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1968 January
Volume #42, No. 1                  
1968 February
Volume #42, No. 2
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover
4 Tips from a Superintendent: #1 in a Series: "How I Prepared the Course for the Western Open"
7 Table of Contents 
10 Swinging Around Golf
14 Answers to Turf Questions
14 -[A Proposed "Check-List" for the Guidance of Inter-Club Conferences]
85 -[Fall and Winter Treatments with N may Replace Overseeding with Cool Season Grasses]
85 -[Explanation for Percentage Difference in N Recovery for Fertilizers]
85 -[Superintendents Facilitate the Changeover from English to Metric Measures]
16 Accent on Management
18 Turfgrass Research Review
24 GCSAA: 39th Turfgrass Conference and Show: Supers to View "What's New": Over 3,000 GCSAA Members, Agronomists and Educators Will Come This Year to See the "Greatest Show on Turf"
26 New Products
32 1968 PGA Merchandise Show: PGA Pros Gather Under the "Big Top": The Latest and Best in Golf Equipment and Apparel Will be at the PGA Headquarters in Palm Beach Gardens
38 41st Annual CMAA Conference: CMAA Managers to Meet in Philly: Besides a Varied Educational Program, the CMAA is Planning a Special Discussion on the Future of the Management Area
40 Merchandising Tools: What are Display Fixtures?: On the Ensuing Pages are the ABC's of Display Props - Another Tool Which can be Used to Lead to Bigger Profits 
42 Club Managers' Day at the 52nd National Hotel and Motel Exposition
48 Put a Woman in Your Shop: Your Profits Will Increase with a Person Who can Sell Both Your Lady Members as Well as the Men
54 Club's Reservoir Pays Off: By Building Two Lakes, a Midwest Club was Able to Solve Its Watering System Problem and Beautify the Course at the Same Time
84 People in the News
86 Golf Course Architects' Guide
87 News of the Industry
87 Coming Events
87 Western Pro Golf Merchandise Show
92 Classified
94 Advertisers' Index: Golfdom Magazine
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover
4 Tips from a Superintendent: #2 in a Series: Progress Report on the Beautiful New Playboy Club-Hotel Course in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin
7 Table of Contents
10 Swinging Around Golf
12 Answers to Turf Questions
12 -[The Benefits of Lime Application on Turf]
14 -[Converting from Sand Greens]
14 -[Repel Deer from Your Greens]
16 Accent on Management
18 Turfgrass Research Review
25 1968 Golf Car Guide
26 -No More Wear and Tear: With More than 100,000 Golf Cars Rolling on Today's Courses, the Problem of Preventing Grass Damage is Mounting - but Solutions are in Sight
28 -Get the Most Out of Car Batteries: Keep Your Fleet Charged Up and Ready to Go by Following a Few Simple Rules on Battery Maintenance
30 -To Lease or Not to Lease: If You have Believed that Purchase is the Only Way to Fill Your Car Demands, You should Look into the Advantages of a Leasing Program
32 -Keep Those Engines Purring: Regular Maintenance Will Protect Your Investment, Keep Your Car Operation in the Black - and Your Members Happy
45 -The Need for Driver Safety: With Ever-Increasing Golf Car Traffic, Drivers Must be Made to Heed the "Rules of the Road"
36 The Aluminum Shaft Dilemma: Will Golfers Go with Arnie and Aluminum or Stay with Steel or Fiberglass? The Club Manufacturers are Prepared for Any Eventuality
46 Supers Declare War on Weevil: When the Hyperodes Weevil Struck at New York Courses, Superintendents in the Metropolitan Area Banded Together to Sponsor the Research Needed
50 Flood Problems Down the Drain: Although This New Jersey Club had to Wait Five Years to Test Out Its Improved Drainage, the Summer of '67 Proved It Right
56 The Education of a Pro: This Year, Something New has been Added to the PGA Business School Program - A Soft Goods Seminar, Conducted by Retailing Experts, Will be Held in New York
64 Space-Age Training for Your Club: Today's Basic, Standard Pieces of Audio Visual Equipment can be Put to Work in the Nation's Clubs Here and Now
81 People in the News
84 Golf Course Architects' Guide
88 New Products
94 News of the Industry
94 Coming Events
95 Classified
96 Advertisers' Index: Golfdom Magazine
1968 March
Volume #42, No. 3
1968 April
Volume #42, No. 4
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [Sharon G.C., Akron, Ohio]
7 Table of Contents
8 Tips from a Superintendent: #3 of a Series: Pebble Beach Golf Links... Playground of the Stars
13 Swinging Around Golf
14 One of a Series: Insurance for Your Club: Here are the Ways a Country Club can Insure Its Real and Personal Property Against the Various Direct Damage Perils
23 Answers to Turf Questions
23 -[Only Buy Penncross Seed that is Blue Tag Certified]
23 -[Inquiry into the Pennsylvania Turfgrass Survey]
23 -[Recommended Rate for Seeding Pencross Bent for Putting Greens]
23 -[Reduce the Deterioration of Putting Green Soil Mixtures and Restore Favorable Infiltration Rates]
25 -[Future Potential for Sewage Effluent as a Water Source for Turf]
25 -[Hydraulic Seeding as a Practical and Economical Alternative Method]
25 -[Cut Off Turf Fertilization in the Fall or Continue It Through the Winter?]
25 Bear Changes Hands
26 Accent on Management
28 Turfgrass Research Review
32 Buying for the Pro Shop: It's Up to You...: Successful Buying Depends on Your Own Research, Planning and Keen Interest in the Job that Must be Done
34 For Men Only: Sharon's Founders Spared No Expense in Producing This Fine, New Course and a Clubhouse that has Strictly Male Appeal
44 Buying for the Golf Course: Purchasing is an Art: Whether the Superintendent is Buying Materials, Services or Labor, He Must be Certain the Club is Receiving Full Value for Every Dollar It Spends
48 USGA Greens Section Meeting: Operation Putting Green: Besides Covering All Matter Connected with the Greens, This Year's Meeting Saw Yet Another Superintendent Given the USGA Greens Section Award
54 Promotions for Your Shop: By Using a Few Easily Obtained Materials, You can Create Exciting Promotions to Bring Members into Your Shop in a Buying Mood
58 Buying for the Clubhouse: It's Cheaper to Go First Class: Bargain-Hunting for Country Club Needs is Much Like Buying for the Home or Anywhere Else - No Matter What the Product is, You can Expect to get Exactly What You Pay for
62 Golf Forecast: A Bright Future: Continued Course Development in America is Tangible Proof of the Extent and Stable Nature of the Game's Growth
70 Make Your Fleet Pay Off: With Costs Rising Each Year, the Club Must Take a New Look at Its Original Investment as Well as Parts and Services
76 How to Hire a Pro
78 News of the Industry
86 Coming Events
87 PGA Show is Bigger & Better 
100 Year-Round Spring Cleaning: Year-Round Attention to Upkeep can Reduce the Confusion and Expense of This Annual Headache 
108 New Products
116 People in the News
119 Golf Course Architects' Guide
121 Classified
122 Advertisers' Index: Golfdom Magazine
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover
5 Table of Contents
8 Swinging Around Golf
10 Letters to the Editor
12 Tips from a Superintendent: #5 in a Series: Some Work-Saving Ideas We've Developed at Medinah
14 Answers to Turf Questions
14 -[Does Turf Need a Clearing House? Perhaps the Industry is Ready for a National Turfgrass Council]
14 -[Grasses Suitable for Fairway Use]
14 -[Spraying Fairways for Disease Control: Get Rid of Poa and Protect Your Permanent Turf]
14 -[Treating Dollarspot on Fairways]
18 Accent on Management
23 Turfgrass Research Review
24 An Open Letter to a Pro 
26 Play It Cool: Tiny Pedone Doubled Edgmont (Pa.) Golf Club's Social Membership After Installation of Air Conditioning
28 Backers of this Puerto Rican Resort Defied Heavy Odds Both in Building the Course and in getting It Ready for Play in a Few Months - and They Won Both Bets: El Conquistador's Gamble
32 Confessions of a Superintendent: Having Read the Confessions of a Club Pro in a Previous Issue of Golfdom, the Author has Asked for Equal Time for the Superintendent
36 If I were a Pro...: The Pro has So Many Plusses Going for Him that This Merchandiser Wishes He had Even Just the 'Locked-in' Loyal Clientele
42 The Importance of the Shaft: You Send the Same Registration Number to the Same Manufacturer and the Customer Still Complains that the Set doesn't Feel Right. The Reason could Well be the Wrong Shaft
48 The GCSAA Goes West: San Francisco Plays Host to 39th Annual Conference: Miami Beach Named 1969 Site: Brandt Elected President: Donaldson Wins Trophy
48 Of Interest at the Superintendent Show
50 Proper Lighting is Growing in Importance: Increased Emphasis on Fashion, and Its Sales Potential, Warns the Pro to Give More Thought to Visual Presentations
62 Step Up to Better Golf: Full-Color Showcase of Some of This Year's Sure Profit-Makers in Golf Footwear, Featuring New Styling Treatments and Imaginative Textures Combinations
70 News of the Industry
73 New Products
80 People in the News
99 Golf Course Architects' Guide
101 Classified
102 Advertisers' Index: Golfdom Magazine
1968 May
Volume #42, No. 5
1968 June
Volume #42, No. 6
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover
5 Table of Contents
6 Tips from a Superintendent: #4 in a Series: How We Meet the Challenges of the Desert
8 Swinging Around Golf
10 Miss Us?
16 Answers to Turf Questions 
16 -[Philadelphia Association of Golf Course Superintendents Holds Exemplary Conference]
16 -[Request a Copy of the Program from the Philadelphia Association Conference]
16 -[Recognize Poor Drainage When It doesn't Show on the Surface]
16 -[Include Penncross Creeping Bent in Fairway Mixtures]
18 Accent on Management
23 Turfgrass Research Review
26 A Superintendent's Challenge: North Jersey CC (Wayne, N.J.) Presents Dick Williams with a Unique Problem - A Front Nine that has a Rock-Shale Base and a Back Nine that has a Clay Base
28 You can Cut on-Course Waiting Time: A Computer Program can Now Provide Alternatives, Without Eliminating Any Holes, to Speed Up Play on Existing or Unconstructed Courses
33 9 Ways to Sell Used Clubs: Here are Some Proven Methods for Successfully Moving Trade-ins that can Easily be Adopted by Any Pro
34 School for Teenagers: Investment for the Future: PGA Pro Bill Farkas Teaches Each New Summer Class Not Only How to Play Golf, but How to Run a Pro Shop and How to Maintain a Course
38 Trends in Car Path Design: The Increasing Demand for Additional Paths is Such that Even the Old-Line Private Clubs are Unable to Withstand the Pressure
41 Should You Go Public or Private?: The Author Feels the Latter Offers the Best Chance of Success and Details Why
44 Installing a Good Drainage System: The First, and Most Important, Part of Eliminating Surplus Water on the Course is to Determine What the Cause is. From There, Careful Work on Main and Lateral Lines, Joints, and Catch Basins Will do the Job
49 Prizes can Boost Sales: One Manufacturer Knows This and is Offering 3 Promotions, Each with Instruction Kit, Give Aways and Incentive Specials
50 Retailers, Suppliers Show Pros How to Sell: Enthusiasm High on One-Day Seminar by Ernie Sabayrac Associates and PGA
54 CMAA Peers into the Future: 41st Annual Conference Centers on What Clubs Will be Like 10, 20 Years from Now
62 People in the News
66 Legal Briefs: What Constitutes Breach of Contract?: Golf Course Contends Construction Company didn't Distribute Topsoil in Accordance with Specifications
70 New Products
76 Sweepstakes for the Club Pro: Hole-in-One Contest Gives Him a Chance to Win $1,000 Without Even Swinging a Club
83 News of the Industry
92 Golf Course Architects' Guide
95 Classified
96 Advertisers' Index: Golfdom Magazine
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [Hound Ears, North Carolina]
5 Table of Contents
6 Tips from a Superintendent: #1 in a Series: "How I Prepared the Course for the Western Open"
8 Swinging Around Golf
10 Won't You Help Us?
17 Turfgrass Research Review
20 Accent on Management
24 Answers to Turf Questions
24 -[The Turfgrass Worker's Duty to Preserve Turf History]
24 -[Bermudagrass in Northern Virginia]
24 -[Fescue Greens on Older Courses]
24 -[You can Make Your Putting Green Surface Out of Zoysia]
24 -[States Where Turfgrass Work was Pioneered]
26 Confessions of a Manager: Having Seen 'Confessions' of a Pro and a Superintendent in Golfdom, a Club Manager Asked for Equal Time to Air His Side of the Country Club Story
30 Accurate Records can Save You Money: A Superintendent Keeps His Costs and Labor Down by Detailing Time Spent on Each Job
34 An Open Letter to a Superintendent: The Controversial Opinions Expressed in 'Confessions of a Superintendent' Draw Sharp Rebuttal from New England
36 Need Cash? Try Uncle Sam: If All Else Fails, the Small Business Administration has 3 Types of Loan Programs Available to the Pro
38 A 4-Point Plan for Club Managers
44 Knowing How to Use These Tools - Display Properties, Materials, Decorations and Mechanical Units - Will Boost Your Profits: Let Visual Aids Help You Sell
46 Data for Club Managers
49 Careful Application of Various Chemicals Will Eliminate Almost Every Type of Undersirable [Undesirable] Plant Growth: Are Your Water Holes Double Hazards?
56 Legal Briefs: The Problem of Interlocking Ownership: Spectator Who is Injured at Golf Match Selects Wrong 'Owner' When Filing Suit
57 New Products
64 Fitting Clubs the 'Mod' Way: New Machine Not Only Aids the Pro in Teaching, It Helps Him Determine the Correct Club Specifications for the Pupil
66 People in the News
67 News of the Industry
72 One of a Series: Insurance for Your Club: More Protection is Available in Fire Coverage by Broadening the Policy from 'Specific' to 'Blanket'
74 Golf Course Architects' Guild [Guide]
76 Coming Events
78 Classified
80 Advertisers' Index
1968 July
Volume #42, No. 7
1968 August
Volume #42, No. 8
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [Westchester C.C., Harrison, N.Y.]
9 Table of Contents
10 Swinging Around Golf
14 Tips from a Superintendent: #2 in a Series: Progress Report on the Beautiful New Playboy Club-Hotel Course in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin
16 Letters to the Editor
20 Answers to Turf Questions
20 -[Dealing with Excess Water]
20 -[Will Slow Growing Bermudagrasses Suffer from Overseeding?]
20 -[Mixing Fescue and Bluegrass]
22 Accent on Management
26 An Open Letter to My Friends in Golf
27 Turfgrass Research Review
32 Keep Your Members Informed: How a Country Club Spends Its Money is Naturally of Vital Concern to Its Members. Here are a Few Pointers on the Annual Profit and Loss Statement
34 Fertilizer - How Much?: The Author Discusses the Factors Affecting Plant Growth & Lays Down Some Simple Rules to Guide the Superintendent in Turfgrass Feeding
41 Put Color in the Shop and Black in Your Ledger: Creative Use of Color Attracts Customers and Stimulates Spending
42 Ex-PGA Champ Goes Public: Jerry Barber is Happier and does a Better Business Since Becoming Head Pro at Griffith Park
46 Trees do More Than Just Stand There: Aside from Reducing Wind, Blocking Off Unsightly Views and Beautifying the Course, They Sell Memberships
50 Get'em to Stop, Look & Buy!: Attention-getting Displays that Face Traffic and Hold Interest Will get Customers' Wallets Out
54 Manage or be Managed: Club Management Institute Offers Classes on All Aspects of Running a Club, Concentrating on the Theme 'Solutions Today for Tomorrow's Problems'
65 New Products
66 Golf Course Architects' Guide
68 Coming Events
69 News of the Industry
70 Classified
70 People in the News
72 Advertisers' Index
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover
5 Table of Contents
8 Golfdom Speaks Out
10 Letters to the Editor
11 -Another Rebuttal
14 Swinging Around Golf: Problem: Getting Jobs & Jobless Together
18 Tips from a Superintendent: #3 of a Series: Pebble Beach Golf Links... Playground of the Stars
20 Answers to Turf Questions
20 -Getting Ready for the Metric System
20 -[Ideas for Developing a Horticulture Feature for the Golf Club]
21 -[Recommendations for Hydraulic Seeding]
24 Accent on Management: Should Your Club be Tax Exempt?
29 Turfgrass Research Review: Latest Developments in New Grasses
37 30 Yards Makes a World of Difference: New Pro Shop Complex at Lake Success GC was Built a Stone's Throw Away from the Old Site. Result is a Command Post for the Entire Golf Operation
42 Is This Any Way to Run a Pro Shop? You Bet It is!: Bob Klewin and His Wife, Maryellen, Team Up to Produce Inventive Displays at Tucson National - But that's Only Half of It. They Listen to Suggestions by Members; Study Trends; Order Goods Early, and Watch What's Bought
46 Don't Let Winter Freeze Your Profits: By Putting a Big Effort into Gracious Dining, the Glen View Club does an Off-Season Business of Up to 70% of What is Grossed During the Summer
50 The Functional Approach: Every Member Wants a Beautiful Club, but be Sure Yours is Designed Practically. A Good Architect should be Able to Accomplish Both
55 Does Your Course Cheat?: Is Faulty Design Costing Your Players 2 or 3 Strokes a Round?
56 Analyze Your Turf & Save Money: Latest Techniques Such as Spectrophotometer Analysis Reveal Early Deficiencies Practically and Economically
58 Golf Course Owner Trims Costs by Converting and Then Installing System Himself: Automatic Irrigation on a Shoestring
62 New Products
66 Coming Events
67 News of the Industry
72 Golf Course Architects' Guide
74 Classified
76 Advertisers' Index
1968 September
Volume #42, No. 9
1968 October/November
Volume #42, No. 10
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover
5 Table of Contents
6 Tips from a Superintendent: #4 in a Series: How We Meet the Challenges of the Desert
8 Golfdom Speaks Out: A Peaceful Solution
10 Swinging Around Golf: PGA Needs Some Schooling
16 Answers to Turf Questions
16 -A Tribute to Howard B. Musser
16 -[Fairway Turf Damaged and Killed by Maintenance Equipment]
18 -[Question Regarding Recommended Height and Feeding Program for Penncross Bent Grass]
18 -[Three Questions Regrading Grain]
18 -[Stop Bermudagrass Encroachment]
21 Turfgrass Research Review: Reports on Soil Problems
26 Accent on Management: Relinquishing the Non-Profit Exemption
28 Turf Students are Wiser
30 A Menu for Off-Season Profits: This Club Manager Shows How He Capitalizes on and Promotes the Following Events to Boost Off-Season Income: Fifth Quarter (After Football Games); Sunday Brunch (After Football on TV); World Series; Halloween; Election Night, and Thanksgiving Day
34 This is the Work Week that was: "It's Our Responsibility as Club Managers to Examine Our Personnel in Light of the Space Age and Forget About the Horse and Buggy Days."
36 Pro's Corner / A Case Against the 14-Club Limit
38 Need Unusual Selling Ideas? Try These!: Howard Smith gets Sales by Any Means that He can - Displaying Posters with Sale Prices Upside Down, Buying Stock in Quantity to Take Full Markup, Moving Goods Around, Etc.
42 Your Guide for Ordering '69 Fashions: Here are Ten Pointers that Show You How to Avoid Over-Spending and Over-Ordering as Well as Ways to Cash in on Late Season Trends
44 Are Your Course Maintenance $ $ Spent Wisely?
50 The Copter: New Tool for the Super: Among the Factors Offsetting the Cost are: The Course is Sealed Off for Less Time, Fungicides Take Hold Faster, and Loss of Manpower is Considerably Reduced
52 Department of Agriculture Soil Conservation Service Unit Comes to the Rescue of Sidney, Ohio Golf Course: 'The Dam is Leaking!'
55 A Car for All Golfers: The Needs of the Modern Golfer were of Paramount Importance in Car's Design
56 New Products
64 People in the News
68 Landscaping Advice
69 News of the Industry
70 Golf Course Architects' Guide
73 Coming Events
74 Classified
76 Advertisers' Index
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover
5 Table of Contents
6 Tips from a Superintendent: #3 of a Series: Pebble Beach Golf Links... Playground of the Stars
8 Golfdom Speaks Out: PGA-APG: New Negotiators Needed
12 Swinging Around Golf: Split Will Hurt Players, Not Club Pros
16 Accent on Management: Where does Attire Fit in with a Club's Prestige?
20 Answers to Turf Questions: Need: Cool-Season Turf for Fairways
23 Turfgrass Research Review: Discussion of Soil Heating, Thatch Development
26 Supply Lines to Club Profit: Food and Drink Mean to the Club Manager's Revenues What Rain and Sunshine Mean to the Superintendent's Greens. And, if They don't, They should. The Following Article Gives Useful Hints on the Stocking, Merchandising, Promoting and Pricing of Some Foods and Wines
32 Get Out of the Red with Systematic Budgeting: Analyze Income, Break Down Expenses, Study Each Department... Then Project the Future. Here's How
34 Pro's Corner / A College Degree in Golf
40 '69 Fashion Preview: Texture, Stretch and Collors [Colors] Will Make the Profit Picture for the Club Pro
48 It Pays to Advertise: Club Pro Merchandisers Add Sales with Small but Effective News Ads for Xmas. Use These "do's" and "dont's" to Prepare Your Ad
57 Course Checklist: How Much Equipment is Enough?
68 A Case for Wetting Agents
72 How to Winterize Your Course: Now's the Time for Improvements. Ideas: Build Concrete Drainage Pans, Repair Machinery, Paint Equipment...
78 Is Your Club Half Safe?: Here is a List of 20 Common Hazards to Golfers and Bystanders at Any Course. Law Suits and Accident Claims are Making Clubs More Aware of These Dangers and of the Need for Safety Committees
84 Put a Charge in Your Golf Car Operation: Utilize Proper Facilities, Quality Personnel and Good Maintenance to Boost Your Fleet's Effectiveness
88 New Products
94 News of the Industry
102 Coming Events
104 People in the News
108 Golf Course Architects' Guide
110 Classified
112 Advertisers' Index