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1966 January
Volume #40, No. 1                  
1966 February
Volume #40, No. 2
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover
5 Table of Contents
10 The Golf Business Outlook
15 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
26 Golf's Business Biceps Bulge: New Highs in Golfers, Courses, Consumer Sales Point to Soaring Figures This Year
30 They're on the Ball
32 Few Cheers for that Year!: Floods, Hurricanes, Drought Caused Much Damage, but Crabgrass Belt Never had It Better
38 Study Winterkill, Then Fight It!: Understanding This Unpredictable Foe is Essential to Any Success in Preventing Damage
46 New PGA Leaders Know Score: Elbin, Fraser, Orlick Rated as Assets to Organization, but Publicity Operation Needs Updating
52 Pro Shop Needs Woman's Touch: Let a Saleslady Handle the Apparel; It Pays in Moving Merchandise for Both Sexes
56 Burden of Proof Ruling Hits Golf Course: Supreme Court of New Mexico Reverses Lower Body, Remands Case of Injured Player for New Trial
64 Superintendents Exhibit Scores: New England GCSA's Display of Clubhouse Replica, 6-Hole Green is True Showmanship
70 Lema Inks International Club, Ball Contract
72 New Mexico Body Elects Serna
74 W. A. Cleary Dead at 68; Pioneered Golf Chemicals
78 Coming Events
82 Creasey Not PGA Czar but Carries Weight
88 Play Speeded Up in Kitchen: Olympia Fields C.C. Setup Renovated, Enlarged; New Electrical Appliances Added
95 Ruth Jessen President of Ladies PGA
101 New Products
104 People in the News
108 Classified
110 Advertisers' Index
111 Buyers' Service 
112 [Officials' Page]
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover
5 Table of Contents
11 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
15 The Golf Business Outlook
24 Memo from the Publisher
26 40 Years Ago: A Forty-Year Romance with Golf: The Game and Industry have Come a Long Way Since Golfdom Made Its Bow
28 He Cut a Path to Better Golf: Worthington, an Industrialist Who Loved the Game, Developed First Mower-Tractor Combination for Fairways
33 The Best of Golfdom: Selling Club to Members: In 1927, Like Today, a Successful Manager had to be an Energetic Promoter
38 Dollar Spot Tests Yield Tips: Nutrient-Turf Disease Relationships Investigated at Iowa State on Experimental Putting Green of Washington Bentgrass
48 20 Top Golf Resorts Featured in Folder
50 Golfwear Pipeline
52 Design for Fee-Course Living: Functional, Spatial and Aesthetic Plans Offered to Meet Challenge Faced by Both Architects and Owners
58 Around the Fashion Course in '66: The Preview of Golf Magazine's Exclusive Forecast Spotlights the Trends in the Pro Shop's Most Increasingly Profitable Operation
64 Buyers Guide to Golf Cars: There is Such a Variety of Models to Choose from in This Year's Lines that Even the Most Exacting Buyer should be Well Satisfied
77 Tournaments Safe for Private Clubs
80 Timely Reminders on Dues Tax
80 Miniature-Course Maker Educates Clients
82 Salary-Budget Survey of New England Superintendents
84 One Man Golf Cars Catching on: Two Professionals in Atlanta Rate the Small Cars High
87 Right to Vote in Club Election is Qualified: Privilege Denied to Holder of Gift Membership Certificate in Pennsylvania Court Ruling
89 Par-Mate Offers Emblems for Golf Gloves
90 Inventory -- Without Aspirin: Simple Monthly Check Proves Better than Perpetual, or Running, System for Pro Shop Purpose
92 Greatest of Turf Shows Ever!
98 Golf Shows - Win or Place?: Manufacturers of Playing, Maintenance Equipment Weigh Results, Rate New England PGA Highly
104 Book Review
108 Got a Big Idea for '66?
117 New Products
124 Company Explains Patent on Windsor Grass
125 People in the News
131 Coming Events
132 Classified
134 Advertisers' Index
135 Buyers' Service
136 [Officials' Page]
1966 March
Volume #40, No. 3
1966 April
Volume #40, No. 4
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover
7 Table of Contents 
11 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
18 The Golf Business Outlook 
20 Glancing at Golfwear
26 Wrap-Up on GCSA Show: Nearly 700 Superintendents Attended the Educational Sessions at the Recent Conference, Rated the Best Ever
28 Buying for the Pro Shop: Careful Scrutiny of Past Sales, Pre-Buying Study and Good Financing are the Keys to Successful Purchasing
34 Buying for the Golf Course: The Superintendent Must Use All the Means at His Disposal to Ensure Wise, Economical Purchasing for His Club
41 Golf has Its Art Gallery, too: Prized Pictures are Rare but Good Prints are Available in Both Black-and-White and Color
50 Buyer's Guide to 1966 Golf Clubs
68 Water Still News in New York: USGA Greens Section Devotes Whole Conference on Golf Course Management to Irrigation
84 New CMAA Officers Elected: Outstanding Seminars at Manager's Annual Conference Gave Much Food for Thought
86 Teaching Tee: Curing the "Over-Cautious" Shank
90 Why Not Bentgrass Blends?: Including Fine Fescue and Bluegrass in Seedings can Contribute Seasonally to the Turf's Beauty, and is Economical
98 Irrigation a la Carte: Installation of Automatic Sprinkler Setup with Selected Component Parts Prove Successful at Oklahoma Club
112 The Best of Golfdom: Birds can be Costcutters: Encouraging Our Native Songsters to Nest in the Golf Club Grounds can Decimate Insects and Weeds
122 Good Public Relation's is Good Business: The Pro Must Establish Sound Working Relationships with the Membership and Community
130 Tractor Catalog Offered
152 Turf Care Handbook
160 Harry Moffitt Elected PGA Seniors' President
161 Coming Events
162 New Products
169 Twenty Years Ago
170 People in the News 
172 Classified
174 Advertisers' Index
175 Buyers' Service
176 [Officials' Page]
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover: [King's Inn, Grand Bahama Island]
5 Table of Contents
9 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
18 Glancing at Golfwear
20 What's Going on in Country Clubs?: At the CMAA Conference Recently Held in Detroit, Nearly 200 Club Managers Took Time to Develop These Interesting Figures
22 Frank Johnston Golf Plant Opening in California
26 Growing Grass on Coral Rock: It isn't Easy to Establish Turf in the Bahamas Without Dirt, but a Warm Climate and the Absence of Weed Grasses Help
35 Grau's Answers to Turf Questions
35 -[Certification of Seeds, Sod, Sprigs, and Stolons of Superior Grasses]
35 -[Maximum Quantity of N that is Safe on Several Widely-Used Turfgrasses]
38 -[Crownvetch Good for Heavy Sloping Tees?]
38 Merger in Upstate N.Y.
40 Floridas [Florida's] Fifth Annual Trade and Turf-Grass Show
42 40 Years Ago: How the Modern Ball Evolved: The Little Round Pill has Come a Long Way Since the "Feathery" and "Gutty" Days
49 Indian Archery Buys Kunkel Golf Cart Business
50 The Best of Golfdom: "Pros" Progress as Businessmen: Even in 1927 the PGA was Not Without Critics - Both Constructive and Destructive
52 How Much Water do You Need?: Careful Programming can Improve Your Turf and Lower Your Water Bill 
57 Why don't They Stop Picking on the PGA?: Unwarranted Sniping Undermines the Organization's Work, Says This Prominent Leader of the Game's 5,400 Pros
60 When is a Golfer "in Range"?: Court of Appeals of Missouri Affirms Trial Court's Decision to Grant a New Trial Because of Misleading Instructions
74 Draining the Turfgrass Areas: Soil Texture, Structure and Topography can be Just as Troublesome as Climate
86 Brockton to Use Air Delivery in West
102 Golfcraft Opens Eastern Plant in Pennsylvania
108 New Products
119 People in the News 
120 Move at Certain-Teed
122 Coming events
122 Pipe System Brochures
127 Classified
128 Advertisers' Index
129 Buyers' Service
130 [Officials' Page]
1966 May
Volume #40, No. 5
1966 June
Volume #40, No. 6
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover
7 Table of Contents
11 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
16 The Golf Business Outlook
18 National Golf Foundation Grows: 23 New Members and a Capacity Attendance Highlight Its 1966 Annual Meeting in New York City
20 Glancing at Golfwear
22 Grau's Answers to Turf Questions
24 'Parked' Car Kills Golfer: Manufacturer's Warranty of Fitness of Product for Intended Use Extended to Bystander by Connecticut Court
26 From Bermuda Grass to Bent: The Trend Towards Bentgrass Greens in the 'Transition Zone' Seems Very Successful
32 Firm, Direct Management Pays: There are No Committees at Carmel G & CC, Calif. While the System is Hardly Democratic, It does get Things Done
34 Play It Cool 
42 'Old Master' of the Golf Trade: Joe Roseman Sr., the Inventor of the Hollow Roller, was One of Those Pioneers Who Made Maintenance a Business
48 Over 40 Years a Professional: Spencer Murphy has Seen the Shop Develop from a Clubmaking and Repair Setup to a Complete "Service Station" for Golfers
58 Sun Mastr Corp. Purchases Ideal Power Lawn Mower
80 Fifty-Five Years Ago
80 Coming Events
82 Soil Conservation District Aids Golf Club: When White Birches GC Needed Technical Help in Building a Pond and Drainage Ditch, Hancock SCD Supplied It
84 The Best of Golfdom: What to Plant for Course Landscaping: Besides the Clubhouse Area, Tees and Greens can Also be Successfully Beautified
118 Sixty Years Ago
120 Seventy Years Ago
122 New Products
125 People in the News 
128 Classified
130 Advertisers' Index
131 Buyers' Service
132 [Officials' Page]
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover: [Sea Island, Georgia]
5 Table of Contents
9 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
14 The Golf Business Outlook 
16 Glancing at Golfwear
20 Grau's Answers to Turf Questions
20 -[Rectifying Failures in Golf Architecture]
66 -[Certified Pencross Greens Look "Dappled']
68 -[Managing Penncross Tees]
68 -[Advice to a Future Superintendent]
70 -[Question Regarding Work Force of an 18-Hole Course]
22 Running a Successful Par-3: A Well-Maintained, Not too Difficult Course, a Well Stocked Pro Shop and Range Rack Up Profits at Parkbrook
24 Fast-Buck Operators may Hurt the Game of Golf
26 Twenty-Five Years Ago
26 Long Jim Barnes Dead, Former U. S. Open Champ
27 Are Courses Taxed Fairly?: Inequities in the Present Law Demand Action Now, Says This 9-Hole Owner
35 From Hickory to Matched Sets: The Precision Clubs of Today are a Far Cry from the "Whistlers" of the '20s, but Wilson has Seen It All - Since 1914
40 Smooth Greens on the Gulf: Although the Cool, Wet Spring has Led to Some Disease Problems, Most Courses Boast Fine, Very Puttable Greens
44 An Ailing Young Club gets Well: Imaginative and Creative Thinking, Plus Cooperation, Turns the Trick for a Long Island Layout
50 The Best of Golfdom: Pro Profits as Merchant: What This Astute Pro had to Say About the Shop Still Makes a Lot of Sense Today
64 Five Years Ago
82 Landscape Tool Form
86 Coming Events
89 Dick Daley Dead at 64
89 National Golf Camp Open to Girls and Boys
93 Hot Seat for Insects
94 Best Idea: Draining Those Low Areas
95 New Products
98 People in the News 
102 Classified
104 Advertisers' Index
105 Buyers' Service 
106 [Officials' Page]
1966 July
Volume #40, No. 7
1966 August
Volume #40, No. 8
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover: [Sugarbush GC, Warren, VT]
4 Highlights of This Issue
5 Table of Contents
9 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
12 The Golf Business Outlook
14 Sizing Up Golfwear
20 'Cool' Meals can Beat the Heat: Good Food and Drink, a Festive Atmosphere and Proper Planning can Bring Members Back to Club Dinners
23 Summer Recipes
26 Building Greens to Last: "Hidden Assets" to Pay Off in Later Years for MacGregor Downs, Raleigh, N. C., Because of Fewer Drainage, Soil and Grass Problems
32 The Best of Golfdom: Running a Golf Club can Cause Many Headaches: Perennial Problems Include Labor, Management and Conflicts of Personalties [Personalities]
32 True - Then and Now
34 Rich Colors in Fall Fashions: Knit Cover-Ups for Cool Weather Feature Exciting Designs and Textures
38 The Proper Slant on Pesticides: Virtues of Chemical Sprays for Golf Courses Outweigh Dangers to Plants and Animals
42 Cascades Set for Curtis Cup: Few Changes Necessary to Prepare The Homestead's Venerable Course for This Month's Tournament
46 40 Years Ago: Giving Golfers What They Need: Today's Game Owes Much to Inventiveness of Pioneer 'Sam' Clapper
58 Thirty Years Ago
84 Seagram Offers Golf Art
86 New Products
92 People in the News 
97 Classified
98 Advertisers' Index
99 Buyers' Service 
100 [Officials' Page]
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover: [The Homestead, Hot Springs, VA.]
4 Highlights of This Issue
5 Table of Contents
9 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
10 Grau's Answers to Turf Questions
10 -Why is It...
10 -[Question Regarding Labor Problem]
12 The Golf Business Outlook
14 PGA Celebrates Its Golden Anniversary: The Pioneer Pros Paved the Way for Golf's Fantastic Growth
19 More Summer Recipes
22 Custom-Made Municipals: Careful Planning Enables Two Small-Town New England Courses to Stay within Budget, Meet Local Needs
28 Complete Irrigation with Central Control: Electronic Panel Device, New Pump and Piping Give St. George's Club "Tomorrow's System Today"
32 The Best of Golfdom: Keep the House Accounts Live: There are Many Ways to Attract Members Back to Your Club that Spell the Difference Between Profit and Loss
34 Managing from the Ground Up: California Entrepreneurs Pick All Team Members When They "National-ize" Golf Courses
38 Equipment Sales Hit Record: 1965 Purchases of Golfing Necessities Totaled Nearly $140 Million, AGMA Survey Shows
40 Two Tributes to O. J. Noer
42 40 Years Ago: Three Courses at a Time: More than 40 Years' Experience has Taught Maddox Construction Company the Secret of Simultaneous Golf Course Construction
48 When is an Illegal Putter Legal?: A Blade in Front of a Hammer Design Made Vic De Carlo's Putter Conform to the Rules
68 "Champagne" Tony's Death is Great Loss
92 New Products 
94 People in the News 
96 Classified
97 New from MacGregor/Brunswick - Bullet Proof Woods!
97 Coming Events 
97 Ten Years Ago
98 Advertisers' Index
99 Buyers' Service 
100 [Officials' Page]
1966 September
Volume #40, No. 9
1966 October/November
Volume #40, No. 10
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover: [A Florida Course, Courtesy State of Florida]
4 Highlights of This Issue
5 Table of Contents
9 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
12 Accent on Management
18 Grau's Answers to Turf Questions
18 -[Complaints on Annual Bluegrass Increase]
18 -[Penncross Growth on Types of Land]
20 Thirty-Five Years Ago
22 The Professional's Status: First Section of Nationwide Survey Shows Concern for Contracts, Pension Plans and Erosion of Profits
22 -[Concern for Pension Plans and Erosion of Profits]
23 -The PGA and Pensions
24 -Comments on Contracts
26 -Should the PGA do More? 
28 New Grass Pathology Study: Experimental Putting Greens at Clemson University Help Scientists Examine Golf Course Plants
30 The Best of Golfdom: Safety Fund is Vital to Club Budget: Smart Club has Cushion Against Unforeseen Disasters that May Occur
32 '66 Car Sales Rise Sharply: Shipments Up 19%, Dollar Value Up 25% During Past Year, AGCMA Members Told
36 Ten Tips for Better Buffets: Here are Several Important Steps a Manager can Take to Insure Guests' Enjoyment
40 Pro-Manager for the Marines: Husband-Wife Partnership has Helped Joe Frasca Double at Parris Island's Fine New Course
44 40th Birthday for the GCSAA: Founding Fathers' Foresight has Given Today's Superintendents a Strong, Active Organization
70 Forty Years Ago
74 Sixty-Five Years Ago
76 Decar Plastic & Dentin Mfg. Move to Larger Offices
90 Price Battery Sold
94 New Products
97 People in the News
100 Classified
101 Coming Events
101 Forty-Five Years Ago
102 Advertisers' Index
103 Buyers' Service 
104 [Officials' Page]
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover: [Photo Courtesy Incline Village, Lake Tahoe]
4 Highlights of This Issue
5 Table of Contents
9 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
10 Grau's Answers to Turf Questions
10 -[Using Hydroseeder to Spread Lime]
10 -[What are the Relative Merits of Thincut vs. Thick-Cut Sod?]
10 -[Advantages of Buying Certified Seed]
14 Accent on Management
22 Sizing Up Golfwear
26 Annual Budgeting and Buying Issue
26 -Tips on Budgeting: Overall Club Operation: Control by the Men Who Matter: Baltusrol, a Club Which has Remained in the Black Since 1895, Confines Budget Preparation to Top Club Officials
30 -Tips on Budgeting: Course Superintendent: Spell Out What You Need: After Working Out the Various Budget Items, It's a Good Plan to Add a Brief Explanation to Anticipate Questions
34 -Tips on Budgeting: Club Professional: Four Ways to Boost Shop Sales: Successful Budget Depends on Knowing What to Buy and How You can Earn Enough to Pay for It
38 -Tips on Budgeting: Club Manager: Stay Close to the Operation: Monthly Analysis of Income and Expenses Enables This Manager to Project Budget After Nine Months of Fiscal Year
28 Club Facilities Vary Greatly
36 Etonic Offers Pros Course in Selling
42 The Best of Golfdom: How to Finance Your Fall Buying: Six Methods to Help Overcome Your Year-End Shortage of Funds 
44 Superintendent 'Sales Planner': The Best Method to get What You Want from the Green Committee is to Know How to Ask for It
49 Buyer's Guide to 1967 Golf Cars: Another Banner Year for Car Industry is Seen; Safety Features Will be Emphasized
60 Put Some Punch into Your Parties: Bowls of 'Good Cheer' can Add Warmth to Festive Occasions at Your Club
61 40 Days of Bonus Business: The Three Major Year-End Holidays can be Made to Pay Off with Imaginative Club Parties
64 Golf Pro Survey -- Part II: Sales Continue Rising Trend: Nearly Half of Pros Surveyed Report Sales Up More Than 10% During the Past Two Years
82 Convention Time is Coming Up
104 Coming Events
104 Five Years Ago
116 New Turf Booklet
116 W. M. Porter Dies
118 Should the PGA do More?
121 PGA Annual Meeting
128 New Products
133 People in the News 
136 Classified
138 Advertisers' Index
139 Buyers' Service
140 [Officials' Page]