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1999 January/February
Volume #55, No. 1                  
1999 March
Volume #55, No. 2
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2 Table of Contents
10 Flagstick: Golfdom is Back: So What?
14 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
22 The New Reality: Superintendents in the Realm of Management Companies
28 Takeovers & Turnover: The Words 'Management Company Takeover' Used to Translate as 'Pink Slip' for Superintendents. Have Things Changed?
40 Hole of the Month: Hole # 15, "The Granite Wall", Trillium Links, Cashiers, N.C.: Enjoy the Journey
46 Mr. Golf's Magazine: From the Roaring '20s Through the Age of Aquarius, Herb Graffis' Golfdom was the Source
50 Fond Memories: Mention Golfdom Magazine and the Graffis Brothers, and You're Greeted with Smiles and Reverie from the Legends of the Golf Industry
51 Why Golfdom?
54 Maintenance: Spoil the Turf, Save the Trees: Just When Doug Petersan was Considering Leveling Trees to Protect Greens at Baltimore CC, He Heard About a New Amino Acid Treatment that Offered Hope
56 Shades of Green: Superintendents: Stuck in the Middle
58 If I Only had a …: As a Bevy of New Products Hits the Market, We Asked the Age-Old Question: What do Superintendents Really Want?
70 Keeping It Green: Kermit the Frog and Paul Harvey
72 Redmond Redux?: Sahalee CC's Staff Endured the Demands of Hosting the PGA Tournament. Now that It's Over, would They do It Again?
80 Golf by Design: Green Committees: 'Stupid is as Stupid does'
82 While Supplies Last…: As Stockpiles of Mercury-Based Snow Mold Controls Dwindle, Northern Superintendents Hustle to Find Alternatives
89 The Five-Minute Guide to the GCSAA Show
91 Leaders
92 The Company Line
94 Events
95 Classifieds
95 Ad Index
96 Out of Bounds: Cigars: As You Head to Florida for the Sun and Fun of the GCSAA Show, Take Time Out for One of Life's Best Pleasures
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1999 April
Volume #55, No. 3
1999 May/June
Volume #55, No. 4
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1999 July/August
Volume #55, No. 5
1999 September
Volume #55, No. 6
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover
2 Table of Contents
5 Going Postal
6 Flagstick: Enlightening the Whiners
8 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
8 -Business Briefs
8 -Pesticide Purge?: Anti-Pesticide Groups Target Municipal Golf Courses, Work to Build Clout
8 -Butt Ugly
13 -Shotgun Heard 'Round the World
13 -Scanning the Web
14 -Wanted: Tomorrow's Leaders
14 -Clarification
18 Embracing the Environment for Fun and Profit: They Truly are Tree Huggers at Heart, but Darren Davis and Others have Also Discovered that "Environmentally Aware" is Career Smart
24 Doing the Right Thing
26 Inside Golf's Audubon Program: Undaunted by Criticism and Misconceptions, Ron Dodson Pioneers and Expands a Program to Forge a Sometimes Uneasy Alliance Between Golf and the Environment
32 Hole of the Month: Hole #18, Wild Dunes Links: Dazzling but Demanding
37 Green Goods: An Assortment of Environmentally Friendly Products to Use on the Golf Course
40 Shades of Green: It ain't Easy being Green, but It's Worth the Pain
44 Enviro Vaults: Prefab and Prudent: You may Question Spending Thousands of Dollars on a Fancy Vault to Store Chemicals and Pesticides. Until You Go to Sleep at Night
46 Keeping It Green: Golf's Improbable Green Conversion
48 Priming for the PGA: The Clock Will be Ticking on Medinah's High-Speed Mowing Team
52 Golf By Design: Thanks Pinehurst, You were Perfect
55 He Loves L.A.: Lifelong Chicagoan Bruce Williams is Now Enjoying Life on the Left Coast
60 Dave's World: The Art of Finding a Top-Level Job in a Buyer's Market
65 Maintenance: Credit the Crawler: The Flooded Guadalupe River Dumped Mud, Water and Nearly Two Feet of Silt on the Bandit GC. But It was a Nifty, All-Purpose Construction Vehicle to the Rescue
68 Money Shot: Girl Golfers Just Wanna have Fun
69 Leaders
69 The Company Line: Products and Services
70 Events
70 Ad Index
71 Classifieds
72 Out of Bounds: Barbecue: Read on for Tips from Two Gods of the Grill on How to Put a Little Flavor in Your Summer - And Your Dinner
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover
2 Table of Contents
4 Going Postal
6 Flagstick: Philping Off the Whiners
8 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
8 -Business Briefs
8 -Jurassic Links
15 -One of Our Favorite Ads
16 -Scanning the Web
17 -Why Not 2K?
17 -Wanted: Tomorrow's Leaders
20 His Cup is Full: Superintendent Bill Spence is a Seasoned Veteran When It Comes to Setting Up for Golf's Biggest Shindigs, Including the Ryder Cup
22 Ben Around: The Veteran Captain Crenshaw Speaks with Golfdom on the Setup at Brookline, Design and the Dreaded Stimpmeter
34 Hole of the Month: Hole #14, Loews Ventana Canyon Res [Resort]: Tucson Treat
39 Shades of Green: Caddyshack Clicks, 20 Years Later
40 Seed Supplies Sufficient: Turfgrass Seed Production is Up, and Prices are Stable. That's Good News for Golf Courses Hit Hard by the Blistering Summer Heat
46 Golf By Design: Player-Designers: Partners in Crime
47 Business Basics: Take Note: There's an Art to Dashing Off Memos. So if You Want to Pen Powerful and Persuasive Messages, Read This Handy Handbook
48 More Golf Courses have Discovered that Sodding is Economical, Efficient, Reliable and Smart: Sod Story with a Happy Ending
53 Maintenance: Beat the Heat: Water Treatment Helps Golf Course Control pH and Maintain Healthy Turf During Texas Drought
54 The Company Line
57 Money Shot: Taking His Game to the Streets
58 The Way It Works: An Ownership Insider Explains the Ins and Outs of Today's Acquisition Market
61 Dave's World: Don't get Perked Up Over Perc Test
62 Leaders
62 Events
62 Ad Index
63 Classifieds
64 Out of Bounds: Digital Video Discs: It Pays to Shop When Hunting for Just the Right DVD Setup to Turn Your Living Room into a Comfortable Home Theater
1999 October
Volume #55, No. 7
1999 November/December
Volume #55, No. 8
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0 Cover
2 Table of Contents
8 Going Postal
10 Flagstick: I have a Dirty Little Secret
12 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
12 -Business Briefs
12 -Dursban Alert Sounded
12 -Humdinger of a Price
13 -Weird Science Comes to Golf: Gene Guns, Gold Particles and Plant DNA
14 -The Full (of It) Monty
14 -You Know You've Made It as a Superintendent ...: ...When They Name a Salad After You on the Club's Menu
14 -Can't Keep a Good Man Down
15 -Scanning the Web
15 -Greens Around the Gills: Researchers Discover Creeping Bentgrass Disease
15 -Graffis Glorified
16 -Dumb, Dumber ... Dumbest: Superintendents Strike Back
17 -An Airport, Augusta and Cake for Arnie
18 Management Companies: The Civilized Debate Continues
19 -Superintendents can Benefit from the Way Management Companies do Business
20 -Several Reputable Management Companies Exist, but Many Still Diminish Our Profession
23 Shades of Green: The Good, the Bad and the Reality
24 True Colors: Autumn Lore has It that Jack Frost Decorates Trees in Red, Yellow and Purple Hues. But Science Tells Another Story
28 GPS Systems Give You an Eye in the Sky: Far Out
34 Hole of the Month: Hole #6, Bandon Dunes, Bandon, Ore.: Great Expectations
39 Golf By Design: The Best, Worst of 20th Century
40 For Rent: Leasing Turf Equipment Provides an Alternative to Budget-Busting Purchases
42 New Wheels: The Latest in Utility Vehicles
44 Have a Lifesaver: On-Course Rescue Vehicle Rolls Where Others can't
47 Money Shot: For the Holidays, Give 'Em the Bird
48 Maintenance
48 -Local Hero: Florida Superintendent Hails Homegrown Turf for Successful Greens Renovation
50 -The New Champion: Mike Petty Made a Winning Choice When He Selected a Hybrid Ultradwarf Bermudagrass for a Greens Renovation
52 Seeds of Wisdom: How does One Come to an Informed, Intelligent Seed-Buying Decision? Research...And More Research
59 The Company Line
61 Leaders
61 Events
62 Classifieds
63 Ad Index
64 Out of Bounds: Baseball Mecca: Is This Heaven? No, It's Cooperstown
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover 
2 Table of Contents
8 Going Postal
10 Flagstick: Gazing into Our Y2K Crystal Ball
12 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
12 -Business Briefs
12 -License to Kill Raccoons?: Real-Life Hunt on Golf Course Mirrors Reel-Life Gopher Probe from 'Caddyshack.' Thankfully, No One was Hurt  
13 -Pernicious Plague: A Foreign Visitor Spreads Like a Wildfire Through California's Eucalyptus Trees
14 -Borland Devoted to Family, Career
14 -Bill and Ben's Excellent Adventure
16 -Scanning the Web
16 -Clarification on Seed Testing
19 Shades of Green: What if...?: Last Rants for 1999
20 Thanks to Trailblazers like Lynn Richert, Women Superintendents are getting the Respect They Richly Deserve
24 Woman on a Mission: A Turfgrass Professor Told Me that Golf Course Maintenance was too Tough for a Woman. That Only Fueled My Desire to be the Best Superintendent Possible
30 Terrific Twosome: Jim and Kim Shine Prove Superintendent Couples can have It All
35 Pesticides Under Fire: Unless End-Users Let Their Voices be Heard, the Choice of Pest Control Products may get Slimmer
38 Water Power: Despite the Hefty Investment, a New Irrigation System could Pay Dividends like a Blue-Chip Stock
44 Golf By Design: So You Wanna get Ranked?
46 Maintenance
46 -The Tree Doctor is in: And He has Saved the Famous and Frightening 100-Year-Old Oak Tree on the 13th Hole at Firestone CC
62 -Scaled-Down Solution: Superintendent Mark Cote didn't have $2 Million to Automate Irrigation, So He Opted for a Programmable Electronic Activator
67 -Pump Problems? No Problem at All: A Texas Course Needed a New Pump System to Beat the Summer Heat - And Fit into an Existing Pump House
52 Hole of the Month: Hole No. 8, Cape Cod National Golf Club, Brewster, Mass.: Silva and Gold
57 The Trials & Tribulations...: ...Of Tending Turf in the Transition Zone
60 Money Shot: They're Still Buzzing About the Ryder Cup
64 Dave's World: Only as Good as Yesterday's Greens
69 The Company Line
71 Leaders
71 Events
72 Classifieds
73 Ad Index
74 Out of Bounds: Smart Shopping: Plan Ahead to Avoid Holiday Heartburn