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1970 January
Volume #44, No. 1                  
1970 February
Volume #44, No. 2
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover
5 Table of Contents
14 Turfgrass Research Review: How Photoperiod, Cold Treatment Affect Rhizome and Tiller Development
22 Answers to Turf Questions: Q's and A's
22 -[Suggest Some Treatment(s) by Which to Hold Bluegrass?]
26 -[Selecting Family Grasses in Hilly Country on Clay Soil While Fairways Run Through Heavy Oak Woods?]
26 -[What can You Tell Us of New Turfgrass Book on Market?]
54A Winter Profit Plan: Sweep Out that Empty Club Storage Room, Set Up Some Practice Nets and Your [You're] Ready for an Avalanche of Lesson-Seeking Members
54A Pros' Par
54B An End to the Letter Game
30 Accent on Management: NCA's Annual Conference
34 Swinging Around Golf: Pennies from Heaven, It wasn't
42 Previewing the Big Three
43 -PGA
44 --Golf Cars, Carts, Equipment
44 --Golf Equipment
54 --Golfwear, Shoes, Gloves
120 --Accessories
120 --Other
65 -CMAA
72 --Golf and Utility Cars
72 --Irrigation Equipment
73 --Maintenance Vehicles
80 --Turf Products, Sprayers
86 --Accessories
121 --Other
57 Pros Heading to the PGA Merchandise Show Will Find that Stainless Steel is as Scarce as Gold: The Stainless Steel Dilemma
58 Spring into Print: Patterns and Knits Will Aid Pro Shop Sales This Coming Season
69 Washington Cuts Back FHA Loans: A Tight Fiscal Policy, Designed to Curb Inflation, is the Reason Cited by the Government. Construction of New Golf Courses Will be Dampened
115 People in the News
116 News of the Industry
122 American Society of Golf Course Architects
122 -A Definition
123 -Membership
124 Golf Course Architects' Guide
126 Classified
130 Advertiser's Index
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover
5 Table of Contents
14 Letters to the Editor: Spalding's Statement on Stainless Steel Shafts
19 Swinging Around Golf: Golf Business Education
22 Panorama of Golf
26 Accent on Management: Group Action by Private Clubs; Tax Reform Act
32 Turfgrass Research Review: Balancing Nitrogen-Potassium Nutrition in Turfgrasses
41 Second Annual Marketing and Research Issue
41 -Finding Out Where Golf is Heading
42 -Superintendents: ...Spent More Than Ever Before in 1969 and are Likely to Exceed Their Budgets for 1970
56 -Professionals: ...Fought Back Last Summer's Bad Weather and Sales Lag to Top Record Revenues Made in 1968
62 -Club Managers: ...Do a Thriving Business in Food and Liquor Sales, but 1970 Budgets Show that They are Still Struggling with Sharp Increases in Overhead and Operating Expenditures
80 -1970: The Year of the Golf Car: The Number of Golf Cars Continues to Rise, with Even Sharper Increases Predicted for Next Year
48 Part One: Here is a Fast, Easy Reference to the Most Frequently Asked Questions About Automatic Irrigation: Automatic Irrigation: Ask the Experts
55 Coming Events
83 News of the Industry
84 Fashion Facts
87 People in the News
88 Golf Course Architects' Guide
91 Classified
92 New Products
94 Advertiser's Index
1970 March
Volume #44, No. 3
1970 April
Volume #44, No. 4
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover
5 Table of Contents
8 Golfdom Speaks Out: Pros Beware!
14 Letters to the Editor
16 Swinging Around Golf: Superintendent Job Insecurity
22 Turfgrass Research Review: What are the Nutritional Requirements of Annual Bluegrass?
29 Answers to Turf Questions: Q's and A's
29 -[Our Soil is Comprised of Well-Drained Glacial Material, is Tile Drainage Necessary?]
29 -[We do Not Use Crabgrass Preventive Chemicals, should We Aerify Our Fairways in the Spring Ahead of Reseeding?]
32 -[How does Artificial Turf Compare to Natural Turf?]
36 Buy to Suit Your Customers
36 -Private
36 -Municipal
37 -Resort
42 Is Your Shop Ready for the '70s?: A Broader Approach to Merchandising can Increase Today's Pro Shop Sales to a High Volume Business
50B A New Brand of Pro
53 Turf Product Prices: Will You be Caught Off Guard?: Look for a Sharp Rise in the Prices of High-Quality Seeds. Fertilizer Prices Will Also Swing Upward
59 Part Two: Golfdom Continues Its Rundown on the Most Frequently Asked Questions About Automatic Irrigation: Automatic Irrigation: Ask the Experts
75 Realistic Wine Pricing can Increase Your Profits and Build Up Volume, but More Important to Some Members may be the Special Kind of Ambience that Wines Create: Make Wines Work for You
78 Bureau of Outdoor Recreation: A New Source of Funds?: The BOR may be an Alternative for Those Who are Counting on FHA Backing
83 News of the Industry
85 Convention Flashback
85 -CMAA
85 --Convention Notes
85 --Elections
85 --Idea Fair Winners
86 -PGA
86 --Show Notes
87 --Fashion Notes
87 --Exhibitor Notes
88 --Show Notes
89 --A GCSAA Tradition
89 --Product Notes
90 Coming Events
92 New Products
94 Golf Course Architects' Guide
96 Classified
98 Advertiser's Index
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover
5 Table of Contents
8 Letters to the Editor
13 Swinging Around Golf: Education is Badly Needed
19 Accent on Management: Conference Highlights
22 Turfgrass Research Review: How Nitrogen Fertilizers Affect Washington Creeping Bentgrass
38 Answers to Turf Questions
38 -Outlook for the Sensible Seventies
40 -[What are the Pitfalls of Kentucky 31 Fescue for Turf on Golf Courses?]
40 -[Could Our Snow Mold be Because We Fed Late with a High-Nitrogen Complete Fertilizer]
40 -[Am I Eligible for a Membership to the American Society of Agronomy? Would It be to My Advantage? How would I get One?]
42 Reflections on the Superintendent's Image: Perhaps Our Image is Difficult to Define, Says This Figurative Superintendent, Because We don't Know What We Want
49 Get the Most Out of Equipment: Careful Maintenance and Proper Operational Practices can Greatly Prolong the Life Span of Machinery
52 Instant Communication: With a Two-Way Radio System Key Personnel can Go Anywhere on the Course and Still Maintain Contact with Each Other. Such a System can Also Mean the Difference Between Life and Death, as One Dellwood CC Member Found Out
58 Spiraling Property Taxes are Threatening the Existence of Many Golf Courses. In Fact, Some are Thinking of Pulling Up Stakes and Moving to the Country Where the Tax Climate Might be More Favorable: The Menacing Property Tax
62 Go-Golf is Part of an Intensive Campaign for Faster Play at Los Angeles Golf Courses. Its Avid Supporter, Golf Manager Ray Goates, Claims that Faster Play can Result in Higher Profits for Golf Operators and Better Scores for Golfers: Think Speed!
70 Heating Up the Winter Season: Platform Tennis can Take the Off-Season Drab Out of a Club's Profit Picture
76 People in the News
80 News of the Industry
82 New Products
90 Golf Course Architects' Guide
92 Classified
94 Advertiser's Index
1970 May
Volume #44, No. 5
1970 June
Volume #44, No. 6
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover
7 Table of Contents
13 Letters to the Editor: The Debate Goes on
15 Swinging Around Golf: Of Golf Babies and Champions
21 Accent on Management: Discrimination in the Private Club Industry
26 Turfgrass Research Review: The Effects of Nitrogen on Washington Creeping Bentgrass
35 Answers to Turf Questions
35 -People Problems
35 -[We don't get a Quick Green in the Spring with Our UF-Potash Program, What do You Suggest?]
38 -[Do You Still Feel that We can Live with Kikuyugrass When It is Managed?]
38 -[Can You Give Us a Guide on Fertilizers, We Like the Organics but We Also are Concerned with Economics?]
38 -[Should Certain Growth Regulators be Applied in Spring Before Growth is Over 2 1/2 Inches and is This Economical?]
42 -[The Pythium Keeps on Rampaging, We are Way Over Our Chemical Budget is There Any Relief?]
42 -[Where can We get Some Literature on Penncross Bent? We would Like to Know More About How It is Produced?]
44 The Delicate Art of Turfgrass Cultivation: These Methods of Cultivation can Bring New Vitality to a Course, but Only if Certain Procedures are Followed
48 Part Three: Automatic Irrigation: Ask the Experts
50 Superintendents: Try the Easy Way: A Chain Hoist on an Overhead Track is a Key Item for an Efficient Golf Course Maintenance Shop
52 Design for Sales
58 Selling Apparel: One Woman's Approach: Today, the Well-Stocked Pro Shop should have an Extensive Women's Golfwear Department. Buying and Selling to Women Require Special Handling, Which is Best Done by Another Woman, Says This Highly Successful Merchandiser
62 Paying the Architect: Commission or Fee?: Britain's Henry Cotton Believes Golf Course Architects should be Rewarded for Cost Savings, Not Encouraged to Spend More to Inflate Commissions
65 Managers: Looking Beyond the Clubhouse: CMAA Plans to Broaden Its Educational Program with Seminars on Agronomy, Irrigation and Pro Shop Operations. The Aim of the Program is to Acquaint the Manager with All Aspects of a Club's Operation and the Problems of Other Club Administrators
66 Carol Mann's Favorite Dish
68 To Sauna or Not to Sauna: One Man's Health Craze may be Another Man's Hangover-Reliever; Either Way, It Spells S-a-u-n-a. Buying This New Health Heater may Require Less Than You Think
72 News of the Industry
76 New Products
86 People in the News
94 Coming Events
94 Correction
96 Golf Course Architects' Guide
98 Classified
100 Advertiser's Index
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover
7 Table of Contents
10 Swinging Around Golf: Corcoran Begins a New Chapter
19 Turfgrass Research Review: Affects [Effects] of Antitranspirants on Plant Growth
29 Answers to Turf Questions
29 -Still Hope for Real Grass
29 -[Are There Any Plans for the Future for Dedicating the Valentine Memorial?]
31 Accent on Management: NCA Convention Dialogue: Stephen Early Asks Clubs to Change Now for Tomorrow
33 Technical Schools Open
34 Coming Events
36 The High Cost of being a Good Guy: Pros are Caught in a Bind. What Distinguishes a Professional from Other Retailers is the Services He Offers. Yet, These Very Services can Turn the Pro Shop into a Deficit Operation
39 Pro-Only Policy Challenged by Lawsuit: A New Orleans Retailer Seeks $1.5 Million in Damages from Several Major Equipment Manufacturers and PGA
40 Instant Clubhouse: Rather Than Waiting for Permanent Structures to be Built Before Starting Up Operations, a Golf Club can Build Up a Business in Advance by Using a Mobile Housing Unit as a Temporary Base
44 Discover American Wines: American Wines have Come of Age, Especially Premium-Quality Wines. And Club Managers in the Market for Fine Wines Will be Pleasantly Surprised at What can be Found in Our "Back Yard"
48 Getting the Bugs Out: Those Dried Patches on Tees, Fairways, Aprons and Greens could have been Caused by an Insect Called the Turfgrass Weevil. The Author has Come Up with What he Believes is a Way of Controlling the Pest
52 A Formula for Uniform Growth: Somerset's Turfgrass Program is a Result of the Combined Efforts of a University, the Superintendent and the Greens Chairman. The Course, Once "90 Per Cent Weeds" is Now Considered One of the Best in the Tri-State Area
54 News of the Industry
58 Correction
60 New Products
64 Golf Course Architects' Guide
66 People in the News
67 Classified
70 Advertiser's Index
1970 July
Volume #44, No. 7
1970 August
Volume #44, No. 8
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover
5 Table of Contents
6 Letters to the Editor
10 Accent on Management: NCA Convention Dialogue: Preserve the Traditional Club System; Voluntary Change from within
12 60 Minute Systems Forms Affiliate
13 Swinging Around Golf: Stranahan Honored
19 Answers to Turf Questions: Q's and A's
19 -[How are We Going to get More Trained Golf Course Superintendents and can We Expect Help from Tax Funds?]
19 -[What do You Consider to be the Most Critical Problem in the Turfgrass Industry Today]
19 -[Bluegrass Blends Seem to be Popular. What Blend Looks Best to You?]
19 -[What is the Position of Turfgrass in Pollution, the Environment and Ecology]
22 -[We Noticed a Depression on the Green that Held Water, What can You Suggest as a Remedy for This Situation?]
24 Turfgrass Research Review: Rate of Evapotranspiration from Turf
31 Operating Under the Tax Reform Law: This Complex Law has Even the Experts Baffled. Until New Regulations are Issued, Private Clubs Will have to File Returns Without Official Guidance. The Authors Give Authoritative Advice
36 Fencing with the Problem: Vandalism and Burglaries are Forcing More and More Clubs to Fence in Their Courses. The Cost can be Enormous, but Clubs Feel the Money is Well Spent
39 Ideas
39 Coming Events
40 Bank Backup: Golfdom Interviews Two Officers of Chemical Bank About Banking Aids to the Professional and the Introduction of Bank Credit Cards in the Pro Shop
44 The Palm Springs Way
48 Attack on Burnout: Whitemarsh has begun a Three-Year $30,000 Program to Kill Off the Unpredictable Poa annua and Establish a Dependable Turfgrass. In Charge of the Program is Young Bob Hunter, Greens Supervisor
50 From Elms to Oaks to Maples to..: Superintendents Who Replaced Elm Trees Felled by Dutch Elm Disease with Oaks and Maples may Now be Confronted with a New Battle Against Verticillium Wilt and Oak Wilt
54 News of the Industry
58 New Products
65 People in the News
66 Golf Course Architects' Guide
68 Classified
70 Advertiser's Index
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover
5 Table of Contents
8 Accent on Management: What is a Bona Fide Guest?
12 Swinging Around Golf: Women in the Fore
20 Turfgrass Research Review: Wetting Agents are Not Cure-Alls
26 Answers to Turf Questions
26 -Uncertified Seed: Just as Good?
26 -[What is "Certified Seed", Why should We Insist and isn't Uncertified Seed Just as Good?]
26 -[What can You Tell Us About a Grass that is Along Many Highways in the East, the Blades are Coarse and It Grows Under Many Conditions to a Height of Two to Three Feet?]
28 -We have been Looking for a Reliable Publication on "Ground Covers." Can You Help Us?
28 -Is There a Possibility of Controlling Mosquitos by the Sterile-Male Technique, which was Successfully Used on the Screw-Worm?
30 Coming Events
32 When, What Wage Laws Apply to You: Unfair Labor Practices can Cost a Club Thousands of Dollars in Back Wages. Ignorance of the Changes in the Labor Law is No Excuse, According to the Labor Department
36 No Longer the Exclusive Domain of Large Retail Outfits, the Computer is Available to the Pro Shop at a Cost the Pro can Afford: Computers Come to the Pro Shop
39 Try Promotion: Jim Bailey, Hyland Hills' Professional-Manager, Believes in Promoting Himself and His Services, and He does So with Gusto
42 Irrigation Systems: Potential Workhorses: Although Problems Still Must be Solved, the Feasibility of Applying Fungicides, Herbicides and Pesticides Through an Irrigation System is Not So Far-Fetched
46 A Successful Holdout: At a Time When Bentgrass Fairways were Almost Commonplace, Aurora's Superintendent Switched to Bluegrass: "...Bluegrass Fairways, if Properly Maintained, Beat the Hell Out of Bentgrass Fairways"
52 Weather: Freezing; Golf: Fine: By Installing Infra-Red Heaters at the Driving Range Tees, Club Managers can Boost Winter Traffic. Golden Tee Golf Center did by 65 Per Cent
54 People in the News 
56 New Products
59 News of the Industry
62 Golf Course Architects' Guide
64 Classified
66 Advertiser's Index
1970 September
Volume #44, No. 9
1970 October/November
Volume #44, No. 10
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover
5 Table of Contents
8 Accent on Management: Alliance Draws Up High Power Program
13 Swinging Around Golf: Good Manners Pay Off
22 The Maxfli Game: A Matter of Responsibility
24 Turfgrass Research Review: Threat of a New St. Augustine-Grass Virus
32 Answers to Turf Questions
32 -Turfgrass: A "Must" for a Better Environment
32 -[Our Club is Considering Sprigging P-16 Bermudagrass into New Fairways in 1971 After Some Kind of Temporary Seeding. In Your Opinion is This the Way to Go?]
32 -[Our Course is Occasionally Subject to Salt Spray. Are There Other Putting Green Bents that I should Consider Besides Blue Tag Certified Penncross Creeping Bent?]
60 -[Despite Research We can't Seem to Agree on How Best to Grow Perfect Turf. Is There a Board of Arbitration or a Final Judgment? How can These Differences be Solved?]
60 -[Have We Solved the Dilemma of Fairways in "Crabgrass Belt," Where the "Dead" Bermuda in the Spring is Abhorred or in Some Cases, Rotting Poa annua in August Causes Members to Take Up Tennis? Is There an Answer?]
60 -[We've been Encouraged to Try Some of the Fine Turf-Type Ryegrass Alone and in Combination with Some of the Other Cool-Season Grasses We have been Using, What is Your Opinion?]
36 The Vanishing Urban Course: If Permitted to Continue Unharnessed, Urban Sprawl Will leave Behind Only Concrete and Asphalt Where Once the Open Space and Greenery of Golf Courses Offered Respite. The Club Industry and the Public Must Join to Halt Further Devastation. Golf Magazine Offers a Hard-Hitting Plan of Action
40 Adjusting to the Environment: Golf Courses are Ideal Ecological Testing Grounds, Provided the Approach Blends Sophistication and Sensitivity to the Land
42 Will the Insects Take Over?: What is the Future of Turfgrass Without the Traditional Control Insecticides? Alternative Natural Controls Presently are being Explored, Which Will Help the Superintendent Reconcile the Problems of Turf Care and Pollution
45 Contribute to Survive: Because of Increasing Urbanization, Golf Courses Must Begin to Strengthen Their Positions in the Public's Mind by Bettering the Total Community Environment
47 Ecology-Minded Disposables Come to Golf Courses
48 Vermont Takes the Lead with Tough Anti-Pollution Bills
52 Coming Events
54 Reports on Pro Shop Business: Hurting but Hopeful: Most Professionals Agree that the Tight Money Situation has Cooled Forecasts of Record Sales in 1970. But in General, Pro Shop Sales are at least Holding Their Own and Pros are Optimistic About the Future
54 -East
54 -Central
55 -West
62 News of the Industry
66 New Products
68 Golf Course Architects' Guide
71 Classified
72 People in the News
74 Advertiser's Index
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover
5 Table of Contents
8 Golfdom Speaks Out: The Mill River Formula
13 Accent on Management: Tax Reform Adds to Budgeting Woes
18 Swinging Around Golf: Golfers' Tolerance has Limits
24 Answers to Turf Questions
24 -National Unity: A Necessary Goal
24 -Grass on a Pinch-Penny Budget
26 -In Search of Arbitration
29 Turfgrass Research Review: Controlling Bluegrass During Bermudagrass Overseeding
42 The Uncertain State of the Economy is Going to Make Budgeting Twice as Tough This Year. Using the Chicago Area Clubs as Its Point of Reference, Golfdom Reports on Present and Future Sales and Cost Trends that should be Weighed Carefully Before Submitting Budgets: Second-Guessing the Economy
47 Rising Costs, Labor Problems and Technical Advances in Turfgrass Maintenance have Made Many Superintendents' Budget Formats Outdated. The Time has Come for Re-Evaluating Old Formats and Bringing Budgets into Line with Current Trends: Move Your Budget into the 70s
52 Everyday, a Sale Day: "Support Your Pro" is More Than a Slogan at Mill River CC. Under a Unique Price Plan Devised by Professional Ray Montgomery, Sales are Booming and Members are Saving
56 Along with the Cost of Remodeling, Members and Officials Fear the Inconvenience and Loss of Business During Construction. The Author Suggests an Approach to Renovation that Will Ease the Bite on Funds and Keep Operations on a Near Normal Level: Does Your Course Need a Face-Lift? 
60 Winter Profits and the Passage of Time have Mellowed Some Strongly Negative Opinions About Snowmobiles. Some Clubs have Even Made Physical Adjustments to Accomodate Snowmobile Traffic. Others, However, Remain Unyielding: The Snowmobile: Finding a Course of Less Resistance 
64 When Fire Destroyed the Clubhouse at Dellwood CC, the Management Kept Its Peak Season Business from Going Up in Smoke Along with Its Clubhouse: If Fire Hits, Save the Season
68 What the Superintendent does This Fall Will Greatly Determine What Condition the Course Will be in Next Season: Start Thinking Winter
73 News of the Industry
76 People in the News
78 Coming Events
82 New Products
88 Golf Course Architects' Guide
91 Classified
94 Advertiser's Index