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2001 January
Volume #57, No. 1                  
2001 February
Volume #57, No. 2
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover
2 Table of Contents
4 Going Postal
8 Events
11 Flagstick: A New Look at Our Titans
12 Pin High: An Architect Who Happens to be ...
14 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
14 -Business Briefs
14 -Stayin' Alive: Book Tells How to Fight Off Gators and Deal with Other Dire Emergencies
15 -Whoosh ... Gore!
15 -Ben for Bush
16 -Go Fish: Course's Setting Provides a Different Hook for Golfers
18 -Planet Golf
18 -Scanning the Web
20 Hole of the Month: No. 18, The Legacy Club at Alaqua Lakes, Longwood, Fla.: The Natural
23 Shades of Green: For St. Andrews, Respect and Love 
24 Cover Story: Titans of Our Industry: Eighteen People Who have Changed the Face of the Industry
25 -Herb Graffis: They Called Him 'Mr. Golf'
26 -Col. John Morley: A Man of Vision for Superintendents
29 -Bill Bengeyfield and Jim Snow: 'Unsung Heroes' Spurred Turfgrass Research
30 -Burt Musser and Joe Duich: Legends in Their Own Time
32 -Pioneer Superintendents: We Realize There are Many Trendsetters, but We Wanted to Recognize These Six Individuals Who have Helped Make the Profession What It is Today
34 -Jim Watson: Pioneer in Educating Superintendents
34 -John M. Schilling: Led GCSAA on Impressive Growth Spurt in His 10-Year Tenure
35 -Eddie Stimpson: He was Only Trying to Bring Objectivity to the Game - Not More Headaches for Superintendents
36 -Arnold Palmer: The Ultimate Spokesman for the Profession
38 -Bill Kubly: 'He Truly Wants to be the Best'
38 -Carl Spackler (Billy Murray): Like It or Not, He Made an Impact on the Profession
40 Designs on Golf: Ramblings from a Recent Road Trip
42 Worth Its Salt: Because of Its Sodium Tolerance, Seashore Paspalum Grass may Become a Key Variety for Superintendents in Areas Plagued by a Lack of Fresh Irrigation Water
46 Life Goes On: Golfdom's Millennium Kids are a Year Older. Are They a Year Wiser?
52 Dave's World: But What do You do in the Winter?
56 Money Shot: The Million-Golfer March
60 Real-Life Solutions: Ardsley CC, Dobbs Ferry, N.Y., and the Links at Echo Springs, Johnstown, Ohio: Get Down: How can You get the Green-Up Golfers Demand While not Damaging the Long-Term Health of Your Turf? 
62 Tips: Selecting Amendments: Trail on Your Own Course is the Best Method to Rate Soil Enhancers, Expert Says
63 The Company Line
63 Leaders
64 Classifieds 
65 Golfdom's Joke of the Month
65 Ad Index
66 Out of Bounds: Super Bash: The Super Bowl Deserves a Super Party. Here are Some Tips to Make Yours a Blast
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover
2 Table of Contents
6 Going Postal
11 Events
12 Flagstick: A Farewell, but Not a Goodbye
14 Pin High: Anger and Outrage is All for Naught
16 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
16 -Business Briefs
16 -Chain Reaction: Gas Crisis Fuels Fertilizer Price Increase
17 -An (Intra) Net Gain for Landscapes Unlimited
18 -You Go, Cobb
18 -Oregon Golf Legend Dies
18 -Harp Plays Own Tune
20 -Old Farmer's Forecasts
20 -Scanning the Web
20 -Gold into Golf
22 Hole of the Month: No.3, the Straits Course at Whistling Straits, Haven, Wis.: A Touch of Ireland
25 Shades of Green: Conference is Not Pay-to-Play Event
28 Getting Over getting Fired: How to Endure the Trauma of Losing Your Job So You can Move on with Your Life
40 Seamless Transition: Hard as It is to Believe, There are Jobs Outside of being a Superintendent. Here are Tips About How to Switch Careers from Those Who have Done It Successfully
47 Designs on Golf: Trees Distort Clear View of Game
48 Last Call for PDI
48 -It's About Security, Value and Marketing
49 -It Will Segregate the Association
W1 Weed Identification Guide
W4 -Introduction
W5 -Monocots Annual
W16 -Monocots Perennial
W21 -Dicots
55 GCSAA Preview
55 -Golfdom Provides Its Guide on How to Enjoy Dallas 'When Yer Not doin' Bidness': What to do in Big D
60 -The 5-Minute Guide to GCSAA 2001
62 -What's New?: While Browsing on the GCSAA Show Floor, You Might Encounter These Products
64 Achieving a Mylestone [Milestone]: Chalk One Up for Veteran Assistant Superintendent Myles McLaughlin, Who has Brought Devereux Emmet's Off-the-Wall Design Back to Life at Huntington CC
70 Money Shot: Golf Branches Out with Sticks for Kids
74 Pre-Emergent Pause: While There are No New Chemistries Available, You can Still Increase the Efficacy of Your Springtime Herbicide Applications
78 Talking Tech: Why can't They Work Together?
81 Real-Life Solutions
81 -Indian Creek CC, Bal Harbour, Fla.: Getting to the Root of the Problem: Course Dug Deep to Eradicate Its Mutant Bermudagrass to Prepare for Fairway Reseeding 
83 -Hunters Ridge GC, Marion, Iowa; Hyperion Field Club, Des Moines, Iowa: Slow Down: Superintendents Implement Turf-Growth Regulator to Control Spring Grass Growth and Cut Labor Costs
84 Tips: Improving Tee Markers: A Classy Look is Good for Business
85 Leaders
85 The Company Line
86 Classifieds
87 Golfdom's Joke of the Month
87 Ad Index
88 Out of Bounds: Valentine's Day: Don't get Massacred on Feb.14. Give Your Sweethearts an Unforgettable Day
2001 March
Volume #57, No. 3
2001 April
Volume #57, No. 4
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover
2 Table of Contents
8 Going Postal
11 Events
12 Flagstick: Still Bullish on the Golf Business
14 Pin High: Time for Owners to Don Thinking Caps
16 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
16 -Business Briefs
16 -To Tell the Truth: Scotts Fighting Myths About Genetically Modified Turf
17 -Walk or Ride?
18 -What's Your Sign?
18 -Can't Sugar-Coat This
18 -Consolidation Caveats
20 -All Aglow: Entertainment After Dark Draws Golfers to the Driving Range
20 -Scanning the Web
22 Hole of the Month: No.18, The Meadows Course of Country Clubs of Fox Meadow, Medina, Ohio: Carrying Capacity
25 Shades of Green: Stop Soiling Our Reputation
26 Buddy, can You Spare a Million?: E-Commerce Companies Face Financial Challenges if They Want to Enter the Golf Market
32 A Hidden River Runs Through It: In Designing Hidden River Golf & Casting Club, Architect Bruce Matthews Created an Upscale Course and Preserved a Pristine Waterway
37 -A Dream Job for Superintendent - Challenges and All
40 Tool Time: To Complete a Successful Golf Course Remodeling Job, Architects Need to Make Sure They have the Essential Equipment
1S Golf Course Renovation Guide
2S -Fumigation for Renovation
3S -Fumigation 101: What is Basamid® and How does It Work?
5S -Prep School
5S -Simple Method, Better Results
6S -Cleaning House: Basamid® Proves to be a Cost-Effective and Safe Way to Prepare Fairways for Renovation
48 Cast a Long Shadow: Newfangled Balls and Clubs Will Help Golfers on the Tee, but Industry Veterans Say Such Equipment is Hurting the Integrity of the Game
52 Designs on Golf: Why the USGA Must Prevail
54 Building the (Im)perfect Golf Course: We Need More Tracks with Slow Greens and Bunkers that Yield Fried-Egg Lies
58 Money Shot: Golf in the Corporate World
62 Real-Life Solutions: San Geronimo GC, San Geronimo, Calif.: Save Me Some Salmon: It's No Fish Tale: The San Geronimo GC Crew, with the Help of Local Environmentalists, Built a Ladder in the Middle of the Course to Help an Endangered Species Spawn
68 Dave's World: I have a Dream: Irrigation Reform
70 Tips: Planning and Building a Golf Course: There are Four Ingredients Needed to Construct a Great Track
77 Leaders
78 The Company Line
80 Classifieds
81 Golfdom's Joke of the Month
81 Ad Index
82 Out of Bounds: The Brackets: Don't Let March Madness Begin Without Pondering These Pointers to Help You Win the Office Pool
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover
2 Table of Contents
6 Events
8 Flagstick: Beer and Scribbles from the Big D
10 Pin High: Phyllis Latshaw Stands by Her Man
14 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
14 -Business Briefs
14 -Shoemaker Bares 'Sole'
15 -Try These Golf Flicks
15 -Carrying the Torch
16 -Play 18, Peruse the Art
16 -Scanning the Web
18 Hole of the Month: No.17, Black Creek Club, Chattanooga, Tenn.: Ghost of Raynor
21 Shades of Green: New Priorities Shape Show Plan
22 Made for TV: Insiders Share Their Secrets for Small-Screen Success
27 -Still Photos are Still in: Tips from Veteran Photographer Mike Klemme on How to Prepare for a Shoot
30 The Scoop from Dallas: Here's Our Report of What Went Down During the 72th [72nd] GCSAA Conference and Show
40 Designs on Golf: The Truth About Old Architecture
43 Keeping a Mow Profile: Nobody has Yet Invented a Fairway Mower that Combines the Ultimate in Production and Quality of Cut - But Manufacturers are Trying
48 Fungicide Frustration: The Battle Over Disease Resistance Heats Up as Scholars Scramble to Figure Out What's Really Going on
54 Learning Curve: Manufacturers Say Superintendents Need to be Better Educated About Slow-Release Fertilizer
56 Real-Life Solutions: TPC of the Twin Cities, Blaine, Minn.: Going to the Mat with Mother Nature: Turf Reinforcement Mats Save Course from being Damaged by Wind and Wave
62 Talking Tech: Web Wizardry Aids Golfer Education
64 Tips: Sprayers & Nozzles: Proper Equipment Ensures Appropriate Chemical Applications
64 Ad Index
66 Leaders
66 The Company Line
67 Classifieds
67 Golfdom's Joke of the Month
68 Out of Bounds: Con Games: Tax Season Reminds Us All of Classic Con Games in Film and Literature
2001 May
Volume #57, No. 5
2001 June
Volume #56 [57], No. 6
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover
2 Table of Contents
6 Going Postal
8 Events
12 Flagstick: Cheers and Jeers, Spring Edition
14 Pin High: Management by the Golden Rule
16 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
16 -Business Briefs
16 -Here Today, Consolidated Tomorrow: But Syngenta's Pulliam Says Mergers can be Good
17 -Houston, We have a Problem: Texas Courses Hit with Overseeding Washouts
17 -The Energizer
18 -Scanning the Web
20 Hole of the Month: No. 18, The Palmer Course at La Cantera, San Antonio: Rock Solid
23 Shades of Green: Overwhelmed by Overseeding?
24 Senseless Acts of Destruction can Drive Superintendents to Distraction, but There are Ways You can Increase the Chances for Your Course to...: Vanquish Vandalism
30 In Other Words: Hispanics may Now or could Eventually Comprise a Large Portion of Your Crew. What are You doing to Improve Communication with Them?
38 Designs on Golf: For the Love of Simplicity in Design
40 The Lyon King: Dennis Lyon is His Name, and Aurora, Colo., is His Domain. His Management Style is One Reason Why the City's Municipal Courses are Some of the Best in the Country
44 About Adjuvants: The Right Adjuvant Mixed with the Right Herbicide can Lead to Optimum Weed Control in Post-Emergent Applications. But How Many Superintendents Know that?
48 Dave's World: It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's a ...
50 Insidious Insects: Experts Fearlessly Forecast Which Insects Will be on the Most Wanted List
54 Real-Life Solutions: Sharon GC, Sharon Center, Ohio: X Hole an Xcellent Idea: Superintendent Builds Spare Hole to Play When There's Work to be Done
61 Tips: Recruiting Hispanic Laborers
62 Leaders
64 The Company Line
66 Ad Index
67 Classifieds
67 Golfdom's Joke of the Month
68 Out of Bounds: Record Albums: Going Through Your Stacks of Wax isn't Just Nostalgic - It's a Music Lovers Nirvana
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover
2 Table of Contents
6 Events
8 Going Postal
10 Flagstick: The e-Association: Sufferin' Succotash
12 Pin High: GCSAA has Right to Gripe About Ads
14 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
14 -Business Briefs
14 --Fungus Controls Turfgrass Insects, Researchers Say
14 -Business as Usual: Economic Slump? What Economic Slump? 
16 -Shopping for Hand-Held Power Equipment: Do You Know What to Look for?
19 -Golf Gizmos
19 -All Spikes Not Created Equal: Michigan State University Survey Shows Differences in Alternative Products
20 -What It's Really Like to Work for a Management Company: Been There, Seen that
22 Hole of the Month: No. 16, Rum Pointe Seaside Golf Links, Berlin, Md.: Margaritaville?
25 Shades of Green: Here's to Your Good Health
28 Labor of Love: John Szklinski Proves Hard Work Will get You Somewhere - Like Southern Hills CC and Hosting the U.S. Open
34 History Repeats Itself: Though the USGA doesn't Rule Out Using Newer Courses for Its Majors, History and Heritage Give Certain Courses an Advantage
40 Designs on Golf: Have I Got an Exclusive for You
42 Living Well: Part 1: Don't Scrimp on Safety: Superintendents can Focus on Cost-Conscious Ways to Keep Their Employees Safe
50 Money Shot: Reap-What-You-Sow Philosophy
53 Talking Tech: Flatbed Scanners Round Out Images
56 Tips: Pond Maintenance: Protecting the "Water" in Water Features
58 Leaders
58 The Company Line
58 Ad Index
59 Classifieds
59 Golfdom's Joke of the Month
60 Out of Bounds: Man the Mallets: Croquet's a Family Game that can be a Perfect Way to Spend a Warm, Summer Evening
2001 July
Volume #57, No. 7
2001 August
Volume #57, No. 8
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover
2 Table of Contents
6 Events
8 Going Postal
11 Flagstick: Nothing to Fear but Fear Itself
12 Pin High: Who's No. 1 in Your Busy Life?
14 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
14 -Business Briefs
14 -Deere Runs to Irrigation Business: Equipment Giant Expands Product Line Through Acquisition
15 -Suit Yourself: Clothes don't Make the Man - Ability does
15 -No Course is an Island
16 -Some Serious Green
16 -Golfdom Partners with ASIC
18 -The Pundits Speak: Casey Martin
18 -Scanning the Web
20 Hole of the Month: No. 6, Cog Hill No. 4 Course (Dubsdread), Lemont, Ill.: Sandy Security
23 Shades of Green: Associations Still have Their Souls
24 Living Well: Part 2: Balancing Career and Family: Career and Family: The Balancing Act: How can You Maintain a Demanding Job While Sustaining a Healthy Home Life?
30 Changing of the Guard: Taking Over Management of a Course from a Legendary Superintendent can be Daunting. But Preparation and Planning can Smooth the Transition
34 Designs on Golf: Restore Public Golf Courses - Now
39 Bethpage State Park's Renaissance Proves a Run-Down Public Golf Course can be Revitalized - And Host a U.S. Open: Black's Magic
42 'Smooth as a Gravy Sandwich'
46 Summertime Blues?: USGA Agronomists Warn What Turf Diseases to Watch Out for and Where
51 The Never-Ending Story: Poa is Friend and Foe, Depending on Where You Live and What Your Golfers Expect
52 Real-Life Solutions: Wilmington CC, Wilmington, Del.: Faith in Fertigation: System Improves Cost, Flexibility of Superintendent's Fertility Program
57 Dave's World: Aerification is Not a Dirty Word
59 Tips: Trimmer Maintenance: Invest in Good Upkeep for Long-Term Use
59 Ad Index
60 Leaders
62 The Company Line
63 Classifieds
63 Golfdom's Joke of the Month
64 Out of Bounds: Ice Cream: Hand-Cranking the Homemade Treat Beats Ben and Jerry's Any Day of the Week
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover
2 Table of Contents
6 Events
8 Going Postal
10 Flagstick: Into the Lion's Den in Lawrence
12 Pin High: Watch Out for that Fireball in the Sky
14 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
14 -Business Briefs
14 -H-2B Far from Perfect: But U.S. Labor Firm Trying to Make It Better
15 -Zero in: German Firm Creates Space-Age Mower that Turns Clippings to Dust with Laser Technology
16 -An Open Letter to the Wildlife
16 -Golfdom Rakes in Awards
19 -Stay Away from These ELFs in the Night
19 -Pick Your Partner
19 -August in Turfgrass Trends
20 -'CGCS' Implies Something that doesn't Always Deliver: Been There, Seen that
20 -Equal Treatment?
22 Hole of the Month: No. 17, Atlanta Athletic Club, Duluth, Ga.: Threes [Three's] the Charm?
25 Shades of Green: Revealing the Real Meanings
26 Living Well: Part 3: Skin Cancer: Serious About Skin Cancer: Skin Cancer can Kill, So don't Think You're Immune to It. Here's How to Protect Yourself from Its Threat
32 Designs on Golf: Time to Pick on Golf's Contractors
34 On the Environment
34 -Audubon in Action: After 10 Years, Superintendents See Advantages in getting with the Program
38 -Letting Nature Take Its Course: Two Oregon Superintendents are as Dedicated to Preserving Wildlife as They are to Providing Standout Greens
45 -Keep Tabs on Your Controller: Proper Monitoring Ensures that Your Irrigation System Will Run at Peak Efficiency
54 -The Lowdown on Low-Impact Pesticides: They're Environmentally Friendly, but They Add Dollars to the Budget
62 -Tips: Creating a Naturalized Golf Course: Courses can Become Habitats for a Variety of Plants, Wildlife
48 Jawing with Jack: Golden Bear Says Superintendents Need to Understand Playability and Architects Need to Aim for More Than Just Top-Rated Tracks
52 Real-Life Solutions: Country Club of Culpeper, Culpeper, Va.: Foliar Fertilizer in the Fold: Superintendent Finds that Amino Acid-Based Product is Just What His Course's Faltering Greens Needed
59 Leaders
60 Talking Tech: Jump on the GPS Bandwagon
63 Advertiser Index
64 The Company Line
65 Classifieds
65 Golfdom's Joke of the Month
66 Out of Bounds: Hammocks: The Hammock is the Greatest Innovation in the History of Leisuredom
2001 September
Volume #57, No. 9
2001 October
Volume #57, No. 10
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover
2 Table of Contents
6 Events
8 Going Postal
10 Flagstick: Summertime's Best and Worst
12 Pin High: Time to Confront Evil, Menacing ELF
14 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
14 -Business Briefs
14 -Worth the Trouble?: Superintendents Weigh Pros, Cons of Receiving Golf Car Cash
15 -Griping About 'Get a Grip!'
16 -This I Know is True
16 -September in Turfgrass Trends:
18 -ArborLinks - A Tree of Environmental Knowledge
18 -Putting the Pieces Together
18 -Scanning the Web
20 Hole of the Month: No. 13, Hickory Hills GC, Grove City, Ohio: Remembering Jack Kidwell
23 Shades of Green: Parallel Universes Divide Industry
26 The Putting Surface: Blazing a New Trail: The Brash New Bermudas are Headed North, Challenging Bentgrass Varieties as a Choice for Greens in New Areas of the Country
32 The Putting Surface: Blast Off: Skyrocketing Expectations About Fast Greens Ignore Good Turf Maintenance Practices - And the Good of the Game
36 The Putting Surface: News from the Dance Floor: Inside the Fringe 
36 -A Cup of Class
36 -Resurgent Velvet: A Formerly Regional Bentgrass Creeps Its Way Slowly Across the Country
37 -Ice Breaker: It's Profile to the Rescue for Frozen Greens
37 -Painting with Primo
37 -Five Great Things Said About Green Design
38 Designs on Golf: Do You Need a Signature Hole?
39 The Putting Surface: Giving a Charge?: No One can Say Whether the Electric Triplex Greens Mower Will Transform the Way the Industry does Maintenance. But the Machine is Gaining a Presence in the Industry
43 The Putting Surface: Rollers Revisited: The Need for Speed may Force Superintendents to Reconsider Rollers. Can They Make a Comeback?
1S The Groundwork for Excellence: A Supplement to Golfdom Magazine
2S -You can Count on Us
3S -A History of Trust, Honesty & Integrity
4S -They've Come into Contec: Superintendents Like Fertilizer Performance and Ease of Use
5S -Quality Equals Performance
6S -Fine by Them: Superintendents Say Granular Fungicides are Convenient, Reliable and Effective
7S -Fertilizers & Combination Products: ... Designed to Meet Your Needs
8S -Central Region
8S -Western Region
9S -Eastern Region
10S -Welcome to Our Web Site
46 Living Well: Part 4: Lyme Disease: Beware of Lyme Disease: The Risk of Contracting the Tick-Borne Ailment is Higher Than You Think. Here's How to Prevent getting It
52 Real-Life Solutions: Barona Creek GC, Lakeside, Calif.: Bermuda on Target: Superintendent Praises Bull's-Eye for Surviving an Extreme, Unforeseen Water Shortage
57 Dave's World: The Things We can't Live Without
59 Tips: Increasing Pace of Play: Hustlin' Without Rushin'
62 Ad Index
62 The Company Line
63 Classifieds
63 Golfdom's Joke of the Month
64 Out of Bounds: Traveling Tips: Use the Web to Choose the Planes, Trains and Automobiles that Will Carry You Away on Vacation
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover
2 Table of Contents
4 Events
6 Going Postal
6 -Focus on Family
6 -Cowardly ELFs
6 -[Heat on Heacock I]
8 -[Heat on Heacock II]
8 -Builder's Broadside
8 -Non-Workaholics Anonymous
10 Flagstick: Am I Obsessed with the GCSAA?
12 Pin High: Users Pulled the Plug on Dot-Coms
14 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
14 -Business Briefs
14 -Please, No Crappy Jokes: Milorganite Celebrates 75 Years
15 -ASGCA: Preserve the Great Golf Courses
15 -Thankful for the 'Net
16 -Inherited Assistants and Lessons Learned: Been There, Seen that
16 -October in Turfgrass Trends:
20 Hole of the Month: No. 5, The Rim Club, Payson, Ariz.: Tough Choice
23 Shades of Green: Why We don't Use Computers
24 Technology Update
24 -Is e-Commerce Unplugged?: The Dot-Coms have Discovered that Superintendents are in No Rush to Change the way They do Business
30 -A Glimpse into the Future: Superintendents Expect Computer-Driven Mowers and the Global Positioning System to be at the Forefront of the Next Generation of Technological Advances
35 -Internet Service Providers and Hardware Manufacturers Provide High-Speed Connections So You can Surf More Swiftly: Cruising the Web at Warp Speed
38 Vegas ain't Got Nothin' on Golf: Themed Courses have Made Their Mark - For Better or Worse
42 Designs on Golf: Terrible Taste or Wonderful Irony?
44 Brotherly Love: Clem and Bruce Wolfrom Designed, Built, Operate and Cherish White Pine National GC
46 Money Shot: Dueling Hurdzans in Colorado: Despite Skepticism, Developers Say Similar Courses can Co-Exist in the Same Market
48 Real-Life Solutions
48 -Banff Springs GC, Banff Alberta: Neighbors from Hell: The Elk are Welcome at Banff Springs GC, but They Tear Up Turf and Smash Flagsticks to Smithereens. However, Superintendent Kevin Pattison has Learned to Live with His Unruly Companions
50 -Presidio GC, San Francisco: Betting on Bent: Presidio GC Superintendent Kevin Hutchins Opted to Resod His Greens with Bentgrass - In a Poa annua Region - To Combat Nematodes
54 Tips: Preparing for Winter's Wrath: Pile on the Potassium, Among Other Things
56 Talking Tech: Time to Attack My 'To-Do' List
57 The Company Line
57 Seed Guide Additions
58 Classifieds
58 Golfdom's Joke of the Month
59 Ad Index
60 Out of Bounds: Baseball Cards: The Magic Inside a Box of Baseball Cards Withstands the Passage of Time
2001 November
Volume #57, No. 11
2001 December
Volume #57, No. 12
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover
3 Table of Contents
8 Going Postal: 'Get a Grip' Author has a Gripe
10 Flagstick: Seeking a New Sense of Normal
12 Pin High: A Sad but Inspiring Memory from 9/11
14 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
14 -Business Briefs
14 -The Buzz on Feedback: Superintendents Came Away from Turf Program Impressed with John Deere's GPS Technology and Hybrid Greens Mower
16 -November in Turfgrass Trends
18 -Industry Players Offer Aid, Condolences After Attack
18 -Keep Fertilizer in Check
20 -Maryland Tornado Damages NTEP
20 -Scanning the Web
22 Shades of Green: Restrictions Defy Common Sense
24 Designs on Golf: How to Achieve the Natural Look
26 Hole of the Month: No. 11, Mauna Kea Resort GC, Kamuela, Hawaii: Tight Squeeze
29 Here's What You Need to Know Before You Lay Pipe: Build a Better Irrigation System
34 Real-Life Solutions: San Gabriel CC, San Gabriel, Calif.: Taking Control: Superintendent Replaces Antiquated Central-Control System with Latest in High Technology
38 Dave's World: A Look at the Big Economic Picture
43 Tips: Buying a Pump Station: Don't Necessarily Go with the Lowest Bidder
45 The Company Line
47 Ad Index
48 Classifieds
49 Golfdom's Joke of the Month
50 Out of Bounds: Daddydom Calls: The Unexpected News of My Impending Fatherhood is the Coolest Thing that's Ever Happened to Me
Page Sections/Selected Titles
0 Cover
2 Table of Contents
4 Going Postal
6 Events
10 Flagstick: Naughty & Nice: Santa's Golf List
12 Pin High: See Pete, Hear Pete have a Lot of Fun
14 News with a Hook: Off the Fringe
14 -Business Briefs
14 -Paint the Mowers Orange: Textron Golf Adopts Color to Unify Its Brands; Discontinues Ransomes Name in United States
16 -A Regrettable First: Club Car Announces Layoffs for First Time in 39-Year History
16 -Let Us Explain
18 -The Package Deal: Manufacturers Design Containers with Superintendents in Mind
20 -Independents Day: Reports of the Independent Turf Distributor's Death have been Grossly Exaggerated
22 -Anthracnose: The Classic 'Oops' Disease: Been There, Seen that
22 -Getting It Straight
24 -For the Birds
24 -Dual Dedications
26 Hole of the Month: No. 6, Coral Canyon GC, Washington, Utah: Golf Course with a Great View
29 Shades of Green: 2001: A Good Time to get Political
32 Designs on Golf: Let Nature Direct the Color of Golf
35 Dedication at Douglass: Indianapolis Internship Program Struggles to Survive at Golf Course in Low-Income Neighborhood
38 What do You Want for Christmas?
40 Accessorize - Naturally: Recycled Materials and Environmental Products Highlight Trends that Will Help You Add the Final Touches to Your Course
1A The Golfdom Report 2001: A Detailed Analysis on the State of the Golf Course Industry
2A -And Now, a Word from Our Sponsor: Embrace the Challenge
3A -What's Going on?
4A -It's Tough Out There, but…: Despite a Poor Performance by the U.S. Economy This Year, the Industry Remains Cautiously Optimistic About 2002
7A -What Lousy Economy?: Management Companies Expect Business Opportunities, Not Business Gone Wrong
12A -The BASF Professional Turf Team Looks Forward to Helping You: Improve the Quality of Your Customers' Turf
14A -The Price is Not Always Right: The Industry Needs Affordable Golf Now More Than Ever. Who's Going to Lead the Charge?
22A -What You Spent: Here's What Superintendents Purchased and for How Much from May 2000 Through May 2001
44 Corporate Capabilities
59 Talking Tech: Refined Forecasts Foretell Fine Future
60 Real-Life Solutions: Naples Grande GC, Naples, Fla.: Right as Rain: Water-Absorbing Polymer Soil Amendment Helps Superintendent Solve Landscaping Irrigation Woes
62 The Company Line
64 Classifieds
65 Golfdom's Joke of the Month
65 Ad Index
66 Out of Bounds: Pickup Trucks: Superintendents Need Power, Bed Space and Hitches to Haul Everything from Fertilizer to Lumber