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1974 January
Volume #48, No. 1                  
1974 February
Volume #48, No. 2
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover
3 Table of Contents
9 Accent on Management: Shortages Will Affect Clubs
10 Swinging Around Golf: The Value of a Pro
17 Coming Events
18 Answers to Turf Questions
18 -Wasted Resources
18 -[Design to Save Tree Logs]
20 -[More Information on Salvaging Trees]
20 -What Kinds of Wood are Best for Fireplace Use?
24 Turfgrass Research Review: Which Turfgrasses Withstand Wear and Tear Best
27 PGA
27 -[PGA Merchandise Show: Port St. Lucie]
33 -Golf Cars, Equipment, Carts
34 -Golf Equipment
38 -Golfwear
45 -Golfing Accessories
47 -Pro Shop, Range Supplies
49 -What to Do and See in Port St. Lucie
42A Highlighting the PGA Annual Meeting: A New Home for the PGA, the Image of the Club Professional and Job Status Topped the List of Concerns at the 57th Congress
42B The Professional Approach: "Bring" Your Clientele to the Show
42D Pro Shop Problem Solver: Answers by the Experts to Your Questions
42D -[Can You Recommend Any Good Sources of Help that Will do the Undesirable Jobs]
42D -[A Never-Ending Complaint is that Our Golf Cars Rip Golf Bags, is There a Solution?]
42D -[What have been the Results of Hiring Women to Work in the Pro Shop as Sales Personnel and as Buyers?]
42F What are the Pros Buying for '74?: Although Pros Say They Will be More Cautious in Their Buying than Last Year, They Generally are Optimistic in Their Projections of 1974 Sales. Investment Cast Clubs Will Dominate Club Sales and a Return to Traditional Colors and Styles in Soft Goods is Predicted
42F -East
42F -Central
42F -West
42N The Profit Pro Shop: Credit Rating More Important Than Ever
50 Royal Daisy Offers Full Line for Women
51 PGA Show: Where Pros Go Wrong: Many Elements at the PGA Show Compete for the Professional's Attention. Advance Preparation and Scheduling Appointments, Says the Author, can Help Make the Show Pay Off
53 What is the Competition Buying?: In Any Field, Knowledge of the Competition is the First Step Toward Beating It. Subscribing to this Belief, Golfdom Presents a Rundown on the 1974 Buying Tactics of the "Downtown" Stores
55 -[GCSAA Conference and Show: Anaheim]
59 -Golf Cars and Equipment
59 -Irrigation Equipment
60 -Maintenance Equipment
61 -Maintenance Vehicles
62 -Mowers
63 -Turf Products
67 -What to do and See in Anaheim
82 -Accessories
82 -Miscellaneous
82 -Other Exhibitors
82 -GCSAA Conference Educational Program Plans
71 Pension Plans: The Industry's Shame: The Widespread Lack of Pension Plans for Golf Course Superintendents is an Embarrassment to the Entire Club Industry
77 [CMAA]
77 -New Orleans: CMAA [Annual Meeting]
78 -What to do and See in New Orleans
83 News of the Industry
83 -NGF Releases Municipal Course Operations Survey
84 -PGA Requires Golf-Related Courses for Membership
87 Golf Course Architect's Guide
88 Classified
89 Buyer's Service
90 Advertiser's Index
90 People in the News
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover
3 Table of Contents
9 Answers to Turf Questions
9 -Shortages in Peace Time
9 -[How to Use Streams During Shortages]
11 -[Are There Shortages Ahead?]
11 -[Issues with Pay-as-You-Play]
11 -[How to Deal with Sprig and Sprig Cost on a Fairway]
12 -[Why should Superintendents and Managers Positions be Combined?]
18 -[Comment on Course as Wildlife Sanctuary and Question Regarding Improvement Through Working with the Game Commission]
20 Accent on Management: NCA Conference Theme: A Caucus with Government - In Washington
22 Swinging Around Golf: Golf Pro of the Year: An Unheralded Award
26 Golfdom's 6th Annual Golf Industry Marketing & Research Report -1973-
28 Club Managers: ...Achieved Some Significant Revenue Hikes in 1973, but It was a Struggle All the Way Against Spiraling Costs
43 Golf Cars: ...Again Proved to be One of the Most Reliable Income-Producing Areas
46B After the Round... The Golfer Likes to Slip into a Sport Jacket or Blazer that has Color and Style. For Golf Shops that do a Volume Slack Business, the Sport Jacket is a Natural. One Complements the Other in Building Sales. Golf Professionals Who do Not Carry Sport Jackets should Take a Hard Look at This Big Ticket Profit Area. And the View is Good for '74, with a Great Selection of Imaginative Designs that Permits the Golfer to Display His Individuality
47 The Professional Approach: Get Ready for the '74 Season
49 Professionals: ...Hyped Pro Shop Sales by Merchandising New Club Designs
61 Tennis: ...Continues to Add New Dimensions to Club and Pro Shop Profit Pictures
64 Superintendents: ...Are Fighting to Keep Across-the-Board Cost Increases Under Control
75 Golf Course Architect's Guide
76 Classified
78 Advertiser's Index
1974 March
Volume #48, No. 3
1974 April
Volume #48, No. 4
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover
3 Table of Contents
6 1974 Buyer's Guide & Trade Directory: How the Directory Works
8 Course Maintenance Product Guide
25 Pro Shop Product Guide
43 Clubhouse Product Guide
50 Guide to Other Reference Sources
52 Guide to Major Associations
55 Supplier Index
151 Trade Name Index
153 Product Index
155 Golf Course Architect's Guide
156 Classified
158 Advertiser's Index
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover
3 Table of Contents
7 Accent on Management: Answering One Criticism
8 Swinging Around Golf: Do Superintendents Play Enough Golf?
12 NGF Report: NGF Pledges Continuing Support to Muny Course Development
14 Answers to Turf Questions
14 -Minimum Maintenance
14 -[Who to Contact to Support Turfgrass Programs]
14 -[How to Prepare for a Water Shortage]
14 -[How to Establish Zoysia from Seed?]
17 -[If Bermudagrass is Drought Tolerant, Why is It Watered so Much?]
17 -[Can Zoysia be Over-Seeded with Cool Season Grasses?]
18 Turfgrass Research Review: Nitrogen Contributes to Thatch Accumulation
25 Energy Crisis: Washington View: Recreation Essential to Morale: Washington Energy Officials Predict Enough Fuel and Oil for Golf Courses for the Coming Months. Recreation is Essential for Morale, is Their Thinking
26 Energy Crisis: Gas Shortage: Regional Reports
26 -West
26 -Central
26 -East
37 Energy Crisis: Professionals and Their Suppliers: Concerned but Not Panicked: Like the Famous Saying, the Golf Industry Will Keep Its Appointed Rounds, Despite Rough Winds
44 Energy Crisis: Playing Conditions by a New Set of Rules: Adjusting Maintenance Methods and Schedules to Meet Possible Shortages may Create a Different Kind of Golf Course, but No Loss of Challenge or Enjoyment
51 Energy Crisis: How Managers are Bearing Up: A Golfdom Survey of Managers Nationwide Shows Most are Standing Above the Deluge of Problems Posed by Energy Shortages, Although Some are on Tip-Toe. Here are Tips Managers Suggest for Weathering the "Energy Crisis"
54 Energy Crisis: Quality Turf on Less Fuel: Superintendents could be Faced with the Seemingly Conflicting Tasks of Keeping the Course in Top Condition and Implementing a Fuel Conservation Program. Here's One Expert's Tips to Help Reconcile the Problem
58 Energy Crisis: Watson on the Energy Crisis
63 Energy Crisis: Seed Supplies: What's Ahead?: Seed Growers Fear Shortages of Fuel, Fertilizer and Petroleum-Based Chemicals Will Limit Future Expansion and Present Yields of Seed Production
36A The Profit Pro Shop: PGA Show: Then and Now
36B The Professional Approach: Inflation
36D Merchandise and Market Trends 
36F Pro Shop Problem Solver: Answers by the Experts to Your Questions
36F -[Slow and Mixed-Up Deliveries]
36F -[Customers Frequently Order the Wrong Size Which Creates a Shipping and Handling Nightmare]
36F -[Instead of Hiring a Buying Expert, is There a Regular Mailing to Help Predetermine Losses?]
42 1974 PGA Merchandise Show: Energy Crisis? New Site? The Buyers Hardly Noticed 
48 John Pomer Introduces New Golfwear Line and New Concept
66 NCA Report
68 News of the Industry
68 -Super Sports International Sponsors Amateur Putting Championship and Professional Golf Classic
69 Golf Course Architect's Guide
72 New Products
74 Classified
75 Buyer's Service 
76 Advertiser's Index 
76 People in the News
1974 May
Volume #48, No. 5
1974 June
Volume #48, No. 6
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover
3 Table of Contents
6 Turfgrass Research Review: Zonate Eyespot on Bentgrass: A Future Problem?
9 Answers to Turf Questions
9 -Turf is Part of Agriculture
9 -[What Kind of Sheep should Graze on a Golf Course?]
12 -[What to Look Forward to as Gas and Oil Become Scarce?]
14 -[What may Happen if Courses Stop Using Chemicals on the Course?]
17 Swinging Around Golf: Sports Agent: Bucky Woy's Story of No Easy Buck
20 The Public Course 'Crunch': 84% of the Golfers on 56% of the Courses
28 What Makes a PGA Professional of the Year?: Old-Fashioned as It may Sound, Warren Smith Believes in Serving People
34A The Professional Approach: New Breed of Golf Professional
34B Wings of Golf
34F Merchandise and Market Trends
34H Pro Shop Problem Solver: Answers by the Experts to Your Questions
34H -[Is There a Fool-Proof, Functional Inventory System? How does It Work?]
34H -[Should the Customer Receive a Replacement Pair of Shoes While His are being Repaired?]
35 NGD Stresses Charity Theme in '74; Creates New Format
36 Pro on the Way Up: Roger Maxwell, Camel-Back's Young Pro with Big Ideas, Proves that His Formula for Success Works. Considering the Record of His Sister, Susie Maxwell Berning, on the Tour Side of Golf, Winning Apparently Runs in the Family
41 33 Ways to Boost Club Income: Here are Revenue-Producing Ideas that are Inexpensive and Effective
47 Energy Conservation Tips from Toro
48 What's Behind the Seed Price Situation?: Continued Inflation and Foreign Demand for Seeds, as Well as Environmental Laws Will Keep Seed Prices at Their Present All-Time High. A Bumper Crop could Change All that - But is Unlikely
50 Court Grants PGA Injunction; MacArthur Barred from Using PGA Initials
52 Project '74: A Bit of Wilderness on the Golf Course: The Golf Course Superintendent has a Unique Opportunity to Create a Wilderness Acre on the Golf Course. Thus, He can Help to Bring Back What has been Lost While Satisfying His Members' Penchant for Beauty
59 New Products
60 News of the Industry
61 Computer Checkup: Prescription for Slow Play?: Don Cook, President of Donald B. Cook & Associates, Offers His Computerized Golf Course Simulator Service, Designed to Determine the Comfortable Course Capacity of an Existing Course and Expected Capacity of a Planned Course Renovation or New Course
63 Golf Course Architect's Guide
64 Classified
66 Advertiser's Index
66 People in the News
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover
3 Table of Contents
7 Swinging Around Golf
8 Coming Events
10 Welcome Aboard, Bob Rickey
11 Inside the Industry
13 Answers to Turf Questions
13 -He Gave His All
13 -[Why are Turfgrass Seed Prices so High?]
13 -[Can Activated Charcoal be Used for Turfgrass Plantings?]
13 -[Can Diseases in Turf Come from Seed and Soil?]
13 -[What Kind of Turf is Best for Sub-Tropic Summers and Frost Free Winters?]
14 -[Is There a Way to Make Good Use of Trees While Building Fairways?]
17 Turfgrass Research Review: Tailor Controls to Specific Fairy Ring Fungus
20 Cincinnati: Golf's Model City: Ohio's Queen City Treats Her Public Golfers Royally. Her City Council has Ensured Them Years of Golfing Pleasure, Guaranteed by an Innovative Law
30 Organize for Pro Shop Profits: The Key to Successful Management is Organization. Set Down Your Policies in a Procedures Manual that Covers "Cabbages and Kings"
34A Merchandise and Market Trends
34B The Profit Pro Shop: Will You be Ready to Buy?
34D The Professional Approach: A Guy Called Employee
34F PGA Show, Winter Events Slated for Disney World
35 Pros: Make the Most of Your Competitive Edge
36 Highlighting Your Merchandise: Here are Some Basic Rules About How to Use Lighting Effectively to Sell Merchandise in the Pro Shop
38 Pension Plans: How do They Affect Club's Taxes?
38 What 'Big Business' Says About Employee Benefits
40 Support National Golf Day
42 What You should Know About the Clubhouse Coverups: What's New in Carpets? Just About Everything. Proper Selection and Quality Rank Highest in getting the Most Out of Your Club Investment
45 How to Make an 'Unbudgeted' Purchase: The Budget is Not Sacrosanct; It can be Amended to Include New Purchases - Provided the Request is Justified and the Committee is Willing to Listen
48 Automatic Irrigation Making New Inroads: Automatic Irrigation is Quickly Becoming the Norm in Golf Course Maintenance. The Latest Controversy is Over the Probable Use of Effluent with These Systems
53 News of the Industry
53 -Beard Awarded Grant by Noer Foundation
56 New Products
57 Golf Course Architect's Guide
58 Classified
60 Advertiser's Index
60 People in the News
1974 July
Volume #48, No. 7
1974 August
Volume #48, No. 8
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover
2 Table of Contents
6 Swinging Around Golf
10 Inside the Industry: Heavy Traffic on Golf Courses Predicted
12 Answers to Turf Questions
12 -Change
12 -[Mowing to Help Penncross Greens Withstand Thatch and High Temperature and Humidity]
12 -[Hydrated Lime in Relieving Heat and Humidity]
15 -[Parent Grasses of Penncross and Preventing Thatch from High Cutting]
15 -[Best Schools in the United States with Golf Course Superintendent Programs]
15 -[How Successful is Zoysia for Tees?]
16 Turfgrass Research Review: Alternate Fungicides to Control Turfgrass Diseases
18 Coming Events
21 The Professional Approach: On Selling (or Buying) Merchandise
26 Why Courses Fail: Poor Management Policies and Entrenched Attitudes by Golf Course Officials, Combined with Public Need and Private Profiteering, Usually Force the End of a Golf Course
33 The Delicate Art of Handling the Irate Customer: Professionals cannot Afford to Lose Customers by Mis-Handling an Irate Member. Here are Some Sound and Proven Methods for Soothing Angry Clients
36 Sweaters: Fall Profit Warm-Up: Fall Means Sweater Weather. An Attractive Group of Sweaters Lining the Shelves in the Pro Ship Will Help Keep Golfers Warm and Sales Hot. The Sweaters Shown on These Pages Suggest the Various Directions, in Both Fiber and Design, that the Professional can Go for His Sweater Stick This Fall
40 A Women as Head Professional: Mrs. Helen Finn Talks About Her Reception as Head Professional at Douglaston Park GC in a Job Traditionally the Exclusive Preserve of Men
43 New Minimum Wage: How Will It Affect Clubs?: This Economic Broadside Fired from Washington Promises New Burdens on the Already Swollen Club Labor Budget
45 Answering the Chef Problem: The Culinary School at The Greenbrier is One Answer to the Problem of Where to Find Well-Trained Chefs
47 News of the Industry
48 -Toro, Spartan Aid Study of Shade-Tolerant Grasses
53 New Products
54 MacDonald Elected President of NGF
54 Cassini to Design Apparel Line for Munsingwear
55 Golf Course Architect's Guide
56 Classified
58 Advertiser's Index
58 People in the News
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover
3 Table of Contents
4 Swinging Around Golf: A Business with a New Look
9 Golf Business: So Far in '74
10 -Club Managers
12 -Professionals
14 -Superintendents
19 New Trees for Courses
22 Merchandising: Pro's Progress: With the Benefit of Many Years of Experience, One of the Country's Leading Pro Shop Distributors Talks About the Buying Practices and Errors that He has too Often Observed
24 Promotion Equals Sales: Having Trouble "Moving" Your Shop Merchandise? Here are Some Tips on Helping Your Members "See" What You have to Offer
26 Toftrees - Impressions are Lasting 
32 Renovation '74: The Old Suits the New: Decisions to "Modernize" should be Weighed Carefully Against Diminishing Character Touches
35 Sanitary Landfill: One Alternative: Through Sanitary Landfill, This Country can Solve Two of Its Pressing Problems: Disposition of Waste and the Creation of Viable Recreational Land Sites
37 Is Topsoil Necessary?
38 The Fine Fescues - Their Morphology and Behavior
42 The New Superintendent
47 Coming Events
54 News of the Industry
54 -MacDonald: 'Bright Future, but Future with Problems'
55 -Sporting Goods Association Prepares for 'Early Show'
55 -New Study: Easier Winter Green
61 New Products 
63 Golf Course Architect's Guide
64 Classified
65 Buyer's Service
66 Advertiser's Index
66 People in the News
1974 September/October
Volume #48, No. 9
1974 November/December
Volume #48, No. 10
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover
3 Table of Contents
4 Swinging Around Golf
8 Teach the Teacher
12 Fashion Preview '75
24 Cleveland Pro Shop Emphasizes Service, Personal Contact and Experience: "Our Sales Edge - Follow Through"
26 Coming Events
28 Impulse Buying: Planning Makes It Work for You
31 Reduce Design Problems: Ask the Superintendent
32 Profit Plans that Work: ...Four Case Histories
38 Condominiums, Par 61, and Profit
40 Turfgrass Research: A Management Tool
46 News of the Industry
46 -Land Costs Versus Course Design
46 -PGA Show Indoor Location gets High Pro Response
46 -5,000 are Expected at New Orleans Turf Show
47 -[Joe and Herb Graffis Honored]
48 -Irrigation Warranties to be Discussed
57 New Products
59 Golf Course Architect's Guide
64 Classified
65 Buyer's Service
66 Advertiser's Index
66 People in the News 
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover
4 Table of Contents
6 Swinging Around Golf
10 The Main Man: PGA President Bill Clarke has been Named Executive Director at His Home Club - A New Concept in Club Management
27 The 1975 Golf Cars
30 1975 Golf Clubs
44 Is Christmas Selling Still Important?
46 Tournament Turf
50 Superintendent's Blueprint for Club Diplomacy: Make Yourself Available
52 Poa annua: Is It a Losing Battle?
54 New Products
57 3M Enters Graphite Market with Carbonite
58 News of the Industry
58 -Education Council to Meet at New Orleans Turf Show
59 -Expanded Pension Program: Clarke
60 -Equipment, Softgoods Execs Eye Better Golf Promotion
60 -New Orleans 'Pro-Only' Suit Finally gets Day in Court
61 -Sugar Cost Up; Coffee Down; Beef Price Cut by Grading?
62 -Michigan Section of PGA Winner of Graffis Cup
62 -Sewage Sludge to Fertilize? Must Monitor Metal Content
64 -"Trade" School Pioneered in West
67 Golf Course Architect's Guide
68 Classified
69 Coming Events
70 Advertiser's Index
70 People in the News