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2003 January
Volume #59, No. 1                  
2003 February
Volume #59, No. 2
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0 Cover
2 Table of Contents
6 Flagstick: Mentors Play Vital Role in Industry
8 The Big Picture: The Numbers that Shape Your Business
11 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
11 -Business Briefs
11 -Analysis: American Golf at the Turn: What Will Become of Embattled Management Company Now that It has New Owners?
14 -Standardizing Sprig Measurement Not Easy: Difficulty is Coming Up with a Practical Way of doing It
16 -The World Meets at Kananaskis GC: Canadian Course was Site for G-8 Summit
18 Pin High: The GCSAA by the Numbers
22 Hole of the Month: No. 8, De Vere Carden Park Resort, Chester, England: Top Superintendent for a Top English Resort
25 Shades of Green: Driving 60 on the Turfgrass Turnpike
26 GCSAA Preview
26 -Mona in the Middle: GCSAA CEO Steve Mona Faces an Array of New Challenges, from Dealing with Declined Revenues to Possibly Moving the Association to a New City
30 -A Town Hall with Steve Mona: GCSAA CEO Addresses Superintendents' Concerns
50 -Into the Deep South with the GCSAA: As Long as You don't Mention the Civil War or Drink Pepsi Products, You should be Able to have a Good Time at This Year's Show
58 -New at the Show: Here are Some Products You'll Want to See as You're Walking the Aisles of the Atlanta Convention Center
64 Real-Life Solutions
64 -Overseeding: 'Princess' Royal: New Seeded Hybrid Bermudagrass Features Fine Leaf Texture, Color and Density - Just What Superintendent Needed to Grow Grass in the Desert
76 -Sprucing Up Tees on a Bargain Budget: You'll be Surprised What You can do Without Breaking the Bank
68 Back to the Basics: Stick to the Central Tenets of Good Agronomy So Your Spring Fertility Program can Kick-Start Your Season
69 Local Heroes
75 Designs on Golf: Bummer! Golf Now Viewed as Uncool
80 Tips: Pump Station Maintenance: Experts Suggest You Keep It Clean and Test Its Performance to Ensure Uninterrupted Performance During the Irrigation Season
82 Ad Index
84 Classifieds
85 Golfdom's Joke of the Month
86 Out of Bounds: Skiing: Most People Think Downhill is Exhilarating, but Real Men and Women Favor Cross-Country Style
Turfgrass Trends
33 Treat Collars Like Greens for Best Performance
38 Black Turfgrass Aetanius's Appearance Often Surprises Superintendents
42 Small Amounts of Molybdenum Streamlines Nitrogen Uptake
46 Herbicide-Treated Mulches Address Some Environmental Concerns
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0 Cover
2 Table of Contents
8 Flagstick: Integrity Defines Professionalism
12 The Big Picture: The Numbers that Shape Your Business
15 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
15 -Business Briefs
15 -Triplex Mowers on the Cutting Edge: Deere, Toro to Introduce New Greens Mowers
21 -While Trees are Dormant...: ...You Might Want to Consider Pruning Them
24 Pin High: 'I'm Going to Keep Pluggin' Away'
28 Hole(s) of the Month: Nos. 17 and 18, Oconee Course, Reynolds Plantation, Greensboro, Ga.: 'Dramatic,' Indeed
31 Shades of Green: It's Time to Attend to Your Health
34 The Changing Dynamics of the Chemical Market and How It Affects You: Marketing Molecules
34 -The Cost Factor: Most Superintendents Say They would Try Less-Expensive Generic Versions of Useful Chemical Products. But that doesn't Mean They'll Switch
36 -Generics Generate Competition: More Post-Patent Products Mean More Market Players. Do Branded Manufacturers Feel Threatened?
38 -Stick to the Brands
38 -A Valuable Option
67 Keepers of the Green: Keeping Tradition Alive: Golfdom and Floratine Products Team Up to Honor Professionals with a Special Commitment to Mentoring
68 -He Teaches People to Treat Others with Respect: Fred Biggers: Certified Superintendent of Wintergreen (Va.) Resort
70 -Focused on Educating the Next Generation: Brian Darrock: Superintendent of Fairbanks Ranch CC in Rancho Santa Fe, Calif.
72 -His Acute Attention to Detail Makes a Lasting Impression: Kurt Thuemmel: Certified Superintendent of Walnut Hills CC in East Lansing, Mich.
74 -He's Always Extending a Helping Hand: Mike Wooten: Certified Superintendent of Cedar Ridge CC in Broken Arrow, Okla.
78 Real-Life Solutions: Winged Foot gets a Leg Up...With Major Irrigation Upgrade
84 Designs on Golf: Dear Dr. Geoff: We Need Your Advice
86 Call in the Specialists: Researchers See Most Companies Refining Herbicide Formulations to Meet a Changing Market that Relies on Targeted Applications Rather Than Broad-Spectrum Efficacy
88 It's Academic: A New Definition: 'Organic' Golf Turf Management doesn't have to Exclude Synthetic Materials
89 Tips: Core Aerification: Superintendents from Around the Country Explain How to do It Quickly, Cleanly and Without Much Complaining from Golfers
91 Ad Index
92 Classifieds
92 Golfdom's Joke of the Month
94 Out of Bounds: Chili con Carne: Though Its Origins are Shrouded in Mystery, Chili Remains a Potent Force in American Life
Turfgrass Trends
49 Seeded Bermudas Gain Ground
54 Frozen Soil Worsens Pesticide Runoff Problems
58 Genetic Markers Identify Dollar-Spot Resistance
2003 March
Volume #59, No. 3
2003 April
Volume #59, No. 4
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0 Cover
2 Table of Contents
4 Events
6 We've Got Mail
6 -Mona is a Great Politician
8 -'Sharp' Jab
10 Flagstick: A Witch's Brew of Misinformation
12 The Big Picture: The Numbers that Shape Your Business
14 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
14 -Business Briefs
14 -Clipped: Turf Research Hurt by Budget Cuts
19 -A Week in the Life: March Madness Means It's Time to Prepare for Another Season - If Mother Nature Allows You
24 -Un-Bear-Able: Canadian Superintendent Battles Bruins
24 -The Major Challenge is Back
25 -Waiting is the Hardest Part: Moran Named Superintendent of Yale GC - Finally
26 -A License to Drive ... And Pitch and Putt: It's High Time that Golfers Learn the Rules
29 Pin High: The Secrets to Staying Power
32 Hole of the Month: No. 18, Marbella Club Golf Resort, Marbella, Spain: Who Wants to Golf When There's a View Like This?
35 Shades of Green: Be Part of the Vocal Majority
36 Down & Dirty: These Head Superintendents Dig Ditches, Mow Greens, Spray Pesticides, Whack Weeds, Grind Reels - And Love It
68 Extra-Value Meals: Combination Fertilizer Products Provide Superintendents the Opportunity to do Two Jobs for the Price of One. But Companies aren't Marketing Them Aggressively
74 Get Your Fill: Golf Courses that Need Soil for Building Tees, Adding Contours or Capping Fairways should Look for Free Dirt for Their Projects
78 Real-Life Solutions
78 -Strengthening Command and Control: A 22-Year Old Irrigation System at Riviera CC Made It Difficult to Water the Golf Course Efficiently. An Upgrade Control System Put the Superintendent Back in Charge
92 -Mining for Golf: Builders Faced a "Hole" Lot of Challenges While Constructing Stewart Creek, a New Course Located on Top of Old Mine Shafts in the Canadian Rundle Range
82 Designs on Golf: Hip to be Square, with Tees that is
86 Impeding Poa: Velvet and Other Bentgrass Varieties can Stop the Irksome Annual Bluegrass from Invading Greens
90 Mechanically Inclined: Extending Tool Life: With a Little TLC, Tools Will Last Longer
95 Local Heroes
101 Dave's World: A Club You don't Want to Join
104 The Islanders: The Hassles are Large for the Small Group of Superintendents Who Tend Turf on Tiny Territories Surrounded by Water. But They wouldn't Want to be Anywhere Else
107 Leaders
108 The Company Line
110 Ad Index
111 Classifieds
111 Golfdom's Joke of the Month
112 Out of Bounds: Classic Films: These Quality Films Will Offer You Relief from the Painful Banality of Today's Hollywood Products
Turfgrass Trends
47 EPA Restrictions on Chlorothalonil Make Sense
52 Denitrification Impedes Fertilizer Effectiveness
58 Ubiquitous Chlorine Performs Vital Tasks in Turf
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover
2 Table of Contents
4 Events
6 We've Got Mail
8 Flagstick: Jots & Scribbles from Atlanta
10 The Big Picture: The Numbers that Shape Your Business
14 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
14 -Business Briefs
14 -Baseball Manager or Superintendent?: Lack of Job Security in the Profession is a Big Problem
19 -A Complete (and Pleasant) Surprise: Garvin is CAGCS's Superintendent of the Year and the First Woman to Receive the Honor
20 -D'Avino Named Group Publisher
21 -'I Missed Growing Grass': Antaya Leaves USGA Green
Section; Wants to go Back to being a Superintendent
22 Pin High: There's No Place Like Lawrence
24 Hole of the Month: No. 18, Bigwin Island GC, Lake of Bays, Ontario: Don't Try to be a Hero
27 Shades of Green: Doing Turf Grads a Major Disservice
28 If It's Tournament Time, It's Cleanup Time: It Takes a Lot of Blood, Sweat, Tears and Planning to Prep Your Course for the Member-Guest, the Club Championship and Other Events
60 The Ugly Truth About Phytotoxicity: It's Not a Big Problem, but It can Turn Your Beautiful Golf Course into a Wasteland of Brown Turf if It Happens. Experts Offer Common-Sense Tips to Avoid the Problem
64 Real-Life Solutions
64 -Righting a Wrong: It was a Bad Idea to Grass the New Fairways at Apache Stronghold in Arizona with a Cool-Season Mixture of Turfgrass. So It's Back to Bermuda to get the Award-Winning Course Back on Track
88 -Doing Double (and Sometimes Triple) Duty: Many Superintendents Blanch at the Expense of Buying a Fairway Topdresser. But Innovative Superintendents are Finding New Ways to Use These Machines that Defray the Costs
69 Dry Measures: Superintendents Must Manage the Agronomics and Politics that Come with Drought Restrictions
72 Designs on Golf: What Jones Said, What I Think
74 On the Horizon: Basic Manufacturers Plan to Bring New Fungicides to Market Soon and to Continue Their R&D Efforts
81 Show Business: We Came, We Saw and We Conquered. Now We're Filing Our Report on What Went Down During the Big Show in Atlanta
94 It's Academic: Nobody could have Predicted How Vital PGRs have Become
95 The Company Line
102 Ad Index
103 Golfdom Mart
104 Classifieds
104 Golfdom's Joke of the Month
106 Out of Bounds: Scorecards: Keeping Your Own Score at a Baseball Game Takes You Back to a Simpler Time
Turfgrass Trends
39 Turf Varieties: Breeders Refine Fine Fescue's Disease Resistance
48 Water Use: New Construction Method may Reduce Pollutant Runoff
52 Fungus Family Provides Fodder for Several Diseases
2003 May
Volume #59, No. 5
2003 June
Volume #59, No. 6
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover
2 Table of Contents
8 We've Got Mail
10 Flagstick: Get Used to It: They're Staying
12 The Big Picture: The Numbers that Shape Your Business
14 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
14 -Business Briefs
14 -Guarding Over Grubs: Weather Patterns Last Year Will Affect Grub Populations This Year
21 -Cast of Characters: Your Summer is Probably a Lot Like Mine
22 -Computer Modeling Helps Make Case for Tree Removal: It's Not Cheap, but It could be Worth It
26 Pin High: A Vital Speech Worth Revisiting
28 Hole of the Month: No. 14, Grande Dunes Resort, Myrtle Beach, S.C.: Ain't It Grand(e)?
31 Shades of Green: You Work in a Great Profession
32 Whose Side are You on?: The Dividing Lines are More Clearly Drawn Than Ever in the Management Company Debate
42 Local Heroes
60 Back to Life in the Bronx: A Full-Time Superintendent and the First Tee are Just What the Doctor Ordered for Mosholu GC
72 Special Report: Grow-In Pains: Growing in a Golf Course can be a Complicated, Time-Consuming and Painstaking Process. It's Also a Time for a Superintendent to Rise to the Occasion
83 Designs on Golf: Why the Sport is Out of Whack
84 Real-Life Solutions
84 -Underscoring Overseeding: Experts Shed Light on Various Options, Strategies for Turf Throughout the Golf Course
98 -Bunker Reconstruction: A Big Drain: Southern Superintendents Sold on Billy Bunkers
90 The Trouble with Teens: Before Adding a Teenage Worker to Your Crew, be Sure You Fully Understand the Many Problems that can Accompany Him to Work
95 Hangin' Out with Mike Hughes: The National Golf Course Owners Association Leader Sat Down with Golfdom to Discuss Why the Number of Golfers Remains Flat, What the Uneven Economy Means for Golf, and How the NGCOA and the GCSAA Came Together to Merge Their Shows
102 Dave's World: Seeing Job Listings as They Really are
104 Performance, Not Perfection: Fertigation doesn't Require a Flawless Irrigation System, but Retrofitting an Old System Takes Careful Evaluation
113 The Company Line
117 Leaders
118 Ad Index
119 Classifieds
119 Golfdom's Joke of the Month
120 Out of Bounds: Memorial Day: Let's Pause from Our Backyard Barbeques to Remember What the Holiday is All About
Turfgrass Trends
43 Aggressive Dollar Spot Raises Important Questions
45 Sulfonylureas Control Weeds on Bermudagrass
51 Subsurface Irrigation Offers an Efficient Alternative
56 Biostimulants Encourage Strong Root Growth
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover
2 Table of Contents
8 Events
10 We've Got Mail
14 Flagstick: Davids Help with Goliath Problem
16 The Big Picture: The Numbers that Shape Your Business
21 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
21 -Business Briefs
21 -Power Play: An Energy Management System could Lower Charging Costs for Your Golf Car Fleet
24 -How Long have You been in the Industry?: It has been a Long Time if You Remember When the Palm Springs Desert was Deserted
26 -Work as Art: Teach Employees to Find Their Creative Sides
32 Pin High: Give Doak Credit for Giving Back
34 Hole of the Month: No. 12, Olympia Fields CC, Olympia Fields, Ill.: The Weather and the U.S. Open
37 Shades of Green: Going Beyond Your Job Description
38 Is Your Course Accessible?: Golf Courses Face New Demands to Comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act. The Good News is that Courses should be Able to Manage the Changes Without too Much Difficulty
69 Inside the Fringe: Special Section: The Putting Surface
70 -Make Mine a (Walk-Behind) Mower: The Big Three Manufacturers Discuss the Time and Effort (but Not the Dollars) They Spend to Bring New Walk Behind Machines to Market
74 -Real-Life Solutions
74 --Bring on the Baking Soda: Two Ohio Superintendents Discovered an Innovative Solution to Moss Problems on Their Greens After Other Solutions Produce Mixed Results
88 --Subtle Approach Ensures Subtle Changes: Architect Tripp Davis 'Massages' Greens to Regain Lost Cupping Areas
78 -Just Greens: Superintendent Says He's Up to the Peculiar Turf Task Presented to Him at Las Vegas Putting Complex
84 -Gone, but Not Forgotten: Canton Public GC Will Live on - Literally - Through Its Donated Greens
90 -Goods for the Green: These Products can Help You Maintain Better Putting Surfaces
92 Designs on Golf: What's the Future Hold? The U$GA
94 Without Wires: Can Wireless Irrigation Systems and All Their Digital Doodads Transform the Industry?
100 Down and Dirty: Protecting Nature is Family Affair
104 On the Mark: Mark Mungeam, the Man Behind the Renovation at Olympia Fields, Talks About What It Took to Ready the Course for the U.S. Open
109 Ad Index
110 Mechanically Inclined: Taking Care of Topdressers: Good Maintenance Starts with Cleanliness
112 It's Academic: Genetic Resistance Aids Fight Against Dollar Spot
113 Classifieds
113 Golfdom's Joke of the Month
114 Out of Bounds: Boats, etc.: You can Reach a Zen-Like Peace as You Take to a Glass-Smooth Body of Water Near You
Turfgrass Trends
49 Soil-Moisture Sensors can Help Regulate Irrigation
56 Aerification doesn't Need to Disrupt the Game
60 Salt Tolerance should be Considered When Choosing Kentucky Bluegrass Varieties
2003 July
Volume #59, No. 7
2003 August
Volume #59, No. 8
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover
2 Table of Contents
8 Flagstick: Cutting the Blue Blazers Some Slack
12 The Big Picture: The Numbers that Shape Your Business
14 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
14 -Business Briefs
14 -Generics or Bust: Briggs: If You don't Market Post-Patent Chemistries, I don't Know How You'll Stay in Business
15 -She's Gone: But Rumor had It that Whitman was on Her Way Out of EPA
16 -Trees vs. Turf: Fertilization Helps Balance Plant Rivalry
22 Pin High: Augusta and the Sounds of Silence
24 Shades of Green: Unsung Heroes Deserve Respect
26 Hole of the Month; No. 16, Royal St. George, Sandwich, England: One of the Greats - Maybe the Greatest
29 Designs on Golf: Approach should Remain Relevant
30 The FQPA: What You Need to Know and Why You should Care
37 Local Heroes
58 The Keepers of Hallowed Turf: The Acclaim that Comes with Growing Grass at the Classical Courses is All It's Cracked Up to be. And So is the Pressure
70 Summer Maintenance
70 -Watching for West Nile: Superintendents are Wary of Disease Threat, Which is Now Nationwide
75 -Hold Water: Superintendents Conserve More Water Through Wise Irrigation
79 -Water Wisely: These Products can Help You Irrigate Efficiently - And Then Some
80 -Real-Life Solutions: Syringing with Style: It Requires Use of the Senses, Especially Sight and Feel, as Well as Keen Concentration
83 Cool It: Turf's Soil Oxygen Must be Increased to Improve Its Heat Tolerance
84 Talking Shop: Mechanics Sound Off on What to Look for in a Lift, What Tools are Absolutely Essential to Their Jobs and What They would Create if They were "Manufacturers for a Day"
87 Dave's World: Welcome to 'Les Turf Miserables'
88 Ad Index
89 Classifieds
89 Golfdom's Joke of the Month
90 Out of Bounds: Baseball Gloves: A New Book Chronicles the Development of the Glove from Its First Use in 1870 Until Today
Turfgrass Trends
41 Identifying Billbugs Means Better Control Opportunities
46 New Tools Promise Help in Dollar-Spot Battle
52 New Technology: Dissolved Oxygen may Impact Turf Respiration
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover
2 Table of Contents
8 Flagstick: It's a Whole New Ball Game in Golf
10 The Big Picture: The Numbers that Shape Your Business
12 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
12 -Business Briefs
12 -Extreme Drought Leads to Extreme Measures: Vegas Course Rips Out Irrigated Turf to Comply with Water Restrictions
14 -Protection Plants: Turf-Seed Takes Action to Combat Cross-Pollination Fears from Scott's Roundup Ready Bentgrass
16 -A Monumental Achievement: Between the Washington Monument and the Capitol Building, the Smithsonian Paid Tribute to the Birthplace of Golf
20 Pin High: At Opposite Ends of the Spectrum
22 Hole of the Month: No. 12, The Golf Club at Redlands Mesa, Grand Junction, Colo.: No Easy Pickings
25 Shades of Green: Thanks for Helping, Greg Norman
26 Although Often Overshadowed by His Father's Success, Paul B. Latshaw has Made a Name for Himself as an Accomplished Superintendent: His Own Man
56 Time to Kill that Turf: No, Seriously. Experts Weigh in on How Superintendents should Choose the Right Chemical Tool to Ensure Their Regrassing Projects Go Smoothly
64 Real-Life Solutions
64 -Put on the Map: Idaho Superintendent Discovers How Beneficial It was to Chart His Course by GPS. Oh Yeah, It wasn't as Complex and Expensive as He Thought It would be Either
72 -Making the Most of the Money: New Turfgrass Cultivars Forced Ridgeway CC to Replace Its 30-Year Old Irrigation System, Using a Creative Financing Method to Fund the Job
69 Designs on Golf: New (Fangled) Revenue Streams
74 It's Academic: All About Glyphosate - And getting the Most Out of It
76 Tips: Fountain Maintenance: While They are Self-Sufficient, They Require Proper Attention to Run Effectively and Not Break Down
78 Down and Dirty: Volunteers Stand at the Ready
80 Golfdom's Joke of the Month
82 Ad Index
83 Classifieds
84 Out of Bounds: Hiking: Lace 'Em Up, Pack a Pack and get Walking to Rediscover Nature's Beauty
Turfgrass Trends
37 How to Control Mound-Building Ants
40 Is Reducing Soil pH Possible?
49 Benefits of Turfgrass Technology are on the Horizon
2003 September
Volume #59, No. 9
2003 October
Volume #59, No. 10
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover
2 Table of Contents
8 Flagstick: Barron's Article: Sad but True
10 The Big Picture: The Numbers that Shape Your Business
12 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
12 -News Briefs
12 --Rees Jones Receives GCSAA's "Old Tom Morris" Award
12 --Old Collier Honored by Florida Council
12 -Emerald Approved: Fungicide Controls Dollar Spot at Low Rates
13 -My Hat Collection: The Right Headgear for the Right Situation
14 -Rise to the Occasion: Group has Grown and Evolved to Meet the Needs of the Professional Products Industry
14 -He Missed the Dirty Work
16 -Ain't No Golf Course High Enough? Oh, Yes There is
20 Pin High: No 'No Comment' from Ocean Course
22 Shades of Green: Program Pushes Great Message
24 Hole of the Month: No. 17, Tournament Players Club at Deere Run, Silvis, Ill.: Like a Postcard
27 Designs on Golf: A (Parody) Letter from the GM
28 Golfdom Budget Guide
28 -By the Numbers: With the Help of Financially Savvy Superintendents, Golfdom Offers Tips to Help Keep Your Maintenance Budgets in Line
40 -Make the Connection: Long-Term Strategic Plans are Vital to Superintendents' Jobs, and They can Streamline the Budget Process
67 Local Heroes
68 Real-Life Solutions
68 -Pond Management: The Proof is in the Pond: Golfers Often See a Healthy Pond as a Reflection of Your Operation. Here's How to Manage Ponds Using Different Solutions
85 -Controlling Poa annua During Overseeding: Puttin' on a Show...: ...With a Little Help from Pre-Emergent Herbicide and Other Cultural Practices
72 Seed Availability at a Glance
80 Dave's World: Paying Heed to Fall Fertilization
82 Tips: Seeder Selection: It [It's] Not an Essential Piece of Equipment, but It would Make a Difference When Your Greens are Thinning or Your Roughs Need to be Reborn
87 2004 Budget Guide: Hot Products
103 The Company Line
106 Ad Index
107 Golfdom Mart
108 Classifieds
108 Golfdom's Joke of the Month
110 Out of Bounds: Best of the Web: With the Web Becoming More Like an Electronic Strip Mall, is There Anything Left to Look at? Yes
Turfgrass Trends
51 Spring Dead Spot Research Targets Better Control in Bermuda
54 Exploring the Role of Nitrogen in Integrated Pest Management Strategies
62 Turfgrass Identification: What's the Lowdown on Turfgrass Leaves?
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0 Cover
2 Table of Contents
6 We've Got Mail
8 Flagstick: Professional Editorializing
10 The Big Picture: The Numbers that Shape Your Business
12 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
12 -Business Briefs
12 -PCNB Spells Controversy: But Questions of Fungicide's Demise have been Fueled by a Not-So-True Rumor Mill
14 -Superintendent wouldn't Want It Any Other Way: Tournament Returning to Hartford After All
16 -Big Moves at Top Courses: Latshaw Leaving Oak Hill for Muirfield; McBride Joining Nicklaus Design
16 -Are Women Welcomed at Your Course?
21 -Field of Research: Bayer's has Plenty of Room for R&D - And Then Some
22 Pin High: Finding More Sand for the Hourglass
24 Shades of Green: Whose Problem is It, Anyway?
26 Hole of the Month: No. 17, Old North State Club, New London, N.C.: The Natural Look
29 Designs on Golf: Prepare to Go the Distance
30 Rally the Crew: Three Veteran Superintendents Offer Tips on How to Motivate Employees to be Better and More Satisfied Workers
60 The Case for the Classic Course Ball: The Golf Industry can Take a Step Forward by Taking a Step Backward and Adopting a Restrictive Ball
67 Is Time on Your Side?: Experts Share Their Tips on How to Make the Most of Your Workday So It doesn't Interfere with Your Life
74 Real-Life Solutions: Hold Steady: Bonded Fiber Matrix Product Provides Cost-Effective Way to Achieve Quick Germination and Control Erosion at Patriot Hills GC
76 It's Academic: Research Highlights Future Nematode Treatments
79 The Idea Factory: Ever Wonder Where Course Accessory Companies get Their Ideas? They Often get the Most Profitable Ideas from You
82 Down and Dirty: Perseverance Spurs a Revival
86 Twosomes in Turf: Married Couples Make Careers Out of Golf Course Maintenance
93 Corporate Capabilities: Industry Suppliers at a Glance
119 The Company Line
120 Ad Index
121 Classifieds
121 Golfdom's Joke of the Month
122 Out of Bounds: Odd Facts: This Book Won't Help You Lose Weight or Grow Hair - But It Will Help You Explore the Oddities of Life
Turfgrass Trends
43 Nitrogen Assimilation: Leaf Analysis Offers Window into Proper Fertilization Schedule
48 Research Initiatives: Simulating Real-Life Conditions Provides Valuable Learning Tool
51 Computer Models Examine Core and Topdressing Programs
2003 November
Volume #59, No. 11
2003 December
Volume #59, No. 12
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover
2 Table of Contents
8 Flagstick: The Power of the Purple Cow
10 Pin High: May Good Karma Come to Them
12 The Big Picture: The Numbers that Shape Your Business
16 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
16 -Business Briefs
16 -Out of Africa: Superintendent Faces Beastly Challenges in Botswana
21 -Gift of Mobility: Golf Pays Tribute to Old Tom Morris - And Those Who may Never Know the Joys of Golf
22 -Ramsay Says Yea to Yale: But His Move Comes as a Surprise
24 Hole of the Month: No. 11, Grayhawk Golf Club, Scottsdale, Ariz.: Always a Challenge
27 Shades of Green: He's a Hero for All Seasons
28 Carry the Weight: Volunteers Help Bring a Successful PGA Championship to Fruition at Oak Hill CC
36 Designs on Golf: Golf could Use a Good Think Tank
54 On the Environment
54 -The Naturals: How Two New Jersey Superintendents Convinced Members that Their Environmental Plans for Golf Course Maintenance Made Sense
62 -Go Native: It can Satisfy Environmentalists - And be Good for the Bottom Line, too
70 -Real-Life Solutions: How Effluent is Changing the Industry: From Maintenance Practices to getting Guarantees from Local Governments, the Increased Use of Reclaimed Water for Irrigation is Altering the Way You do Business
78 -Slowly but Surely: The Change Toward More Eco-Friendly Oils is Coming - And Mower Companies are Preparing for It
77 Local Heroes
82 Ad Index
83 Classifieds
84 Out of Bounds: PDAs: It's Time to Move All Your Important Information from Paper to the Latest in PDA Technology
Turfgrass Trends
37 To Treat or Not to Treat for Bugs?
44 Fertilizer Composition: Survey Says: Iron is a Must for Southwest Superintendents
47 Soil Composition: How Alternative Materials can Affect Soil pH and Turfgrass Performance
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover
2 Table of Contents
8 Flagstick: Time to Shine Up the Crystal Ball
9 We've Got Mail
10 Pin High: Wild and Wacky News from 2003
12 The Big Picture: The Numbers that Shape Your Business
14 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
14 -Business Briefs
14 -Superintendents Brave Wildfires: Some Southern California Courses Serve as Firebreaks
16 -The Fine Art of Attention to Detail: It All Comes Down to Bringing Golfers Back
19 -With Winter in the Air, Thoughts Turn to Prepping Turf Equipment, Especially Engines, for Winter Storage
20 -Superintendent Charged with Larceny: Other Superintendents Worry the Arrest Will Taint Entire Profession
20 -Protect Your Pooch: If the Weather is too Cold for You, It's Probably too Cold for Your Dog
22 Hole of the Month: Hole No. 5, Tournament Club of Iowa, Polk City, Iowa: Picture Perfect
25 Shades of Green: That's the News from Lake Omigosh
26 Golf Course of Reform: Working on the Maintenance Staff at the Golf Course at Glen Mills Helps Troubled Youths get Their Lives Back on Track
34 Designs on Golf: Time for a 2003 Family Update
0A The Golfdom Report: Summing Up the State of the Industry
0A -BASF Professional Turf & Ornamental: A Committed Partner in Competitive Times: For Superintendents, Player Expectations and Financial Pressures have Never been Greater Than They are Today
2A -Another Trying Year: But There are Signs that Point to...Dare We Say...An Upturn
4A -Still Struggling: The Recovery Some Expected This Year may have to Wait Until 2004
14A -Are There Enough Jobs for the Fledgling Turf Professionals Who Enter the Industry Every Year? And How Long Will It Take Them to Climb the Career Ladder?: On the Job Front
21A -Economically Speaking
35 Real-Life Solutions: Irrigation Innovation: Head and Nozzle Advances Aid Superintendents
38 It's Academic: Southerners Battle Myriad Pests: Here's an Overview of What They Face - And How They Treat Them
58 LaFoy, Hurdzan and Others Discuss the State of the Industry, the Impact of Technology and Other Subjects: Architects Weigh in
72 Hanging on: Here's How to get One More Year Out of that Old Mower in These Budget-Conscious Times
75 The Company Line
76 Ad Index
77 Classifieds
77 Golfdom's Joke of the Month
78 Out of Bounds: Reality TVs: Plasma and High Definition Models Will Change the Way You Look at the World of Television
Turfgrass Trends
39 Developing Effective Fungicide Programs for Spring Bermudagrass Dead Spot Control
48 Tank Mixing Iron with Herbicides may Reduce Crabgrass Control
52 How do Turfgrasses Use Nickel?: After All, It's the Second Least-Abundant Micronutrient