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1955 January
Volume #29, No. 1                  
1955 February
Volume #29, No. 2
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [Jackson Park Public Course, Chicago]
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
21 Teaching the Teachers is Job Well Done at PGA
23 Strong Selling Display in Lou Strong's Shop
24 Superintendents Set for Their Biggest Meeting
28 Fall Turf Conferences Report Year's Work
29 Inspect Grass and Treatments on Purdue Green
29 James L. O'Keefe Elected Western Golf Assn. President
32 Moffitt Elected PGA Head at Busy, Calm Meeting
33 PGA Meeting Sidelights
33 Golf Day Fund Distribution Approved at St. Paul
36 Turfgrass Questions Answered
36 -How can I Become a Member of the American Society of Agronomy?
37 -We were Unable to Topdress Our Greens This Fall. Is This Likely to Cause Any Adverse Effects Next Season?
37 -What do You Know About the New Crabgrass Killer, Di-Sodium Methyl Arsonate?
37 -What is a Good Size for a Nursery of Improved Grasses?
37 -We Wish to Try Out an Improved Bermudagrass on Several of Our Greens. How Heavily should We Seed? Is the Seed Very Expensive?
37 -We do Not have a Very Large Budget to Work with. Can You Tell Me an Inexpensive Way to Remove Heavy Mat from Greens?
37 -We have Considerable Trouble with Pocket Gophers on Our Course. We have been Trapping Them but It is Impossible to Keep Up with Them. Can You Recommend an Easy Way to Eliminate Them?
37 -Every Year We are Troubled by Clover Showing Up in the Greens in Late September and Early October. Does It Remain Alive During the Winter Months or Reseed Itself Each Year? Can We Control It with Sulfate of Ammonia? What is the Best Method of doing This?
38 -[Will You Please Comment on the Enclosed Clipping, Referring to the Control of Goosegrass, Silver Crab or Crowfoot with a Phenyl Mercury and 2, 4-D Mixture?]
37 Playing Sure Bets in Grass
38 PGA Seniors Set Dunedin Big Week, Jan. 24-30
39 Pro Business Examined by Experts at PGA Meet
41 Western Golf Assn. Makes Golf Car Survey
44 Harlow, Gentleman Sportsman, Made Golf History
46 Agronomy Society Turfgrass Section Details Progress
48 Carnoustie Hoosier
50 American Society of Golf Course Architects to Meet
52 "Ike" Grainger Renamed to Head USGA
52 "Soils Clinic" is Practical School for Midwest Supts.
52 Golf Club Sales Up in 1954, Manufacturers Report
53 Fairway "Face-Lifter" Saves Seattle $7800 a Year
54 Craigs, 41 Years Audubon Pro, Retires
54 Hopkins Trophy Matches Come to La Jolla, Calif.
54 Ryder Cup Matches, Nov. 5 and 6, at Thunderbird, Palm Springs
56 Park Ridge Club Cares for Employees and Dependents
56 USGA Etiquette Film Premiere at PGA Meeting
57 Million Dollar Increase in Pros' 1954 Gift Sales
58 Club Pro of Year to get Harlow Memorial Award
58 Rehling Writes Book for P. E. Golf Teachers
60 Southern GA Championships to Linville N. C. Club
60 News from the Manufacturers
65 -West Point Distributors Go to School
67 Stockton Presents Its New Prizes
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81 Advertisers
82 Table of Contents
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [Photo of Harry Moffitt, PGA Pres. Norman C. Johnson, GCSA Pres.; Thomas C. McGuffey, CMAA Pres.]
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
29 Superintendents Study Turf and People at Big Meet
30 New Officers of GCSA for 1955
33 Planned Study Necessary to Success as Club Pro
38 Golf Fund Gives USO $66,017, Half of Golf Day Income
39 Druid Hills Builds for Modern Maintenance 
50 Merchandising Trend Favors Alert Professionals
52 Architects Recommend Limited Use of Motorized Golf Cars
54 Rain and Rose Bowl Aftermath Ruin Pasadena Course
56 How to Drive a Golf Car and Save the Course 
60 Pro's Hard Work Brings Course Back to Life 
62 Toledo Mayor Proclaims "Harry Moffitt Day"
62 Greensboro, N. C., gets Golf Play Statistics
65 An Orchid Between Two Turfs
65 English, New IGA Executive
66 Grainger Re-Elected USGA Prexy
67 Pro Seniors in Biggest of Their Championships
68 Course Planning and Operating Clinic at Santa Cruz, Calif.
68 Dickinson 10-Week Turf School has 23 This Year
68 1955 Tournament Schedule
69 Ed Furgol Wins Hogan Trophy
69 [News from the Manufacturers]
69 -Supts. and Pros Exhibits [Exhibit] Forecast Big Buying Year
80 -Beattie Says He has an All-Star Staff for Wilson
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89 Advertisers
90 Table of Contents
1955 March
Volume #29, No. 3
1955 April
Volume #29, No. 4
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [Sixth Green, Wykagyl CC, New Rochelle, N. Y.]
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
47 Clubs, Pros Must Look Ahead with Junior Programs
52 How to get the Most Out of Fertilizer 
54 Survey Shows Good Clubs Used on Cheap Balls
56 Community Spirit Fires Drive that Saved a Club
60 Chairman Sees Need of Course Priority in Club Operations
64 Seek New Turfgrass Varieties on Kansas State Test Plots
66 Superintendent Views Departmental Team 
68 Members and Pro Share Pride, Improve Service in Shop
72 Displays that Sell When Members aren't Rushing
72 "Democratic" Membership Basis Best for New Small Club
73 Managers Elect Grenard at CMAA Annual Meeting 
76 Trailblazers of Maintenance Methods Recalled
78 Management and Fertilization Practices Minimize Disease
84 "Kids' Disease" Ruins Greens
86 Report 1954 Ball Sales as 2,648,908 Dozen
86 Trans-Miss Turf Scholars
88 "Scientific Approach" can Improve Instruction Results
94 Turfgrass Questions Answered
94 -[What Kind of Fertilizer to Resod Tees from Merion Sod Nursery?]
94 -[Questions Regarding Uneven Greens Surface Following Aeration]
96 -If We Change Our Greens to an Improved Bermuda, are They Likely to be More Difficult or More Expensive to Maintain?
96 -[Questions Regarding Planted Plugs of Bermuda into Poa annua Tees]
96 -[Question Regarding Mixture of Colonial Bent and Chewings Fescue for Greens]
96 -[Question Regarding Dry, Reddish Spots in Soil]
98 -[Question Regarding What to Apply to Control Vegetation Around Sand Greens]
98 -[Question Regarding Control of Pearlwort and Jewelbell]
98 Prepare High Life for Pros
98 Atlanta PGA Honors Jones at Award Dinner
99 It's Always Fair Weather When Golfers get Together?
99 Need to Train Young Men for Combination Jobs
102 Duino is Pro Starring in Service as a Citizen
104 French Lick, with "New Look", gets Amateurs in April
104 Geiberger, Andrews, Added as Golf Day Performers
106 Wilshire's 18th is World's Longest Green
109 Rotating Panels Conduct Oklahoma Turf Sessions
110 Life Membership for Noer
112 Paint Expert Tells Six Points of Pool Saving 
113 First Course Clinic Held in Santa Cruz, Calif.
116 PGA Seniors Biggest Event Won by Mortie Dutra
118 Chandler Harper Grows as Golf Businessman
118 [Manufacturing News]
124 -V-C 13 Nemacide - New Chemical Control for Turf Nematodes
130 -Dunlop Sports Division in Sales Conference
141 Classified Ads
143 Advertisers
144 Table of Contents
Page Sections/Selected Titles
Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
Robinson's Shop Shows New Ideas, Front and Back
Hopkins International Set for Washington in June
Green Section Kept Busy
Use Cost Analysis to Improve Maintenance Methods
Pro Old-Timers Defeat the Calendar
Union Bag's Calder Course an Asset for Employees
PGA Seniors and Ladies Name Officers
Winged Foot's New Program Produced Fine Turf 
Lack of Training Holds Back Young Pros
George S. May Sets Dates for $200,000 Events
British have Joys, Troubles, Staging Big Championships
Zimmerman's Shop Shows Best Ideas He's Gathered
Youngner Joins UCLA Turf Research Staff
Arsenic Control of Poa annua Points to Fertilizing Study
Connecticut Supts. have Prize Exhibit at Flower Show
Greenkeepers Club of N. E. Re-Elects Officers
California Superintendents Hold Joint Meet at Santa Maria
Henry Mitchell Heads N.Y.-Conn. Turf Improvement
Longheinrich Heads Supts. of Mississippi Valley
Charles K. Hallowell Joins USGA Green Section
New Film Points Way to Profits for Alert Pros
Hopkins Gives Trophy for World-Wide Individual Event
PGA Sections Plan Spring Business Meetings
Midwest Turf Conference Draws Over 400
Turfgrass Questions Answered
-[Management has Become One of the Most Important Words in the Turfgrass Industry]
-What is the True Relationship Between the Use of Nitrogen and the Occurence of Dollarspot and Brownpatch?
-[Question Regarding Relevance of a Bulletin for Club Members]
-Where can I Buy Polycross Bent Seed?
-[Why do Some Strains of Grass Produce Usable Seed While Others do Not?]
-Of What Benefit is It to have Roots in a Putting Green Below the Depth of 21/2"?
-Is Methyl Bromide Dangerous to Use?
-Is There Yet a Chemical Treatment to Control Poa annua?
-I Believe I can Save Our Club Money by Building a Fairway Spray Rig. What Width and Capacity do You Recommend?
-[Is it Absolutely Necessary to Water After Fertilizing?]
-[Question Regarding Procedure to Fertilize Fairways]
-[Question Regarding Non-Successful Control of Grubs Using Chlordane]
-[High School Student's Question Regarding Education to Become a Superintendent]
Giving Turf Troubles the Air
"Doc" Treacy's Son Killed in Notre Dame Explosion
"Light Horse" Still Good
Guest Rooms Good Business for Fraser's Club
Pro's Picture of Teamwork of Department Heads
Northern Calif. Supts. to Watch Greens at Open
Late Starters Learn Golf Fast
1955 Tournament Schedule 
Crown Vetch Makes Good in W. Va.
Pro is the Hero of New Mac Divot Comic Strip
Demaret Films on 14 TV Programs
Book Reviews
Architect's Society Elects Three New Members
Handbook for Municipal Golf
Paul Hahn Drops "Tell" Shot from His Show
WGA Offers Insurance Plan to Member Club Employees
Foundation Names Wickham West Coast Representative
[Manufacturing News]
Classified Ads
Table of Contents
1955 May
Volume #29, No. 5
1955 June
Volume #29, No. 6
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [Par 3 19th Hole, Knollwood Country Club, White Plains N.Y.]
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
35 Pro Must Study Selling Like He Studies His Swing
36 Ryder Cup Committee Meets at Palm Springs
37 Supts. Give Good Advice to Golfers on Course Care
40 After a Dust Storm
42 John Low's Principles of Golf Architecture Stand Up
46 Cries of "Timber" Will Split the Air
48 Superintendents Help Akron Lawn Owners
52 Pros Tell Space Needs in Pro Shop Architecture
56 National Golf Day Expects Great Record, June 4
56 CMAA Seeks Club Spots for Student On-Job Training
60 Records Essential to Course Business Management
62 Pro Public Relations Job Needed with Salesmen
62 Western Golf Assn. Meeting at Golf, Ill., in May
62 Bill Brown, Pro Salesman, Killed by Robber
64 Put New Life in Resort Club, Increase Area's Business
66 Bright Stars of Professional Golf Shining at Dunedin
68 Members Need to be Told Why They should Buy from Pros
72 Course Building Increases, Neer Added to NGF Staff
72 Wilson Leaves Green Section, Bengeyfield Now in West
76 Cornell Conference Answers Many Turf Problems
78 How to Make Most of Slacks Market at Pro Shops
80 Celebrate 33 Years of Advice
82 Ravisloe, Chicago, Host to Amputee Tournament
82 PGA Annual Meeting to be at Atlantic City, Dec. 3-10
82 Triangle Round Robin at Grossinger's, June 14-18
82 Western GA Issues New Caddy Master Manual
84 [Manufacturing News]
112 Classified Ads
113 Advertisers
114 Table of Contents
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [337 yd. 18th Hole, Olympic's Lake Course]
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
33 Golf Sales Figures Show Pros Where They Stand 
35 Frisco Pros, Olympic Members, Say Par Will Win Open
35 Florida Turfgrass Conference at Gainesville, Aug. 9-11
38 Experience hasn't Justified Mixed Green Hopes
40 Hartford (Conn.) Country Club Builds Anew
41 Tree Planting Plan Fits Aesthetics and Golf
44 Brainy, Hard Work Builds Muny Course Saving Money, Time
48 Multiple Tees Make Many Courses at Pine Hollow
49 New Name is New England Golf Course Supts.' Assn.
49 English Returns to USGA
52 Pro Also Must Look for Sales Outside His Shop 
53 Temporary Pro Shop in Bus at First Tee
56 How Research Led to Weed Control with CRAG 1
58 Turfgrass Questions Answered
58 -[Question Regarding Building a Golf Course]
58 -[Question Regarding When to Plant for a New Course]
60 -[Question Regarding How to Prepare Soil for Greens]
60 -[Please Explain the Different Kinds of Drainage that should be Considered in Building a Golf Course]
62 -[Should We Install Tile Drains in Our Greens? Our Subsoil is Quite Sandy]
62 -[Question Regarding Use of Wood Chips in Soil for Greens]
62 -[Question Regarding Purchasing Equipment Prior to Course Opening]
62 -[Question Regarding Best Grass for Heavy Wear at Fee Course]
62 -[Question Regarding Nature of "Easy Machine Maintenance]
60 Massachusetts Graduates 25th Winter School
62 "Golfer's Creed"
64 Western GA-Evans Scholars Headquarters Dedicated 
68 Dunes, Myrtle Beach, S. C., Host to Golf Writers
68 Charles Curtis, LA Times, Heads Golf Writers
69 Harry Shepard is Busiest Pro in Public Service 
72 Plan Blue Mound Switch for High Life
74 Rodding Corrects Drainage at Big Saving 
75 Routine Work Demonstrated by New England Supts.
75 Supt. Looks Calmly at Golf Car Problem
77 Southeastern Conference has Record Enrollment, 189
78 USGA Asks Clubs for Handicap Scoring Records
78 McGuigan Appointed Full-Time Director, WGA Caddy Program
79 Golf Car Survey in New Caddy Committee Guide
79 Fifth Annual Central Plains Field Day, Lincoln, June 14
79 Stollenwerk Elected Chief by Wisconsin Supts.
80 Wisconsin PGA in Record Spring Meeting
80 Supt. and Members Share in Turfgrass Tests
82 Agree to Call Off Deal to Buy Spalding
83 [Manufacturing News]
104 Classified Ads
105 Advertisers
106 Table of Contents
1955 July
Volume #29, No. 7
1955 August
Volume #29, No. 8
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Gold World in Brief
25 Act to Set New Record in Pro Shop Xmas Business
26 Clubhouse Planning Guide from Golf Foundation
26 Jaycees Tenth International Junior has 30,000
28 Small Acreage, Time Element Make Short Courses Popular
33 Turf Field Days and Conference Schedule
36 Kentucky Bluegrass Still "Old Reliable" in North 
38 Caddy Sunday School at Louisville CC 9th Green
40 Be Nice to the Course
46 What Pro Shop Men should Know About Club Repairing 
47 New Ridge CC Locker-Room has Windows on Every Aisle
50 Chicago Golfers Contribute $3500
54 Upright Bag Storage Compact 
55 Seek "Fundamentals" in Teaching Methods
56 Cotton Boll Humus Answers My Problems
56 Illinois PGA Outlines Assistant Training
58 How to Avoid Accidents on the Golf Course 
59 Turfgrass Questions Answered
59 -[Golf Course Tees]
59 -[Question Regarding How to Build a Backyard Putting Green]
60 -[Question Regarding Safety and Use of Hydrated Lime on Bent Greens to Control Brown Patch]
60 -[Can One Save the Plugs from the Aerifying of Greens and Economically Put Them into the Soil Bed of a New Green]
61 -[Question Regarding Use of Dieldrin on Bent Greens]
61 -[Question Regarding Use of Sawdust as Organic Matter in Greens]
61 -[Question Regarding Bermuda Throwing Seedheads]
62 -[Question of "Thatch" and "Mat"]
67 Curtis Takes the Cake
67 Women Golfers Present Pro Shop Fashion Show
68 Discuss Minor Rules Changes
68 Philip E. Young, Acushnet Pres., Dies in New Bedford
68 International Winners
69 [Manufacturing News]
80 Classified Ads
81 Advertisers
82 Table of Contents
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
25 Pros Need Stronger Accent on Correct Club Fitting 
26 Western Golf Assn. Wants Books
27 Push-Button Sprinkler System does Men's Work
30 Court Rules Pro Shop and Club are Not Independent
31 National Caddy Scholars Council Organized 
34 Amputees' 7th Championship Sparkles with Fine Play
36 U-3 Bermuda Ingeniously Planted, Proves OK at K. C.
37 -[1. Dudley Day's Machine for Planting Strips of Hall's U-3 Bermuda Sod at Blue Hills CC]
37 -2. The Stripper is Attached to the Hydraulic Lift on a Farm Type Tractor. There are Two Cutting Type Discs Followed by a Small Plow to Lift the Sod Trip
37 -3. The Hall's U-3 Bermuda Grass Sod Nursery. Dudley Day Holds a Strip Which Will be Used on a Tee
37 -4. The Nursery is Leveled with Soil After Removing the Strips of Hall's U-3 Bermuda Sod. The Surface Covers Quickly as Indicated
37 -5. The First Operation on the Tee is with the Strip Cutter. Strips are Spaced a Foot or More Apart
37 -6. The Second Operation is to Insert the Sod Strips of Hall's U-3 Bermuda Grass. Coverage Occurs by August When Planting is Done in Early June
40 Front and Back, This Shop Makes Business Better
44 Alert Pros in Record Numbers Plan Now for Xmas Sales
45 Detroit District Surveys Maintenance Operations
52 How an Advisory Staff Works as a Testing Laboratory
56 Jaycees Plan US Tour for Scotch Boys' Team
56 Bonavita Heads Virginia Tidewater Turf Group
57 Turfgrass Questions Answered 
57 -[Water, How Much is Enough?]
58 -[Question Regarding Effect of High Phosphorous on Greens]
60 -[Question Regarding Overwatering Bentgrass]
60 -[Question Regarding Grass for Coarse, Gravelly Soil]
60 -[How can We Apply Two Pounds of Hydrated Lime to 1,000 sq. ft?]
60 -[Question Regarding Spurring Growth of Merion Bluegrass]
61 -[What are the Symptoms of Nematodes on Bents?]
61 -[Question Regarding Elimination of White Clover]
61 -[Question Regarding Patches of Bent in Poa annua Greens]
61 Bill Bengeyfield in Green Section New Western Office in L.A.
62 Members Devise Tax-Free Plan for Pro Tour
63 Electricity Solves Mosquito Problem at Rice's Range
65 Queen Royal Holds Court
65 [Manufacturing News]
66 Utah Turfgrass Association Organizers Meet
80 Classified Ads
81 Advertisers
82 Table of Contents
1955 September
Volume #29, No. 9
1955 October
Volume #29, No. 10
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [215 yd. 16th Hole at Tam O'Shanter]
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
19 Prices Higher on 1956 Clubs to Meet Increased Costs 
20 Pro Shop Style Show Scores with Sales
21 Towel Company Course is Carolinas' Gem
24 Zoysia matrella Ideal Facing for Traps at Indian Creek
25 -[Zoysia matrella was Used Along the Edge of This Trap and Because of the Overhang the Sand Below Stays Clean]
25 -Close-Up of Zoysia matrella Facing on Top Edge of Trap Alongside Green
25 -Another Zoysia matrella Facing on Top Edge of Trap Alongside Green
25 -Mowing Edge of Zoysia matrella-Faced Trap with Triplex-Type Mower
25 -Newly Sodded and Planted Edge of Trap. Top Strip is Zoysia matrella Sod from Nursery. Zoysia matrella Stolons Inserted Between the Top and Layer Below
25 -Close up of Newly Sodded and Stolon Planted Edge of Trap Alongside Green
24 Six Different Courses in New 27-Hole Fee Course
28 Rebuilds Abandoned Course and Clubhouse in Nine Months
29 Fully Automatic Range Nears Completion
32 Professionals Set Record with Plans for Xmas Gift Sales: "Shopping Guide" Spearheads Pros' Drive for Golfers' Holiday Gift Business
34 Million Dollar Hole at Omaha Field Club 
36 Golf and the Soldier
41 Veteran Turf Nurseryman Reviews C-19 and C-1
44 Club Employees' Group Life Insurance Sponsored by WGA
44 Spalding Quickly Recovers from Flood Damage
46 Small Town Uses 3-Step Plan to Build Debt Free Club
48 Clubhouse for Caddies at Tam O'Shanter
49 How to Fit Slacks into Xmas Pro Shop Sales
49 GE Jets Win Midwest Industrial Tourney from Field of 460
50 Donated Labor and Materials Bring Fine Golf to Public
54 Turfgrass Questions Answered 
54 -[Superintendents Learn How to Work Best with Chemicals]
56 -What is the Best Time of Year to Plant Creeping Bent Salons?
56 -Could You Suggest a Reference Book to Help Me Find the Answers to Turfgrass Problems?
56 -How Much Ground Limestone should be Mixed with Topdressing to be Applied to Putting Greens?
56 -Can 2,4-D be Used to Control Clover on Bent Greens?
56 -What is the Best Procedure for Planting a Green with Bermuda Sprigs?
56 -What is the Best Type of Fertilizer to Use for Pennlu Creeping Bent?
56 -What is the Best Way to Get Rid of Chickweed in a Green?
56 -I've Heard of Shredding Bermuda Stolons with a Vertical Mower. How do You Go About This?
57 -We are Planning a New Course and Want to do it Right in the First Place. What is the Best Grass for Fairways?
57 -What Research is being Conducted on Poa annua control?
57 Caddy Bonus System Gives Boys Competitive Interest
60 Sweetheart is Pro Shop Patron
60 USGA Gives Right Answer
61 Glen Oaks CC Takes Lead in Flood Benefit
62 [Manufacturing News]
79 Classified Ads
81 Advertisers
82 Table of Contents
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
37 Pro's Market Survey: New Courses, Kids, Brighten Outlook
38 Santa Claus Shows Up at Miami Shores
39 Ryder Cup Team in Challenge Warm-Up
42 Superintendents' Views: Fierce Summer Shows Course Needs
47 Managers Plan Convention for Los Angeles, Jan. 18-21
50 Golf Manners Taught by Law: Legal Cases Cited as Reminders that Knowledge and Observance of Golf's Etiquette can Avoid Costly Law Suits
54 Range Ball Washer Made from Concrete Mixer
55 Long Study by Pro and Wife Shown in New Shop
56 Golf Works Wonders at Hospital Course
58 Turf Round-Up: Second Worst Year for Golf Turf Taught Brutal Lessons in Water Management, Shortage of Able Labor, Iron Chlorosis Prevention: (First of a Two Part Review of This Year's Maintenance.)
62 It's Done the Big Way in Texas
66 Course at Park Gateway Bids for Tourist Play
68 Philadelphia Supts. Hold 30th Birthday Party
70 Idaho's Attractive New Range Designed for Comfort
72 Consolver Shop Shows Big Stock Without Crowding 
78 Rules Changes in 1956: Control of Flagstick, Lifting Ball on Green, 14-Club Rule Violation, are Among Alterations
79 USGA Competitions for 1956
80 Shows What Small Town can do in Course Building
80 Boys Will be......?
82 Egyptian Bermudagrass Strain has Many Merits
84 Club and Ball Increase Far Behind Other Price Rises 
86 Light Makes Heavy Sales
88 Cornwell Slated to Head Course Superintendents
88 Hines has Biggest Golf Car Operation
96 Grau Answers Turfgrass Questions
96 -[Proper Identification is Important for the Superintendent]
98 -[Question Regarding Drainage Problem on Green]
98 -[Question Regarding Dangers on 2, 4-D to Control Silver Crab on Bent Green]
98 -[Question Regarding Recovery from Disease Throughout the Fall]
98 -[Question Regarding What Kind of Sand to Use in Topdressing]
98 -[Question Regarding Use of Peat as Topdressing to Improve Sandy Soil]
99 -[Question Regarding Heavy Traffic on Greens]
99 -[Question Regarding Eliminating Clover Entirely]
99 -[Question Regarding Use of Old Sawdust vs. New Sawdust with Sand to Topdress Greens]
102 -[How Thick should Sod be Cut When Moving It from the Nursery to a Tee?]
102 -[Question Regarding Use of Emerald Zoysia for Lawns and Fairways]
102 -[Question Regarding Soil Moisture Causing Pythium]
99 Dayton's New Community Country Club Clubhouse
102 Tournament Pros Plan to Hire Manager
103 Get Club Spirit Fired Up; Rest of the Job is Easy
104 Book Review
106 Biggest Course Job Handled by Ed Brady and Staff
108 Service and Selling Easier in Gafford's Shop 
110 Seek "Fundamentals" in Teaching Methods
111 Set Program for Supts.' Annual Convention
111 "Planning the Golf Clubhouse" Book Available Next January
112 The Grand Slammer Tells What It Takes to Make a Winner
113 Green Section Experts Inspect Greenbrier
113 Take Another Look, Analyse Maintenance Routine
116 Ohio Golf Salesmen have Annual Party for Pros
116 [Manufacturing News]
143 Classified Ads
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146 Table of Contents