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1929 January
Volume #3, No. 1                  
1929 February
Volume #3, No. 2
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover: [11th Green of the Cascale Course, Virginia Hot Springs]
7 What New Green-Chairman is Up Against
10 Augusta Strictly Business in Maintenance
11 Three Views from the Far West
12 Pros Contemplate Starting Co-Op Buying Bureau
13 U.S. Construction Methods Adopted in England
14 Close-Up on Compost Costs is Illuminating
16 Managerial Secrets
16 Here's Something that We O.K., Too!
17 Coast Pro Proposes New Salary Plan
18 This is Way to Spell "Good Pro", Bob Says
18 [Adding Traps]
19 Will Six-Hole Units Improve Course Routing?
22 Park and Playground Manuals are Valued Works
24 Watch Women's Service in Thoughtful Detail
24 Right Man on Job and No Favorites, Our Policy
29 Plenty of Holes in New Shop Sales Experiment
30 [Encouraging Sons and Daughters to Play]
30 [Sands and Clays]
30 [First 3 or 4 Holes Easier?]
32 Divots from Leach's Mail-Bag
32 -[Poisoning vs. Topdressing]
32 -[Arsenate of Lead on Dandelions and Plantains]
32 -[Selective Weed Control]
34 -[Quackgrass Control on Fairways Using Arsenate of Lead]
34 -Lead Arsenate on Bermuda Grass
37 -O.K. on These Bermuda Greens
37 -[Florida Weed Control]
39 Some Slants on Operating Pay-As-You-Play Course
42 Tax is Unfair on Golf Clubs
45 How We Ward Off Winter Damage
48 Budget Provision for Control of Brown-Patch
49 Featuring Women's Business
51 Don't Wait Until Spring - Hire That Man Now
52 Table of Contents
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover: [Tenth Hole at Brae Burn]
15 Last Year Showed Need for Method Revision
17 New Indoor School Teaches Golf with the Movies
18 Roof-Garden Courses with Cotton-Seed Hull Greens
19 How Experience Taught Westwood to Build
23 Saving Your Trees from Damage by the Bugs
28 What Percentages in Your Maintenance Costs?
30 A Maintenance Barn that Cuts Work Costs
34 How We Learn to be Better Greenkeepers at the Amherst School
36 Fescue Rough Works Well to Speed Play
38 Club Makers Act on Their Problems: Standardization - Credits - Returned Goods - Guarantees
40 How the Pro Looks at the Club's Side
40 [Testing for Lime Carbonate]
45 Tardy Hiring Leaves the Pro Out of Luck
48 Soil Condition Essentials Controlled by Greenkeeper
50 Who'll Serve Club Better - Waiters or Waitresses?
55 Preventing Winter Kill on Greens
57 Green Section Confab Features Research
60 Show Season Starts: Greenkeepers, International Shows and Club Managers All Announce Details
62 International Shows have Big Events Planned
64 Club Managers Change Date of Annual Meeting
64 Mid-Atlantic Greekeepers [Greenkeepers] Launch Organization
65 Florida City Course Now on Lease Operation
65 Binnie New President of Mid-West Greenkeepers
65 Make This Unanimous and Improve Putting Results
66 Philly Pro Points Out Work for P. G. A.
67 What's New in Equipment and Supplies
68 Canada Supervises Trade in Prince Edward Island Bent
75 Experts' Ideas on Equipment Conditioning
82 Table of Contents
83 Don't Wait Until Spring - Hire That Man Now
84 Advertisers' Index
1929 March
Volume #3, No. 3
1929 April
Volume #3, No. 4
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [New Clubhouse of the Country Club of Detroit, Grosse Pointe Farms, Mich.]
23 Deep Significance in Recent Turf Research
26 Is "Cheap Goods" the Siren's Song?
26 -Is It a False-Alarm Snare for the Pros as Claimed by Herb Graffis
27 - Or is It Wise and Timely Sales Policy as Believed by Willie Ogg
28 Team-Work and Technicalities: Feature Topics of Greenkeepers' Meet
31 Fitness in the Furnishing
34 Maintenance Policies that Make Good at Blackhawk
36 "We'll Help" Says Chairman Who Advises Greenkeepers on Plans for Future
40 Avoid Monotony in Your Season's Golf Schedule
44 Suggests Simple Foils of Winter Kill and Brown-Patch
48 Florida Reclaims Sea and Jungle for Golf
50 Connecticut Greenkeepers have New State Body
50 One Greenkeeper can Manage 3 Small-Town Courses
52 Unique Green Designs
52 "Tess" McArdle in New Management Job
56 Paint - Personality - Push - and Pro Shop Sales Increased 85%
58 A Pilot for the Pros Again Says Needed Now
60 Pro Veterans Organizing P.G.A. Senior Association
60 Greenkeeping Exhibit Planned at Amherst, March 8-9
61 Sidelights on California Watering Systems
61 Fee Course Owners to Meet at Chicago
62 The Why of Lost Sales
64 A Pro Outlines What a Pro Should Be
65 Change of Scenery to Pep Up Sales
66 Assistant Pros Need More Help
67 Gopher Holes are Source of Washouts
68 Topeka Pro's Sales Plan Features Advertising
69 A Strategic Short Hole
70 Here's Why the Manager Sees Red
75 "How the Club Looks at the Pro's Side": As Observed by a Manager
76 New York's First Golf Show Draws 55,000
77 My Employes [Employees] have been with Me for Years
78 Dining Room Profit is not Impossible
80 Planting Pointers on Course and Clubhouse Landscaping
83 Greenkeeping Problems in Leach's Mail Bag
83 -June Bug Control
85 -"Raincoats" for Greens
85 -Bent Won't Grow
88 Hickory Shaft Men and Club Makers Set Standard
93 [Manufacturing News]
104 Table of Contents
106 Don't Wait Until too Late Hire that Man Now
107 Weekly Record Keeps Costs at Cedarbrook
107 [Poa annua Greens]
107 [Rear View Mirror on Spreading]
108 Advertisers' Index
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [Third Green at Pine Valley, Clemonton, N. J.]
15 Short Cut System of Correct Cost Finding for Average Golf Club
17 Get Away from "Prison Pallor" of Usual Locker-Rooms in New Seattle Job that is Locker-Room Model
19 Standards of Locker-Room Operation
20 Is Price Almighty in Pro Selling?
20 -"No!"
21 -"Yes!"
22 Cleveland District has Official Archery Rules
23 Plenty of Misery But We Worked Our Way Out O.K.
24 Protecting Trees from Wind Damage
26 Team Work By Colleges of Active Practical Value to Greenkeeping is Shown: Massachusetts Agricultural, Rutgers and Pennsylvania State are Live Factors
28 Rutgers' One-Week Course Well Attended
30 Pennsylvania Research Work Led by Valentine
30 Equipment Display Shows Member's Course Job
30 [Pipe too Small?]
32 Don't Despair When Nature Frowns: If You Fight Hard Enough, Bad Weather can be Licked
34 Planning Season's Maintenance Campaign
36 Club Managers Plan Uniform House Cost System at Live Annual Convention
39 Brown Best Stain for Tennis Courts
40 Move to Organize National Daily Fee Group as New Giant of Sport Business
42 Questions Asked of B. R. Leach, and His Answers
42 -Dusting-on Lead Arsenate
42 -How Much Filler?
44 -[Compost and Weeds]
44 -Arsenate will not Kill Turf
44 -Chickweed Eradication
46 -Wet vs. Dry Arsenating
46 Pro Policies that Pay All
50 "Home Work" Theme in New Golf Teaching Book
50 Night Golf Becoming Popular Feature
50 [Pro's Winter School]
52 Maintenance Analysis is Illuminating
53 Prize Money Put Up for District P.G.A. Events
54 P.G.A. Performance Warrants Praise to Pros for Work on Business Problems
56 Here are Some Resolutions or [for] the New Season
57 [Laying Out a Golf Hole]
57 [Practice Net by First Tee]
58 The Harrisons: Star Operators of Algonquin's "Service Station"
60 Westchester County Summarizes Year's Operations
62 New England Uses Practical Plan of Caddie Training as Standard for Whole District
72 Evanston's Fairway Watering Operating Data
75 Audubon Tells Details of Fairway Conditioning
77 "Scotty" McLaren Figures Mower Mileage
78 Soil's Part in Causing and Correcting Sick Turf
80 Club Magazine Results Ease Officers' Jobs
82 What's to be Done in Making "Dead Load" Member Pay His Share of House Account?
84 50 Machines that Save Labor
85 Dame Nature as a Greenkeeper
86 Westchester Greenkeepers Work Out Cost System Forms Allowing Flexible Operation
90 With the Manufacturers
94 Official Proposes Guaranteed House Account
95 New Book for Peterson
95 [One Man Only to Adjust Mower Blades]
96 Pittsburgh Field Club Develops Its Caddies
98 Table of Contents
99 Hire That Man Now
100 Advertisers' Index
1929 May
Volume #3, No. 5
1929 June
Volume #3, No. 6
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover
13 Survey of Merchandising Shows Pros in Big Advance as Masters of the Golf Market
15 [Golf Classes in the Rose Bowl]
16 Fertilization Program for Renewing Fairways Balances Many Factors
19 This Metropolitan Clubhouse Cost only $25,000
20 Prompt Billing is Basis of Satisfactory Club Financing
24 This Way to Eliminate Plague of Moles Actually Works in Use
28 [Louisville Repair Shop]
30 You can't Standardize Your Course Up-Keep Costs but You can Save by Analyzing
34 Greenkeepers' Short Course Success at Penn State
36 Poison Syrup for Ant Extermination
38 Pity the Poor Golf Orphan - Put in a Playground!
40 Foremost Factors in Club Policies
42 Typewriter Divots of Pro Profits
44 Salesman's Slants on Pushing Pro Sales Over Store Competition
46 Pros: Pitch in for the Common Cause
50 No Reason for Golf Being Sport Page Step-Child - Figures Show It Sport Giant
52 [Apartment House Co-Op Golf Course]
52 [Caddie "Officer of the Day"]
54 Making Financial Statements Easy to Read
54 Watch Women's Business in Big Climb
56 Knitted Wear Market Rich for Pros
58 St. Paul Boasts Prize Muny Course
59 How Not to Sell Clubs
60 Quick Feeding Calls for Revised Club Plans
60 [Turf Nursery Size]
61 "Athlete's Foot" is Serious Locker-Room Problem
63 Earl Lee Heads Chicago Club Managers
63 [Stones on the Fairway]
64 Here is Minimum in Greens Equipment for Nine-Hole Course Work
69 Vital Features of Layout of Watering System should be Studied at Start
72 How I Make and Use Our Compost
74 Golf Shows: Yes! or No!
78 [Green Undulations]
79 Greenkeeping Problems in Leach's Mail Bag
79 -Arsenate on Fescue
79 -This Combination O.K.
80 -Chickweed; Top-Dressing
81 -Aiding Faulty Greens
82 K.O. Punch for Grasshoppers in This Bait
82 What's the Policy on Delinquents?
83 Leonard Young Host to Pro Parties
84 Summarizes Weed Problem on Turf
86 What's New in Equipment and Supplies
90 Weeds and the Grass Diseases on Golf Courses
95 Makes Clubhouse Help in Putting New Club Over
98 Table of Contents
99 Tree Trunk Burns Rubbish
100 Advertisers' Index
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover
19 Vigilance and Skill in Care of Equipment can Make or Break Budget
19 [Airplane in Bunker]
20 New Jersey Finances State Turf Research
21 Whether or Not to Lime - Soil Acidity Tests and Their Practical Uses
21 [Southern California Greenkeepers]
23 J. B. Smith, Club Manager's Head, Dies in Hospital Blast
24 Approach Shots to the Pro's Cash Register
24 [Hogan at Murifield]
26 I was Green-Chairman and Got Along O.K., Because -
28 A Brief on Renovating Poor Turf
28 A.J. Wilder, Young Greenkeeper, Ends Life at Rochester, N.Y.
30 Golf Club Makers' Association Set Shaft Standards and Plan Team-Work with P.G.A.
37 Aulbach, Pro, is Lively Publicist
37 Sell Day-a-Week Rights at Day-Fee Course
38 [Pro Shop vs. Department Stores]
40 Small Town Golf Progress has More "Dough" for the Pro Recommended as Paying Policy
42 Bike Rangers Speed Up Course Traffic
46 Is Chain Store Idea of Uniform Sales Methods Urgent Need of Pros?
50 Larger and Lighter Ball Official Jan. 1, 1931
52 Paint-Brush is Magic Wand in Wallie's Hands
54 Department Head Harmony Vital to Mutual Advance
56 Euclid Hills Plans Program for New Member Welcome
57 Plan Golfers' Special to National Amateur
58 Out of Leach's Mail-Bag
58 -Animal and Bird Danger of Arsenating
59 -Acid Phosphate of Small Value in Correcting Soil Acidity
59 Bureau Bulletin Warns of Bent Seed Price Increase
61 Fertilizer Experiments at New Brunswick (N.J.) Summarized
64 Club Billing Methods and Policies are Presented: Carl Truax Leads Off with Conclusion of His Article Started in May Golfdom and Walter Adams Puts Up His Idea
66 What's the Policy on Delinquents?
70 Posting Makes Them Pay Up
72 Some Work that Solved Course Drainage Problems Permanently
76 Macomber Building Airports
76 Sport Trade Directory Out
78 Music Hath Charms to Soothe Savage Deficit
79 What the Makers have to Say
82 Table of Contents
83 Hickory Shaft Conference at Columbus, O., June 4
84 Advertisers' Index
1929 July
Volume #3, No. 7
1929 August
Volume #3, No. 8
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [Scene at Pebble Beach]
11 Making Fine Fairways by Soil Conditioning - A Brief on the Clay Problem
11 [Clubhouse at Tippecanoe]
13 [Canonsa Teaches Cadets]
13 This Treatment Kept Our Greens in Good Shape
13 Plan First P.G.A. Senior Meet for September
14 Pro and Manufacturer Profit from Pro Buying Unity as Intended by P.G.A. Plan
16 A Reasonable Program of Top-Dressing
16 Breakfast Tourney is Lure for Early Birds
16 Buy Service, Not Bargains
17 Locker-Room Layout Provides "Rooms, Not Alleys," at No Great Expense of Space
18 Green Section Arranges Two Sectional Sessions
18 R.E. Dickinson, Hickory Shaft Magnate Dies
20 Lewis Scott Pace-Maker as Pro Master Merchant - His Stock, Service and Display All Sell
28 [Bird's Eye View of Ozaukee C. C.]
28 Guide Posts of Successful Club Policy
30 Our Watering Policy at Concord C.C.
32 Typewriter Divots from Pro Pastures
36 Need More "Opens" to Develop Gallery Habit
42 Experience Teaches Pros to Believe in Signs that are Vital to Shop Selling
45 Park Golf Popular and Profitable for Cities
48 Cleveland's Night Golf in Vogue
51 Sport Market Survey Shows Golf Field is Greatest for Business Development
52 Study of Theory Suggests Composting Practice is Due for Much Revision
56 Greenkeeping Problems in Leach's Mail Bag
56 -[Double Duty Tobacco Fertilizers]
56 -[May Beetles]
57 -[Clover on Greens]
57 -Don't Dust Arsenate
58 Dandelions and Plantain Eradication Method
61 List Rules of Conduct for Club Employees
62 H. Smith on Young Staff
63 Green Section's Traveling Library of Greenkeepers' Books Outlines Wide Field of Study
65 A Plea for the Care of Young Trees
67 Begin Probe of Golf Club House Operation Methods and Policies
71 General Orders for Greenkeeping Staff
74 Table of Contents
75 [Classified Ads]
76 Advertisers' Index
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [Orcutt Driving at Aronimink]
13 Frequently Taken Doses of Plain Clear Thinking Lighten the Greenkeeper's Load
15 [Tractor Outfitted with Scoop and Ladder Kept Busy Year-Round at Medinah in Chicago District]
17 "When Autumn Comes, Plan Ahead, Don't Fall Behind!"
19 Showmanship and Other Tips for Boosting Pro Sales
20 N.E. Greenkeepers Issue Monthly
22 How Summer Cottage Colony Boosts House Business for Olympia Fields, Chicago
28 Fall Construction Work is Important
30 Government Aids Shaft Manufacturers Establish Hickory Shaft Code at Voluntarily Called Meeting
37 He Saw the Light and Prospered
37 [D. C. Bunker Honored with Course Named After Him]
37 "Bert" Humiston, Fertilizer Expert, Goes with V. C.
38 The Greenkeeper and His Budget
41 New Jersey's Lead in State Turf Research Financing Furnishes Food for Thought
42 What to Use for Money?
42 Long Island G.A. Forms Green Section
44 Complete Plans for Green Section Meetings
44 Foresight is Fall "Theme" Song
46 Divots from Leach's Mail-Bag
46 -When to Water?
46 -What About Ants?
46 -Crab Grass Control
48 -Why Not Hydrated Lime?
48 -When to Arsenate?
48 -Getting Started Right as a Greenkeeper
49 Look Ahead a Little
53 Authority Tells of Astoria Bent
54 Two Announce International as West Coast Agents
54 Dickey Gets Out New Drainage Book
54 Announce Golf Club House Planning Book
55 Foundation of Successful Club Management Lies in Fitting Policy
59 American and Old Country Course Design and Condition Comparisons Favor U.S. Results
61 Mid-West Outdoor Demonstration
67 Classified Ads
68 Table of Contents
68 Advertisers' Index
1929 September
Volume #3, No. 9
1929 October
Volume #3, No. 10
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [Pebble Beach from the Clubhouse]
13 Landscaping Principles that Dress Up Dame Nature in Her Country Club Finery
13 [Medinah Clubhouse]
16 New England Greens Show at Brae Burn Sept. 9
16 R. G. Icely, Wilson Factory Chief, Dies
17 Pros and Makers Study "Hall Plan" of Buying
18 Midwest Greenkeepers' Show Set for Sept. 9
19 No Uniform Classification of Club Memberships House Operation Survey Shows
21 Drainage Eliminates Uninvited Los Angeles Hazard
21 [Louisville Park Board Shop]
22 Green Section in Mid-Summer Meets
22 -Arlington Session Reveals Financial Needs of Section
23 -Record Attendance Marks the First Outdoor Meet in Chicago
25 J. B. Buckner, Sprinkler Maker, Dies
25 Northeastern New York Pros Promote Glen Falls Open
26 Last Acts on Season's Course Program Make or Break Greenkeeper
28 Weed Control by Use of Iron Sulphate
30 How Olympia Fields Runs Its Terrace Colony
32 Sitting Around the Tee and Talking It Over - Some Random Observations on the Pro Golf Business
38 Scared Stores Pray for Pro Shop Ruin
42 Pacific Southwest P.G.A. Advertises Its Aim
42 Get Busy Killing Chickweed, Says Adalink
44 "Comes the Dawn" to Amateur Expense Problem Say Endorsers of Massachusetts Ruling
46 Some Thoughts on Fairway Watering
50 Top-Dressing Preparation by the "Soiling Method"
66 Get Your Man - Get Your Work Through Golfdom's Classified Ads
68 Table of Contents
68 Advertisers' Index
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [Oak Knoll Country Club]
9 Spending Mental Effort to Save Manual Costs
11 [Westwood C. C. Rock Garden]
12 John McNamara, Greenkeeping Expert, Dies at Pittsburgh
12 Greenkeepers Set Feb. 4-7 as Louisville Show Date
13 Fertilizing Program for Florida's Special Needs
14 Checking Course Costs on Percentage Basis
15 Correct Green During Six Day Stop of Play
16 Keeping Greens in Winter Play
17 Key to Profitable Operation is Social Memberships Reveals Investigation of Jack Fulton, Jr.
17 [Portage C. C. Clubhouse]
18 Burke Announces Line for Pros Only
19 Clubs Rarely Regret Investment in Outdoor Swimming Pool: Here are Two Successful Examples
22 Scott has Bulletin on Turf Diseases
23 One Man's Energy and Effort Put Small Town Fee-Course on Profit Producing Basis
24 Greenkeepers Hold Local Exhibitions
25 "General Manager" is NOT Miracle Man for Average Conditions
26 Trapshooting in Vogue as Golf Club Event
27 Pros to be Honored as Partners in the Cause by U.S.G.A.?
27 -Pros Plan Atlanta Action
28 -Ironing Out a Credit Matter
28 [Give-Away Golf Ball Bags]
30 Flop of "Trojan Horse" Worries Its Rider
30 Pro's Pride in Course Pays Greenkeeper
32 Seattle Pros Pioneer with Group Newspaper Ads
37 Pros' Friends Plan Loan of Assets to South
38 New Cup Developed for Sand Greens
38 "Make It an Honor" Advises Warren Piper
40 Standard Contract for Manager Not Practical: Two Noted Managers Say Hire Good General Manager and be Safe
42 Pick Golf Jests from "Punch"
44 Greenkeeping Problems in Leach's Mail Bag
44 -Far West Waterless Fairways
46 -Weed Eradication in Fall
46 -Sand for Top-Dressing
48 -Checking Pearlwort
49 Science Must Supply Base for Turf Campaign
51 [Turf on Tees]
52 Roses are Scenic Gems of Course Landscaping
53 Great Lakes Moves into Larger Plant
54 Tree Life-Saving with Compressed Air
56 Building Tees that Improve Courses
59 Loam Baker Kills Weeds
60 [Winged Foot Equipment]
60 [Manufacturing News]
61 Simply Some of the Compost
62 Beers, Golf Editor, Dies in Plane Crash
62 Butchart-Nicholls Pro Events Popular
63 Start Now to Get Equipment Re-Conditioned
66 Classified Ads
68 Table of Contents
68 Advertisers' Index
1929 November
Volume #3, No. 11
1929 December
Volume #3, No. 12
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [Practice Green at Evanston]
9 Established Clubs Boldly Cut Membership Cost to Get Live Waiting Lists
10 Illinois Pro Vets Organize
11 The "Art" of Salesmanship Means Clarkson of Rancho
14 You Don't Need Manure in Making Top-Dressing - Green Crop Method Serves
16 P.G.A. Irons Out Tourney
17 Course Planting that Paints Autumn Picture
24 Sport Statistician Shows Again Golf Outdraws Baseball with Yearly Lead Increasing
29 Ohio and Illinois Spur P.G.A. Work
30 Pro Merchandising as Manufacturers See It
35 "Follow the Leader", but Why? Summary of Turf "Eras" Shows Need of Science Guide
39 Club Managers Plan New York Convention
41 Pro Notables Warn Against Store Plot for Pro Business
45 Plan Help for Pro Gift Sales
47 Illinois P.G.A. Adopts Pro Creed
49 [Toro Distributors]
49 [Manufacturing News]
51 Classified Ads
52 Table of Contents
52 Advertisers' Index
Page Sections/Selected Titles
1 Cover: [Gallery at LA Open, Rivera]
9 U.S.G.A. Marshals Forces to Urge 10% Tax Repeal as New Year Gift to Clubs
10 Pleads to Congressman for Club Tax Relief
11 Rush Course Construction with Modern Machine Methods Setting Efficiency Record on Job
14 Vote for Business Administrator at Atlanta Meet of P.G.A. as Another Forward Step of the Pros
16 Lose Money to Make Profit on Feature Dollar Dinner that Brings Business to North Shore
18 [Architecture should be Conservative]
19 Announce Lively Schedules for Greens Short Courses at Massachusetts and Pennsylvania
20 [Small Town Courses too Short?]
20 [Winter Kill]
22 Tell Successful Methods of Bermuda Grass Care - Watering Schedule is Important
24 Some Slants on Successful Methods of Prosperous Pros
29 Agua Caliente Sets Stage for $25,000 Event
30 How I Make Successful Use of Sulphate of Ammonia
30 Lincoln and Tweedie Promoted by Spalding's
32 Blames Spider as Cause of Brown Patch Studied by Doctor - Handled like Sick Man
35 Municipal Golf Pays in Grand Rapids
35 ["Natural" School of Architecture]
36 Pro Merchandising Students Say Pro Shop "Atmosphere" is Greatest, Distinctive Sales Aid
39 Chip Shots Around the Pro Circuit
40 Leach's Mail Bag Answers Queries of Greenkeepers
40 -Applying Lime with Milorganite
40 -Pearlwort Control
40 -Aluminum Sulfate Toxic to Turf
42 -Cricket Moles
42 -Puff Balls in Greens
44 Two States Golf League is Live Factor in Trade Promotion
45 Wild-Cat Oil Offer to Pros Not Sponsored by Manufacturers
46 Southern P.G.A. Sections Join Forces
47 Meal Service and Standardized Accounting Feature Managers' Sessions
49 Portland Prizes Its Golf Prestige
51 Classified Ads
52 Table of Contents
52 Advertisers' Index