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1964 January
Volume #38, No. 1                  
1964 February
Volume #38, No. 2
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [Ed Travis and Roland Snipes, Assistants at the Lakewood Pro Shop in Dallas, Putting Finishing Touches on Display Window]
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
21 Golf Economics: -There's a Limit to What Members can Pay for Club Services -The Big Money is Spent in Pro Shops, Not on Tournaments - Luckily, Two of Three Golfers are Pro-Quality Conscious
24 Understanding Your Pupil's Four Basic Motives: Play, Fight, Ego and Status Compel People to Play Golf...Here's How the Pro can Learn to Play Up to Each
30 Canadian Pros Hold a Five-Day Junior School
30 Bob Jones Award Nominees
32 Par 3s Increase Sevenfold in Seven Years
34 Nominate Benedict to be USGA President in 1964
34 Ladies PGA Teaching Award Goes to Vonnie Colby
35 That Display Window: It can be a Magnet in Your Merchandising: Ross Collins Would Tear Out a Wall and Put One in if He had to...As Showpieces Go, It's a Pro Shop's Best Asset
38 Palm Beach Gardens is Site of PGA Merchandise Show
40 Taconic Brings Up Top Replacements for Dick Baxter
42 Survey Shows How Club can Improve Security
44 'Wonderful World' Series Starts January 19
44 PGA to Hold Five Tourneys in Palm Beach Gardens
46 How Lewis Battles Blight in Missouri's Graveyard Latitude: Pulling Twin Oaks' Greens through in Dreadful Summer of '63 was a Feat that has Been Acclaimed by Two Specialists on Putting Plots
50 Warren Cantrell Heads PGA...Delegates Get Some Details on Palm Beach Venture...Make Rules Pact with USGA...Home Pros Frown on 16-Club Set: New President has Job of Improving Member and Public Relations
52 Grau's Answers to Turf Questions
52 -Love that Lime!
52 -Water - Too Much and Not Enough
52 -Potash for Healthier Turf
56 -Practical Mathematics for Maintenance Men
58 -The Art of Composting
60 Jury Denied Right to Decide if Ball Retriever is a Business Visitor
63 See You in Philly...: GCSA May Set New Convention Attendance Mark
64 Golfdom Luncheon
64 Rules Uniformity Hailed as a Boon to Golf
68 Batteries Resist Cold if Prepared for It
68 Metropolitan Officers
70 MGA Establishes Central Handicapping Service
70 Murphy, Smallwood Win Top Newspaper Writing Awards
70 Casper Plays 80 Rounds in 70.58 to Lead Vardon Cup Race
72 Understanding is More than Scientific Skill
72 Big Year for Mickey
74 Romantic Elk Now Cavort Outside Fence at Banff
74 O'Brien: Don't Forget the One Man Gang Who Puts in 18 Hours Daily at the Small Club
76 Supts. Cram to Store Learning Before Going Into Winter Quarters
78 Slowinski Pleads in Vain; Senate Gives No Relief
78 Barnhart Heads Chicago District in Its 50th Year of Operation
80 Herd, Pro-of-Year, has Served Two Clubs in This Country
80 Central Virginia Officers
80 King is 37th President of Western Golf Association
80 Metropolitan Writers' Dinner
90 Ligonier (Pa.) Pro Shoots 26 on Standard Course
97 1913 Mementos in Golf House
97 Laws Heads SCGA
102 Use Computer to Bring Doral Course Indoors
110 PGA Winter Tournaments
110 Open on Color Film
111 [Golf Business News]
124 Classified Ads
129 Advertisers' Index
130 Table of Contents
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [Emil Beck, Pro at Black River CC, Port Huron, Mich., is Showing the Son of One of the Members How a Club is Cut Down and Fashioned for the Juvenile Player]
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
27 Where Economy is False...: Don't Sacrifice the Potentially Great Holes to Save Money
30 The Weekend Make Ready: Set a Deadline and Stick to It and Your Course Will be Ready When the Saturday and Sunday Golfers Swarm in...Even if You have 45 Holes to Maintain
34 Change Handicap Allowance
36 There's Sugar in that Turf: Grass Wouldn't have a Framework Without It...It Builds Needed Protein...And Supplies a Reserve for Revival in the Spring...But Without Ample Nutrients It could Never do This Vital Work
39 How Corrosion was Countered at Monterey's Shore Course: Irrigation Pipe that Would Hold Up in Sandy Soil was Needed at This California Layout...This Article Outlines the Solution to the Problem
42 Grau's Answers to Turf Questions
42 -Our Strongest Tools are Soil Tests
42 -Turf Feeding Plan
44 -Zebra Grass
44 -Response to Lime
87 -Solid Advice
44 Potassium or Potash
48 'Pro-Juniorized' Clubs: Golfdom Starts a Campaign to Put More Clubs in the Hands of the Kids and Take the Curse Off the Trade-In Dilemma
50 Pittsburgh to Hold Golf Show in Civic Arena Exhibit Hall
50 USGA and NCAA Ask Manufacturers Not to Favor Amateur Players
52 How Hardy 'Juniorizes' Clubs: Mechanics of the Cut-Down
54 Mickey in Hall of Fame
54 Ladies PGA Tour Begins in March
55 Something New in Golf: U. S. Golf Handicaps Provides Ratings for Casual Players
56 Miscellaneous Merchandise: Only One Pro in Five Makes Much of an Effort to Sell Non-Golf Items...But Willie Hunter, a Veteran Professional, Says They Can Bring Substantial Returns
62 Women, Bless 'Em, Make the Cash Register Ring at Algonquin
69 Owners Not Liable for Accidents which They can't Control 
72 $ $ $ After Dark: Golf Centers Need Economic Aid that Lights Provide
76 He Goes Out and Rounds 'Em Up: Bill Slavik (left) has Imported Golfers from 100 Miles Away...Converted 400 Women to Golf...Encouraged the Kids...Put the Chico Muny Course on a Paying Level...Here's How He has Done It
80 Pacific Northwest GA Introduces Electronic Handicapping in 1963
82 Reverse Order of Holding Out to Speed Up Play
84 Swiller Creates Department for Clubhouse Design
84 Golf Book
87 Bill Introduced
88 More Firms Encourage Their Executives to Learn to Play Golf
92 Big Machines Roll as Seabury is Built
94 California GA Officers
94 USGA Rules Book
116 Palmer Closes in on His First Half Million in Tourney Prizes
121 PGA Winter Tournaments
121 [Back Nine at DeAnza Desert CC, Borrego Springs, Calif.]
122 [Golf Business News]
132 Classified Ads
137 Advertisers' Index
138 Table of Contents
1964 March
Volume #38, No. 3
1964 April
Volume #38, No. 4
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [Joe Valentine Receiving the USGA's Fourth Green Section Award for Distinguished Work with Turfgrass]
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
35 Pros Catch Fire on Juniorized Club Idea
37 It Takes More Than Clubs...: 'Pro Juniorizing' is Only Part of the Solution...Where Will the Kids Play? Syracuse, N. Y. has an Answer
38 Florida Turf Trade Show Scheduled for Late April
40 Proving the Pro Game Differs from that of the Amateur: Vossler Returned to ABC's When He Began Teaching 
46 On the Professional Side: [Assistants and Others Who Handle Shop Sales should be Completely Familiar with the Purchase of Merchandise]
48 Cantrell States PGA's Position in Legal Suit
48 Golf Book
52 Transactions in a Tent: Pros, Suppliers Get Together at Big Pre-Spring Buying Festival at PGA's New Club in Florida
54 New Shop, Intensified Effort Made Up for Loss in Customers: Membership Slipped But Houghton Increased Sales, Profits in 1963
60 Today's Clubs Reflect Ideas of Early Master
62 PGA Championship Minimum Purse Set at $50,000
62 Carolinas Bustling with Tourist Resort Golf
62 600 Clubs in Canadian GA
64 There's No Open Space at Public Course Meeting: Turnout of Owners and Operators Far Exceeds Expectations; Taxes, Muny Operations, Lights Discusses by Six Speakers
66 The Longest Day
68 Young Elected President by Club Managers
68 Ryder Cup Matches in June
70 USGA has Record 2,905 Members; Deficit of $22,177: Benedict Elected USGA President
72 Golf Coach Describes Work of a Golf Association
72 Golf Ball Noise Subject of Zoning Board Inquiry
72 Erwin with GCSA
74 Flint: Its Expertly Organized Muny Setup Pleases the Players, Reaps a Profit
82 Car Manufacturers Complete Basic Phase of Getting Organized
84 It's a Record! Turfmen Pour into Philadelphia: Old Miami Mark of 2,250 Topped by 500 at 35th GCSA Show
86 -First Session: Recreation - Our Third Most Important Industry
92 -Second Session: Budgets, Ballets and Letters with Punch
96 -Third Session: The Agronomists Agree: Balance is Basic
116 -Fourth Session: It was Mike O'Grady's Finest Hour
124 -Fifth Session: Panelists Tell How to Protect Course, Owner
134 -Sixth Session
92 Moote is Youngest Man to Hold GCSA Presidency
100 Forty Years of Building Greens have Convinced Alex McKay that Bent can Survive in the South. Good Drainage is a Must, Depth of Topsoil is Critical. That's Why He Strongly Recommends: The 8-Inch Layer 
102 Blastoff Extends Season; Blows Up $50,000 Revenue: Charlie Bartlett Devises a Blower that Sweeps Up Leaves and Sweeps in Money at Treelined Timber Trails Course
108 Grau's Answers to Turf Questions
108 -Reflections on the Conference
160 -[Where does Penncross Seed Come from?]
160 -[Request for Information Regarding Reconstructing a New Course Due to the Construction of a Highway Through the Current Course]
162 -[Is Better Soil Worth the Long Haul?]
110 Phosphorus
112 Golf Day Fund of $52,000 Distributed by NGF
112 Chicago Golf Show
118 Rutgers Given Funds to Study Pesticides
126 Golf Now Included in Index "Market Basket"
128 Green Section Road Show Scheduled for March
144 Seeks Federal Aid
144 Foundation Publication
144 USGA Releases Revised "Golf Rules in Pictures"
150 Heads Ladies Auxiliary
164 Condominiums Prove Popular at Rancho Bernado CC
164 27 More Caddies Earn Michigan Scholarships
166 Hammond Reports Signs of Winterkill Buildup
166 Schmutte Elected Seniors President
168 Sing Along as You Swing Along...Make the Grass Grow Greener!
168 'Picture Show' is a Hit
168 Golf House Contributions
188 [Golf Manufacturing News]
194 -Few Complained About Business at GCSA Turf Show
204 Classified Ads
208 Ad Index
210 Table of Contents
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [Harlan Will, Pro at Overbrook GC, Helps a Show Visitor Fight His Way Out of the Sand]
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
30 Supts. and an Agronomist Look for Causes, Cures at Convention Panel Discussion: Winter Damage Repair Should be Made in April
34 Grau's Questions and Answers
34 -Give More Information with Your Questions
34 -Erosion on Slopes
35 -Zebra Grass
35 -Hungry for Nitrogen
38 Tension is Reduced and Infiltration Improves: Wetting Agent Increases Water's Spreading Action
42 Court-Type Maintenance Building 
44 No. Calif. PGA Committee Heads
44 Publishes Iowa Golfer
46 For Car Path Surfaces: Pecan Paths Sludge Paths Oyster Paths
48 Discuss Soil Heating at Purdue Conference
50 MSU Reports Big Demand for Club Manager Grads: Job Vacancies Increase but so does Recruiting Activity, Placement Bureau Officials Say
54 Who's Going to be Second?: Several Full-Length Courses Plan to Install Lights for 1964 Season
56 Contract Not Modified by Acceptance of Compromise Wages
58 Assemble All the Facts Before Making Investment: Solid Groundwork Averts Disaster in Course Planning
62 Funds for Education: Golf Shows Finance Turf Scholarships in the Berkshires
66 Subdivisions get an Added Attraction: Real Estate Men Build One of Three Courses
68 Show Those Prices: Rich and Poor alike are Cost Conscious...They Want to See Those Tags...There are Several Ways Labeling can Help You
71 3,000 at One-Day Exhibit: Harbert, Tabor are Headliners at Philly Show
74 At Longmeadow CC...: Sure Sign of Quality 
80 Trade-In Guide Should Reduce Confusion in Used Club Sales
84 Dogs Guard Open Site
86 It Complements Pro-Juniorizing Theme: Clubs Put New Accent on Junior Golf Program
92 The Golf Green...: A Compromise Among Design, Maintenance and Playing Values
96 PGA Designates May 30 as National Golf Day
98 Develops Gage for Adjusting Irons
100 Cliff Roberts Wins Writers' Richardson Golf Trophy
100 Northern Cal Turf Council
102 Jaycee International Match Switched to St. Paul
104 Revised Golf Guide Now on Newsstands
104 Several Clubs Claim to be Oldest in the U. S.
106 Five Honored at Luncheon; Two More at Golf Show
106 "Golf Rules in Brief"
108 New Miniature Camera for Shooting Tourneys
108 Craig Heads Midwest
110 Dallas, Nassau County Publish Golf Operation Aid Pamphlets
110 'Catch-On Tourney' at Philadelphia Show
147 Midwest Zoysia Released by Purdue University
149 Three New Tourneys on Ladies PGA Schedule
153 Florida Turf-Grass Show Set for April 30 - May 2
153 Big Prizes for Ladies PGA
154 PGA Tournaments
155 Ladies PGA Tournaments
159 [Golf Business News]
173 Classified Ads
177 Advertisers' Index
178 Table of Contents
1964 May
Volume #38, No. 5
1964 June
Volume #38, No. 6
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [Cliff Roberts, Masters Chairman, is Awarded 1963 Golf Writers' Richardson Trophy from Nelson Cullenward and Joe Looney]
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
26 Concentrated Ad, Sales Campaign Could Condition Player's Thinking: A Second Set of Clubs for Every Golfer
28 Trans-Mississippi GA Meets in Dallas
28 Turnesa Heads Clinic
30 $250,000 to Attract the Horse Players: Arlington Park (III.) Vies for Money Won at the Track with Range and Par 60 Designed to Lure the Horse Players
35 CC of Lincoln has a Day for Bud Williamson: It's in Keeping with Support Members have Given Their Pro
38 Cantrell Tells Why PGA Pulls Out of Palm Beach
40 Use Chipboard in Re-Building LaCumbre Racks
42 $350,000 Clubhouse: Faith in the Dollar is Restored When It is Seen What Canyon Creek Got for Its Investment
48 Court Rules Out Identical Restoration in Condemnation Suit
52 Wetting Agents Tends to Slow Wilt, According to Meusel's Studies
57 Purdue Offers 4-Year Course in Landscape Horticulture
58 Supt. Decides What He Doesn't Want - Then Orders Equipment Building
62 Televising Masters is a Spectacular Production
64 Texture, Color Deteriorate: Selected Bent Strains Lose Identity When They are Overseeded
66 From the Chicago District's Directory of Information: Nine-Year Report Reflects Relatively Little Change
68 Grau's Questions and Answers 
68 -Looking for Bermuda that Should Stand Up? Maybe Tufcote is Answer
70 -Fertilizer Framework
70 Soil Acidity - pH
72 For Those Sessions with the Batter-Boards: How to Square Up for a Building Foundation 
76 18 GCSA Committees
80 Tree Planting Open: North Oak Needed 1,200 More Trees on Its Course...So, It Got the Members to Plant Them by Offering an Incentive
82 Rutgers Field Days
84 Says Convention Remarks were Misinterpreted
84 Navajos in Golf Business
86 AGCMA Holds Meeting with Golf Car Suppliers
88 U. S., Canada, Mexico Study Changes in Cup Matches
90 Club Officials, Pros Plan Close Cooperation in N. Y.
92 Pacific Northwest Holds Meeting in Portland
94 Game Should be Adjusted if Eyesight is Defective
96 This is No Consolation to Willie Anderson
96 16th Amputee Tourney
98 Evansville Bent Certified in Five States
98 Proposed Legislation Covers NY Pesticide Controls
100 National Golf Foundation Re-Elects Benkert President
100 RCGA Agrees with USGA
104 June 1 Deadline for Ladies' PGA School
104 Cullenward Wins GWA Tourney
108 Golf Writers' Officers
118 Allen Co. Adds Distributor
122 TV Revenue to be Added to Tourney Prizes
138 Golf Business News
149 Classified Ads
153 Advertisers' Index
154 Table of Contents
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [Fred Bove, Waybe Morgan, David Mastroleo and G. A. Sherman Checking the Area Where Demonstration Greens and Fairways are being Installed at Mt. San Antonio College]
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
102 -[Ian R. Dowie, Carling Brewing Co., Tests Re-Worked No. 8 at Oakland Hills, Birmingham, Mich.]
23 Associate Member Plan Helps Club Over Financial Bunker: Lifesaving $40,000 Produced by Giving Limited Privileges to Outsiders on an Annual and Daily Fee Basis
26 Divot Repair: Poa Tivialis [trivialis] and Fine Leaf Fescue Mixture are Recommended for a Quick and Presentable Cover
30 Illinois Supt. Says Etiquette Should be Taught Via TV
32 Must Destroy Grasscutter Image: Others get Praise, Money While Supts. Sulk in Their Maintenance Buildings
34 Back to the Old Days: Organic Material Helps to Rebuild Depleted Soil 
35 Visit to Other Courses Courses Best Part of Turf Education: Studying How Experienced Supts. Handle a Job Enables Young men to Get Their Problems Solved
36 Grau's Answers to Turf Questions
36 -High Schools Need Help in Maintaining Their Athletic Fields
41 -Clover Control
41 -Bermuda Thins Out
41 -Back to Cool-Season Turf
41 Iron
42 How Al Keeping Sums Up the Pro Operation: You Run Shop for Dough - Rewards Come in Teaching
98 -[Clubhouse of the Mooring CC, Naples, Fla]
46 The Teenage Market: Pro Shop can Bid for Sportswear Business that Goes Elsewhere
50 On the Professional Side: [Two paperback books that may be useful to pros for club reconditioning and in teaching golf classes]
52 21 Exempt from USGA Qualifying Rounds
52 1,240 PGA Pros Vie for 84 Qualifying Positions
54 Second Set of Clubs for Every Golfer: Some Pros See Big Market for Duplicate Equipment
56 Louisquisset is Second
56 Michigan Turf Research
58 Fortune Not Assured for Those Who Get into Golf: Pros, Real Estate Developers and Even Manufacturers Find Success isn't Guaranteed in Spite of the Boom
62 "Army" Deserters Sue Arnie: N.Y. Court Rules Palmer Assumed No Personal Responsibility in Car Sales
66 They're Off and Playing at Racetrack Courses: Three California Tracks had 170,000 Rounds in 1963 on Their Short Layouts...Golf is a Lucrative Fill-In During the Ten Months that the Ponies aren't Running
70 Various Golf Associations Issue List of Officers
70 54 Holes of Medal Play to Qualify Boys for Junior
70 Increase Women's Open Purse by $1,000
72 How Souris Valley Mechanizes Topdressing Operation
72 No. Calif. Turf Officers
78 N. C. Firm can "Juniorize" Clubs for Professional
78 National Junior Golf Camp
112 Golf Business News
125 Classified Ads
129 Advertisers' Index
130 Table of Contents
1964 July
Volume #38, No. 7
1964 August
Volume #38, No. 8
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [Don Shock, Don Boyd, Governor James A. Rhodes, Frederick W. LeVeque, H. E. Eschenbrenner, and Robert Mueller]
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
84 -[Broodmoor GC, Colorado Springs During NCAA in Mid-June]
97 -[Smiley's Sportland, Kansas City, Second Deck is 72 Feet Long and 20 Feet Deep and Accommodates About 10 Players]
25 Many Clubs Expand Services - But for Whom?: Do Most of Members Benefit from Capital Improvements?
28 Will Help Turfmen Head Off Disease, Other Complications: Weather Forecast Service for Superintendents
30 Prepares Construction Guide
30 California Launches Two-Year Turf Training Program This Fall
32 You can't Sell Color Unless You Wear It: It Would be Worth a Trip to Cedar Rapids for Demaret to See Charlie Burkart's Wardrobe
38 Late, Late Golf: Open Only a Few Weeks, Manor Valley, Near Pittsburgh, Already has People Inquiring About League Play in the Wee Hours... Golfers Will Play Around the Clock if You have the Lights for Them
42 Troublesome Points in "Gross Receipts" Test: CMAA, IRS Officials Discuss Tax Exemption Status
44 Pro's Repair Knowhow Keeps Cars in Service: Daily Check with Hydrometer Prevents Mid-Course Breakdowns Due to Battery Failures
46 USGA 16th Girls' Junior
48 " Nobody can Tell Me Anything About Pool Paint!": A Sadder but Wiser Superintendent Finds You can't Change Chemicals in the Middle of a Pool
52 Golfdom's Semi-Private Survey of Fees, Rentals, Storage Rates for All Sections of the Country
54 Grau's Answers to Turf Questions
54 -How can You Manage Turf if You Don't Play Golf?
56 -Exposed Thatch
56 Arsenic: Symbol As
70 -Backyard Green
58 But a Woman Beat Them to the Green, Says this Historian: Stockbridge Puts in Its Claim - Fourth Oldest on Original Site
59 Field of 2,692 Competes for Public Links Title
60 Seeks to Head Off Invasion of Bugs, Control Disease: Long Island Supt. Enlists Clubs' Aid in Blight Fight
60 Car Manufacturers Meet
62 Enjoin Building of Roadway on Course as Restrictions Violation
64 Hudson Newsletter Includes Some Hot Weather Suggestions
65 USGA Brochures List Benefits
65 Price Was Wrong
72 July 29 is Entry Deadline for USGA Women's Amateur
72 Luxford Honored at Dinner
72 Florida Turf Conference
100 Golf Business News
109 Classified Ads
113 Advertisers' Index
114 Table of Contents
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [The Sixth Tee of Colonial CC, Lynnfield, Mass., with Its Newly Lighted Front Nine Course]
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
76 -[Men Examine Club Used to Win 1865 British Open at Prestwick]
81 -[Fritz the Dog Pulls Golf Carts]
26 Percentage Holds Steady in 1963, Says AGMA: Golf Goods Accounts for 44 Per Cent of Sports Equipment Sales
28 Reverse Stress: A California Architect has Used a Different Kind of a Twist in the Design of Saticoy CC's Clubhouse...It Keeps the Weight Off the Walls, has Eased the Strain on Building Costs
68 -[Opening of Peace Pipe GC, Denville, N.J.]
32 Not the Complete Answer, but It's a Start...: Kratzert Steps Up Catalog Orders and Sales Ride Along
36 What Men Should Know About Women - When It Comes to Teaching
38 Record It on Film: Pictorial Proof of Weather Damage, Vandalism, Disease, etc., Makes It Easier to Explain an Overexpended Budget to the Board... That's Why More and More Supts. are Using the Camera to Supplement Record Keeping
40 Architects' Meeting
40 $55,000 in Golf Day Funds
42 Rye is Being Crowded Out of the Overseeding Picture as Other Grasses Give Better Results: Winter Green Preparation
48 Grau's Answers to Turf Questions
48 -Food Reserves for Survival and Re-Growth
73 -How to Convert
73 -"Seeding" with Algae
73 -Change in Fertilizer
74 -Fairy Ring Infestation
50 Mercury: Symbol, Hg
50A Rawls Leads Ladies PGA All-Time Money Winners
50A Southern Turfgrass Sets Up Scholarship at Miss. State
50D Bob Moses Dreams Up World's Fair to Pave Way for More Courses
52 Kennett Square Goes from Manual Operation to Power: New Screen Reduces Preparation Cost
56 Wright Re-Elected President of Golf Car Association
56 New Contract for Wirtz
58 Mickey Wins More Tournaments than Big Three Combined
68 Missouri Turf Conference
72 PGA Championships
75 Amateur Qualifying Round to be Played at Canterbury
86 Golf Business News
93 Classified Ads
97 Advertisers' Index
98 Table of Contents
1964 September
Volume #38, No. 9
1964 October
Volume #38, No. 10
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [15 Former PGA Champs at PGA Championship in Columbus]
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
28 Poa-Bent Fairways Extensively Damaged: Courses Become Disaster Areas as Pythium Strikes
31 Maximum Service, Long Life Assured if Batteries are Properly Charged: Care in Making Hydrometer Check Prevents Premature Damage from Overcharging or Undercharging
34 Tractor Maintenance: An Understanding of How the Parts of an Engine Reacts to Heat, Carbon, Lubrication, etc. Gives Mechanic More Confidence in Diagnosing Trouble and Making Repairs
38 Grau's Answers to Turf Questions
38 -A Grass that's Free of Bugs and Disease
40 -Turf Schooling
40 -Compacted and Diseased
40 Turf Conferences
40 On Canada Cup Team
42 Ledger Analysis Shows Pro Where the Sales are: Jim Milward of North Hills has Improved His Purchasing Control, Found New Customers by Studying Account Cards
46 Cleaning & Storage: Pros are Divided as to Whether Rates Should be Increased... Most Make Money on the Service but Many Risks are Involved
50 The Opening Wedge...: Sales Start When Christmas Catalogs are Distributed
52 $3 Million in Extra Pro Sales Income
56 "Jack Hall Day:" It's Repeated Not Once but Twice at Des Moines' Hyperion Field Club
70 Illinois Short Course
71 Club Asks Members to Help Out on Maintenance: Court Upholds Payment of Workman's Comp on Contributed Labor
72 Dues Tax is Unreasonable, Benedict Tells House
78 PGA, Sponsors Make Pact on TV Receipts Division
85 PGA Moves Annual Meeting Las Vegas
87 [Dave Hartmann Learns Golf at Da-De-Co GC, Ottawa, Ill.]
92 [Golf Business News] 
101 Classified Ads
105 Advertisers' Index
106 Table of Contents
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [1964 Less Active Building Year than 1963]
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
31 Why the Pro has to Advertise
32 PGA to Conduct Three Business Schools
34 On the Professional Side: [Tips for Pros to Help Sell More Merchandise]
36 Playing on a Male Weakness
38 Working Records: In Spite of What You May Have Heard to the Contrary, You can Run a Better Business if You Do It by the Books
42 8 Per Cent Overall Gain Reported but 10 Per Cent of Shops Fall Behind: Pro Sales Increase but All Don't Share in Bonanza
44 Four Writers Picked Winners
46 Don't Lift It if It can be Lowered: This is the Substance of What Three Speakers Told the Club Managers at a Three-Day CMAA Workshop at Michigan State
48 CMAA Publishes Huge Club Jobs Description Book
50 Michigan Court Bases Decision on Safety Record: Golfer Must Exercise Care to Protect Self from Slipping on Floor
52 Kids Picket Philly Course but Renn Refuses to Retreat
54 Country Club Squeeze Becomes a Little Tighter: Rising Operating Costs Outrun Revenue Gains
56 Palmer Shades Nicklaus
56 USGA Adds Venturi Open Film to Rental Library
56 "Wonderful World" Films Available
56 1966 Open at Olympic
60 Reserve for Emergencies: Most Clubs have an Ample Machinery Replacement Fund, but What Happens if the Course is Severely Damaged
64 Sea Pines' Changing Formula: Every Year Don O'Quinn has to Vary the Feeding Rate on this Bountiful Island Course so the Turf Won't Get Out of Hand
68 Water, or Its Lack, was Turf Culprit During '64 Season: More Research is Needed to Determine when Irrigation is Overdone or Falls Short
72 Turf Conferences
74 Spain's Soto Grande: This New Course, Near the Mediterranean, Compares Favorably with Any in U.S.
78 Grau's Answers to Turf Questions: Roundup of Technical Developments in 1964
82 Play Increases by 80 Per Cent; Pro Sales Show 60 Per Cent Gain: Moose Run Rolls with Quake, then has Its Biggest Year
82F    Tractor Maintenance-II: Choose the Right Oil and Keep Hydraulic System Clean
84 Elect Mangrum, Dudley to PGA Hall of Fame
84 PGA Home Pro Award Goes to Lyle Wehrman
86 Supts' Booster Cheered by Improved Publicity
86 Juniorized Clubs Put Life in Dead Season
90 PGA Cancels Four Winter Events; Teacher Re-Scheduled
92 Jack Harkins, First Flight Founder, Dies in Miami
94 Nutter Resigns as GCSA Executive Director
94 It's Money - But Not Official
94 Bigtime Coverage
96 Golf Books
96 Australian "Provident Fund"
104 Poa in New England
108 Moffet, Griffin Added to National Foundation Staff
110 Late Summer Turf Meetings Held at Four Universities
112 1966 Curtis Cup Match
116 Southern Cal GCSA Holds First Superintendents' Tourney
122 No Tired Blood Here
135 [Golf Business News]
156 Classified Ads
161 Advertisers' Index
162 Table of Contents