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1930 January
Volume #4, No. 1                 
1930 February
Volume #4, No. 2
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover: [$7,500 Opening at Bill Wrigley's Catalina G. and C. C.]
1 No "Out-of-Bounds" on This Course!
13 Are Your Congressmen Mind Readers?
14 Guiding Stars Tell New Men How They See Green-Chairman's Job
17 [Kildeer Country Club (Chicago District)]
18 Pros Clear Path for 1930 Advance
19 An Ex-President's Letter
19 No Joy in Championships for the Greenkeeper
20 Green Section Annual Meet at New York, Jan. 10
20 [Load and Lifter Tournament]
25 Greenkeepers Plan New Year Progress
26 Affeldt Heads Long Island Greenkeepers
27 Smile, Sweat, Study - That's How Glynn is Working for His First Million $ as a Pro
29 Managers Discuss Ways of Handling Irate Members in the Dining-Room
31 Golf Titles Don't Tell the Story Critic Says
31 [Hot Water Hazards, Lakeview, Oregon]
32 Buy Product Plus Help Dealer Gives
33 [Club Swimming Pool, Columbian Country Club (Chicago District)]
36 Revives Run-Down Course by Drainage
38 "Hot Stove" Conclave Pounces on Beck's Brown-Patch Ideas
42 Machine Maintenance in Course Design
44 Jack Dillon Recovering from Boston Operation
48 Paris Green, Pro's Remedy, Peps Club
51 Pro Price Protection Needed in Louisiana
52 Pro Profits: Some Paragraphs on What the Leading Pros are Doing and Thinking
56 Greenkeepers are Set for Louisville, Feb. 5-7
61 Wisconsin University Plans Greens Course, Feb. 10-14
61 Catalog Helps Pro Correct Old High Price Idea
63 Apply Today's Good Business Methods
64 With the Manufacturers: [Pros Use Letters as an Instrument for Building Business Amongst Their Members]
66 The Why of Park Golf
71 By an Eastern Green-Chairman
73 Dealer Paper Promoting Golf Week
74 Classified Ads
76 Advertisers' Index
76 Table of Contents
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover
1 Sales Soar Where New Ideas Show
5 Table of Contents
27 Columbus has Gems of the Notions - The Story of a Country Club that has No Red Ink, No Topsy-Turnover in Personnel, No Cliques and No Caddie Problem to Disturb Its Smooth Operation
30 Louisville Park Courses are City's Pride
31 How Club Service Helps Pros Increase Profits
34 Greensmen Tell What 1929 Work Did Their Courses the Most Good
34 -Prepare Well Ahead for 1930 National Open
35 -New Greens Feature First Year
36 -Cleaning "Jungle" Keeps Good Men Thru Winter
38 -Crying Need of Drainage Answered on New Job
38 -Dry Spell Kept Glen Oaks Greens Force Busy
40 -Late Evening Scouting Spots Brown Patch
40 Hoosier Greenkeepers Double Membership First Year
40 Midwest Greenkeepers Elect Bezek New President
40 Sorry Boys, Somebody Looked Up on the Shot
41 U.S.G.A. Annual Report Records Busy Year
42 Green Section Meet Reveals Need of Understanding and Teamwork: The Section's Viewpoint
42 -[Green Section Meet Stirs Greenkeepers]
43 -[Green Section Tells of Their Policy and Performance]
46 Atkins Boys are Pro Star Service Team
52 Push Shots for More Pro Business
52 Dressing Up Pro Shop for More Sales
54 How Veteran Chairmen Get Greens Results: [Duties of a Green-Chairman]
58 The Green Chairman and the Golf Club
62 Comfort Big Factor at Well Kept Course
64 Dixie Experts Give Tips on Bermuda Turf: [Questionnaire: Experience with Bermudagrass]
66 Bermuda Grass Conditioning Methods that Work for Me
66 A.B. Porter Starts Supply House at Salem, Mass.
68 Clubs Join U.S.G.A. in Tax Relief Push
72 How Water Helps Better Turf Campaign 
75 New England Seeks Course Maintenance Costs
76 Leach Answers Some Greenkeeping Queries
76 -Poa annua Control
76 -Spring Arsenating
78 -What Makes Greenkeeper Listen
78 Promotes Pros Theory of Golf Stroke
80 South's Midget Courses Boom New Player Interest
82 Club Finances Demand Study of Varied Means
87 Wendehack Author of Fine Clubhouse Book
88 Present Plans for Club Food Service
89 N.E. Toro has New Catalog
90 Turf Methods that Make Good in Florida
95 [Tenth Tee of the Louisville C. C.]
95 [Louisville C. C. Winter View]
97 [Annual Report: Guy M. Peters]
98 [Manufacturing News]
98 -Pro Shop as "Service Station"
101 Manager's Association Plans Many Helps for Clubs
106 Vulcan Staff in Yearly Conclave
108 Classified Ads
110 Advertisers' Index
1930 March
Volume #4, No. 3
1930 April
Volume #4, No. 4
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover
3 Table of Contents
29 Plan Three-Cornered Study of Club Business: Golf Club Heads of Departments to Tackle Job of Promoting Teamwork and Profits
31 U.S.G.A. Names 1930 Committee Heads
32 Greenkeepers' Record Crowd Busy at Louisville Meeting
37 Versatile Mac a Master of Pro Shop Sales Development
40 Pros Hope to Help Small Clubs Advance in 1930
42 Rutgers Again Stages Tabloid Greenkeeping School
44 Pajamas and Public-Spirited Plutocrats Feature Florida
49 Pointers on Pushing Ball Sales
49 Pro Tourney Expense Deductible in Taxation
50 Pro Business Brains Active in Drive for Women's Trade
52 Greenkeepers' Wives Hold Successful Meeting
54 Upkeep and Pro Vital to Fee Course Success
55 Schools and Tours Help Pro Golf
58 Full Roster of Live Ones is Right Base for House Profit
63 Managers Exchange Menu Tips
63 Grady Heads Chicago Club Managers' Association
66 Tell Officials of Managers' Aims, Advises Pittsburgher
68 Women's Business is Service Feature that Pays Club
70 It's the "Ritz" that Runs Clubs' Meal Service into Red
72 Clubs Keep Pushing for Tax Relief
74 Penn State Conducts Two Greenkeeping Courses
74 Wisconsin Greenkeepers Start State Association
75 Jobs for Retired Business Men
77 Japan Plans Golf Boost as National Asset
78 Managers Keep Dutton Jumping to the Rostrum
80 Going After the Grubs Shows Greenkeeping Problems
86 Clapper Kid is Genius at Birth
88 Soils, Drainage and Their Part in Profitable Operation
94 How Plant Food Elements Function for Better Turf
100 Premier's New Lineup
102 "Dressing Up" the Course has Big Place in Greenkeeping
104 N.E. Club Managers Hold District Meeting
109 With the Manufacturers: "Pros, Players, and Profits" is U.S. Royal's Valuable Help to Better Business Methods in Pro Selling
111 Art Perkins with Burke
112 Toro Issues 1930 Book
112 Prints New Bent Grass Book
112 Ideal has New Catalog
114 Wisconsin Holds First Greens School
116 Concludes Study of Club Finances
120 Harrison Addresses Midwest Greenkeepers' Session
120 Joj's 1930 "Seeds" of Success
120 From Leach's Mailbag: Arsenating Bent Seedings
122 Classified Ads
124 Advertisers' Index
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover
3 Table of Contents
31 P.G.A. Names A.R. Gates Its Business Pilot
32 Business Manager for the P.G.A.
33 Cleveland Greenkeepers Stiffen Membership Qualifications
33 Chicago Managers Stage Merry Stag Party
34 "Balance Sheet" for Course Rates Results of Work
37 Fit Right Manager to Job and Let Him Manager
39 What's Wrong with This Picture of House Cost?
40 How Famed Sea Island Links was Made a Model
42 Detroit's Park Golf has Record Year
43 26 Years and Their Reward to Happy Small-Town Pro
45 There's Nothing Like Profit to Give You More "Pep"
49 Take Golf Tax Test Case to Higher Court
49 Pro is Reddy Keystone
50 Joint Meeting Move Approved
54 Pros Look to Movies for Big Help in Teaching
56 "Pro" is O.K. as Title for Golf Teacher
57 Their Friends Prove Pros' Active Major Assets
58 Spring Cleaning Opens Pro Drive for 1930 Sales: A Pro's Wife Gives Timely Reminder to Aspirants for Big Year in Shop Sales
60 Manager Names Holes in House Operation
62 How to get New Members is Study of Club Heads
70 Tells Successful Park Course Operating Data
74 Audubon has Easy Cost-Keeping Sheet
74 Canada Dry's Ace Army Grows 2,877 in 1929
76 Non-Transferable Membership Solves Club Problem
78 New York Managers Elect 1930-31 Officers
80 Simple System Keeps Books for Fee Course
80 Ideal Holds Spring Parties
82 M.A.C. Registers with Fourth Greenkeeping Events
84 For Every Grass Cutting Problem There's an Efficient Toro Mower
88 Managers' Association Wants New Addresses
90 Greenkeepers have Big Task Guarding Nature's Beauty
95 Problem of Sewage Disposal Demands Club Attention
102 Honor Ross. 30 Years at Pinehurst
104 How to Make Proportioner for Fertilizer Use
106 Jacobsen Opens L. A. Branch
108 Conditioning Course with Simple Thrifty Methods
110 Push Fertilizer Distributor
110 Ideal Issues 1930 Catalog
110 "Pete's" Purchasing Guide
112 Hostess Big Help for Women's Business at Club
115 "Dibbler" Plants Stolons without Loss of Plan
117 From Leach's Mail-Bag: [Stickly Clay Soil and Greens Baking and Scabbing]
120 The Club Budget
120 Universal's Compost Mixer
120 Planet Jr. Tells Distributor Merits
122 Classified Ads
123 Greenkeepers Hosts to Their Chairmen at Pittsburgh
123 British Offer Visitor Cards to U.S. Pros
124 Advertisers' Index
1930 May
Volume #4, No. 5
1930 June
Volume #4, No. 6
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover: [Cascade C.C., Hot Springs, Va.]
3 Table of Contents
27 Bank-Backed Eastern Course is Economy Model 
30 Greenkeeper's Executive Duties are Vital to Course Success
32 Illinois P.G.A. Plans Profitable Year
32 Jack Dillon Out of Boston Hospital
37 Cleveland Pros Plan Radio Talks to Build Business
38 Expert Suggests Popular Sandwich List
38 Managers Propose Standard Restaurant Cost Form
40 Smart Selling Brings Cash to Coast Muny Course Pro
42 Expert Gives Basis for Rating Food Service
43 Drainage Research May Pay When Course Turf Thins
48 Stores Find Plenty Grief Operating Pro-Shops
50 Sports Goods Makers Plan Trade Practices Revision
52 Golf Goods Price Mess Needs Ironing Out
57 Philly Course Superintendents Re-Elect Evans President
57 Making All Year House Operation Pay
62 How Movies can Aid Pros to Correct Pupils' Games
66 Rhode Island Greenkeepers to Meet May 26
68 Pro Merchandising from a Woman's Viewpoint 
70 Costs, but Not Service Speed, Demand Managers' Study
72 Will Yearly Models Boost Club Sales?
72 Preventing Pro-Shop Leaks
72 Coast P.G.A. Tests Teaching Skill of Members
72 Why Shops Lose Sales
74 Gates' Appointment as Aide Pleases Pros
76 Congressional C.C. Issues Enlightening Report
78 Green Plots are Questioned 
87 Chicago Plans Downtown Golfers Club
88 Gives Members "Batting Order' for the Opening Game
90 Play Up "Service Station" Asset of Pro Shops
90 New England Bureau's Show at Winchester, May 5
90 New Jersey Issues Turf Experiment Book
90 Green Section to Meet at National Open
92 Fungi Facts for Greensmen
93 The First Completely Built Small Tractor
101 How Texas Club Eliminated Storm-Water Damage
106 Rutgers Prof. Discusses Weed Control Problem
107 Cleveland Passes New Rules for Greenkeepers
108 Young Sales Force Holds Annual Conclave
108 Glenn Morris Becomes V. P. of Golf Illustrated
108 New Book by Worthingtons
110 Answers Manager's Query on Operating Costs
111 Some Divots from Leach's Mail Bag
111 -Clover Control
111 -Does Lead Arsenate Injure Soil?
112 -Controlling Earthworms
112 [Manufacturing News]
112 -Golf Business is Good Says Mower Executive
112 -New Universal Dealers
115 -Pro Margin Well Under Other Merchants
115 Fitting the Restaurant to the Club's Needs
115 Classified Ads
116 Advertisers' Index
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover: [1917 Western Amateur, Midlothian C. C., Chicago District Where Feminine Factor in Golf Becomes Clear Through Golf Attire]
3 Table of Contents
17 [Giving Credit in New Era of Profitable Pro Business]
23 Describes Soil's Part in Turf Maintenance
26 How Good Pro Works as Club's Valued Asset
28 Jacobsen has New Catalog
28 Stopping House Losses by Garbage Check
29 Comparing Course Labor Cost Percentages
30 Manager Discovers Secret of Good Management
30 Ban Sport Goods Paid Testimonials
31 Public Links Grow at Lively, Paying Gait
32 Drainage, Watering, Landscaping High Spots of Good Job
33 Guide Posts to Course Watering Systems and Equipment Outlined
36 Restaurant Business Perilous, Government Report Shows
41 Pros' Business Chief Tells How Work Looms
42 Keep Hammering Away at Tax Repeal Work
42 Try This Method on Moles - It Worked
44 Picking Up Pointers from Prospering Pros
46 Toro Report Shows Business Good
48 Pro Sells Himself in Playing a Business Stymie
54 Warren, O., Averages Course Costs for Five Years
54 Volume Brings Profits to Hoosier Club
58 Pioneer of Movie Teaching Tells His Experiences
60 Unique Point Event Popular on Petaluma Schedule
62 "Home Grown" Movie Shows Bring Club Crowds
64 If It's Not Right, It's Your Own Fault
64 Has New Golf Practice Ball for Home Use
65 Consider Added Charge for Tardy Diners
65 Porter's First Catalog
65 Fire has No Effect on Spalding Ball Delivery
66 Fashion Review is Magnet for Club Members
68 Show Cost Percentages at Olympia Fields Courses
77 Get Double for Grass in New Putting Surface
78 Greenkeeper's Job Calls for Four-Square Diplomacy
84 Golf Club Food Service Demands Studied Basis
89 Art Signs Give Club Neat Touch of Class
91 Puts Spotlight on Grass Disease Findings
93 Thompson Introduces New Compost Spreader
94 Compare Course Costs with Extra Care
97 Member Interest Sags, Club Offers Insurance
98 Olympia Saves $4,000 Annually by Running Own Laundry
104 Positions Wanted
106 Inter-City Pro League Opened by Illinois and Michigan
106 Seek Swimming Pool Operating Facts
108 Advertisers' Index
1930 July
Volume #4, No. 7
1930 August
Volume #4, No. 8
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover: Interlachen Country Club - Minneapolis: Where the National Open will be Played, July 10-12
3 Table of Contents
17 Push of New Business Regime Pays Veteran Club
21 Results Show Value of Three Phase Fertilization
24 Club Officials Show Interest in Advancing Pros
26 "Samples" of Menu Merit Build House Volume
28 Hunt for Course Upkeep Data Shows Greenkeepers' Need
36 Course Watering System Features Described (Part Two)
44 "Discount Hound" Banished from One Pro's Troubles
47 [Ninth Green of Phoenix (Ariz.) C. C.]
50 Wandering Golfer Surveys the Pros' Business Ways
56 Jack Dillon Dies at Chicago
59 Movie Analysis of Pro's Own Game Helps His Teaching 
60 Rhode Island's Inaugural Greenkeepers' Day Success
62 "Pat's" Outline of Pro Policy - and Some Other Pro Tips
64 [Newspapers should Consider Carrying Golf News]
66 Probes Factors in Course Building Costs
68 [Third Annual Dinner Dance Given by Chester Golf Greenkeepers Association]
72 [At Broadmoor, Colorado Springs, Where This Year's Trans-Mississippi was Played]
74 Saving and Service Tips in Club Cooking
75 From Leach's Mail-Bag: [What Effect does Ammonium Nitrate have on Greens and How should the Material be Applied?]
76 Green Section Books Turf Plot Sessions
78 Swimming Pool has Major Value to Live Clubs
81 Schavolite has New Men on Force
82 Landscaping Tips for Greenkeepers: Shrubs that Stand Abuse and Thrive Under Neglect
84 Expert Food Buying is Test of Manager
85 [Women's Lounge at Maketewah C. C., Cincinnati]
88 Greens-Staff Management Demands Tact
90 New Budd Blade Permits Shorter Mowing
90 Hovey Catalog Out
91 Classified Ads
91 Thompson Sprinklers have Chicago Office
92 Advertisers' Index
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover
3 Table of Contents
17 Feeding Hungry Fairways Right Diet for Better Turf
17 [Beautiful Short Hole on Private Estate at Kansas City, Mo. Owned by James J. Lynn]
20 Spalding Issues 1930 Golf Guide
20 Springfield (O.) Boasts Prize Public Course
21 Fee-Course Pro Beats Stores at Price-Cutting Game
23 Pasadena Grows with Sound Managing Ideas
24 Young Pro Always on Job is Object Lesson
26 Merion's New Water Plant is Golf Club Jewel
27 [Concrete Flume Built at the San Gabriel C. C., Cal. in the Former River-Bed]
33 Seed Mixture Impurities Show Wisdom of Buying Right
35 California Greens Problems Cover Wide Range
37 [Curtis W. Willock of Pasadena, Cal., Buys Electric Car to Play Golf and Avoid Fatigue]
38 What Cost Water System? 
46 Movie Golf Teaching Big Hope of Pro Profits 
50 Come-Putt Paper Rings New Greens Aid
50 Lumberjack's Idea Adopted by Golfers
54 Pro Tells Long Path of U.S. Golf Progress
60 Miniature Courses Active Factor in Golf Business Trends
63 Supply Help in Club Refuse Disposal Problem
64 Fall Seeding Factors that Chart Successful Policy
71 Best Greenkeepers Work on Platform from Their Green-Chairmen
74 Audubon Makes Quick Time with New Fairways
76 Handbook of Drainage Practice is New Armco Book
78 Thirty Years in Greenkeeping - Its Lessons and Rewards
80 Some Physical Properties of the Soil
87 Planning Menus that Make Club Famed for Food
89 1.68 Tees Reward Ace Shooters
93 Classified Ads
94 Advertisers' Index
1930 September
Volume #4, No. 9
1930 October
Volume #4, No. 10
Page Sections/Selected Titles
17 Fall Work and Foresight Pay Clubs Big Returns
20 Tree Nursery Valuable to Golf Club
21 Night Golf on Full Length Course Makes Good Debut
24 Cleveland Host to Tri-City Club Managers
24 Craig Wood Wins New Reddy Tee Event
25 Locker-Room Service Shows Class of Management
27 Characteristic Adaptations of the More Important Turf Grasses
28 Pro Credit Appraisal Shows Better Method Need
30 How Much Water and Where is Leading Irrigation Query (Part Four)
34 Miniature Golf Now No Field for Pikers
36 Fresh Divots from the Pros' Pastures
42 Sales Off, So Action, Not Alibis, is Pro Cure
42 Reddy has New Low Cost Celluloid Tee
44 Longworth's Lesson on Pro Chances for More Money
48 Cincinnati Claims Leadership in Golf COURSE Drinking
54 Gives Cost Estimate on Southern Fee Plant
56 U.S. Ball Sales Headquarters Now at Providence, R.I.
58 Launch Model Pro Shop Consulting Service 
60 Handling Men on the Golf Course
60 Twelve Month Schedule Pays Small Town Club
62 Twelve Month Play Only One of Sunkist District's Problems
66 Fall Fairway Fertilization for Full Season Results
71 Out of Leach's Mail-Bag
71 -Tumble-Bug Treatment
72 -Applying Arsenate
73 Sea Food Buying Pointers that Build Club Food Fame
76 What Makes a Greenkeeper Success in His Work?: Continuing the Observations of the Veteran
82 Classified Ads
84 Index to Advertisers
84 Table of Contents
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover
13 After First Cost There's Maintenance Follow-Thru
16 Club Manager Marvels at Loeb's Locker-Man Tale
17 Measuring the Manager to Fit the Club Job
19 Insulation Quiets Noisy Grill
20 Mower Makers are Behind Scenes Builders of Golf
26 California Coastal Mountain Region Invites Golf Growth
36 Women's Business Calls for Pro Development 
40 Shuffleboard Courts Newest Fee-Game Bonanza
42 Prowling Around in Pro Pastures 
43 Print New Standard Forms for Course Accounting
48 Stroke Meter is New Club Accessory
48 Schavolite Now Making Minny Course Putters
53 Driving Machine is O. K., Say Coast Pros
54 Coast Pro is Inventor of New Miniature Course
55 Meat Buying and Preparing Major Items in Club Feeding
58 Answers Questions They Ask About Fairway Watering (Part 5)
65 Canadians Hold Second Show of Course Equipment
66 Classified Ads
68 Index to Advertisers
68 Table of Contents
1930 November
Volume #4, No. 11
1930 December
Volume #4, No. 12
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover
7 Simple Little Tales of Figures Mark Greenkeeper as Business Wizard
10 New England Managers Guests at Rhode Island Meeting
11 Consider Pro Drive to Turn Frozen Season-End Stocks to Cash
15 Southern California Greenkeepers Key-Up Courses for Tourneys
17 Transplanting of "Volunteer" Trees False Economy
18 When You're Figuring 1931 Greens' Budget Look Far Ahead
24 Greenkeepers Show Space in Lively Demand
25 Let Manager Manage, to Escape House Operating Deficit
26 [18th at Bierly-Jansen Indoor Course, General Motors Bldg., Detroit]
27 Expert Details Inch-by-Inch His Yard-Stick for Measuring Manager
32 Lamb, Pork and Fowl Buying and Service at the Golf Club
34 Self-Feeding Tee Makes Practice Easier
35 No Dough for Tourney so Pass Buck to P.G.A. Innocents: That, and Some More Close-Ups of the Pro Picture Keep the Vista Interesting
40 Sayers, Star Pro Merchandiser, Gives Lesson in Using Head
42 Greenkeeper First Factor in Course Making; He'll get the Grass
45 Tree Program Should Rate High on Every Maintenance Schedule
49 Watering System for 9-Hole Course Must Look to the Future
53 Classified Ads
56 Index to Advertisers
56 Table of Contents
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover: [Clubhouse of Clarence H. Geist's Boca Raton Club, Boca Raton, Fla.]
7 Hall Named Chief by P.G.A. in Annual Probe of Problems
10 Book Reviews
11 Greenkeeper's Labor Investment has Biggest Problem of Waste
13 Mrs. A. R. Gates, Wife of Pro Administrator, Dies
13 Wisconsin Plans Greenkeeping Short Course for 1931
14 Design Details of 9-Hole Course Watering Demand Care
17 Chickweed and Plantain Control in New England
19 "Jumping Jack" Malley is Coast Model of Star Pro Service
24 The "Overgreen Scout"
24 "On-a-Line" Device Offered as Pro Teaching Aid
29 Idea Exchange Paying Element in California Greens Progress
34 Keyless Locks Now Available on New Lockers
35 Right Men, Then Good Machinery, are Rocky's Success Secrets
39 Greenkeepers Name Speakers for Columbus Meeting, Feb. 4-6
40 Look to Root System, Trimming and Staking in Tree Transplanting
46 Guide-Posts for the Newcomer in Course Maintenance Field
52 Measure of a Manager Shows Club Operation is Complex
57 Classified Ads
58 Beckley-Ralston has New Putting Game
60 Index to Advertisers
60 Table of Contents