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2002 January
Volume #58, No. 1                  
2002 February
Volume #58, No. 2
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover
2 Table of Contents
4 Going Postal
6 Events
8 Flagstick: New Year Brings Cool, New Things
10 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
10 -Business Briefs
10 -More Than a Mess: Geese Droppings are More Dangerous Than Thought
12 -Who's No. 1?: Toro, Textron React to Deere's Claim
12 -Witt: I don't Think I Left Anything on the Table
14 -Hit It in the Drink ... And Feed the Fish
14 -Scanning the Web
16 -He Needs a Golf Script: 'Hoosiers' Star Shelves PGA Career to Return to Acting
16 -What's on Your TV?
18 Pin High: Wallace Picks Up Where Witt Left Off
22 Shades of Green: How Secure is Your Course?
24 Hole of the Month: No. 17, Tournament Players Club at Sawgrass Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla.: Short and Not so Sweet
27 Designs on Golf: An Opportune Time to Visit the Past
28 The Politics of Water: Should Superintendents Irrigate for the Lush, Green Look to Keep Golfers Happy? Or should They Decrease Irrigation for the Environment's Sake and Risk Losing Their Jobs?
34 Dealing with Water Woes: From Installing a New Irrigation System to Using Surfactants, Superintendents can Cut Down on Water Use
39 On the Wastewater Front: Communication Key to Successful Effluent Irrigation Program
45 Dave's World: The Oz Method of Turfgrass Care
46 All that Glitters is Not Gold: If the Golf Industry doesn't Learn that Expensive doesn't Mean Great, Then the Game's Future is at Risk
54 To What Degree?: What does Time Spent Behind a School Desk have to do with being a Capable Superintendent?
58 Real-Life Solutions
58 -Featuring Flexibility: New York Municipal Complex Replaced Outdated Pump Stations with More Flexible Ones to Increase Irrigation Coverage
74 -Bring on the Night: Here's How to Supply the 'Daylight' to Rebuild Bunkers and Perform Other Construction Projects Under the Moon
61 GCSAA Preview
61 -No Offense, Mickey: Here's How to get Off Orlando's Beaten Path for a Little R&R During the Greatest Show on Earth...Err...Turf
64 -What's New?: Here are Some of the New Items You'll Find on the GCSAA Trade-Show Floor
68 Moving Ahead: Change is the Only Constant in the Lives of Golfdom's Millennium Kids
79 Tips: Mapping a Fungicide Plan: Knowledge, Gathering Information Vital to the Process
82 Leaders
83 Golfdom's Joke of the Month
83 Ad Index
84 Golfdom Mart
85 Classifieds
86 Out of Bounds: Show Safety: Wear the Right Shoes and Watch How Much You Drink, Among Other Things
Turfgrass Trends
T1 Weed Control: Nutsedge by Any Other Name is Still a Sedge
T6 A Primer on Microbial Products, Bacteria and Their Relationship with Nitrogen
T14 Pesticides: Use Corn Gluten Meal as a Natural Pre-Emergent Weed Control
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover
2 Table of Contents
4 Events
8 Going Postal
10 Flagstick: How do I Love Thee, Industry?
12 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
12 -Business Briefs
12 -Linked to the Links: Program Aims to Grow Game
16 -Looking for Golf Course Labor in All the Right Places
16 -We Asked Superintendents: Do You Feel as Secure in Your Position Today as You did a Year Ago? Why or Why Not?
21 -The 'Step of Fame': CC of Mobile Honors Its Veteran Golfers
21 -Did You Know...
21 -Take the Major Challenge with Deere and Golfdom
24 -The Golf Business Ain't in Great Shape: Been There, Seen that
26 Pin High: 'Stupid-Intendent' Reflects on Past
28 Hole of the Month: No. 17, Tobacco Road GC, Sanford, N.C.: Challenges Abound
30 Shades of Green: Golfers are Like Sausage Eaters
34 The Apple doesn't Fall Far from the Tree: From the Greene Family in North Carolina to the Pock Family in Arizona, Many Industry Clans have Sprouted Several Generations of Superintendents. Some Believe Golf Course Maintenance is in the Genes
49 The Book on Chapters: Meeting Attendance and Volunteerism Continue to Pose Problems, but Association Leaders are Discovering Ways to Combat Them
54 Real-Life Solutions
54 -Dealing with High Sodium, PH: Amino Acids Absolute: Products Help Superintendent Solve Effluent Irrigation Woes
70 -In and Out of House: Two Classically Designed Golf Courses Take Drastically Different Approaches to Bunker Restoration - And Both Vastly Improved Their Layouts
57 Busting the Myths Surrounding the First Tee: Misconceptions Abound About the Program, What It does and What It Plans for the Future
58 Maximum Control: Slow-Release Products can Enhance Your Turf Maintenance Practices - If You Know How to Use Them
64 Designs on Golf: Time to Come Down Off Your High Horse
66 It's Academic: 'Tis the Season for Freeze Injury: You should be Thinking About It Right Now. Here's How It Occurs and What You can do to Prevent It
75 Tips: Fairway Herbicide Strategies: Take the Time to Design a Program to Fight Those Pesky Weeds in the Fairways
76 Leaders
78 The Company Line
80 Advertiser Index
81 Classifieds
81 Golfdom's Joke of the Month
82 Out of Bounds: Sledding: To This Day, Sledding Remains the Giddiest Activity of Wintertime Outdoor Leisure
Turfgrass Trends
T1 Diseases: Fungicide Combination Treats Summer Stress Syndrome
T4 Soil: Does Aerification Help Solve Compaction Problems?
T11 Turfgrass: Choose Kentucky Bluegrass Types to Develop Improved Blends
T15 Equipment: Zero Maintenance could Equal Major Cost for Zero-Turn Mowers
2002 March
Volume #58, No. 3
2002 April
Volume #58, No. 4
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover
2 Table of Contents
4 Going Postal
6 Events
8 Flagstick: Beer & Scribbles from Orlando '02
10 Pin High: A (Long) Model Road to Success
14 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
14 -Business Briefs
14 -Golf's Bigwigs Evaluate the Industry
15 -Peer Pressure? What Peer Pressure?: Southampton GC Superintendent has Six Superintendents as Members
16 -The Silent Majority
16 -Scanning the Web
21 -Robin's Travels
22 Shades of Green: Go Tell It on the Mountain, Feinstein
24 Hole of the Month: No. 4, Karsten Creek GC, Stillwater, Okla.: Flowing Strong
26 Irrigation Trends
26 -Possibilities in the Palm of Your Hand: By Combining GPS Maps with GIS Technology, You can Maximize the Power of Your Course's Irrigation System
32 -Irrigation Evaluation: In Today's Tight Economy, an Assessment of What You Really Need is More Important Than Ever
54 -Looking for an Irrigation Consultant?
56 -Real-Life Solutions: Inadequate Irrigation Coverage: More Bang, Less Bucks: Customized Aftermarket Nozzles Boost Coverage for Energy-Saving Irrigation Systems
58 Designs on Golf: Committee Meeting is a Big Hoot(ie)
60 News from the Big Show: Here's Our Report from the 73rd GCSAA Convention
64 Neighbors to the North: It's Time We Gave Our Canadian Friends the Respect They Deserve
68 Real-Life Solutions: Dealing with Shaded Tees: It's Not the Real Thing - But It's Close: Labor-Saving Synthetic Turf Fits Oregon Course to a 'Tee'
76 Dave's World: Just Say No to Outrageous Ideas
78 A Quiet Walk: Shhhh! Not Surprisingly, Superintendents Desire Walking Greens Mowers that Sport the Sound of Silence
84 Double-Cutting Greens could Add Up to Double Trouble
93 Leaders
96 High on Voltage: Electric-Powered Utility Vehicles Gain in Popularity
98 Ad Index
100 The Company Line
102 Golfdom Mart
103 Classifieds
103 Golfdom's Joke of the Month
104 Out of Bounds: St. Patrick's Day: How did This Saint End Up being So Closely Associated with Leprechauns and Binge Drinking?
Turfgrass Trends
T1 Crabgrass Control: Postemergent Treatments for Crabgrass Vary in Effectiveness
T7 Constant Flow Valves: Valves Produce More Accurate Spray Patterns
T11 Nutrients: Recent Research Offers Clues to Boron's Purpose
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover
2 Table of Contents
4 Events
8 Going Postal
10 Flagstick: Older, but Not Necessarily Wiser
12 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
12 -Business Briefs
12 -Agronomy Experts Talk Technology: Green Speed is 'Out of Control,' USGA's Moraghan Says
16 -Petersan's Protégés: Veteran Superintendent's Pupils Form Society to Honor Him
16 -The Greens Keeper: Awful News that Will Make You Scream
19 -Unions are Alive and Well, but Industry is Better Off Without Them: Been There, Seen that
20 Pin High: Nike Speaker's Talk - Just Boo It
22 Hole of the Month: No. 1, The Prospector Course at Superstition Mountain, Superstition Mountain, Ariz.: Gentle Beginning
26 Shades of Green: So Many Issues, So Many Gripes
28 What's the Future Hold?: Assistant Superintendents Ponder Their Fate in a Tough Job Market
38 A Maverick's Theory: Michigan State's Joe Vargas Says There's No Need to Rotate Fungicides for Proper Resistance Management. So What are Many Superintendents to Make of His Notion, Which Goes Against Everything They've been Taught?
44 Designs on Golf: 10 Things Players do to Mess Up Golf
46 Small Town Comes Back to Life ... As a Golf Course: Partners Attain Their Dream with a Low-Budget Jewel - Old English GC
58 Real-Life Solutions
58 -A Wetland Wonder: Architect, Builder had to be at Their Best to Build a Golf Course Amid Flood Plains, Marshes and Streams
67 -Turf Disease Control: New 'Strobie' Tests Well: Insignia 'Will Undoubtedly Become a Strong Component in an Integrated Disease-Management Program,' Penn State Professor Says
64 It's Academic: Prevent Weeds Before They Bloom: Now's the Time to Treat Summer Annuals, but Make Sure You have a Plan
74 The Price of Progress: Now that Plant Growth Regulators have Evolved into an Integral Turf-Maintenance Tool, the Next Step for Manufacturers is to Lower Their Cost
76 Lighten Up: While Expected to Deliver Carpet-Like Fairways, Superintendents aren't Over-Relying on Insecticide Use to get the Job Done
78 Tips: Fungicide Use: How to Prevent Resistance
80 Advertiser Index
80 The Company Line
82 Leaders
83 Classifieds
83 Golfdom's Joke of the Month
84 Out of Bounds: Country Leisure: Leisure is Not a Privilege for City Dwellers Only. We Country Folk have a Few Pastimes of Our Own
Turfgrass Trends
T1 Organic Mulches Enhance Overall Plant Growth
T10 Users Drive Research into New Growth Regulator Applications
T15 Linear Aerification Encourages Good Soil Respiration
2002 May
Volume #58, No. 5
2002 June
Volume #58, No. 6
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover
2 Table of Contents
4 Events
8 Flagstick: How in the Heck do They do that?
10 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
10 -Business Briefs
10 -Embracing the 'Enemy': Speakers Urge Colleagues to Use Groups' Expertise
12 -Good News, Bad News for Bayer's Nemacur
12 -A Ball Mark was Never So Easy to Repair
14 -We Asked Superintendents: What Words of Advice would You Give a Young Person Considering a Career as a Superintendent?
16 -Mechanics Inclined: Carolina Technicians Form Association
16 -Scanning the Web
20 -The Pressure's on: In This Day and Age of being a Superintendent and a Supplier, You have to Know How to Leverage Your Options
22 Pin High: Time to Turn TV on to Brown Turf
24 Hole of the Month: No. 9, East Lake GC, Atlanta: Comeback Course
28 Shades of Green: Environmental Plans for Dummies
30 Up a Tree and Loving It: The New ArborLinks Golf Course is a Perfect Match for Environmentally Minded Superintendent Ryan Krings
40 Bird is the Word: Conservation for Those 'Merry Minstrels of the Morn' has Never been More Popular
46 Designs on Golf: A Worthy Toast to A.W. Tillinghast
50 Jack's Right-Hand Agronomic Man: Ed Etchells has Made a Distinguished Career Out of Watching Over Nicklaus-Designed Golf Courses
58 Caring for the Carbon Copies: It's Hard Enough for Most Superintendents to Take Care of One Signature Hole. Imagine Trying to Take Care of 18 of Them at a Replica Course
61 Local Heroes
70 The Rise and Fall of Endophytes: The Excitement Over the Famous Fungi has Died Down. Researchers, However, haven't Given Up Hope that It may Rise Again
74 Do They or don't They: Studies Spark Debate on Whether Organic Fertilizers Suppress Disease
78 Real-Life Solutions
78 -Good Greens and Good Fortune: Superintendent Happens Upon Overseeding Solution by Sheer Luck
86 -Stabilized Nitrogen: Stable Environment: Slow-Release Fertilizer Helps Maintain Healthy Turf on a High-Traffic Course
81 Cardinal Rules: A List to Live by - From A to Z
83 Tips: Preparing Soil for Summer's Wrath: Humic Substances Improve Root System
91 Money Shot: Hot Dog! Golf Course Owner's Idea Helps Increase Rounds
92 Dave's World: I Give and Give and All I Got was ...
94 Leaders
95 The Company Line
96 Classifieds
96 Golfdom's Joke of the Month
97 Ad Index
98 Out of Bounds: Top 10 CDs: Here's a List of Music to Take with You if You're Ever Stranded on a Desert Island
Turfgrass Trends
T1 Simple Strategies Manage Stinging Insect Threats
T7 Alternative Turfgrass Species: Seashore Paspalum Offers Alternative for the Future
T14 New Breeding Technology Speeds Innovations to Market
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover
2 Table of Contents
4 Events
8 Going Postal
10 Flagstick: Not Necessarily Cheers & Jeers
12 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
12 -Business Briefs
12 -Book 'Em, Dougo: Sleuthing Distributor Helps Bust Golf Course Vandal
14 -Public Golf - Plight or Passion?
16 -Steiniger, the 'Super Superintendent,' Dies at 96
19 -Deep Freeze: Tournament at the Top of the World Poses Challenges for Superintendent and Golfers
20 -Greenkeeping is Different in Japan: Been There, Seen that
22 Pin High: They Tried to get the Dirt on You
24 Shades of Green: Make Local Media Friends, Not Foes
26 Hole of the Month: No. 4, Old Head Golf Links, Kinsale, Ireland: An Ill Wind
29 Designs on Golf: Banquet Put Me in a Wondering Mood
30 You and Your Bright Ideas: Being an Inventor is Fun and Exciting, but Not as Glamorous (or Lucrative) as You Think
39 The Gadget Men
42 To Rent or to Buy?: That's a Good Question: Deciding Which Option is Best for Your Equipment Needs During In-House Renovations Poses Tough Questions
51 Cain an Able Landscape Architect: Grooming Golf Courses - Horticulturally - Is His Specialty, as the Country Club of Mobile Attests
58 Real-Life Solutions
58 -Firming Up the Fairways: Siphon System Helps Florida Course Solve Fairway Drainage Woes
72 -Picking the Right Turfgrass: Sure About Seashore: Florida Course is the First U.S. Track to Combine Use of the Sealsle 1 and SeaDwarf Varieties of the Turf. So Far, So Good
61 Process Makes Perfect: The Meadow Club Married Historical Research with Careful Planning to Make the Restoration of Its MacKenzie-Designed Greens a Success
68 Tips: Successful Fertigation: Know What Components Will Create the Most Effective System for Your Course
74 It's Academic: Maintain Balance with PGRs: Keep Your Annual Bluegrass-to-Bentgrass Ratios Reasonable in Your Greens
76 Ousting Crabgrass - After It Germinates: Postemergent Herbicides are Viable Options for Several Reasons, Including Integrated Pest Management
78 Leaders
80 The Company Line
86 Golfdom Mart
87 Ad Index
88 Classifieds
88 Golfdom's Joke of the Month
90 Out of Bounds: Wiffle Ball: Here's a Summertime Refresher on America's True Backyard Pastime
Turfgrass Trends
T1 Insects: All Grubs are Not Created Equal
T6 Fertility: Soil Organic Matter Reaches Equilibrium
T11 Protective Seed Coating Aids Turf Establishment
2002 July
Volume #58, No. 7
2002 August
Volume #58, No. 8
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover
2 Table of Contents
8 Flagstick: Time to Tear Down the Wall
10 Pin High: I'm Siding with the Geese on This One
13 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
13 -Business Briefs
13 -Tires and Rain: Inventor Hoped 'Irrigation System' would Take the Industry by Storm, but So Far His Idea is a Washout
16 -The Jack Collection: Museum Celebrates Golden Bear's Myriad Achievements
20 -Architects have Wide Worries
20 -Scanning the Web
22 Hole of the Month: No. 16, Tournament Players Club at Deere Run, Silvis, Ill.: 'Mother Earth'
25 Shades of Green: Whining isn't a Winning Strategy
26 How the Other Half Lives: Wives Say It Takes an Understanding, Independent and Resilient Woman to be Married to a Superintendent
32 She's a Woman in a Man's World: But Jennifer Mongeluzo Plans on Making Her Mark as a Superintendent
36 Designs on Golf: Putting a Premium on Shallowness
38 Real-Life Solutions
38 -Meet the New Tree: Cypress is a Fine Replacement for Famed Pine on 18th Hole at Pebble Beach Golf Links
50 -One Product, Twofold Advantage: Wetting Agent, Fertilizer Combination Helps Solve Localized Dry Spot Woes
42 Prudent Poa Management: It's Summertime, and that Most Mercurcial of Grasses Will Take Some Extra TLC to Help It Beat the Seasonal Stress
44 Can Cutless Make a Comeback?: With New Applications and a Potential Cost Reduction, One Company is Betting the Growth Regulator Still has a Market
55 Local Heroes
57 Golfdom Mart
57 Ad Index
58 Classifieds
59 Golfdom's Joke of the Month
60 Out of Bounds: Lemonade: Put Down Your Country Time and Try Our Recipe for This Delicious Summer Standby
Turfgrass Trends
T1 Drainage Mapping: Ground-Penetrating Radar Maps Drainage Systems
T6 Seeded Bermudagrasses: Advances in Seeded Bermudagrasses could Spark Wider Use
T12 Plant Nutrition: Copper Management Demands Attention
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover
2 Table of Contents
6 Going Postal
8 Flagstick: This Turf Disease can Affect You
10 Pin High: He's Just Enjoying 'Doin' Nothin' '
12 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
12 -Business Briefs
12 -Weeks: 'We're a Specialty Company': Bayer Environmental Science Begins Operations
13 -Got Hot Spots? Use Surfactants - Wisely
16 -At Any Cost: Perennial Ryegrass, Despite a Possible Price Increase, is Still Worth Its Weight in Gold
20 -Divot Mix: Massachusetts Rock Band Focuses on Golf-Related Tunes
22 Hole of the Month: No. 15, The Dye Club at Barefoot Resort, North Myrtle Beach, S.C.: Mr. Sand Man
25 Shades of Green: We are Definitely Not Over the Hill
26 Over the Hill?: Old. Overpaid. Arrogant. Stubborn. Over-50 Superintendents Say It's Time to Bust These Myths and Prove They can Still Contribute to the Profession
37 Disenchanted Superintendents may Want to Consider a Career in Lawn Care: The Green Industry may be Greener on the Other Side of the Fence
38 He's the Real Deal: You Know What You get with Hazeltine National Superintendent Jim Nicol
41 Caretakers of the Game
48 Designs on Golf: Let's Deep Six the Doublespeak
50 Real-Life Solutions: Seeds of Struggle: Lessons Learned from Problems Seeding the Back Nine Smoothed the Way for a Flawless Front Nine Seeding at Firestone CC's West Course
52 It's Academic: Effective Grub Options Shrink: Preventative or Curative Plans Depend on Your Locations
56 In a Word - Resourceful: Superintendents Put Spreaders to Many Uses
58 Tips: Preparing for Sodding: Experts Offer Basic but Often Overlooked Pointers
62 The Company Line
64 Golfdom Mart
64 Ad Index
65 Classifieds
65 Golfdom's Joke of the Month
66 Out of Bounds: Personal Library: Too Busy to Read? Hogwash. Here are Some Choices that can Start your Reading Renaissance
Turfgrass Trends
T1 Water Management: Science of Surfactants Explains Their Usefulness in Managing Water Use
T7 Seed Testing: Scientists Look for Ways to Improve Turf Evaluations
T15 Sports Turf: World-Class Soccer Fields Provide Own Challenges
2002 September
Volume #58, No. 9
2002 October
Volume #58, No. 10
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover
2 Table of Contents
8 Going Postal
10 Flagstick: How's Our Industry One Year Later?
12 Pin High: Finding Strength, Hope - A Year Later
14 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
14 -Business Briefs
14 --Scotts, Monsanto get Go Ahead
14 -Defense Against Disease: Bizarre Weather Patterns Made Diagnosing Summer Diseases Difficult. Here's What the USGA and Others Saw This Year
16 -GCSAA Growth has been 'Steady'
16 -Scanning the Web
19 -Read This Book ... To Combat Whining Hackers: Newton on the Tee Will Give You Ammunition to Use Against Golfers Who Blame Everything but Themselves for High Scores
22 Hole of the Month: No. 10, The Brabazon Course, The Belfry, Birmingham, England: Back to The Belfry
26 Shades of Green: Distortions Harm Movement's Cause
28 Living Well: Part 1: Nutrition: Shape Up: You'll Look and Feel a Lot Better If You Eat Right and Exercise Regularly. The Proof of the (Sugar-Free) Pudding is in the Two Superintendents Who've Lost 120 Pounds Between Them
38 Someone to Talk the Talk: At the Fourth National Golf & the Environment Summit, It was Agreed the Industry Needs a Spokesperson to Educate Golfers About the Game's Role in Preserving the Environment: Are You Interested, Mr. Palmer?
47 Inside the Fringe: Special Section: The Putting Surface
48 -The First Amendment, but…: Though Sphagnum Peat Moss Still Reigns as the Leading Greensmix Additive, Other Choices are Gaining Ground in Industry Trials
49 -Five Great Things About Modern Greens
49 -Five Lousy Things About Modern Greens
50 -Measure Twice, Mow Once: Effective Management of Your Height of Cut Requires Diligence and Focus to get It Right
52 -Presenting the Perfect Cup: Experts Provide Tips and Tricks Superintendents can Use to Provide Golfers with an Ideal Hole
56 -Real-Life Solutions: Take Cover: Who Says You can't Grow in Bermudagrass Greens in December?
54 Designs on Golf: Bigger is Better in the Case of Greens
61 Dave's World: Debate Rages Over Organic Golf
62 The Company Line
63 Local Heroes
65 Golfdom Mart
66 Classifieds
66 Golfdom's Joke of the Month
67 Ad Index
68 Out of Bounds: Swiss Knives: These Multifaceted Tools are Among the Most Practical Items Known to Humanity
Turfgrass Trends
T1 Weed Control: Temperatures Affect Primo Applications
T7 Turfgrass Breeding: Breeding Improves Fine Fescue Varieties
T14 Mineral Use: Copper is Essential Bridge for Many Plant Functions
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover
2 Table of Contents
4 Events
6 Going Postal
8 Flagstick: Tour Illuminates Chemical Business
10 Pin High: Down but Not Out After Being Fired
12 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
12 -Business Briefs
12 -Going Buggy: Plague of the Northeast Invades Mid-Atlantic States
13 -GCSAA Wants to Increase Dues
14 -Try to Lend a Helping Hand: Superintendents Who Volunteer Help to Shape the Industry
16 -LaPlante Wins John Deere Challenge
19 -On the (Golf) Ball: Norm Spahn Makes His Living Diving in the Drink to Retrieve Shots Gone Awry (and Other Assorted Items)
22 Hole of the Month: No. 17, Anderson Creek GC, Spring Lake, N.C.: For the 'Love' of the Land
26 Clean Water Act: Disease Outbreak Causes Arizona Golf Courses to Revamp Drinking Water Sanitation Standards
28 Shades of Green: It's Not Your Course After All
30 Living Well: Part 2: Substance Abuse: Stress is a Major Cause of Substance Abuse, and Superintendents Face More Job-Related Pressures Than Ever Before: So How are You Coping?
38 Welcome to 'Turfville': Lewistown, Pa., is a Breeding Ground for Superintendents - Thanks to a Top Turf School and the Influence of One Man
42 Real-Life Solutions
42 -Sowing Sand on Fairways: Topdressing Improves Soil Profiles and Playability and is Not Solely the Province of Top-Tier Clubs
56 -The Natural Look: Colbert Hills Features an Array of Prairie Grasses and Wildflowers, but Managing the Native Areas is Like a Judo Match with Mother Nature
44 Concerned in Canada: Superintendents Fear Possible Affects [Effects] of Antipesticide Regulations
47 Designs on Golf: If You Elect Me, I Assure You ...
48 Rotary Club: Improved Quality Cuts and Ease of Maintenance are Fueling the Resurgence of Single-Blade Mowers for Collateral Areas
53 It's Academic: Know Your Turfgrass Terminology...: ...When It Comes to Managing Turfgrass Stress
54 Seed Availability at a Glance
61 Talking Tech: 3-D Models Marry Science and Art
63 Tips: Cutting-Unit Maintenance: The Best Tip We can Offer has Nothing to do with Any Gears or Gadgets. It has Everything to do with Good Communication
64 Ad Index
65 The Company Line
66 Product Showcase
66 Classifieds
67 Golfdom's Joke of the Month
68 Out of Bounds: Model Airplanes: Read the Directions Before You Start This Fun, Socially Harmless Pastime
Turfgrass Trends
T1 Disease Management: Anthracnose Update
T1 -Cultural Practices Affect Spread of Disease in Northwest
T1 -Combination of Fungicides Stems Tide in Mid-Atlantic
T10 Grass Selection: Unusual Grasses Need Special Care
2002 November
Volume #58, No. 11
2002 December
Volume #58, No. 12
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover
2 Table of Contents
7 Events
8 Flagstick: Soup Gods Spurred My Mission
10 Pin High: Velvet is Smooth, Researchers Say
13 Local Heroes
14 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
14 -Business Briefs
14 -About that Fall Fungicide Application: If You haven't done It, Keep in Mind It's One of the Most Important Applications of the Year
16 -Leave Your Ego at the Front Gate: By doing So, You'll Rid Yourself of a Lot of Stress
18 -Get a Grip: There's Science Behind a Handshake. Here's How to do It with Dignity and Style
17 -Getting It Straight
17 -Don't Forget Your Pond's Aeration System This Winter
20 Hole of the Month: No. 18, Grayhawk GC, Raptor Course, Scottsdale, Ariz.: Home-Field Advantage
23 Shades of Green: Golf's Water-Use Myth Stays Strong
24 Is It Time for an Irrigation Upgrade?: Here's the Experts' Step-by-Step Program for a System Overhaul
32 Artificial Turf Courses and No Bunkers. 8,000-Yard Layouts that Take Eight Hours to Play. The Tiger Tour: Welcome to Golf in the Year 2025
38 Real-Life Solutions
38 -Pass the Salt: Florida Courses Discover that Reverse Osmosis Plants are Fine for Irrigation - And Economical, too
47 -Getting Creative Around the Greens: Air Machines Help Superintendents Solve Moisture and Temperature Woes
42 Designs on Golf: Stretching the Rubber Band 'Til ...
44 Flat on Your Back: Back Pain and Injuries are Common in the Industry, and You may be at Risk for Them. Here's How You can Avoid Them
49 Black Monday: It Began as a Typical Day, but Whatever could Go Wrong did Go Wrong. It was One of the Longest Days of My Life, but I'm Here to Tell You that I Survived
52 Tips: Late-Year Fertilization: The Year's Last Fertilizer Application is Also the Most Vital and Lays the Foundation for How Turf Performs the Following Year
57 Ad Index
58 The Company Line
60 Product Showcase
60 Classifieds
61 Golfdom's Joke of the Month
62 Out of Bounds: Hi-Tech Toys: These High-Tech Holiday Gifts Will Entertain You and Your Family for Years to Come
Turfgrass Trends
T1 Thatch Control: Researchers Seek Nonmechanical Thatch Control Plan
T10 Soil Management: Sulfur may Not Reduce pH on Some Greens
T14 Grubs: Thresholds Pinpoint Insecticide Timing
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover
2 Table of Contents
6 Events
8 Flagstick: 2002 Brought Out Best and Worst
11 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
11 -Business Briefs
11 -GCSAA may Move Headquarters: Association may Also Merge Its Annual Convention with National Golf Course Owners' Show
14 -The Keeping of the Golf Green
16 -Bent Placed on the Back Burner: AG Department Wants More Data on Roundup Ready Creeping Bentgrass Before Signing Off on It
18 -Fast Crowd: Thanks to Johnny Miller's Swift Commentary, Many Golfers may Believe that "10" Means Slow on the Stimpmeter. That's Not Good News
20 -Sound Advice: Humble Course Worker/College Student Offers Vital Communication Tips to Superintendents
22 Pin High: Been There, Done It - Won't Forget It
24 Shades of Green: These Guys are Good, too
26 Hole of the Month: No. 12, Lahontan GC, Truckee, Calif.: Watch that Water
29 Timing is Everything: Transitional Ryegrass Finds Its Place in the Overseeding Market
32 Real-Life Solutions
32 -Deep Tines on Fairways Equal Deep Roots: Thanks to New Aerification Strategy, Fairways are in Fabulous Condition, Iowa Superintendent Says
50 -A 'Historic' Design: Arizona Architect Gary Panks was More Than Happy to Reroute His Initial Design of Twin Warriors GC to Preserve the Sacred Grounds of a Local Indian Tribe
36 The Year in Design: More Distance Off the Tee, Another Augusta Facelift, Some Good Books and Enough Work to Keep Most Architects Busy
42 Designs on Golf: Nobody Asked Me, but...
45 The Scoop on Herbicides: Experts Say Tweaking Old Chemistries and Refining Control Spectrums Will Fuel 2003 Market
54 Dave's World: My Takes on the Mega-Issues
58 It's Academic: Does Turf Affect Runoff?: Research Shows Turf Absorbs Pesticides, but doesn't Filter Them
62 Struck by Stress: Here are Some Gems of Wisdom to Help You Deal with the Tension and Angst that Come with the Territory of Tending Turf
67 Corporate Capabilities: Industry Suppliers at a Glance
84 Leaders
87 Ad Index
88 The Company Line
92 Product Showcase
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92 Golfdom's Joke of the Month
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The Golfdom Report 2002
0A Cover
0A Make It Better
2A A Challenging Year: Economics and Agronomics. Those are the Two Key Issues that Come to Mind When We Think of the Industry in 2002
4A Feeling the Economic Pinch: Tough Times Force Industry to Evaluate Purchases and Practices with Greater Scrutiny
10A Let the BASF Professional Turf Team Help You Make It Better
12A Learning Experiences: Superintendents Will Talk About the Wacky Weather of 2002 - And What They Grasped from It - For Years to Come
20A Survey Says...: We Polled Superintendents on Myriad Issues, from Job Security to Job Challenges. Here are the Results
Turfgrass Trends
T1 Inconsistent Weather Wreaks Havoc on Turf
T1 -Weather Texas: Dry Winter, Wet Summer Caused Problems for Superintendents in Texas
T1 -Weather Midwest: Abnormal Reversal of Conditions Led to More Disease in Midwest
T12 Unmowed Roughs Save Money and Time