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1972 January
Volume #46, No. 1                  
1972 February
Volume #46, No. 2
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover
5 Table of Contents
13 Swinging Around Golf: Conventions and Conferences
14 Turfgrass Research Review: Bent Resistance to Snow Mold
16 Answers to Turf Questions
16 -Professional Proficiency
97 -[What is the Significance of Different Grades of Certified Penncross]
97 -[Crabgrass and Goosegrass in Ky 31 Fescue Cut to 3/4 Inch]
97 -[Is It Safe to Leave Lime on Turf and Wash It Off in the Morning?]
21 Golf in America
21 -Where We've Gone: The Oldest Living Past Presidents of the CMAA, PGA and GCSAA Discuss the Problems Their Members Faced at the National Convention the Year They Reigned. The Part They Played in the Growth of Their Associations and Their Insight into the Present and Future Problems Which Must be Solved to Further Their Associations Provides a Nostalgic and Educating Article
22 -Joe Ryan: GCSAA, 1938
22 -Harry Fawcett: CMAA, 1941
23 -Tom Walsh: PGA, 1940, 1941
29 NCA: NCA, CMAA Cooperate; Highlights of NCA Meeting
31 Atlanta: Manage Your Time: The Most Exciting City in the South Offers a Diversified Variety of Activities for All Age Groups. Plan Your Time Carefully Between the Civil War Past and the 21st Century Future
41 -Maintenance Equipment
46 -Maintenance Vehicles
46 -Mowers
49 -Turf Products
58 -Accessories
58 -Other
60 PGA
65 -Golf Cars, Equipment, Carts
67 -Golf Equipment
72 -Golfwear
77 -Golf Accessories
78 -Pro Shop, Range Supplies
88 -Other
83 News of the Industry
83 -USGA Rules Changed and Clarified
84 -J. R. Lysaght of MacGregor Dies
86 -Superintendent Leo Johnson Dies
88 Coming Events
96 Golf Course Architects' Guide
98 People in the News
99 Classified
102 Advertiser's Index
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover
7 Table of Contents
13 Accent on Management
16 Swinging Around Golf: Why Pro Shops Fail to Sell Correct Clubs: Opinions
21 Graffis Brothers Receive USGA Award
24 News of the Industry
24 -Shakespeare Introduces a Graphite Shaft
24 -Chlevin Resigns Top GCSAA Post
26 Turfgrass Research Review: Influences on Water Use Rate of Penncross Creeping Bentgrass
32 Degree in Turf Management Offered
35 People in the News
38 The Hard Road to Recovery
43 Superintendents: ...Spent Only What was Necessary to Maintain Their Courses
57 Golf Cars: ...Continued to Grow in Fleet Sizes and Rental Revenues
64 Professionals: ...Made Slight Gains This Year. The Largest were Made in Small Purchase Items
77 Club Managers: ...Slowed Down Rising Expenditure Rates, but Failed to Make Substantial Gains in Some Major Sources of Revenue
84 New Products
86 Coming Events
87 [Golf Course Architects' Guide]
88 Classified
90 Advertiser's Index
1972 March
Volume #46, No. 3
1972 April
Volume #46, No. 4
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover
7 Table of Contents
10 Letters: Golf Course Destruction is Everyone's Concern
12 Accent on Management: Tough New Federal Law
16 Turfgrass Research Review: Automatic Irrigation Control to Increase Water Efficiency
21 Answers to Turf Questions
21 -What Price Turfgrass Progress?
21 -[Using Zoysia on Tees?]
21 -[Chemical to Kill Bermuda but Not Bent]
96 -[Questions Regarding Cutting of Penncross Bent]
96 -[A Cure for Fairy-Ring]
96 -[Contract Management at Golf Course]
98 -[How to Interpret Soil Testing Results]
25 Swinging Around Golf: Bob Jone's Tribute
30 Pro with the Golden Touch: The California Gold Rush is Still on at Haggin Oaks, and the Miner is a Unique and Successful Municipal Course Professional
36 Success is a Three-Man Team
38 Profashionables
41 Credit Abuse, Profit Loss: Credit Abuses can Eat Away Profits, Unless Records and Procedures, Governing Everybody, are Strictly Enforced
43 Pollution: Superintendents: Are You Making Wasteful Purchases?
50 Chemical Regulations: How They Will Change Our Courses
58 First Aid: What's Par for the Course: Is Your Club Adequately Prepared to Handle Emergencies Which can Occur on the Golf Course, Around the Clubhouse or Swimming Pool? Quick Thinking and Basic First-Aid Equipment can Avert Tragedies
71 News of the Industry
78 People in the News
86 Kitchen Equipment: Buying to Fit the Menu: Wasted Food, Over-Staffing and Unused Kitchen Equipment Plague the Food Operations at Many Golf Clubs. The Results are Costly, and the Culprit may be a Menu that is too Elaborate
92 New Products
98 Correction
106 Golf Course Architects' Guide
107 Literature
108 Classified 
110 Advertiser's Index
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover
5 Table of Contents
8 Golfdom Speaks Out: An Enduring Approach
13 Accent on Management: NCA Conference in Review
14 Turfgrass Research Review: Root Growth of Poa annua Not Inferior
20 Answers to Turf Questions
20 -Friends of Turf Honored
20 -[Have Watering Practices Driven Out Good Strains of Penncross Turf?]
20 -[How to Remove Straw Off Newly Planted Penncross Turf Without Pulling Up the Turf with the Straw]
20 -[Are Researchers Experimenting with the Genetics of Poa to Make It a More Desirable Grass?]
23 -[How does the Soiless Method for Growing Turf Work? What are the Advantages? Is It Economical?]
29 Swinging Around Golf: Conversations Among Architects
32 Team Up Now!: According to Golfdom's Survey, Frequent Communication Among the Professional, the Manager and the Superintendent is the Rule, Not the Exception
35 PGA Credit Union: The PGA's Credit Union is a Savings and Loan Plan that Takes the Sting Out of Borrowing
36 The One-Man Trio: He Wears Three Hats - Professional, Manager and Superintendent - And Often it is difficult to Balance Them. He Plays an Important Role, Yet is Virtually Unrecognized by the Industry
38 Dunlop Reduces Golf Ball Price
40 Nick Lombardo, Golf Operator at Rancho Cañada is a Firm Believer in Offering the Golf Course for Fraternal, Social and Commercial Organizations to Use for Their Golf Tournaments
46 CMAA Conference in Review: The CMAA Gathering in Atlanta was Cheerful and Educational
49 Management Without Committees: Satisfaction Up, Costs Down: Communications Improved and Costs Decreased when Fairlawn CC Switched from Management by Committee to an Administrative Team, with a General Manager as the Presiding Member
54 The High Cost of Vandalism: Golf Clubs have Not been Spared the Damage from Senseless Acts of Destruction. Specific Preventive Measures are a Necessity, but Long-Range Planning Also Must be Considered
66 News of the Industry
72 Oregon's Seed Industry: On a Clear Day: The Grass Seed Industry in Oregon Faces Impending Danger if Some of Its Problems cannot be Solved by 1975. At Best, Superintendents may be Faced with Higher Seed Costs. At Worst, the State's Grass Seed Industry could be Plowed Under by the Very Legislation They have Supported
80 GCSAA Conference in Review: A Record Number of Superintendents and Exhibitors, and Informative Educational Seminars Produced Another Successful Turfgrass Conference and Show
82 -Pollution is a Form of Silent Violence
87 New Products
90 Golf Course Architects' Guide
92 Classified
94 Advertiser's Index
1972 May
Volume #46, No. 5
1972 June
Volume #46, No. 6
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover
5 Table of Contents
8 Golfdom Speaks Out: Verdant Fairways, Dewy Greens and… A Message from Your Local Grocer
13 Answers to Turf Questions
13 -Innovations
13 -[How Must Penncross Bent be Planted Per 1,000 Square Feet? Bermudagrass on the Banks]
13 -[Is Purr-Wick a Practical Method for Building Greens? What Kind of Putting Surface does It Present?]
13 Correction
17 Turfgrass Research Review: Warm Water: Mild Effect on Soil Temperature
24 Swinging Around Golf: Reactions to Golfdom's Survey
28 Golf Co-Ops: A Case Study
35 Golfing Across Canada
51 The Value Added Tax: Talk has Centered Around a New Tax Concept: The Value Added Tax. Its Affect [Effect] on the Golf Industry is Discussed Along with Interest Rates
55 Golf Reaches Out: Handicaps in Golf Put Everyone on an Equal Basis. But Handicaps in Life Create Second-Class Citizens. Golf is Now Being Used to Bring Handicapped Youngsters Out of the Darkness and into the Light
60 Golf with a Dash of Salt
64 The Pre-Planned Community: Golf's New Land of Opportunity
72 Insure Your Revenue: First of a Series
85 News of the Industry
85 -National Golf Day
87 -Noer Foundation Elects Officers, Builds Library
88 People in the News
89 New Products
90 Golf Course Architects' Guide
91 Literature
92 Classified
94 Advertiser's Index
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover
5 Table of Contents
7 Golfdom Speaks Out: ...On Pro Co-Ops
10 Times Mirror Agrees to Buy Golf Magazine, Golfdom, Three Others
13 Accent on Management
13 -Cost of Living Council Action
13 -Minimum Wages
17 Swinging Around Golf: Embarrassing Situation
20 Answers to Turf Questions
20 -International Coordinated Turfgrass Trials?
22 -Are Ryegrasses being Recommended as Blends the Same as are the Bluegrasses?
24 Turfgrass Research Review: Endothall Control of Poa annua
29 Avoiding Labor Problems: Labor Relations and the Golf Club: Part 1: The First Part Explores the Major Causes of Employee Discontent and How the Employer can Avoid a Union Organizing Drive at His Course
37 Extend Your Season and Profit: The Whole Club Benefited When an Inventive Superintendent Experimented with Wetting Agents and Increased Playability and Over-All Revenue at His Golf Course
42 Water Problems? Use a Portable Dredge
45 Insure Your Investments: Second of a Series: Insurance Covering Maintenance Equipment and Golf Cars Frequently is Inadequate, Making Vulnerable the Country Club, Its Members as Well as Its Employees
52 The Pre-Planned Community: Golf's New Land of Opportunity
60 News of the Industry
61 People in the News 
62 Golf Course Architects' Guide
63 New Products
64 Classified 
66 Advertiser's Index
1972 July
Volume #46, No. 7
1972 August
Volume #46, No. 8
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover
5 Table of Contents
9 Swinging Around Golf: This and that
14 Answers to Turf Questions
14 -Superintendent Recognition Gaining
14 -Do We have Enough Toxicity to Act as a Pre-Emergence for Goosegrass (Eleusine indica) or should We Apply Some Kind of Preventive Chemical When Reseeding?
17 -[Question Regarding Ideal Root Depth]
18 Turfgrass Research Review: Sulfur Deficiency: A Potential Problem
24 Safety & Health Act: Are You Living Up to the Law?: The Occupational Safety and Health Act has been Causing Confusion Among Golf Clubs. Penalties have been Handed Out, Yet No Clear-Cut Guidelines have been Offered. Golfdom Points Out Those Safety Requirements that Must be Followed to Avoid Penalties
26 -OSHA Regional Offices
33 Minimum Wage Law: Ignorance is Not Bliss: Professionals should Check Out the Fine Print in the Minimum Wage Law Before Deciding They are Exempt. Penalties for Violation of the Law are Severe
36 Getting Good Assistance
40 Golf Clubs and the Unions: Part 2: In This Concluding Part of the Series on Unions the Rights of Employees and the Rights of Management are Explored
46 Maintenance Outlook 1972-73: Golfdom's Informal Survey of Golf Course Superintendents' Maintenance Budgets Reveals Belt Tightening on New Equipment Purchases. A Critical Point is being Reached in Labor Shortages at Northern Courses
48 Women on the Crew: Hiring Women to Work on a Maintenance Crew is a Unique Way of Solving the Labor Problem. Norm Graft Discusses the Advantages (Many) and the Disadvantages (Few) 
52 Runaway Insurance Premiums: Is Your Clubhouse at Fault?: Third of a Series: Properly Modified Fire Insurance on the Clubhouse or Buildings Presents Special, Serious Problems. Yet, It is Necessary - Nationally, One Out of Four Clubs has a Fire 
55 News of the Industry
56 Golf Course Architects' Guide
57 People in the News 
58 New Products 
61 Classified
62 Advertiser's Index
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover
7 Table of Contents
10 Swinging Around Golf: Education's the Thing
14 Turfgrass Research Review: How Quickly can Sod Take Root?
18 Coming Events
20 Answers to Turf Questions
20 -A Voice of Experience
20 -[Which Grasses Will Best Serve Our Purposes?]
20 -[Would Overseeding with Quick-Growing Grass Provide a Thicker Turf?]
20 -About How Thick should Sod be Cut?
24 Executive Courses: Answering the Space Squeeze: Construction of Executive Courses as a Means of Retaining Golf in High-Population Areas is a Growing Trend in the Golf Industry. These Challenging Courses can be a Revenue-Producing Part of a Green Belt Program
26 The Executive Way: Executive Courses, Though Short on Yardage and Par, can be Long on Sales and Services
34 All is Not Perfect in Paradise
35 Fourth of a Series: Cut Down Your Insurance Premiums: Country Clubs should Examine Local Fire-Fighting Facilities and Their Own Fire-Prevention Equipment. They could be Costing Thousands of Additional Dollars in Premiums
38 The Green Chairman: What's Wrong with the System?: A Green Chairman Takes a Hard Look at the Office and Sees a Need for Change and Improvement
42 Safety & Health Act: Are You Living Up to the Law?: Although Not Specifically Cited, the Golf Course Definitely is Subject to the Requirements of the Law. Each Course Administrator, Then, Must Acquire Knowledge of Those Standards Pertinent to His Area of Responsibility 
47 Halting the Poa Invasion: A Past President of the Golf Course Superintendent Assn. of America Offers His Observations on the Nature and Control of Poa annua
54 News of the Industry
55 New Products
56 People in the News
58 Golf Course Architects' Guide
61 Classified
62 Advertiser's Index
1972 September
Volume #46, No. 9
1972 October/November
Volume #46, No. 10
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover
7 Table of Contents
8 Swinging Around Golf: Royal Golf Enthusiast
14 Answers to Turf Questions
14 -Let's Not be So Squeamish
14 -[Areas Infested with Curled Dock: Is It Good for Anything? How can It be Killed?]
14 -[Reconstruction After Agnes: Did We do the Right Thing?]
17 -[Because of High Traffic During the Day, is Night Maintenance the Way to Go? Or is There a Different Way?]
18 Out of the Red and into the Black
23 How are the Pros Faring in '72?: Rain Wiped Out Pro Shop Sales in the Northeast; Midwestern Shops Fared Only Slightly Better; Sales Volume Increases Reported at Western and Southern Shops. Unanimous from All Sections: Discount and Retail Store Competition Stiffening
23 -West
23 -Central
23 -East
31 Clarke, Cardi in PGA Prexy Race; Orlick Bows Out
32 On Top of the Golfwear Market
35 Golf Clubs '73 at a Glance 
49 Safety & Health Act: Are You Living Up to the Law?: Last of a Three-Part Series: The Pro Shop and the Clubhouse Must Comply with Occupational Safety and Health Act Standards to Avoid Penalties, Even Though These Standards Will be Continuously Revised or Changed
57 Soil Testing: Protect Your Greens Investment
60 Classified
61 Soils for Greens: The Pendulum Swings: After Two Decades, the Consensus Concerning Putting Green Soil has Shifted to an Advocacy of 100 Per Cent Sand. But Despite the Available Data, the Facts have Not been Fitted Together to Formulate a Construction Procedure that Improves on the USGA Specifications
64 Golf Course Architects' Guide
65 Etonic Offers Promo Sets; Home Study Course
66 Advertiser's Index
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover
5 Table of Contents
9 Swinging Around Golf: Shaft Pioneer Retires
12 Answers to Turf Questions
12 -Controversy in the Crabgrass Belt
15 -[Tufcote Bermuda Tees Lacking Vigor: What is to Blame?]
15 -[Greens Overrun with Common Milkweed: Keep It or Eliminate It?]
15 -[Why is "Certified Sod" Containing Elite Ryegrasses Unavailable in Some States?]
18 Turfgrass Research Review: Poa annua: Still Holds Surprises
27 Sell Your Budget: Preparing the Budget is Only Half the Battle. The Other Half is Selling It to Club Officials
31 Pro Shop Budgeting: A Plan of Attack: Think of the Budget as a Yardstick by Which You Measure Your Financial Progress
35 The Professional Approach: Perspectives, Objectives and Subjectives
37 Maintenance Equipment: When is Replacement a Must?: There is a Point at Which a Piece of Maintenance Equipment is No Longer Economical to Operate. Here are Some Authoritative Guidelines for Judging When to Propose Replacement in Your Budget 
44 Putting the Damper on Winter Damage: Water is a Key to Preventing Winter Desiccation, but How to Retain It Over the Cold, Dry Period is the Problem. Here are Programs Tailored to Individual Course Conditions
52 News of the Industry
52 -NGF to Aid Ailing Federal Courses; Chlevin in PR Post
54 -Jacobsen Heir Dies
57 Hour Meters can Pay Off: Superintendents Might Consider Adding Hour Meters to Their List of Equipment Purchases. They can Avoid the Twin Concerns of Wasteful Overservicing and Damaging Underservicing
59 Food Prices: What's Ahead in '73?: Club Managers Will Find It Harder Than Ever to Keep Food Costs Down and Dining Members from Complaining
60 Think Tennis in '73: This Year Budget Planners Might do Well to Listen to the Ever Increasing Calls of Game, Set and Match in Addition to the More Familiar Cries of Fore
66 The Valuable Art of Label Reading: Superintendents may Not be getting the Most from Their Chemical Dollars, Simply Because They are Not Reading Properly the Product Labels
69 Coming Events
70 Golf World Sold
71 People in the News
72 Golf Course Architects' Guide
74 New Products
76 Classified
78 Advertiser's Index