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1959 January
Volume #33, No. 1                  
1959 February
Volume #33, No. 2
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [All 6,820 Yards of the Pine Ridge Public Course]
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
3 Front Cover
25 Business Techniques Stressed: Standardized Methods Reviewed in PGA Teaching Program
26 Pros Vote to Keep PGA for the Pros; Sargent Re-Elected
28 Ames Nominated to Head USGA in 1959
28 Moore Again Guides Western Golf Assn.
28 Reservations Pour in for CMAA Convention
28 Pennsylvania Range Operators Fight Sales Tax Levy
29 Don't Put Members in Middle on Golf Car Policy: Pros Told Profit Motive Must be Secondary to Players' Welfare at PGA Session; Woodard Solicits Caddie Support
30 Banker Tells Pros to Seek Needed Financial Help
32 Gaining Prestige: Sixth IGA Matches Attract Record Mexican Crowds
33 Mozley, Davison Winners in Burke Writing Contest
33 Heart of America Officers
33 Eckstein Heads Chicago District
36 Next Stop - Chicago! GCSA Program Set
38 Book Reviews
38 Metropolitan Officers
40 1958 Turf Roundup: Disaster Averted Where Club Guarded Against It: (Second of Two Articles)
41 [Leonard Strong's Retirement Party]
44 Finsterwald, Smith Occupy Teaching Chairs at PGA
44 -Dow Explains Strategy in Playing the Circuit
44 -Horton Organizes Lessons to the Last Detail
48 Grau's Answers to Turf Questions: A Study of the Past Makes a Good Beginning
48 -[Fred V. Grau Replies to Ralph R. Bond's Remarks Regarding Grau's Claim About Old Orchard Thinning Mid-Summer]
54 Supt. "Scorches" $60,000 Rumor in Re-Turfing Scioto
55 Luncheon for Fathers, Sons
55 Mid-Atlantic GCSA Officers
55 150 Assistants Expected to Attend PGA School
55 Greensboro Pro Gives Tally on Aces at His Club
56 Small, Novel Touches Give Your Shop Its Personality
58 PGA Schedule
62 PGA, Burke Clarify Merchandise Status
62 Pete Bullis, Veteran Golf Salesman, Dies Suddenly
62 Bob Kennedy, Veteran Golf Salesman, Dies in East
62 Midwest Spring Conference
70 Louisiana Turf Officers
72 300 Pros Expected to Play in Seniors Championship
73 [Manufacturing News]
84 Classified Ads
86 LPGA Winter Schedule
89 Advertisers' Index
90 Table of Contents
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
3 Front Cover
23 It's a Record!: Chicago Pulls Them in - 1,720 Attend GCSA Show
32 Detroit Report Tells Status of Caddie Fund, Membership
32 Ten Golfers get Awards from Metropolitan Writers
32 Supts. Tell Preferences in USGA Research Survey
32 Orlick Extended Season with Unique Tournament
32 Limit Women's Am Field to 128
34 Golf Indoors: Non-Migrating Northern Pros Turn to Winter Schools for Off-Season Income
35 Tax on Life Members, House Accounts, Admissions Explained
35 Suggest Fall Tournament
35 Club Sales Up in '58
35 Green Section Pump Priming is Aid to Maintenance
36 Charlie Wilson's Notebook
38 Built in 1790: Connecticut Pro Operates in a Shop with a Tradition
41 2nd Philadelphia PGA Show
41 Pro Shop Location
42 Business School Again Acclaimed for Pro Teaching Job
44 As One Pro Sees It: I don't Sell to Them - They Buy from Me
45 Watrous Again Defends Title in Quarter Century Tourney
45 Spry President of SCGA
48 Realtors Capitalize on Golf's Magnetism
49 SCGA Abolishes Penalty Stoke
49 Canadian Turf Meeting
49 Penn State Conference
55 Douglas gets Jones Award; Ames Re-Elected by USGA
55 Distribute $66,000 in National Golf Day Funds
56 Grau's Answers to Turf Questions: Professional Advancement
56 Nutter Appointed GCSA Executive Director
58 Extend Small Loan Program to Recreation Business: Make Application Through Regional, Branch Offices
58 Goggin Wins PGA Senior with 284
70 Bartlett Scores with GCSA Pre-Convention Publicity
72 This Hole Will be Popular
72 Oklahoma Turf Officers
72 Midwest Meeting Theme
72 Full Entertainment Fare for Women at GCSA
72 Cornell Conference
73 GCSA Convention Notes
81 Golf Architects Meet
84 [Manufacturing News]
95 Classified Ads
97 Advertisers' Index
98 Table of Contents
1959 March
Volume #33, No. 3
1959 April
Volume #33, No. 4
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [The Eleventh Tee at Fabled Pine Valley]
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
3 Front Cover
27 If You're Treating the Lady Like a Worm, You can be Sure It's Costing You Money: Change Your Attitude on Women Golfers
28 FBI Investigating Theft of Acushnet Golf Balls
29 Potential is Terrific: Junior Golf Schooling Assures Big Market in Future
32 How Pros Teach: Methods Vary but Aims are the Same
34 Golf Writers Tournament
36 So You're the New Green Chairman: You'll have to Scrounge for Money, All the Members won't Love You - But You'll Enjoy the Experience
37 Illinois Greenmaster Says Supt. Scores with the Eyes
37 Kansas Turfgrass Officers
37 Midwest GCSA Officers
38 Discuss Course Renovation and Its Financing at USGA Green Section Meeting
38 Leading Turf Men Speak at 12th Cornell Meeting
38 New England GCSA Slate
40 300 Turfmen Honor Burt Musser at Penn State Dinner
42 Learning How to Use Water may be the Answer
42 Dave Gordon Heads Architects' Society
43 7,450 Feet Up: Golf in Rarified Air: Lack of Water, Topsoil, didn't Stop This Course from being Built
44 Kansas City GA Opens Office
46 Pro's Responsibility for Education of the New Member
48 U. S. Royal Entertains Seniors at Dunedin
48 Seattle Club Manager Takes a Dim View
48 Do Pros Fool Selves?
50 GCSA Convention Speeches
50 -Bent can be Grown in the South
54 -Troubled with Wilt? Check Pumping System
54 -How to Speed Up Play on Public Courses
56 -Work with Nature in Designing Course
58 -Microorganisms and Nitrogen Release
64 Grau's Answers to Turf Questions
64 -Open Course Policy can be Costly
66 -Too Much Peat
86 -Finding Qualified Men
86 -Poa annua in Bentgrass
88 -Clover in Greens
68 44 Students Attend: West Coast PGA's First School Venture Rings the Bell
72 Charlie Wilson's Notebook 
72 Taylor Heads RCGA
72 Texas Turf Officers
76 Turf Management Under Excessive Rainfall Conditions
76 Learning from Teachers
78 Training Group Builds Course at Brunswick
82 18 Turf Management Students to get Penn State Diplomas
92 Weak on Women's Displays
98 June 6 - National Golf Day
116 Leland (Duke) Gibson Wins Quarter-Century Tourney
116 Heads West Pennsylvania GCSA
116 Tournament Calendar
119 Beg Your Pardon
120 Golf Therapy Plays Big Part in Rehabilitation at S.C. Vets Hospital
121 Recommends Using Bermuda in Preference to Bent, Rye on Florida Greens
123 Watson, Wilson Collaborate on GCSA Conference Summary
126 Schneider Heads Kentuckiana
127 News from the Manufacturers
143 Classified Ads
145 Advertisers' Index
146 Table of Contents
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
3 Front Cover
31 Winning Tournaments is Only Half of Berg Success Story: Writers Recognize Patty's Great Overall Contributions to Golf in Giving Her Richardson Trophy
32 Tournament of Champions
32 PGA Adds May Tourney
34 The Boom's in Bloom: Feverish New Building, Face Lifting by Golf Enterprisers are Giving Players More and Better Courses
36 Check Your Car Coverage: New Golfer Influx Calls for Review of Club, Range Insurance
38 How Ternyei, Volpe Brought Golf to Roosevelt School
38 Northwest Turf Officers
38 Par 3 Owner Gives Clinics to Revive Industrial Golf
42 For Successful Merchandising: Pro's Most Important Sale -- Himself: A Pro can't Remain Aloof or Act Superior and Win Warm Friendships - Or Business
46 Speeches and Quotes from GCSA Turf Show
46 -Our Problems are Mutual Ones
46 -Supts. Now More Conscious of Professional Ability
100 -Control Disease Through Good Management
102 -How the Landscaper Paints Pictures with Plants
105 -We're Progressing but We Still have Problems
48 SCGA Bows to USGA on Penalty Stroke Rule
48 200 to Play in Jaycee Finals at Portsmouth, Va.
48 Minnesota GCSA Officers
50 Panelists Decide Cars aren't Menace Some People Think They are - But Driver Education Still is Needed: CDGA Explores the Golf Car Controversy
51 Golf Day Handicaps
52 Grau's Answers to Turf Questions
52 -The Fine Supporting Role of Fred Williams
52 -Bermuda in Bluegrass
53 Fore & Aft Operation Saves Time on Range
56 24 Men get Turf Diplomas from U. of Massachusetts
56 Eastern Superintendents form Metropolitan GCSA
56 Canadian Open on Film
56 Luxford Helps Juniors
57 Turf Tips from O. J. Noer
60 537 Persons Attend 3-Day Midwest Turf Conference
62 California Supreme Court Reverses Decisions on Club-Caddie Relationship
64 Wingate's Windows Reflect High Class of His Shop
66 Population Bulges, So Edmonton Builds Another Course
66D Palm Springs Mayor Bids for GCSA Show
68 Henson Maples Dubious About Bent at Pinehurst
74 Charlie Wilson's Notebook
78 Describes Methods of Making Large Scale Bermudagrass Planting
82 Findlay S. Douglas, Ex-USGA President, Dies in March
82 IGA Matches in New Golf Films
93 Beg Your Pardon
110 Metropolitan Golf Association Completes Third Volume on Club Operations
112 Massachusetts GA Revises Caddie Handbook
112 Hammer Again Heads Southern Turf Group
113 [News from Manufacturers]
127 Classified Ads
129 Advertisers' Index
130 Table of Contents
1959 May
Volume #33, No. 5
1959 June
Volume #33, No. 6
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [163-Yard Fifth at the Hole-in-the-Wall Golf Club, Naples, Fla.]
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
3 Front Cover
29 Winterkill Plays Havoc with Greens in Northern Part of Country: But Milwaukee Agronomist Recommends Waiting for Favorable Weather to Restore Them
31 The Open Setting
31 Williams Gives 12-Year Report on Beverly Maintenance
31 N. Y. Turf Directors
32 Tenth Annual Report - Chicago District Clubs Fared Well Despite Recession
34 Philadelphia PGA Show Turns Out to be a Spectacle
36 Cheap Pool Paint: It's a Gamble that can be Costly: The Price Spread Between Good and Bad Paint is Small. It Costs as Much to Apply One as the Other
40 Would Go to the "T" in Building Tees
40 Harmon Succeeds Inglis as Metropolitan PGA President
42 Sales Ideas: Service is Still the Pro's Best Friend, but He's Starting to Copy Some of the Tricks Used by Downtown Department Stores
46 Popular Pensacola Junior Program in Second Year
46 All Golf Coaching School
46 1959-60 All Star Series being Filmed in May
46 1959 Open Qualifying
48 Service Extras: A Little Help Brings Big Returns
50 Golf Writers' Officers
50 Pocono Meetings
52 Asphalt Mulch Gives Fine Results on Akron Merion Blue Project
52 WGA Opposes Irresponsible Course Condemnations
52 RCGA Annual Report
56 Golf Businessmen have Chance to Build New Fortunes: But New Boom Calls for Specialists in Planning, Selling and Management of Courses and Real Estate
58 Strong Outlines Shop Policy for Tam Members
58 Jenkins Wins Golf Writers' Title at Myrtle Beach
58 Recreation Conference
60 Grau's Answers to Turf Questions
60 -Interference
61 -Constructing a Course
110 -Common Bermuda Infestation
110 -Too Much Penncross Seeding
64 New Superintendent gets Quick Education in Member Relations
64 Catch Up with Stolen Acushnet Golf Balls in New Jersey
66 Golf Law: Golfer Required to Know Placement of Mats
66 Gets N. Y. Turf Scholarship
66 1959 USGA Competitions
66D Paradise CC: As Golf Courses Go It's All of that
72 Here's How Members at Humboldt (Ia.) CC Pitched in and Built a New Clubhouse Just as Their Fathers Built the Course Some 30 Years Ago: No Financial Strain as Iowans Improve Club
74 Golf Club Hiring is a Puzzling Job
76 Reducing Storage Losses
78 Mac Divot Strip Puts in Plug for Pro Shop
82 Golf Ball and Club Manufacturers Elect New Officers
82 New Color Movies of St. Andrews Available for Rental
84 Labor of Love: Small Town Pro Job is Sport's Toughest?
86 New Jaycee Philosophy
90 Book Reviews
90 Golfers' Education Needed to Solve Maintenance Problems
113 [Manufacturing News]
128 Classified Ads
129 Advertisers' Index
130 Table of Contents
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [Women Teeing Off in the Ladies PGA Championship at the Sheraton CC, French Lick, Ind.]
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
3 Front Cover
25 Lost Sales - Your Members aren't Guilty of Non-Support; Look to Your Own Shortcomings
27 Board Material: The People Who Run Our Country Clubs should First get Experience Through Committee Service
30 1952-58 Golf Day Fund Distribution Listed
32 Low Rainfall, High Winds Take Toll in Western States
34 Don't Hide It When Sale Is On: Keep Appointment Book Out: How To Win Repeat Business: Avoid Saying, 'I'll Order It'
35 3-Way Aerifying Improves Matted Greens
35 -Aerifying Green First Time Over with Open Type Spoons
35 -Cross-Aerifying the Second Time
35 -The Third Aerifying was in a Diagonal Direction
35 -Generous Fertilization Followed After Aerifying in Three Directions
35 -Verti-Cutting and Mowing Prepare Green for Final Light Topdressing
36 [Tanglewood Park, Clemmons, N. C. at Night]
36 1961 PGA Championship
36 Gordon Writes Book on Club Repair
36 To Pick Ryder Cup Team
38 38,000 Gallons Per Hour: Flexibility is Feature of Whitemarsh Watering System
40 Houghton Writes Another "Golf Addicts" Book
40 USGA Increases Qualifying Sections for Public Links
42 Foundation Survey Indicates Par 3s are Here to Stay
44 A Pro Puts on a Fashion Show
48 Pro-Operation at Long Beach Muny
52 Greens Slow in Snapping Back Following Harsh Winter in New England: All was Not Lost, Because Poa annua Suffered, too; New Design, Construction Ideas are Suggested
55 Say the Word in Texas and You'll get Industrial Golf
55 Miniature Tournament Buildup
56 Eddy, WGA's Hard Working Tournament Official, Honored
56 Nan Berry Named PGA Editorial Associate
56 Many Clubs Moving Fast to Speed Up the Snails
60 Grau's Answers to Turf Questions
60 -Nature's Blessing
91 -Fairway Fertilization
93 -Clover Infestation
93 -What Grass to Plant
62 '59 Jaycee Tourney Site: Week's Not Complete Without Junior Event at "the Manor"
64 Lower Court Upheld in Denying Golfer Relief
64 Annual PGA Meeting
64 11th USGA Girls' Junior to be Played at Norbeck, Md.
64 Women's Western GA Dates
66 One of Florida's Finest: Belvedere Short Course Long on Beauty
72 PGA Business Schools
78 Supts. Move Headquarters
85 Extend Noer Foundation Drive
89 Long Island Closings
93 Personalized Pro Stationery
96 [Manufacturing News]
112 Classified Ads
113 Advertisers' Index
114 Table of Contents
1959 July
Volume #33, No. 7
1959 August
Volume #33, No. 8
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
3 Front Cover
23 All in the Year's Work: Supt. had Usual Trying Moments Preparing for Open
26 Pacific Northwest Publishes First Operations Survey
28 Mass Selling Booklet Recommended: Observe the Commandments of Pro Shop Retailing
32 OSU Buildings are 20 Years Old but Up to Date
36 Merchandise Murals are Putting My Shop Over
40 Seaview Uses Mixture of K31 and Kentucky Blue on New 9: Turf Tips
40 -Merion Kentucky Bluegrass Tee at Seaview CC
40 -[Fairway Made of a Mixture of Merion Kentucky and K-31]
40 -[This Turf is a 50-50 Mixture of Merion and K-31]
40 -This and All Rough on New 9 are Seeded to K-31
42 Middlecoff Heads PGA Postwar Money Winners List
42 Industrial Golf Discussed at NIRA Conference
42 Connecticut Recreation Man Compiles Muny Golf Directory
44 What are You doing About: Layout & Display, Sales Personnel, a Buying Program: Your Pro Shop... It can Always be Improved
50 Grau's Answers to Turf Questions
50 -Strive for Uniformity to Reduce Mistakes
54 -Kentucky Blue to Bent
56 -Greens Went Out
56 USDA Field Day to be Held August 4
59 Writers' Deadline
63 USGA to Ease Penalty Rules on One-Year Trial Basis
73 Turf Field Day Dates
75 1961 Open at Oakland Hills
76 John Nyhan, New England Maintenance Pioneer, Dies
76 [Manufacturing News]
85 Classified Ads
89 Advertisers' Index
90 Table of Contents
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [Beautiful Tripoli GC Will be on the Site of the Fifth Miller High Life Open]
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
3 Front Cover
25 Don't Let the Bright Ideas get Away from You
26 "Christmas Shopping at Your Pro Shop" Campaign Starts
27 Jacobus Says Pros Need Psychological Training
27 SBA Booklet Explains Golf Course Loan Policy
30 Robert White, Pro Pioneer, Dies in Myrtle Beach, S. C.: Was First PGA President
32 Open Aftermath: Cloudburst Caused $10,000 Damage at Winged Foot
32 Miniature Tournament
33 Low-Cost Irrigation Installation: How Bradenton CC Maintenance Crew Followed the Manual, and with Aid of an Expert, Installed Its Course Watering System
34 [Directors of Southern California GCSA]
36 An O. J. Noer Turf Tip: Spreader Fertilizes 18 in One-Half Day
38 Pro Needs Help that's Capable - Women Included
40 Roberts at Iowa State
41 Going Strong Since '51: Michigan Public Links Group Gives Golfers Full Fare
41 Cooperate on Research Program
42 Club Matches Stimulate Southern California Golf
42 PGA Hole-in-One Contest
42 USGA Green Section Meeting
42 H. M. Naugle, Worthington Ball Chairman, Dies in Canton, O.
44 Pro Rebuilds for Selling Room 
44 More Commandments of Retailing
48 Look for Sales Producing Ideas in Commandments of Retailing: August and September don't have to be Dull Selling Months. This Article Tells You Why
52 Coaches Absorb Some Links Learning: California's First All-Golf Clinic for Teachers Brings Them in from as Far Away as Oregon
60 Caddies get Golden Rule Treatment at Golden Valley
64 Grau's Answers to Turf Questions
64 What Happened?
67 -South's Worst Pest
67 -Sterilized Topdressing
67 -Poa Annua Invasion
68 Men's Amateur
68 Women's Amateur
69 Florida Turf Conference to be Held Sept. 15-17
69 1960 IGA Matches in Ireland
74 1960 USGA Competitions
76 Muny Course Survey
78 The Ripple Sole Controversy
83 Birds are Singing Again in New England
84 [Manufacturing News]
92 Classified Ads
93 Midwest Field Days
93 M.A. Green Section Moves
93 Books [Book] Reviews
93 Release Report on Washington Junior Interclub League
97 Advertisers' Index
98 Table of Contents
1959 September
Volume #33, No. 9
1959 October
Volume #33, No. 10
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [First Fairway at Thunderbird, Palm Springs, CA]
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
3 Front Cover
23 Supt's Situation Improves but It isn't All Roses
24 Refner Observes Two 50th Anniversaries: Wedding and Tenure as Hillsdale Pro
26 Depreciation Ratio Down: Horwath Study Shows Increase in Operating Costs
28 Teaching Pros Swing from the Mental Side
30 PGA Sets Dates for 1960 Business School
30 Snead-Player Match gets All-Star TV Series Started
32 Public Course Clubhouse: There are Some Shortcomings in the Facilities at Mohawk in Tulsa, but Overall Excellence of the Clubhouse is Typical of the Great Advance Made in Municipal Golf Surroundings in the Last 15 Years or So...
36 11 Ways in Which the Pro can Upgrade the Work He's doing
38 Casper Country Club Digs Deep for Water
40 An O. J. Noer Turf Tip: Multiple Aerifying Benefits Thatched Greens
40 -[Super Reel with 1/4-Inch Open Spoon; One Spoon in Center has Coil Spring Removed]
40 -Aerifier Completing Third Pass Across the Green
40 -[Verti-Cutting and Mowing with an Old Green Mower Completed Operation]
40 -Charles Shiley Inspects Surfaces as Workman Applies Fertilizer with Cyclone Seeder
41 Tanglewood's Golf Package: It Fits in Nicely with Huge Recreation Park Near Winston-Salem, N. C.
44 Rosburg Elected Chairman of PGA Tournament Board
44 Snead, Middlecoff to Represent U. S. in International Matches
44 Start New TV Series Oct. 11
44 Central Plains Conference
48 Membership Provisions Rule Out Damage Suits
48 Two CMAA Workshop Meetings Scheduled for September
49 Grau's Answers to Turf Questions
49 -Take Another Look at Zoysia for Trees and Fairways
52 -Storing Topsoil
52 -Grass Requiring Less Care
54 -A Pair of Pests
65 [Carolina's GCSA Members at Pinehurst CC]
69 Caddie Helmets Give Kids Protection on Range
72 R.I's 28th Field Day
73 [Manufacturing News]
87 Classified Ads
89 Advertisers' Index
90 Table of Contents
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
3 Front Cover
39 81,430,000 Round Total for Year: Continued Surge of Women's Interest in Golf Increases Sales, Play in 1959
41 Pros Cite Strong Points, Weak Points in Shop Operation
44 Look for Expansion of Big Pro Quality Market: Manufacturers See Boom Extending Through 1960
48 1959 Turf Roundup
48 -Assess Management Methods Before Condemning Turf
49 -Research and Horse Sense were Put to the Test
54 GCSA Draws Up Schedule for Houston Conference
56 For Capital Improvements: Amend Excise Tax to Include Exemption of Initiation Fees
56 Massachusetts Winter School
56 Cancel Atlantic City Seniors
58 Do You Think Some Kind of a Season Ticket Arrangement would Help Business at Your Range?: What's Your Opinion? 
60 Up 10 to 50 Per Cent: Eastern Figures Point to Big Increase in Municipal Golf
62 N. J. PGA Section Holds Midsummer Golf College
62 Writers, PGA Members Vote for Pro Golfer of the Year
62 Illinois Journalism Faculty Judges Writers' Contributions
62 Beck Announces Faculty for PGA Business School
62 Texas A&M Conference
64 Sales Doubled in 2 Years; Pro Tells How It's Done: Fine Service, Topgrade Merchandise, Attention to Women, Alert Staff Spell Success at San Gabriel
66 Border Main Speaker at Northwest Meeting
66 Penn Field Days Cancelled
66-D Freeborg Research Viewed at St. Louis Field Day
66-D Two-Day Conference at University of Arizona
66-D Florida Covers Turf Problems in Series of Sessions
67 Vinnie Richards, Dunlop VP, Former Tennis Great, Dies in September
67 1958 International Matches Available on Film
68 Semi-Sod Method of Planting Hybrid Bermudagrass: Experiment at San Antonio CC Advances Tifgreen Growth by Two Weeks
72 British Golf Society Offers Play Privileges to U.S. Golfers
72 Renner with USGA
76 Smart Financing: Turn to Golf to Make Club Solvent
76 Six Veterans, Four Newcomers on U.S. Ryder Cup Team
82 Annual PGA Meeting
84 Wedding Bells for Two Golf Publicitors
108 1959 Index of Editorials
111 [Manufacturing News]
125 Classified Ads
129 Advertisers' Index
130 Table of Contents