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1962 January
Volume #36, No. 1                  
1962 February
Volume #36, No. 2
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [Tournament sites for the GCSA: Tamarac CC, Ft. Lauderdale and Palm Aire CC, Pompano Beach]
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
21 Tax Guide for the Pro: Stresses Advantage of Keeping T & E Expense Records: Your Chances of Breaking Even with Internal Revenue Service are Improved if You can Justify Those Deductible Items
24 Golfer's Paradise!: The Grand Bahama Hotel Boasts It has the Closest Thing to It
27 On The Professional Side: Tiger Tones are Warming Up! Hot Pinks are Cooling Off!
30 Seventh Home Pro Award Goes to Don Padgett
30 PGA to Play Its Richest Spring-Summer Schedule
32 At Miami Beach: Schedule Five Days of Education at GCSA Convention
33 Golfdom Holds Fifth Father-Son Luncheon
33 GCSA Golf Tournament
36 Heavy on Statistics: Impressive MGA Survey Illustrates Golf's $ Impact
38 Golf Promotion Work Paid Off for New Jersey Section in '61
38 Winters Slated for Presidency of U.S. Golf Association
38 Soper is Michigan President
38 Bescos Heads S.C. GA
42 Souder Elected President of Western Golf Association
42 California GA Officers
42 Three PGA Business Schools to be Held in Jan.-Feb.
46 At PGA Teaching Clinic: There's a Mixture of Instruction and Lore When Old Pros Gather 
50 Never Know too Much: Supts. Continue Turf Learning at Fall Meetings
54 Better Planning Would Have Helped Fairless Hills 
58 Turf Questions...and Answers
58 -Measure Elements of Success for Future Progress
58B -Aerifying Benefits
58B -This Zoysia is Outstanding
58B Tell How to Detect Products of Questionable Value
58C Musician Takes Shortcut; Club Not Liable for His Injuries
58C Damages Awarded, Denied in Two Recent Golf Decisions
58F At Annual Fall Meeting: PGA Removes Caucasian Clause from Constitution
58F PGA Merchandise Show
58H Bartlett, Haywood Win MacGregor Writing Awards
58H Osgood Inducted as 28th Pres. of Chicago District GA
58H Coll Writes Another Book
76 Grand Slam Included in Mickey Wright's 1961 Triumphs
76 Schedule USGA Green Section Education Meet for Jan. 26
76 Ladies PGA Award to Mrs. Bell
81 [Legal Notice]
90 Final Figures Show 409 Courses Were Constructed in 1961
91 Golfing Poll Winners
93 [Manufacturing News] 
109 Classified Ads
113 Advertisers' Index
114 Table of Contents
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [Par 5 Hole at O'Donnell GC, Palm Springs, Calif.]
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
19 Setting Up Depreciation Reserves Stabilizes Dues Structure: Manufacturers Suggest Ideas for Prolonging Life of Equipment; Outline Schedules for Its Replacement
22 Get Opportunity to Spend: Keeler Shop Thrives on Daily Fee Players
26 It can be Remedied: Lack of Experience is Biggest Obstacle in Club Organizing
30 Pupils Need More of These: Denny Suggests More Lessons in Strategy
34 Westbrook Passes the Time Test: The $700,000 Clubhouse, Located in Mansfield, O., is a Fine Example of How Things Operate Smoothly When the Kitchen is Located in the Right Place
36 Eastern Green Section Office
40 Blizzard Howls as Snug Texans Go to School
44 Helds Winterize Their Range - Take It Inside: All That's Required is a Room, Canvas, Sand, Mats and Enough Advertising to Bring Golfers in
46 Giffin Named PGA Circuit Press Representative
49 Being Ready for Tomorrow Calls for Keeping Equipment in Shape
50 Publish Revised Edition of Musser's Turf Management
50 Middlecoff Still Leads PGA Money Pack for 1947-61
50 CMAA Conference Speakers
54 Turf Tips from O.J. Noer: Show Ingenuity in Installation of Underground Cable
54 For the 'Little Man'
56 Maplewood (N. J.) CC Wins Property Tax Appeal
56 New Pro Teachers Association Starts with 150 Members
57 Property Owners' Rights Upheld in Course Development Case
57 S.C. GCSA Officers
57 Seniors' Film Available
58B Michigan's 43rd Report Tells of Increased Golf Activity  
76 Len Wirtz Foresees Record Prize Year for Ladies PGA
76 L.I. PGA Officers
80 Western Pennsylvania GA Awards 100th Caddie Scholarship
80 Royal Canadian GA Meeting
80 Gumm Heads Mid-Atlantic GCSA
86 [Manufacturing News]
109 Classified Ads
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114 Table of Contents
1962 March
Volume #36, No. 3
1962 April
Volume #36, No. 4
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [Tee on No. 12, Gatlinburg GC, Tenn.]
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
31 Failures in Course Construction Result of Corner Cutting: Numerous Mistakes are Due to Ignorance, Incompetence, Dishonesty...It's Time Investors Started Demanding Performance Bonds
34 Tropicana Technique: Milt Ross Uses 'Discoveries' to Waylay Golfers
37 Golf Books
38 On the Professional Side: Use a Suggestion Box for Brain Picking
38 Pro Job Approach
40 USGA Raps PGA for Keeping 'Soft Rules' in Tournament Play: Open Purse to be Increased; Handicap Decision Deferred
42 Rutgers Holds 3-Day Turf Meeting at Forsgate CC
44 Miami Beach's Lure Attracts 2141 to GCSA Convention
46 Supts. have a Friend in the Mayor
50 Ellen Speaks for the Women; Steals Show
52 Specialists Take Over; Discuss Heavy Topics
56 Al Suggests Hideout for Troubled Turfmen
62 Southern Turfmen Touch All Bases
66 Neff Nearly Break the CGSA Bank
70 Discuss Irrigation at Final Session
72 Guest Lecturers Lend a Hand at Business School
76B No Job for Amateurs: USGA Turf Talks Plumb Roots of Course Management
76B Prof. Dickinson gets Second USGA Green Section Award
78 Tough Gatlinburg Course Puts Cars to the Test...and They Pass It
80 Women Players! They Need Understanding: Think It Over Before You Put Mrs. Jones and Mrs. Smith in the Same Foursome
84 Ouimet Fund Helps Educate 979 Caddies Since 1949
86 Fred V. Grau's Questions and Answers
86 -Old Machinery is Costly
88 -Clover Infestation
88 -Needs Greens Knowledge
90 PGA has 33 Committees
90 Supts., Chairmen Exchange Views at GCSA Meeting
96 National Golf Fund Distributes $50,000
96 British Study Golf Swing; Hope to Mass Produce It
98 Sherwood Moore Elected GCSA President
102 Double Bogie: Lose a Sale and You may Lose a Customer: Case
104 Bob Mitchell is GCSA's Champion Golfer
108A 'Employee' Status of Caddie Involved in New York Case
108B USGA Sponsors Turf, Administration Meetings in Three Cities
109 Brandon's Homemade Club getting Straightened Out
110 New York PGA School
120 Called in an Expert
120 Crabgrass Control Idea
122 Honor Caddie Bill Sponsor
124 House Committee Okays Slash in Membership Deductions
126 Scenic Railway Transports Spring Rock Golfers
134 GCSA Convention Notes
142 Kenline Named Assistant P.R. Man by Foundation
142 Litter Bags on Bag Carts
157 [Manufacturing News]
177 Classified Ads
181 Advertisers' Index
182 Table of Contents
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [No. 4 Hole at Rolling Hills Golf Lodge & CC, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.]
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
27 New Club Looks at Itself; Eases Diseases of Infancy: This Midwestern Club, Off to an Uncertain Start, has Re-Examined Its Program and is Getting Straightened Out
34 PGA Sets June 2 as National Golf Day
34 Prize List Increased to $30,000 for 1963 PGA Senior Tourney
34 Walter Hagen Wins GWA's Richardson Trophy
35 [William B. Langford, Ralph Plummer, and David W. Gordon of the American Society of Golf Course Architects]
35 200 Attend Cornell Meeting in Spite of Poor Weather
36 Matching the Pro and the Club: Many Factors Enter into It...If They were Weighed More Carefully There Would be More Satisfaction All Around
42 Thousands of People Enjoy: Golf at DuPont 
46 Seedbed Protection: Various Types of Mulches are Available to Offset the Ravages of Wind, Rain and Erosion
54 On the Professional Side
54 -A Way with Women
54 -Catalog Ordering
56 1,200 at Miami Convention: Bennett Elected CMAA President; Outland is VP
56 Chicago Golf Show
60 The 1987 Look? You'll Find It in the Pro Shop at Congress Lake: Not Only have They Built a Dream House for Mr. Guysick - but His Members Go All Out in Making His Operation Profitable
64 Pre-Emergence Control Now Approaches the Ultimate: A Single Herbicide Application Nearly Eradicates Crabgrass, but Danger to the Treated Turf hasn't been Completely Eliminated
66 Eighth Air Force Holds First Turf Conference
68 Reversing a Trend: Big Boom in Course Building on Long Island
70 Maintenance Headquarters in a Scenic Setting
70 Handles Handicap Computation Swiftly by Machine and Mail
72 How Ross Keeps the Fleet in Operation
72 Dr. Jack Leddy Heads Royal Canadian GA
72 Amputee Tournament
74 A Guide to the Use of Fertilizers
80 "Green Section" is Misnomer: Millions of Golfers have Only a Vague Idea of What the Term Actually Means. Why Wouldn't "Golf Course Section" be Better?
82 South Central Conclave: Houston Pro Calls for USGA Cooperation at Tulsa PGA Meet
82 Maintenance Costs
84 Turf Questions...and Answers
84 -Improving Unwatered Turf
86 -Out of Season
86 -Resodding with Zoysia
88 Stabilized Turf: It may Offer a Solution to the Compaction Problem Caused by Golf Cars and Heavy-Footed Players
94 George S. May, Famed Tourney Promoter, Dies in Club Office
96 Iowa State Holds Its 28th Annual Short Course
98 Three Specialist Groups at Wisconsin Turf Meeting
98 Ladies PGA Golf School
99 Green Section Business Meets are Big Success in Three Cities
99 Southern Turfgrass Officers
100 300 at MGA Meeting: Course, Club Finance, Caddie Seminars Conducted in Boston
100 N.J.G.A. Provides Scholarship Funds for 24 Caddies
106 1961 Golf Week Receipts
108 Saves the Turf
110 First Muny Short Course in Twin Cities Area: Weigh Traffic, Climatic Factors in Building Par 3
112 Big Junior Potential
112 Massachusetts GA Officers
116 Dest is a Thinking Man
136 Metropolitan Amateur Officers
136 Central Virginia Officers
157 [Manufacturing News]
173 Classified Ads
177 Advertisers' Index
178 Table of Contents
1962 May
Volume #36, No. 5
1962 June
Volume #36, No. 6
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [No. 9 at Point O'Woods CC, Benton Harbor, Mich]
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
33 Competition Forcing Pros to Learn More About Golf Business Economics
35 USGA Publishes New Book, "Golf Rules in Pictures"
35 Poets are Doing It
35 Kerr Heads Iowa GCSA
36 Good Housekeeping Often is Neglected but It's Important: Presents 31 Points to Check Your Course Neatness Rating
40 In the Family Tradition: Clarkson Sticks to the Book; Runs Solid Operation
46 Two Courts Agree: Even Experts can't Control Ball's Flight
48 Present Club's Case for Fair Tax Treatment
48 Receipt for Deduction
48 Clarifies Tax Deduction
50 Handling Convention Golfers Calls for Careful Planning
52 Succeeds Joe Graffis: Benkert New President of National Golf Foundation
53 Chuck Tanis' Guide to Club Fitting
56 Golf Equipment Again Leads in Sales of Athletic Goods
56 Fall Tour Prize Money Increased by $72,000
56 USGA Record Book
58 Golf Fever Hits Philadelphia: Miserable Weather doesn't Discourage Hungry Public...Planning Details Described
62 Learn in a Hurry: Chicago "Amateurs" Put on Pro Show Performance
64 Form Semi-Private Association
66 Turf Questions...and Answers 
70 Curtis Creek's Volunteers: Golfers Pay Part of Their Way at This Indiana Course by Pitching in to Help with Maintenance and Building Chores
72 Courtesy Reminder
72 New England GCSA Officers
74 Publishes 13th Edition: CDGA Directory Includes Concise Summary on Taxes
76 Massachusetts GA Officers
78 Turf Tips from O.J. Noer: Tile Drainage of Fairways
81 Perilous Passage: It's Hahn, Si, Castro, No, in the Caribbean
84 On the Professional Side 
86 The Ladies are for Showing...and They'll Stage Your Style Show, too, if You Only Drop a Hint
90 New Ledges G&CC has Member Selection Plan
92 Wallace F. Ardussi New Head of Cleveland District GA
94 Kentucky PGA Holds Third Spring Business Confab
96 Play Open Local Rounds in May; Sectional in June
96 Golf Writer Awards
98 Exams Required for Membership in Northern California GCSA
98 Members Know Work Plan
100 Tully Launches Physical Fitness Program; Builds Par 3
102 RCGA Reports Steady Increase in Member Clubs
104 Toughest Part of the Job: Pity the Poor Men Who Put Finishing Touch on the Course
112 All Clubs Invited to Take Part in Golf Day
114 Ten Countries in Southeast Asia Golf Championships
116 Trans-Miss has Scholarship Fund for Agronomy Majors
116 Change Rutgers Turf Dates
120 Plan and Records Increase Efficiency, Cut Costs
124 Lee W. Coleman Named Foundation Field Rep
126 Mass. Turf School Gives Degrees to 32 Students
128 Western Seniors Close List
134 Tournament Calendar - Ladies PGA
143 Golf Business News
157 Classified Ads
161 Advertisers' Index
162 Table of Contents
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [Par 4 Hole, Agronimink, Newton Square, Pa.] 
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
21 An Old Age Benefit: Golf is a Must in Webb's Retirement Cities 
26 Company and Trade Tourney Business Gives Pros a Lift
26 Californians Cited
26 Publish 'Fungus Amungus'
28 Don't Fold Up the Operation on Labor Day: Too Many Northern Pros are Living in the Past When Play Stopped in Septembers, Says This Elyria CC Shopmaster...But Good Selling Days Extend Through October and Beyond
30 Display It With Class
32 Eastern Municipalities Look Out for the Golfer: And Taxpayers are Happy to See That Golf Pays Its Way...and Then Some
36 'Tough but Not Treacherous' Describes Aronimink Layout
38 Delaware Decision: Supt. Entitled to Same Warning as Caddie, Player
38 N.J. Turf Scholarship
38 Jaycee Golf Handbook
39 Turf Questions...and Answers
39 -How Nitrogen Works
96 -Thatch Elimination
42 It's All Free: Pros and Club Managers should be Taking Advantage of the 'No Charge' Publicity Offered in Newspapers
46 Overcome Formidable Construction Barriers: Golfers to Play in Old Pirate Lair on Dauphin Isle
50 Ashbourne Increases Capacity Twenty-Fold: Hoses, Spigots and Inconvenience are Out with Installation of New 650 GPM Sprinkling System
52 Pleads with Course Builders to Protect Native Vegetation
54 Remember the Big Idea!: Your Shop is for Selling
58 The Country Club $: Where Does It Go?
62 Agree on Working Pact: Pro and Officials List What to Expect from Each Other
64 Suggests Fringe Benefit Inquiries by Clubs
68 Golf Books
74 D'Angelo Describes Changes in Women's Open Layout
74 PGA Schedules "Hole-in-One" Contest for September 3
76 Open Evans Chapter House at Ohio State University
76 Oh, Well, That's Life!
100 British Foundation Has 12,000 Kids Learning Golf`
100 Caddies Benefited
104 Golf and PGA Professional
110 Salerno Exploits Display Space in His Shop
115 Brennan Elected to Head Metropolitan Golf Writers
119 Minnesota GCSA Officers
121 Too Much, Too Soon
121 Scott Program Reclaims Evansville, Ind., Course
121 Golf Business News
133 Classified Ads
137 Advertisers' Index
138 Table of Contents
1962 July
Volume #36, No. 7
1962 August
Volume #36, No. 8
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
23 Californians Decry Hiring of Outside Professionals: Many Qualified Assistants Discouraged by Clubs' Practice of Going Beyond Mountains to Fill Shop Vacancies
26 Feeding the Hungry at the USGA Open: Frozen Food, Brought in by Cleveland Restaurant Firm, Eased Task of Feeding 5,000 Spectators Daily During Big Show at Oakmont
30 Night Maintenance: Here is a Report on After-Dark Course Work Following a Two-Year Tryout...Much can be Said in Its Favor, According to the Writer
32 Golf's "World Series" Scheduled for Firestone in September
34 Runs Fine Junior Programs: Quincy Muny has 3-City Draw and Bob Glasgow Exploits It
38 Stymied by Trade-Ins, Golfers Who Hold from the Car Dealer?: Take a Sales Lesson from the Car Dealer
40 The Country Club $: Clubs Should Take Hardheaded Look at Needless Services: (Second of Two Articles)
42 Turf Questions...and Answers
42 -How Nitrogen Works: (Second of Two Articles)
44 -Midsummer Disease
82 -Future Compactions?
48 Revolutionary War Ghosts Haunt Farmington Shop
52 Display It with Class
52 Golf Books
54 Rhodesgrass Scale is New Headache for Florida Supts.
56 Founders Lots at Half Price
56 Raynor with Snead
58 Commissioners Swap Acreage Despite Golfers' Protests
58 Set Up 37 Sectional Qualifying Rounds for Senior Amateur
60 Caddie Assumes Risk in Shagging Golf Balls
62 Amateur Championship Scheduled for Pinehurst, Sept. 17-22
64 George Sargent, Pro Builder of U.S. Golf, Dies in Atlanta
64 Accurate Boomerang
65 Nan Berry Named Publicity Director for Ladies PGA
65 Enid Wilson Pens Book on Women Golfers
66 New Look in Pro Shop Story
66 Henry H. Russell Heads USGA Green Section Committee
77 Should Copy Oakmont
83 Golf Business News
93 Classified Ads
97 Advertisers' Index
98 Table of Contents
Page Sections/Selected Titles
Institutional Ad Gives Philly Clubs a Boost
66 -Soil Nutrients
66 -Green Replacement
1962 September
Volume #36, No. 9
1962 October
Volume #36, No. 10
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [The 11th and 8th Hole at Lakewood]
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
20A Mineral Deficiency Symptoms in Turfgrass
21 Consultants Suggest Three-Stage Program for Club Expansion
24 Speaking of the Greenmasters: Scalzo, Graves Baskin were "Up" for Big Tournaments
26 Trees for Your Course: Here are 20 Varieties that Give Ample Shade and are Easy on the Maintenance Budget
30 The Sad, Neglected State of Pro Shop Advertising
34 There's Gold in that Mercury
36 Curling: This Growing Winter Pastime can help Solve Financial Problems at Country Clubs that Want to Stay Open Around the Calendar
42 A Bit of Nostalgia: Plenty of Golf: That will be the Story When the Old Eagles Gather in November in Palm Springs for the Sixth U.S. National Senior Open
44 Gift Wrapping Made Easy: A St. Louis District Pro has Made a Great Thing of the Service... Here's a Description of the Props He Uses
48 Employee Liability for Act of Negligence: Public Course has No Proprietary Function, Court Says
54 USGA Warns of Tax Liability Arising from Calcutta Pools
56 Stress Beauty, Playability in Irrigation Booklet 
62 Mrs. Leila Robertson Marks First of Girl Caddies
64 Looks Like a Broom
66 Move PGA Winter Events to Port St. Lucie Club
66 Ladies PGA has 11 Tourneys on Fall Schedule
72 Fred Grau's Turf Questions and Answers
88 Golf Business News
99 Classified Ads
101 Advertisers' Index
102 Table of Contents
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [9th Green at Bel air CC, West Los Angeles] 
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
25 IRS Reverses Dues Ruling, then Agrees to Tax Refund: Government Makes Settlemen t on 20 Per Cent Excise Charged Midwestern Club on Food and Drink
28 Modernized Record-Keeping: Shop Accounting is Simplified by Cash Registers that Handle Almost Everything Except Making Entries in the Ledgers
32 Carpeting: It can be Installed Through an Easy-Stage Method that Even Small Clubs can Afford
34 Urges PGA to Name Club Pros to "Hall of Fame"
34 Wins World Senior
34 How Moose Run Makes Preparations for Winter
36 More Expert Witness: Court Decision Based on Course Architect's Plan
36 Green Section Service
38 What the Pro Should Know About Grips 
38 -A Starting Point for Expanding Your Sales
38 -They Give Final, Quality Touch to a Set of Clubs
42 Can a Standard Size Course be Lighted?: Few People have Tried to Find an Answer to a Question such as this...but Investigations Show that It can be Done - and Profitably, at that
46 Complete Processing Plant: Quality Blend for Greens
47 Prosperous if not Booming
47 Play Around Plastic
48 Replacement Trees: Seven or Eight Species Requiring Little Maintenance can Take the Place of Those that have to be Removed
50 Paul Runyon, Others Star in PGA Seniors Film
52 Poor Root System Softens Turf for the Big Kill: This was the Lesson of 1962...Winterkill, Disease, etc. Took the Usual Toll but Shallow Roots Struck the Hardest Blow of All, According to This Observer
56 [LaFortune Park Municipal Course, Tulsa, Okla. Designed by Floyd Farley]
56 Reservoir, Pumps Reduce Water Bill at Bob O'Link
56 First Houston Women's Tourney
58 Country Club Operating Costs Up to 43 Per Cent in Past Decade: Big Rise in Payroll Expense Increases Dues by 50 Per Cent, Other Expenditures by 37 Per Cent, Says Accounting Firm
62 Palmer's Pilot Model at Miami: Strive for Distinctive Starting Place to Launch Golfer on Shopping Tour
66 Pro Shop Roundup: Rounds Played, Sales Up 10 Per Cent in 1962, Survey Shows
70 Achieve Ingenious Lighting Effects at Anderson, Ind. Par 3
74 Rounds Played 233,000 - Revenue $378,000: The Impact of Public Courses is Reflected in These Impressive Figures. They Tell the Story of a Single Year's Play at Five Philadelphia Muny Courses
80 Evidence of Well Planned Destruction at Agawam
82 Budget Preparation Shows Pro How to Make, Save Money
84 Wins Texas State Open
86 Golf Books
88 Kids Continue to Shine at Future Masters
88 George Hjelte Retires
90 Harrison, Dutra Elected to PGA Hall of Fame
94 Increase PGA Winter Tour Prize Money by $26,000
94 Girls' Junior Championship
95 Turf Questions....and Answers: Drought Brings Out the Worst and Best in Grasses
98 Planned Purchasing Saves Time, Money for Courses
102 Insurance Article Outlines Coverages for Clubs, Players
104 Muny Golf Panels
120 Palmer Wins "Player-of-Year" Award for Second Time
120 Seven Aces in PGA Contest
134 Organize Association to Further Interests of Private Clubs
135 [Golf Business News]
148 Classified Ads
153 Advertisers' Index
154 Table of Contents