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2000 January
Volume #56, No. 1                  
2000 February
Volume #56, No. 2
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover
2 Table of Contents
8 Going Postal
9 Events
10 Flagstick: Facing Up to the Fountain of Youth
12 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
12 -Business Briefs
12 -Fill'er Up with Zinc
12 -Golfer's Gripes
13 -Miniature Golf
13 -Y2K Problems or Bust?
13 -Quotable
14 -Wake-Up Call
14 -Scanning the Web
16 Hole of the Month: Hole No. 2, Grand Cypress GC, Orlando: Grip It and Rip It
20 Shades of Green: Take that Cell Phone and Shove It
22 Budding Futures: Golfdom Presents Its Choices as Young Leaders - The Innovators, Influencers and Mentors of the Next Decade
23 Wise Guys: Golf Maintenance's Mentors Know What It Takes to be a Consummate Leader
44 Dave's World: Advice to the Young: Get a Guru
46 Land of Hope & Dreams: These Millennium Kids Aspire to Build Their Turf Management Careers on the Golf Course
50 Golf by Design: It's Smart Thinking to Grasp Golf 101
52 Tangled Up in Fairway Mowers: In This High-Tech Age, It's Complicated, but You can Keep Your Equipment Rolling Down the Fairway
56 Turf Tamers: Why Use Growth Regulators?: Increasingly, the More Cogent Question is, "Why Not?"
61 Hoofing It?: There are Points to Consider When Purchasing a Walk-Behind Greens Mower
62 Handle with Care: ClubCorp's Chief Outlines His Company's Approach to Meeting and Exceeding Golfer Expectations
63 Money Shot: Golf Course Owner Sees the Light
64 Case Study #1: Clearing Up a Murky Matter: A Multi-Use Lake Required a Clean-Up Effort of Excessive Algae and Bottom Sediment
65 Leaders
66 The Company Line
66 Ad Index
67 Classifieds
68 Out of Bounds: Digital Cameras: Looking for a Cool Way to Capture that Kodak Moment? Consider These Cutting-Edge Picture-Takers
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover
2 Table of Contents
8 Going Postal
8 Invisible Ink
14 Events
16 Flagstick: Passion, Debate and Intensity
18 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
18 -Business Briefs
18 -Mona at Six: How does GCSAA's CEO Eat an Elephant? One Bite at a Time
19 -Garden Variety: L.A. CC's Horticulturist Sports Green Thumb
19 -Quotable
20 -Over 50 and Rocking
20 -Knowing the Score
22 -Coming Up Aces
22 -Watch Your Gas: Think About How You Pour and Store
22 -The Smell of Victory
24 -Scanning the Web
26 Hole of the Month: Hole No. 9, CordeValle GC, San Jose, Calif.: Up a Creek
30 Gauging Gray Leaf Spot: 'We're All Trying to Find the Best Method of Control,' One Superintendent Says
35 PDI
35 -Pretty Damn Interesting
38 -PDI's Potential Pitfalls: Who's Driving This and Why?
39 -Positive About PDI: Change is Demanded
40 -Squaring Off on PDI
48 Shades of Green: If We're A-ces, We should Earn It
50 Lights, Camera... Angst!: For Many, a Career in Turf Maintenance wouldn't be Complete Without Experiencing the High Anxiety of an Acclaimed Golf Tournament
60 Simply the Best: Top Clubs Covet Those Who Acquire Proper Skills
66 Star Search: A Healthy Economy and Shrinking Labor Pool have Attracted More Headhunters to the Golf Course Industry
72 Golf by Design: Fairway Contours Provide Quick Fix
74 Big Fun in the Big Easy: Our Five-Minute Guide on How to Enjoy Yourself in "N'awlins" - When You're Not doing Business
81 The 5-Minute Guide to GCSAA 2000
84 What's New?: While Browsing the GCSAA Show Floor, You Might Encounter These Products
88 Money Shot: Kids Golf Book Breaks Stereotype
90 Cart Path Smarts: Experts Offer Tips on How to Make the Best Ones Possible
92 The Human Touch: Keeping Tabs on Your Employees
94 Case Study #1: Bunker Mentality: Westfield CC's Bunker Renovation Pitted Mind Against Matter
99 Case Study #2: Stream On: They Wanted the Course to End on an Exhilarating Crescendo, and They Wanted to Contain Run-Off Water. So They Took a Cue from Mother Nature
103 Leaders
104 The Company Line
104 Ad Index
105 Classifieds
106 Out of Bounds: Classical Music: It can Soothe with Its Gentle Strains After a Hard Day's Work. You Just have to Learn How to Like It
2000 March
Volume #56, No. 3
2000 April
Volume #56, No. 4
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover
2 Table of Contents
8 Events
10 Flagstick: The Bottom Line of Mergermania
12 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
12 -Business Briefs
12 -The Open: Youngsters Need Not Apply
13 -Last Laugh
13 -Golf Spreads Out
13 -Quotable
16 -Floral Forest on a Float
16 -Scotts Sells Turf Businesses
16 -Doh!
18 -Scanning the Web
20 Hole of the Month: Hole No. 11, Dubuque, Iowa: Water Losses
23 Shades of Green: Time to Protect the 'Ides' of March
24 New Blood: Our Intrepid Architecture Editor Profiles the Up-and-Comers of Design
38 Put in Good Repair?: 'Original' Greens Restorations are in, but They're Not Always the Right Thing to do
40 How Far do You Go?: A Master of Design Speaks His Mind About Course Tinkering and Time 
50 Golf by Design: Golf's Latest Flaw is Literally Glaring
53 Practice Facility Makes Near Perfect: Tom Fazio's World Woods gets High Marks for Quaintness and Attention to Detail
58 Raynor Course Rejuvenated: A Superintendent's Startling Discovery and an Architect's Candid Criticism Led to a Course Restoration at Yeamans Hall Club
66 Money Shot: Goofy Ideas Lead to Themed Links
69 Talking Tech: Solve Problems the Web Way
70 Case Study #1: Sticky Situation: Kansas Superintendent Wanted to Use as Many Organic Fertilizers as Possible - But Without All the Fuss
76 In Organics They Trust: These Superintendents Tried Biological Fertilizers to Treat Turf - And were Impressed
82 Not Your Father's Fertilizer: New Technologies have Expanded the Possibilities, but It Takes Homework to Decide Which One is Best for You
87 Case Study #2: Sand on Steroids: Soil Amendment Bulks Up Sand-Green Drainage Capacity
92 Leaders
94 The Company Line
96 Ad Index
97 Classifieds 
98 Out of Bounds: Sports Flicks: Grab a Beer and a Bowl of Chips. It's Time to Watch the Best Sports Movies of All Time
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover
2 Table of Contents
6 Going Postal
6 We Messed Up
8 Events
10 Flagstick: Beer and Scribbles from Bourbon St.
12 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
12 -Business Briefs
12 -Poll: Nay to PDI
13 -Pursell Playing Up Southern Hospitality
16 -Let There be Crabgrass: Researchers Say It could Clean Up Petroleum-Laden Soil
18 -Swing Science
18 -Scanning the Web
20 Hole of the Month: Hole No. 18, Hallbrook CC, Leawood, Kan.: Fine Finish
23 Shades of Green: Turf Regulation Without Education
26 When the Climb gets Tricky: What Happens When the Ladder to Success Conflicts with Time-Honored Professional Ethics?
35 Will OSHA Come a Knocking? Probably Not, but that doesn't Mean It isn't Concerned with What's Going on Under Your Maintenance Facility's Roof 
44 Missing in Action: Mechanics: Golf Course Equipment Technicians are Highly Trained, Highly Educated and Make a Good Buck. So How Come They're Scarce as Honest Politicians?
50 Sorting Through the Overtime Issue: Liable for Loot?
54 Golf by Design: Time for Trivia, Augusta Style
58 Myrtle Beach's Battle Royal: The Competition for Golfers Just Got Tougher in This Crown Jewel of Golf Resort Venues
64 Golfdom Duz N'awlins: Is Golf Business or Pleasure? The GCSAA Show Proved It can be a Lot of Both
71 Money Shot: Time to Take Your Daughter Golfing
72 Honk if You Hate Geese: When Screamers didn't Work and Dogs Proved too Expensive, Sweetbriar GC Turned to an Innovative Sprayable Repellent to Keep Geese Off the Course
74 Grass from the Past: Bandon Dunes Borrowed a Bit of History with Its Focus on Fescues
78 Dave's World: Here's to Daring to be Different
80 Getting to the Root of Weed Control: Scientists have Tried for Years to Understand How Plants Grow Downward. Now, MIT Geneticists have Isolated the Gene Responsible, Suggesting the Potential for New Herbicides that Will Wipe Out Weeds Without Hurting the Environment
85 Putting the Kibosh on Clover: As This Weed Rears Its Ugly Head, Here are Tips on How to Control It
88 Tips: Spreader Calibration
88 Leaders
89 The Company Line
90 Ad Index
91 Classifieds
92 Out of Bounds: Fine Wine: Don't Let Choosing a Bottle of Vino Intimidate You. It's Not as Scary as You Think
2000 May
Volume #56, No. 5
2000 June
Volume #56, No. 6
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover
2 Table of Contents
8 Events
10 Flagstick: Visions of Elves Mowing at Night
12 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
12 -Business Briefs
12 -Birdies and Bordeaux: CordeValle Offers 18 Holes and an 85-Acre Vineyard
13 -Cool Idea, but Hold on to Your Golf Cap
13 -Quotable
14 -Scanning the Web
14 -Calling It Quits
16 Hole of the Month: Hole No. 13, Cliffs at Glassy Landrum, S.C.: Long and Short
19 Shades of Green: FQPA: Speak Out or Lose Out
20 Great Expectations: Battling the Dreaded 'Augusta National Syndrome'
26 Do Tell: If You don't Tell Golfers What You do, Chances are They'll Never Know
35 Give Peace a Chance: They're Supposed to Scorn Each Other, but These Superintendents and Pros Strive to get Along for the Betterment of Their Careers and Courses
44 Golf by Design: It's Time to Stop Distance Madness
48 Invasion of the Grubs: Control of These Root-Eating Monsters Depends on Careful Observation and Precise Timing
50 Fipronil vs. the Mole Crickets: You can Take Out These Nasty Critters with Both New and Tried-and-True Insecticides. But You Must Constantly Map and Monitor Their Activity
54 Money Shot: Customer Service to the Extreme
56 Real-Life Solutions: Stoneridge GC, Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla.: Certain by Seed: Sodding is Faster, but Designer Bobby Weed Used Seed on the New Stoneridge GC Because He Felt It would Create a More Lasting Course
60 The Human Touch: Keep Mechanics Running Smoothly
63 The Floating Lab: The Buoyed Green at Coeur d'Alene Resort is a Heck of a Hazard - And an Excellent Testing Tool for Environmentally Sensitive Course Management
69 Environmental Ecstasy: Roaring Fork's Flora and Fauna Control Pests - Naturally
71 Tips: Equipment Financing
71 Leaders
72 The Company Line
74 Classifieds
75 Ad Index
76 Out of Bounds: Mountain Bikes: If You're Thinking of Trying It ... Let It Ride! You Won't Look Back
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover
2 Table of Contents
11 Events
12 Flagstick: Invasion of the Eyeball Snatchers
14 Shades of Green: Reality Refutes Rachel's Rants
16 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
16 -Business Briefs
16 -Crying Fowl: Coot Killings on California Course Spark War of Words
17 -Heee Heee! Homer Golf Gear is Here
17 -Quotable
18 -Park It!: Course Puts Foot Down and Cans Golf Cars for a Day
18 -Goofs
20 -Holey States
20 -Scanning the Web
22 Hole of the Month: Hole No. 11, Grand Traverse Resort, Acme, Mich.: Test of Will
25 Golf by Design: Let's get Stupid: Mad About Plaid
28 The Lure of E-Commerce: Will Online Buying Change the Way the Industry does Business?
38 Baptism by Fire: 27-Year-Old Eric Greytok was Appointed Pebble Beach's New Superintendent - Just in Time for the Pressure-Packed 100th U.S. Open
44 Power Aid: Here's How to Harness High-Tech Presentations to get What You Need
48 Data Defense: Since Computers Now Hold Much of Your Vital Business Information, What are You doing to Protect It?
53 DIY: Build Your Own Cool Web Site: You can do It with a Little Help from Some Cutting-Edge Software
56 PC 101: Consider These Steps When Purchasing a New Computer
61 Real-Life Solutions: Cypress Point Club, Pebble Beach, Calif.: On the Edge: As the Signature Holes of Cypress Point Threatened to Fall into the Pacific Ocean, the Club Formed a New, Stronger Shoreline with Sculpted Concrete
69 Money Shot: Hacks Long for Short Courses
70 Talking Tech: E-Crowd Chases Golden Opportunity
71 Tips: Aerator Maintenance
71 Leaders
72 The Company Line
73 Golfdom Mart
74 Classifieds
75 Ad Index
75 Golfdom's Joke of the Month
76 Out of Bounds: Search Engines: We Took a Few Search Engines Out for a Test Drive to Encourage Good Web Hunting
2000 July
Volume #56, No. 7
2000 August
Volume #8 [56], No. 16 [8]
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover
2 Table of Contents
4 Going Postal: Is PDI Necessary?
6 Events
8 Flagstick: Thank God for All of the Oscars
12 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
12 -Business Briefs
12 -A Funny Thing About PDI
13 -Industry Off EPA's Hook
14 -Goin' Electric
16 -All Mobbed Up
16 -Scanning the Web
18 Hole of the Month: Hole No. 18, Fire Cliff Course at Desert Willow Golf Resort, Palm Desert, Calif.: A Desert Dream
21 Clear the Air: Users Will Benefit from Two-Cycle Engine Equipment with Reduced Emissions - But at What Cost?
22 Shades of Green: Augusta: No. 1 with a Snicker
24 Copin' with 'Canes: You can't Stop a Hurricane's Wrath, but You can Contain It - With Good Planning
30 High and Dry?: You can Learn from Those Who Endured the Dreadful Drought of 1999
36 Golf by Design: Banish the Blasted 7,000-Yard Norm
38 Know Which Way the Wind Blows: Experts Offer Advice on How to Choose a Fee-Based Weather Service 
42 Picture This: Historic Photographs are an Excellent Source for Proper Golf Course Restoration - If You can Find Them
48 Money Shot: Finding Sanctuary in the Dusty Desert
51 Hanging in There: Today's Hovering Mowers are Lighter, Tougher, and More Popular Than Ever
54 Dave's World: Stay in Touch with Your Feelings
56 Real-Life Solutions
56 -The Links at Spanish Bay, Pebble Beach, Calif.: Bio Boost: Superintendent Implemented Organic Program to Battle a Fungal Invasion at California Course
61 -Riviera CC, Pacific Palisades, Calif.: High-Traffic Headaches: A Superintendent Employed Biological Products to Increase Turf Strength on Greens So They could Endure an Increase in Players
62 Tips: Maintaining Ponds
64 The Company Line
65 Leaders
66 Classifieds
67 Golfdom's Joke of the Month
67 Ad Index
68 Out of Bounds: Horseshoes: If You Build a Pit, You could get Hooked on This Game that's Perfect to Play on a Lazy Summer Afternoon
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover
2 Table of Contents
6 Going Postal
7 Events
8 Flagstick: A Stranger in a Strange Land
10 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
10 -Business Briefs
10 -Golden Opportunity
11 -If You Ain't Got Game, Then Read This Book
12 -They Clean Up Real Nice
12 -Scanning the Web
14 Hole of the Month: Hole No. 2, Valhalla GC, Louisville, Ky.: Tempting Two
17 Shades of Green: Time to Put on a Coat of Class
18 Winds of Change: Golf is Trying to Shed Its White Image. What Will It Take - And How can You Help?
28 Head Case: If Golf Balls are Flying, Golf Course Workers should be Wearing Hard Hats, According to OSHA. But the Debate Continues on Whether or Not Helmets should be Required
35 Golf by Design: Let's Stop Giving Golf a Bad Name
36 In the Dark: Nighttime is the Right Time for a Few Maintenance Operations, but Working After Dusk isn't Viable for Most Staffs
40 Don't Cry Over Spilled Chemicals: Preparation can Minimize the Damage Caused by an Accident
46 Money Shot: Are You Keeping Track of the Track?
49 A Close Eye on Rye: The Future of Perennial Ryegrass may Hinge on Its Resistance to Deadly Gray Leaf Spot
54 A Lesson from Linksland: Let's Allow the Architects to do What They should
56 The Human Touch: Good People don't Grow on Trees
61 Real-Life Solutions: Geneva GC, Geneva, Ill.: Superintendent Gives Thumbs Up to Burn-Down Herbicide 
62 Tips: Cup Cutting 
64 Leaders
64 The Company Line
66 Classifieds
67 Golfdom's Joke of the Month
67 Ad Index
68 Out of Bounds: Child's Play: There's Still Time to do Plenty of Things with Your Kids This Summer. So don't Let It Slip Away
2000 September
Volume #56, No. 9
2000 October
Volume # 56, No. 10
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover 
2 Table of Contents
6 Going Postal
11 Events
12 Flagstick: Just Say No to Al, Carol and Joe
14 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
14 -Business Briefs
14 -PDI Permutations
15 -You've Got E-Mail (Tips)
15 -True Golf Confessions
18 -Disc Connected to the USGA: Green Section Record on CD-ROM Provides Every Article Published Between 1921 and 1997
20 -Scanning the Web
20 -Chart Confusion
22 -She's Just What They Needed: Cannon Brings Various Talents to Her Role as Cactus and Pine GCSA's Executive Director
22 -Bio-Bash
24 -By the Book: Clear Policies - For Everyone - Make Life and Work a Pleasant Experience at J.C. Resorts
26 Hole of the Month: No. 17, Southern Highlands GC, Las Vegas: Pristine Seventeen
29 Shades of Green: Don't get Caught in the Speed Trap
30 The Great Spec Debate
30 -Don't be Afraid to Try California Greens
31 -Good Ol' USGA Stands the Test of Time
36 -Views from the Field: We Asked Readers if They Favor USGA or California Greens and Why
36 -The Trend Toward Inorganics
38 News from the Dance Floor: Inside the Fringe
38 -Top 10 Golfers' Gripes
38 -Trying to Make Peace with Your Poa annua
39 -One Man's Graceful Green Complex is Another Man's ...
40 -Bits and Pieces ... And Problems: Know the Sources of Fine Soil Particles that Impede Drainage on Greens
44 Designs on Golf: Golf's Greatest Green Complexes
46 Field of Dreams: Thanks to Several Arizona Superintendents, Students at a Tiny School on an Impoverished Indian Reservation Will get Their Much-Needed Exercise by Playing and Running on Turf Fit for a Golf Course
56 Money Shot: A Little Thunder, a Lot of Impact
59 Let's get (the Best) Bent: Superintendents Want the Finest Varieties Money can Buy
66 Tread Lightly: Alternative Spikes have Relieved Courses from the Heavy Damage of Traditional Metals, but New Cleat Designs have Some Superintendents Concerned
70 To Infinity and Beyond: High-Tech Features Top the List of What Superintendents Expect from Tomorrow's Greens Mowers
74 Real-Life Solutions: Banyan GC, West Palm Beach, Fla.: TifEagle Flies at Florida Course: Club's Greens Now Possess 'Tournament-Like Conditions' Thanks to New Bermudagrass Variety
78 Talking Tech: Shakespeare Never Dealt with the Web
80 Tips: Sampling Procedures
86 Leaders
87 The Company Line
90 Classifieds
91 Golfdom's Joke of the Month
91 Ad Index
92 Out of Bounds: Cyber Cars: Going Car Shopping? Just Remember You can't Kick the Tires Online
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover
2 Table of Contents
6 Going Postal
11 Events
12 Flagstick: Dress for Success: Brown Blue Jeans
14 Pin High:Your Passion is Why We Publish
16 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
16 -Business Briefs
16 -Dropping the Hammer: Use This Philosophy to Smash Golfers' Ignorance
17 -Yeah Tiger, We can Relate
18 -Rumor is All Wet: Stone Canyon didn't Close Because of Water Restrictions
18 -Stimping: Do the Right Thing
18 -The Evolution of Golf
20 -Scanning the Web
20 -Falling for Autumn Leaves
20 -Those Darn Decimal Points
22 Hole of the Month: No. 11, Kemper Lakes GC, Long Grove, Ill.: Environment Rules
25 Shades of Green: No One Wins in the Blame Game
26 Playing Politics
26 -In Concert: They're on Different Sides of the Fairway, but Architects and Superintendents can Work Together Harmoniously
30 -The Politics of Design: Modern Course Design Involves a Mix of Egos, Miscommunication, Beliefs and Bureaucracy. Boy, do We have Some Funny (but Disturbing) Stories for You
36 -Consultants have a Place in the Industry, but It's Elementary to Know Who You're Dealing with Before Hiring One: The Search for Sound Advice
35 Designs on Golf: Got the Green Committee Blues
42 Dave's World: In the Cross Hairs of Club Politics
44 Ounce of Prevention: Strict Maintenance Schedules can Cure Utility Vehicle Breakdown Blues
49 Money Shot: Time is Money at Michigan Links
54 Real-Life Solutions: Locust Hill CC, Fairport, N.Y.: Less Water, Looks Great: Wetting Agents Allow Superintendent to Irrigate Less While Maintaining Quality Turf
55 Leaders
56 Tips: Stopping Oil Leaks
57 The Company Line
58 Classifieds
59 Golfdom's Joke of the Month
59 Ad Index
60 Out of Bounds: Office Survivors: Just Because Your Boss is a Jerk doesn't Mean that You have to Become One, too
e Business 2000: The Green Industry Internet Report
1e Cover
3e Table of Contents
4e Plugged in: E-Commerce Provides Green Industry with a New Way of doing Business
10e Computers and E-Maintenance: Fad, Folly or the Future?
12e Questions Abound: Where do Distributors Fit in the E-Commerce Equation?
15e Tips: Buying Online
16e Take Advantage of the Web
17e Will Surf for Work: The Web's a Great Place to go Job Hunting. Here's a Primer for the Golf and Landscape Industries
20e Defining E-Commerce
21e Ad Index
23e Web Clips
2000 November
Volume #56, No. 11
2000 December
Volume #56, No. 12
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover
2 Table of Contents
4 Going Postal
7 Events
8 Flagstick: Heard It Through the Grapevine
10 Pin High: So Let Yourself Enjoy Work Now
12 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
12 -Business Briefs
12 -Good News, Naturally: Survey: Protecting Environment doesn't Hurt Course Quality
13 -A Look Back: Reporter Explores Old Days, What Industry has Become
14 -Perc Test Needs Evaluation: Miller Working with USGA to Standardize Lab Testing
16 -How to Tell Republicans from Democrats
16 -Scanning the Web
18 Hole of the Month: No. 6, Glen Ellen CC, Millis, Mass.: Blaze of Glory
21 Shades of Green: Golf Business Mirrors Reality TV
22 Going for the Green
22 -Compensation: For What You're Worth: Here's What Superintendents Must Know if They Want Their Compensation to Measure Up to the Pros
30 -Contracts: Get It in Writing: They're Not Standard, but More Superintendents are Seeking Employment Contracts. Here's How to Negotiate a Fair Deal
34 -Owning a Course: On Your Own: It Takes a Load of Money and a Lot of Work to Purchase and Operate a Golf Course - But It Might be Worth It for Some Superintendents
38 Designs on Golf: Time to Put Bite Back into Bunkers
40 The Human Touch: Leading People the Old-Fashioned Way
42 Weapons of War: A New System Prepares Superintendents to Battle Disease Outbreaks, but Scientists Seek Further Scrutiny
48 Money Shot: Aeration isn't Half Bad at Cog Hill
50 Real-Life Solutions: Valhalla GC, Louisville, KY: Split Decision: Valhalla CGCS Mark Wilson Opted to Divide Herbicide Applications on New Turf to Capitalize on Brand's Pre- and Post-Emergent Activity
56 Tips: Tree Trimming: The Perfect Cut: Protect Tree Investments with Proper Pruning
58 Leaders
59 The Company Line
59 Statement of Ownership, Management, and Circulation
60 Classifieds
61 Golfdom's Joke of the Month
61 Ad Index
62 Out of Bounds: Online Investing: To Avoid Spending Your Money Foolishly, Learn the Basics of E-Trading
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover 
2 Table of Contents
6 Events
10 Leaders
12 Flagstick: Twenty Issues, Six Lessons
14 Pin High: To You, from Me, Happy Holidays
16 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
16 -Business Briefs
16 -Daddy's Little Girl: Superintendent Wins Award Thanks to Daughter's Inspiration
17 -Nutty Professor: Turf Scientist has a Plan to Battle Hunger
18 -'They were Jumping Up and Down and Freakin' Out': A Million Bucks Will do that to You
20 -Scanning the Web
20 -Battling Bureaucracy
22 Hole of the Month: No. 10, Prescott Lakes GC, Prescott, Ariz.: Hole with a View
25 Shades of Green: Water Will Soon Not be Everywhere
27 The Golfdom Report: Super Survey 2000
28 -Taking the Industry's Temperature
28 -PDI: Is Half a Mandate Better Than None? 
30 -Challenges: Wanted: More Workers
32 -Job Security: Out of Harm's Way?
38 -E-Commerce: E-Commerce Still Faces Uphill Battle
41 -Recognition: Say, aren't You the Superintendent? 
43 -Service & Support: Satisfied Customers
44 -Issues: The More Things Change…: ...Will They Stay the Same? Examining 2001's Pressing Issues
47 People of the Year: These Golf Industry Members Made a Difference in 2000
52 Home on the Range: Doug Petersan Left the Posh Baltimore CC for a New Bill Coore-Ben Crenshaw Project in Austin, Texas, and the Veteran Superintendent couldn't be Happier
56 Designs on Golf: They were in Accord at Austin
58 When Selling an Irrigation System to Members and Owners, Your Reasons for doing So had Better...: Hold Water
63 Talking Tech: E-Report Separates News from Noise
64 Money Shot: Green Stamp of Approval
66 Real-Life Solutions: Dakota Dunes CC, Dakota Dunes, S.D.: Dealing with Desiccation: Superintendent Applies Antitranspirant to Protect Turf from Winter Woes
73 Tips: Budgeting: How to Keep Track of Course Expenditures
74 The Company Line
74 Ad Index
75 Classifieds
75 Golfdom's Joke of the Month
76 Out of Bounds: Gag-Gift Giving: Return the Fun to the Holiday Season by Checking Out These Novelty Gifts