaukee
24 USGA Sets Tournament Dates for 1957
25 Green Construction: If You're Planning to Build New Greens or Alter Old Ones This Report from a Recent Oklahoma Turf Meet is Must Reading
29 Saginaw Solves Space, Display Problems
33 Shopping Guide Can Bring Extra Profits: Pros Swing into Xmas Gift Sales Campaign
34 $250,000 Being Spent on Los Altos Improvement
38 Hahn Takes Tricks to Far East
38 Horwath Figures on 34 Clubs Show Financial Ground Lost
40 Excess of Fund Campaigns Brings Problems to Pros
40 Hinsdale Tournaments Based on Point Quota System
44 October is a Golfer's Month 
44 Ad Spotlights Vandal Damage on Courses
45 On PGA Committee
45 Plan to Accommodate 300 Assistants at PGA School
45 Turfgrass Conferences
47 Golfing Article Gets Wide Circulation
50 Cartoon Gags Enliven Tournament Scoreboard
52 Book Review
58 Turfgrass Questions Answered by Grau
58 -The Case for Business Management
58 -[Would Soil Analysis Help in Selecting Most Adequate Grass or Bent for Fairways?]
60 -More on Poa annua
60 -[Using and Locating Polly Cross Seed]
61 -[How Close should the Greens Mower be Set to Cut?]
62 -[Will Aerifying Help with Spots on Greens?]
62 -[How to Prevent "WinterKill"]
63 -[Most Satisfactory Strain to Use]
63 -[Information About C7 Grass]
64 -[How Often to Aerify Lawn, Fairways and Tee]
68 [Manufacturing News]
69 Augustine Ascending Elm Winning Acceptance as Golf Course Tree
79 Classified Ads
81 Advertisers' Index
82 Table of Contents
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [18-Hole Layout Constructed at Ft. Meade, Md. during 1956]
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
31 Weather, Operating Expenses Hurt: Pro Total Income is Up but Profits are Down
32 Home Pro Appreciation
32 Weitzel Dies Following Crash
33 Foundations for Progress: Pro, Superintendent Educational Plans Praised by Manufacturers
36 150,000 Xmas Shopping Guides Ordered by Professionals
36 No Golf: Wet Grounds
38 Winter Golf in Northern Illinois
39 "Perfect" Course: It's Sum of Artistry Simple Beauty, Sweat, Ample Budget
48 "Classiest Pro Shop" is Label Attached to Belle Meade
52 Sikora Works All Year to Live Up to Name of Golf's Busiest Promoter
52 Clubs Displayed Horizontally
54 $10 Million Invested in Courses in 1956
58 Grau 1956 Turf: The "Man," More Than Anything Else, is the Big Factor in Turfgrass Management
59 Noer Roundup: New Blood Needed; Snowmold Complications; the South Develops Selective Grasses
62 Consult Agent or Broker When Reviewing Club Insurance Needs: This Western Underwriters' Association Officer Says: Check with an Expert to Make Sure You have Adequate Protection
63 Runs Winning to $20,000
71 Hickory Hills Comes Back a Second Time Following Costly Fires in 1941 and 1954
72 TV Cameras Grind as Ohioans Hold Field Day
74 St. Louis has Big Turnout for Field Day
74 Turfmen Organize
75 Minn. GCSA Holds Two-Day Conference
75 Chapman Foursome Handicap System Changed
75 Utah-Idaho Conference
76 Faster Play Facilitated by New Maintenance Ideas
76 Areas Around Greens, Rough and Ladies Tees Need Study
78 Suggests Turf Research Under Playing Conditions
78 California Groups Hold Turf Conference
78 Washington Junior Program
80 Golfers Decorate Walls with Achievement Awards
83 Weed Control Features So. California Meeting
83 PGA's Annual Meeting to Start Dec. 2 at Clearwater
86 Supt's Managerial Role to be Emphasized at GCSA Meeting
88 Fungicides Rated for Persistence, Longevity in Three Year Study of Snowmold Control
107 [Manufacturing News]
126 Classified Ads
129 Advertisers' Index
130 Table of Contents