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1965 January
Volume #39, No. 1                  
1965 February
Volume #39, No. 2
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [Northern Ohio Supts. Prepare for GCSA Show in Cleveland]
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
3 Front Cover
12 [Webhannet GC, Kennebunk Beach, Me., has Undertaken a Greens Renovation Program]
24 Tree Restoration at Shaker Heights: Dutch Elm Disease has Taken a Heavy Toll at the Cleveland Club, but Colin Smith's Re-Forestation Program is Catching Up with It
28 36th National Convention: Supts. Return to Cleveland for the Third Time
32 Unit is Practically Trouble Free: Centrifugal Pump Requires Only Routine Maintenance
36 If It Works in the Oil Fields It Will Work for Us: That is What El Dorado CC Officials Decided When They Picked Delrin Pipe for Their Irrigation System
40 Grau's Answers to Turf Questions
40 -Need for Understanding
99 -Seeks Dense Turf
100 -10-6-4 or Straight?
100 -Bentgrass Seeding
42 When Elements Unite
44 Ladies Learn About Clubs at Rainy Day Clinic: Portsmouth (Va.) Professional Points Out Need for Literature Telling How Golf Clubs are Made that can be Distributed to Players
46 Merchandise Show to Go on; Other PGA Events Listed
48 Starts on January 17: 'Wonderful World' Series Comes Back for Fourth Season
52 At PGA Instruction Clinic...: I Learned from Rebuilding My Game: Venturi
56 Warehouse Capacity Doubled: New Car Storage Methods Reduce Need for Space
59 They Resist Temptation, Stick to Work: PGA Delegates Stay Up Late in Las Vegas, but It's to Handle Association Business
64 No Funds Earned for Members' Equity at Small, Medium Clubs: Large Clubs Reduced Costs in 1963 but Others Lagged
68 Club Sponsored Leagues Subject to Dues Tax
68 Ben Chlevin Becomes GCSA's Executive Director
68 Southern Turf Conference
72 Beyond Due Care Requirement: No Negligence Involved When Sheltered Golfer is Hit by Lightning
76 USGA Counsel Clarifies Revenue Ruling Covering Use of Club by Public
76 Virginia Turf Conference
78 Many Countries Benefit from International Competitions: Canada Cup Matches Stimulate Business, Tourism and Golf
80 Turf Clinic Roundup
80 -Latham Tells Why Improved Weed Strains are being Propagated
82 -Texas A & M Conference
94 -100 Attend MVGCSA Clinic
94 -Tenth New Mexico Meeting
96 -Michigan Report Published
84 Golf Books
86 Benedict Renominated as USGA President
86 Maryland Short Course
88 Smallwood, Hannigan Win Golf Writers Awards
88 CDGA Re-Elects Barnhart
90 New England GCSA Educates Public at Exposition
98 Lynn A. Smith Elected President of Southern California Golf Assn.
100 Chicagoland Golf Assn. Officers
100 Second Pittsburgh Golf Show
104 Pacific Northwest GA Expands Membership
104 Named NCA Directors
105 Tour Follows Conference
105 Penn State Turf Conference
108 1964 Leading Money Winners
111 PGA Winter Schedule
112 FBI Alerts Golf Resort Operators to Con Man
116 [Canyon Club, Palm Springs, Calif.]
117 Golf Business News
132 Classified Ads
134 King Elected to Second Term by Western Golf
137 Advertisers' Index
138 Table of Contents
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [The 1965 President of Northern California PGA Joined by Post Presidents]
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
3 Front Cover
28 Lake Merced Holds the Line: When Strategic Acres were Lost to a Freeway, the First Inclination at the San Francisco Club was to Relocate...Then Someone Suggested Reclaiming a Gulch and Rebuilding Several Holes...The Club Remains in the Same Old Spot, the Course is Going to be Better Than It Ever was...And, of Course, the Members are Happy
32 Manufacturer Tells Why Clubs are Properly Priced: Forty-Three Parts are Assembled in 90 Precision Operations with Quality Always being Emphasized
34 Discriminates Against Golfers: Club Excise Burden Falls Heavily on Middle Income Group
34 Clubs for "Golf House" Museum
36 Single Key Control: An Alameda Muny Cashier doesn't have to Worry About Registering the Wrong Amount...He Hits One Button and a Pre-Set Key Takes Care of the Complete Fee Transaction
38 Musser Talk in Type
40 Love: Pro's Best Friend may be a Word-Finder: More Precise Expressions are Needed to Remove the Communications Barrier Between Teacher and Pupil, Says Charlotte Professional
46 Ladies PGA Spring-Summer Schedule
48 Pro does More Than Run Shop at New Resort Club: Whispering Pines, Just Becoming Well Established, Depends on Avery Beck to Bring Golfers in, Make Their Stays So Congenial They'll Want to Come Back
54 Snow-Making Machine: If You have the Slopes, Engineers can Prepare Them for Skiing with a Cold Mixture of Air and Water
56 PGA Figures Show Palmer is 1947-64 Leading Money Winner
60 Westfall University: Ten Young Men Who Learned Turf Management at Wakonda Club may have been Trained in the Best Practical School in the Country
64 Grau's Answers to Turf Questions
64 -Water is Vital
67 -Water
67 -Overwatered Greens
67 -Increases Water
68 -Gallonage Requirements
68 -Algae in Pond
68 Sporting Goods Sales Up by Five Per Cent Margin
68 Fonken Got Retriever Idea from Watching Kids at Play
68 Cornell Turf Conference
68 Midwest Turf Conference
70 If It's Any Consolation...: Trouble can Show a Supt. Where the Weak Spots are
74 Hung Up in Legal Jargon: Ball Manufacturer gets Go-Ahead After Judge Clarifies Ordinance
76 From a Pittsburgh Greenmaster: Beauty Overlooked, Distance Overstressed, in Course Building
76 North Calif. Turfgrass Exposition
76 Named NCA Directors
80 Promotion is Vital in Staging Club Events: To get the Right Kind of "Audience Participation" for Parties, Celebrations, etc., You Need Not Only a Big Buildup but an Early One
84 Golf Boom at Eastern Vacation Areas
84 Golf Museum Inspection
92 Second Pittsburgh Golf Show
98 National Golf Day Proceeds
106 1965 USGA Competitions
136 Golf Business News
148 Classified Ads
153 Advertisers' Index
154 Table of Contents
1965 March
Volume #39, No. 3
1965 April
Volume #39, No. 4
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [Tony Lema Drives Across the Lake on the 18th Hole at Harding Park, San Francisco]
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
3 Front Cover
31 Before You Build that Golf Course…: A Well Known Architect Discusses Some of the Things that should be Done or Avoided by Those Who Plan to Build a Course or Finance One (First of Two Articles)
34 On the Professional Side: [Pro Guide to Trade-Ins]
36 Are You Keeping Up to Date in Your Teaching Methods?: Researchers are Discovering New Things About the Complexities of Golf Instruction…Here are a Few Hints that may Help Improve Your Skill in Giving Lessons
39 Pitch-and-Putt Next Door: Imperial GC in Mansfield, O., Catches Overflow from Its Par 3 Installation with a Chip Shot Course that is Giving a Good Return on a Small Investment
44 Aisles Crowded at PGA Merchandise Show
46 Put 20 Per Cent Back in Your Business: Half of Pat Mahoney's Profits Go Right Back into His Inventory... This Enables Him to Buy More and Bigger and Continue to Snowball His Take at Palo Alto Municipal
54 What the Pro can do to Improve Sportswear Sales: Shops that do a Big Volume in Slacks, Shorts, Blouses, Etc. Concentrate on Four Important Factors...They are Outlined for You in This Article
56 What is the Fashion Trend for 1965?
58 Hire Decorator to Carry Out Overall Design Plan: A Professional should be Called in to Supervise a Club's Decorating or Renovating Project...Money is Saved When This is Done and Members are Always Happier with the Results
67 [1965 Cleveland Convention]
67 Is It, or isn't It a GCSA Record?: 2,611 Attend Cleveland Convention
68 -First Session: Club Manager Says He Envies Turfmen
70 -Second Session: GCSA 'Little Theater' Rolls Them in the Aisles
70D -Golfdom Luncheon
72 -Third Session - I: Agronomists Report on Turf Studies
76 -Third Session II: Florida Researchers Investigate Nematodes
78 -Fourth Session: Irrigation Program Runs into Overtime
112 -Fifth Session: Education Discussed by Young Supts.
122 -Sixth Session: Trees, Electrons and Work Saving Ideas
88 Grau's Answers to Turf Questions
88 -The Women Will Love Fred for This!
144 -Which is Best?
144 -Non-Creepers Creep
146 -Bluegrass-Fescue Future
146 -Smooth Green Surfaces
92 Pin Placements: There are no Hard and Set Rules for Spotting the Cups. The USGA Recommends Fairness and Variety, as Reliable a Guide as There is
94 USGA to Hold Regional Green Section Conferences
96 Battery Charging: Expert Explains Voltage, Specific Gravity, Hydrometry and Other Aspects of the Golf Car Power Unit: (First of Two Articles)
100 1,300 Attend Annual Education Meeting: Smith Elected to Head Club Managers Group
104 Fifth to be Cited: Glenn Burton gets Green Section Award from USGA
106 Florida Golf Foundation Sues to Recover Taxes
108 Benefits of N.Y. Law Not Invoked: Court Denies State has Jurisdiction in Pipe Import Case
128 Hold Public Course Seminar at GCSA Convention
130 Mrs. Vare gets Jones Award
134A Excise-Income Tax Booklet Available from CMAA
134B Ladies PGA Moves Office
134B Rutgers Product Field Days
142 National Golf Day Telecast
142 PGA Now in Palm Beach
142 USGA Membership Up
148 16mm Rental Films Available from USGA
148 262 at PGA School
152 Kennedy Club to Golf Museum
152 Athletic Institute Report
156 17th Amputee Tournament
162 [18 Hole Course at Cochise G & CC, Willcox, Ariz.]
168 Ladies PGA Spring-Summer Schedule
177 PGA National Tour
180 PGA Schedule for Spring and Summer
183 Golf Business News
196 Classified Ads
198 Advertisers' Index
202 Table of Contents
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [18th Green at Royal Kaanapali, Hawaii]
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
3 Front Cover
30 Older Players Take New Lease on Golf at Rogue Valley: But It wasn't that Way Until Four Years Ago When It was Decided that All the Senior Members Needed was Organization...Now, the Medford, Ore., Group Serves as a Perfect Example of What can be Done When Elder Golfers Decide to Help Themselves
34 Turf Management Improves as Golf Fever Sweeps Hawaii and the Far East
39 Something has to Give: Courses are Deteriorating Because of the Stalemate Between Golfers and the Ground Crew...There has to be a Time for Play and a Time for getting Maintenance Work Done
42 Are You Guilty of These Seven Deadly Sins?
42 Suggests Golf Stamp
44 Grau's Answers to Turf Questions: What is Learned from Conferences, Consultations, Correspondence, Conversation
46 What is a Seed?
48 Course Closed Temporarily 
50 5 More Points to Consider in Planning a Course: Second of Two Articles
52 Golf Catching Up to Baseball in Japan
54 It Represents the Complete Maintenance Building: Nothing Omitted in Planning of CC of N.C. Shop
58 Battery Charging Basically Same for All Chargers: Replacement is Minimized if Daily, Weekly and Monthly Maintenance Checks are Made: (Second of Two Articles)
60 National Golf Day on Television May 31
60 Good Heads PGA Seniors
62 Owner Produces Figures to Prove It: 9-Hole Course Brings Larger Return Than 18
66 'House of Nixon' Label Produces a Sales Lift in the Slack Season: A Closeout Special may have Helped Gary Nixon of Philmont to get Out from Under a Heavy Inventory Last Summer, but He Found that a Gimmick Worked Better in Easing the Situation
70 Color Instructional Golf Film Available
72 Why the Pro Lags in Golf Club Sales: Clubs are Still the Bread and Butter Items...But They aren't Carrying Their Weight Because Pros aren't Selling Their Quality
74 Women Vie for More Money on Ladies PGA Circuit
76 Four Courses, Range Produce Big Profits at Tanglewood Park
78 Agreement Extends too Many Privileges: Court Denies Park Director's Right to Issue Range Permit
80 Golf Will be Permitted: Extensive Restrictions Imposed on Developers of Los Angeles Course
80 Golf Instructor's Guide
82 Golf Books
84 Bermuda Research Discussed by Keen at GCSA Convention
88 Florida Turf Show
88 Tree Repair shouldn't be Deferred, Davey Experts Say
90 Growing Turf the Hard Way
92 U. S. Golf Handicaps Adopts USGA Rating System
92 Excise Income Tax Booklet Available from CMAA
94 National Golf Fund Holds Annual Meeting
94 RCGA has New President
94 Rutgers Turf Schedule
96 Eckhoff Replaces McMorris as Foundation Director
96 Funds from Golf
98 Penn State Meetings
110 Excise Tax
152 Golf Business News
165 Classified Ads
169 Advertisers' Index
170 Table of Contents
1965 May
Volume #39, No. 5
1965 June
Volume #39, No. 6
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
3 Front Cover
29 Spring Time is Golf Show Time
30 -In Philadelphia
30 -Philly Pros Stage Another Big Show
32 -In Batavia, N.Y.
33 -In Chicago
34 -In Danville, Ill.: Oh, for a Pro's Life!: Maybe It was the Influence of Spring...But the Style Show Put on for Dink Wise Several Weeks Ago was, Well, Something You don't Often See
36 Organize PGA Chapter
36 Farm Land Value
41 A Craftsman Suggests: Four Principles to be Followed in Fitting Clubs
44 Sarazen's Advice Heeded by LoPresti: So, Tom Headed West...And if You don't Think He didn't Become an Outstanding Pro, Read What He has Done at Haggin Oaks in the Way of Merchandising and Teaching and Training Assistants
50 Torture Testing: Here is How a Golf Car Builder Imitated the Automobile Industry in an Effort to Develop Models that Will Hold Up Under the Slam Bang Driving of Some Golfers
56 Player Who Sought Handicap Relief Dies in April
56 USGA Lists Entry Requirements for Junior Championship
58 Range Thefts: Operators Never have Found an Effective Way to Keep Them Cut Down Even Though the Toll is Heavy
62 Washington Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Club: Covenant does Not Restrict Parking Lot Improvement
64 Ohio Course Owners Seek Break on Taxes, Daylight Play Hours
66 Qualifying Trials, Exemptions Listed for 1965 U. S. Open
68 A Young Supt. Calls for Better Training in Personnel Management
72 Grau's Answers to Turf Questions
72 -Coordination of Agronomic and Irrigation Factors
118 -Penncrown Vetch
120 -Boorish Members
74 Certification
76 Many could be Saved if More Care were Taken in Planning: Construction Pitfalls are Obvious - But are So Easily Overlooked
80 CDGA Annual Report Shows... Wide Cost Variations within a Single District
84 [Mauna Kea Beach Hotel Course, Hawaii]
86 Golf Books
88 Growing Turf the Hard Way
89 Supt. Builds Sturdy but Inexpensive Bridges
90 Play PGA Exhibition Under Lights as Part of Texas Open
90 New Booklet for Course Planners
94 Summary Judgment Sought for Negligent Operation of Golf Car
96 Formalized Turf Training: Prof. Dickinson Dies in Amherst at Age of 77
124 Ladies PGA Golf School to be Held in Ohio
126 Lema to be Announcer at National Golf Day Match
145 Golf Business News
157 Classified Ads
161 Advertisers' Index
162 Table of Contents
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [Credit Island GC, Davenport Under Water Thanks to the Mississippi River]
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
3 Front Cover
22 When Courses are Flooded What's a Little Thing Like Pythium?: Davenport's Credit Island and Rock Island's Arsenal GC Will be Either Knocked Out or Slow in Coming Back as a Result of the Damage Caused by the Rampaging Mississippi
26 Compaction: Golfers are Blamed for Causing It but How Much is Due to Poor Maintenance Practices?
28 Growing Turf the Hard Way
30 Restoring Life to Winter-Killed Bermuda Turf: Quick Cover is Obtained by Sprigging, Although Some Supts. Prefer to Use Hulled Seed that is Pre-Germinated
32 Club President Sued in Golf Car Accident
34 Can Move 150 Pieces of Equipment onto Construction Site: Architect's Plans Translates into a Course When Martin Moves in
36 Grau Takes Brief Leave 
36 Non-Member Clubs Invited to Join USGA
38 1964 Golf Sales Account for 50 Per Cent of Sports Market
40 USGA Says Some Balls don't Conform to Rules
42 Clutterbug Selling: A Check Among Golf Salesmen and Progressive Professionals Reveals that Some Shops Look Like the Operators are Running Cut-Rate Bargain Houses
44 House Bill would Remove Club Dues Tax in 1966
46 Ingenuity is Worth More Than Money in Re-Building Shop: Peoria Designer Proves that Ideas Go Farther than Dollars in Converting What Once Looked Like a Closet to a Sales Room with Sparkle and Appeal
48 Tax-Free Public Operation Draws Players from Clubs that Pay Their Way: Muny Competition Hurts if Golfers aren't Plentiful
50 Range Raiders Well Organized, Says Illinois Operator
52 Take a Tip from Tommy Card: Reclaiming Storage Business First Step in Bringing Shop Back
56 CMAA Announces Schedule for Eight Workshops
56 GCSA to Move Offices to Illinois This Month
58 Women's Open to be Telecast for First Time
58 Kids Themselves Plan, Run 54-Hole Junior Tourney
60 Hole-in-One Contest to be Held During July
64 Seventh California Clinic
66 Evans Scholarships Awarded to Outstanding Caddies
66 Whitworth Leads Ladies PGA
68 Four-Year Dry Spell
90 [Bruce Crampton Plays at La Quinta CC, Calif. During CBS classic]
104 [Lloyd Mangrum Relaxes by Playing Organ Opposite the Apple Valley CC, Calif.]
105 [12th hole of Valencia GC, Saugus, Calif.]
107 Golf Business News
117 Classified Ads
121 Advertisers' Index
122 Table of Contents
1965 July
Volume #39, No. 7
1965 August
Volume #39, No. 8
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [Gary Player on the No. 1 Tee at Bellerive]
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
3 Front Cover
24 Indio Sends Out Scouts Before It Builds: It Seems Like Everyone in This Desert Town in California was Out Looking Over Courses Before the City Put in Its Muny Layout...With the Groundwork so Carefully Planned, It was Almost Impossible to Go Wrong When the Construction was Undertaken
28 If I Made All the Money My Members Think I Make.. ..."I'd be a Rich Man," Says This Milwaukee Pro...It's Time, He Says, that Those Erroneous Impressions About Markups and Net Profits be Straightened Out
32 Many Golfers Ask for Help in Interpreting What They Read: Will: Instruction Materials Help the Pros' Teaching Business
34 Original Concave-Face Wedge Given to USGA Museum
36 Pierre gets Lost in Woods - But They Improve His Game
38 Cost and Design Factors in the Irrigation Installation: Engineer Stresses Need for Careful Advance Study of Consumption, Capacity, etc. in Determining What should Go into the System
40 Park Commissioner, Pro, Supt., Manager, Head Tractor Driver, etc., etc.: Name the Job - Taylor Handles It at Black Mountain
44 Periscope Effect Used to Guide Golfers: Mirrors Aloft Take Guesswork Out of Blind Shots
46 Stretch Courses: Owners and Promoters, and Not the Architect, Insist on getting Everything Possible Out of the Land
48 Bob Russell Named Director of United Voluntary Services
50 Authority Derived from By-Laws: Member Agrees to Expulsion Liability When He Joins Club
52 Spending the Promotion Budget: Newspaper Ads and Direct Mail Continue to Produce the Best Results, According to Managers Who Run Public Patronized Clubs
56 Golf Books 
58 Manual Tells Officials How to Deal with Slow Players
60 Courses Available for CMAA Members and Their Employees
68 Claussen, Jeffrey Added to Golf Foundation Staff
72 Girls' Junior Championship
76 Women's Amateur
78 Ladies PGA Fall Schedule
96 Growing Turf the Hard Way
98 Federal Excise Taxes on Club Dues Repealed
108 Golf Business News
111 [Arnold Palmer Diving Range at Suffolk Downs, East Boston, Mass.]
117 Classified Ads
121 Advertisers' Index
122 Table of Contents
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
3 Front Cover
23 What have You Done to Improve Your Maintenance Operations?: Five Superintendents Describe Some Methods and Ideas They have Conceived that Make Course Management Easier... Maybe They Will Help You
24 -Maintains Nursery for Fairway Turf
24 -Deeper Roots Give Bermuda New Life
24 -Members are Interested in Turf Clinics
26 -Progress Also Consists of Looking Back
60 -Imagination Widens Use of Chemicals
28 Mid-Point Stopover: North Carolina CC, Built in 1964, and 10th Course in the Pinehurst Area, Offers Plenty of Hazards by Way of the Water, Interesting Tee Situations and a Semi-Automatic System Geared to Irrigate the 7,000-Yard Course in Easy Stages
30 Trap to be Installed for Property Protection
32 Drainage Renovation Stressed: Two Young Architects, Heavily Engaged in Course Reclamation Work for the Last Two Years, Cite Need of Better Systems for Drawing Off Excess Water
36 Golfdom to Absorb to Golf Business: Golf to Absorb Golfing: Golfdom, Golfing Sold to Publishers of Golf
38 Field Day at Michigan State: More Than 400 Turfmen Take Four-Acre Walk to See Demonstrations of New Developments in Their Field at July Gathering in East Lansing
42 As Wally Mund Sees It: Pro Shop Not Just a Clearinghouse for Merchandise
46 Promote Rainy Day Sales: A Script for a Club Clinic
50 A Onetime Pro Who Made the Switch from Selling Behind the Counter to the Front Side, Tells What He would do Now if He were to Go Back and Start Running a Shop Operation Again: The Picture Becomes Clearer When You Move Out of the Shop
52 Club Manager Workshops
56 N.Y. Court Sets Aside Jury Award for Injury to Young Caddiemaster: But Rules that Club may be Liable for Damages Through Action Taken Under Workmen's Compensation Law
58 Pack Named Administrative Assistant by Foundation
58 CMAA Clarifies Excise Repeal Provisions with IRS
64 Growing Turf the Hard Way
70 Provisions for Amateurs
72 Car Manufacturers Hold Annual Meeting in Denver
78 All-Time Leading Money Winners on Ladies PGA Circuit
93 Golf Business News
101 Classified Ads
105 Advertisers' Index
106 Table of Contents
1965 September
Volume #39, No. 9
1965 October/November
Volume #39, No. 10
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [Spyglass Hill Course on California's Monterey Peninsula]
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
3 Front Cover
24 Spyglass Hill: It has Inspired Robert Trent Jones and Robert Louis Stevenson, but It may Cause Frustrated Golfers to Throw Themselves onto the Rocks
28 Merchandising Hypnotism: Dazzling Displays that Make Subtle Suggestions to the Wallet Prompt Golfers to Buy Heavy at Plainfield CC Pro Shop
32 Dick Grout's Summer Program Outlined: 3-Phase Program Gives Junior Golfers Polish
34 Need to be Promoted Nationally, Pros Say: Duplicate Equipment Sales Never Got Off the Ground
36 Expect Christmas Sales Will Top Record $3,200,000
38 Country Club Operating Costs Up 33 Per Cent in Ten Years: Member's Dues Increased by 40 Per Cent and Purchases and Services by 26 Per Cent in Past Decade, Says Harris, Kerr, Forster Firm
40 World Amateur Matches
40 USGH Encounters Problems in Northern California Area
40 Northern Michigan Field Day
42 Supt. Dusts Off Old Figures: Course Maintenance Costs Compared Over a 26 Year Period
46 Put Maintenance Building in the Front Yard: Gordon Brinkworth Persuades Officials at Sunset Oaks to Build Beauty into the Superintendent's Workshop and Put It Up in the Vicinity of the Clubhouse
50 6 More for the Maintenance Idea Hopper: Keeping an Eye on Turf Research Work... Getting Help from Kids on Cleanup Jobs... Cutting Down on Employees' Walking Time... Improving Drainage... All Adds up to Better Ways of Getting Things Done Out on the Course
50 -Look Up Occasionally; See What's Going on
52 -Youngsters get Passes for Cleaning Up Course
52 -More Mechanization to Neutralize Higher Costs
70 -Puts Fingers on the Golf Car Paths
72 -Slit-Trench Drainage
52 [Install Signs at the Bottom of Posts]
56 Player Not Obliged to Give a Warning Before Hitting Shot
58 Southern California Show
60 562 Caddies in School
62 Rogue Valley Devises Traffic Citation, Complaint
62 USGA, ABC Look Ahead on TV Arrangements
64 Can't Fire Employees for Horseplay if It's Condoned by Foreman
66 Caddie, Accomplice Double-Team Golfers at Cleveland Course
68 Pros See No End to Boom in Golf
72 Minnesota Show and Conference
72 Florida Turf Conference
75 Organize Par 3 Group
82 Growing Turf the Hard Way
92 [Golf Business News]
94 -[Fourth Annual Turf Field Day of Cal-Turf, Held in Camarillo]
101 Classified Ads
105 Advertisers' Index
106 Table of Contents
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover
5 Table of Contents
7 Golf Business Outlook
9 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
32 New Bonanza in '66: Golfdom's Exclusive Survey Reveals that the Majority of Clubs Will Use the Excise Tax Saving for Major Improvements
36 Keep Your Best Foot Forward: Ways to Develop Your Golf Shoe Business and Receive a Bonus in Members' Good Will
42 Pipe Installed, but Play Continues
48 Winter Storage for Golf Cars: Taking the Right Steps Now can Prevent 1001 Headaches Next Spring When Many Other Jobs Demand Attention
50 How Much Equipment is Enough? 
56 Palmer Enterprises Add Japan to Market
62 Midwest Supts. Association Clinic Nov. 16-17
62 UCLA Turfgrass Expanded
67 Let Display be Your Buy-Word: Whatever the Size of Your Shop, You can Fresh Up Its Sales Atmosphere with These Tips
71 Night Frostbite Golf at N. J. Course
74 Club Pro Pointer: Getting the "Late Starter" Started
76 World's Country Club Title Tourney Set: Wedgewood Bowl Competition, Scheduled for Mid-December, Will Launch Plush New Bahamia Golf Club
80 $35,000 Purse Announced for PGA Seniors
82 Bigger and Better Par-Threes: The Beautiful Blue Rock Layout on Cape Cod is a Fine Example of How a Modern Par-Three can Attract Every Type of Golfer - From Novice to Expert
89 Seed Selection is Important: This First Step in Turf Operation may Seem Relatively Simple - But There are Pitfalls
92 Epitomized Turf Weed Survey
96 Book Reviews
98 Gift Wraps can Lead to More Profits 
105 Hall of Fame Elects First 15 Golfers
108 Golf Car Sales for '65 Estimated Up 13%
108 Coming Events
110 Forms to be Revised on Taxable Tips
112 Lifetime Sports to Hold Golf Clinics
114 Jones Receives Plaque Commemorating Grand Slam
116 National Golf Investment to Total $2 Billion
116 Whistling Device in Rod to Aid in Swing
118 When the Frost is on the Pencross
120 Texas Turfgrass Field Day
123 7 New Public Courses for L.A. County
126 AMF/Hogan Award to John Martino
130 Course Superintendent Honored by Pros: Gene Comely, Firestone C.C. Crew Presented Scroll Signed by Field in American Classic
132 Bob Watson Named Pro at New Course
135 New Products
136 Florida Water Resources Reviewed in Depth
137 Best Ball Color Still a Question Mark
142 People in the News
148 Classified
150 Advertisers' Index
151 Buyers' Service 
152 [Officials' Page]