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1949 Sections/Selected Titles
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1949 January
Volume #23, No. 1                  
1949 February
Volume #23, No. 2
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [View of the No 3. Course, Medinah Country Club, Chicago District]
3 Making the Swing: The Golf News in Brief
19 Consider the Greenkeeper, Grau Asks Club Officials
19 [Serious Shortage of Competent Greenkeepers]
21 Minnesota Greenkeepers to Tell Business to Bosses
21 Washington State Holds Second Annual Turf Conference
21 1949 Winter Turf Conference
24 Scott Operates Pro Shop as Public Service
28 West Palm Beach Boasts New Half-Million Dollar Course
32 USGA to Re-Elect Wallace and Other Officials
32 Southern Turf Association Holds Annual Conference
34 Pro Shop Designed to Fit Modern Club's Needs
36 New Facilities Plan Book Great Community Aid
37 Mass. Winter Course Builds Up Greenkeeper
41 Plans Completed for 20th Annual GSA Conference
44 Detroit Managers Complete Plans for CMAA Convention
44 Texas and Oklahoma to Hold Joint Turf Conference
44 Architects to Meet
46 PGA Elects Novak Chief at Annual Meeting
48 Pro was a Pal to These Members
48 American Golf's History Well Told in New Book
49 How Green-Chairman Brought Up a Small Town Course
52 Reminder to Check Fire Risk
59 Midwest Regional Turf Meeting Purdue Univ., March 7-9
59 Tri-State Turf Association Elects 1949 Officers
59 Advisors Appointed for So. Calif. Turf Research Work at UCLA
60 1949 Calendar of Events
60 Suggests War Vets Tourney
61 News from the Manufacturers
70 Classified Ads
74 Table of Contents
74 Advertisers' Index
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [The 11th Hole, Merion GC Course, Ardmore, Pa.]
3 Making the Swing: The Golf News in Brief
29 More Sales Pressure Needed to Keep Up Pro Shop Sales
30 Leith Shows How He Solves Problem of Productive Display
34 Exhibits and Demonstrations Highlight of GSA Conference
38 How Dr. Lawson Brought Golf to Chapel Hill
44 Change Basis of Pro Teaching to Strengthen Club Position
45 Iowa Short Course Scheduled at Ames, March 14-16
48 Learn the Hard Way to Make Greenkeeper's Work Easier
50 Construction Changes Give Texas Good Bent Greens
53 Credit on Pro's Books Assures Buying at Club
53 Cotton's Story in "This Game of Golf"
53 N. Y. Turf Conference at Cornell, March 1-4
56 Winter Injury by Snow Mold Prevented by Fungicide
56 -[Heavy Infestation of Snow Mold on Seaside Bent Green]
56 -[Snow Mold on Mixed Bent Green in Winnipeg]
56 -[Calomel-Corrosive Mixture Applied in Late Fall to Seaside Bent]
57 -[Four PK Plots Received No Nitrogen]
57 -[Fungicide Failed to Prevent Snow Mold on PK-Ammonium Sulphate Plots]
57 -[Snow Removal from a Green in New England]
60 Tenn. Conference Examines Southern Turf Problems
62 Golf Course Architects Elect Officers
64 1949 Calendar of Events
66 Club Manufacturers Report 1948 Production Totals
67 Phila. Group Exchanges Ideas on Soil Management Practices
67 For Younger Members
68 Du Pont CC Marks 30th Year by Adding 18-Hole Course
68 Winter Work Shows Value of Good Shop
69 Park Executives Hold Annual Conference
74 News from the Manufacturers
87 Classified Ads
89 Advertisers' Index
90 Table of Contents
1949 March
Volume #23, No. 3
1949 April
Volume #23, No. 4
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [Western Golf Association Shot "Honor Caddie" at Bel-Air CC, Los Angeles]
3 Making the Swing: The Golf News in Brief
31 Washington State Holds Second Annual Turf Conference
35 Greenkeepers Contribute to Golf Progress at LA Meet
44 Check Now on Pro Shop Operating Plan
48 Shot-Making Turf Tests on North-South Mixture
49 Fresh Meadow's New Plant, One of the World's Finest
56 Fifty Years of Progress in Aerating Established Turf
58 U of Mass Turf Conference March 10-12, Amherst
60 Making Members Partners in the Pro's Business
64 Oklahoma Scoring Improved by Four-Ball Competitions
66 USGA Works Itself into the Red in 1948
68 Competition and Service Get Year Around Play in N.W.
72 Club Managers Hold Record Convention in Detroit
74 1949 Calendar of Events
74 PGA National Home Center of Celebrations
76 Sweepers Clean Fairways and Extends Play for Snyder GC
76 Cent. NY PGA to Hold School
78 Jubilant at NGSA Far West Success
88 Give It to the Indians
89 Organize Pam Barton Days
92 Sprays and Mows in One Operation
94 News from the Manufacturers
104 Classified Ads
105 Advertisers' Index
106 Table of Contents
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [Following Players on No. 9 at Augusta National GC]
3 Making the Swing: The Golf News in Brief
24 Green Section Suggests "Best Playing Conditions"
26 Alternate Teaching Routine with Playing Lessons
28 Pro-Official Confabs to Help the Club
30 N. Y. Turf Assn. Organized at Cornell Conference
35 How Much "Mind-Reading" Must a Pro Do?
36 Taking a Shot at the Nineteenth
37 Controlling Factors in the Development of Better Turf
46 Score Analysis Explains Fractional Par Basis
48 "Doc" in New Wilson Film
50 Establishing Par in Pro Business for 1949 
51 Fresh Events Create the "Buying Attitude"
54 How Soil Structure Helps Putting Green Drainage 
60 Veterans Benefit from Annual Long Island Tournament
64 Teaching Aids for Making More Golfers
66 Time Out Before Clinic
66 It's On the House
68 How Butte, Montana Re-Built and Maintains Its Course
74 Proper Care of Tires Saves Turf, Time and Money
76 Reach Invents Tabloid Course for Day-Night
78 Western Golf Assn. Booking "Honor Caddie" Movie
80 Gets and Trains Negro Kids with "Q and A" School
83 Survey Shows Phila. Area gets Better Turf by Aerifying
84 How to Beat the Budget
85 Purdue Host to Record Midwest Conference
87 New York State Pros Hear Jones at Syracuse Clinic
88 Old Orchard Bent Award to Greenkeeper Assns.
98 News from the Manufacturers
112 Classified Ads
113 Advertisers' Index
114 Table of Contents
1949 May
Volume #23, No. 5
1949 June
Volume #23, No. 6
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [Aerial View of 46th Western Open Championship at Keller GC, St. Paul, Minn.]
3 Making the Swing: The Golf News in Brief
33 Beginning Golf Booklets
35 Market Survey Selling Aid to be Supplied to Pros
36 "Checks" for Club's Winners
37 Proper Diagnosis of Trouble Helps Prevent Turf Failures 
41 Million Rounds Yearly, Aim of New York Public Golf
46 The Oldest "Pro Shop" in the World
47 Pro Shop Sales Promotion Ties in with Father's Day
52 Developing Fine Turf with Aid of Fertilizers and Chemicals
60 Public Hails Chicago Park's Free Winter Golf Schools
66 This Year's Conditions a Challenge to Able Pro
68 Indiana Section in Profitable Meet
70 Modern Greenkeeping Sets Stage for Golf's Future
74 Tractor Maintenance Time Chart
76 250 Attend Univ. of Mass. Annual Turf Conference
80 New England PGA Tees Off on Season
81 Minnesota Greenkeepers Hold Annual Conference
81 Southeast Turf Meet set for May 21-24
82 Mass. Section, New England Turf Assn., Holds First Meet
83 Fessenden Golf Writers' "Man"
83 Iowa Greenkeepers Hold 15th Annual Meet at Ames
88 Club Managers Appoint Regional Directors
90 Illinois Section, PGA, Holds Annual Spring Meet
96 News from the Manufacturers
104 Classified Ads
105 Advertisers Index
106 Table of Contents
106 1949 Calendar of Events
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [Hole 6 of the Houston CC, Texas]
3 Making the Swing: The Golf News in Brief
27 Adjusting Pro Methods to Meet Current Competition
29 Using Practical Psychology in Golf Course Management 
33 Where Girls Learn Golf
36 Hotels Help Finance "Private" Club
38 Why You Should Patronize Your Professional
40 Pro Golf Must Face Problems of Unqualified Job-Hunters
41 Fessenden Gets Golf's Top Honor
44 How the Experts Plan Their Tournament Operations
44 -[Comment by Fred V. Grou About Working with Superintendents to Prepare for Tournament Play]
44 -Superintendent's Problems of Tournament Play
44 -Preparing the Golf Course for Championship Play
52 Kentuckiana Greenkeepers Assn. Holds Annual Field Day
54 College Town Pay-As-You-Go Construction Program
56 Bel-Air Adopts Racing Form
56 It's On the House
58 Credit Rating Surest Sign of Pro's Business Standing
60 Host to Ryder Cup Matches
62 DDT Ends Mosquito Curse on Golf Courses
64 The Place of Municipal Golf in the City Recreation Plan
70 N.E. Wis. Golf Bosses Meet
72 What's Made Members Happy, Sales O.K. Told by Pros
74 Barnes 1949 Guide
75 A Fertilizing Program for Good Greens Maintenance
76 Southeastern and Florida Turf Groups Hold Joint Conference
86 News from the Manufacturers
96 Classified Ads
97 Advertisers' Index
98 Table of Contents
1949 July
Volume #23, No. 7
1949 August
Volume #23, No. 8
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [No. 10 Tee of the Championship Course at Iowa State College, Ames]
3 Making the Swing: The Golf News in Brief
25 Showmanship is High Note in Pro Shop Selling
31 The Practical Approach to Fairway Turf Renovation
38 Dues Income's Relation to Today's Club Operations 
39 Host to USGA Amateur Championship
42 Hospitalized Veterans Get Six-Hole Golf Course
44 Pro's "Video Instruction" Creates Learning Mood
48 $66,200 Top Shooting at Tam's All-Americans
48 Early Figures on USGA Open
50 Curing the Problems of Soil Compaction and Drainage
52 New Experimental Putting Green at Univ. of Mass.
54 Greenkeeper Should have His "Day" Says Manager Burke
54 Putting Green for Caddies
56 Pros and Clubs Profit from NY-Pa. League Schedule
60 Play Here for USGA Junior Championship
62 Junior Golf Week Promotion Needs Organization, Timing
64 Celebrate Fred's 35th Year
66 Women's Western Junior Renewed, Aug. 1-5
78 News from the Manufacturers
88 Classified Ads
89 Advertisers' Index
90 Table of Contents
90 National Open Publicity Sets New Standard
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [200 Yd. 10th Hole of the West Course, Winged Foot Golf Club, Mamaroneck, N. Y.]
3 Making the Swing: The Golf News in Brief
22 Minikahda 50th Anniversary Honors C. T. Jaffray
23 Symposia on Plant Nutrition and Growth at Univ. of Wis.
25 PGA Urged to Take Stock of Pro Golfer Situation
29 La Sueur, Minn., Opens New "Golfingest Town" Course
32 Preventing Bent Damage During Hot, Humid Weather
36 LA Opens Rancho, Saying It's "World's Best" Muny Plant
40 Cleveland Greenkeepers Prepare Outstanding Educational Exhibit
41 Summer Resort Pro Makes Golf Delightful Vacation Feature
44 It's On the House
45 Park Ridge Scores with Long Range Planning 
53 Drives in 1940 and 1949 National Opens Compared
57 Professional Acclaim Golf Equipment Inventory Form
64 News from the Manufacturers
72 Classified Ads
73 Advertisers' Index
74 Table of Contents
74 Hilcrest Remodeling Brings Added Patronage, Revenue
1949 September
Volume #23, No. 9
1949 October
Volume #23, No. 10
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [George S. May's All American Championship on the 18th Green at Tam O'Shanter, Chicago]
3 Making the Swing: The Golf News in Brief
25 Superintendents Report Heavy Work Schedule for Fall
30 Cooper Saves Time with "Self-Selling" Shop
31 Box Score Tells Vivid Story of Western Open
34 How Minikahda's Watering System was Installed
41 Ten Weeks Winter School Dates Announced by Univ. of Mass.
44 Al Ciuci, Professional Golf Selling Star for 35 Years
48 Improvement Required in Southern Caddy Picture
50 Check on Equipment Before Winter Storage
50 It's a $50,000.00 Purse for the 1950 World Championship
52 Team of Taylors Give Club Balanced Service
54 New Experiments and Equipment Shown at Philadelphia Turf Field Day
56 Unique Job Calls at Florida Club
62 News from the Manufacturers
72 Classified Ads
73 Advertisers' Index
74 Table of Contents
74 No Sea Lions in Gawja!
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [Newly Furnished Lobby of Evanston GC, Ill.]
3 Making the Swing: The Golf News in Brief
35 Turf Round-Up of 1949
44 Play More than 1948; Sales Off - Pros Report
52 Greenkeepers Bring Courses Through Tough Summer
56 Certified Appraisal Important to Golf Club Management
60 New Jersey Turf Field Day
60 Berg Heads Women Pros' New Organization
60 Plan Repair Work and Supply Orders for Early Delivery
61 How Pro Brother and I Operate A Paying Club
66 Greenkeepers Draft Program for National Meet in Feb.
68 Dutra Asks "Good Neighbor" Aid for Mexican Golf 
69 Annual Mixed Two-Ball Tourney at Dubsdread, Feb. 21-26
70 Physical Soil Factors Cause Big Turf Loss in 1949
76 Shoe Business as Profit Maker for the Pro
79 Portable Pro Shop Builds Sales at Golf Tournaments
80 Safeguarding Against Damage by Winter Wind and Moisture
82 California's First Annual Field Day Held at Univ.
82 Purdue Uses Foundation Awards in Big Tournament Program
84 Manufacturers Look with Professionals to 1950
90 Mashie Wins Greenkeepers' Annual Championship
92 "Hurry, Hurry, Hurry, Neighbors!"
94 MacGregor Representative Using New Mobile Salesroom
100 Manufacturers List 1950 Product Features
106 -Jacobsen Sales Representatives Get New Kaiser Travelers
108 -Spider Mite Damage Stopped on Bent Grass Green
109 -Famed Lloyd Range Closes
119 Classified Ads
121 Advertisers' Index
122 Table of Contents