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1940 January
Volume #14, No. 1                  
1940 February
Volume #14, No. 2
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover: [Indian Creek GC, Miami Beach, Fla.]
9 Brackenridge Pays Its Way
11 New Orleans Set for Tourney
12 Recent Golf Divots
13 GSA Gets Set for Convention 
14 N. J. Superintendents Reelect Ed Cale as '40 President
14 Drought, Weeds are War Threat to British Links
15 Pro Tip: Change with the Times 
18 Dating Clubs Boosts Shop Sale Totals
19 Wise Pros 'Hear' Salesmen
22 "Never a Dull Moment" Policy Pays
26 PGA Keynote: Harmony in '40
27 It's Short-Course Time Again!
28 Inside Golf
31 Bill Members for Caddie Clothes
32 War on Clover: Minnesota Course Fighting Fairway Clover with Ammonium Sulphate
35 Detroit is Scene of '40 CMA Meet
36 What's New
39 Want Ads
40 Table of Contents
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0 Cover: [13th Green, Pebble Beach Course, Del Monte, Calif.]
13 USGA Reports on Golf in '39
15 We're Winning Our Crab Grass Fight
16 Women's Western Urges Pros to Back Its Junior Meet
17 GSA Holds New York Conclave
18 Poet Casts Peepers on Poor Greenkeepers
18 [Winter Golf Using a Tennis Ball]
19 "Meet the Manager": House Committee at Detroit GC Urges New Members to See "Back of the House"
20 Massachusetts vs. Bontempo Test Suit Dropped
20 Short Course Calendar
21 Put Pep in Events: Here's a Complete Outline of Golf Events Suitable for Any Club's Tourney Calendar
24 Recent Golf Divots 
25 Managers to Meet in Detroit This Month 
26 Should Fee Course Charge for Lockers?
27 Fine New Muny for Elmira
30 Jock and Otto Fight It Out at PGA Seniors Tournament
31 Make Your Lessons Fit the Pupil
34 Chicago Handicap Method Being Tried in Florida
34 Peace Descends; "Down Under" Squabble Settled
35 Diary Keeps Pro Pushing 
36 Inside Golf
39 Ball Trade-In Offer Knocks Out Store Sales
39 Clubs, Bags, Cash Result from Wooden Cup Tourney
42 Hiring a Pro? Rate Him First 
44 Purdue Plans Short Course for Pros
44 Soil Test Kit Will Answers Turf Problems
46 Make Cost Records Talk 
49 Says Course Architecture Requires Blender's Skill
49 Protect Shrubs with Frames Made from Fruit Crates
50 Mechanize and Save! 
54 Bonnie Briar "Sells" Club by Smart Promotion
57 Club Builds Fine Driving Shelter for $250
58 Jones Building Strategy into New Cornell Course
60 What’s New
63 Want Ads
64 Table of Contents
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1940 March
Volume #14, No. 3
1940 April
Volume #14, No. 4
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover 
2 Samuel Pepys Goes to the Show
19 What Events: The Author Believes He has Uncovered, After Many Years of Experiment, the Factors that Insure the Popularity of a Club's Golf-Event Calendar
21 What Do You Do with Your Used Equipment?
23 Minnesota Program is Tops in Talent
23 Golfers Get All-Weather Driving Range 
24 Greenkeepers' Meeting is Record Breaker!
27 Group Policy Protects Employees 
28 Seven Golf Groups Plan Massachusetts Conference
28 Short Course Data
29 Recreation Needs Men: Today's Trends Call for Future Leaders with Both Practical and Academic Training
29 [1940 Class of the Massachusetts State College Winter School for Greenkeepers]
31 Camera is Key to Gibson's Teaching 
38 They Profit from Planning
42 "I Would Like to Play with My Professional, But - "
44 Inside Golf
46 Recent Golf Divots
48 Purdue Golf Clinic Plans are Maturing
48 Snappy Selling Job Done by Club Booklet
50 Drake Students Enthuse Over New Course in Golf
52 College Golf Indoors
56 Let Mailman Help Hike Shop Sales Volume
56 Pros to have Short Course at U. of Minnesota
58 Rehabilitation, Patronage Push, Key Managers' Meet
61 GSA Covers Fairway Problems
66 It's On the House
66 [Unwise Neglect of Employee Living Quarters]
67 Where Should Handicap Strokes Fall?
68 Club Uses Trees as Distance Markers
69 Pneumonia Fatal to Fred Kruger, Greenkeeping Veteran
70 What's New 
79 Want Ads
80 Table of Contents
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0 Cover: [Practice Putting Green, Augusta, Ga. Scene of 1940 Masters' Tournament]
2 All Over the Map with the Greenkeepers 
17 What are Your Costs?: Uniformity in Course Accounting Systems is Requisite to Establishing Accurate Cost Comparisons and Maintenance Norms
19 Stanford U. Runs Course Ably
22 1940 is Biggest Short Course Year
24 Antiquated Course Equipment Costs Clubs Plenty 
24 Club Managers 1940 Program Given Impetus by Convention
26 Inside Golf
28 Club Raffles Memberships
32 Advertising Pays Livie Big
36 New 'Golf in Schools' Book Explains Instruction Procedure
38 Jersey PGA Announces Three Pro Clinics
42 Give the Member a 'Break'!
46 How to Construct a Driving Range
48 Wilson Ad Campaign "Sells" Golfers on Pro Services
50 Recent Golf Divots
52 Tempting the Gourmets: Food Authority Lists Tasteful Fare for Managers' Spring Menus
54 Spalding Veteran Jack Davison Succumbs After Long Illness
54 Movie Film Enlargements Effective Instruction Aid
56 Vitamin B1 Still in Test Stage
60 Jolly Reports Record Golf Year in South
60 It's On the House
60 Norway, Me., Got Golf in '26
62 Good Base = Good Green
63 Pro's New Job is to Get More Golfers
65 Penn State Bulletins Tell Greenkeeper's Problems
71 What's New 
79 Want Ads
80 Table of Contents
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1940 May
Volume #14, No. 5
1940 June
Volume #14, No. 6
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover
2 Greenkeepers Query Themselves
15 Why Corrugated Turf?: Some of the Possible Causes of the "Washboard" Effect Common on Many Courses' Fairway Turf, are Discussed by the Author, Who Also Suggests Remedies
17 Colorado Officials Contemplate Course for Greenkeepers
18 WPA Big Factor in Golf Growth: 500 Courses Affected by WPA Work of Constructing and Improving 40,000 Acres of Golf Links
19 'Panhandle' Gets Grass Greens Course
20 New "Golf in Schools" Book Emphasizes Pro Instruction
21 Keep Cup Plugs Healthy 
22 'Appleknocker' Game is a Challenge to Better Play
23 Recent Golf Divots
24 Says Illinois Clubs Must Pay Unemployment Tax 
24 Clubhouse Building Booms!
26 S. Cal. Greensmen Plan Turf Show
27 Long Beach Molds Future Champs 
28 Inside Golf
32 Golf Clinics Study Pros' Problems 
38 F. H. Ohaus, Kroydon Vice-Pres., Elected to High Fraternal Post
40 PGA to Educate Caddies 
42 Schools Hold Answer to Golf's Biggest Development 
42 High School Golfers' National Tourney Scheduled for June 15
44 [USGA Asks for Historic Golf Items for Museum]
44 PGA Sections Again Sponsor "Golf Week" Programs 
44 Hershey Awarded PGA Tourney
46 Pro Uses Golf Shows to Boost Business
46 Kansas City Pros Plan Busy Golf Week, May 4-11
48 How to Build Driving Range Business 
50 Manufacturers Push Father's Day Sales
50 Michigan PGA Appoints Director of High School Golf
52 Tempting the Gourmets: Second Installment by Famous Food Authority on Tasteful Fare for Clubs' Early Season Menus
54 It's On the House
56 200 at Midwest Greens Party
56 Jack Quaill, Ex-GSA President, Dies Following Appendectomy
57 J. B. Boyd Killed in Accident
57 What's New
71 Want Ads
72 Table of Contents
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Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover
2 Greenkeepers Hear How 'Planned' Work Pays Dividends
15 Clubs Protest Against Growing Tax Burden: Increasingly Tough Tax Situation May Necessitate Clubs Taking United Action to Fight Higher, More Numerous Levies
17 What War is Doing to Turf Treatment
19 Midwest Greenkeepers Meet at Fox Valley
19 Calendar Does Grand Publicity Job for Kansas Course
19 Iowa Greensmen Inspect ISC Experimental Turf Plots
20 Protect Against Fire Loss 
21 [What Do You Think of It? June 1940]
22 Here's Course Shelter that is Termite-Proof
23 How to Build a Green: Part 1
26 Recent Golf Divots
26 Clubs Team-Up '85' Shooters
27 Service: Pro's Success Recipe 
34 Golf Promotion in Schools Pushed by Portland Plan
36 Caddie Problem Tackled by New Gadget
38 Jersey Pro Clinic is Big Success
40 Golfers Flock to Pittsburgh's First Golf Clinic
40 It's On the House
42 Tips on Drink Mixing: Authority Discusses Martinis, Perfects, Tom Collins and Rum Innovations
45 Winter Means More $$ for Fungy
46 Students Organize Own Golf Squad; Elect Girl Captain
47 New England PGA Holds Eighth Annual Exhibit 
50 What's New
55 Want Ads
56 Table of Contents
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1940 July
Volume #14, No. 7
1940 August
Volume #14, No. 8
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover
2 Should the Number of Sand Traps Be Reduced? 
9 Unity Needed in Turf Research: Turf Research Programs Must be Intensified Greatly, Immediately, to Relieve Tremendous Burdens on New Existent Experiment Stations
11 How to Build a Green: Part 2
12 Advantages of Fencing are Many 
13 Recent Golf Divots
14 Meadowbrook 'Immortalizes' Acers
15 Florida Opens Two New Courses 
17 [Charley Burns Gets Newspaper Publicity for Greenkeepers]
18 My Theories on "How to Teach"
22 [Boosting Junior Classes for Goodwill, Insurance, and Professional Pride]
22 Baseball Players to Compete for New Golf Trophy in '41
23 Pros: Let's Be More "Professional"
28 Photographic Murals are Ideal for Club Use
28 PGA Promoting Red Cross Matches During July
30 Hot Weather 'Hit' Dishes 
32 Inside Golf
35 Insurance Company to Conduct Nation-Wide Tourney July 27
36 Chick Evans to be Honored
37 It's On the House
38 Illinois Rules Against Tax on Caddies
39 George A. Ormiston, Widely Known Official, Succumbs
39 What's New
44 S. Cal. Greenkeepers do Grand Job on First Turf Show
46 Iowa Greenkeepers Make Initial Research Payment
46 Midwest Greensmen Set Up Qualifications
47 White Opens New Resort Layout
47 New Orleans Holds Ace Contest
47 Want Ads
48 Table of Contents
48 Advertisers' Index
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover
2 Golf Divots of the Month
9 Golf "On the Air" is Smash Hit in Dallas: Possibly the Success of the Program is Due to Its Naturalness - Because It's Unrehearsed; Anyway, Texas Golfers Like It a Lot
10 Privilege Book Helps New Members Get Acquainted
11 Bargain $4-a-Year Golf: Rockford's Muny Course System Keeps Players Happy While Earning Profit for Parks
13 How Southern Greensmen Meet Their Special Course Problems 
14 [Red Stevenson Demonstrating How to Golf to Bill Strohmeier]
16 How to Build a Green: Part 3
17 Notre Dame has a Golf Course, Too
19 Kirkwood Shows His Sales Talent 
22 Cards Identify Club's Caddies Needing Lift to Work
22 P. A. Vaile, Well Known Golf Writer, Dies in Chicago
22 Finishing 3-Year Loop
23 Rockford Pros Doing Well
24 Patty Berg Turns Pro to Plug Women's Play
26 It's On the House
26 Elyria CC is Host to Annual 'Peddlers' Tourney 
26 [Racine Club Sends Calendars with Listed Club Events]
27 Summer Fare Hints: Unusual Dishes Give Welcome Variety to Hot-Weather Menus
30 MSC Holds Annual Lawn Day
30 Tam O'Shanter to Hold Annual Open
34 What's New 
38 Conn. Supts. have Big July Meeting
39 Wisconsin Greenkeepers Having Good Year
39 Want Ads
40 Table of Contents
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1940 September
Volume #14, No. 9
1940 October
Volume #14, No. 10
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover: [Pebble Beach Course at Del Monte, Calif.]
2 Golf Divots of the Month 
9 There's Plenty to Do in Late Season
10 Golfers Build Own Course
11 When Anderson Cleans, He Cleans! 
13 "What do You Think of It?"
14 Club Officials: Send YOUR Greenkeeper to the USGA-GSA Turf Meeting
15 My Instruction Plan Brings Profit
18 Flash Photo Analyses Give Instruction Pointers
20 Want to Be a Pro?: A Lad's Best Chance is When His Dad is a Pro Before Him
22 California Salesmen Schedule Tourney
22 New Book Describes Amateurs' Play
24 Fall is Best Time to Apply Rock Phosphate
25 Iowa Greensmen Favor Bluegrass at July Meeting 
26 Morrison Fights Rain as He Preps Course for PGA
28 Club's Record Keeping is Model
29 $15,000 Appropriation for Turf Research Requested by Midwest Greenkeepers
30 What's New
31 Want Ads
32 Table of Contents
32 Advertisers' Index
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover
2 Golf Divots of the Month
9 1940 Facts in Review: No Startling Major Developments but Many Minor Trends Mark Golf's Calm but Steady Growth  
10 GSA's 1940 Tourney and Demonstration at Speedway
11 Outstanding Course Jobs of 1940
13 Boyd Campaigns for Weed-Free Course
13 Stodola's Problem is Traffic Wear
14 "Fairways for Plane Landings Not Needed": Army
14 Woodruff Field Day Attracts 170 Greensmen
15 What Will War Do to Golf?: Clubs Considering What Changes War Would Make in Golf Picture
16 Colleges Set Short-Course Dates
16 Pinehurst is Ready for Its '40-'41 Season
17 Masterson is Master of Seattle's Muny Golf
20 Adequate Winter Programs Eliminate Roster Slumps
21 Slide Brings Club $2,500 Income
22 Bowling League Holds Members Through Winter
22 Women's Intercollegiate may be Organized
23 Greensmen Hear Arlington Report: Inspect Turf Gardens and Test Plots in Two-Day Meeting
25 Workers Must Fit Their Jobs: Are You Sure You have No Square Pegs in Round Holes?
26 [Dr. C. Wernham Explains Tests Conducted at the Penn State College Experimental Gardens]
28 Monteith is Speaker at Midwest G. A. Meeting 
30 Futurama for Pros
31 Gift Sales-Push Profitable to Pros
34 Report on Promotion Filed: National Golf Foundation Tells Aims and 1940 Results
38 PGA May Sponsor National Junior Event
38 Heart Attack Fatal to Mrs. W. V. Hoare
40 Clubs Find Bowling on Green Popular
40 Describes Syracuse Plan for Red Cross Events
42 Pat Pushes All the Angles: Markovich's Reforms and Aggressive Work Lifts His Club into the Black
43 Over 7,000 Players in Remote Control Event
44 Machines Replace Men: Changing This Private Layout into Fee Course Requires Expert Remodeling
45 What's New in Golf for 1941
63 Want Ads
64 Table of Contents
64 Advertisers' Index