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1971 January
Volume #45, No. 1                  
1971 February
Volume #45, No. 2
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover
5 Table of Contents
9 Coming Events
9 Letters to the Editor: Mill River Club's Enterprising Mr. Montgomery
12 Swinging Around Golf: Joe Kirkwood: A Tribute
19 Answers to Turf Questions
19 -Determining Authenticity
19 -We have a Weed in Our Putting Greens Called Pearlwort. It is Dark Green and Looks Quite Good. What can You Tell Us About It?
19 -Kikuyu Fills the Bill
19 -[Ammonia Fumes When Mixing Hydrated Lime with Mixed Fertilizer]
22 -[How do Fungicides Attack Pathogens?]
22 -[Information Relative to Synthetic Turf]
22 -[Should Our Club be Concerned with Wildflowers?]
22 Correction
24 Accent on Management
30 Turfgrass Research Review: Chances for Turfgrass Survival During Flooding
46 Golf and Utility Cars
46 Irrigation Equipment
48 Maintenance Vehicles
61 Turf Products, Sprayers
68 Accessories
68 Other
69 Superintendents Attending This Year's Convention Will Discover in Denver Hospitality, Good Eating and a Bit of Nostalgia: Mile Highlights
71 PGA
73 Golf Cars, Carts, Equipment
73 Golf Equipment
80 Golfwear, Gloves, Shoes
85 Accessories
86 Other
88 A Pro View of Palm Beach: This Posh Resort Offers a Variety of Places to Eat and Things to do. But Count Pennies, Prices can be Astronomical
93 CMAA: Back Where It All Began: In London Club Managers Will be Able to See the Modern and the Historical, and Learn Something from Both
95 A Londoner's View: Club Managers Will Find This City a Marvel - Varied and Endlessly Fascinating
98 News of the Industry
100 Golf Course Architects' Guide
101 People in the News 
102 Classified
106 Advertiser's Index
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover
5 Table of Contents
13 Accent on Management: Nader Criticizes Tax Advantages of Maryland Country Clubs; NCA Answers
14 Swinging Around Golf: Success Marks 50th Birthdays
26 Answers to Turf Questions
26 -Turf in South Africa
26 -Chemical Substitutes: In Time?
28 -[Can We Reseed Seaside Greens with Certified Penncross and Expect Good Results?]
28 -For Farms, Not Golf Courses
28 -[How do You Feel About Synthetic vs. Natural Turf?]
29 -[Management Aides for Heavily Trafficked, Very Hard Putting Green]
31 Turfgrass Research Review: Use of Benomyl to Control Dollar Spot
41 Coming Events
41 Fischesser and Null Join PGA Headquarters Staff
43 3rd Annual Marketing & Research Report 1970: How the Economy is Taking Its Toll 
45 -Superintendents: ...Cut Back on Expenditures for Turf Materials in 1970, but could Not Curtail the Rising Costs of Labor
56 -Club Managers: ...Are Struggling to Meet Ever Increasing Operating Expenditures and Property Taxes
64 -Professionals: ...Were Unable to Overcome the General Economic Slump in 1970 and Recorded a Drop in Sales in Nearly All Merchandise Categories
70 -Golf Cars: ...Defied the Current State of the Economy and Continued Growing in Numbers and Rental Revenues
72 Golf Course Architects' Guide
73 News of the Industry
75 Classified
76 People in the News
78 Advertiser's Index
1971 March
Volume #45, No. 3
1971 April
Volume #45, No. 4
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover
7 Table of Contents
13 Letters to the Editor: Mill River Plan: Thought-Provoking
22 Swinging Around Golf: The High Cost of Showing
32 Turfgrass Research Review: How Pollution Affects Turfgrasses
39 Answers to Turf Questions
39 -What to Use?
39 -No Replacement Foreseen
42 -We Pump Our Irrigation Water Out of a Creek that is Very High in Sodium. How Will this Affect Our Turf?
42 -Reduce, do Not Remove
42 -[Reasons for Using Potassium Sulfate]
42 -[Question Regarding Mixture of Prato, Delta, Pennlawn Fescue and Pelo Perennial]
44 News of the Industry
50 Automatic Irrigation: Do It Right the First Time: Problems and Dollars can be Saved if Designers, Contractors, Materials and Costs are Properly Investigated Before Installation
55 Golf and Ecology: A Responsibility and an Opportunity for America's Country Clubs
58 The Profit-Centered Pro Shop: Part 1: A Dozen Experts Give Their Views on Buying
67 Where Golfers Buy: Although in 1970 Pro Shops have Made Greater Gains in the Equipment Categories, Golfdom's Survey Shows that Department Stores Still Receive the Major Portion of the Soft Goods Business
72 Coming Events
72 CMAA Elects Officers for 1971
72 Correction
74 Literature
76 Joining the Computer Pool
78 Food Buying: Getting Together: One Way that Clubs Might Reduce Food and Related Costs is by Forming a Cooperative Purchasing Company. In Chicago a Group Called RFB did Just that. Here's How the Plan Works
80 PGA
80 -Show Notes
82 -Fashion Notes
84 Golf Course Architects' Guide
85 People in the News
87 Classified
90 Advertiser's Index
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover
5 Table of Contents
10 Accent on Management: More Guidelines from IRS
12 Swinging Around Golf: Keeping the Fiscal Score
21 Turfgrass Research Review: Controls of Potentially Serious Pests
26 Answers to Turf Questions
26 -Fighting the Artificial Turf Invasion
26 -No Such Bulletin
28 -[Continuing Ureaform Program with High Phosphorus, Low Potash Soil]
31 Coming Events
31 Corrections
32 News of the Industry
38 People in the News
42 Putting the Problem in Older Hands: To Help Ease the Labor Shortage as Well as Control Inflationary Budgets, Superintendent Al DePorter Began a Unique Practice: He Hired a Greens Crew Whose Average Age was 69 Years Old
50 Convention Flashback
63 -NCA
65 -CMAA
53 What's Behind Nader's Attack on Golf?: The Consumer's Champion has Attacked Tax Concessions Aimed at Encouraging Country Clubs to Preserve Open Lands in Heavily Populated Areas. Thus Emerges a Battle Over Ecology and Discrimination Which Will Affect Golf Clubs for Years
58 The Profit-Centered Pro Shop: Part 2: Who is the Competition?: Golfdom's Panel of Experts Give Their Views on Another Controversial Aspect of Pro Shop Merchandising
66 Golf Course Architects' Guide
68 New Products
69 Classified
72 Advertiser's Index
1971 May
Volume #45, No. 5
1971 June
Volume #45, No. 6
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover
7 Table of Contents
13 Accent on Management: Club Problems are Everybody's Concern
13 Toro Expands Moist O'Matic Plant
16 Swinging Around Golf: Unsung, Unpaid Working Executives
26 Answers to Turf Questions
26 -A Hard Look at Financial Realities
26 -Less Artificiality, More Naturalness
26 -[What is the Best Method to Apply Magnesium to Putting Greens?]
29 -Less Costly Greens
29 -[Opinion Regarding Weeping Lovegrass on Sandy Soiled Golf Course Roughs]
29 -[Should We Remove Clippings on Warren's A-20 Bluegrass Greens?]
29 DuPont Discontinues Corfam
30 Coming Events
32 Turfgrass Research Review: Identifying Agrostis Cultivars
40 Literature 
42 How to Beat the Equipment Repair Crisis: Complex, Multi-Purpose Machinery and Four-Month Repair Backlogs are Forcing the Superintendent to Establish His Own Repair Shop with a Mechanic
46 You Think You have Problems!: Dedication, Perseverance and Originality Helped Portland's Parks Department Overcome Almost Insurmountable Problems in Building the Delta Park Course
50 Spreading Out: Not Only are More New Courses Needed, but Many Older Courses should Plan to Add Holes. Some Common Guidelines can be Used to Help Almost Any Type of Course
55 Fight Against Tax Bite: Ohio Shows the Way: Ohio Clubs have Added Punch to Their Fight Against Property Reappraisals by Retaining a Lobbying Firm and by Trying to get Backing from Major Ohio Corporations Which have Vested Interests in Golf
56 The Profit-Centered Pro Shop: Conclusion: Confronting Credit and Promotion Problems: Golfdom's Panel of Experts Focuses on Two Important Aspects of Pro Shop Merchandising
61 News of the Industry
63 New Products
66 Golf Course Architects' Guide
67 People in the News
68 Classified
70 Advertiser's Index
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover
5 Table of Contents
8 Letters to the Editor: Questionable Attitude
12 Swinging Around Golf: National Golf Day: Nothing Like It
14 Correction
16 Turfgrass Research Review: Evaluation of Various Types of Mulches
22 Answers to Turf Questions
22 Glenn Burton: 25 Years of Service
24 -[How to Save Turf from Blown-Out Hydraulic Line or Hose on Triplex Mower]
24 -[Could We Develop Quality Fairway Turf from Bermudagrass Seed?]
24 -[Using Turf-Type Perennial Ryegrasses for Overseeding]
26 -[Preventing "Mower Canker"]
28 21 Ways to Build Golf Course/Community Relations: Clubs that Expect the Community to Grant Open Land, Tax Concessions Will Find Themselves Obliged to Return Something to the Community. Here's How Some Clubs are doing It - And It's Less Trouble Than You Think
33 The Decline and Fall of Congressman Day: ...Or the Great Golf Hoax Unmasked
36 Turf Maintenance: What's Ahead
39 Hydro-Seeder: New Uses Plus Old: A Hydro-Seeder can be Used to Solve Different Course Maintenance Problems, Says Tantallon's Superintendent
40 Clubs Turning to "Love": The Tennis Boom is On, and Club Managers have Been Caught Off Guard by the Resurgence. But Building Courts can be Expensive, Unless a Sound Financial Program is Worked Out
44 The Unique Pro Shop Plan: From Mill River to Hyland Hills: Jim Bailey, Hyland Hills' Professional has Adapted the Mill River Formula to His Municipal Course Operation - With Apparent Success
48 Schooling the Pros: The Former Director of Education for the PGA Gives His Candid Views on the Strengths and Weaknesses of the Present Educational Program
50 Coming Events
51 News of the Industry
52 Golf Course Architects' Guide
54 New Products
55 Classified
56 People in the News
58 Advertiser's Index
1971 July
Volume #45, No. 7
1971 August
Volume #45, No. 8
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover
5 Table of Contents
8 Letters: The Real Issue?
11 Accent on Management: IRS Guidelines: A Little Less Confusion
14 Swinging Around Golf: A Toast to the Women in Golf
18 Turfgrass Research Review: Report on Nutritional Studies
23 Answers to Turf Questions
23 -Not So New After All
23 -Prices Reasonable, Hopefully
23 -[How to Lower pH of Soil Irrigated with High pH Water]
23 -[Is there a System for "International Exchange" Among Superintendents?]
23 -[Does Drip Irrigation have a Future for Turfgrass?]
26 Clubs and the Law: Stay on Top of the Action: Clubs that Discriminate are Going to Face More and More Law Suits Aimed at Changing Their Policies. The Courts Will Ask: To What Extent may a Right be Exercised When It Conflicts with the Rights of Others or with the Good of Society?
30 Beating the Chemical Bans: Many Forward Looking Golf Course Superintendents have Solved the Restrictions on Turf Chemicals by Finding Effective Alternatives. The Superintendent is Also in the Position to Decide the Destiny of These Controversial Chemicals
34 Will They Remember the Course or Only the Score?: When Nature doesn't Bless a Course with Charm and Character and Finances don't Permit Building in Those Qualities, There are Still Some Relatively Inexpensive and Unique Touches that can be Added to Make a Course Memorable
37 Emergency First Aid for Insect Stings
38 What is the Average Pro Shop?: If Your Shop doesn't have a Dressing Room, You have Lots of Company. And You are Among the Majority, if You've had Business Training
42 New Products
44 Coming Events
45 Literature
45 Former GCSAA President Dies
46 News of the Industry
48 Golf Course Architects' Guide
49 People in the News
50 Classified
52 Advertiser's Index
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover
7 Table of Contents
8 Letters: Paying the Price for Snobbishness
13 Accent on Management: Thoughts on Taxes and the "Tax-Exempt" Club
13 Fuqua to Sponsor "Richest" Tournament
14 Swinging Around Golf: New Breed of Young Professionals
21 Turfgrass Research Review: Rooting Ability of Sod Grown on Two Soil Types
26 Coming Events
29 Answers to Turf Questions
29 -Juvenility: "Youthfulness or Youthful Manner of Character" (Webster)
29 -[Are There Problems with Compaction from Triplex Greens Mowers?]
30 A Case of Success and Failure: The Author Chronicles the History of Two Country Clubs - One Successful, One a Failure - And Explores the Vital Decisions that were Made in Each Case
32 Turning a Problem into an Asset: Rather than View the Existence of Earthworms on His Course as a Problem, the Author Decided to Investigate Their Possible Advantages - And Found Many
36 The Superintendent: Past, Present and Future: Richard Blake, GCSAA President, Discusses with Golfdom Chemical Bans, Certification, the Superintendent's Image and the Future Role the Superintendent Must Play to Decide His Destiny
42 Privately-Owned Golf Cars: Are They Allowed on the Course?: Although About 25 Per Cent of the Clubs Surveyed Allow Privately-Owned Cars on Their Courses, More than Half of These Plan to Discontinue the Policy
44 Mill River Revisited: Ray Montgomery's Unique Pricing Plan has Withstood the Test of Time. Not Only is It a Complete Success, but the Idea has Spread to Other Clubs
47 A Letter to Golfdom: The State of the Pro Shop Market: An Acushnet Executive Candidly Discusses the Pro Shop in Relation to Its "Downtown" Competition
50 USGA to Move from NYC
52 News of the Industry
54 Golf Course Architects' Guide
55 New Products
56 Classified
58 Advertiser's Index
1971 September
Volume #45, No. 9
1971 October/November
Volume #45, No. 10
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover [Hound Ears Lodge & Club, Blowing Rock, N. C.]
7 Table of Contents
10 Letters: Golf Courses: No Burden on Taxpayers
14 Swinging Around Golf: Harry Adams - The Last of His Kind
19 Turfgrass Research Review: Winter Overseeding: The Ideal Turfgrass Variety
25 Answers to Turf Questions: Qs and As
25 -[Ureaform Specifications for Seedbed-Planted Bluegrass Mixture]
25 -[Where to Obtain Information on "Purr-Wick" and "Perched Water Table Greens"]
25 -[Conflicts Between Turf Research and Demands of Golf]
59 -[Availability of Substitutes for Banned Turf Products Such as Mercury, Cadmium, and Arsenic]
26 Reports on Pro Shop Business: Stability Marks the Season
26 -East
26 -Central
27 -West
29 Nicklaus, Caponi Win National Golf Day
30 Pro's Par
31 Women Head Professionals?
31 Coming Events
33 A New Look in Dimples: Uniroyal, Employing Research in Aerodynamic Principles, has Introduced a Regulation Golf Ball with Hexagonal Dimples
34 The Certified Superintendent: The Golf Course Superintendents Assn. of America has Produced a Long Awaited Certification Program. The Association's Executive Director Explains the Program and Its Implications for the Future of the Superintendent in Terms of Job Security, Image and Hiring Practices
36 GCSAA Annual Convention
41 The New Philadelphia Story: In 1964 the Golf Committee at Philadelphia CC was Looking for a New Superintendent, and They had a Lot to Offer - Silver Crabgrass, Poa annua and a Parched Course. They Directed Their Job Hunting Efforts Toward One Superintendent: Warren Bidwell
44 From Tee to Ski
48 Pinehurst of Colorado: A Management Success Story: Pinehurst's Management has Put Business Theory into Practice - Profitably, One Secret of the Club's Success is Its Employee Training Program
54 People in the News
55 News of the Industry
56 New Products
58 Golf Course Architects' Guide
60 Classified
62 Advertiser's Index
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover
5 Table of Contents
12 Golfdom Speaks Out: A Year of Big Issues with More to Come
19 Letters: Club Taxes: A Reasonable Approach
21 Answers to Turf Questions
21 -Random Thoughts
22 -[Should We Omit Limestone in Soil-Less Greens Mixture with pH 7.6?]
22 -[Is It a Good Investment for Our Club to Join Pennsylvania Turfgrass Council?]
22 -[How to Increase Bermudagrass Cold Tolerance?]
58 -[Can You Explain the Authenticity of the 1966 Pennsylvania Turfgrass Survey?]
58 -[Can You Explain Why Calcium and Magnesium are Important to Us for Growing Superior Turf?]
24 Turfgrass Research Review: Nematode Control
29 Swinging Around Golf: Golf Course Construction: Only for the Expert
30 The Superintendent's Budget: Predictions 1972
34 Show Them Where the Money Goes
37 The Gypsy Moth Invades Northeast
38 Automatic Irrigation: Within Everyone's Budget: The Large Capital Outlay Required for Installation of an Automatic Irrigation System may Cause Many Superintendents to Prolong Conversion or Installation. An Automatic Irrigation System is Within the Means of Clubs' Budgets and Will Pay for Itself in the Long Run
40 The Metrics are Coming!: The Proposed Conversion to the Metric System as a Standard of Measurement Will Affect Everyone, Including Golf Professionals, Club Managers and Superintendents. Mastery of the System is Not Beyond Most People and It is a Precise and Constant System  
42 Put a Fashion Show in Your 1972 Plans: A Fashion Show is One of the Best Ways to Promote New Stock and Attract Potential Customers into the Pro Shop. Here is a Step-by-Step Guide to Conducting a Successful Fashion Show
47 Pro Shop Finances, In-Depth: Professionals should Think in Terms of the Total Profit Picture to get an Honest Appraisal of How Much It Costs to Run a Shop
50 Pro's Par
54 Budget Preparation: Directions 1972
60 People in the News
63 News of the Industry
66 Golf Course Architects' Guide
68 New Products
71 Classified
72 Coming Events 
74 Advertiser's Index