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1960 January
Volume #34, No. 1                  
1960 February
Volume #34, No. 2
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
25 Education at Clearwater: Pros Hear Rosburg, Wall, are Stirred by a World Traveler
28 At PGA Meeting Hours were Long...... It wasn't All Work
30 The Lineup for Houston
33 Another New Attendance Record: IGA Matches Get 50,000 Votes from Sports-Loving Aussies
34 PGA Pro-of-Year is Double Threat Man
34 Jacobson Heads N. J. Golf Assn.
34 Heart of America Officers
38 Clock Slated to be USGA President in 1960
38 1959 Golf Day Receipts Top $90,000 Mark
38 Thomas Heads N. J. PGA
44 Noer's Turf Roundup - II: Bermuda Overseeding: With Proper Preparation and Strong Fertilization It can Give Good Temporary Cover
44 -[Tifton 57 Bermudagrass Sod was Shredded in Wichita Grinder for Fairway Planting at Fernandina, Fla.]
44 -[Dense Bermuda Rough Came Fast at East Lake After Liming, Fertilization, and Periodic Spraying with Arsenicals to Check Crab]
44 -[Bent on 2, 4, 5-TP Fairway Plots was Hurt at 3/4 lb. Rate and Permanently Injured at 1 1/2 and 3 lbs. Actual Per Acre]
46 -[The Secret of Good Bermuda Tees is Close Cutting with Heavy Duty Mower with Grass Catcher as at Thunderbird in Palm Springs]
46 -[Yarrow Control After One Application of 2, 4, 5-TP on Plot in Rough at Milwaukee CC]
52 Midwest GCSA Holds 7th Clinic at Olympia
54 GCSA and Green Section Help University in Staging Sixth Arizona Turf Conference
54 CMAA gives Turfmen a Hand
54 Golfdom Luncheon at GCSA Convention
54 Texas A. & M. Holds 14th Turf Conference
54 Willie Ogg Dies
56 Grau's Turf Roundup - II: Accurate Testing: Only Uniform and Impartial Methods of Design and Checking give Tests Value
60 Wallis, Cartwright get Burke Writing Awards
60 Michigan GCSA Officers
60 PGA Delegates Favor Headquarters Move
60 Turf Conferences
64 Novak Ate Early; Kept Banquet Moving
64 PGA Reviews 1959 Gains and Makes Plans for Future
65 [Columbus, Ohio CC Pro Charley Lorms During Retirement]
68 Hutchinson, Runyan and Cooper Entries Increase Hall of Fame Roll to 23
68 West Coast PGA School to be Held Feb. 9-12
72 19 Professionals Honored by Their PGA Sections
72 Teacher Increases Prizes for PGA Seniors' Tourney
72 Gatenbey, Zuckerman Head Chicago, S. Calif. Associations
72 First Flight Sponsors Two PGA Dunedin Tourneys
79 Midwest Conference
79 Chicago CMAA Officers
81 Al Hyatt, Spalding Chicago Manager, Dies in November
85 Jones, Ouimet to be Cited at National Award Dinner
85 68-Year Old Wins PGA Ace Contest
85 Club Managers Faced with Food Service Problems
85 Royer Elected President of Western Golf
87 [Manufacturing News]
101 Classified Ads
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106 Table of Contents
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover 
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
23 1959: That Trying Year: The Turf Blight that Came With Last Year's Horrible Weather has Greenmaster Wondering How a Recurrence can be Avoided
24 Club Sales Up 4.4 Per Cent
25 Start of New Era?: Golf Cars to Replace Caddies at May's Tam O' Shanter Club
25 California, Utah Lag in Providing Golf Courses
26 Put Golf's Most Colorful Field in a Monterey Setting and You have...: Nothing Like the Clambake
30 PGA's Fourth Business School Attended by Record 239
32 PGA Postgraduate Courses
32 Casper Meets Rosburg in Golf Day Round
33 Trade-In Selling: Illinois Pro-of-Year Al Huske Uses Old "Look Out the Window" Method and It's Good for Business
36 Appeal Court Fixes Club Responsibility for Maintenance of Pool
36 Plum Hollow Fire Emphasizes Need for Sprinkler Protection
38 What You Should Know to Sell Golf Shoes
40 Cover Full Turf Range at Mid-Atlantic Meet
44 The Dynamic Mr. Jones: Raleigh CC was Lagging in Switching to the New 328 Bermuda...Then Garland Jones Went into Action and Presto, 18 Greens were Converted
46 New England GCSA Officers
48 Point O'Woods Golfers Move into $200,000 Clubhouse
48 Chicagoland Semi-Private Owners Form Association
48 Send West Coast School Applications to Thompson
52 Manufacturer's Rep Can Play Big Part in Shop's Prosperity
52 Kids have Own Course in Milwaukee; "Women Only" Layout Thrives in East
52 Massachusetts Turf Meet
53 Grau's Answers to Turf Questions
53 -Wanted: A Reliable Course Building Code
53 -Winter Play Damage
56 -Not Rooted Down
56 [Proposed Plan for Grantmoor Golf Facility]
56 Third International Miniature
70 Cassier is Midwest President
77 Meisnest Elected President of Club Managers for 1960
77 Viergever President of NCGCSA
78 Woodward Leaves WGA Post for New Football League
79 Turf Association Organized
83 [Manufacturing News]
92 Classified Ads
93 Says Golfers Should Protect Selves Against Theft, Liability
93 Watson Heads Wisconsin PGA
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98 Table of Contents
1960 March
Volume #34, No. 3
1960 April
Volume #34, No. 4
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
35 Houston Convention:
35 -Well Planned Education and Social Programs, Texas Hospitality, Made 31st GCSA Show One to be Remembered
36 -First Session: Mayor Gives City's Key to Elmer and Conference is On
37 -Second Session: Celebrity Says Texas Golfers don't have a Handicap System
40 -Third Session: Weighty Topics are Discussed as Research Men have Their Day
46 -Fourth Session: Supts. Detect Some Shortcomings in Course Construction
48 -Fifth Session: The Practical Side - from Wetting Agents to Mower Maintenance
52 -Sixth Session: You haven't Lived Until You've Gotten Ready for an Open
56 Supt. in Dreamland: Don White Tours the Exhibition Hall
58 How 2 Palm Springs Clubs Run Their Golf Car Operations
60 West Coast PGA Conducts Four-Day Business School
62 Texas PGA Hears Hogan, Nelson at Winter Meeting
66 Marshall Dann Succeeds Woodard at Western Golf
66 Wattses Light Up Sunrise and Sunset
68 Spectacular De Anza: Ryder Cup Players Compared It to Pinehurst - Praise Enough Perhaps for Tige Stanley Who has It so Handsomely Groomed...
70 Eagles Move Over; Demolition Squad Builds a Course
74 John Clock Heads USGA; Ball to be Controlled
74 The Eagles Gather
74 Says He Originated Idea for PGA Business School
74 NCGCSA Helps Research
76 Cochran Sells Color in Colorful Surroundings
82 $76,850 Distributed by National Golf Fund
82 Dues Tax on Club Lots
82 Plaintiff doesn't have to Prove Negligence in Nuisance Suit
84 Fashion Show: It was a Banquet Bonus at PGA Senior Festivities
86 How Pros Teach - I: You, too, can Shoot 90!: That's What Big Jim Gantz Tells His Students as They Work Back from the Green
92 What's Your Opinion?: What, in Your Estimation, are the Best Pro Shop Selling Ideas You have Seen in the Last Year or so?
94 Thomas, New GCSA President, is 45-Year Golf Veteran
94 "This is Your Life, O. J. Noer", Enacted at GCSA Banquet
96 Seepage Stopper: Indian Bend GC in Arizona is Testing Site for Promising New Water Conservation Chemical
100 Asheville Surmounts Muny Hump - Earns Nice Profit for City
102 New Course Maintenance: An Architect Looks at: Mowing Practices; Moisture Problems; Fertilization Programs
104 Wetting Agents: They Reduce Soil, Moisture Tensions, Enable Water to Circulate More Freely and Carry Nutrients to Plant Roots
106 Royal Canadian Association Releases Annual Report
106 Southern California Costs
107 Grau's Answers to Turf Questions: GCSA Hopes to do Something About Built-in Headaches
110 Turf Schooling - It Offers Big Opportunities: Facts and Figures for Last Five Years from Stockbridge School Show that Turf Management Graduates are Faring Well on Golf Course Jobs
118 Tournament Schedules
138 D. W. Adams Captures GCSA Golf Tournament
142 Latham Leaves Green Section
146 Nelson Heads Kansas Turf
147 Course Vandalism One of Topics at Minnesota GCSA Meeting
153 Full Entertainment Fare for Wives at Houston
153 SCGA Folder Describes Association's Services
154 Members Advised by Check List in Education Campaign
155 Annual PGA Meeting Carded for Phoenix, Nov. 10-18
155 Display to get the Shopper Ready to Buy
156 [Manufacturing News]
173 Classified Ads
177 Advertisers' Index
178 Table of Contents
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
31 Metropolitan, Chicago Associations Report on Golf Car Surveys
32 Metropolitan has 7.7 Cars per Club; Chicago Average is 21.5
33 International Miniature
33 It Pays in L. A.
34 To Beat Competition: Take Advantage of Your Knowhow in Golf Club Sales
36 Ease Caddie Age Minimum
38 Letter from Warren
40 Cozy Decor Lures Golfers to Join Indoor Club
46 The Par 3 Course - Not a Stopgap, It had Appeal All Its Own
50 Ill Wind Hits Fircrest
50 USGA Lists Conditions for Open Qualifying
50 Ohio GCSA Elects Monical
52 Grau's Answers to Turf Questions
52 -Zoysia for Golf Turf
121 -[Opinion on Converting Fairway Turf in Western North Carolina with Heavy Soil]
56 How Pros Teach II: Meehan Gives Youngsters Tips on Art of Instruction: Veteran Bloomington, Illinois Pro Says It Takes Five Years to Master Swing Analysis
56 What Tommy Meehan Says About the Cut Putt
60 GCSA Convention: What They Said at Houston
60 -Present Day Research - A Study in Productivity
64 -A 3-Phase Contract to Protect the Club
64 -Nutrition - A Disease Control Factor
68 -Drain Green Over Its Entire Width
70 -Temperature and Light in Growth of Turf
113 -Close Cooperation in Use of Cars
114 -Closely Examine All Elements of the Job
116 -Sand, Clay, Organic in Green Mixture
70B Maxwell Heads Architects; Costs Studied at Meeting
70B Book Review
70B Veteran Chicago Pro, Bob MacDonald, Dies in Florida
70F Lesson Learned in Augusta Sales Tent Applied to Shop
71 Says Poa is Nature's Way of Filling in Weak Spots
72 Penn State Speaker Sees Big Turf Demands Ahead
72 More Fun to Dream
74 GWA Richardson Award Goes to Fred Corcoran
74 Golf Therapy and Ike
76 Don't Do It Yourself!: Monument or Monster? - Expert Makes Difference
82 Record Crowd Attends Midwest Turf Conference
86 Don’t Stand Pat on Your Pro Shop Product
89 Says Sportsmanship is "Modern Chivalry"
118 Frank H. Goldthwaite Dies in Ft. Worth Home
123 115 Attend Seminar Held by Mid-Atlantic PGA
124 [Manufacturing News] (include pg. 134)
133 Classified Ads
137 Advertisers Index
138 Table of Contents
1960 May
Volume #34, No. 5
1960 June
Volume #34, No. 6
Page Sections/Selected Titles
Cover: [The Fifth Green and No. 2 Green at Cherry Hills in Denver]
Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
Golf Census Shows Big Preference for Top Quality Lines
New Record in Course Building Says Golf Foundation Head
Miami Shores' Hard Selling Assistant
-Inside the Shop at Miami Shores
Southern California PGA Salutes the Deserving
Western Open in Detroit
How Pros Teach III: Be a "Take Charge" Guy on that Lesson Tee
36 [Photo of W. M. Porter, Shelly Mayfield, O. J. Frank, Dick Wilson, Henry Russell and F. B. Wagor During Construction of Palmetto CC]
Fairway Maintenance: How a Season-Long Program Based on a Proper Timing and Calculated Risks can Produce Durable Turf that Stands Up Under All Kinds of Weather and Conditions
Get Visibility into Golf Shirt Displays
Book Review
Whittlesey of Washington Star Heads Golf Writers
Chicago District Compiles Eleventh Annual Report
Palmer, Snead to Represent U.S. in IGA Competitions
CMAA Again Sponsors 3-Day Workshop Courses
Here is Your Market!: Establish Solid Foundation for Sales to Women Golfers
How Times Change
Amputees Offer Consulting Service to Industry
PGA Increases Minimum Purse for Championship to $50,000
USGA Booklets Outline New Rating Procedures
Court Defines Driving Range as Intended Line of Flight
USGA Public Links Tourney Slated for Honolulu
Systemizing Daily Chores: Growing Traffic Calls for Better Maintenance Routine Planning
Grau's Answers to Turf Questions
60 -Superintendent Recognized
60 -Heavy Soil in Greens
106 -Fine-Texture Bermuda
106 -Problem of Wilt
Members won't Pay for Experimentation: A Superintendent Tells Why He and His Colleagues have to See New Products "Proved" Before They Buy Them
O. J. Noer's Turf Tips: Lyon's Unique Stolon Planting Method
U.S. Influence in New Australian Pro Shop
Golfers have to be Early Risers to Play in Long Beach
Describes Club Plan for Golf Day Contributions
Five Californians Elected to Writers' Hall of Fame
Green Defeats Campbell for Golf Writers' Trophy
Turf Reawakening Demands Experts to Meet Its Challenge
Walter Cosby was Builder, Leader in Turf Experiment
Washington Junior Interclub League Continues to Grow
Photos in Progress Report
Mascaro Heads PTC
Green Section Letter Outlines Course Services
Evans Birthday Dinner
Glenn Morris, Former NGF Director, Dies in Accident
[Manufacturing News]
Classified Ads
Advertisers' Index
Table of Contents
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
27 Who's in Charge?
30 Golf Car Transport
32 Better than 1,000 Words
36 Flower of the South: As Golf Shops Go, that is an Apt Description of the New Installation at Vestavia CC. It's the Latest Thing in Design for Pro Merchandising
38 Champions GC: Burke and Demaret have Carried Over Their Success on the Circuit to Launching and Operating a Club
44 Book Review
44 Employees Build Course
46 Joe Novak Stars in L. A. TV Instruction Drama
46 Miniature Tournament gets Big Play in the U.S., Canada
48 Heavy Handed Maintenance Reduces Life of Those Golf Car Batteries
50 My Battle with the Crowfoot: The Struggle Went on for Two Years but just When Things were Looking Up Something Always Came Along to Cause a Setback. But the Writer Persisted with DSMA and 2-4-D and Finally Cut the Pesty Weed Down to Size
52 Turf Tips from O. J. Noer: Puccinellia for Strong Saline Soil
56 Grau's Answers to Turf Questions
56 -Early Tournament
56 -Poa Annua Control
56 -Change to Bent
58 Portland Club Holds Annual "Hole-in-One" Dinner
58 CDGA Campaigns for Uniform Tee Settings
61 Fred J. Bowman Honored at Retirement Party
62 Thomas Tapes Trouble for Iowa Turf Conference
64 Central N. Y. Pros Hold First Business School
64 Managers' Employment Service
66 Evans Invites Seniors to Play in World's Championship
70 Belfore Addresses Michigan Publinx
74 CMAA Workshop Programs
78 Faculty Member Tax Ruling Applies to Club Managers
78 Rutgers Field Day
78 Ryder Cup Matches
80 American Recreation Makes Nationwide Muny Survey
89 Wooster Field Days
90 [Manufacturing News]
102 Classified Ads
105 Advertisers' Index
106 Table of Contents
1960 July
Volume #34, No. 7
1960 August
Volume #34, No. 8
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [Worcester CC, Mass. the Site of Women's Open, July 21-23]
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
25 Vote on California Tax Law may have Nationwide Import: State Golf Associations Conduct Campaign to Revise Course Assessment Policy
26 USGA Senior Amateur
28 Nematodes won't Attend PGA Tourney: ...or, at Least, that's what Bill Lyons, Firestone Supt., Hopes After His Attack on the Microscopic Worms that Feed on Turf Roots
30 For a Sales Transfusion - Try a New Shop
34 Consider All Costs in Operating Your Golf Car Fleet
38 What a Difference 30 Days Make: When the Weatherman Started to Cooperate, People Began Playing Golf and Business Got a Real Shot in the Arm
42 For Fun and for Competition: What Supt. should Know About Women's Use of a Course
43 [Northwestern Ohio GCSA Members Recently were Guests of Earl Crane, Inc. at a Field Day and Demonstration Held in Tiffin]
47 Visual Merchandising: How Every Item in Your Shop can be Made to Sell Itself
48 Turf Tips from O. J. Noer: Transporting Green Mowers
48 Readers Ask About Puccinellia Seeds
52 Payola Waived; All Funds Go to California Charity
52 Black River Juggles Makers; Comes Up with Senior Course
52 Zaharias Memorial Tournament Benefits Cancer Fund
54 Grau's Answers to Turf Questions
54 -Topdressing - Coarse vs. Fine
58 -Deadline on Greens
72 Prairie Dunes Salutes Veteran Ross Wilson
74 USGA Women's Amateur to be Played in Tulsa
74 Men's Amateur Scheduled for St. Louis CC
74 Electric Car Tax Ruling
77 Girls' Junior Championship
77 GCSA Starts Work on 1961 Educational Program
78 Book Review
81 Golf Writer Memberships Listed Under Two Classifications
81 International Miniature
82 Central Plains Field Day
82 1,000th Evans Scholar
84 [Manufacturing News]
94 Classified Ads
97 Advertisers' Index
98 Table of Contents
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [The Ninth Green at Firestone CC, Site of the 1960 PGA Championship]
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
21 Defects Show Up: Lack of Good Management Hurts Development of New Courses
24 Texas Club Introduces New Membership Plan
24 Employees Play Free at One of Four Company Courses
26 Open Million $ Cobb County Recreation Center in October
26 Harman with Green Section
26 National Recreation Congress
28 Watering System: If You're in the Market for an Irrigation Layout and aren't Familiar with Water Requirements, Pumps, Pipe, Costs, etc., This Article should be of Value to You
29 Architects Hold First Summer Conference in Quebec
30 Chick Evans Honored at $70 a Plate Dinner 
30 Rawls in Hall of Fame
30 PGA Press Booklet
32 How Pros Teach - V: Treat 'Em Like Adults: That's the Theory Behind the Methods Used by George Diffenbaugh Who has a Reputation for Being One of the Country's Top Junior Teachers
36 More About Visual Merchandising
38 Put Final Touches on Miami's Revolutionary "Speed Links"
38 Midwest Field Days
40 How Ed Tabor Got...: Deep Rooted Turf at West Shore
42 International Pro Tourney Sets Records in Ireland
42 Eller Heads Southern TGA
44 Summer Golf Schools for P.E. Teachers
48 Addessi is Consultant for Course Built in Israel
48 Course Building Boom Continues in Far West
52 Grau's Answers to Turf Questions
52 -Importance of Accuracy
53 -Shots that don't Hold
54 -Dirt Tee Compaction
54 -Switch to Zoysia
54 -Zoysia Source
54 -Bermuda in Illinois
56 Bud Holsher Writes: Personality and Business Glow in Pro's Letter
57 Alick Gerard Dies
60 First Reports Show $72,000 Return for National Golf Day
60 Rules Explanation Mixed in with Shotmaking Demonstration
61 Mrs. Rubendall Corrects Oversight at White House Youth Meeting
61 National Jaycee Tournament
62 Intrigue, Bandits, Cobras Add Spice to Orient's Golf Story
64 Book Review
64 Teacher-of-the-Year
65 GOLFDOM Publishes Seventh Christmas Shopping Guide
65 Two Writers Picked Herbert
66 New Hole-in-One Financing Plan at Los Coyotes
66 California, Utah Lag in Providing Golf Courses
66 One Explanation
67 Golfing Grandmothers
73 Suggests Keeping Players Posted on "Slow Times" at Courses
84 [Manufacturing News]
93 Classified Ads
97 Advertisers Index
98 Table of Contents
1960 September
Volume #34, No. 9
1960 October
Volume #34, No. 10
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [Colonial CC, Ft. Worth, Tex., Where Fourteen Colonial National Invitation Tournaments have been Played]
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
17 Country Clubs Suffered from HCL in 1959: Net Operating Costs Up; Depreciation Write-Off Down; Payroll Ratio Increased; Maintenance Expenses Higher
18 -Golf Course and Grounds Expense
20 New Highs for Golf Play on Eastern Public Links
20 Florida Turf Conference
22 Wood Shelters Give Best Protection Against Lightning
22 New Foundation Office
22 SCGA Distributes Campaign Kit in California Tax Fight
22 USGA Green Section Meets
22 Air Force Championship
24 It Works Two Ways: Champaign County in Illinois Finds It Advantageous to have a Dedicated Professional Run Its Public Course in Exchange for the Shop Concession. Here's How It Works Out...
28 Turf Tips: Improvements in the Tee Area
28 Midwest Honors Noer
30 Putting the Shop Layout to Work for You
34 33 Countries to have Teams in World Amateur Championship
34 Ouimet Tree Planted on Hill of Fame in Rochester
36 Must Exercise Reasonable Care to Keep Range Premises Safe
36 Tax Accountant Says Golf Cars are Exempt from Excise Tax
36 PGA Hole-in-One Contest
36 World Amateur Guests
38 Pro Installs Indoor School in Basement of Home
38 English Club Costs
38 Distribute Exhibitors Brochure for 1961 GCSA Conference
38 USGA Senior Amateur
39 Riding vs. Walking: What Happens to a Player Who Uses Wheels Rather than His Feet to get Around a Course? Here are a Few Answers that may Interest You...
44 Grau's Answers to Turf Questions
44 -Mowers - Sharp vs. Dull
52 -Rye in Bermuda
56 One of Ten Entrants Qualify for Amateur Championship
56 Los Coyotes Juniors' Memorial Event Aids Leukemia Research
58 CMAA Workshops
68 [Manufacturing News]
84 Classified Ads
89 Advertisers Index
90 Table of Contents
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
27 Turf Dealers Say Skimping on Course Upkeep is Outdated
30 Don't Make Your Shop too Commercial!: The Fixtures, Displays and Decor of Your Shop may be Stunning, but If You Lose the Homey Touch, Players may be Scared Away
34 Pro Shop Sales Lag Behind Increase in Golf Play: Club Sales Off Because Outside Competition is Tearing Down Price Structure
36 Deadman Associates Organized to Handle Club Planning, Operation
38 Report on Overseeding Trials at East Lake, Sea Island
38 Two Superintendents Learn Value of Turf Nurseries
40 Capitalize on that "Dead Time": Nearly 20 per Cent of the Course Laborer's Time may be Non-Productive. Here is How One Semi-Private Club Owner Uses It to Increase the Value of His Investment
44 Book Reviews
46 Selling Those Extra-Budget Projects: Assessment Conscious Members won't Erect Any Monuments to You for Suggesting Them...but that Doesn't Mean They Won't Approve Them if You can Show How the Club will Benefit
48 Noer Turf Research at Wisconsin Gets $1000
50 As Manufacturers See It: One Dark Cloud on Otherwise Cheerful Horizon
50 -Golf's Growth Continues with Tougher Competition for Pros
50 -Scored Better on Courses and in Pro Shop Sales in 1960
52 -Top Quality Market - Pro's Part - Growing Fastest
52 -Recognition of Pro Service Helps Boost Sales
52 -Dunlop Sales Set Record, New Plant for 1961
66L -Everybody is Busy Making, Selling Good Equipment
66L -Quality Lines Show Largest Pro Sales Increase
66L -Pros Resist Import Bargains and Increase Quality Sales
66L -Sales Training Pays Profits to Pros in 1960
54 The Man Royal Oak was Waiting For: Public Fee Players didn't have a Champion Until Pro Don Soper Came Along...He's Shown the City How to Make Money Out of Golf and By Next Year Many Golfers will be Happy
58 How They Built the Course in Parke County, Indiana: After Bill Diddel Donated His Architectural Services Nearly Everyone for Miles Around Rallied to the Cause to Push the Project Through...Even the Undertaker Helped!
60 New Kind of Hazard
62 44th PGA Meeting to be Held in Phoenix, Nov. 10-18
62 Southern Calif. Turf Meeting
65 Hillcrest Members Salute Richards with Shower of Gifts
65 Palmer Wins Pro-of-Year Award by a Landslide
66 O. J. Noer's Turf Roundup: Nature Cooperates in 1960 and Superintendents Breathe Easier
66B Fred V. Grau's Turf Roundup: Alert Supts. are Aware of Constant Need for Change
66D Outgrows Clubs Every Four Years
66F Piecemeal Renovation: Visual Merchandising can have a Humble Beginning...the Thing is to get Started by Building Out from a Corner or Wall in Your Shop
68 V.P.I. is Host to Virginia Turfmen at Field Day
68 600,000 Rounds in Four Years
71 Florida, California PGA Schools to be Held Early in '61
72 Low, Rambling Buildings Need Protection Against Lightning
104 Supt. Discusses Malicious Damage, Ball Reclamation Problems
104 $600,000 in Prize Money for 22 PGA Winter Tournaments
110 Courses Spend to Save on Improved Machinery: New Equipment Sets Records in Sales to Courses
110 Labor Cost Pressure Pushing Course Equipment Sales Up
110 Cushman Announces 12-Month Warranty on Its Golf Cars
111 Rosburg Elected to Second Term on PGA Tournament Committee
111 19 Turf Varieties Displayed
112 [Manufacturing News]
124 Classified Ads
129 Advertisers Index
130 Table of Contents