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1967 January
Volume #41, No. 1                  
1967 February
Volume #41, No. 2
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover
5 Table of Contents
9 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
14 Jim Hobson Dies
16 Grau's Answers to Turf Questions
16 -[Pricing on Mixed Organic Fertilizers that Won't Burn and that Will be Long-Lasting]
22 Accent on Management
24 PGA Tempest Back in Teapot: Elaborate Compromise Allows Touring Professionals More 'Freedom' within Association Framework
30 A Plan for All Seasons: By Switching from Golf to Skiing in Winter, Smithtown Landing CC Keeps Its Cash Registers Ringing All Year Round
34 Horwath Survey Finds: Clubs Hard Pressed for Cash as Prices Continue Rise: Deficiency of Dues for Members' Equity Rises Again for Small and Medium Clubs During 1965
38 'Super Sheds' for Course Maintenance: Whether a Handsome Old Barn or a Modern Building, Superintendents' Sheds are No Longer Shanties 
42 38th Turfgrass Conference and Show: GCSAA to Back Ladybird?: With an Over-All Theme of "Keep America Beautiful," GCSAA Will Feature the Biggest Educational Program Ever
48 40th Annual CMAA Conference: Managers All Set for L.A.: Besides a Varied Educational Program, the CMAA Conference Will Also Feature a Semi-Annual Meeting of the CCM Committee
50 Sizing Up Golfwear 
54 40 Years Ago: Where Custom Clubs are King: From the 1890's to the Present Day, Spalding has been in the Forefront of This Highly Skilled and Exacting Craft
58 The Proper Approach to Training Assistants: Well-Groomed, Enthusiastic Shop Salesmen Spell the Difference Between Profit and Loss
60 1967 PGA Merchandise Show: Pros to See Prime Show: Exciting New Apparel and Golf Equipment Will be Introduced Under the "Big Top" at Palm Beach Gardens
68 List of PGA Exhibitors
82 People in the News
88 New Products 
96 Coming Events
102 Book Review
107 Chicago Area Golf Car Seminar Big Success
107 Forty Years Ago
120 Classified
122 Advertisers' Index
123 Buyers' Service 
124 [Officials' Page]
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover
5 Table of Contents
8 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
16 Grau's Answers to Turf Questions 
16 -[Failure Grasses on Fairways and Examining Each]
88 -[Question Concerning Where Common Bluegrass Comes From]
88 -[Water Shortages on Bent Fairways]
26 A Tribute...: [Joe and Herb Graffis: Founders of Golfdom]
28 Orchids for Herb & Joe, and Golfdom
30 Where did Those 40 Years Go?: Golfdom's Pioneer Editor Reviews the Solid Achievements and Contributions to the Industry the Magazine has Made
34 And to Think It All Started with $500!: The Golf Industry has Come a Long Way Since Julian Curtiss Brought Back that Assortment of Scotch Golf Clubs
36 40 Years Ago: 60 Years' Sprinkler Know-How: From the Early 1900s to the Present Day, Buckner Industries has been a Leader in the Field of Golf Course Irrigation
40 Vibrant, Coordinated Look for Spring: Perfectly Mated Items of Golf Apparel in Bold New Colors and Dazzling Patterns Will Make the "Total Look" Come of Age This Season
46 Learning from Last Year: Despite the Slings and Arrows Dished Out by Mother Nature in 1966, Superintendents can Congratulate Themselves on a Fine Year
52 The Golf Car of Tomorrow: The Radical Advance from Today's Plush Models Will be the Adoption of the Air-Cushion Principle
54 Club or General Manager?: While the General Manager Concept Offers the Advantage of Central Control, Many Still Prefer a Triumvirate Solution
62 Johnny Revolta Retires
66 New Format for Pro Biz School: The 1967 PGA Business School in St. Louis Will Offer a Special Curriculum for Head Pros, as Well as Assistants
70 Golf Outlook Remains Bullish: Despite Tight Money, Course Construction Stayed Healthy and Golf Equipment Sales and Number of Golfers Showed Steady Growth
85 Fourteen Years Ago
92 Book Review
96 Turfgrass Short Course
99 Coming Events
104 Classified
106 Advertisers' Index
107 Buyers' Service
108 [Officials' Page]
1967 March
Volume #41, No. 3
1967 April
Volume #41, No. 4
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover: [The Greenbrier, White Sulphur Springs, W. VA.,]
5 Table of Contents
8 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
16 Grau's Answers to Turf Questions
16 -[How Good are Your Tees?; Architects and Specifications; The Agronomic Side of It]
20 -[Where to Find Burners to Facilitate Thatch Disposal]
22 -[Effectiveness of Overseeding Fescue Greens with Penncross Bent Seed]
24 USGA Green Section Meeting: Modernizing - When, Why, How: Over 400 Persons Participated in a Thorough Program Covering Course Renovation to Putting Green Improvement
28 PGA Merchandise Show: Pro's Big "Top" Smash Hit: "The Best Show Ever in Terms of Sales..."
30 GCSAA Conference: Seminars are Super: A Record Attendance is Afforded a Well-Balanced Program at the 38th Annual Turfgrass Conference
38 CMAA 40th Annual Conference: Managers Turn Out Strong: Elections, Seminars and a Banquet of Excellent Ideas Highlight the Managers' Annual Meeting
44 Increasing Club Income: Profits Wrapped in Cellophane: Displaying Cigars in Compact Counter Unit Pays Off Handsomely for Several Country Clubs
46 Golf Car Maintenance: Experts Study Battery Care: The Following Report Resolves Many of the Conflicting Recommendations on Battery Maintenance
54 A Maintenance Shed that Works: With Proper Site Selection, Size and Type of Building and Layout, the Superintendent Will have a Shop, Not a Shanty
58 Buying for the Clubhouse: Keep the Element of Competition Among Your Suppliers and You'll get the Most Value for Your Purchasing Dollar
62 Buying for the Golf Course: Foresight, Frugality and Keeping Your Club's Interests Uppermost in Your Mind are the Keystones of Prudent Purchasing
66 Buying for the Pro Shop: Insurance for Successful Sales Includes Careful Planning, Study and Purchasing
70 Buyers Guide to 1967 Golf Clubs
112 Larson Opens Warehouse
131 Fathers and Sons Lunch at GCSAA Conference
134 A Strong Vote for Harmony
138 Coming Events
138 Kunik Kasuals Expand
140 People in the News
144 New Products
147 New Company for Bender
160 Classified
162 Advertisers' Index
163 Buyers' Service 
164 [Officials' Page]
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover
5 Table of Contents
8 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
16 Grau's Answers to Turf Questions
22 Accent on Management
24 A See-Through Pro Shop: Here's a Look into a Modern, Glass-Enclosed Shop that Offers Club Members a Complete "Golf" Service Center
30 A Question of Management: Superintendents should Not be Shy About Their Ability, but Show Their Clubs What They can do
36 Good Landscaping is an Asset: Golf Architecture can Create Many "Beauty Spots" that Add to the Attraction of Your Course 
42 Shoes with Sales Appeal: Smart Styling and Bold Color Puts New "Profit Punch" in Golf Footwear This Year
45 The ABC's of Golf Shoe Styles
48 Mist Blower vs. Boom Sprayer: Spraying is Becoming More Common Every Day. Here is a Comparison of Two Methods
52 Mowing by the Book: Getting the Greens into Fine Playing Condition for the New Season is a "Manual" Job at Olympia Fields
56 Clubhouse Security
56 -Pro
56 -Con
86 Prolong Life of Golf Cars
98 ASGCA Annual Meeting
102 New Products
112 Coming Events
114 People in the News
117 Classified
118 Advertisers' Index
119 Buyers' Service
120 [Officials' Page]
1967 May
Volume #41, No. 5
1967 June
Volume #41, No. 6
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover
5 Table of Contents
8 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
16 Grau's Answers to Turf Questions
16 In Memoriam
24 Accent on Management 
26 Good Growth Enjoyed by NGF: 31 New Members and a Record Attendance Highlight Success of Its Annual Meeting in New York City
28 The Super's Future in Golf: Unless Clubs Make Supers' Jobs More Attractive, They Will Lose the Cream of the Turf College Crop to Other Fields
34 Another Super Speaks Out...
36 Superintendents' Long Green: Have Golf Course Managers Really Improved Their Financial Position During the Past Twenty Years?
38 Confessions of a Club Pro: Despite having Every Member - and His Wife - as His Boss, the Life of This Professional is Not Without Its Compensations 
42 Two Greens are Better Than One: Alternate Greens on Each Hole Allow Maintenance Work on One Green, While Play Proceeds on the Other
46 Together We Stand, Divided...: The Superintendent, Professional and Manager Working Together Results in an Efficient, Member-Satisfied Club
50 Pennies from Heaven: Look to Rainwear to Boost Profits 
54 Do Wetting Agents Work?: Some Supers Enjoy Good Results with These Products, Others do Not. Here's a Positive Case
58 Let Lightning Play the Golf Course Alone: Posting This Article on Your Bulletin Board would be a Smart Move; It Won't Bore Anybody and It may Save Lives
67 Sanders Buys Building
68 Book Review
82 Lewis Line Equipment Catalog
84 New Products
92 People in the News
102 Toro Goes International
109 Coming Events
116 Classified
118 Advertisers' Index
119 Buyers' Service
120 [Officials' Page]
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover: [Mauna Kea Beach GC]
5 Table of Contents
8 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
14 Grau's Answers to Turf Questions
14 -[1967: The Year of the Superintendent]
18 -[Ways to Hold Poa annua Year Round]
18 -[Formula for Hydrated Lime on Greens During the Summer]
79 -[What Will Best Protect Against Poa Invasion?]
20 Accent on Management
22 Building for Better Service: Here is a New Multi-Facet Country Club Offering Golf, Swimming, Tennis and Skiing - A Real Year-Round Operation
28 Little Extras for Extra Service: Jewelry, Golf Novelties and Toiletries are Items Many Golfers Buy. Pro Shops Miss Added Member Service by Not Selling Them 
32 Give the Lady What She Wants: A Recent Survey Shows that Many Pro Shops should be More Aware of the Wants and Needs of Their Women Golfers
36 Design for Maintenance: No Matter How Unique or Beautiful a Course is, It has Little Value Unless It has been Laid Out for Easy Upkeep
40 Sizing Up Golfwear
44 Spotlight on Super Service: Demands on the Super Encompass More Than Maintenance - He Must Also be a Diplomat as Well as an Educator
52 The Long and the Short of It 
64 News About Fungicide
64 Sixty-Four Years Ago
64 Seventy-Two Years Ago
66 Book Review
70 Midwest Begins Expansion
80 New Products
84 People in the News
86 Eleven Years Ago
86 New Plant for Mallinckrodt
87 Jacobsen Starts Training Course
87 New Penco Catalog Available
87 Certain-Teed Changes Headquarters
88 Coming Events
88 Spero-Floodlighting Handbook
88 Wyandotte Builds New Plant
89 Classified
90 Advertisers' Index
91 Buyers' Service
92 [Officials' Page]
1967 July
Volume #41, No. 7
1967 August
Volume #41, No. 8
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover: [Skyline Country Club]
5 Table of Contents
6 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
10 Grau's Answers to Turf Questions
10 -[Summer Conditions: Heat with Humidity and How to Handle It]
72 -[Turf Will Take Wear and Tear Better and Suffer Less in Hot Weather if Potash Levels are Kept High]
72 -[The Optimal Level of a Mower for Desirable Playing Height]
73 -[Reasons Why Meyer Zoysia may not be Giving a Firm Stance for Golfers]
12 Accent on Management
14 Teaching Golf with TV: Instant Playback Makes for More Convincing Golf Instruction and Shortcuts Spotting Faults
20 Blending the Old with the New: Long Island Club Modernizes, Adds to Clubhouse, Yet Retains Atmosphere of Old Estate
26 Bringing Back a Beat-Up Course: Although the Budget is Small, Hard Work Revived This Iowa Publinx 
32 Knitwear Know-How: In the Fall, Sweaters Will be Big. Here are the ABC's of Yarns, Stitches and Stylings
34 Those Profit-Making Yarns: Fall's Array of Sweaters is Certain to Dazzle Your Customers and Put Punch in Your Sales
37 PGA Exhibitors Rate Show High: Golfdom's Survey Reveals that Sales and Attendance at the Florida Show in January were Well Up to the Companies' Expectations
42 Daily Checkup Keeps Old Cars Young: Ten Minutes a Car is All It Takes, but It can Save You Many Dollars in Major Repairs
47 Testing Jockey Sportswear
50 37 Years Ago
64 Book Review
66 People in the News
68 New Products
81 Classified
82 Advertisers' Index
83 Buyers' Service
84 [Officials' Page]
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover
5 Table of Contents
6 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
10 Grau's Answers to Turf Questions
12 Accent on Management
14 Profile of a Merchandiser: From Shopboy to Pro-Manager, Nick Lombardo has Steadily Climbed Upward - Today His Shops Gross Over $300,000 Annually
18 …Pros Also Rate PGA Show High: Part II of Golfdom's Survey Reveals that Nearly 80 Per Cent of the Professionals Attending the PGA Merchandise Show in January Rated It More Effective than the 1966 Show
22 Design and Use of Irrigation Systems: Having a Proper Irrigation System is a Simple Necessity, but Understanding How to Plan and Employ It Effectively is Highly Complex
26 After Labor Day - What Then?: Imaginative Use of Foods, Parties, Dancing, Sports and Cultural Functions can Make This a Most Productive Season
31 Minor Element Deficiency Symptoms in Turfgrass
34 New Mix for Bare Turf Spots
36 Is Your Golf Car Insurance Adequate?: A Country Club Insurance Consultant Points Out that Many Clubs Face Financial Ruin Because of Insufficient Insurance Coverage 
40 Sizing Up Golfwear
44 The Case of the Careless Caddie 
50 New 18 for Firestone
56 Fownes Acquires All Star
66 New Products
69 Coming Events
70 People in the News
80 Classified
82 Advertisers' Index
83 Buyers' Service
84 [Officials' Page]
1967 September
Volume #41, No. 9
1967 Fall
Volume #41, No. 10
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover
7 Table of Contents
8 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
14 Accent on Management
16 Shoot for a Successful '68: Whether It's Budgeting Space in Your Shop, Buying or Selling Equipment or Apparel, You should Plan Now for Maximum Profits Next Year
22 Seeding Greens the Easy Way: The Hydro-Seeding Method Used at This Club Proved Fast and Efficient, and Overcame the Problems of Tracking and Erosion, too
26 Tamers of the Desert Sand: Superintendents in the South - West Need All Their Skills - And a Lot of Water - to Make Grass Prosper Where Once the Saguaro Cactus Ruled
30 Review This Season to Plan for Next
30 -The Rule of Seven: By Taking a Long, Hard Look at His Business from Personnel to Public Relations, the Professional can Uncover the Problem Areas that Need Correcting
34 -The Long and Short of It: While Short-Term Planning is Needed, a Long-Range Master Plan is How the Super Will Ultimately Improve the Quality of the Course
38 -It's Almost as Easy as ABC: By Channeling His Thoughts into Activities, Business and Conditions the Manager can Dig Out Important Data Vital to Next Year's Success
42 Golf Car Sales are Still Soaring
48 Part I - The Factors Behind the High Cost of Adequate Fire Coverage: Fire Insurance
64 New Products
71 50 Years Ago
72 People in the News
74 Coming Events
75 Book Review
82 Classified
84 Advertisers' Index
85 Buyers' Service
86 [Officials' Page]
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover
7 Table of Contents
10 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
14 Grau's Answers to Turf Questions
14 -[The Turfgrass Industry has Grown Resulting in Professional Turf Consultants]
14 -[Filtering Out Oil from the River to Use the Water for the Sprinkler System]
16 -[Frequency of Putting Calcined Clay into Greens]
16 -[Information on Correspondence Courses at Home; Also School for Running and Keeping Golf Courses]
75 -[Question Regarding Slow-Releasing Fertilizers and Leaching]
75 -[Question Regarding When to Use Straight Nitrogen Following Soil Testing]
75 -[What Size Tine to Use for Opening Greens and Risks Associated]
75 -[How to Donate to Joseph Valentine Living Memorial]
75 -Where can One Find the Scope of the Turfgrass Industry in the United States?
19 Accent on Management 
22 Golfdom Sizes Up... 
24 Budgeting & Planning for the Pro Shop
30 Budgeting & Planning for the Clubhouse
32 Budgeting & Planning for the Golf Course
38 Putting Golf Cars to Bed for the Winter: Here are Some Helpful Hints for Storing Golf Cars During Cold Weather Which should Pay Off in Big Dividends When Spring Arrives
44 Winter Golf the Easy Way: Neither Sleet, Nor Snow or Rain can Stay These Golfers from Their Appointed Rounds When They Swing Away on These Indoor Golf Courses
46 Are Your Grounds Too Green?: It Takes a Splash of Color to Break-Up the Monotony of a Solid Sea of Green. Flowers are the Answer
52 Christmas Contest Designed to Boost Pro-Shop Sales
54 Merchandising Tools - Display: If They don’t See It, They won't Buy It: Eye-Catching Presentation of Your Merchandise can Cause Your Customers to Stop, Look... and Buy!
58 Part II - Here are Various Steps You can Take to Reduce the High Cost of Adequate Fire Coverage at Your Country Club: Fire Insurance
80 New Sprayer Catalog
82 Weight It Out
86 Golf Ball Trivia
91 Coming Events
96 Book Review
97 Pentenero Heads Metropolitan Course Supts. Association
97 21 Years Ago
98 New Products
102 News of the Industry
104 People in the News
118 Classified
120 Advertisers' Index
121 Buyers' Service 
122 [Officials' Page]