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1969 January
Volume #43, No. 1                  
1969 February
Volume #43, No. 2
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover
5 Table of Contents
8 Golfdom Speaks Out: 1969: A New Look
10 Letters to the Editor
13 Swinging Around Golf
13 -PGA-APG War Ends
36C -For Pro's Only
15 Make It Your Business - It is!: Attend Your Industry's Annual Meeting as if You were at Home Running Your Own Business. Stop, Look and Listen for New Merchandising Methods, Marketing Packages, Product Developments that Will Point the Way to More Profits
19 PGA
21 -Golf Equipment
91 -Accessories, Display Units
98 -Golfwear
98 -PGA Exhibitors Listing
26 -Golf Cars
26 -Irrigation Equipment
26 -Turf Products
58 -Accessories
58 -Maintenance Vehicles
106 -GCSAA Exhibitors Listing
29 CMAA: Profiling the Manager: At the Dallas CMAA Convention a Computer Will Seek a Composite of Today's Manager
32 Spring/Summer Fashion Forecast: Polyester Knits and Wide Range of Colors Generate Excitement
36A 9 Hints for Merchandising Apparel
36B Canadian PGA - A Thriving Organization
37 Merchandising Makes the Difference!: A Very Routine Item Like Golf Gloves can be Turned into a Real Volume and Profit Item with the Right Sales Approach
40 New Golf Course: Money from the Drain
44A Uncork that Wine Bottle and Pour Out Those Profits
45 Food Makes the Club: Green Brook's Manager Sees that Club's Food is on a Par with the Best
47 Accent on Management: What Makes a Club Manager?
51 Solve Your Water Coverage Automatically
62 Course Architects being Bulldozed?: On Long Island, N.Y., a Self-Styled Golf Course Designer Turned in a Commendable Job in His First Effort at an 18-Hole Layout. When It Came Time to Pay the Bill, the Membership Lined Up Behind Its Lawyer-President, Who Refused Payment, Saying that the Designer was Not Inculded Under Article 148. The Suprised Designer Took the Case to Court and Lost!
64 Expansion Drive
68 Turfgrass Research Review: Observations on Bentgrass Puffiness
76 Answers to Turf Questions
76 -A Turf Museum?
76 -[More Blends of Bluegrasses, Less Red Fescue Mixtures]
83 -[Converting from Patchy Poa annua and Kentucky Bluegrass Fairways to Bermudagrass]
83 -[Is It Okay to Mulch Greens with Rock Maple Leaves?]
83 -Why have the Prices of Grass Seed Gone Up?
94 Solving the Car Storage Problem: Hidden Hills CC Planned for Maximum Number of Cars to be Used Ultimately - And the Result is No Tie-Ups
100 News of the Industry
102 People in the News
103 Coming Events
107 N.Y. School Graduates First Turf Class
107 Obits.....
108 Golf Course Architects' Guide
111 Classified
114 Advertisers' Index
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover
5 Table of Contents
6 Tips from the Superintendent - Part of a Series: "How We Tightened Up for the State PGA Finals"
11 Letters to the Editor
18 Golfdom Speaks Out: The Business Side of Golf
20 -First Annual Marketing and Research Issue
20 -The State of the Industry
22 -The Professional: ...Moves a Lot of Merchandise Through His Shop
24 -The Club Manager: ...Keeps the Cash Registers Ringing at the Clubs
26 -The Superintendent: ...Budgets to Keep that Turf Lush and Green
28 -Rolling Up Profits: A Large Part of Golf Course Revenue Comes from Golf Car Rentals. How does Your Financial Picture Compare with the Overall Industry?
31 -Mergers: A Sign of the Times: Think Leisure and Tune in to [into] Tomorrow's Potential
30 Preparing Your Fleet
32 Understanding and Using Fertilizers
34 Coming Events
39 CMAA: Club Managers Meet in Big D: This Year's Conference Will Gather Data About Today's Manager, Offer Training Aids, Run an Idea Booth, and Hold a Dance. So Bring Your Pencil, Your Glasses, Your Wits and Your Tuxedo
48 Pros Endorse a Pension Plan: According to Golfdom's Survey, 93 Per Cent of the Pros Want the PGA to Start a Pension Plan. Here's the Plan
56 Answers to Turf Questions: Q's and A's
56 -[Change in Opinion About Respect for Ryegrass]
57 -[Opinion on Purchasing a Mist Blower for Applying Materials to Greens]
57 -[Why do Phosphorus and Arsenic Conflict in the Control of Poa annua?]
58 Accent on Management: A Job Description is Essential
60 Building Sand Bunkers
65 Swinging Around Golf: School is for All Seasons
67 Turfgrass Research Review: Winter Fertilization: A New Concept
71 New Products 
77 News of the Industry
78 People in the News
82 Golf Course Architects' Guide
84 Classified
86 Advertisers' Index
1969 March
Volume #43, No. 3
1969 April
Volume #43, No. 4
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover
5 Table of Contents
7 Letters to the Editor
14 Tips from the Superintendent - Part of a Series: Westchester in August: A Double Challenge
16 Swinging Around Golf: Accolades for the Pro
18 Kaleidoscopic Sands: Come April, There You are on the First Tee, Surrounded by Blue Sky, Green Grass, Budding Trees, Gentle Winds, and to Add the Touch Supreme - Red Bunkers
21 You were There… What does It Mean? 
22 Both Business and Pleasure Occupied the Attending Superintendents at Miami for the 40th Annual Meeting
32 Golfwear Forecast.......: White on White
35 Answers to Turf Questions: Q's and A's
35 -[Lousy Luck with Overseeding Bents and Bluegrass and with Proper Watering of Poa annua; Switch to Kentucky 31 Fescue?]
51 -[Question Regarding Nutrients in the Soil being Rated High to Very High and Whether to Use a Complete Fertilizer or Not]
99 -[Question Regarding Fertilizing After November 1]
99 -[What is the Chemcial Reaction Between Hydrated Lime and Chemical Nitrogen Fertilizer? Is it True that There is No Reaction Between Hydrated Lime and a Solid Ureaform Nitrogen Fertilizer]
37 PGA Show Hints at Fashion Trends
40 O. J. Noer Memorial Library Established at MSU
43 How Soon Will Color Blossom at Other Courses?
45 Pros Agree It's a Definite Asset to have a Woman in the Shop, but It's More Than Just an Asset When that Woman is the Pro's Wife: Wife in the Pro Shop? You Bet!
54 Summer Help Wanted
63 Buying Carpets Represents a Major Expense, Which could Become a Major Headache if Proper Selection is Ignored: Carpet Magic for the Club
64 Consider the Lowly Duck: Duck Adds Sophistication and Subtlety to Your Menu - And It's Not at All Hard to Prepare...
67 News of the Industry
74 Turfgrass Research Review: How Compaction Affects Turf
78 Curse of the Snowmobile: Sound Like a Grade-B Horror Film? The Beast can Bring in Customers, but the Dilemma is, at What Cost to the Condition of the Course?
83 A Unique and Courageous Program for Greens Management
86 GCSAA Annual Father and Son Luncheon
90 Coming Events
93 Spodnik Heads GCSAA
94 Superintendents: Checklist for March
95 New Products
100 Drive to the Fore
101 People in the News
108 The Long and the Short of It
114 Golf Course Architects' Guide
116 Classified
118 Advertisers' Index
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover
5 Table of Contents
8 Golfdom Speaks Out: Our Men on a Tightrope
16 Golf Resort of the Future: Planning a New Course? Here's How Golf is Becoming the Center-Point of Community Planning. Facts from Boca Raton, West...
18A Brighten Your Shop's Image for the New Season: It's Easy to Create a New Look with Little Expense
18B PGA Rings the School Bell
22 Selecting a Suitable Site
24 Tips from the Superintendent - Part of a Series: Westchester in August: A Double Challenge
26 Catering to Celebrities may have Its Problems, but It can be Fun. Ultimately, Running a Successful Pro Shop Means Knowing Who Your Customers are: Celebrities Make the Scene at Riviera CC
37 Swinging Around Golf: National Golf Day
39 How Consumers View Pro Shops: Only 39 Per Cent of Golfers Buy Their First Set of Clubs in a Pro Shop. But Three Out of Four Got Their Present Equipment from a Pro
43 Answers to Turf Questions
43 -Of This and that
43 -[Will Burning the Excess Grass Hurt the Stand?]
43 -At Our Course We are Considering the Purchase of a Mist Blower for Applying Materials to Our Greens. What is Your Opinion?
47 -When Phosphorus Levels are High It Seems that Arsenicals Work Rather Poorly. Conversely, Arsenic Becomes More Effective When P Levels are Low. What is the Explanation?
54 Superintendent or Greenkeeper - Which?: Although Golf Course Superintendent is Officially the Title, the Term Greenkeeper Still Persists...
65 Julius Boros' Favorite Dish...
66 CMAA: Highlights of the Conference: This Year's 42nd Annual Club Managers' Conference was Marked by Education, Technology and Hospitality
66B Pardon Me, but Your Menu is Showing: "With Mere Good Intentions, Hell is Proverbially Paved"
69 Literature
73 Turfgrass Research Review: Effects of Cutting and Nitrogen Levels on Bluegrass Varieties
74 Study Adds Facts and Figures
78 News of the Industry
83 A New Process for Making Tubular Shafts: "Economically Unfeasible," Superform Process may Point the Way to a New Method of Manufacturing Shafts
86 New Products
89 Coming Events
95 People in the News
96 Golf Course Architects' Guide
98 Classified
100 Advertisers' Index
1969 May
Volume #43, No. 5
1969 June
Volume #43, No. 6
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover
5 Table of Contents
7 A Friend of the Game
12 Letters to the Editor
14 Swinging Around Golf: Looking Back
22 Answers to Turf Questions
22 -Leadership
28 Accent on Management: Tax Reform and Private Clubs
38 Turfgrass Research Review: Turfgrass Variety Evaluations
41 Happenings, East and West: A Report on the Massachusetts State Turf Conference  
41 A Report on the Rocky Mt. Golf Management Seminar
46 Pro Shop in the City
54 The Strangling Club Cost Squeeze: Although Fixed Charges, Generally, are Unaffected by Activity at the Country Club, They can Vary - Sometimes Substantially  
58 Take a Closer Look at Your Insurance Coverage. Does It Cover Loss of Earnings in the Event Your Clubhouse is Damaged or Destroyed?: Insure Your Country Club's Intangibles
61 Billy Casper's Favorite Dish...
62 Guardian of Golf's Shrine: An Exclusive Interview with John Campbell, St. Andrews' Links Supervisor, Reveals Some Traditional and Not-So-Traditional Views About Course Maintenance
68 Confessions of a Superintendent: Last Year Tremendous Reader Interest was Generated by a Series of "Confessions." This Year Begins a Renewal of This Series
72 Literature
74 People in the News
82 Coming Events
84 News of the Industry
86 New Products
88 Golf Course Architects' Guide
90 Classified 
92 Advertisers' Index
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover
5 Table of Contents
8 Tips from the Superintendent - Part of a Series: How We Spruced Up for the Illinois State Women's Amateur
10 Accent on Management: Job Description
14 Answers to Turf Questions
14 -Turfgrass Interests United
16 -[How to Prepare Sod Bed]
18 -[Where do You Go for the Truth About Which Grass is Best?]
18 -[Is "Hydroseeding" for Overseeding Thin Turfgrass Areas and for Establishing New Areas Still a Good Idea?]
25 Turfgrass Research Review: Evaluating Performances of Overseeded Grasses
32 Swinging Around Golf: Financial Public Relations
39 "An Ounce of Prevention...": Shoplifting, Fraudulent Checks, Armed Robbery and Dishonest Employees are Putting a Large Dent in Pro Shop Profits. Here are Some Ways to Protect Your Shop
41 With Sincerest Praise...: One of Golf's Greatest and Most Versatile Leaders is Honored by a Distinguished Gathering
42 DDT Panic: DDT is Now a Dirty Word. But Some Supers Think that After It has been Banned for a Few Years and If an Equally Effective Substitute has Not been Found, It Will be Reinstated - When the Bugs and Beetles Once Again Infest the Land
45 $aving Irrigation at Panther Valley: This New Club Beats Droughts and Cuts Costs with Treated Sewage Water
48 Hiring a Superintendent: Filling an Opening for a Superintendent can be a Confusing Ordeal for the Club and the Applicant. Here are Some Helpful Guidelines for Both Parties
52 After being Used as a Tournament Parking Lot, the Second 18 "Looked Like a Hay Field... in the Dead Heat of Summer." Ten Days Later, It was Ready for Play. A Miracle? No, Just Hard Work: Olympic Club Comeback
56 Coming Events
56 Bob Murphy's Favorite Dish
57 Are You Inviting Labor Problems?: Although the Last Wage and Hour Law was Passed in 1967, Certain Provisions of the Law Remain Unclear. Unknowingly, You may be Treating Your Employees Unfairly
60 Supplement for Insurance Protection: Is Your Club Completely Insured? Look Again. Today's Policies Even Cover Your Musical Instruments
64 Literature
78 New Products
80 People in the News
82 News of the Industry
84 Golf Course Architects' Guide
86 Classified 
88 Advertisers' Index
1969 July
Volume #43, No. 7
1969 August
Volume #43, No. 8
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover
4 Tips from the Superintendent - Part of a Series: "How We Tightened Up for the State PGA Finals"
7 Table of Contents
8 Golfdom Speaks Out: Club Managers Hit with Tough Charges
14 Letters to the Editor: Agree but Disagree
16 Swinging Around Golf: Who Educates Whom?
23 Turfgrass Research Review: Response of Three Bluegrasses to Varied Temperatures
28 Answers to Turf Questions
28 -Do You Know Your Superintendent?
30 -[Is There a Middle Ground Between Emphasis on Irrigation of Fairways and the Development of Improved Grasses for Non-Irrigated Fairways?]
32 -Is "Turf Management" by Musser Still Available? Where can We get It?
36 Closed-Circuit TV could, if Used Imaginatively, be the Answer to Many Problems Plaguing Today's Country Clubs: Closed-Circuit TV: Golf's New Workhorse
39 Coming Events
40 There is a Fall Fashion Market: Coordinates, Plaids, Vests and Not-So-Traditional Knickers are Some of the Items Your Customers Will Ask for This Fall. Will You be Ready for Them or Are You Going to Let This Profitable Business Pass You by?
46 Superintendent Consultant: Blessing or Problem-Maker?: Hiring Outside Advisers for Golf Course Maintenance is Becoming a More Common Occurrence. But Attitudes of Home Superintendents Toward This Practice Run the Gamut from Genuine Approval to Outright Resentment
49 Programmed for Accuracy: At the Flick of a Switch, Superintendents Will be Able to Completely Water a Course on a Scheduled, Pin-Point Basis and Conserve Money, Water and Equipment
51 Give Them What They Want - Wine: Golfers' Interest in Wines is Higher Than that of the General Population, but Ironically One Club in Three doesn't Serve Wines
55 People in the News
61 News of the Industry
64 New Products
66 Golf Course Architects' Guide
68 Classified
70 Advertiser [Advertisers'] Index
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [Pebble Beach GC, Pebble Beach, Calif.]
5 Table of Contents
8 Letters to the Editor
10 Swinging Around Golf: Recognition for the Superintendent
16 Accent on Management: Minimum Wage Legislation
19 Offers Services
20 Answers to Turf Questions
20 -Turf has Lost a Friend
22 -[Request for Ideas on How to Fix Heavily Compacted and Thinning Bermudagrasses]
24 -[Converting to Cool-Season Grasses: Bent or Bluegrass?]
26 Turfgrass Research Review: Responses of Bluegrasses and Red Fescues to Nitrogen Fertilization
30 Planning a New Course? Cut Out the Guesswork: Building a Golf Course Today is too Expensive an Investment to Leave to Chance. Don't Find Out After You've Built Your Golf Course that You shouldn't have Built It in the First Place
32 From Farm to Feasible Golf Course
35 The Second Article in the "Confessions" Series Takes Some Potshots at Today's Golfing Generation, Women Members, Children and Employees. Yet the Profession is Still the Greatest Seat in the National Stadium from Which to Observe the Game of Life.: Confession of a Club Manager
38 Dutch Elm: What is It? What can be Done About It?: Dutch Elm Disease Continues to Take Its Toll. In the Hard-Hit Chicago Area, Superintendents are Carrying on a Desperate Fight Using Insecticides and Replacement Programs
43 Fertilizing While Irrigating: A Reality?: Doggett Fison Company has Developed a Way of Injecting Water Soluable Fertilizers into Both Manual and Automatic Irrigation Systems. If the Claims of the Company are Correct, It could Mean Savings in Time, Labor and Money, and Also Give Superintendents Greater Control Over the Growth Rate, Color and Texture of Turf
47 Bee Stings can be Fatal: Last Year About 100 Deaths in This Country were Probably Caused by Insect Stings. Those Who Think They are Hypersensitive should Take Precautions - Their Lives may Depend on It! 
51 Pros: Are You Missing the Mark(et)?: If You are Missing Out on Sales, You may be Running the Wrong Kind of Shop for Your Course
52 Coming Events
54 People in the News
58 News of the Industry
60 New Products
62 Golf Course Architects' Guide
64 Classified
66 Advertiser [Advertisers'] Index
1969 September
Volume #43, No. 9
1969 October/November
Volume #43, No. 10
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover
4 Tips from the Superintendent - Part of a Series: Westchester in August: A Double Challenge
7 Table of Contents 
9 Swinging Around Golf: Caddie Operations Manual Valuable Reading
16 Answers to Turf Questions
16 -Wear and Tear on Turf
19 -[Are There Some Economic Plants that Become "Weeds"?]
22 -[Should you Aerate the Greens Before or After Fertilizing?]
22 -[Question Regarding Loamy Sand/Sandy Loam Topsoil Mixtures for Putting Construction]
24 Turfgrass Research Review: How Light Affects Certain Turfgrasses
32 Accent on Management: Revenue Ruling 69-232: How It Affects Clubs
36 First of a Two-Part Series: Backfire from the Golf Boom - Lawsuits: While Pondering the Profits to be Made from the Continuing Increase in the Number of Golfers, Also Consider the Probable Effect These Inexperienced Players Will have on Your Club's Accident Rate
40 Super with a Vengeance
42 How NGF can Help You: Among Its Many Services to the Golf Industry, the National Golf Foundation Provides Assistance to Groups Planning New Golf Facilities or Additions to Existing Facilities - and It's Free
46 Coming Events
50 Automatic Irrigation: From Skepticism to Enthusiasm in a Decade: Ten Years Ago Sea Island Installed a Semi-Automatic Irrigation System, the Significance of Which Went Ignored by the Golf Industry. The System Worked, Its Critics were Nonplussed, and Golf Course Irrigation Finally Moved into the 20th Century
54 Grassing Up at Alvamar: This New Kansas Public Course Faced Unusual Turf Problems. Here's How It Solved Them
58 Cure for the Off-Season Doldrums: Pros Turned Tour Guides: If You're a Pro and Your Course is Under a Blanket of Snow, What do You do? Instead of Heading for Warm-Weather Vacations or Interim Teaching Assignments, Some Pros Organize and Conduct Golf Tours for Club Members. It's Work, but It can Pay Off
67 News of the Industry
69 Reports on Pro Shop Business: The Rains Came: Sales in the Eastern, Central and Western Sections of the Country were a Washout - Down as Much as 25 Per Cent in One Area. On Top of This, Many Golfers are Holding Off on Golf Club Purchases Until the 1970 Lines Come Out
69 -East
69 -Central
69 -West
72 New Products
75 People in the News
76 Golf Course Architects' Guide
78 Classified
82 Advertisers' Index
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover
5 Table of Contents
12 Letters to the Editor
15 Turfgrass Research Review: Seed Production and Maturation in Annual Bluegrass
16 Tips from the Superintendent - Part of a Series: How We Spruced Up for the Illinois State Women's Amateur
22 PGA Rumblings
31 Swinging Around Golf: A Tribute to Mike O'Grady
35 Answers to Turf Questions
35 -Duich Honored
38 -[Has There been Progress with Systemics?]
38 -[Which Grasses are Best for Courses with Dry Summers and Minimum Water?]
39 -[Have the New Turf-Type Ryegrasses Lived Up to Their Promises?]
42 -[Mixing Chemicals Resulting in a Black Coloring of Turf]
42 -[Too Much Water Negatively Affecting Zoysia Fairways]
42 -[Dust Instead of Spray with Hydrated Lime]
46 Budgets 1970
46 -The High Cost of Operating: Just How Hard has Inflation Hit Country Clubs? Although the Cost-Price Line was Held Better in 1969 than in 1968, Over the Last Four Years Grounds and Greens Labor Costs in the Chicago Area Soared Anywhere from 9 to 22 Per Cent, and There is No Leveling-Off in Sight
52 -How the Government can Upset Your Plans: Trying to Second-Guess the Government Will Add to the Frustrations of Budget Preparation This Year. The Impending Federal Minimum Wage and Tax Reform Bills and Increased State Taxes could Markedly Affect Clubs [Clubs']: Finances. But Intelligent Predictions of the Outcome are Almost Impossible
58 Part Two: Backfire from the Golf Boom - Lawsuits: Today's Final Settlements Awarded in Liability Cases are Caught Up in the Inflationary Trend. In the Second of This Two-Part Article, the Author Tells How a Country Club should Insure Itself Against Hefty Lawsuits
64 Confessions of a Pro: The Third Article in the "Confessions" Series Takes a Long, Backward Look at the Pro Business and Asks the Question, What is Success?
66 Top Pros and the Products They Endose [Endorse]
67 Coming Events
68 Paving the Way for the Golf Car Bonanza: Now that Golf Cars are Here to Stay - And Increasing in Numbers - Some Country Clubs have Found that Their Present Car Paths are Inadequate and have Begun to Replace Them with Concrete Paths
72 Manuel Francis, a Retired Superintendent and a Gifted Turfgrass Developer, Now is Busier than Ever Working on a Dwarf Bluegrass and a New Strain of Vesper Velvet: The Indian Summer of Manuel Francis
77 These Hard-Working Compounds can be Big Time and Labor Savers Whenever a Club is Confronted with Tough Cleaning, Sanitizing and Pest Control Problems. They are Effective, Safe and Reliable: Clean Up with Industrial Chemicals
88 News of the Industry
90 New Products
92 Golf Course Architects' Guide
94 Classified
96 People in the News
98 Advertisers' Index