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1963 January
Volume #37, No. 1                  
1963 February
Volume #37, No. 2
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [Sixth Green and Seventh Tee, Torrey Pines North, San Diego]
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
21 Delegates Get Some Enlightment [Enlightenment] Upon Attending PGA Meeting: Home Building Plan, Title Problems, Palm Beach Budget Explained as "Communications" are Resumed
24 Wall Folds Up - Gives Silver Lake Space as Needed: Emphasis Put on Flexibility in This $350,000 Clubhouse that is a Model of Thoughtful Planning
28 Oral Agreement Involved: Third Party Not Affected by Original Lease Agreement
28 First Flight Again Co-Sponsors PGA Club Championship
28 Mills Top Rookie
30 Hibernation with a Repair Kit and Paint Sprayer: They Hardly Poke Their Noses Outside the Door at North Shore in the Winter but They get a Lot of Work Done
36 Day-by-Day Control in a Big Volume Operation: Len Kennett and Hank Barger, Who Run Bustling California Shops, Usually are More than Knee Deep in Register Tapes and Tickets - but There are No Complaints Since These Things Show the Big Picture
42 "50 Per Cent Test" Vital in Taking Dues Deduction
42 Bruning Foundation Donates $50,000 to Evans Caddie Fund
42 William H. Tucker Dies
42 GCSA Quarter-Century Club
46 Grau's Answers to Turf Questions
46 -What's the Purpose of Turfgrass Conferences
48 -[Question Regarding the Use of Lime]
50 GCSA Education Program
51 Quarter-Century Awards to be Made at Banquet
51 Golfdom Luncheon
51 Golf Tournament
51 Green Chairmen's Forum
52 St. Lucie Allots Plenty of Space for PGA Merchandise Show
54 Aulbach: The Pro can't Win in a Price Cutting War
54 Hold PGA Clearwater Business School, Jan. 20-25
56 Has been Deferred too Long: Says GCSA should Discuss Pension at National Meeting
58 Lou Strong Re-Elected to President's Position: PGA Preoccupied with Money Worries at 46th Meeting
60 Columbia Hails McLeod on 50th Anniversary
62 Turf Tips from O.J. Noer: Bermuda Sprig Planting on Fairways
64 14 Tournaments on LPGA January-June Schedule
64 1963 PGA Championship
68 Mrs. Pisk Proves Old Adage isn't 100 Per Cent Correct 
70 Heads Southern Tier Association
72 Renominate Winters to Head USGA for Second Term
72 Smallwood, Jenkins Win Golf Writers Prizes
72 Public Course Meeting
76 USGA Relaxes Pro Status Rules on Caddies, Others
79 Midwest Turfmen Describe 1961-62 Winterkill Damage
80 Golf Books 
82 No Service Charge Tax if Minimum Spending isn't Required by Club
84 Reduce Playing Time in Walker Cup Matches
86 Osgood Re-Elected President of Chicago District GA
86 Michigan Turf Foundation Expands Research Program
88 LoPresti Recognized for Work as Community Pro
94 Souder Re-Elected as Western Golf President
94 14 Writers Pick Single Winner in Golfing Poll
97 No Slow Play Here
102 Club Transport Fee
106 [Leon Short and Robert Miller of E. l. DuPont Co.; Walter Voll of Devere Co.; Mike Britton, U. of Illinois Pathologist; Zelda Baxter, Supt. of Keokuk CC; and Jim Holmes, USGA Green Section Staff Rep.]
110 [Manufacturing News] 
125 Classified Ads
129 Advertisers' Index
130 Table of Contents
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [Great Southern GC, Biloxi, Miss.] 
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
23 Consultant Describes Chaos that can Result When Authority is Divided and Nobody Knows What the Other Member is Doing: Talent Available for Reorganization but Coordination may be Lacking 
26 Advice from 6 Pros: Know Your Pupil...Check Your Attitude...Keep It Simple
32 Smith Subdues Mountain of Woe at Lakeview: Getting Morgantown Course to Breathe Again Called for Opening Up the Pores on, Below and Above the Surface
38 On the Professional Side: Professor Frowns on Use of Display Tables
42 Tammy Brook: All Cash Systems were GO at This $3 Million New Jersey Club and the Designers and Decorators have Contrived a Most Magnificent Kind of Clubhouse Setting
48 Night at the Waldorf
50 Maryland - Washington, D.C. Hurry to Catch Up on Courses
50 PGA Changes Classifications
52 Superintendent's Headaches Never Disappear: Ther [There] are Always Trace Elements of Migraine Due to Turf and Labor Deficiencies and Uncooperative Weather
56 Slow to Leave Range, Player Assumes Risk
56 [Horace W. Smith, Golf Course Architect, with Mrs. Isidore Perlman and Dr. Joseph Parnicky]
56 N.Y. Taxi Drivers do Their Hacking at Bethpage
58 Turf Tips from O.J. Noer: Yield and Chemical Composition of the Clippings from a Tifgreen Bermuda Green
62 S.C. CMAA Honors Zuckerman
64 May 25th Designated as National Golf Day 
64 PGA Junior Tourney
64 Palmer Overtakes Middlecoff in Postwar Dollar Derby
64 Memorize This, Men!
68 Grau's Answers to Turf Questions
68 -Accuracy Doesn't Mean Just Coming Close
72 -Winter Play Dilemma
74 Thomas Heada Mid-Atlantic
76 Predicts Increase in Sales of Sports Goods in 1963; Competition to be Keener
80 Discuss Work of Opening New Course at Baltimore Meeting
82 "School Day" at Cornell
85 Golf Book
85 British Golf Foundation Expands Nationwide Program
86 Clark Elected President of International Golf
86 550 on USGA Committees
94 Applies to Tax Lockers
98 Gain in Entry Lists
101 32 Men Earn $20,000 or More on 1962 Tourney Circuit
114 Pacific Northwest Group Gives Caddies a Lift
115 Helms Foundation Recognizes Luxford's Golf Constructions
116 Golf Business News
125 Classified Ads
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130 Table of Contents
1963 March
Volume #37, No. 3
1963 April
Volume #37, No. 4
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [18th Green, Tucson National GC; Women's Hospitality Program Held by Hi-Lo Desert Supts' Wifes]
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
29 Hemmed in, Wellesley Makes Maximum Use of Its Acres: Acquisition of Adjacent Estate, Development of Tightly-Knit Site Plan, Enable Mass. Club to Retain Old Ties
34 Protect Against Losses on Charge, Approval Sales: Merchandise and Money Fly Out the Window When These Items aren't Recorded on the Proper Tickets
42 On the Professional Side: Are You Grossing $20,000 Annually in Shoes?
44 Find Out How Your Pro Operation Rates
46 NRA Attempts to Clarify Business Expense Law
50 Golf Boom! New England Enjoys Fourth in 75 Years
54 Pro is Potent Force in Golf Marketing...: But He doesn't Know How to Advertise or Merchandise, Says Former Retail Buyer
56 PGA Merchandise Show
60 No Compromise in Sight, N. Y. Meeting Told: USGA - PGA Continue to Hassle Over Several Rules
62 PGA Spring-Summer Card Reeks with Prize Money
62 Golf Fund Distributes $37,000 to Projects and Charities
62 National Golf Foundation Produces New Film, Slides
64 Art with a Purpose...: Big Foot Finds Way to Keep Hazards Out on the Course
66 Accounting at Wampanoag: Machine Gives Tight Control of Revenue, Expense
72 Lights Make Difference: How New Par 3 Outdraws Eight Others in San Jose
80 GCSA Convention Story: Masters of the Big Show, the Golf Course Supts. were at Their Best in San Diego
84 -First Session: Outer Space or Not You can't Escape Taxes
90 -Second Session: Audience Ignited at Public Relations Meeting
96 -Third Session: Uclans Tell of Studies in Turf Technology
102 -Fourth Session: Yankee Greenmasters Describe Their Methods
108 -Fifth Session: Maybe It's Tougher in the Southwest
167 -Sixth Session: It's Supts' Day at the Meeting
172 -Seventh Session: Public Players, Cars, Diseases Try Turfmen
92 Golfdom Luncheon
94 At Chicago Meeting...: Taxes, Recognition of NCA Give Club Managers Plenty to Think About
108 Comes from Switzerland to Attend Convention
118 Green Chairmen Forum at GCSA Convention: Clubs Drag Feet in Seeking Relief from Excise Tax Burden
123 GWAA Meeting
123 Women's Collegiate
124 Grau's Questions and Answers
124 -Does It Wear Out
124 -Apron Problems
124 -Hard Way Scarifying
126 -Wants to Kill It
126 -How About Japonica?
126 -Merion is Main Grass
128 Says More Clubs Should Copy Dinelli's Winter Program
130 Nelson, GCSA President, is 20-Year Turf Veteran
130 Airline Bag Rate
130 Wisconsin Turf Clinic
132 City Not Immune When Negligence is Involved 
138 Two Men Cited by CMAA
148 Heads Northeast GCSA
159 March 18 is Deadline in Richardson Voting
160 New Legislation Aids Course Development 
161 Water in the Pond
162 Complaints are Reduced When You Keep in Touch
163 Palmer or Nicklaus Will Set Target Score
166 Charles Fatum Wins GCSA Tournament with 151
166 Golf Fund Directors
175 Heads Bay Area CMAA
175 Florida Turf Conference
176 Philly, Chicago Sections Prepare for Big Shows
176 John MacGregor Dies
177 Golf Business News
189 Classified Ads
193 Advertisers' Index
194 Table of Contents
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [Sixth Green, Sequoyah State Park Golf Course, Hulbert, Okla.]
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
3 Front Cover
27 Can a Country Club Afford Data Processing?
30 Lucky International Lost Money
34 They're First Co-Winners: Graffis Brothers get Writers' Richardson Trophy for 1962
34 Cross Country Conference
35 On the Professional Side: [Why Keep Index?; Not Supposed to Match; Market for Loafers]
36 Maintenance of the Engine-Driven Golf Car: A Service Engineer Explains the Daily, 25- and 100-Hour Checks that should be Made to Keep Gas-Powered Vehicles Operating Every Day
42 North Hills is Re-Born: Taxes Force Club to Relocate, Build a Super Layout
44 Jaycee Golf Tourney
44 1964 Senior Women's
46 Successful Pros Apply Scorecard Exactitude to Shop Operations
48 Ghezzi to Run Junior Golf School at Camp Windham
48 Club Manager-Pro Tourney
52 Dress Up the Entranceway: If Your Club is Going to Put Its Best Foot Forward, the Gateway should be Artistically Ornamented. Here is How it can be Done
54 USGA Reduces Film Prices; Offers Pictured Rules Book
56 Keeping Head Down doesn't Constitute Negligence
60 Intermixed Club and Apparel Displays for Two-Way Sales Bid
64 What Makes Plants Respond?
68 GESA Convention Speech: Mechanical Planting of Fairways 
72 600 Persons Attend 3-Day Midwest Regional Meeting
72 Club Plans Awards for Holes-in-One
72 Horticulture Seminars
74 Grau's Answers to Turf Questions
76 -Arlington Needs Nitrogen
76 -Aeration is the Word
76 -Weedy Fairways
78 Bringing Specialists Together: Golf Architecture: Coordinating the Skills of Experts in Many Fields
82 Consider Nervous vs. Calm Type in Making Decision: Temperament Plays Important Part in Fitting Golf Clubs
84 10 Questions Most Frequently Asked About Greenmowers (at the GCSA Turf Show)
86 Bianco: Give the Members What They Want - Golf Activity
96 Growth of Municipal Golf is Phenomena of the '60s
105 IRS Proposes Taking Another Meal Away from Employee
105 Make or Break Job
105 NCPGA Advisory Committee
106 Hold First Forum for Public Course Operators
108 Golf and Real Estate
108 Ladies PGA Summer Purses Exceed 100,000 Mark
110 CMAA Schedules Seven Summer Workshops
112 Keeps Roots Out
112 Complete Canadian Picture Presented in RCGA Review
114 IRS Sends Exemption Form to Selected Clubs
116 May 8 is Deadline for Filing Entry in USGA Open
116 U. of Massachusetts Holds Spring Turf Conference
118 Golf Books
122 Miami Men Take Bounce Out of Ball; Leave Click in
128 Rutgers Field Days
130 Move Ladies PGA P. R. Office
154 [Manufacturing News]
173 Classified Ads
177 Advertisers' Index
178 Table of Contents
1963 May
Volume #37, No. 5
1963 June
Volume #37, No. 6
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [Ninth Green and Clubhouse, Williams College GC, Williamston, Mass.]
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
3 Front Cover
23 Ladies' Week at Sunset: Not Just a Day but Eight of Them Were Set Aside for the Gals When This St. Louis Club Launched Its 1963 Season...It was Time, It was Decided, to Recognize that Women are Important Spenders in the Pro Shop Picture
24 Before...and After Sunset's Shop was Changed
28 Facts and Figures from the Chicago District Directory
32 A Firm Bond for the Felt: Installation and Maintenance of Miniature Course Greens
36 Throw Away Pencils, Cut Down Hours: Computers Take Drudgery Out of Golf Handicaps
42 Illinois PGA Makes Discovery: Show Crowd Doesn't Warm Up Until the Final Day
44 $200,000 Carling 1964 Open to Eclipse All Others
46 It's Show Time Again: Philadelphia Golf Fever Rises in Spite of Weather
48 2,000 Attend First Show of N.J. PGA and Newark News
48 Public Links Qualifying Scheduled for June 13-23
50 GCSAA Convention Speeches
50 -Three Methods of Soil Fumigation: Here is How to Handle Tarps After Methyl Bromide - Chloropicrin Mix is Injected into the Treated Area
54 -Constant Nutrient Supply: New Development in Slow-Release Fertilizers
52 Michigan State Field Day
60 Modernization - The Easy Way: Brown's Run CC Replaces Its Pro Shop and Golf Car Building with Easy to Maintain Steel Structures
62 Date Conflicts Straightened Out; World Series to Go On
62 Jaycee Golf Tourney to be Held in Texas
64 After Many Revisions a Golf Film is Born
68 County getting Back on Its Feet - 19th Hole is Necessary Adjunct 
70 1962 Course Mishaps Up 20 Per Cent Over Previous Year
70 National Handicap Tourney at Three Bradenton (Fla.) Clubs
72 No Delay in Placing Penn State Turf Grads
76 One Million Players in National Golf Day
78 U. of Maine Holds First Turf Management Course
78 California Groups, College Cooperate on Turf Course
88 Fred V. Grau's Turf Questions and Answers
88 -How Risk is being Taken Out of New Construction
92 -Checking Disease Attacks
94 -Dew on Greens
94 -Grass in Traps
94 Nationwide Handicap System
100 Developers Say Palm Beach Gardens-PGA Contract Signed
102 Virginia Active in New Course Development
106 Michigan Club Claims Longest Lighted Hole
107 Up the Hills at Westwood: Rolling Course Calls for Rugged Cars
108 Sewer Rodding Takes Debris Out of Lines at Oak Park Club
110 Jones Gets Hagen Award
111 New Sequence Camera Give Swing Analysis in Only Ten Seconds
113 Caddie, Struck by Ball, Gets $7,500 in Damages
114 IRS Gives Tentative Okay to Split Memberships
114 Heads Central Counties PGA
131 Golf Business News
141 Classified Ads
145 Advertisers' Index
146 Table of Contents
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
3 Front Cover
21 Golf Courses with a Profit Motive: A Well Known Architect Discusses Eight Points that Should be Considered When a Fee Course is Being Planned
24 Southern Cal Pros Skip Tourney in Hassle Over Shop Leases: Say Standards Will Deteriorate if Outside Operators Move in; Owner Cites Right to Run His Own Concessions
26 It's Complicated - But Alternates are Assured for World Series
26 Whitemarsh Open in October
26 Bantam Golf Tournament
28 Carry on Wide Range of Experimental Work: Warren's Business is Turf Production but Pastime is Research
32 Groundwork Carefully Laid Before Campaign is Started: Eight Teams Sell New Club Look at Glen Flora
36 Award Evans Scholarships
36 For Frustrated Golfers
40 Two Ways of Charging Golf Car Batteries: Here is a Discussion of the Difference Between the TVR and Ordinary Time Clock Check...The Former is Far More Reliable Because It Cuts Back Automatically on the Amperage but a Clock can be Used with Success by a Skilled Operator
44 Court Says Competing for a Prize isn't Gambling
44 Rules Golfers Exempt from Signing Liability Waiver
44 New Jersey Scholarships
46 Pro Sales Still Key to Condition of Playing Equipment Market 
50 PGA to have 168 in Championship Field at Dallas AC CC
50 N.J. Caddie Scholarships
52 Researcher Says 2,4-D Not Harmful to Animals, Humans
56 Grau's Answers to Turf Questions
56 -Things Have Changed in Some Seven Years
58 -Poa annua Control
58 -Want to Extend Zoysia
58 -Aerifying Program
60 Be Alert to Every Possible Sales Opportunity, Says This Pro: That's been Norm Butler's Policy for the 25 Years He has been in Business and He hasn't had Many Lean Seasons
68 Calibration Requires Close Calculation but Gives Uniform Application: Minnesota Supt. Suggests Keeping Thorough Records on Equipment...They Save Time in the Long Run, Help to Avoid Needless Mistakes
73 St. Andrews isn't Golf Cradle, Theses People Say
74 Curling Reduces Dead Time in Activity Calendar: It May Help You to get Through These Warm Days by Thinking About a Cool Subject...Anyway, the Rink Season isn't Far Off - If Your Club is Considering Putting in Some Sheets for Winter Play
76 USGA Junior Program
76 PNGA Changes Tourney Site
78 Personnel Management: It's a Matter of Organization to get Maximum Production with a Minimum if Lost Motion
82 Who can Extend the Golf Season? - The Pro Shop Staff
84 Syracuse, Minneapolis have Courses for Junior Players
86 First of Snead Courses Opened in Florida
88 Rents Space, Imports Locker but Excise Tax Applies
90 Dates of Six CMAA Workshops Listed
90 Amputee Golf Tournament
90 Requests for Planning Aid Triple in 1963, Says NGF
90 GA of Michigan Officers
99 Report on Experimental Green
99 Fourth World Senior Tourneys to be Played in August
112 Golf Business News
125 Classified Ads
129 Advertisers' Index
130 Table of Contents
1963 July
Volume #37, No. 7
1963 August
Volume #37, No. 8
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [Eleventh Hole at Big Cypress G and CC, Naples, Fla.]
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
3 Front Cover
21 Member Opinion Survey Takes Board Off the Hook: Questionnaire Aids Officials in Determining Club Policies
24 Turf Valley Shop Plays with Display to Increase Sales: Golf Tastes Constantly Change...So Bill Strausbaugh and His Staff Reason You have to Improvise Your Merchandising Game to Keep Up with Them
30 Gives Good Results at Charlotte, Fair at Sea Island: Malic Hydrazide may be Control for Poa annua
32 Promoting Use of Vehicles, Preventative Maintenance, Safety, etc. to be Stressed in Association's Education Program: Golf Car Manufacturers Organize at Denver Meeting
34 Five Pros Play the Long Tour: Singapore, Hong Kong and other Far Eastern Cities were on the Itinerary This Winter as a Quintet of Bobs Made the Big Swing
38 More Clubs Turn to Soil Tests in Northwest Region: Look for Element Ratio that Gives Quality Turf and Restricts Disease
40 Small Fry at 17th National PeeWee Championship: Boys and Girls from 3-5 through 13-15 Battle It Out on Pitch and Putt and Standard Courses in Year's Most Exciting Tourneys at Rio Pinar CC in Orlando, Florida
44 Grau's Answers to Turf Questions
44 -Much Remains to Be Done in Drawing Up "Specs"
44 -Fall or Spring Seeding
46 -Clover in Seaside
75 -Starting from Scratch
48 3M Competition Offers Chance to Play in '64 Crosby Pro-Am
48 Hagen Trophy to Ouimet
52 Pro Shop Uses of Color Suggested by Decorators
54 16th USGA Junior Amateur Scheduled for Florence, S.C.
54 Ladies will be Busy
56 15th USGA Girls' Junior to be Played in August
56 IRS Liberalizes Deductions for Country Club Use
56 Golf Etiquet [Etiquette] Pamphlet
58 Pool Not Covered by Policy on Clubhouse
62 USGA Junior Program
63 Herman Barron Meets Evans for Teacher Trophy
63 USGA Women's Amateur
64 Central Plains Foundation Lists Its Objectives
64 Gets N.J. Section Award
64 National Amateur to be Played in Des Moines
64 Don't Follow Through
66 On the Professional Side: [Chicago Advertising Exec. Points to Trend to Overlook Deficiencies in Selling Product; Forrester Attaches Band to Shaft of Sold Clubs; Make Christmas Gift Idea List; Open Winner is Master of Wedges; Room for Improvement in Golf Bags or Cars]  
86 Watch Your Language if You Play Black Mountain
87 [Golf Business News]
93 Classified Ads
97 Advertisers' Index
98 Table of Contents
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [Hole No. 14
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
3 Front Cover
21 Survey Shows More Pros Plan to get on Santa Claus Bandwagon This Year: Pro Xmas Sales Break All Records
24 Working from Within a Priority Framework: The Maintenance Program should be Worked Out with More than Weather in Mind...At Least Five Other Factors have to be Considered in Setting Up
30 Maintaining, Merchandising the Electric Golf Car: The Pro or Person Who Runs the Car Concession can Make It More Profitable by Learning to Become a Service Expert
34 Pennsylvania County Acts to Save Its 42 Golf Courses
36 Aquatic Weed and Algae Control
36 Green Chairman Recommends Checkup on Taxes
38 Everything Cramped Except Sales: Shock Loses Shop but Not Business
41 On the Professional Side: [Some Pros Might Pay More Taxes Than Necessary]
44 Put Welcome Mat Out for Salesman: Learn to get Him Talking and You'll Find Things that Will Improve Your Operations
48 Grau's Turf Questions & Answers: Two British Visitors Take a Flying Trip to See U. S. Turf Installations
50 Growing Turf the Hard Way: First in a Series
50 Golf Car Tax
52 Gives Guidance on "Do-It-Yourself" Projects: Linkogel Designs, Builds "Poor Man's" Courses 
54 Missouri Turf Conference
57 Court Denies 17-Year Old Protection Under "Attractive Nuisance" Doctrine
57 Organize National Amateur Golf Association in Boston
57 Golf Articles Competitions
58 Busy Surgeon Patches Together Course for His Neighbors
60 Leonard Writes Introduction for "Golf in Virginia"
60 Golf is Fastest Growing High School Sport
62 Full Cooperation Suggested: Many Clubs Audited by Federal Tax Agents
66 Six Californians Cited at Golf Writers' Dinner
68 PGA Seniors Film Available for Bookings
68 Oak Hill Honors Tufts
70 Hogan Named Field Rep for Golf Foundation
79 [Golf Business News]
85 Classified Ads
89 Advertisers' Index
90 Table of Contents
1963 September
Volume #37, No. 9
1963 October
Volume #37, No. 10
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [Hole No. 4, Forest Akers Golf Course at Michigan State University, East Lansing, Mich.]
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
3 Front Cover
21 Review Operations of 50 Clubs in 1962-63: Gain in Country Club Income Offset by Increase in Operating Expenses  
22 Caplin Further Clarified Business Expense Deductions
22 It's Big Business
23 On the Professional Side: Golfers Who Know Buy From Their PGA Pro: [Michigan Section PGA Advertisement; Houston Course Traffic on Radio; Upside Down Bermuda Shorts; Pros Only doing a Fair Job Selling Top-Grade Balls]
24 You get a Lift from the Excitement: Don't Choke Up Over a Big Tourney, Says Beverly Supt.
26 This Young Lady Wanted the Point Clarified
28 Ranchland Hill Shop Mirrors the Texas Tradition: The Southwest's Largest Pro Outlet Brings Players in from Far and Near
34 3,230 Yards Illuminated: Standard Length New Jersey Club Goes Under Arcs
38 Vasco Tells How Architectural Change has Affected Teaching 
39 Six Years of Tests Help Turfmen Pin Down Some Secrets of Overseeding: Effectiveness of Various Grasses and Preparation and Fertilization Methods for Southern Turf are Examined
42 Xmas Sales Formula: Big Shop Traffic - Big Pro Profits
44 Grau's Answers to Turf Questions
44 -Lime's Role in Turf Sanitation is Poorly Understood
46 -Black Algae Problem
77 -Fall Renovation to Improve Fairways
46 Growing Turf the Hard Way: Second in a Series
48 Ladies PGA Basks in New Wave of Tournament Prosperity
48 1964 Canada Cup Matches
52 Inside or Out - They Keep in Touch at Tucson National
54 It's as Simple as This: Enthusiasm for Members, Products is Best Sales Standby
60 Ohio Turf Meeting
63 Jay Herbert Named Chairman of PGA Tourney Committee
64 PGA Holds Annual Meeting in Palm Beach, Nov. 29-Dec. 6
64 Five California Colleges Offer Horticulture Schooling
68 Ladies PGA Stages Fourth Golf School in North Carolina
70 Illinois Field Day
78 Golf Car Manufacturers Granted Charter
84 [Golf Business News]
92 Classified Ads
97 Advertisers' Index
98 Table of Contents
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [Hard at Work Constructing Long Grove CC, Ill.]
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
3 Front Cover
27 Builders Overlook Equipment Needs in Starting New Courses: Letting a Construction Contract Doesn't Take Care of All the Costs...The Purchase of Machinery and Supplies, for Example, is a $20,000 or $30,000 Expense that's Often Overlooked
30 Intersectional Match: Long a Fixture in the East, This Type of Tourney Moved West This Summer When Kansas and Missouri Met...Here's How the Event was Built Up
32 [Construction Begins on 18-Hole Course on Fripp Island]
34 Club Hustling Offers Burglars Job Insurance - But It doesn't have to be This Way, Says an Inmate of One of Our State Prisons, if You're Smart Enough to Bar the Door
40 Club Managers' Workshop: Michigan State's Course is Typical of Several Fine Ones Sponsored by CMAA
44 Pro Volume Up 10 Per Cent: Statistics Look Good but Sales Picture is Spotty 
50 Ice-Sheet Damage in Your Future? Keep Soil Porous to Avoid It - This is the Suggestion of Midwest Greenmasters Who Suffered the Ordeal by Snow in the Trying Winter of 1961-62
56 Protection Extends Beyond Operator in Car Lease Arrangement
58 Cleaning-Storage isn't Routine Job at Sunnehanna: That Rack Room Produces a Good Income and should get as Much Attention as the Rest of the Pro Operation, Says Dick Masterson
60 Two Types of Buildings to House Curling Rinks
60 Golf Day Receipts Hit $80,000 Mark
64 They're Pushing Ahead at a Slow but Steady Pace...Many of the Ladies aren't Yet Pro Brand Conscious...The Story is that: Women's Club Sales haven't Made Big Leap Forward
68 18-Minute Green: No. 12 at Rainbow Springs wasn't Shaped Quite this Quickly...But It Gives an Idea of the Speed in which the 36 Holes at This Club were Built
68 Five Miles in Seven Days: Irrigation System Pre-Assembled at Rainbow Springs
72 Grau's Answers to Turf Questions
74 New Jersey Farmer Sows Greens, Fairways and Reaps a Profit
74C Indiana GA Joins in Caddie Scholarship Program
74C Senior Women's Amateur
74F The Turf Budget
74F -Purpose of a Budget
74F -Method of Budgeting
74H -A Survey of Costs
78 Bermuda Survives Cold if Not Over-Cultivated 
78 [Aerial Photo of Sooner Course, Bartlesville, Okla., Highlighting Limestone Drainage]
80 Twenty-Four Men in Running for PGA Home Pro Award
82 Beware the Club Manager; He's a Morbid Fellow
84 Guldahl, Revolta in PGA Hall of Fame
86 100 Teams in Bermuda Pro-Am
89 USGA, R & A Agree on All but Four Rules
92 Distributes Rules Booklet
94 PGA to Conduct Three Business Schools in 1964
94 PNGA Scholarships Awarded
96 Boros Wins Leading Player Award by Large Margin
96 Golf Car Tax
98 El Rio Hails Its Superintendent for Feat in Converting Greens
98 USGA Etiquet [Etiquette] Booklet
100 California Extension Group Compiles Turf Bibliography for Teaching, Exhibit Use
100 New England Writers to Cite Five Champions, Patty Berg
102 CMAA Outlines Deductions for Convention Expenses
129 [Golf Business News]
140 Classified Ads
145 Advertisers' Index
146 Table of Contents