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1952 January
Volume #26, No. 1                  
1952 February
Volume #26, No. 2
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [The 18th at the Dunes Golf and Beach Club, Myrtle Beach, S.C.]
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
23 Golf Business Sound but Must Heed Danger Signs
24 Weiss Hailed by Lehigh
25 Turf Experts Lined Up for GCSA Columbus Convention
25 Golf Architects to Meet Jan. 14-16, Belleaire, Fla.
28 PGA Meet Serene, Except for Tournament Puzzles
32 PGA's New Officials
34 Softening Hard Greens a Simple, Safe Way
36 Golf is 36% of Athletic Goods Sales in 1950
37 Managers Set Program for Silver Jubilee Convention
37 Club Management Course at University of Florida
40 This Shop Smiles at Shoppers
42 Gordon Kummer Elected Pres., Western Golf Assn.
42 Heffelfinger is USGA New President
44 Major Changes in New Rules
46 Northern Cal. PGA Junior Promotion is Great Job
46 1952 Tournament Schedule
48 PGA Teaching Clinic Studies How to Improve Methods
50 First Senior Open to Follow PGA Seniors
51 Mulch Use Pays in Modern Fine Turf Production
54 "Boy Next Door" Junior Promotion Movie Released
54 Club Asks "What are Green Committee Duties?"
55 Turf Tour: Plugs from the Turf Conferences
56 1952 Turf Conferences 
56 Southern Cal. Turf Meet Draws Record Attendance
58 Pro Shop Planning Book Issued by Foundation
58 M. G. (Scotty) Fessenden Dies at Chicago
59 6th Texas Turf Conference at Texas A. & M., Dec. 12-14
60 Improving Central Plains Golf
64 [Manufacturing News]
64 -Golf Pros Visit Spalding Factory
71 Classified Ads
73 Advertisers
74 Table of Contents
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [Third Hole of 18 Hole Muny Course at Ft. Lauderdale, FL]
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
29 Golf Clubs are in a Fog on Operating Costs
30 Eddie Williams Elected President, PGA Seniors
31 How the Pro can Sell to the "Wholesale" Shopper
36 Private Club Slot Law Forecast for Kansas
36 Lou's a Licensed Pro
37 Responsibility is Big Measure of Superintendent's Worth
40 Education in Greens Care
41 Dredging, Dumping, to Add Golf Courses in New York
44 Pros Study Installment Buying Plans
46 Style Variations Make Golf Teaching a Difficult Art
48 Ball Situation Now Nearly Normal - Slot Loss Hurts
48 Billy Bell Heads Golf Architects' Society
49 Plastic Pipe is Feature of Hot Springs (Ark.) Job
50 General Shoe Men Start Club at Nashville, Tenn.
52 Public gets Invitation to "Walk on the Grass"
54 USGA at Annual Meeting Names Curtis Team
54 Hugh Egan Joins National Golf Foundation Staff
55 Why and How Golf Rates High in Physical Education
64 Mid-Atlantic Turf Conference Shows Advance
66 PGA Dunedin Tournament Committee
66 Ernest Newnham, Al Watrous Win Seniors' Events
66 Every Turf Conference Pays My Club
68 Get More Traffic into the Shop; Pro Problem
69 New Books
70 1952 Turf Conferences
71 [Manufacturing News]
74 -U.S. Rubber Host to Pros at Clearwater
79 Classified Ads
81 Advertisers
82 Table of Contents
1952 March
Volume #26, No. 3
1952 April
Volume #26, No. 4
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [Sixth Hole of the Robins Air Force Base GC, Macon, Ga.]
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
35 Technical Study of Turf gets Top Billing at GCSA Meet
40 How a Pro Found Profit Hunting for New Ideas
43 Course for "Typical Golfer" Popular at Pinehurst
50 The Story Course Cost Records Must Tell
52 Sodium Arsenite Control Method for Poa annua
54 Southeast Appraises Its Turf Research Plan
56 It's Easy to get What You Want from Jerry's Shop
60 Classes at Univ. of Minn. Keep Golf Gym Busy
61 Managers' 25th Convention Seeks Operating Answers 
64 Research Big Need on Poa annua Chemical Control
66 Rutgers has Biggest Enrollment for 1952 Turf Course
68 Los Angeles Looks Ahead to Ease Golf Shortage 
70 Tee Idea Brought Home from Supts. Meeting
70 Fit Water, Fertilizer to Short Cut Fairways
72 How the Assistant Pro can Really Assist 
74 Navy and Marine Course Gives Taxpayers a Break
76 1952 Tournament Schedule
76 Southern Turf Assn. Meets in Memphis, April 7
78 Reducing Thatch Brings Back Healthy Turf 
82 Sound Northern Practice is Successful Basis in South
90 Keep Poa annua Cool to Hold It
90 [Manufacturing News]
100 -Golf Ball and Club Sales in 1951
93 1952 Officers
96 1952 Turf Conferences
112 Classified Ads
113 Advertisers
114 Table of Contents
114 Pro Shows Gift Stock in Club Dining Room
114 Six New England Supts. Receive 25 Year Pins
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [Fourth Hole at Lakewood Course of Grand Hotel, Point Clear, Ala.]
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
35 The Professional Must Star at Public Relations Work
37 Poa annua as a Companion to Warm Season Grasses
40 Maintenance Changes from Art to Art and Science 
44 $3000 Pro-Am Annual Fixture in Texas
48 Course, Airport and Erosion Projects Thriftily United 
50 From Caddymaster to Owner - Syron is a Businessman
56 USGA Reports Findings of 1951 National Crabgrass Trials
57 U. of Mass. Meet Pays Tribute to Dickinson, Turf School
60 Long Island Club Officials Join in Finance Study 
64 Western Electric Distributes 80,000 Golf Lessons Books
66 Iowa Turf Course Draws 150 to Ames
68 Why Our Club has Star Caddies 
70 Foundation Golf Rules Book gets Big Distribution
72 Research Results Reviewed at Purdue Conference 
74 Mal McLaren Heads Midwest Regional Turf Foundation
76 UCLA Golf Students Learn About Turf Maintenance
78 Flood of Trouble
78 John Melady Author of 4 Garden Manuals
80 How to Properly Maintain Mowing Equipment
81 From Scenes Like These, Old Scotia's Grandeur Springs
85 Course Force has Planning Lunches at Ridgewood
86 Scotty's Pals Keeping His Generosity Living
86 W. H. Graffis Dies at Logansport, Ind.
87 Continuing Program Needed to Eradicate Poa annua
89 Trade-in Deals Give Push to Spring Selling
92 [Manufacturing News]
103 Classified Ads
105 Advertisers
106 Table of Contents
1952 May
Volume #26, No. 5
1952 June
Volume #26, No. 6
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [Ninth Hole at Northwood Club, Dallas]
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
33 Green Chairman and Supt. Teamed to Serve Club 
38 Brook Hollow Shop Designed as Complete Service Unit
44 U. of Illinois Looks Ahead with Its New Course 
45 Joe Tutors Pat and Mike
48 The New Moraine Locust
52 How to Serve  Players Better; Theme of Pro Meets
54 Detroit District Honors Horton Smith, May 16
56 Course Maintenance Cost Study is Neglected
60 Intelligent Comparison of Course Costs Tough Job
62 Hackers vs. Hogan, May 31; National Golf Day
63 Western Open to be Fessenden Memorial
63 Chick Evans Named "Man Who did Most"
64 Junior Program Teaches Kids to Help Themselves
68 How to Keep Gas Engines in Good Condition
70 Connecticut Supts. Star at Flower Show
74 Superintendent's Program Sets Year-Around Duties
76 Southern Turf Experts Meet at Memphis
76 Golf Psychology in Landscaping
81 Athletic Field, Playgrounds Turf Men Active in So. Cal.
83 Book Reviews
84 Rutgers Annual Turf Field Day
84 U.S. Women's Open, June 26-29
84 Smith and Burke get Bonds
85 [Manufacturing News]
85 -Send Me in, Coach
96 Classified Ads
97 Advertisers
98 Table of Contents
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [Overlooking Green and Fairway of the Sixth Hole of Bala Golf Club, Philadelphia, Pa.]
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
25 TV Golf Show Builds Patronage for Semi-Public Courses
29 Ladies' Day Sure-Fire for Club Publicity
29 Western Seniors Fourth Meet, Edgewater, Chicago, July 10-11
31 Pros Tell Ideas that Increase Sales
34 How a Sound Labor Relations Plan Grew at a Golf Club
35 The Circus Comes to the Masters'
38 Championship Innovations
42 Meeting Golfers' Demand for Short-Cut Fairways
43 Maintaining a Satisfactory Poa annua Green
44 Insurance Plan to Finance Municipal Course 
46 Western GA Publishes New Caddy Book
48 Fundamentals of Correct Golf Course Accounting
52 A Masterpiece in the Making
56 Supts. are Put "in the Middle" by Publicity
57 Keller's Promotion Scores
58 Brains Pay in Small Pro Shop Planning
60 Treats Poa annua Before Seed Formation for Best Control
62 Test PC Wet, Dry and with Sludge for Weed Control
64 Turning the Desert into an Oasis at the Desert Inn
66 Delbert Dewey Heads Finger Lakes Supts.
66 Renovate Fairways to Eliminate Poa annua
67 Golfers Take to Rules This Easy Way
67 Jaycees Expect 25,000 to Enter Junior Championship
68 Big City Ground Shortage Now Boosts 6 and 12 Hole Idea
72 Lakewood GC Leased by County to Prevent Subdividing
72 Poa annua Experiment Looks Promising to Lon Mills
74 Midwest Floods Again Add to Superintendents Load
75 $2000 for Course Model
75 Green Section Opens West Coast Office
76 Howard Scoggins, Golfwear Specialist, Dies May 6
77 Wisconsin Managers to Organize CMAA Chapter
77 Maine Supts. Organize; Name Jimmie Jones President
77 Clubs doing Great Job on Rules
77 N.C. Industrial Event
78 Robbins Heads Spalding Board; Brown is New President
79 Court Upholds Solution of Course Race Problem
82 Simplifies Pro Shop Accounting
84 Supts. Prepare Cost Survey for Chicago District
86 Air Force Sports Officers get Golf Aid Kits
87 [Manufacturing News]
87 -Frank Sprogell Named VP, Sales Mgr. of Scoggins
90 -Golfcraft Moves to Ultra-Modern New Plant at Escondido, Calif.
96 Classified Ads
97 Advertisers
98 Table of Contents
1952 July
Volume #26, No. 7
1952 August
Volume #26, No. 8
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [Eighth Green of the Eugene CC, Oregon]
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
21 Women are Making Another Big Pro Shop Market
22 The Tight Finish at Northwood
23 USGA Changes Open Pattern for 1953 Trial
26 What does Players' Neglect Add to Maintenance Cost? 
28 More Than 7,000 Beat Ben Hogan
30 World Stars Shoot for May's $120,000 at Tam
32 Fitting Air Conditioning to Golf Club Needs
36 Relax Now, Boys, Here's the Junior Story Correction
36 Pat's Prides Repeat
37 Clearwater (Fla.) Clubhouse Makes Use of All Space 
40 Advises Pros to Take It Easy on the Salesman
44 Tag Day is Every Day
46 Golf Equipment Production $46,971,306 in 1951
48 Making the Best Use of Golf Architecture
50 Hopkins Trophy US-Canada PGA Matches Here
50 U.S., Canada, Mexico in Amateur Team Matches
52 The Teaching Pro Learns the Hard Way
53 Just Like Big Guys' Tournaments
56 Smith Suggests Improvement in Reporting Score Details
57 Preston Childers Re-Elected Arizona Supts.' President
58 Why Aerifying has Become Standard Practice
60 "Pearlwort Pluggers' Picnic"
62 Financing Kids' Playground at the Country Club
63 Class Pays Out in Sales
63 Lloyd Mangrum Tells "How to Break 90"
64 "Golf of Our Fathers" Tells Game's Background
65 Dedicate Guadalajara Amateur Invitation to Chick Evans
65 Steven C. Parks Dies at Watertown, Wis.
66 Stronger Grasses, Nitrogen, Poa annua Answer?
67 Reduces Poa annua in Greens
69 Greenwood Experiments to Improve Its Course
70 Part of a Pro's Tough Job?
71 Tournament Schedule
72 Course Management that Saves Money
73 New Fittings for Carlon Flexible Plastic Pipe
74 Acushnet Titleist Hit for 435-Yd. Hole-in-One
74 New Score Card Holder for Caddy Cart Users
75 Portable Generator Saves in Course Maintenance
76 "Chick" Harbert Named Burke Golf VP.
76 US Rubber's Ensolite New Practice Ball
80 Classified Ads
81 Advertisers
82 Table of Contents
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [13th Hole at Exmoor CC, Highland Park, Ill.]
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
23 Pros Earn Experts' Respect as First Class Merchants
25 USGA Reminds Amateurs to be Amateurs
25 New Edition of European Golf Guide Issued
28 Learning About the Job of a Green-Chairman 
29 Cliff Deming Gives You Two Ideas
34 Year-Around Advertising Pays Chicago Semi-Public Course
36 Dornick Hills has $40,000 Pro Shop for Harrison
40 Celebrities Play Golf to Help Caddies get Scholarships
42 Plan Off-Season Work While Traffic is Heavy
44 Field Days and Conferences 
46 Minneapolis Builds Muny Play with Free Winter Lessons
52 "What's New" Theme of Westchester (N.Y.) Meet
54 History of Golf in Britain: A "Must" in Golf Education
56 New York's "Met" Section: Johnny's Team
56 Name Teams and Alternates for Hopkins Trophy Matches
56 Edward Dearie, Veteran Course Expert, Dies
57 Meetings Give You More for Your Budget Money
57 Abandon Use of Bent in Greens at Miami, Fla.
60 Business Up, Temperatures Down with Air Conditioning
60 Montana-Wyoming Turf Meet: August 18, 19
61 Sprayer on Mower Tractor Keeps Fairways Weedless
64 [Manufacturing News]
72 Classified Ads
73 Advertisers
74 Table of Contents
1952 September
Volume #26, No. 9
1952 October
Volume #26, No. 10
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [Julius Boros Wins the USGA Open]
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
21 Early Planning Pays in Pro Christmas Gift Selling
24 1952 Gives Supts. Greatest Test in Turf Maintenance
29 Don't Let Leaves Discourage Your Golfers - Let Them Play
31 Make Pitch and Putt Courses the "Sandlots" for Golf
34 I Woke Up and Began to Sell Women's Clubs
36 Professionals and Amateurs Named to Mid Century Roll
38 Modernizing the Course for Pleasant Play, Economy
42 British Set Up Foundation to Make Golf Great Again
42 Women's National Trophy Oldest of U.S. Prizes
44 Overseeding with Bent Helps Solve Texas Greens Problem 
50 Service to Beginners Making Big Future for Pro Golf
52 Fall Turf Field Day Schedule Heavy
54 Playing for the Title
54 So. Calif. Turf Conference at UCLA, October 6, 7
54 Mississippi Open Assn. Headed by Cochran
56 Dickinson Tells Plans for U of Mass. Turf Sessions
56 63 Companies Send Teams to Midwest Industrial Tourney
57 Florida, California Dominate USJCC National Junior Event
57 A Lesson Both Pupil and Teacher Enjoy
58 Lu Coleman, Spalding VP, Dies in New York
58 How Good is Delta Bluegrass?
61 [Manufacturing News]
66 -MacGregor Salesmen Preview 1953 Line
71 Classified Ads
73 Advertisers
74 Table of Contents
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [Crowd Following World Championship Play at Tam O'Shanter CC, Chicago]
3 Swinging Around Golf: News of the Golf World in Brief
37 Course Problems Surveyed: Golf Sees Problems and Considers Answers
37 -Modernize Wages and Courses
38 -Remodeling Programs Required
38 -Big "Headache" is Labor
39 -New Problems in Watering
40 -Common Turf Problems Persist
40 -Study the Limiting Factors
39 Studying Experimental Plots at Rutgers Univ.
42 Pros Report Play, Sales, Up Despite Spotty Weather
43 Pro's Books Tell Clear Story of His Business
43 Gibson Leaves PGA to Book Stars
44 Allentown Opens New Muny Course - Gets Good Play
46 Report Findings of National Merion Bluegrass Survey
50 Gets Members Help in Zoysia Program
50 Texas A & M Turf Meet Set for Dec. 1-3
50 Central Plains Foundation Turf Meet, Oct. 22-24
52 Educational Tasks for Pros
54 Supts. Must Teach Players
54 Recognition for Supts.
56 Here's How a Young Pro Progresses in Business
58 Propose Collegiate Girls Golf Squads; Schedules
60 Florida's Turf Problems are Increased by Rhodes Scale
64 Why Course Labor is Scarce
66 Assistants are the Problem
67 Fair Weather and Jones at PGA Annual Meet
68 How Lamboley, Pro-Supt., Made His Job Grow
71 Toll of Turf Diseases in '52 Accents Study, Plans for '53
76 GCSA Holds Two-Day Tourney Zoller, New Champion
76 Joe Dey Made USGA Executive Director
78 Year-End Maintenance of Playground Equipment
79 Untidy Front too Common at Golf Clubs
79 Women's Western Begins Its 50th Year
79 Women's Western Schedules Open and Junior Events
80 Promotion is Pros' Big Job
82 National Golf Fund, Inc. is Organized; Riggins, Pres.
84 Turf Roundup of 1952
87 Glass Roof Adds Beauty of Club Dining Area
93 Superintendents Plan for Atlantic City, Feb. 10-12
93 SE PGA Combines Play with Work; Cochrane [Cochran] Re-Elected
93 Correction
94 High Spots of Pro Duties
94 "Tee-Time - Enjoy It and Live" Author Advises
96 Bobby Jones First to Receive Waring Sportsmanship Award
96 Promotion-Minded Pros Will Score
96 "Scare-Buying" Stocks Depleted Business Back to Normal
98 Pro Business to Enjoy Substantial Growth
98 Competition may be Tough in '53 but Pros can Beat It
98 "Big Game" Pro Selling Advised for 1953
98 General Business Trend Shows Favorable Signs for Golf
100 Club and Ball Makers Meet
100 Lengthening Playing Season is Paying Pros and Clubs
101 Bowman Sees Golf Interest and Sales Larger in '53
102 Low Inventories Put Pros in Good Shape for 1953
102 Acushnet President Sees Good Year Ahead
103 [Manufacturing News]
110 -Golfcraft Formally Opens at Escondido, Calif.
119 Classified Ads
121 Advertisers
122 Table of Contents