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1958 January
Volume #32, No. 1                  
1958 February
Volume #32, No. 2
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
21 Sargent, New PGA Head, is Son of Third President: Pros Praise Instruction and Merchandising Programs at Long Beach Conference
24 Tax Ruling Helps: Congressional Adopts New Plan for Membership
25 Ames Slated to be USGA President in 1958
25 Shute Won PGA Championship Two Years in a Row
25 Schedule Set for PGA's Second Assistants Training School
25 Black Joins Tour Bureau
25 Golf Architects Meet
26 Teaching, Merchandise Sessions Help Pros Improve Techniques, Increase Profits: Great Array of Talent at PGA's Annual Meeting Covers Wide Range of Pertinent Subjects
26 -What I've Learned About Winning
27 -How Positive Thinking Helps in Teaching
30 -How Pro Merchants can Boost Profit
30 -Ask for Money; You Earned It
32 -How I Teach Putting and Chipping
32 -Hahn, "Traveling Salesman for Pros," Suggests Plain Talk
33 Aycock's Record Distinguished by Great Accomplishments
33 Texas Newsmen Dominate Golf Writing Competition
33 Turf Conferences
33 [Re-Winding Rope Used at the Ryder Cup Challenge with the Aid of a Winch]
33 Matteson Heads Chicago CMA
33 International Scholarships
34 International Comes into Its Own in Japanese Matches
38 GCSA Set to Move on Washington
40 1957 Turf Roundup
40 -Southern Courses Turn to Selected Bermuda
41 -Quality has New Meaning in Turfgrass Picture
46 [Gene C. Nutter Discusses Bermudagrass at 5th Annual Florida Turf Association Conference]
46 90 Supts. Attend Midwest Clinic at Olympia Fields
46 Central Plains Holds 3-Day Meet; Elects Officers, Directors
48 Scotty Chisholm Dies in L. A. at Age of 80
48 Wogan, Pro, Supt., Architect Dies in Massachusetts
48 PGA Winter Schedule S
50 Pittsburgh Golf Writer Compiles Who's Who
50 Club Managers Conference
50 Chicago Dist. Picks Eckstein
50 Left-Handers Elect Murphy
50 Philadelphia GCSA Officers
51 Golf Day Net of $56,421 is Distributed for 1957
51 Watrous to Defend Title in 19th Seniors Tournament
51 Moore Elected President of Western Golf Assn.
51 MGWA Honors to Three Men
51 Connecticut CMA Officers
54 [Philadelphia CC's Clubhouse and Olympic Pool]
54 PGA Quarter-Center Tourney Carded for Week of Feb. 10
69 [Manufacturing News]
77 Classified Ads
81 Advertisers' Index
82 Table of Contents
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [Sixth Tee of Diplomat CC, Hollywood, Fla.]
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
76 -[4th Green of Torrey Pines GC, San Diego]
76 -[Valley Hi CC, Colorado Springs]
77 -[Cary Middlecoff Examines a Green Diplomat CC, Hollywood, Fla.]
23 Come Rain or Come Shine - Pros Plan to be Ready: If You were Foiled by the Treacherous Spring of 1957 Here are Some Ideas that may Help You get Your Selling Season Started Early in Spite of the Weather
26 Experts Give Opinions: Discuss Course Cost Cutting at Green Section Meeting
27 Townley Racks Bags in Fiber Tubes
27 Cleveland District GA Helps Crippled Children
27 Lack of Area Data can be Costly in Turf Treatment
27 C of C Offers to Arrange Masters Hotel Accommodations
27 Military Tournaments
28 There to Learn!: Smart Young Pros Justify Operation of PGA School
30 Golf Club Sales Show Two Per Cent Increase
30 Jackson Event Open to Pros Eliminated at Baton Rouge
30 PGA Adds Five Tournaments to Spring-Summer Card
32 Bent Greens in Nashville
34 Space - It's Wonderful!: Work Goes Smoothly in Roomy Equipment Building
38 Metropolitan Survey is Comprehensive Report on Club Operations
39 Ends Partnership Pacts: USGA Says Pros Can't Split Prize Money in Opens
40 Encourage Fast Play but Don't Cut Back on the Challenge
40 PGA Holds Teaching School at Dunedin
44 Grau's Answers to Turf Questions
44 -[New Tools should be Used, but Also Well Understood]
44 -[Why are 100 lbs. of Ground Charcoal Used Per 1000 Sq. Ft. on Putting Green Surfaces?]
44 -[Is Cohansey Practicable for Growth on Courses in Northeast Oklahoma?]
44 -[Confused about Eliminating Thatch on Greens]
45 -[Which Grass Seed to Use to Keep Tiffine Green Through Winter]
45 -[Disease on Merion Bluegrass - Powdery Mildew]
70 -[Lack of Use of Creeping Bent in Southern California]
46 Keep It Simple, Uncluttered
48 Lessons from Long Beach: Buying, Public Relations, Taxes Play Big Roles in Pro Shop Operation
48 -People Like to Buy at Pro Shops
48 -It's a Different Job Teaching Women
52 -Everything Pro does is "Public Relations"
53 -Frequent Display Changes, Playing Up Regional Flavor Boosts Apple Valley Sales
53 -Taxes Compel Pro to Know the Score on His Business
78 -Teaching Control of the Swing
56 Japanese have Rivals in Columbine Girls
56 Oklahoma Turf Officers
56 PGA Pacific Northwest Section to Discuss Rules
56 MGA has New Address
60 Madison Educates Its Young Golfers
61 Golf's Who [Who's] Who to be Ready on April 1
62 CMAA St. Louis Conference Program Completed
62 J. C. Maiden, Jones' Teacher, Dies at Age of 76
62 USGA 1959 Competitions
62 Ord Group Plans Nationwide Junior Golf Clubs
62 Northern Calif. PGA Plans Monthly Amateur Tourneys
64 Turf Management Literature
68 Sarazen's Final Round 70 Gives Him Seniors Title
68 Watson, McDonald Preside at PGA Seniors Banquet
68 Boswell Honored
69 Diplomat Course Data Gives Golfers a Lift
69 Whalen Heads Seniors
78 [Miller Brewing Co. President Studies PGA Contract for Fourth Miller Open]
82 Women's Trans Mississippi
83 [Manufacturing News]
95 Classified Ads
97 Advertisers' Index
98 Table of Contents
1958 March
Volume #31 [32], No. 2 [3]
1958 April
Volume #31 [32], No. 4
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [Vice President Dick Nixon Drops in on the GCSA Convention in Washington]
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
37 New Attendance Record for GCSA at Washington Convention: Labor Management, Improved Maintenance for More Economical Operation Main Themes at Superintendents' Annual Show
39 Mr. Superintendent Goes to Washington
46 Bill Gordon, Jack Daray Die in Recent Weeks
46 Rockford Tournament Added to Ladies' PGA Schedule
47 Betty Hicks Queries Women on Golf Clubs and Balls
47 Golf Writers' Tourney
47 Western Seniors Tourney
48 How Urzetta Makes Every Merchandising Shot Count: A Syracuse, N. Y. Pro Runs a Real Shop of Distinction Where Displays are Contrived to Make the Golfer Excited Enough to Buy
50 Some Things the Pro Should Know About Bank Credit: Your Ability to Repay a Loan is Based on Character Along with Capacity and Capital
51 How About Golf Cars?: How Many are There? Where are They? Where are They Going?
52 Golf Car Survey Charts
54 Grau's Answers to Turf Questions
54 -[Superintendent's Budget Says Much About What is Expected from the Course]
54 -[What is the Best Application for Removing Chickweed from Green of Astoria Colonial and Seaside Bent?]
54 -[Poa annua Not Surviving Summer Heat and Fungus]
56 -[Best Way to Restore Turf from Snow Mold Kill]
56 -[What is the Best Sand for Topdressing]
56 -[Experimenting with Grass on Sand Greens]
56 Stewart Heads Midwest
56 New England Picks Francis
56 Kansans Elect Funk
60 More Lessons from PGA Long Beach Education Sessions
60 -How to Make Your Shop Sell
60 -Teach Groups the ABC's of Golf
62 -Experts View Pro's Position in Fashion Market
66 Golf is Big Business in Los Angeles County
68 GCSA Pres. Bob Williams is a Superintendent's Supt.
68 Border, GCSA VP, Veteran of 32 Years in Turf Work
68 Schalestock Would Air Condition Course with Nuclear Curtain
72 What's It Worth: Danger in Guessing Amount of Revenue Pro Jobs Bring
82 Eleanor's Divot
86 Wisconsin PGA Meeting
86 E. J. Smith Dies in Charlotte at Age of 70
86 Middlecoff hasn't Qualified for Tournament of Champions
94 Watrous Again Wins Quarter Century Title
94 Illinois PGA Meeting
102 Hold Wisconsin Clinic to Teach Golf Teachers
104 Court Rules Club is Non-Profit Corporation; Orders Tax Refund
106 Busy Schedule
107 Fundamentals Reviewed: Five Impressions that Bring Sales in the Pro Shop
109 Connecticut GCSA Officers
110 Chaney Elected Head of CMAA
110 Philadelphia PGA Section Sponsors Caddie Scholarships
111 Green Section Chairman
111 LPGA Sponsorship
120 Richardson Award goes to Robert T. Jones
120 Cantrell Resigns as President of Texas PGA Section
121 [Manufacturing News]
135 Classified Ads
137 Advertisers' Index
138 Table of Contents
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [First Tee of the Westmoreland CC, Wilmette, Ill.]
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
35 Good Public Relations Vital to Pro Success: You're Always Working at It Whether or Not You Realize It. This Article Tells You Why
38 Club Managers Plan Circuit Short Courses
38 Miller to Again Sponsor TV All-Star Golf
38 Seeks "Exchange Scholarship" for Italian Pro's Son
38 They'll Do Anything to Get to A Turf Meeting
38 USGA World Amateur
38 Pro-Specialty Tourneys
39 You Shouldn't be Without a Pool
42 Suggests Vocational Slant: Wants Practical College Training for Potential Pros
44 200 Attend Ninth RCGA Turfgrass Conference
44 Iowa State Holds 24th Annual Short Course
44 Chickasaw CC Host to Southern Superintendents
46 Brandt Heads Midwest; 534 at Purdue Conference
46 Attendance at Penn State Meeting High in Spite of Snow Storm
48 Come from Atlantic, Pacific to Attend Mass. Winter School
48 Prof. Dickinson Gets Educator Award from Superintendents
48 Complete Winter Turf Course at Penn State; Enrollment Information Listed
50 Gloom Bows Out - Dollars Come in at Revolta's Shop
53 Superintendents Live It Up at GCSA Convention in Washington
56 What They Told the Greenmasters
56 -You're Big Time - You Need Better Publicity
56 -Poa annua Control in New Jersey
58 -Sand as Framework of the Green
60 -Growing Turfgrass the Hard Way
64 -Nitrogen Application in Brown Patch Control
64 -South Converting Greens to Fine Leaf Bermuda
60 Great Lakes Bantam Tourney
68 [Century CC, Phoenix, Ariz]
68 Sargent Outlines Format for '58 PGA Championship
68 Mid-Atlantic PGA Seminars
68 Northwest PGA Sponsorship
70 California Court Says Club, Not Player, is Employer of Caddie
72 Orlick Gives Winter Students Progress Report
72 WGA Tops Caddie Services with New Film, "Your Caddie, Sir"
72 National Golf Day Scheduled for June 7 by PGA
74 Grau's Answers to Turf Questions
74 -Lawn Clinics
74 -[Crabgrass and Seaside Bent in Missouri]
76 -[Topdressing and Heat Problems in Missouri]
102 -[Sod Greens]
103 -[Please Advise How to Kill or Remove Chickweed in Our Greens]
103 -[New Bent Greens and New Grasses for the South]
76 [Adobe Creek Lodge, Santa Clara, California, Converts to Nine Hole Course]
78 For Better Management: Walpole Survey Brings Members into the Act
80 Total Budget Costs in Country Club Construction: A Golf Architect Explores the Subject of New Course Investment in 10 Different Brackets
82 Tournament Schedules Men's Events
84 May Decision is $210,000 Blow to Tournament Pros
88 British Pro Studies Swing, Then Makes Sale
89 Improper Tree Planting Runs Up Maintenance Costs
92 Think You've Got Troubles? How About These Mudhens
92 Western Seniors Tourney
109 Says Soft Course Can Lead to Boredom, Loss in Play
110 Bill Tucker, Jr., Returns to Golf Architecture
111 Junior Interclub League
113 Connecticut PGA Recap
114 [Manufacturing News]
127 Classified Ads
128 $500 for Divot Repair
128 Washington Physicist Invents Strobe Golf Trainer
128 Southern Turf Officers
129 Advertisers' Index
130 Table of Contents
1958 May
Volume #32, No. 5
1958 June
Volume #32, No. 6
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [Cast of "Your Caddie, Sir" at Plum Hollow in Detroit]
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
23 Fertilizer Programs, Management Practices Investigated in Survey: Many Interesting Facts About Size of Courses, Maintenance Needs Uncovered by Poll
24 Japanese Beetle Control
26 Large Stock Essential in Public Course Operation: George Heaney, Pasadena Pro, is an Advocate of Not Only Giving the Golfer What He Wants but Having It on Hand for Him
30 Straight from Al Robbins: Correct Display Sells Golf Shoes
30 CMAA Sets Workshop Dates
30 Northeast Wisconsin Clinic
30 Tips on Screws
32 North Olmsted GC - Model of 9-Hole Course Operation
36 Golfer Denied Relief When Hit by Member of His Foursome
36 Financial Report on Wheeling Caddie Camp
36 Campus Intersection is Test Plot for Turf
38 Leads to Distress Prices: Warns of Returned Goods Danger to Pro Business
40 GCSA Convention Speeches
40 -Member Sees Supt. as an Expert in His Field
40 -South Shall Rise Again - With Turfgrass
79 -Ureaform Fertilization on Putting Green Turf
83 -Improving Your Fairway Irrigation System
42 Grau's Answers to Turf Questions
42 -Calculating Costs
86 -Snowmold and Clover
86 -Ugandagrass for Collars
87 -Permanent Seed
87 -Low Spots in Greens
88 -Watering of Greens
46 Specialist in Sales: Denver Caudill Makes Career of Pro Merchandising
48 Book Review
52 Target! Golf for 8 Million High School Kids
56 Calderwood Gives Details on Tomahawk Lifts
56 Don't Tread on Me!
60 Foundation Gives Optimistic Report on Course Growth
62 Athletic Goods Census for 1957 Shows Golf Goods Big Leader
62 Short on Teaching
66 Sun Deck Golf Clinic
66 Claim World's Greatest Club-Cleaning Service
68 Supt. Must Constantly Look to Improvement of Course
70 Stretching Dollars is Biggest Problem of Maintenance
70 PGA Starts Big Push for National Golf Day
76 Heart of America, Kansas Groups Hold Meeting
85 Gives Merchandising Tips to Mid-Atlantic Assistants
85 Jim Beattie Killed in Crash
89 [Manufacturing News]
103 -New Staple in Golf Course Construction - Vermiculite
104 Classified Ads
105 Advertisers' Index
106 Table of Contents
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [Tenth Hole at Forest Lake CC, Bloomfield Hills, Mich.]
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
27 Recession not Felt: Golf Sales Forge Ahead in Spite of Spotty Weather
28 [Ribbon Cutting at Vista G and CC, Calif]
30 Club Operations Handbook: 9 Club Activities Covered in Chicago District Report
32 Strictly PROfessional
34 Flynn Gives Greens Quick Spray
34 "On the Green" Latest of USGA Education Films
36 A Pro Shop Must Be Advertised
38 Philadelphia Meeting
40 Illinois Court Rules Course Creek is Not Attractive Nuisance
42 Pro Breaks the Ice with Refreshments
42 Brennan Leaves C of C for Wheaties Sport Post
42 Skimpy Research Funds
46 How We Saved the Turf at North Hempstead
48 10,318 Courses in 37 Countries Represented at World Amateur
48 Sarazen to England for Senior Playoff
50 Grau's Answers to Turf Questions
50 -Don't Drown the Grass
50 -Hard and Soft Greens
52 -Filling in Bare Spots
56 -Tufted Bent
56 -Sawdust for Greens
56 -U-3 from Seed
52 Burton gets GCSA Award for Work with Bermudas
58 Tournament Activity, Smart Merchandising Policy Give Carman [Carmen] Fast Start at Buena Vista
60 Golf Goes Up the Mountain at Grand Marais
62 Lancaster Superintendent Tells of Water Application During 1957 Drought
64 Gibberellic Shows Promise as Regulator of Turfgrass Growth: Researcher Discusses Qualities of Plant Stimulator for Rapid Germination and Reducing Dormancy Periods
68 IBM Handles Handicaps for Four Cleveland Clubs
68 CMAA Retired Status
70 How They Built the Golf Lodge at Rock Island
74 Hillcrest Looks to Guests to Supply Profit Margin
74 Michigan-Border Cities Men Celebrate Stan Hill Day
76 Success Story: Big Dreams, Small Capital Bring Course to Barboursville
77 GCSA Makes Grants for Scholarships and Research
87 Use Forceful Approach in Selling Club on Improvements
88 Committee Studies Traps
90 National Senior Open
91 Central Plains Meeting
91 WMGA Tournament Card
91 N.Y. Turf Officers
92 Mid Atlantic Association Honors Tuckerman, McLeod
92 [Manufacturing News]
104 Classified Ads
105 Advertisers Index
106 Table of Contents
1958 July
Volume #32, No. 7
1958 August
Volume #32, No. 8
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
29 Two Views Presented: Discuss Superintendent's Value to Club and Salary Level
34 Red Gives Them Variety and Gets Volume
38 Schedule Third PGA Assistants' School for January
38 Second PGA Ace Contest Scheduled for Labor Day
38 Gets Life Membership
40 How Chlorotic Grass Responded Quickly to Iron Sulphate
42 Sets Two Week Limit on Holding Trade-In Clubs
44 PGA Pros Help Run Golf Seminar for Graduate Students
48 Water! It's Feast or Famine on Courses in the West
50 Golf Law: Golfer Not Guilty of Negligence in Hitting Freak Shot
50 Foreign Pros Okayed
52 Strictly PROfessional
54 Grau's Answers to Turf Questions
54 -Keeping Out of the Way
57 -Stay with Successful Bent
57 -Too Much Water
57 -Algae in Watering System
60 Book Review
74 PGA to Name Five as Tournament Sponsor Advisors
74 Pick 18 Golfers for Collegiate All-Star
74 R.I. Field Day Set
75 Corcoran Directs LPGA
76 [Manufacturing News]
87 Classified Ads
89 Advertisers' Index
90 Table of Contents
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [Eighteenth Green of Shady Oaks CC, Ft. Worth]
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
25 The Common Sense of Pro Shop Selling : Maybe You've Heard of But Never Tried These Ideas and Methods in Your Business. Careful Study of Them Should Bring You Increased Sales (First of Two Articles)
26 How's This for Distance?
27 Golf Course Irrigation: A Top Designer and Engineer of Watering Systems Discusses Turf Needs, Pipe Distribution (First of Three Articles)
29 Runyan and His Two Specialists: Frequent Trips to the Market, Awareness of What the Competition is Doing Make the Pro Operation at La Jolla a Booming One
32 Pollock Prevailed in Spite of Rain, Heat, and Humidity: The Pre-Tournament Weather wasn't What They Ordered at Llanerch CC but Everything Turned Out Fine
38 Sell Yourself - Sell Your Product: Gus Salerno Uses a Handful of Everyday Stratagems to Build a Nice Volume at His Hampshire CC Pro Shop
44 Grau's Answers to Turf Questions
44 -Practice vs. Proved Principles
44 -Maintaining Tifton 328
46 -Clover, Weeds in New Greens
46 -Peat Fouls Up Greens
48 Why I'm Helping to Put Over High School Golf Programs
49 Indianapolis Club Gives Lee Nelson Life Membership
52 Orrin Smith, Veteran Architect Dies in Connecticut
52 Cooper, Penn State Agronomist, Dies of Heart Attack
52 $5,000 Goes a Long Way at Lakehurst Station
53 Settle San Francisco Course Workers Strike
54 200 Sectional Qualifiers to Play in USGA Amateur
54 S. Calif. Turf Meeting
55 First "Practice Class" Suggested by Woman Reader of Pro's Book
64 No Excise Tax on Prizes
64 Americas Cup Team
65 Player, Crampton in GWAA
66 Canadian Open
67 13th Jaycee Tournament to be Played in Tucson, Aug. 18-23
68 [Manufacturing News]
68 -Keeping Up with the Trade at PGA Championship
77 Classified Ads
81 Advertisers' Index
82 Table of Contents
1958 September
Volume #32, No. 9
1958 October
Volume #32, No. 10
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [View from Inside the Pro Shop at Green Acres CC, Northbrook, Ill.]
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
19 Would Modernize Design: Architect Calls for Re-Examination of Golf Course Construction
22 Want to Step Up Shop Sales to Women? - Hire a Woman
24 O.J. Noer's Turf Tips: Protection for Drivers, Markers that Stay Put, Convenience in Tee Boxes
28 Golf Course Irrigation: Properties of Pipe, Trenching and Backfilling and Water Supply Sources are Discussed in Second of Three Articles
32 Leads Bermuda Amateurs
32 Texas A&M Holds Annual Turfgrass Field Day
34 Many Fingers, Many Pies: Tireless Harry Obitz is Perpetual Man in Motion
36 Many Pros Work to Extend Length of Golf Season: Compete with Bowling, Football, etc., for Bigger Slice of Golfer's Dollar
38 Fred Wright Dies Playing Sectional Amateur Round
38 Eileen Stulb gets LPGA Promotional Post
38 24 Sections for Senior Amateur Qualifying
38 Hard to Classify
44 Tips from an Expert: Common Sense of Pro Shop Selling 
45 Prof. L. S. Dickinson, Turf School Founder, Retires
46 Horwath Gives Breakdown on Club Operation Costs
48 Grau's Answers to Turf Questions
48 -Test Nurseries - Tests Plots Trial Gardens
49 -Changing Bents
50 -Invasion of Greens
51 1959 IGA Matches to Australia
54 Future Masters: How are You Gonna Keep 'Em Off the Course?
55 Michelle is Pro's Pro
55 Endorses Knothole Idea
58 $8,500 Appropriated for PGA Section Education Programs
65 Resigns Texas A&M Position
67 [Manufacturing News]
77 Classified Ads
80 New Hi-Lo Desert GCSA has 50 Members
81 Advertisers' Index
82 Table of Contents
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
33 Recession! Golf Prospered in Spite of It: 1959? Prospects are Excellent
36 Golfdom's Opinion Survey: Repeal of Excise Tax will Lead to More Building but Windfall won't Go into Courses: Architects
40 Not Keeping Pace: Push Yet to Come in Equipment Sales to Feminine Golfers
44 Unlimited Budget!: Well, a Superintendent can Dream, can't He?
48 Big Turnout for Annual Florida Turf Meeting
48 Assessment Refund
50 Microclimatic Report Feature of Midwest Field Days
50 Toro Field Day
54 Noer & Grau's Turf Roundup for 1958
54 -Weather, Water, Worry Main Ingredients in Turf Picture
55 -Supt. Holds His Own in Battle Against the Jet Stream
58 -[Ralph R. Bond Responds to an Observation by Fred V. Grau About Old Orchard Thinning Mid-Summer]
62 Hunter & Hunter: Their Merchandising Knack Excels Their Fame as Players
68 First of 2 Articles: Pro Merchandising - It's a Blend of Sound Judgment, Ingenuity
70 Range Cooler Constantly at Work for This Pro
70 PGA Annual Meeting to be Held in Clearwater, Nov. 6-14
70 Mass Turf Short Course Starts in January
70 Prof. Musser to Make Final Appearance at '59 Conference
74 Golf Course Irrigation: Third of Three Articles
78 Dawson Now Equipment Sales Manager
80 Golf Cars Go Under Cover
86 Sullivan Added to National Foundation Field Staff
86 Southeastern Recreation to Hold Golf Planning Meeting
86 Program Poll
87 New Course Construction Sets Postwar Record
87 Writes, Illustrates Golf Book
94 [Rufus the Retriever]
104 185 Persons Attend Ohio Turf Meeting
108 Purdue Offers Four-Year Course in Turf Management
109 Miller Moves All-Star Show Back One Hour
109 Pocono Turf Officers
111 1958 Golfdom Editorial Index
113 Oak Hills Puts Suggested Improvements into Force
114 [Manufacturing News]
125 Classified Ads
129 Advertisers' Index
130 Table of Contents