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1957 January
Volume #31, No. 1                  
1957 February
Volume #31, No. 2
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover 
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
21 Moffitt, Sargent, Mund Re-Elected; 5-Year Rule Retained by PGA: Tournament Policies Overhauled to Give Sponsors Better Chance of Operating in the Black
22 PGA "Pro of the Year" Award Goes to Shepard
22 Club Managers' Convention
24 More on the "Perfect" Course: Superintendents Strive to Give Playability Along with Eye Appeal
30 The Feminine Touch: It Puts "the Sell" in Sportswear at Marco Pro Shop
34 Golf Architects Meet
34 Tufts Nominated to Head USGA for Second Time
34 Bancroft Elected President of PGA Sponsors
36 Emphasis on Display: How to Increase Profits Studied at PGA Session
40 Program Set for GCSA Louisville Show
40 Midwest GCSA Officers
41 11 States, Canada Represented at Penn State Field Day
44 Weed Problem Attacked at So. Calif. Field Day
44 Quarter-Century Pro Meet Scheduled for Jan. 29-30
46 Full Maintenance Range Covered in Florida Meet
48 Minnesota Conference
48 Supt's Value to Club Discussed at Midwest Conference
52 1956 Turf Roundup
52 -Choose Grass that Will be Permanent; Check This Summary for Leading Turfgrasses in General Use Throughout the U.S.; New Strains to be Considered
52 --[Michie Stadium, West Point, N. Y. Merion and Kentucky Bluegrass Seeding]
52 --[Michie Stadium Close-Up Three Weeks After Seeding]
53 -Pre-Germination Experiment; Summer Fairway Renovation; What to do About Iron Chlorosis: Trend to Use of Lead Arsenate on Trees, Greens Grows During Year
53 --[Common Bermudagrass Stand on Squad "C" Field, West Point Nine Days After Planting Pre-Germinated Seed]
53 --[Closeup of the Bermuda on the Squad "C" Field]
54 Increasing Importance of Municipal Courses Cited at Park Meeting
56 Golf's New Books 
58 Brugger Heads Turf Group
59 Tournament Dates
66 Gala Opening for New Country Club of Florida
66 Dawson Heads Mid-Atlantic
69 Burke to Defend Seniors' Title at 18th Annual Tournament
70 PGA Golf Day Nets $64,050 for National Golf Fund
70 Michiana Superintendents Feast on Turf and Turkey
70 Jessop Heads Chicago Group
70 [Manufacturing News]
80 Classified Ads
81 Advertisers' Index
82 Table of Contents
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [17th Hole at Southern Hills CC, Tulsa, Okla.]
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
21 Brainstorming: NCR Training, Ad Experts Collaborate with Dayton, O. Pros to Produce 108 Ideas for Stimulating Sales, Service - and Profits
23 Law of the Minimum: It Goes Back to What a 19th Century Scientist Said About Soil and Its Weakest Link
26 Paul Heads SCGCSA
28 Over the Pro Shop Counter
30 Brought Prestige to the Profession: Dickinson Taught Superintendent How to Use Tools of Research
34 Bob Baldock Keeps Busy with Nine Courses Going
34 "Field-Tested" is Strong Selling Point for Clubs
36 Schoolwork at Dunedin: Practical Pros, Varsity Profs Teach the PGA
38 Wiffi Arrives in Style - 1928
40 Kids' Playgrounds, Swimming Pools are Big Assets to Clubs
42 Southern California Officers
44 A Veteran Pro Sees the Light: I Changed My Mind About Golf Cars
46 Shorey Looks to the Future: Youngsters Learn Pro ABC's at Tri-City Golf School
49 Watrous Defeats Stupple for PGA Seniors Title
49 Boysen Heads California Supts.
52 Grau's Answers to Turfgrass Question
52 -The Need for Trained Men
53 -[Clay Soil Sample Sent; Proper Way to Prepare Soil]
53 -[Best Hand Mower for Small Home Putting Green?]
53 -[Do You Think that Milorganite has Enough Trace Elements in It so that It Will Supply What My Greens Need?]
53 -[Best Dirt for Dirt Tees]
56 -[Questions Regarding Best Possible Greens and Fairways on Limited Budget]
53 50-Year Veteran
56 1957 International Matches to be Held in Japan
58 Officers, Directors Nominated by GCSA Committee
58 Auditor Points Pro to $600 Annual Savings
58 USGA Announces 1958 Dates
58 Better Pro Merchandising Assures Bigger Pro Sales
58 Turfgrass Course at U.C.L.A.
60 If Funds aren't Immediately Available to Build 18 Quality Holes, a Leading Golf Architect Gives This Advice... Settle for 9
62 Discount Houses Threaten Existence of Pro Shops
66 Blunt Heads Western
66 Squire Sponsors PGA Tourney
68 Golf Club Sales Show Increase in 1956
68 Seniors Elect Watson
68 Tufts Again Heads USGA
80 What's New
95 Classified Ads
97 Advertisers' Index
98 Table of Contents
1957 March
Volume #31, No. 3
1957 April
Volume #31, No. 4
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [Fifth Hole of Sunnybrook GC, Plymouth Meeting, Pa.]
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
37 Improvement of Standards for Club Progress is Theme of GCSA Meet
39 Support Urgently Needed for Repeal of Capital Improvements Tax
42 Over the Pro Shop Counter 
44 Tips for Rainy Days: Keep Golfers Occupied 
46 Demand Far Exceeds Supply: Wanted: Young Men to Train for Turf Management Positions
47 Golf Catches Up with Carson City
47 Metairie Members Aid New Louisiana Turfgrass Assn.
48 Recreation for All: Stress Family Fun in Rebuilding Philadelphia CC
52 Devises Adjusted Calloway System of Handicapping
53 What They Said at Louisville 
53 -How Clubs Profit from Turfgrass Conferences
54 -Reports Show Members How Their Money is Spent
56 -Progressive Education Leads to Self Improvement
58 -Employee Wants Security, Recognition of Ability
60 -Superintendents' Banquet
62 -Supt. Should Insist on Authority to Run His Dept.
62 -The Supt's Responsibility for Area Maintenance
65 -Emphasizes "Why" of Training - Rather than the "How"
68 Bell Heads Architects
68 Another Set of Rules for Golf Cars
69 Two Merchandising Ideas to Keep in Mind
69 Pro's Duty: Help Increase Income, Cut Down Expenses
69 Warm Winter for Al
69 Two New Offices for USGA Green Section
69 USGA Rules Movie
72 Grau's Answers to Turfgrass Question
72 -[Where can I get Good Training in Greenkeeping and is It a Job?]
73 -[What can Golf Clubs do Now to Assure Themselves of Well-Trained Supts. in the Future?]
73 Turfgrass Meetings
74 Superintendents Tour Louisville Golf, Manufacturing Sites
74 Would Play More Golf in Wet Weather
76 Tournament Dates
86 Player Demand and Need for Economical Maintenance Call for Architect to Compromise His Ideas on Layout: Lower Costs, Lower Scores Asked in Course Design
88 Par 3 Course gets Former Golfers
88 Pro Confronted by Economic Problems
88 Club Fitting - All Important
90 Pro and Superintendent Alike can Benefit by Knowing How to Interpret a Weather Map
106 Modernized Drainage, Scald-Proof Bent are Great Assets
107 Parents' Support Needed in Junior Golf Program
108 What's New
127 Classified Ads
129 Advertisers' Index
130 Table of Contents
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [Crowd Gathers at the Sixth Green at the National Course, Augusta, Ga., to Watch the Masters Tournament]
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
37 It Works Two Ways: Pro Reminds Himself of What He Owes His Members 
38 Sweetness in the Desert Air
39 Expect Favorable House Action on Curtis Bill: Associations, Individuals Urged to Concentrate on Senate Finance Committee to get Tax Relief
40 USGA Rules Movie
42 Over the Pro Shop Counter 
44 Housekeeping Hints: Make Your Course New Again 
48 "How to Do" Turf Tips: Taylor Designs Spreader, Mower Assemblies
50 Spoiled Members Boost Thompson's Sale
50 Old Farmhouse will be Hub of New Pequot Course
53 Research Usefulness Shows in Course Condition - Lilly
54 Planning and Promoting Benefit Tournaments
58 One Way of Financing: Building Lots Sales Finance Antelope Hills
62 Grau's Answers to Turfgrass Question
62 -Know Where You are Starting From
63 -[Question Regarding Slow Spread of Pencross Creeping Bent]
63 -[How to Mow Merion/Kentucky Bluegrass Mix]
63 -[Most Effective Chemical to Kill a Poa in Seaside Bent Greens]
95 -[What Strain of Bentgrass to Seed with "Froghair" to Combat Poa annua]
96 -[Question Regarding Bermudagrass at High Altitude and Other Grasses for High Heat]
96 -[Question Regarding Fertilization Practices' Effects on Clover Growth]
96 -[Question Regarding pH Level of C-1 Arlington Greens]
64 Baldock-Designed Courses Change Landscape of Nevada, Northern California
68 Surprenant: World's Longest Course: Five Sets of Tees on Each Hole Make 8000-Yard Layout Fair Test for All Types of Golfers
70 136 Supts. Attend Southern Conference
70 Innovations Introduced at Midwest Turf Meeting
70 Antiquated Equipment
72 200 Attend Penn State Turf Conference
74 Cornell Stages Tenth Annual Turf Conference
74 Michigan Supts. Alerted to Need for Insect Control, Water Conservation
74 Honolulu N-M Club Holds First Field Day
74 Exchange Brought Progress
77 PGA Winter School Completes Term
78 National Golf Day Set for June 8
80 Reports on Research from Across the Nation
80 -Golf's Growth Calls for Steady Advance in Research
80 -Courses are Trial Plots for Laboratory Findings
82 -1956 was Great Year for Maintenance Contributions
84 -New Approach to Reducing Compaction in Putting Turf
84 Dogwood Tournament
87 How to Secure a Lease on Municipal Property for a Golf Course
92 Canadian Open
92 Lean Over Backwards to Avoid Elimination in Flying Hills Blind Bogey Tournaments
93 Seattle Gives Coin-in-Slot Starter System a Tryout
94 Tickets on Turkeys: Promotions Build Business at Phoenix Range 
101 6-Hole Course Shows Best Architectural Principals
102 Proposes Building More Golf Courses on Air Force Bases
105 Tournament Dates
106 Mosel Case Emphasizes Need for Pros' Clarifying Doubtful PGA Status
108 Avon Shop is Small but Well Designed
109 Ouimet gets Richardson Award; Berg Runnerup
110 Plan to Start Winter Turf Course at Penn State in Fall
112 Plans Made for International Seniors' Championship
112 What's New: Products and Personalities
127 Classified Ads
129 Advertisers' Index
130 Table of Contents
1957 May
Volume #31, No. 5
1957 June
Volume #31, No. 6
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [Hole No. 4, Centre Hills CC, State College, Pa.]
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
29 Brainstorming for Entertainment Committee: Put New Life Into Programs; Draw More Members to Club
30 [George Diffenbaugh Celebrates 20th Year as Pro at Kenwood G & CC, Bethesda, MD.]
31 Make Bulletin Board a Pro Shop Asset
32 Superintendents Should Play More Golf, Says Mendenhall
32 Everybody Expected to Win Prizes at 10th API Tourney
32 Par Buster is New Philadelphia PGA Section Publication
34 Mr. Supt., Take Note: What I Look for in a Golf Course
35 California Seniors Group Based on Club Membership
36 First PGA School for Assistants Makes Big Hit with Young Pros
42 Over the Pro Shop Counter 
44 Dubose Tells Story Behind Building of Houston CC: Latest Ideas in Construction Techniques and Plenty of Maintenance Knowhow Make New Southwest Course One of the Finest
49 Would Borrow Bowling Idea to Speed up Golf Play
49 Green for VA Hospital
49 Trans-Miss. Turf Scholarship
50 Careful Fleet Maintenance Prolongs Life of Golf Cars: Case Histories Cited to Show How You can get More Mileage from Battery-Operated Vehicles
56 Handicap Equalizer: Chicago Leads Drive to Adopt Stroke Control 
60 Foss Enlarges Classroom by Selling Group Lesson Program
62 Grau's Answers to Turfgrass Question
62 -Get Acquainted with Your County Agent
65 -[Possible to Buy Pre-Treated Soil for Topdressing?]
65 -[Question Regarding Correspondence Courses to Further Education in Turf Management]
65 -[Mondo Grass for Course Use in Wisconsin?]
65 -[Question Regarding Clover in Bent Greens]
93 -[Question Regarding Mixture of Bent on Greens]
94 -[Question Regarding Procedural Mistake in Preparing Putting Greens]
66 Many Hands Help Build Turner Nine: Yardbirds and Full Colonels Work Together in Bringing Golf to Georgia Air Base
68 Southern Cal PGA Gives Cameron Life Membership
68 Flag Pole not a Target
69 Combine Two Courses for National Amateur
69 KC's Swope Park Marks 50th Anniversary
70 N. E. Group Holds Stop-Gap Turf Conference in Spite of Obstacles
70 IGC, Canada Cup Matches to be Played in Tokyo
74 Tells How Wetting Agents Increase Water's Efficiency: Soils Treated with New Non-Ionic Substance Holds Moisture Longer as Result of Lab Findings
86 How Proper Care Lengthens Life of Diving Board 
87 South Hills "Work-a-Ree" Puts Club in Shape for '57
91 Triangle Round-Robin Money Spread
92 Obitz Honored by UVS
95 Metropolitan Golf Association Publishes Caddie Manual
96 Resourceful Grounds Staff Makes Big Savings
96 Big Turnout for Canadian Turfgrass Conference
97 USGA Women's Committee Issues Revised Booklet
97 Central Plains Field Day
98 What's New
111 Classified Ads
112 New Club Wants Help in Getting Organized
112 Women's Collegiate Tournament
112 Club Managers Association Changes Headquarters
113 Advertisers' Index
114 Table of Contents
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [Club de Golf Mexico, south of Mexico City,]
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
23 Weather - Taxes - Costs: Golf Business Meeting and Beating Tough Problems
25 Roundup of Statistics: Chicago District Directory is Detailed Operating Report
26 Foundation Issues Clip Sheet
26 Michigan-Border Cities Supts. Take Part in Lawn Clinic
26 Rutgers Field Day
30 Over the Pro Shop Counter
32 Three Steps in Selling Turf Budget to the Club
34 Teacher Debunks Reasons for Neglecting High School Golf
36 "How to Do" Turf Tips: These Gimmicks Give Golfers True Headings
38 Civic Pride Prompts Durango to Restore Its "Perfect" Course: Tourists Once Turned Up Noses at Hillcrest but Now They're Eager to Play It
42 "Golf for Industry" is Latest Foundation Publication
44 Al Robbins' Tips from the Bottom: How to Get Comfortable Mileage from Golf Shoes
44 N. E. GCSA Suggests Ways of Speeding Up Play
44 May Solve Caddie Problem
46 Would Use Same Methods for Care of Collars, Greens
48 Second Phase in Hacienda Improvement Program
48 All Star Golf Show to Make TV Debut in October
52 Young Pros Review Lessons  Learned at Training School: Put New Knowledge of Public Relations, Club Repairing, Sales and Teaching to Work at Their Home Clubs
58 Sea Island Course Steeped in History
58 Seek Turf Tieup
60 Mike's Ace was Secondary Thrill
60 GCSA Gives Research Grant for Kikuyugrass Control
60 Gustin Heads PTC
62 Pee Wee Golfers Ready for 11th Annual Tourney
62 Phygon-XL is Control for Pond Algae
62 Sharpens Your Weather Eye
64 Grau's Answers to Turfgrass Question
64 -How the State Extension Specialist can Help You
66 -[Question Regarding Development of Local Turfgrass Organization]
66 -[Question Regarding Education in Turfgrass Information]
70 -[How can I Go About having My Soil Tested?]
70 -[Could You Please Tell Me Where to Buy a Soil Testing Kit?]
70 -[Most Effective Chemical on Seedheads in Pennlu Nursery?]
66 Satan and John Doe 
70 Fertilizer Consumption
72 Book Review
72 Resort Digest
72 Air Force Tutors
84 [Manufacturing News]
94 Classified Ads
97 Advertisers' Index
98 Table of Contents
1957 July
Volume #31, No. 7
1957 August
Volume #31, No. 8
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [Maintenance Crew at Miami Calley GC, Dayton, O., Installed Three New Traps and Narrowed Fairways to Waylay the Pros]
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
25 Something New! New Jersey PGA Holds First Sectional Educational Program: Young Pros Learn Fundamentals of Shop Management at College of Golfing Knowledge
28 Room for Complaints, too: How Connecticut Supt. Keeps Members Informed of What's Going on
29 Golf Second in Popularity in Industrial Sports Picture
29 Public Links Tournament
29 Merion Bluegrass Production
32 "How to Do" Turf Tips: Warning on Herbicides
34 Over the Pro Shop Counter: Sales Expert Tells Where Pros Miss Profits
36 Horwath Gives an Accounting: Larger Clubs Fared Better in 1956; Smaller Ones Held Their Own
40 Jake Kohr, South Bend Supt., Dies in May
40 L. E. Warford, Melflex Head, Dies in Florida
40 Cornell, Georgia Schedule Club Management Courses
40 Turf Foundation Conference Booklet Available
44 Charleston Pro Finds Teaching Range with Inexpensive Gimmick
46 Early Returns Show $53,723 in from National Golf Day
46 Northern Ohio GCSA Honors Green Chairmen at Meeting
48 Grau's Answers to Turfgrass Question
48 -The Troubles that Come with the Summer
50 -[Question Regarding Manure vs. Commercial Fertilizer]
56 Foundation Adds Two Field Men to Promotion Staff
62 [Manufacturing News]
78 Classified Ads
81 Advertisers' Index
82 Table of Contents
82 Beltsville Field Day
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [At Desert Inn Country Club, Las Vegas, a New Addition to the 18-Hole Course is the Clubhouse]
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
25 It's Only Good Business: Would Show Club Financial Statements to Pro, Supt.
26 International Ducat
27 Useful Fertility: A 34-Year Study of a Wide Variety of Grasses Shows that There Should be a Limit to the Peak of Quality
32 Builds Short 9 in Gravel Pit
34 Early Buildup Brings Steady Business to Par-3 Layout
34 Pro Shop Described in Wall Street Journal
34 Pendleton Golf Program Helps Develop Players
36 Over the Pro Shop Counter 
38 Bolt's Shop at Knollwood 
44 Dedicate Caddie Scholarship House
44 PGA Tournament Committeemen
44 $66,434 from Golf Day
44 WGA Awards 120 Scholarships
46 McKay: He Brought Bent Greens to Tennessee
50 Landscape Maintenance is Supt's Responsibility
51 Five Clubs Cooperate in Keeping Tournaments Alive
52 How Golf can Go to the Dogs
52 St. Louis Field Day
56 Grau's Answers to Turfgrass Question
56 -[Turfgrass Associations and Their Members Contribute to Industry Growth]
59 -[Question Regarding Water from Stagnant Pond]
59 -[Dollarspot Cause by too Much Rain?]
59 Managers' Assn. Moves Headquarters
60 Nine More Organizations Join Golf Foundation
66 First of Two Articles: What You can do to Minimize Winterkill
68 Turf Meetings
68 Play Amputee Tournament in Toledo, Aug. 16-17
68 Shaw Sells in Arizona
69 [Manufacturing News]
77 Classified Ads
81 Advertisers' Index
82 Table of Contents
1957 September
Volume #31, No. 9
1957 October
Volume #31, No. 10
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
19 Assessor Hedges on Giving Tax Relief to San Mateo Clubs: California Bill Opens Door to Lower Course Assessments but Zoning Technicalities May Defeat Its Purpose
21 Caddie Camp: Offer a Boy the Chance to Camp Out All Summer (and get Paid for It) and You Won't have Any Shortage of Bag Toters. That's What They do in Wheeling, W. Va.
24 Shopping Made Easy: Many Profitable Reasons for Pushing Pro Christmas Sales
27 Bus Advertising Gets Big Exposure
27 Gas Tax Refund for Nonhighway Vehicles
27 Midwest Field Days Scheduled for September 16-17
27 Accounting Pays Off for Gormley
30 Salvage It!: Steve Blatnak Reclaimed Everything in Sight when Ridgemoor's Clubhouse was Remodeled and Used It to Refurbish His Pro Shop. It Took Less than $100 to Complete a Job that Could have Cost 15 to 20 Times that Much had He Bought New Material
33 Second of Two Articles: Protection from Winterkill 
34 Mid-Atlantic Supts. Enthused Over Bermudagrass Development at Beltsville Station
34 Fay Wins Triangle Trophy
34 A.S.T.A. Creates Lawn and Turfgrass Division
34 Southern California Field Day
36 Over the Pro Shop Counter
37 Book Reviews 
37 Two Lifts Installed at Tomahawk Hills
37 Miller's "All Star Golf" Show to Start Oct. 12
38 Tucker Tournament: Fall Event Makes Big Hit at University of New Mexico
40 Shields Honored at Opening of Woodmont's New 9
40 Sprogell Takes Over as Pro at Dunedin
40 Chevalier in Country Club Consulting Service
40 Hole-in-One Nearly Causes Hole-in-Head
40 Turf Meetings
41 3,100,000 Cu. Yds. of It: Complete Earth Moving Job on Burbank Project
41 Course Measuring Job for Engineering Students
41 October - Golfer's Month
46 "How to Do" Turf Tips: A Bluegrass Seeding Operation 
48 Grau's Answers to Turfgrass Question
48 -A Word to the Wives is Not Sufficient; They Deserve a Volume
48 -[Possible for Players' Shoes to Transfer Fungus]
52 -[Which Schools Offer Turfgrass Management Courses?]
52 -[Question Regarding Finding Penncross Seed]
52 -[How Often to Fertilize Fairways]
66 [Manufacturing News]
77 Classified Ads
81 Advertisers' Index
82 Table of Contents
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
39 1957 Golf Business Good; but Pros Still have Problems
42 As Manufacturers See It: 1958 Business Outlook for the Professional
45 Emanon: A Bunch of the Boys Talked It Over in Dupock's Tavern and Decided to Build a Course. They Lacked Money - but that didn't Stop Them. Here's the Reason
50 Fringe Benefit: Bellefonte has Recreation Program for Caddies
52 Expect 1500 to Attend GCSA Conference in Washington
52 GCSA Places Two Scholarships at Penn State Winter School
52 1958 Western Amateur
54 Charles F. Robbins, Spalding Chief, Dies in New Haven
54 Sponsors Split with PGA in Hassle About Money
56 National Golf Foundation Total Membership Hits 70
56 Play Long Beach Open During PGA Convention Week
56 DeMet Sees Golf Boom in Wake of TV Series
56 Russell in PGA Post
58 Puts Emphasis on Traffic Flow
61 Over the Pro Shop Counter
64 McLaren's Records Give Cost Picture
64 Supt's Bulletins Explain Course Conditions at Woodbridge
64 Play Open in Caracas
68 1957 Turf Roundup
68 -Noer: Heavy Rains Hurt; Advantages of Bent Greens; Bermuda for Fairways
69 -Grau: Diminishing Water Supply Calls for New Appraisal of Fertilizers
75 Jeweler Discovers Golfing Gem Among 7-12-Year Old Set
76 Purdue Student Explains Research Work at Annual St. Louis Field Day
76 Weed, Undesirable Grasses Discussed at Wooster, O.
80 Ike Writes Letter on Course Rate Row
80 Turfgrass Schedule
80 Toughest Sports Competition is Picking Golf's Winners
80 Bond Developed Old Orchard
82 Oakwoods: 5 Years Later
88 Mitchell's School of Construction: A New Hampshire Architect Instructs His Employees in the Art of Course Building
90 The Long Purse
90 Back to Palm Beach
94 Future Masters is Remarkable Tourney: Dothan Residents Board Youngsters While They Compete for Golf Glory
94 New Format for National Golfer
96 Uniforms for Maintenance Crew
96 Motorist, Struck by Golf Ball, Awarded Damages
96 Gowanda CC is Model of Small Course Construction
100 Says 9-Hole Owner Must Run Concessions, Pro Shop to Operate at a Profit
109 Green Section to Meet Prior to USGA Session
110 1957 Golfdom Editorial Index
113 Women Give Fogerty Assist in Running Junior Program
113 Mass. Winter School Re-Opens
114 [Manufacturing News]
125 Classified Ads
129 Advertisers' Index
130 Table of Contents