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1973 January
Volume #47, No. 1                  
1973 February
Volume #47, No. 2
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0 Cover
2 Table of Contents 
6 Accent on Management: 92nd Congress Adjourns
11 Answers to Turf Questions
11 -Do Plants Respond to Love?
11 -[Do You have Any Suggestions for a Bogged Down Tree Area?]
12 -[Mixing Natural Organic Materials with Moist Compost to Produce Heat]
12 Correction
15 PGA Terminates Creasy
15 "ACE" Rewards from GAC
21 Swinging Around Golf: USGA Green Section: Of Unestimable [Inestimable] Value
27 PGA
27 -[Investment Cast Stainless Steel Head Irons Versus Conventional Forged Steel Irons]
30 -Investment Casting - The Lost Wax Process
31 -Golf Cars. Equipment. Carts
32 -Golf Equipment
36 -Golfwear
42 -Golfing Accessories
46 -Pro Shop. Range Supplies
48 -Other
48F Check Out
48I The Professional Approach
48L Highlights of the PGA Annual Meeting
51 -[44th Annual Golf Course Superintendents Assn. of America International Turfgrass Conference and Show at the J.B. Hynes Civic Auditorium, Boston]
52 -Golf Cars and Equipment
56 -Irrigation Equipment
58 -Maintenance Equipment
60 -Maintenance Vehicles
62 -Mowers
64 -Turf Products
72 -Accessories
72 -Other
73 NCA
74 A New Breed of Superintendent: Today's Superintendent Spends Most of His Time Managing and Convincing People. Growing Grass? That's the Least of His Worries
80 Golf Course Architects' Guide
82 Classified 
84 Advertiser's Index
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0 Cover
3 Table of Contents
7 Answers to Turf Questions
7 -A Little Wilderness
7 -[Should We Allow Our Superintendent to Become a Country Club Manager?]
10 -[Have We Gone too Fast with Chemicals?]
10 -[What can We do About Striking Truckers Regarding Turfgrass Seed Shortages?]
10 -[Why is Penncross Superior to C-1 and C-19?]
8 5th Annual Golf Industry Marketing & Research Report -1972-: A Five-Year Challenge
13 Turfgrass Research Review: How Much Arsenic for Control?
20 Professionals...: Gained Substantially in Sales of Major Equipment; Soft Goods Sales Reached a Five-Year High
32E Swinging Around Golf
32F Back in the Saddle
32H Mill River: The Lead to Follow
32K The Professional Approach
34 Superintendents...: Met Rising Labor Costs by Keeping the Lid on Turf Material and Maintenance Equipment Purchases
44 Tennis...: May Prove to be the Surprise Income Source for Enterprising Golf Clubs and Professionals
47 Golf Cars...: Continue to be the Fastest-Growing Source of Income for Golf Clubs
51 Club Managers...: Held Down Their Costs and Made Healthy Gains in Most Income-Producing Areas
58 People in the News
60 News of the Industry
63 Golf Course Architects' Guide
64 Correction
65 Classified
66 Advertiser's Index
1973 March
Volume #47, No. 3
1973 April
Volume #47, No. 4
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover
2 Table of Contents
7 Accent on Management: Clubs Still Under Mandatory Wage-Price Controls 
10 Answers to Turf Questions
10 -Reclaimed Water for Turf
12 -[Alternatives to Chemicals for Algae Control]
14 Turfgrass Research Review: Achieving Pythium Control
24 Swinging Around Golf: Golf Pioneer Dies
29 Investment Casting: Pro Shop Boon?: Cast Clubs Offer the Professional a Whole New Sales Approach. While You are Teaching Your Member How to Swing, You can Sell Him Clubs that Will Correct His Mistakes During the Learning Process
32 GMDA, PGA Pool Thoughts for 1974 Show
40A The Professional Approach
40C PGA Show in Review
40E A Super Sabayrac Seminar
40G Pro Shop Buying with a Method
42 Pro Shop Canvass: What's in Stock for 1973?: Equipment Innovations Lead Professionals Across the Nation to Predict a Boom Year in '73. Doubleknits Dominate Soft Good Sales; the Classic Look Coming on Strong
42 -West
42 -Central
43 -East
50 Turf Materials: Are You Buying Enough?: Last Year's Excessive Rain and Flooding Will Create Turf Problems for Many Superintendents This Year. Purchases and Personnel should be Prepared to Meet This Extra Burden
53 Maintenance Materials: Price and Supply Trends '73: No Shortages of Fungicides or Insecticides Seen; Fertilizer Prices Hold Steady; Equipment Trending to Interchangeable Units; Seed Supplies and Price Seesaw
61 The O.J. Noer Memorial Library: A Need Fulfilled
64 GCSAA Conference and Show in Review: It was a Week for Records in Boston, as a Record Freeze Failed to Daunt a Record Attendance of Exhibitors and Superintendents. Keen Interest and Good Selling Climate Punctuated Another Successful Conference and Show
68 Golf Cars: The "How" of Fleet Acquisition: The Acquisition of a Golf Car Fleet is a Major Financial Step for Any Club. Properly Selected, Financed and Operated, It can Generate Cash for Your Club and Convenience for Your Members
76 News of the Industry
76 -Court Test Due on Tax Paid by Country Clubs
76 -GCSAA Announces Move to Kansas
78 -USGA Sets the Standard
78 -Ferguson Receives Green Section Award
81 Food Purchasing: Tougher Job Ahead  in '73: Washington Food Experts Expect Food Costs to Continue Rising. Managers Will be Forced to Decide Between Price Increases and Menu Cutbacks
84 American Wines Coming of Age: American Vintners have Moved Out from Under the Shadow of European Generic Names. They are Calling Their Wines After the Grape from Which It is Made. Managers should be Familiar with These Varietals and Change Their Wine Lists Accordingly
88 New Products 
92 Golf Course Architects' Guide
95 Classified
96 Advertiser's Index
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0 Cover
3 Table of Contents
6 Swinging Around Golf: New Interests in the Golf Market
12 Answers to Turf Questions
12 -Turf Schools: What and Why?
12 -Manna from Heaven?
14 -New Ryegrasses Worth Cost?
14 -Lime Dust Problem
62 -Jet Fuel Damage
62 -Nature's Bounty
16 Property Taxes: What can be Done Before They Devour Our Clubs!
27 Presidents and Owners: How do They Run Their Clubs? 
31 The Pro Shop Sale: Make It a Profit Tool - Not a Necessity: The Sale, Properly Integrated into the Professional's Merchandising Plan, can be Useful Tool for Increasing Business
34 Sandbagging the Sandbaggers
34 Federal Monies on Tap to Qualified Courses
34C Setting Up For Profits
34F Soft and Hard Goods in $weet Harmony
34H The Professional Approach
35 What's Plaguing the Pros?: Golfdom's Survey Shows that Professionals are Experiencing Problems, Which, Although New to Them, have been Troubling Other Industries for Years
38 Coming Events
40 To Professionals: M is for Mother and Merchandising
42 Stamping Out Poa: A Success Story
44 Trees on the Course: The Neglected Investment
50B Turfgrass Research Review
52 The Food Cost Dilemma
52 -What are Clubs Doing?: Soaring Wholesale Food Costs have Forced Club Managers to Re-Evaluate Their Pricing and Over-All Dining Room Practices
53 -How are Restaurants Handling It?: Here's a Rundown for Club Managers on How Their Counterparts, the Restauranteurs [Restaurateurs], are Combating the Same Problems
56 Women in the Golf Industry: As Consumers, Players and Professionals, Women are Making Themselves Felt as a Major Force in the Golf Industry. Two Areas Elude Them, However, and They are Club Management and Golf Course Superintendency
57 News of the Industry
58 People in the News
59 New Products
61 NCA to Beef Up Aids to Clubs: Members, as well as the Industry as a Whole, can Expect More Direct Action This Year from the Association
63 Golf Course Architects' Guide
65 Classified
66 Advertiser's Index
1973 May
Volume #47, No. 5
1973 June
Volume #47, No. 6
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover
3 Table of Contents
6 Swinging Around Golf: Why a Uniform Ball?
11 Accent on Management: Pending Federal Bills may Affect Clubs
12 Turfgrass Research Review : Poa annua: Continued Research
15 Answers to Turf Questions
15 -What? No Pension?
15 -Multiple Solution [Solutions]
15 -When to Add P?
16 Slow Play Stops Profits: Here are Some Startling Dollars and Cents Facts on What Slow Play is Costing Golf Facilities - At a Time When They can Least Afford It. And Some Courses Refuse to Tolerate It
21 The Japanese in the U.S. Golf Market: Where are They Now and Where are They Going?: United States Golf Manufacturers Express Realistic Attitudes in the Face of a Possible Japanese "Invasion" into the American Market Places
28 Retailer or Teacher: Which is the Pro's Primary Role?: Golfdom's Statistics Show that Lessons are Contributing Less and Less to the Professional's Income Compared to Sales of Merchandise. Aside from the Story the Statistics Tell, There Still Remain Two Schools of Thought on the Importance of Each Function
32G The Professional Approach
32H How to Beat the Competition Without Slashing Profits
32K Dressing Up Father
32L The Path to Profits
33 The Profit Pro Shop: Will There be a Golf Professional?
35 Getting Professionals for the Professionals
36 Coming Events
39 The Undefined Role of Assistant Superintendent: The Proper Training of Assistant Superintendents, Argues the Author, is One Guarantee for the Future that Quality Will Prevail on the Golf Course. And the Responsibility for This Important Function Rests Squarely with Today's Head Superintendents and Club Officials
43 What One Superintendent can do: Armed with 35 Acres, 22 Years Experience as a Superintendent and His Own Ingenuity, Bill Lyons Created a "Gem" of a Golf Course. It Embodies Scores of Valuable Ideas for Superintendents and Other Club Administrators
46 Richmond Power Sold to Robert Brooks
49 Equal Opportunity Laws: Is Your Club Exempt?: Many Clubs Today are Thinking About Giving Up Their Non-Profit Status and Bringing in More Non-Member Business. They Must, However, Consider All the Ramifications of This Move - Not the Least of Which are the Equal Opportunity Statutes
53 The High Cost of Golfing: Golf Always has been Considered an Expensive Sport. But Country Clubs are Pricing Their Memberships Out of Reach of Younger Members, Thereby Creating a Showdown in the Near Future
55 New Products
57 News of the Industry
61 Golf Course Architects' Guide
63 Classified
64 Advertiser's Index
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover
3 Table of Contents
6 Swinging Around Golf: National Golf Day Deserves Support
12 Turfgrass Research Review: Effects of Temperatures on Penncross Growth
15 Answers to Turf Questions
15 -Letter Writing
52 -A Vote for Sod
52 -Stay with Old or Change to New?
52 -Restore Needed Funds
16 How to Attack Vandalism
18 Coming Events
20 "What About Those Graphite Shafts?"
28 Service: The Potent Profit Tool: Preoccupation with Price as a Competitive Force Leads Many Professionals to Forget Areas in Which They can have a Distinct Advantage Over the "Downtown" Competition. "Service Above All" is the Motto at Columbine's Pro Shop, and Sales Volume Proves the Wisdom of these Words
32C The Profit Pro Shop
32D Pro's Par
32G The Professional Approach
32I Learning with the Mets
32J Golfdom Speaks Out: Lessons Re-Evaluated
34 Planned Profit at Friendly Hills: Professional Bruce Wyatt Operated Out of Temporary Facilities for 3 1/2 Years, but with a New Pro Shop and New Design and Display Techniques He has Increased His Gross Revenue 39 Per Cent
37 The Profitable Trio: The Team Approach, Says the Author, is the Only Way to Operate a Golf Course Profitably and Efficiently
40 Transition Trap: Superintendents Who Work in the "Transition" Zone have an Especially Difficult Job - Which is being Made Easier by New Findings in Turfgrass Research. And This Work Also is Bringing Benefits to Those in Other Zones
45 Turfgrass Research in Jeopardy: Members of the Turf Industry are Fearful over the Proposed Reduction in Federal Funds for Agricultural Research, and with Justification. The Cutback can have Far-Reaching Effects on the Total Turfgrass Industry
46 How are Clubs Faring in the OSHA Storm?
48B Maintenance Affects Play
49 Correction
50 Non-Profit Status: Does It Mean More Than Money?: This Second Article on the Problems a Club Might Face if It Relinquishes Its Non-Profit Status Answers the Questions of How This Change Would Affect the Club's Liquor License and Its Position Under State and Local Tax Laws
56 News of the Industry
56 -Cutrine OK'd by EPA
56 -Pro Golf Series First Ever Sanctioned by PGA Section
58 New Products
60 People in the News
61 Golf Course Architects' Guide
63 Classified
64 Advertiser's Index
1973 July
Volume #47, No. 7
1973 August
Volume #47, No. 8
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover
5 Table of Contents
6 Accent on Management: Internal Organization Vital to Clubs
11 Swinging Around Golf: Golf Scores: No Generation Gap
12 Turfgrass Research Review: Nematodes: A Problem on Cool-Season Grasses
14 Answers to Turf Questions
14 -Communications: Where's the Gap? 
14 -[Poa Invading Fairways]
54 -[Concerns Regarding Strip Mining of Coal Near Golf Course]
17 News of the Industry
17 -NGF Broadens Scope of Services
17 -New Insurance: An Aid to OSHA Compliance
19 Building Up Memberships
19 -Building Blocks to Bigger Memberships
20 -Pay as Much as You Play: The Concept of Holly Tree CC Attracted Members Through a Unique Pricing Plan Based on Usage
24 -Youth Programs: Insurance for the Future
28 -Country Club Life for Everyone
30 Pro's Par: More on Fall Fashions...
32A Two for the Money
32B Follow the Profits
32E The Profit Pro Shop
33 The Professional Approach: It's Unloading Time
34 Jimmy Jackson: Pro with a Purpose: A Grueling Year-Round Schedule at New York City's Van Cortlandt Park Municipal Course doesn't Keep This Professional from getting Involved in the Community
41 Special Report: The Deluge: Severe Flooding has Inundated Many Courses, but Physical Damage has been Minimal. Economically, It's Another Story: Play is Down and Poa annua is Up
44 Irrigation Tailored for Economy: Irrigation Consultant Don Burns Designed an Automatic Irrigation System at Fountain Hills GC that would Overcome Specific Soil and Terrain Problems from the Outset, Thereby Avoiding Costly Maintenance Programs Year After Year
46 Poa annua: To Encourage or Control?: One of the Country's Leading Agronomists Puts This Continuing but Important, Controversy into Perspective 
52 Correction
56 Coming Events
57 People in the News
58 New Products
61 Golf Course Architects' Guide
63 Classified
64 Advertiser's Index
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover
3 Table of Contents
6 Swinging Around Golf: Golf Lessons Need Overhauling
14 Answers to Turf Questions 
14 -[What are You [Your] Comments on Possibly Inaccurate Statements Regarding No Mower Pickup?]
14 -[Spongy Sawdust/Sand Mix Penncross Green]
14 -[How can We be Sure About Buying Sod]
14 -[Use of Carbowax with 2, 4-D]
14 -[Effluent Irrigation System]
19 Turfgrass Research Review: When is Nitrogen Detrimental to Turf?
20 Building a Golf Course Without Buying Land
23 "The Use of Scenic Lands Provokes as Many Diverse and Conflicting Opinions as a French Election"
26 Status Report: Pro Shop Business 1973
26 -West
26 -Central
26 -East
32A The Professional Approach
32B PGA Reaches for a "Pro"
32D Pro Shot Profit: The Winning Point of Pro-Manufacturer Teamwork
34 The Profit Pro Shop: Your Attitude is Important
35 A Bird's-Eye View of "Downtown" Competition: Golfdom's Sleuthing of the "Downtown" Competition Reveals a Surprising Lack of Expertise. Pros Also Might do Some Local Detective Work
37 Non-Profit Status: When is It a Drawback?: This Third Article in a Series, Which Explores the Impact that a Change in the Tax-Exempt Status would have on a Club, Studies the Financial Point at Which a Club May Consider Dropping Its Exempt Status
39 From Water Problem to Resource Asset: The Orleans CC in North Vermont, with Help from the Soil Conservation Service, Turned a Multi-Faceted Water Problem into a Resource Asset
40B Water is No Hazard - Almost: Do Men Play Golf on a River Bottom? Hardly; at least Not Unless Your Name is Novel B. James and You Live in Land-Hungry Southern California
41 Women and Grounds Maintenance: An Experiment that Worked: One of the Biggest Complaints Coming from Superintendents Nationwide is the Problem of Recruiting Responsible Grounds Crew Members. One Superintendent has Found an Answer: Hire Women
43 Not Even a Gold Watch: Current Evidence Indicates that There is a Wide Spread Lack of Pension Plans for Superintendents. Many Superintendents, Upon Retirement, are Finding Themselves with Nothing to Show for Their Years of Loyal Service
44 Casper Directs on the Costa Blanca
47 News of the Industry
48 People in the News
51 New Products
53 Golf Course Architects' Guide
54 Classified
56 [Advertiser's Index]
1973 September/October
Volume #47, No. 9
1973 November/December
Volume #47, No. 10
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover
3 Table of Contents
6 Swinging Around Golf: Cox's Business Savvy a Plus for PGA
13 Accent on Management: Unscrambling Phase 4
19 Turfgrass Research Review: Trees Impair Turfgrass Growth
23 Planning: An Oft-Neglected Part of Pro Shop Business: At a Time When Pro Shop Sales Could Use Revitalizing, the Author, a Veteran Merchandiser, Re-Emphasizes the "How-To's" of Planning as Insurance Against Buying Mistakes
25 The "Good" Pro Shop Customer: Who is He? What are His Buying Habits?: A Recent Golf Magazine Subscriber Study Provides the Answers and Offers Professionals Statistical Tools for Rating Their Clienteles and Setting Their 1974 Sales Goals
29 Shortcuts to Pro Shop Bookkeeping: Here are Some Tips on How to Cut Down on Tax Paperwork, so that You can Start being a Golf Professional Again
34B Plan Now for a Pro Shop Christmas
34F Golf Merchandise 1974: What Will Pros Pay? 
34H The Profit Pro Shop
34L Pro Shop Insurance: Are You Covered for '74? 
35 The Professional Approach: Budgeting and Planning: It's Not Osmosis
37 Maintenance Materials: Cost and Supply Trends '74: Superintendents had Better be Prepared to Make Upward Adjustments in Several Budget Entries and Also be Well-Armed with Source Material to Support Their Higher Proposals
39 Superintendent's Guide to Preparing and Selling His Budget: Across-the-Board Cost Increases Expected in '74 Make the Turf Manager's Job of Preparing and Selling His Fiscal Budget More Important than Ever Before
43 The Club Sod Nursery: A Testing Ground: In View of Chemical Bans, Vandalism and Disease, Superintendents can be Ready to Meet Each Crisis Economically with a Nursery Back-Up, Which can Test New Chemicals as Well as Supply Instant Sod
47 The Gasoline Shortage: How Will It Affect Superintendents?: Superintendents should be Prepared to Add to Their Fuel Budgets Next Year: Although Extent of Fuel Shortage Varies Throughout the Country. Price Increases Definitely Will Occur
47 -East
47 -Central
47 -West
49 Get the Most Out of Your Labor Dollars: Employee Motivation has Always been a Requisite to Effective Management and Must be Given Priority by Every Club's Supervisory Staff. Here are Some Ways to Stimulate the Kind of Worker Enthusiasm so Essential to Successful Golf Club
50B Answers to Turf Questions
50B -In Appreciation
50B -[Question Regarding Mottling of Penncross in Winter]
50B -[Question Regarding Developing Tiny Leaves and Fine Texture in Seaside Greens]
50B -[Advice on Whether to Seed New Putting Green with Penncross in Mid-June or Wait Until Late August]
51 The High Cost of Eating: A Thorn in the Manager's Budget: Hopes that Phase 4 would End or Slow Down Rising Produce Costs Will Not be Realized. Managers Will be Forced to Pass on to Their Member-Customers These Increases, Even if Managers Plan Less Expensive Menu Dishes. Unexpectedly, Costs of Menu Paper and Uniforms Also Will Rise
52 The Law and the Golf Course '74: Over 70 Bills in Congress, Ranging from Tax Reform to Immigration, could have a Significant Impact on the Private Club Industry. Although the Degree of that Impact Will Vary, It is Important that Clubs and Club Members Keep Informed on the Progress of This Legislation: Part I
54 Buying Wine to Suit Your Needs: To Help Club Managers Stimulate Their Beverage Revenue, Golfdom Draws on the Experience of Some of New York's Leading Wine Merchants and Restauranteurs [Restaurateurs] for Merchandising Tips and the "Best Buys" on a Wide Variety of American and Imported Wines
58 Coming Events
59 New Products
63 Golf Course Architect's Guide
64 Classified 
66 Advertiser's Index
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover
3 Table of Contents
7 Accent on Management: Stabilizing Menu Prices
8 Swinging Around Golf: Improved Club Management a Must
15 Answers to Turf Questions
15 -Can You Remember?
16 -[Sterilizing Soil with Anhydrous Ammonia]
16 -[Is There Potassium Sulfate Powder Available that doesn't Clog Sprayer Nozzles?]
18 Turfgrass Research Review: Overseeding: Which Grasses are Best
23 Coming Events
25 Buying for the Club: Who Says "Yes" or "No"?: Golfdom's Recent Survey Shows a Stronger-Than-Ever Emphasis on Collective Decision-Making in the Buying Process at Golf Clubs. How do You Stack Up Against the National Norm?
31 Golden Rules of Buying: Here's a Review of Basic Buying Principles that have Contributed to the Success of Some of the Country's Leading Golf Professionals and Retail Stores
32 PGA Merchandise Show: Who Goes and Why?: A Golfdom Survey Answers Questions About the PGA Merchandise Show as a Buying Influence on the Golf Professional Market
36B Fashion Forecast '74
36J Pro Shop Problem Solve
37 Golf Clubs '74 at a Glance: Here's a Reference Source to What the Major Golf Equipment Makers Will be Offering in '74
49 The Pro Profit Shop: Look, Listen, Then Buy
50 Golf Car Roundup for '74: Golfdom Previews the 1974 Offerings of the Major Golf Car Manufacturers
55 Turf Equipment: The How-To's of Selection: The Authors Tell How the Superintendent should Go About Selecting the Best Piece of Equipment for the Prescribed Job, in View of the Ever-Increasing Sophistication and Range of Maintenance Machinery
59 Maintenance '74: A Matter of Buying Strategy: All Indicators Show Higher Over-All Prices in 1974. This, Coupled with Possible Materials Shortages and Delivery Delays, Means Superintendents Must Buy Astutely and Early
61 Quantity Buying: The Ins and Outs of Quantity Buying and Its Hazards are Explored, as Well as Tips for Controlling Maintenance Expenditures
62 The Law and the Golf Course '74: Part II: Here's a Rundown of Proposed National Legislation, Which could Significantly Affect the Private Club Industry
65 Labor Sources: Where are They?: Finding and Keeping Qualified, Reliable Golf Club Personnel is a King-Sized Headache for Most Club Administrators. Golfdom Offers Some Solid Suggestions on Employee Sources to Help Clubs get the Most from Their Labor Dollars
68 Battery Maintenance: A Winter Must: Following the Tips Presented Here may Save You Downtime
69 New Products
71 News of the Industry
73 Golf Course Architect's Guide
74 Classified
76 Advertiser's Index
76 People in the News