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1961 January
Volume #35, No. 1                  
1961 February
Volume #35, No. 2
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [Pauma Valley CC, Near Escondido, Calif.]
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
3 Front Cover
19 Handle Only Routine Matters at PGA Scottsdale Meeting
20 Two PGA Business Schools are Scheduled for January, February
21 PGA Teaching Program: Palmer, Spork Say 'Amen' to Penick's Methods
22 At PGA Pow Wow in the Pow Wow Room
24 Next Stop - Royal York: Toronto gets Ready for 32nd GCSA Conference 
26 Orlick, 1960 Home Pro, is Man of Many Accomplishments
26 Book Review
26 1960 a Financial and Golfing Success for Metropolitan GA
30 McLeod, Brady and Demaret in PGA Hall of Fame
30 Gatenby Heads Chicago Dist.
30 Heart of America Officers
32 Lighted Practice Areas should be Integral Part of Private Clubs: Better Planning by Clubs, Architects can Prevent this Irritating Oversight
34 New Contract for Crane
34 Massachusetts Winter School
34 Fortner, Holland Appointed to Foundation Staff
34 USGA Turf Award
36 Sand! Sand! Sand!: The 157 Traps at the Pauma Valley GC won't Win the Plaudits of the Golfer, but He'll Like Everything Else About This New California Resort Course
40 $300 Worth: Inexpensive Pegboard Panelling can Bring a Cinderella Transformation to Your Shop
45 Grau's Answers to Turf Question: 1960 Roundup - II: Even Better Turf Needs Proper Water, Nutrition: Excesses in Any Direction Undermine Conditions for Turf Growth
50 Outside Income may be Subject to Tax, IRS Rules
50 Parents Wail While 'Kid Disease' Goes Unchecked
50 On Tournament Staff
52 Golfingest County in the Country!: You can Hop from One Course in Broward County (Fla.) to Any of 21 Others in 40 Minutes or less... There are So Many Golf Layouts Here You Wonder Where 330,000 Residents can Find Room to Live
56 They don't Hibernate: Supts. Keep Busy Making Rounds of Turf Meetings
57 Clubs Win Tax Fight
57 John G. Clock Re-Slated for USGA Presidency
57 Turf Meetings
60 O. J. Noer's Turf Tips: 1960 Roundup - II: Much Remains to be Learned About Herbicides: Effects of Turf Reaction, Temperature, Makeup of Soil and Other Factors Must be Considered in Their Use
66 Construction, Architectural Ideas, a Long Time in the Making, can Bring Real Savings in Course Management: Full Package Deal for Improved Maintenance
76 Woehrle Heads Midwest GCSA
77 USGA Reverts to Old Lost Ball Rules
77 Royer Again WGA President
77 Golf Day Day Distribution
78 Southern Cal GCSA Officers
80 Seniors Play 22nd Championship
94 [Manufacturing News]
109 Classified Ads
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114 Table of Contents
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [Bermuda Dunes CC, Palm Springs, Calif.]
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
3 Front Cover
19 Golf Looks to the New Frontier: Building for More Economical Maintenance, Automation, Sensible Clubhouses, etc. Point to Revolutionary Changes
20 Raise Funds for Ed Oliver
22 Club Housing Units: Motel-Type Construction Well Suited for Providing Member, Employee Accommodations
24 Ladies PGA Circuit Hopes for Most Successful Year
26 Report Tells How Golf Fares in Open Space Race
26 Louisiana Turf Officers
30 Your Built-In Market Survey: Check the Bags of the Women Players and You'll Find Out Whether They're Buying from You or a Competitor
32 Club Sales Approach 5,000,000 Mark
35 Revisions Made in Exemptions for PGA Championship
35 National Golf Week Observes 10th Anniversary This Year
35 First Flight Gambles Big Money in Dunedin Championships
38 Push Button - Presto! Water's Everywhere: Phil Mitchell is Another Who's Finding that Automatic Equipment Eases the Greenmaster's Burden
42 Employees Find Happy Hunting with Ken Smith: Par 3, Located on Plant Property, Cements Already Good Relations Between Owner and Workers
44 Associations, Clubs, Individuals Worked to Defeat Unfair Assessment: How California Golfers Won Fight to Ease Tax Burden
46 Little Lobbying Needed: High Command gets Behind Fort Knox Pro Shop Project
52 New PGA President is Veteran of 37 Years in the Game
54 Grau's Answers to Turf Questions: Some Misconceptions Frequently Ecountered
54 Mattei Heads Northeastern GCSA
54 U of M Graduates
59 PGA Reorganizes Setup at National Headquarters
59 Detroit District GA Now Golf Association of Michigan
59 New Jersey Golf Show
62 Michigan Assn. Donates $1,000 to Turf Research Group
66 McAuliffe Awarded Gold Tee; Smith gets Hogan Trophy
66 Texas Turf Officers
82 [Manufacturing News]
93 Classified Ads
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98 Table of Contents
1961 March
Volume #35, No. 3
1961 April
Volume #35, No. 4
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [8th Hole, Ocean Reff CC, North Key Largo, Fla.]
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
3 Front Cover
31 Clubs Take a Close Look at Golf Car Income: Second Chicago District Conference Shows that Opposition to Cars has Diminished but Some Problems Remain to be Ironed Out
33 The Toronto Convention: Record (Paid) Crowd at GCSA Canadian Conference; Speakers Put at Disadvantage by Unrelenting Schedule; East-West Spell-Down is a Bright Interlude
34 -First Session: Canada's Problems Much Like Ours
38 -Second Session: Emphasis is on Self Expression
44 -Third Session: Researchers Discuss Chemicals, Cautions
48 -Fourth Session: Faulty Focusing Foils Film Story
108 -Fifth Session: 15 Speakers Appear on This Program
120 -Sixth Session: Dormancy, Budgets, Poa are Examined
126 -Seventh Session: Urge Realistic View on Golf Cars
54 I Fix Up the Shop
58 Beware False Security: Markovich Advises Pros to Question Selves About Jobs
58 Baseball and Golf
60 Suggests Weekly Swing Session for Indoor School Patrons
60 Successful Range Operator Seeks Promotion Ideas
60 [New Pres. of American Association of Golf Course Architects, C. E. Robinson, VP Ralph Plummer; Sec. William B. Langford]
62 The Terra-Tire: Rigorous Tests on All Types of Terrain Under Many Different Soil Conditions Give It a Decided Advantage Over the Conventional Tire
66 Bennett is Veep: Brennan Elected President of Club Managers
66 700 Persons Attend GCSA's Annual Convention Banquet
66 Excessively Dry Winter
68 Carr gets Jones' Award; First Turf Citation to Monteith
68 1963 Open at Brookline
70 They Moved the Earth: Hills Become Ramps So Cars can Roll at Hyde Park
72 New Jersey Golf Show
72 Change Magazine Setup
74 Explain Your Terms: Many Times When You Use "Blocking Out, Casting, etc.," the Poor, Perspiring Pupil has No Idea of What You're Talking About
76 Raise $2,375 for Ed Oliver
78 On West Coast: Veterans Vie with Youngsters for PGA School Learning
80 New Frontier Market: With Caddies Vanishing from the Scene, It's Lucky that Some Pros and the National Golf Foundation Started Promoting Junior Programs
84 Galby Shows How to Develop Good Buying Habits at Par 3s
84 Metropolitan Officers
84 PGA Liaison Man for Open
88 271 Students Registered: Top Attendance at Florida PGA Business School
92 Grau's Answers to Turf Questions
92 -Supts may get Headaches Trying to Avoid Them
94 -Not Just Topdressing
94 -Care of Penncross
96 Getting the Right Man: Course Employee is Subject of USGA Discussion
100 Announce Program for NY PGA School, April 13-14
102 Golf Fund Distribution Passes $800,000; Riggin Re-Elected
102 The Rich Also Want to Know Golf Goods Prices
104 Book Reviews
106 Lambert New GCSA President, Superintendent for 40 Years
108 No. Calif. GCSA Officers
108 Iowa GCSA Conference
130 Metropolitan GCSA Officers
142 Canadian PGA Outlines Provisions of Proposed Pension Plan
143 Increase Seniors Prize to $25,000
144 PGA Committee Report Lists Many 1960 Accomplishments
144 1962 Western Amateur
146 Make Own Repairs
155 [Manufacturing News]
173 Classified Ads
177 Advertisers' Index
178 Table of Contents
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [9th Green and Cypress Clubhouse, Pt. Clear, Ala.]
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
3 Front Cover
23 What's a Pro Job Worth?: Club Officials can Only Guess at Potential Shop Income... It's Time More Figures were Developed to Show What It Really is
24 Introduces Bill to Reduce Dues Tax
26 Study Omaha's Golf Market - Then Build a Club to Fit: They didn't Rush into the Building of Miracle Hill - But Rather Took a Survey that Proved the Need for This New Layout. The Result: A Course that Practically is Guaranteed to be an Immediate Success
32 Everything's New: Great Profit Prospects at Pinehurst Shop
36 Small Fleet for a Small Club
38 Palmer can Go to Top of Money List in 1961
38 Jack Ryan Adds Home Event to National Golf Day
40 Sign of Progress: New England GCSA Calls in Women for Some Expert Advice
43 Bright Displays Will Never Match the Good Sell: Exotic Lighting doesn't Mean a Thing if You aren't Moving Merchandise Across the Counter
44 Willie Low Turns Designer: When They Gave Him a New Pro Shop at Phoenix CC, the Veteran Scot Put His Ingenuity to Work and Came Up wih [with]Some Fine Display Ideas
46 Revenue Ruling Rescinded
46 John E. McAuliffe Dies in Florida Winter Home
46 Too Much Printing on Heads
50 GCSA Guide for Golf Course Construction
52 44 Courses in Allegheny County
54 Job Analysis can Cut Waste Out of Maintenance
56 USGA Lists Course "Sins Most Frequently Committed"
58 Vegetative Bent has Improved Quality of Turf
60 Book Reviews
60 Stretching the Budget
60 CMAA Membership Rule
62 Few Changes in Oakland Hills Since Playing of 1951 Open
66 O. J. Noer's Turf Tips: Use of Multiple Disk Spiker on Greens
68 Prepare for Adjustments: How Big Savings can be Made in Course Maintenance
76 Grau's Answers to Turf Questions
76 -Ideal Fertilizer may be Blend of N Sources
78 -Bermuda Slow to Take
78 Big Year for LPGA
80 Some Pros Need Prompting to Become Good Merchandisers
84 Two PGA Meetings
100 Musser Text Revised
100 Ryder Cup Matches
106 PGA Searches for Survivors of Deceased Committeemen
106 Festivities Mark Opening of Warren's New Pampa CC Shop
118 253 Attend Penn State's 30th Turfgrass Meeting
118 Southern Turfgrass Conference
119 [Manufacturing News]
133 Classified Ads
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138 Table of Contents
1961 May
Volume #35, No. 5
1961 June
Volume #35, No. 6
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [Arnold Palmer and Charlie Coe on the 16th Green in the Final Round at the Masters]
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
3 Front Cover
21 Athletic Goods Sales Census Prompts Taking of Second Look at Pro Market: Long-Lasting Balls, Trade-In Situation, Close-Cut Rough, Other Factors Eat into Shop Sales, Hurt Profits
24 Golf Boosts Morale, Calms Nerves at GTMO: It's Part of a Big Recreation Program that's Helping to Keep the Military Alert and on Its Toes in the Cuban Crisis
27 Safety - It's Something that is Planned
28 Commuting Pro
29 Twelfth Year of Publication: 50 Clubs Report on Operations in Chicago Directory
30 Philly Warms Up with a Golf Show!: If They weren't a Bunch of Rabid Golfers, You'd Say It was Because Spring wasn't Far Away... Anyway, 3,000 of Them Showed Up
34 Nothing Seriously Wrong with Arnold; Laughs at "that" Wedge Shot
38 No Matter How You Cut It: The Roots get Hurt
42 Casper Pro's Newsletter Touches All the Greens
42 USGA Again Holds Local and Sectional Qualifying for Open
45 O. J. Noer's Turf tips 
46 RCGA Reports Increase in Membership for 1960
46 Harvey Raynor Resigns
48 Iowa Judge Says "Trampoline" is a Generic Term
48 Palmer, Snead Again Represent U.S. in International Matches
50 PGA Lists Qualifying Conditions for 1961 Championship
52 New Denver Club has Manual for Guidance of Employees
52 36th USGA Public Links
56 Book Reviews
58 Twenty Turf Students get Certificates at Penn State
60 "Pity the Poor Grass" is Theme of California Meeting
62 New Attendance Record for Iowa Turf Conference
64 Grau's Answers to Turf Questions
64 -A Time to Rest
65 -Use of the Aerifier
65 -Recovery from Desiccation
106 -How About Top Dressing?
108 -Eliminating Clover
108 -To Prevent Erosion
68 Trade-In Problems Increase in Club Selling
68 Kollett with Green Section
70 Chicago Swing Club Unit gets Helen Lengfeld Trophy
70 USGA Women's Open to be Played at Baltusrol, June 29-July 1
72 [St. Louis Turf Research Presented a Check to Washington University's Graduate School of Arts and Sciences in Support of Grass Research]
92 Impressive Aspects to TV Coverage of the Masters
94 Jack A. Schram, Former Burke President, Dies in Chicago
94 "Mr. Merion," Joe Valentine, Honored at Testimonial Dinner
96 Need Feverish Construction to Build 30,000 Courses
96 New York Sections Combine to Sponsor Business School
96 Palmer, Nicklaus Dominate Poll
98 Western N.Y. GCSA Officers
100 Lessee Not Liable for Improvements in Absence of Specific Agreement
102 First Fairway Treatment Program Big Success at Cincinnati CC
109 Bob Duguid Winds Up Long Career as Superintendent
111 Northeastern Wisconsin Meeting
114 [Manufacturers' News]
125 Classified Ads
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130 Table of Contents
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
3 Front Cover
25 Manager's Role in Need of Upgrading: Management Weaknesses Exist Because Clubs are Reluctant to Delegate Proper Authority
26 CMAA Adopts New Plan for Club Management Workshops
28 Based on 1,000 Rounds: Use Traffic Formula to Determine Size of Tees
30 Golf Car Show
32 Search for Assets in Washington Golf Promotion Scheme
34 Should be Encouraged: Figures Show Juniors are Golf's Neglected Segment
36 For Medium Size Operation...: $3,500 can Stretch a Long Way in Building Pro Shop
38 Suggest, don't Boss, to get Cooperation in Course Care
38 Ohio Turfgrass Council
40 PGA Rocked by Disputes Over Tournament, Membership Rules
42 More Care Needed in Designing, Locating Pro Shop: Checklist Suggested as Aid in Orderly, Comprehensive Planning of Department
44 Grau's Answers to Turf Questions
44 -Tidewater Breakthrough
90 -[Soil Sample with Sand that is too Fine]
46 Monroe County (N. Y.) Golf Dilemma Repeated Throughout U. S.
50 Golf Boom as Extensive in Canada as in U. S.
52 USGA Outlines Conditions for Entry in Junior Amateur
56 Book Reviews
58 New York Leads in Course Sites but California Closes Gap
62 Michigan Association Officers
62 Dutch Elm Control
64 Car Accident Suit Dismissed; Owner didn't Control Vehicle
66 USGA Tournament Schedule
70 Hallowell Resigns
70 Chicago Fixture
90 [Manufacturers' News]
101 Classified Ads
105 Advertisers' Index
106 Table of Contents
1961 July
Volume #35, No. 7
1961 August
Volume #35, No. 8
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [Sam Snead Prepares to Finish His Winning Performance at the International Golf Association Championships in June 1961 at Dorado Beach, Puerto Rico]
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
3 Front Cover
21 Nothing Patented in Looking at and Analyzing the Swing
24 For Pleasure, Safety and Preservation of Course: Midwest GCSA Suggests Rules for Use of Cars
26 O. J. Noer's Turf Tips: Staking Out the Test Plot
28 Behind-Scenes Maneuvering Causes Trouble at Many Clubs: Consultant Says Members are the Real Victims When Manager has to Overlook Infringements of Favored Employees
32 Advice from Champaign: Make Them Think of You When They Think About Golf
35 Hot Weather Approach Means Wilt is Coming Back: But Hudson Valley Greenmaster Says It can be Headed Off if Vigilence and Proper Maintenance Practices are Followed
38 TAVS Solves Problem of Golf Car Transport
40 Have 42 Courses: Philippines in Midst of Big Boom in Playing, Building
42 Grau's Answers to Turf Questions
42 -Can We Afford It?
44 -Club Needs Superintendent
46 Nineteen get Degrees at Mass. Turf School
46 Maintenance Costs Per Hole Up 45 Per Cent in 9 Years
48 Bidwell Changes Face of Olympia's North Course for PGA Event
54 Court Rules for Club in Zoning Amendment Case
56 Women's Amateur Deadline
56 Second LPGA School Scheduled for University of Michigan
58 Hillendale Member Gives Suggestions for Speeding Play
58 Ohio State Turf School
58 U.S.D.A. Field Day
75 Arizona CMAA Aids Turf Research
75 Women's Western Amateur
76 Philadelphia's Aronimink to be Site of 1962 PGA Championship
77 Girl's Junior Deadline
80 USGA Green Section Fees
83 [Manufacturing News]
93 Classified Ads
97 Advertisers' Index
98 Table of Contents
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [Opening of Piney Point Golf Center, Houston, Texas]
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
3 Front Cover
21 Finishing School for Students in Turf Management: Eight Trainees Learn how Theory is Put into Practice in Maintenance of Bob O'Link Course
24 Serve-Yourself Shop: There's an Easygoing Atmosphere at Butte Des Mortes Where the Pro, Ev Leonard, Just Stands by While the Members Buy Everything in Sight
26 Few Members Realize Extent of Golf Course Vandalism
28 First Walter Hagen Award Goes to Walter Hagen
28 Northern Calif. Section Suggests New Charity Event Code
28 Amateur Qualifying Rounds Scheduled for Aug. 28-31
30 Len Wirtz Succeeds Corcoran as Ladies PGA Tourney Director
30 PGA to Move Headquarters North of Dunedin
30 Noer Foundation Fellowship Established at Iowa State
32 Resort Pro Cites Profit Potential in Refresher Lessons
34 [Southern California GCSA Members were Guests of Course Dealers and Suppliers for Annual Trek to Hollywood Race Track]
34 Hill of Fame Tree Planted in Honor of Horton Smith
34 Washington Interclub League Sets Fine Pattern for Juniors
36 Pro's Compensations Go Beyond Profits from Sales, Lessons
38 California Project: Physical Ed Teachers do Graduate Work at Third All-Golf Clinic
40 O. J. Noer's Turf Tips
42 Grau's Answers to Turf Questions: Educational Efforts
44 Quarty Becomes Sole Owner of San Marcos Hotel
44 GCSA Publishes Exhibitors' Brochure for 1962 Conference
46 If Your Club is Planning Something in the $1,000,000 Bracket, This Article should Serve as a Fine Guide in Its Construction. You'll See that, in Spite of Thoughtful Planning, There Always are a Few Things that could have been Improved: The Philadelphia CC Clubhouse
54 Jensen Tells How Dorado Beach was Put in Top Condition
56 Clover Control Program
60 Bayer Wins PGA Driving Contest with 297-Yard Wallop
76 Musser Named Agronomist for Course Architects
78 PGA Hole-in-One Contest Set for Labor Day
83 [Manufacturing News]
93 Classified Ads
97 Advertisers' Index
98 Table of Contents
1961 September
Volume #35, No. 9
1961 October
Volume #35, No. 10
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
3 Front Cover
21 Increase in Dues Enabled Clubs to Reduce 1960 Deficits: Upward Trend in Both Receipts and Expenses Continued During Year, Says Horwath & Horwath Report
24 Kissing Camels Golf Course: Colorado Springs, Colorado: Texas Verve, Colorado Scenery, Innovations, Make It a Showpiece
26 Duties of Officials
28 Shortholes Success Story: 110-Hour Weeks Convert Brush Piles to a Golf Center
30 Watering Systems Help Pull Great Plains Courses Through
32 Specialization isn't Enough: Clubs Need Men Who can Coordinate All Operations
34 [Palm Beach Par 3 GC, Designed by Dick Wilson, Palm Beach, Fla.]
36 Observe Greenness, Density, Effect on Nematodes: Five-Year Study of Nitrogen Sources for 328 Bermuda
44 24-Hour Day - It isn't Long Enough for Fazio: You'd Agree that It isn't, too, if You Traveled Around in George's Wake... He Designs Courses, Operates a Couple Clubs and Even Fills in as Club Pro When the Rush is on
48 Grau's Answers to Turf Questions
48 -Attitude on Lime Application is Distressingly Casual
83 -Lime for Golf Courses
50 Book Reviews
51 Quarry Used as Water Supply Ruled Not Abandoned
54 396 in Cleveland Junior
57 Manager's Check List for Rating Efficiency of Food Operation
58 Lyons Puts on Course Maintenance Night Demonstration at Firestone
59 Chicago Women's College Awards LLD. Degree to Tom Walsh
67 (Legal Notice): United States District Court Northern District of Illinois Eastern Division
71 Open Third Nine at Hartford
74 Small Business Loans to Golf and Other Sports Reported
77 Turf Conferences
79 Barber Leads Ryder Cup Team's Invasion of England
80 PGA Seniors Golf Film
82 Battle with the Weeds
84 Record Entry for Amateur
85 [Manufacturing News]
96 Classified Ads
98 U. of California Makes Survey of L. A. Maintenance Costs
98 PGA Changes Award Designation to 'Player-of-the-Year'
98 Bala Members Spurn City's Offer; Continue to Play Golf
101 Advertisers' Index
102 Table of Contents
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [Hole No. 8, Ocean Reef CC, North Key Largo, Fla.]
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
3 Front Cover
31 Pro Market Continues to Improve in Spite of Some Unfavorable Factors: Sales, Play Increases Satisfactory but Weather and Cut-Price Competition Cut Down on the Potential
32 Kentucky Bluegrass Production
33 Golf Clubs are for Golfers!: That's the Philosophy at Merion Where the Members don't Feel that Change Necessarily Means Improvement
35 Club Managers' Conference in Miami Beach
36 On Your Tees: How to Use Celotex to Save Turf 
38 Jim Gaquin Named PGA Tournament Manager
38 Smith Also Made Shop History
40 Managers, Officials Find Protection doesn't Come Cheap: Clubs Still Look for Ways to Prevent Burglaries, Vandalism
44 Little, Picard, Farrell in PGA Hall of Fame
44 Members Select Farrell
46 Check the Bag Racks to Make Sales Up Front
48 Annual PGA Meeting Scheduled for Nov. 2-10 in Florida
50 11 Guidance Points for Young Pros: Wisdom from 42 Years in the Business is Embodied in These Tips for Assistants... Old Hands, too, may Profit by Reading What Paul Scott has to Say
54 Course Owner, Driver Absolved of Blame in Suit Involving Car
56 A Word to the Pro: Manufacturers, too, have Problems in Judging Demand
56 Four $50,000 Events on PGA Winter Tour
58 Pro Designs a Shop for a Brother Pro 
60 SBA Approves Loans for Course Construction
60 Ohio Wants Clubs to Pay Caddie Compensation Premiums
60 Penn State Winter School
62 Golf Books
62 Haven for Lefties
66 Overseeding Bermuda Greens
68 -Location is Factor in Choice of Grass Selection
70 -Best Combinations Sought in Sea Island Tests
72 -Jack Bernard Explains His Method of Overseeding: As It is Done at De Soto Lakes
72 -Observations on Overseeding
70 Canadian PGA Growth
74 How to Sell a Maintenance Building: Board Takes Look, is Convinced and Appropriates Funds
76 Ed Oliver Looked for Laughs Along with Tournament Prizes
78 Quality Gives Sales Punch: Smart Pros are Putting Accent on Top Grade Lines
84 Looking Back on '61: Keeping Ahead of Golfers Pushed Maintenance Crews to the Limit
85 GCSA's 33rd Turf Conference may Break All Records
86 Need is Desperate: Wanted: Tougher Grasses for the Transition Zone
92 1961 Index of Golfdom Articles: January Through September
96 First Flight Offers Tempting Prizes in Dunedin Events
98 PGA Explains Why Snead, Bolt were Fined for Playing in Cincy
98 Supt. should be Where He can Hear the Members
102 Design Practice Course for School Sports Field
102 Yearbook of Agriculture
104 PGA Reports $76,000 Collected During National Golf Week
104 Three Golfers, Including Nixon, get Aces in PGA Contest
104 Tree Fertilization Guide
120 Ed Oliver Fund
120 Get Seniors' Plaques
121 (Legal Notice): United States District Court Northern District of Illinois Eastern Division
126 Western Golf Awards 126 New Evans Scholarships
135 Joe Black Promoted to PGA Tournament Supervisor Post
136 Manufacturing News
156 Classified Ads
158 Golf Record
158 PGA Fall Schedule
161 Advertisers' Index
162 Table of Contents