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1934 January
Volume #8, No. 1                  
1934 February
Volume #8, No. 2
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover: [Fourteenth Hole on No. 3 Course, Pinehurst, N. C.]
5 Chairman, Green on Job, Tells How He Got by Ok
7 [Bobby Cruickshank at Virginia CC., Richmond, with His Cradle Roll and "Junior Leaguers" Out for a Group Session]
8 New Deal in NAGA?: Greenkeepers' Association Considers Broader Plan of National Operation
9 Golf's Veteran Businessmen Honored by Their Clubs
11 Boosts School Golf: Pro Pioneer Work Followed by New Book for Instruction
12 Hot-Shots Huddle: Tournament Players Discuss Code, Conduct, Schedules and Costs
13 Chicago Club Votes to Water Two Courses
14 Texas Pro Team Gives Playing Lesson to Star Amateurs
15 Heart Attack Kills J. M. Lontz, President of F. & N.
15 U. S. Rubber has New Balls as 1934 Features
16 Program Announced for Annual NAGA Conference and Show
17 Government Funds Aiding Municipal Course Building
18 SCGA Ready to Fight Coast Price Cutters
19 PGA Presented Own "New Deal" at Annual Meeting
21 Efficiency and Advertising Keep Politics Out of Muni Golf
23 Syndicate Backs Pro: Bill Schwartz Winter Tour Financed by Local Shareholders
26 Expert Service: Pro Club Sales Increased by Featuring Pro Ability to Fit Clubs
30 Picked Up in the Rough
32 Amherst Greenkeeping School Now in Session
32 Howards C. Toomey, Course Builder, Dies in East
34 Many Vital Course Jobs can Best be Tackled in Winter
36 [Manufacturing News]
46 Classified Ads
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0 Cover: [Catch 'Em Young]
7 Clubs Riding Deadhead are USGA Financial Problem
9 "See All" "Hear All" "Say Nothing" "Do Something!:" Policy Puts Club Over
11 Short Course for Pros Being Considered by PGA
11 Rutgers Sixth Turf Short Course, Feb. 19-23
12 Massachusetts State College to Sponsor Recreation Confab
13 Greenkeepers at Annual Meet See Brighter Skies Ahead
15 Mackenzie, Master Architect, Passes; Leaves His Mark in Golf
16 Kansas City Area Greenkeepers Form Association
17 The Value of Turf Gardens to the Golf Club
19 Midwest Greenkeepers Elect Brandon Their '34 Head
19 [Michigan State College's Two-Day Greenkeepers' Short Course]
21 Fee Course Owners Work for National Association
21 "Storm is Over," Says Philly Gus
22 How Greenkeepers Should Regard Golf and Their Jobs
25 I Survived the Panic by Studying My Club
26 Net $ is Minus: Government Sports Goods Tax Proves Itself the Bunk - Repeal Drive Grows
27 Sport Code Cheers Pros with Bright Promise of Profits
36 Picked Up in the Rough
42 Code and Repeal are Managers' Meeting Features
43 Sports Goods Show Gives Signs of Big Year
44 Course Bosses Caddie for Aldermanic Tyros
45 Sarazen Starts Drive for College Golf Courses
46 Iowa to have Short Course March 5 and 6
48 Turf Troubles Probed by Jersey Advisory Service
50 Fairway Watering Operation to Give You What You Pay for
52 [Manufacturing News]
62 Classified Ads
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1934 March
Volume #8, No. 3
1934 April
Volume #8, No. 4
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover: [3-Par hole, North Course, Los Angeles C. C., L. A. Open]
11 Workers and School Kids Get Golf Lessons as City's Service
13 [Second Annual Greenkeeping Short Course, Rhode Island State College]
14 Times Better, but Maintenance Economies Continue
19 New Deal for Pros to Bring Reward for Member Service
21 Nation's Clubs Winning Fight Against Tramp Golfers
23 [Medinah CC's Bar Worth $4,500]
23 Single Drink Bottle Favored for Club Service
24 Begin Private Campaigns for Green Section Support
25 Review of "Good Old Days" is Spur to Pro Progress
27 Easily Made Wall Holder for Long Handled Tools
27 Treasure Hunt Helps Pro Ball Sales
28 Brainy Handling of Apparel Business Brings Pro Profit
30 PGA Plans for Pro Short Course
31 Smart Sportsmanship can Save Clubs from Dumb Business
32 Block Faucet Valves Open; Don't Remove Handles
36 Finds Fee Course Profit Answer - It's Not Cut-Price
42 Picked Up in the Rough
46 How to Fertilize Golf Turf 
55 Danny Williams Made Honorary Life Member by Shackamaxon
55 John MacGregor Named to USGA Advisory Board
56 Amherst Conference to Launch Golf's "New Deal" Campaign 
58 Melvin Traylor, Former USGA President, Dies
59 Detroit Weathers Storm: Figures on Tough Year Show Private Clubs Cut Costs - Improvement Expected
60 Depression Brought Some Good to Golf Clubs
62 Smart Saving: Machine Use and Labor Study Cut Costs but Preserve Condition
64 A Pro Best-Seller
64 Carolina Pro's League Plan Increases Golf Business
65 Ready for Action: Emergency Budget Item Allows Prompt Handling of Needed Work
67 Father and Son Team in Group Lesson Tour
68 Reduces Dues on Basis that Made 1933 Record Year
69 Midwest Tourney at French Lick, April 6-8
70 [Manufacturing News]
71 -Nebraska Seed Big Producer of Kentucky Blue Seed
74 -Ideal has New Model Power Green Mower for 1934
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0 Cover: [Bobby Jones, 4th Green at Augusta National (Ga.), Masters' Tourney, March 22-25]
13 Green Section Wins Two Year Battle on Crab Grass
15 Rutgers Short Course is Usual Success
15 Relay Golf Game Makes Round in 20 Minutes
16 Pros' First Short Course Money Maker for Wide-Awakes
19 Massachusetts Short Course Alumni Elect Wanberg
20 Massachusetts Lead Featuring Sports as Big Business
23 Volume Membership Sales Probable This Spring
25 Managers Testify Repeal is Booming Clubs
27 How I Cut Costs and Kept Course Standard High
28 Oakley CC Slates Sectional Intercollegiate Tourney
28 Iowa Greensmen to Meet at Course Under Construction
30 Winter Group Classes Make Fond du Lac Golf-Minded
34 Teaching to 5,000,000 Kids Calls for Pro Training
36 Bright Lines from Bright Pros
42 Pro Leaders Experience Shows Teaching is Profit Basis
49 What It Takes to be a Club Official
50 Pros Profit by Getting Star Pupils into Events
51 Code Rule: New Deal Helps Pros if All Make the Code Stick
52 Aged in Beauty: Foxburg, Pa., Course One of Nation's Oldest - Started in 1887
56 Eighty Attend Iowa Greens Course
56 -Pupils Say Course Worth Many $ in Savings
56 -Important Maintenance Advances Described
58 Card System Aids in Labor Control
60 Picked Up in the Rough
63 Higher Costs; More Play, on Golf's Card for 1934
68 On to Mexico: Levinson, Wilson Official, Sees Big Golf Market in Southern Republic
70 Kroflites Needled: New Method Keeps Tough Cover but Adds Distance
72 [Manufacturing News]
78 Classified Ads
79 Promoting Prep Golfers is Seattle Park Plan
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1934 May
Volume #8, No. 5
1934 June
Volume #8, No. 6
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover: [The U. S. Walker Cup]
11 News Items Forecast Great Golf Year 
14 Act if You Want to Save Midwest Garden
15 To Please Players, Don't Neglect These Maintenance Details
17 Green Fee-Travel Ticket Builds Fee Course Play
17 Buddy Poppy Sale During Week of Memorial Day
18 Here's What Women's Army Expects at Golf Clubs
19 [Iowa Greenkeepers' Assn., April 17 at Waveland Municipal Course, Des Moines]
20 Junior C. of C. Puts Over Macon's First Municipal Course
22 Soil Teems with Life, So Culture Practices are Complicated
24 Liquor Control System to Stop Leak of Profits
30 Fourth Annual "Heart of America" Tourney Invites Amateurs
30 Suggests Share of Golf's Tax for Green Section
34 "Forgotten Men" Remembered; Goldoni Latest to be Honored
36 Building Insulation Material Used for Tee
38 Picked Up in the Rough
48 Busy Pros to Share Sure Increase of Income
52 C.W.A in Golf: Course and Clubhouse Work Costing $1,613,528 Reported by 22 States
53 PGA Tournament Bureau Advances Players' Interest
59 Illinois PGA to Rescue of Midwest Turf Garden
60 Cost Data: Northern California Seeks Comparative Course Figures
61 What to Buy, How to Buy It; Stirs Expert Opinion
63 "Heart of America" Greenkeepers Meet at St. Joseph, Mo.
63 Greenkeeping Research Journal Available to US Readers
64 Simple Records and Graphs are Guide to Course Savings
67 Club Schedules Longer This Year
68 Chairman Invited to Michigan Greenkeepers' Meetings
68 Old-Time Greenkeeping
70 [Manufacturing News]
70 -Green Section Bulletins Discontinued for 1934
79 Classified Ads
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Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover: [Seventeenth Green, St. Andrew's, Scotland, Walker Cup Matches]  
13 Business Better? Then Make Good on Your Word
15 Fine Example of Large Green: [Second Green at San Francisco GC]
16 Green Section to Submit Date on Demonstration Garden Results 
20 Alfred Sargent Heads Toledo PGA
20 Runs a Show: Brookside Club Starts Season with a Golf's Exhibit
21 Outdoor Features Attract Crowds to Olympia Parties
24 Handicap on Difficulty, Not on Length
24 Still Working on National Daily Fee Association
25 Hypo Syringe and Gasoline Deal Death to Dandelions
26 Big Turn-Out for Rhode Island Field Day
26 Midwest Greenkeepers Hold Equipment Demonstration
28 Clubs May be Held Liable for Unenforced Safety Rules
30 To Clean Enamelware
32 Liquor Laws: Statutes are Among Problems Managers have Since Repeal
34 Club and Ball Makers in Meeting Smile Again
34 Clubbers Beat Hotel Men for Stewart Trophy
34 PGA Membership Begins to Get Job Action
35 Picked Up in the Rough 
42 Speak Plain: Standardize Simple Golf Terms to Make Pupils Understand
45 Pro Becomes Professor in Building College Golf
48 British Golf Unions Renew Greens Research Support
50 Drucker Looks for Trouble and Keeps Members Happy
54 PGA Busy: National and Sectional Bodies Snap into Resultful Action
54 Chicago Tribune-Fee Course School Expects 20,000
56 Junk Pile's Lesson Warns of Obsolescence Extravagance
59 Iowa Greenkeepers Meet at Ottumwa
60 News from the Manufacturers
64 -Pays to Protect Pros, Says Ed Conlin
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1934 July
Volume #8, No. 7
1934 August
Volume #8, No. 8
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover
7 Pro Arranges for Style Show as Women Golfers' Magnet
8 Fred Smith Edits Newsy Managers' Bulletin
9 Ask Fee Course Owners About Nationally
10 About Merion: An Architect Discusses the Famed Venue of 1934 National Open
11 Municipal Golf Shows Good Gain in Revenues
12 Fertilizers Give Differing Results in Section's Test Gardens
15 Country's Oldest Equipment?: [Donkeys Used to Mow Grass at Peoria CC, Ill.]
16 Lack of Association Interest Handicaps Golf
16 Riverdale Fee Course in N.J. to have $3,000 Open
17 Need Full Facts to Promote Use of Improved Equipment
20 Red Run Installs Modern Bar
22 Managers Find Liquor Sales Now Running Smoothly
26 Willie Hoare Heat Victim at Illinois Open
26 Caddies wasn't Warned; Wins $10,000 for Injury
28 Picked Up in the Rough 
34 John Shanahan, Brae Burn Vet Greenkeeper, is Honored
34 Iowa Greenkeepers Hold Big June Meeting 
36 M&BCGA and WMGA Hold Joint Meet at Lansing
37 Pros Warn Comrades of Dangers in Cheap, Unknown Ball Deals
39 Icely Trophy Made for Western Girls' Event
40 [Manufacturing News]
40 -Caddie Pepped Up as Pro Sales Staff by Contest
42 -Thorp and Floyd, Spalding Men, Die Suddenly
47 Classified Ads
47 Lawn Day at Massachusetts State College July 24
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48 Table of Contents 
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover: [Eighteenth Green and Clubhouse of Park Club, Buffalo, Where PGA '34 Championship was Held]
7 How Demonstration Gardens Rated Putting Grasses 
10 Hundred Attend Field Day at New Jersey Turf Gardens
11 Pros Report Business is Well on Up-Grade
13 Beginners' Golf School Big Success in Cincinnati
14 Jacobus Hails '34 PGA as Best Yet
14 "Old Timers' Day" Honors Long-Time Members
14 Pros Condemn Stymies at PGA Championship
15 We've Found Hands-Off Policy Lets Us Show Profits
16 Metropolitan PGA to Hold Dance September 29
16 1935 Ryder Cup Matches Awarded Ridgewood (N.J.) C.C.
16 Sod Webworm Woeful Subject at Iowa Meeting
17 Less Than $15,000 Provides Club with Unique Pool
19 Formula for Cut-Worm Control is Given
20 End Course Neglect: With Finances Better, Clubs Must Lay Plans Now for Links Betterment
20 British Turf Experts Hold Confab at St. Ives
21 Fall is Year's Best Time to Fertilize Fairways
25 Picked Up in the Rough
28 New England PGA to have $2,500 Medal Tourney
30 Hickey Enthuses Over Golf Growth at Agua Caliente
34 Walsh Says Hills Cut Play by Women in Omaha Area
34 Hershey Invitation Event to Start August 31
36 Dutch Disease Threatens Golf Course Elms
38 Glen Falls Open Scheduled for September 6-8
38 An Outline of Weed Control
43 [Manufacturing News]
43 -Brunswick-Balke Announces Bar Design Winners
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1934 September
Volume #8, No. 9
1934 October
Volume #8, No. 10
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover: [PGA Finals Show Golf's Revival]
5 Here's a Picture of High Spots in Club Liquor Situation
9 Fairway Fertilizers Rated at Demonstration Gardens 
12 Summer Tournaments Indicate Business is Lots Better
12 Fee Course Pays Pros $3,000 for Publicity
13 If There's Seeding to do, do It in the Fall
14 Hagen, Home Town Boy, Makes Good - Natives Celebrate
15 Shooting Ranges Rank High in Winter Club Interest 
16 Tournament Golf Thrives on Harlow's Work for PGA
17 After Hot Weather Beating Pros Plan Autumn Profit
19 John Stevens Beats the Slump with a Branch Pro Shop
20 British Caddies Get Ingenious Wet Weather Uniform
22 Lower Interest Rate is Wise Answer to Fee Plant Problem
26 Picked Up in the Rough
31 Government and Dealers Tell Why Seed Prices are Rising
35 Jimmy McGonagill, Hagen Man, is Blushing Bridegroom
35 Carl Hornkohl, Golfdom-Golfing Heavy Man, in New Job
36 Putts at Half Price: Akron Muny Players Test Idea of Counting Putts Half Stroke
37 Chinch Bug Control More Trouble for Courses
37 Business Recovery Item: Jack Fulton, Jr., Gets Married
37 Course Landscaping Need Gives Tournament Prize Tip
38 Heats Club: Oregon Owner Devises Simple System for Clubhouse
39 [Manufacturing News]
39 -Rodent Repellent Protects Course Trees
40 -Cotton, Brews Played Hagen Clubs in British Open
40 -W. P. Miller Wins Injunction on Fairway Watering
41 -Annual Sales Convention L. A. Young Golf Co. Holds
42 -Rotary Turf Conditioner has Hollow Spikes
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48 Table of Contents
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover
13 How can We Finance Our Club's Fairway Watering System? 
15 [Example of Fairway Trappings at 18th of Whitemarsh Valley, 1934 Women's National]
16 Clubhouse Fire Protection Will Pay Big Dividends
18 Green Section Holds Fall Garden Meetings
18 Death Takes Mrs. Holland, Double Rotary Secretary
18 Alex Pirie, Former PGA Head, Married at Lake Forest, Ill.
19 Member's Worth to Club is Big Aid in Budgeting
20 Michigan Short Course Starts January 2nd
21 When and How Spiking Improves Your Putting Greens 
23 I Keep Poa annua: Fertilizing Practice that Keeps Poa annua Greens During Summer
24 Ganson Depew, Section Chairman and Noted Sportsman, Dies
25 Soil Must be Built Right for the Permanent Golf Course
28 Plan New Jersey Short Course for Mid-February
28 Dr. Kellerman, Greens Expert, Dies at Washington, D.C.
28 Henry W.T. Dutton Takes Forest Hills at Augusta
28 Government Figures Show Big Slump in Sports Goods
29 House Budgeting that Never Forgets a Good Idea
30 Dust Storms Hit Golf Clubs a Mystifying Blow
31 Picked Up in the Rough
40 Width of Fairways Not Covered by Rules of Golf
42 Sayers, Genius in Golf Selling, Works on Simple Policy
44 Annual PGA Meeting to be Held at Chicago, November 20-22
46 Club Profits by Proper Liquor Policy to Members
46 Golf Clubs do 12% of Nation's Beer and Liquor Business
48 Proper Facilities Bring Play at Long Island Trap Layout
52 The Woman Speaks: Greenkeeper's Wife Says Club Let's Husband Slave - and Starve
53 What's New with the Manufacturers - 1935
53 -New Club Ideas: Makers Present Design Changes to Increase 1935 Club Sales
54 -Barrows Grass Nurseries Seek Patent on New Bent
58 -Conlin Tells Pros How to Get Gift Profits
64 -Milwaukee Sewerage Commission Offers Expert Services
66 -Nelson Offers Half Circle Pop-Ups for Greens
67 Classified Ads
72 Advertisers' Index
72 Table of Contents